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A current industry favorite, jazz funk has quickly become one of the most popular dance styles. But what exactly is this style, and where did it come from? Here we’ll explore the meaning of jazz funk and its relation to other forms of dance.

Influenced by Hip-Hop Dance

Jazz funk can best be understood as a cultivated form developed in studios as a response to the organic popularity of hip-hop dance and music. As hip-hop gained popularity, its moves and beats started to distance themselves from their spontaneous origins in New York City street styles as it gained further access into music clubs and commercial television. A great demand was created for more codified and precise moves which would be used by producers and choreographers in the emerging commercial dance market around street styles. Sometimes called “street jazz,” jazz funk is defined by its distinctness from hip-hop dance in the minds of the genre’s purists, while carving out a massive niche for itself in the music videos and stage productions of the 1980s.

Bigger and Broader

Jazz funk is not an offshoot of either the jazz or funk musical genres. It came into being as an art form when choreographers saw the movements from the new world of hip-hop and merged them with elements of style from the world of dance at large. These contributions came from tap, ballet, jazz and swing dancing, and the posing theatrics of the Los Angeles LGBT street dance called waacking. Because of its associations with street style dance and hip-hop, jazz dance is sometimes mistaken for hip-hop dance. But it’s a much different creature, one whose hybrids and mutations were designed with big commercial productions in mind. Think of the difference between swing dancing in a club versus a full cast musical with sets and costumes. That’s the evolution of jazz funk. The best way to understand jazz funk is to visualize a broader more commercialized form of hip-hop dance that freely borrows from many different styles of large dance production.

From MTV to the Classroom

Seen everywhere there’s an urban influence on a big budget pop setting, jazz funk has a natural appeal to “diva” sensibilities. Music videos by Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson, Beyoncé, and Gwen Stefani have all featured jazz funk dance choreography. In a sense, it’s a more precise and scripted form of dance than hip-hop, with isolations, body rolls, swoops, and tight footwork dominating its choreography. And similar to ballet, there can be background dancers who draw the eye to the main stars in the center of the action. There are also studios and classes which specialize in jazz funk dance moves, exercises and stretches, and choreography and production. Freestyle does exist in jazz dance, particularly in studio and exercise classes, but it isn’t strictly fundamental to the genre. A great example of jazz funk dance in a prominent commercial setting would be the Fly Girls from the early ‘90s television show In Living Color.

YouTube and Beyond

Because it is so ubiquitous in big pop productions, jazz funk enjoys popularity among amateurs and YouTubers who seek to copy and build upon the moves they enjoyed watching in their formative years. Its evolution continues into the 21st century, where it retains a massive hold in fashion and pop productions worldwide. Jazz funk is a lyrical style of dance, perfect for storytelling and projecting emotional depth. It’s exciting and suggestive but without the kind of vulgarity that would undermine its mainstream appeal. It is designed to have broad appeal while still having a kind of magic and thrill in its execution.

Jazz Funk on CLI Studios

Find your rhythm and power with beginner through advanced jazz funk classes taught by choreographers like Brian Friedman, Bobby Newberry, Blake McGrath, Nika Kljun, and more! Start to explore this style’s mix of jazz technique, contemporary influences, and hip-hop grooves in beginner through advanced classes that will help you level up your dancing. You can get started with a 7-day free trial when you head to

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Get funky funky monkey dance your kids will love our hit international dance and action song. They will giggle with joy as they learn the dance moves to.

This popular dance tutorial to uptown funk will inspire you to a dance workout for fun and exercise. Dont forget to subscribe want to have a ton of fun do you.

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Introduction to locking and funk culture

