Weekly Parties

$10 per person per evening
$5 for students (requires ID)
What To Expect
Free Dance
Beginner Group Class
Practice Party
Line Dance

Welcome to the main event! Weekly parties is where everything comes together at I've Got Rhythm. We open our doors at 7:30 PM for free dancing as people trickle in. During this time, we'll have music playing for those who want to dance, but many also use this time to catch up with friends or to make a fashionably late entrance.

At about 8:00, we get going with a beginner group class. Each month we focus on a different dance as listed on our studio calendar and generally will get a bit more advanced with each lesson over the course of the month. But we will always begin the lesson with an introduction to the basics of the dance, so even if your first time to the studio happens to be the last lesson in that month's dance, you will still be able to jump in.

After the lesson, we turn up the tunes for you to practice what you've learned until around 10:00. During this time, feel free to make requests, socialize, and enjoy yourself. We'll do whatever we can to make your evening a good one. Typically, we will end the dancing a few minutes before 10:00 to do a line dance, and sometimes a little sooner if we happen to be learning a new one.

Thou shalt not busteth thy moves in public before thou practiceth.
~ Archbishop Boogieman, XIV

Weekly parties are a great way to get introduced to the studio. They make great nights out for couples and super cheap date nights for students. They allow you to pick up some new moves and then actually apply those moves in a real dance environment – something private lessons and group classes cannot offer. And they are a wonderful opportunity to encourage one another in your dancing and just have some fun together.

There are no reservations necessary for our parties and no need to be a prior student, so feel free to stop in anytime.