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Booty Pop and Body Roll Dance Workout - Fitness and Exercise Videos

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I am already loving your site. I did the Kick Your Abs workout the other night and it nearly killed me--in an awesome way!

Tiffany L.

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CopperKnob - Booty Pop - Brandon Zahorsky (USA)

Rotation: A,A-16,B,A,A-16,B,A,TAG,B,B, Ending

Part A: 32c
Point, Point, Point, Hitch, Point, Point, Point, Point, Hitch, Step
1&2&Point R side R (1), Step R next to L (&), Point L side L (2), Step L next to R (&)

3&4&Point R side R (3), Hitch R (&), Point R side R (4) Step R next to L (&)

5&6&Point L side L (5), Step L next to R (&), Point R side R (6), Step R next to L (&)

7&8Point L side L (7), Hitch L (&), Step L forward (8)

Note: You should be moving forward while doing this 8 counts

Rock, Recover, Ball Step, Hitch, Back, Behind 1/4 Turn, Cross
1,2&Rock R forward (1), Recover on L (2), Step R next to L (&)

3,4Step L forward (3), Hitch R knee next to L (4)

5,6Step R back (5), Step L back (6)

&7,8Step side R 1/4 turn over R shoulder (&), Step L over R (7), Hitch R knee (8) (3:00)

Side, Behind, Rock, Recover, Back, Side, Cross, Rock, Recover, Cross
1,2Step R side R (1), Step L behind R (2)

3&4Rock R side (3), Recover side L (&), Step R behind L (4)

5,6Step L side L (5), Cross R over L (6)

7&8Rock L side L (7), Recover side R (&), Cross L over R (8)

Side, Behind, Rock, Recover 1/4 Turn, Pivot 1/2 Turn, Rocking Chair
1,2Step R side R (1), Step L behind R (2)

3,4Rock R side R (3), Recover L 1/4 turn over L shoulder (4) (12:00

5,6Step R forward (5), Pivot 1/2 over L shoulder (6) (6:00)

7&8&Rock R forward (7), Recover back on L (&), Rock R back (8), Recover forward on L (&) (6:00)

Note: On the 5th rotation there will be a 2 count tag here. Just hold for 2 counts and start dancing Part B on the back wall. This is the one and only time you will dance Part B at 6:00 o’clock.

Part B: 32c
Always happens at 9:00 except once on the 5th rotation
Step, Touch, Step, Touch, Triple Diagonal, Step, Touch, Step Touch, Triple Diagonal
1&2&Step R diagonal forward (1), Touch L next to R (&), Step L back diagonal (2), Touch R next to L (&)

3&4&Step R diagonal forward (3), Step L next to R (&), Step R forward diagonal (4), Touch L next to R (&)

5&6&Step L diagonal forward (5), Touch R next to L (&), Step R back diagonal (6), Touch L next to R (&)

7&8Step L diagonal forward (7), Step R next to L (&), Step L forward diagonal (8)

Styling: For this 8 counts, really play to the change in the music. Bend your knees and pop your knees in and out - Have fun with it!!

Cross, Recover, Rock Side, Recover, Behind, Side, Cross, Rock, Recover, Behind, Side, 1/4 Turn Forward
1&2&Cross rock R over L (1), Recover back on L (&), Rock R side R (2), Recover side L (&)

3&4Step R behind L (3), Step L to side (&), Cross R over L (4)

5,6Rock L side L (5), Recover side R (6)

7&8Step L behind R (7), Step R 1/4 turn over R shoulder forward (&), Step L forward (8) (12:00)

1/2 Turn Paddle, 1/2 Turn Paddle
1-4Paddle 1/2 turn over L shoulder (Pushing with R) (6:00)

(On count 4, put weight down on R)

4-8Paddle back a 1/2 turn over R shoulder (Pushing with L) (12:00)

(On count 8, put weight down on L)

Step, Pivot 1/2 Turn, Triple Forward, Step, Pivot 1/2 Turn, Triple Forward
1,2Step R forward (1), Pivot 1/2 turn over L shoulder (2) (6:00)

3&4Step R forward (3), Step L next to R (&), Step R forward (4)

5,6Step L forward (5), Pivot 1/2 turn over R shoulder (6) (12:00)

7&8Step L forward (7), Step R next to L (&), Step L forward (8)

Ending: Finish the dance facing 12:00 at the end of Part B and hop forward and pose!! (Hop forward, R,L)

What is k-pop cover dance

K-pop, that is, Korean pop, is not only a musical genre, but also a whole culture, including a dance direction, which is becoming more and more popular outside of South Korea.