Lecture outline:
1 History: (Origins of funk music, Formation of locking, Locking in
2. Attributes of funk
3. Features of locking in different countries 9003 4. Funk music (popular, not very popular, domestic)
5. Clothing and appearance of funk dancers
6. Something)
1. History of music and culture
Place of funk in the struggle for the rights of blacks
Funk music is a direct continuation of the music "soul". Term
"soul" (soul) denoted the movement of American blacks in the struggle for
their rights back in the days of slavery in the United States. The believing American
slave owners then tried to legalize the killing of blacks, arguing
that they, like animals, do not have a soul and therefore the First Commandment of Christ is not
violated. Black ideologues have made the fact that Black
has a soul a pivotal moment in the fight for survival. As a result, “soul brotherhoods” arose, and American blacks began to call each other soul brothers or simply the word “soul”. nine0003 History of funk music
1. Gospel music - (from the English Gospel music - gospel music) - a genre of spiritual Christian music that appeared in
at the end of the 19th century and developed in the first third of the 20th century in the USA.
2. Blues
Blues (Eng. Blues from blue devils - despondency, spleen) is a type of African American
secular, mostly vocal, music [1]. It originated at the end of the 19th century in 90,003 African American communities of the Southeastern United States, among immigrants from 90,003 "cotton belt" plantations. The blues was formed from such manifestations as
“work song”, Holler (rhythmic shouts that accompanied work in the
field), shouts in the rituals of African religious cults (English (Ring)
shout), spirituals (Christian chants), Shant and ballads (short
Poetic stories).
Cadillac Records - a feature film about the formation of the blues.
Recommended for viewing
Rhythm and blues is a musical style of song and dance genre. Initially, genericized
is the title of popular music based on blues and
jazz styles of the 1930s-1940s.
In the late 1940s, rhythm and blues became the Official Marketing Term
to refer to contemporary, dance-rhythm-infused,
popular styles in US African-American music.
Rhythm and blues contributed to the emergence of rock and roll.
In 1969 Soul music became a broader
concept that included the music of
performers of different races and nationalities.
3. Rhythm and blues R&B
4. Soul
As a new kind of music, "soul"
appeared in the mid-50s of the 20th century. Originating in the late 30s
"rhythm and blues" - black urban
electrified blues -
was called "rock and roll"
for the convenience of its distribution
to a white audience. Some
representatives of "rhythm and blues",
combining this music with the ideas of
spiritual Negro chants
"spirituals" and "gospels", gave
a new sound to it. This is how "soul" was born. nine0003 I recommend to watch
feature film Ray about
by Ray Charles.
5. Funk
Funk, first of all, is dance music, which determines its musical features
: the ultimate syncopation of parts of all instruments (
syncopated bass is called "funky"), pulsating rhythm, screaming vocals, repeated
repetition of short melodic phrases.
Funk from the early 70's to the present day are musicians of different generations, such as James
Brown (James Brown), Aretha Franklin (Aretha Franklin), Paula Abdul (Paula Abdul), The
Imagination, Freak Power, Brand New Heavies, EarthWind&Fire, Tower Of Power, Jamiroquai,
Maceo Parker, Michael Jackson and many other great artists creating
original music that is often hard to discern 60s-70s funk roots.
Recommended for viewing: James Brown - Way Up
Locking appeared in the early 70s in Los Angeles.
This style owes its appearance to a man named
Don Campbell.
Don, with the help of a friend who showed him
movements of various styles, unsuccessfully tried
to learn how to dance. And then one evening, at the
disco in his college, he decided to dance what
had learned. Don stepped into a circle and began to dance all
elements in a row that he could remember, from different
styles, while often forgetting this or that
movement and freezing in the middle of the dance to remember
what to do next. Looking at this, one guy,
, who was considered one of the best dancers in college,
approached Don and called him "Campbell-lock". The very word
“lock”, translated from English, means “stop”
or “lock”. Don liked this idea and continued to dance
with such stops (locks)
Don did not stop there and continued to develop his own
style, he thought why not pass off all his
shortcomings in the dance as virtues and
his own style.
Soon Don's style began to gain fans,
people heard about him and came to the party
to see how he moves, his rivals were afraid of him, he
won more and more dance competitions.
Don himself began to call his style Campbellocking
(Campbellocking) or simply locking.
Soon Don with his style got on the famous
American show "Soul Train". "The Campbellock Dancers", later
renamed "The Lockers".
VIDEO #2 Soul Train Line Dance - O'Jays 'Love
Train' com/watch?v=JtfNwzl6gw
it is a symbol of belonging to funk styles of dance, specifically to locking.You can wear
anything, but it's cool to have at least some small striped figurine, as a sign of
that you know about the roots.
Clothes: Because Soul TRain project was aimed at different audiences, including children, where are these clothes with ridiculous hats and suits from. Locking itself does not imply this.0003 today so exactly
1. Old school The Lockers & Electric Boogaloo ( №3
2. Asian style
( Lock and Lol ) №4
3. Russian female
(Mosquitos) No. 5
4. Russian male
(Vovan Gudym) No. 6
5. Asian female
(Cio) #7
6. France ( Plock, LissFunk ) #8.9
7. European
http: //
( A-train) #10
8. American
( Firelock Hurricane ) #11
Locking then and locking now
DON CAMPBELL created Campbellocking and he claims that
Campbellocking is freestyle dance where you can
do what you want! He claims that there is no structure and that
denies any basis or foundation to Locking. ..
This is Campbellocking from what I understand, and it's not worth denying
that DON CAMPBELL is the creator and he started it all. nine0003 On the other hand, after DON created Campbellocking,
some of the other pioneers and innovators of the dance watched
and started adding their signatures to the structure in which
they are all based and based on Don
Now the dance is evolving! It starts to have signatures,
stems and a base. The dance evolves from the creation of DON to ART FORM.
All lockers using a similar "structure" and similar "foundation moves" to
and developing a personal
style around it if you watch Don's "Campbellockers" band
Don is the only dance with his pure style
Campbellocking, the rest of the group use
similar moves and similar structure
Gemini o Locking in
Today I see Campbellockers and Lockers, 2 philosophies, 2 visions, 2 ways, and they both come from the
genius of DON and the style he created Campbellocking.
Campbellocking gave birth to Locking and both are needed... The concept of Locking was different in that it
included movements created by other pioneers that were established by many in the
all over the world. These people helped the dance to "survive", mainly because of the movements,
structures and techniques that were taught and used in shows, freestyles, battles,
choreographies, for many years until now ....
I believe that in at present most of the conflicts, misunderstandings, problems and
negativity on the stage are due to differences. Currently, many see Campbellockers
without "blocking technique or based on foundations and foundations", and some see that
Lockers "too technical and lacking funk" "which I've heard many times from both sides
4. Funk music these days
5. The look of lockers
A bit of humor..)
Locking's place in the evolution of urban styles
And finally, 2 coolest videos
1) Funk energy in the flesh http://qoo. by/2MnA
2) Salah as a guide to Cambellocking
If this lecture was useful to you, or you used it in whole or in part
, I will be very pleased to hear from you thank you, for
work done.
I do not position this material as a panacea or a guide. This is my
presentation for people who are new to the culture. The videos are
selected subjectively, as examples of dancers from different countries, and not in the sense that
the whole country dances like this.
I'm here:

