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How You Can Learn Pole Dancing at Home

Last Updated on December 17, 2022

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  • Learn Pole Dancing at Home
  • Is Learning Pole Dancing at Home right for you?
    • Other Ways To Learn Pole Dancing
  • Choose a Dance Pole Suitable for Home Use
  • Always Put Safety First
    • Assess Your Space
  • Find the Right Clothes
  • Online Pole Fitness Lessons
    • Open Dance Academy Online Pole Dancing Lessons
    • Danna’s Online Pole Dancing Course
    • Studio Veena Online Pole Dancing Lessons
    • X Pole TV
  • Pole Fitness DVDs
    • The Art Of Pole by Jamilla Deville
    • Felix Cane Pole Dance Mastery
    • The Ultimate Pole Tricks Handbook
  • Get Involved With the Community
  • Further Reading
  • Want to become an amazing pole dancer?

So, you want to learn pole dancing at home, but aren’t sure where to start? Learning to pole dance at home is ideal if you don’t have anywhere local offering pole fitness lessons. Or, you may lack the confidence to attend lessons and would prefer to learn in a more private environment.

Learning something at home is the most convenient way to learn at your own pace. If you have a busy lifestyle, job, or family then it can be hard to find the time to commit to a series of pole dancing classes. By choosing to learn at home, you can do so in your own time.

You can take as much time as you want to practice and review moves. If you’re in a gym or a public class, you may not have enough time to spend practising a particular move as the instructor may have a lesson plan to stick to. By learning at home, you control what you do during a practice session.

Learning pole dancing at home is less expensive than classes consider how much you learn for the price if you choose to purchase DVDs or online lessons.

Pole fitness lessons may cost $20-$30 per time, and you should attend once a week to really feel the benefit.

The instructor will set the pace of the lessons and choose which tricks to teach you and in what order. In The Art Of Pole DVD, for example, you learn well over 50 moves for around $120, whereas a $120 spent at a pole class would teach you fewer moves.

It can be extremely good value to purchase online lessons too.

Learn Pole Dancing at Home

Here is our complete guide on how to learn pole dancing at home. If you find this guide useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends on social media!

Is Learning Pole Dancing at Home right for you?

First of all, you need to decide whether learning pole dancing at home is right for you. Consider your previous fitness experience, if you’re completely new to this form of exercise then you may benefit from attending a class, even if it’s just to learn the basics first.

In just a few lessons you can learn the basics with a qualified instructor by your side. It’s hugely beneficial if you can get a grasp of the basics, such as:

  • Climbing the pole
  • Different types of grip
  • Sitting on the pole
  • Spinning to the floor
  • Basic invert techniques

Once you learn these techniques, then learning pole dancing at home is a great idea for you to save money on regular pole dance lessons. You don’t have to completely nail all of these tricks, but you should have a good understanding of how to safely perform these techniques.

Also, what about your living situation? Is your home suitable for you to install a portable dance pole easily?

You’ll need to make sure that you have enough floor and ceiling space to get the most from your workouts and to adequately performs certain tricks and spins that need more space than others.

Other Ways To Learn Pole Dancing

  • Attending a pole dancing class
  • Arranging a 1-2-1 private pole dancing lesson
  • Attending a pole dancing party
  • Being taught by a pole dancing friend

Choose a Dance Pole Suitable for Home Use

Once you’ve decided that learning pole dancing from home is right for you, then the next thing you’ll need is a pole to dance on! We’ve written multiple guides on this topic so to avoid repeating ourselves…

If you don’t yet know about portable dance poles, X Poles, and Freestanding dance poles then you can learn all you need to know from these articles 👇

  1. Best Dance Poles (read this first)
  2. Portable Dance Pole Buyer’s Guide (read this if you have more questions)
  3. All You Need to Know About Freestanding Dance Poles (read this if you’re renting and can’t install a pole)
  4. Chrome, Brass, Titanium Gold, Stainless Steel, Silicone or Powder-Coated: Which Pole Finish is Right for you?
  5. X Pole XPERT “The Ultimate Dance Pole” Review (best spinning/static pole)
  6. X Pole Sport Review (best static only pole)

If you don’t have time to read all of that information right now, then what’s most important to know is that you choose a professional dance pole manufacturer such as X Pole or Lupit Pole and that you buy directly from them or from an authorized re-seller, such as Amazon.

Be very wary of fake X Poles being sold on eBay and Craigslist.

You’ll probably also want to get these totally optional, but hugely popular accessories for pole dancers. Click on the links to learn more about these items .

