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Like Jagger (aka Moves Like Jagger!) Line Dance

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Other music: ‘In The Ayer’ by Flo Rida, available on ITunes (no tag/no restart)
Pattern: 32’s (10 times), 4 count tag: Press R ball of toe forward strike a hold/pose and restart from the top, 32’s till end music! Honestly, it’s such an EZ dance and so cool!!

1,2On a R diagonal, Step R forward (1), Step L behind R (2)
3&4&On a R diagonal, Step R forward (3), Step L ball behind R (&), Step R forward (4), Flick L slightly next to R knee, at the Same time pivoting on R to a L diagonal, this gets you ready to do your L diagonal step locks
5,6On a L diagonal, Step L forward (5), Step R behind L (6)
7&8&On a L diagonal, Step L forward (7), Step R ball behind L (&), Step L forward (8), Flick R slightly next to L knee, at the same time pivoting on L to square off to the front/12:00 (L takes wt) (12:00)

9&10&Step R to R (9), Touch L next to R (&), Step L to L (10), Touch R next to L, at same time sliding the R toe
11,12Body roll (11), Touch R next to L (12)
13,14Step R back on a R diagonal (13), Touch L next to R (14)
15,16Step R back on a L diagonal (15), Touch R next to L (16) (L takes wt) (12:00)

17,18On a R diagonal, big step R back, at the same time, lightly drag L toe (17), Touch L next to R (18)
19,20On a L diagonal, big step L back, at the same time, lightly drag R toe (19), Touch R next to L (20) (12:00) (L take wt)
&21&22&23&24: 4 Paddle turns Left, equaling a ¾ turn L, break down is:
Pivoting 1/4 turn on L, Bring R knee next to L knee (9:00) (&), Touch R toe out to R (9:00) (21),
Pivoting on L to 11:00, Bring R knee next to L knee (11:00) (&), Touch R toe out to R (11:00) (22),
Pivoting on L to 1:00, Bring R knee next to L knee (1:00) (&), Touch R toe out to R (1:00) (23),
Pivoting on L to 3:00, Bring R knee next to L knee (3:00) (&), Touch R to out to R (3:00) (L take wt) (3:00)
Note: The paddle turns don’t have to be right on the exact times, I just wanted to give you a basic break down on
doing 4 paddle turns equaling a ¾ L turn.

25-28Lightly, while pressing R Toe on slight R diagonal, “C-Bumps” - 25) Bump Right hip up and to the right, &) return to center 26) Bump Right hip down and to the right; 27&28) Repeat 25&26.
OPTIONAL ARM/HAND TOE HEEL SWIVELS MOTIONS: Think “Disco Era” – Rotating from elbow with Right hand in a fist, Right Arm will mimic hip motion in the shape of a “C” along with the Right Toe and Heel swiveling in, out, in, out.
On counts 25,26,27,28 Right arm will go up on 25, down on 26, up on 27 and down on 28, at same time with the Right Toe and Heel swiveling in, out, in, out.
29-31&With weight on L and R toe still slightly out to R, Shimmy your shoulders for 3,& counts (29, 30, 31 &)
32Flick R Foot back, at the same time pushing your weight to your L foot to get ready & begin the dance again (3:00)
Optional: if you don’t want to shimmy & flick, you can shake shoulders 4 times, leaving weight on L to get ready and Start the dance from the top

Tag-4 counts: at the end of the 10th wall, you’ll be facing the back wall/6:00 wall when this happens, tag is: you press R toe on slight diagonal to R, at the same time with a hold/pose for 4 counts, get ready to start the dance from the top!

Begin again!

Enjoy my dance & just have FUN doing it to this great song with Maroon 5 and all the other mentioned great artist too! “GottaDance”!! And please feel free to use any other music to do my dance, country or non country will work!

Where did The Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger learn to dance?

Moves like Jagger’s don’t just materialise out of thin air, such hip-snaking sorcery requires a great deal of practice and patience. It also helps if you happen to tour with the best diva of them all. There is no doubt a multitude of factors that led to Jagger’s iconic style, but who was the definitive influence on his strutting, stuff-shaking, on-stage antics?

One of the most troubled but triumphant live shows of the mid-sixties was the Ike & Tina Turner Revue. The couple rallied up some of the most electrifying chemistry in rock and roll history, sadly coming at a hefty cost. However, when the more abhorrent elements of Ike’s behaviour were sequestered for the live show, the performances were scintillating. 

At one point The Rolling Stones were present amongst the audience at a Los Angeles show and were so impressed by the duo that they asked the Turner’s whether they’d tour with them in England. 

Ike & Tina eagerly agreed and featured as part of The Rolling Stones’ famous live show at the Royal Albert Hall in 1966, a show which also included The Yardbirds with Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page on lead guitar. Scarcely has there been a greater rock and roll line-up for a concert in history, however, the reverberations for Jagger may have reached even further. 

Speaking to Rolling Stones Magazine, Chris Jagger, Mick’s brother, denoted that the necessary genetics may well have already been in place as he regaled the tale of when he asked the rockstar how his moves came to be. Mick apparently had this to say, “Mum tried to teach me, and we waltzed around the living room to the strains of Victor Sylvester,” he said. “We would trot around the room attempting the steps with me trying not to tread on Mum’s toes.” 