How to start dancing - a conversation with a jazz-funk and hip-hop teacher

Life is a dance, and it needs to be danced beautifully. We talked with jazz-funk and hip-hop teacher Ekaterina Parchimchik about the fears that beginners have, how to be free in dance and not lose motivation. nine0185

Ekaterina teaches at her own Step Up studio and dances in a variety of styles. At the age of 10, Ekaterina began to study oriental dances, later her passion spilled over into the mainstream of street styles: krump, hip-hop, house dance, locking.

- And one day I heard music in the hall, something like Lady Gaga or Rihanna sounded. This was the beginning of my acquaintance with jazz-funk. Started to practice. I liked that the body moves differently, and I become more feminine. As a result, dancing made me as a person, as a girl, self-confident and self-sufficient. nine0185

After university, the girl faced a question: to work as an economist-manager, or to continue dancing. Catherine chose the second, which she never regretted.

— I wanted to promote dance not just as a sport, but as an art, as a psychology. Dance is not just some kind of physical activity, it is something that can make a person go beyond certain limits. I always dreamed that the studio became a family. In general, this is what happened. nine0185

Cast off all fears and doubts!

Without thinking twice, Ekaterina confidently says that beginner dancers are often afraid to seem ridiculous. If a person comes to a group that is already engaged, to a new team, he is very uncomfortable. He does not know how to behave, and is constantly afraid to do something, to say something wrong.

— My first rule in dancing is not to be afraid to look stupid. Some people get through this in months, while others take years.

The girl also notes a lot of fears that beginners are subject to. This is the fear of injury, and the fear of emotionality in dancing.

— I teach exactly this style (jazz-funk and hip-hop — author's note), and most often people don't want to be emotionally liberated. And they seem to dance technically, but uncertainty is visible in the face. They are afraid to smile, to be sincere.

Ekaterina advised me to try to open up to other people and not to pinch myself. nine0185

Come and dance

It's always worth a try. How can you push yourself to make your dreams come true?

- Tell yourself "if not now, then never." For example, I am a person who lives for today. And if I don't do it today, I won't do it tomorrow either. Maybe tomorrow won't come at all. And if the idea to go swimming, dancing or somewhere else has already been born in your head, you need to go and do it. Such a thought is already a desire of a kind. There are a lot of fears, and the fear of joining a new team is the most common. nine0200

The main thing is to force yourself to come for the first time. The next one is more contagious. Students' reviews on the website or in social networks will help you choose a dance school.

– In our reviews, many write: “I have been studying for 2-3 months. I was afraid to come, but here it turned out to be so fun, cozy. And it inspires our potential students to come and try.

We asked Ekaterina what to do if, after a few dance lessons, self-confidence and motivation are gone. nine0185

— If a person is insecure in training, I will definitely say something encouraging to him. I will tell you that some time ago I did not succeed in the same way. As an example, I put my students who, through difficulties, achieved results. This usually helps.

Tested in practice: the student himself in two weeks or a month will see progress and again believe that he can do a lot. And this will be the most powerful motivation and impetus for development. nine0185

Choose your dance

If you are a plastic and flexible person, then be sure to try yourself in the contemporary style: there are elements of stalls, acrobatics and power tricks.

If you have nowhere to drain your energy, it overwhelms you, and nature has given you an explosive character, feel free to go to street styles (hip-hop, house, krump).

— Of course, musical tastes also play a role. Do you like modern, popular performers? It's jazz funk or hip hop. Inspired by calm and light music - modern jazz and contemporary. nine0200

Vogue will suit self-confident people, those who like to show themselves. But note that this direction is for the most patient. Who else can work out one element for so long?

- But popping is a direction for everyone. Now even strip plastic is not performed without it. It must be present as a base for any choreographer.

Speaking of strip plastic and the high heels style close to it: they are chosen for the development of femininity and stretching. And if you set yourself the goal of learning how to dance cool in clubs and at concerts, try going to jazz-funk. nine0185

- It is the most versatile of all styles, because jazz-funk dance is based on the basic choreography of absolutely all styles. When in doubt about the choice, come to jazz funk and see which branches suit you the most.

Ekaterina draws a simple conclusion: a person can be taught to dance anything, even anything at all, but the question is whether he wants to work, achieve his goals - and really dance seriously and for the soul. nine0185

Start your search for dances and dance studios with DAROO. Persuade your girlfriend to go with you, it will give confidence to both of you. Choose together what you want to try.

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