  1. Knee pads for Pole Dancers
  2. Pole Dancing Grip Aids: Compared
  3. What To Keep in Your Pole Dancing Gym Bag
  4. Best Stripper Shoes for Pole Dancing
  5. 20+ Awesome Apps for Pole Dancers

Always Put Safety First

Safety is the most important thing when you’re trying a new form of exercise. Pole dancing is no exception.

You should make sure that you have plenty of space around your pole, to ensure that you won’t knock or kick anything during your workout session.

If you stand between the pole and the nearest wall, you should be able to stretch your arms out as wide as they go without touching the pole or the wall.

During a pole fitness session, you can literally be swinging around the pole! So, you need to be confident that you can do so safely at home!

Assess Your Space

Many pole dancers manage to use a dance pole at home without the ideal amount of space, and they do so successfully.

However, some moves and combos cannot be performed in smaller spaces, although it is possible to adapt your routines according to the space around you. As a beginner, it is better to be able to move as freely as possible so try your best to make space around you.

This could mean pushing your furniture up against the wall or moving any delicate objects out of the way.

If possible, always have a spotter with you when you attempt moves for the first time

Always use a crash mat designed for pole dancing as they can protect you from some nasty falls and injuries.

As you’ll be learning pole dancing at home, and not in a studio, it’s important that you take these extra precautions as there will be no one to blame but yourself if the unthinkable happens.

Read our safety guide for pole dancing at home.

Find the Right Clothes

If you’re learning to pole dance at home, there’s no one to impress apart from yourself! There’s no need to spend hundreds of dollars on new pole dancing clothes right away.

You will need shorts, a tank top and a sports bra at least. Shoes are optional, many people pole dance barefoot while others wear huge stripper heels every time! Yoga shoes are also perfect for pole dancing, especially for beginners.

As you progress with your pole dancing, you’ll likely want to buy yourself new clothes, fancy shorts, legwarmers, and beautiful new outfits! But, as a brand new beginner, you can stick to shorts and a tank top – but the choice is yours!

Online Pole Fitness Lessons

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to learn pole dancing at home is with Online Pole Fitness Lessons.

Learning pole dancing at home using online lessons is perfect if you don’t have time to commit to a full course of pole dancing classes, or if there are no classes available in your local area.

Obviously, learning pole dancing online has a lack of real-time instruction and advice. 

You may not realize that your technique may be completely wrong, but there’s no one there to correct you. 

Repeatedly performing a move incorrectly can also lead to injuries and muscle strain over time, so try to seek advice from a professional instructor where ever possible and don’t attempt anything that doesn’t feel right.

There are some very high-quality online pole dancing lessons available right now, where the instructors go over each move in great detail, talk through technique and points of contact, explain common problems with different tricks and provide motivation through their instructions.

Here are some of the range of online pole fitness lessons available at the moment:

Open Dance Academy Online Pole Dancing Lessons

Open Dance Academy has over 450 online lessons, by some world famous pole dancing champions, such as Evgeny Greshilov, Yvonne Smink, Jamilla Deville, Maddie Sparkle and more!

They currently offer:

  • Access to more than 450 high-quality video lessons with the lifetime access option ($350)
  • Excellent value for money when compared to the price of local pole dancing classes
  • Suitable for beginner, intermediate, advanced & expert pole dancers
  • Their website works on mobiles, tablets, and laptops
  • A stress-free training environment that you can do in your own time. No driving, parking or stress.

Use the code polefitfreedom to get 10% off Pole Dancing Lessons with Open Dance Academy. This is an exclusive offer for readers of this blog!


Danna’s Online Pole Dancing Course

This course has over 130 online lessons, it’s currently on sale at $47 and that includes lifetime access to all lessons, so check it out it now before the price goes up again!

Find out more here

Studio Veena Online Pole Dancing Lessons

Studio Veena is one of the original and best online pole dancing lesson providers. Not only are the top-notch and detailed lessons available for members, there’s a huge and active community too. You can join the community without paying, use the link below for a 3-day free trial and see what Studio Veena has to offer.

Sign-up for a free trial here

X Pole TV

X Pole themselves have launched their own online pole fitness lessons, including The Art Of Pole by Jamilla Deville! (Keep reading to learn more about The Art of Pole DVD Collection – a personal favorite!)

Find out more about X Pole TV here

Pole Fitness DVDs

Using DVDs to Learning Pole Dancing is another great way to learn pole dancing at home. As with online pole dancing lessons, you should follow safety precautions, always use a spotter and a crash mat, and listen to the instructions carefully. You can pause and re-watch if necessary. Don’t take any unnecessary risks!