Whilst Chris declares that his mother was a skilled dancer and thus the shapeshifting may well be in their blood, Mick no doubt also picked up a few inspirations from elsewhere. 

“Then we travelled to the USA and caught James Brown at the Apollo Theatre in New York and that was a huge influence,” Jagger explains. “It wasn’t just the moves he made – it was the energy he put into it, that was amazing.

Those same stamina-defying moves by James Brown were on full display when he crossed paths with Jagger once more on The T.A.M.I Show, during which Brown’s near-artery-bursting performance of ‘Please, Please, Please’ just about wipes the floor with everyone else. 

These early formative experiences in America, at the height of the ‘British Invasion’, sent a clear message to Jagger – ‘if you want to be a full-on rock and roll frontman, you’ll have to up the ante’. 

With this seemingly playing on Jagger’s mind, he searched for guidance on the gyrating front. As Tina Turner told The Daily Mail: “Mick wanted to dance – and I was a dancer – but he never gave me the credit! He said his mother taught him how to dance. But we worked with him in the dressing room, me and the girls, and we taught him how to Pony.” The Pony was the iconic foot-stomping, arm-flailing, move of the ‘60s that took dancefloors and stages by storm. Jagger is no doubt one of the best Pony men in the business and perhaps he has Tina Turner to credit for that.  

The two stars would meet again at Live Aid performance in Philadelphia on July 13th, 1985. Tina Turner burst onto the stage during The Rolling Stones set in typical full-blooded energy. As ‘It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll’ reached its scintillating climax, the singers were pushing the throttle into overdrive, Jagger whipped off his shirt before unclipping Turner’s leather mini-skirt leaving both stars to finish the show in a mid-stage of undress, in what just might be one the most Pony-heavy performances of all time. Aside from the high-jinks, there is also a third revealing factor at play during the duet – the superstars cut very similar shapes up on that stage. 

There is no doubt a plethora of influences behind Jagger’s iconic on-stage style, but it would seem that the key triumvirate consisted of his mother, James Brown and the queen diva herself, Tina Turner; proving behind all the inimitable thrusting and clicking is a hell of a lot of pedigree. 

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How Mick Jagger dances incendiary dance at the age of 78 on video

The Rolling Stones' lead singer Mick Jagger pleased fans with an incendiary dance from the rehearsal, showing several signature movements to the music on the video. Some netizens are not only surprised by the activity of the elderly rocker, but also joke that they are unlikely to be able to repeat the energetic dances of the 78-year-old singer.

The famous British rock musician and lead singer of The Rolling Stones Michael (Mick) Jagger posted on Twitter a video from a rehearsal before a concert in the US city of St. Louis. On it, the 78-year-old singer performs dizzying dances to the music. The rocker was very energetic, in contrast to bloggers performing slow movements to the track of Justin Bieber and The Kid LAROI in a trend that Medialeaks previously covered. nine0003

See you tomorrow! — the artist signed the post.

On the footage, the elderly musician is actively moving his hips, waving his arms and spinning like a young boy.

The video received 5.2 million views and 101.3 thousand likes on Twitter. Seeing the incendiary movements of Mick Jagger, some Internet users were surprised at the incredible activity of the musician at such an advanced age. And although the rocker is quite famous for spectacular performances at concerts with the group, the fans were glad that the artist has not lost his fuse so far. nine0003

But other commentators thought that the old singer's dance was a good excuse to joke about fatigue and lack of energy at a younger age.

Someone pointed out with irony that the rocker is so active because he may have taken all the energy of mankind.

Following on from the funny comment, another Twitter user remembered Oleg Gazmanov's song "My Clear Days" and suggested that Jagger was paired with a Russian singer who kept all the good days for himself.

There were also those fans who thought that Mick's dance was reminiscent of insects running away from repellent.

Mick Jagger's active movements have become a kind of artist's feature. Not only did the American pop artists Maroon 5 and singer Christina Aguilera write a song called Move Like Jagger in honor of his dances, but the rocker himself impressed fans and journalists with his energy and quick recovery after heart surgery in 2019. The singer, who at that time was 76 years old, posted a video on Instagram, where he dances as if nothing had happened. nine0003

Mick Jagger, born in 1943, led an active personal life: the musician was married twice and was also famous for a large number of novels. At the time of writing, the rocker is in a relationship with ballerina Melanie Hemrick, with whom he had a son, Deveraux, in 2016. In addition to the five-year-old child, Jagger has seven more children from different women (three sons and four daughters), five grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

In another article by Medialeks, you can find out about an elderly lady who also impressed people with her active lifestyle. Woman aged 99 years old set a record as the oldest weightlifter in the world.

Dance like Jagger. Rolling Stones lead singer recovering from surgery

Dance Like Jagger. Rolling Stones lead singer recovering from surgery - BBC News Rolling Stones lead singer recovering from surgery

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Mick Jagger posted a video on his Instagram showing him dancing briskly. In April, the 75-year-old lead singer of the Rolling Stones underwent heart surgery.

The band had previously postponed their US and Canadian tour due to Jagger's health condition. 17 shows cancelled.

  • How friends support Mick Jagger after surgery

The Rolling Stones said that Jagger should be ready to play this summer.

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