The Pole Fitness DVDs currently on sale can teach you pole dancing to a very high standard. Here are a few of our favourites:

The Art Of Pole by Jamilla Deville

This was the first Pole Dancing DVD I ever used, and it’s absolutely brilliant – I still refer to it very often. This DVD set contains five DVDs, each one increasing in difficulty. There is even a routine at the end of each DVD featuring all of the moves covered, which is a really nice touch.

These really are excellent instructional videos by Jamilla Deville, and there are some warm-up and cooldown routines too. This even includes routines performed beautifully by Jamilla wearing some beautiful costumes for inspiration.

Get your copy here on Amazon

Felix Cane Pole Dance Mastery

Now, this is the DVD for when it’s time to really level-up your pole game! Felix Cane’s name is synonymous with moves such as the ‘Spatchcock’ and advanced flexibility training.  Advanced Pole Mastery does not disappoint in the respect.

Get your copy on Amazon

Check out our full list of the Best Pole Dancing DVDs!

The Ultimate Pole Tricks Handbook

This is the only step-by-step ebook on the market for real pole dancing moves. The guide is extremely detailed in getting your hands placed correctly for performing moves of all levels.

Get your copy here

Get Involved With the Community

Don’t be a poler in solitude!

Speak to others who are learning at home too! The online Pole Dancing Community is incredibly active, check out Studio Veena’s Forums and our Pole Dancers of Pinterest Group Board to start with!

There’s also a bunch of of Facebook Groups, Twitter feeds, and blogs about pole dancing to follow. You could even start your own blog to document your pole journey and inspire others to do the same!

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Want to become an amazing pole dancer?

Open Dance Academy has over 450 online lessons, by some world famous pole dancing champions! Join now to get:

Access to more than 450 high-quality video lessons with the lifetime access option

Excellent value for money when compared to the price of local pole dancing classes

Suitable for beginner, intermediate, advanced & expert pole dancers


Use the code polefitfreedom to get 10% off Pole Dancing Lessons with Open Dance Academy. This is an exclusive offer for readers of this blog!

Learn the art of pole dancing here

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Happy poling!

Pole Dancing Tips for First Timers and Beginners – Pole Dance Nomad

So you've started to learn pole dancing or about to go to your first class? Here are some basic but important tips for you to ensure you stay safe.

Start slow and always put safety first

Advanced pole dancers can execute gobsmacking tricks, just look for inspiring pole dancers on Instagram and you'll to see new tricks coming up every day. As a beginner, you may be tempted to get to the same level as soon as possible. So you get excited, train hard, grow fast, but chances are you push beyond your limits and it's the fastest way to get injured. 

Start slow, build your strength safely and gradually, and nail those beginner moves with grace and ease before learning more difficult moves.

Never use any skin lotion before class

Do not put any lotions, oils or anything on your skin when you are pole dancing. You need to grip with your skin, if you have moisturiser on your skin you could slide off the pole and hurt yourself.

Also, remember to always clean your pole before, during and after class to ensure maximum grip and remove excess oil buildup from your skin.

Grid aid is handy when you start pole dancing

When you start to learn pole dance, you may not have a very strong grip and grip aids for your hands will help you better stick to the pole while your hand strength improves over time. You can also use grip aids on other parts of your body.

Learn pole dance with qualified instructors in a studio, privately, or online

You can learn pole dancing in a studio, with private classes, or from home with online lessons (of course you'll need your own pole).

There are different types of pole classes to choose from, such as pole fitness, exotic pole with heels, dance techniques like ballet and more.

Online pole dancing lessons are a great complement with in-class learning. They are also convenient when there is no pole dancing studio near you. You can learn at your own pace and you don’t have to worry about feeling intimidated by your classmates. 

Wear the right clothes

When you take your first pole classes, your fitness shorts, or pants that you can roll up, and tank top will be just fine. Whatever fitness outfit makes you comfortable is the way to start. 

As you progress in your pole dancing journey, you’ll likely want to buy yourself pole wear, like pole tops, shorts and beautiful outfits. Also, pole wear allows for more skin to grip on the pole than fitness pants or tank tops.

Use a crash mat when learning at home

Crash mats are not necessary when you first begin pole dancing. They usually come into play when learning inverts in the intermediate level. When you start going upside down and learning more tricky moves, you will want to have a crash mat, whether dancing in a studio or at home.

Get involved with the online community

The online pole community is very active and supportive and there's lots of places to join like Facebook groups, blogs, Instagram and forums. You could also start documenting your pole journey on a blog or Instagram account.

Join our pole academy on Facebook to share your pole journey, feel supported and discuss everything pole dancing!



Getting Started Pole dance

Pole dance is a mixture of dance, gymnastics, acrobatics and fitness, in which everything revolves around the pole. This is not a boring activity, which at the same time helps to become more self-confident, more graceful, more plastic, overcome the fear of heights, get rid of excess weight and form a beautiful figure, get rid of back pain and improve posture. And this is not all the benefits of pole dancing. It is especially important for those involved that they have no restrictions on age and gender. nine0003

You can start mastering the pylon at almost any age and with zero physical fitness. To do this, it is enough to find a suitable school, a professional trainer and strictly adhere to the recommendations received from him.

Preparation for classes

If you want to try Pole dance, start with:

  • get acquainted with the style and directions of pole dance (sport, exotic, artistic pole). Think about which direction suits you best and for what purpose you would like to master the pylon - to awaken femininity, tighten your figure or, for example, go into professional sports; nine0012
  • selection of a suitable school and coach. Talk to your friends, read online reviews, explore all possible options. Go to school and talk to the coach. Ask how much he has already been doing, what he profiles, what results he has achieved. If the contact is immediately established, it will be easy and pleasant for you to work together. School should be comfortable. Inspect the halls and locker rooms, ask about compliance with safety regulations. Pole dance is still a traumatic direction, it is better to pay attention to this issue in advance; nine0012
  • purchases of special clothing. You can consult with the trainer about the form for classes. You will need comfortable pulling clothes (top, shorts), possibly ballet flats;
  • trip to a trial lesson. Take a trial class to see if pole dancing suits you. If you like everything, buy a subscription. If not at all, it is better to look for another hobby, because exercising through force will not give the desired result.

For beginners, this “preparation” for learning Pole dance is indispensable. It is followed by the first classes, physical activity and mastering tricks on the pylon. nine0003

First steps in Pole dance

It is better to start training on the pole in group or individual lessons with a trainer, strictly following all his recommendations. It is not recommended to learn Pole dance from scratch at home - you can get injured and slow down the learning process.

As a rule, beginners are recruited into groups at the same time and train with a gradual complication of the program. Exercises are mastered from simple to complex. First, you will learn to feel the pole and control your body, and you will work on improving your stretching and fitness. nine0003

Do all the exercises suggested by the trainer, but only these. Do not try to quickly jump to more complex figures and climb to a greater height. Do so many repetitions that the trick is perfect and effortless. Gradually gain altitude, be sure to ask questions if one or another point remains incomprehensible even after explanation and demonstration.

From the first lesson, train at full strength, do not give up if something is difficult. Enjoy what you are doing, and then the result of pole dancing will not keep you waiting. nine0003

6 tips on how to learn to dance on the pole

Author: admin / February 24, 2020 / Category: News

There was a time when pole dancing was considered too sexy and inaccessible to many. But thanks to a shift in perspective and the advent of durable and commercial dance poles, this form of "sex dance" and exercise is beginning to gain acceptance from women and men. Today, pole dancing is considered a fun form of dance and exercise, strength training and can work for everyone, including men! nine0003

If you want to learn the art of pole dancing, here are 6 creative ways you can start learning pole dancing skills and techniques.

1. Check out online pole dancing lessons. Just use the search engines and you will be provided with a long list of resources on how to learn to pole dance. With online lessons, you can learn pole dancing at your own pace and in your spare time. But be careful when looking for an online pole dancing video lesson. Look for only the most trustworthy videos with relevant tips and suggestions so you can learn pole dancing in a safe way. nine0003

2. Attend group classes. Compared to private lessons and coaching, attending group classes can be a cost-effective way to learn pole dancing. Another benefit associated with group exercise is that it allows you to connect with other people who share the same passion and excitement. If you sign up for group classes, learning to pole dance becomes a social activity, allowing you to have fun and make new friends along the way. Here is a great half-dance school for beginners in Moscow. nine0003

3. Read online resources such as blogs, books and e-books about pole dancing. Just like videos, you can also count on tutorials and books to learn pole dancing. This will require patience and attention to detail, as you need to pay attention to pictures and step-by-step instructions. This is the recommended approach for people who want to relax and don't want to be pressured by other dancers and members.

4. Sign up for private pole dancing lessons. If you have the time and money, a private lesson with an experienced pole dance teacher is the best option. During a private lesson, attention is paid to you, and your needs and shortcomings are easily identified. nine0003

A dance teacher can also provide you with personalized help and suggestions to help you hone your technique.

Learn more