We tell you how to dance k-pop, what is k-pop cover dance and where to learn it (spoiler: here!).

Dancing is the most important part k-pop . The release of a single by a k-pop artist also implies the release of a video in which there are a lot of dances. To create the image of an idol, that is, a South Korean pop star, along with vocal abilities, one must take into account his appearance, style and dancing skills. After all, every performance of idols is a show that is built not only through scenery, costumes, singing, but also dancing. Therefore, would-be idols spend as much time in dance classes as they do in singing lessons, if not more.

The dance direction of K-pop is based on the stage choreography of idols. In the early days of K-pop, dancing didn't play such a big role. They served a decorative function, the movements were simple and catchy, and sometimes "viral" so that fans could easily repeat them. By the beginning of the third generation, the choreography has grown a lot, it has become quite complex, it is now difficult for fans to repeat it without dance training. That's why k-pop cover dance classes appeared .

K-pop cover dance is a popular dance style that explores the choreography of famous K-pop artists such as idols such as BTS and BLACKPINK .

Learning idol choreography is so popular not only because of the large number of their fans around the world, but also because of the specifics of the dances themselves. The fact is that k-pop cover dance combines a variety of elements from several modern dance styles. That is why it is not necessary to be a fan of Korean pop culture, the choreography of the k-pop cover dance direction can resonate with those who just want to develop in dance. And the thing is that k-pop cover dance is able to reveal your potential and captivate you into the world of a new, perhaps still unfamiliar, culture. His bright presentation and stylish music will cheer you up and will not leave you indifferent.

What kinds of dance styles can be found in k-pop cover dance? These are, of course, complex elements of hip-hop, which are more often performed by boy bands. The female choreography is simpler. Other styles include JazzFunk, House, Dancehall, Locking and Vogue.

The “trick” of the dance direction is the simple movements-markers that coincide with the lyrics in meaning. Thus, any fan can remember them, he does not have to attend dance classes.

Idol choreography is now available for you! At the Oriental Culture Center KITSUNE , we offer courses in k-pop cover dance. How are our classes going?

  1. At the beginning of each class there is a good warm-up.
  2. Then there is a review of the new choreography and a repetition of the previous one.
  3. The dance is divided into parts, each of which is analyzed in detail by counting.
  4. After the analysis of all parts is completed, the choreography is practiced in its entirety.

You can sign up for courses, see the schedule of groups and meet our teachers at this link .

K-POP: culture and dance

Someone is in the subject, someone is at a loss. And we have to be on the same wavelength.

A K-POP dance direction has been launched at the Baza — let's talk about it!

K-Pop - short for "Korean pop" - is a huge culture that is rapidly developing and gaining popularity. A huge number of fans of the genre, South Korean boy bands, girl bands and solo artists are growing day by day - including in Russia! There is one important term in K-Pop culture - "idol". That's what South Korean pop stars are called! This designation was not chosen in vain - idols must be impeccable, this is their path and mission. Appearance, vocals, the ability to behave in public and, of course, dancing. All skills must be perfect! Idols should always be in an image that is ideal in the eyes of the public.

Well, the dance direction of K-Pop is based on the stage choreography of those same idols and directly depends on the development of the industry. In the first ten years, during the early stages of K-Pop, dancing wasn't that important. They performed an exclusively decorative function: the productions were not difficult - so that fans could easily memorize them and be able to repeat them on their own. Over time, the choreography became more complex - and by the beginning of the third generation, it became as important as the musical component of any show. Moreover, they began to add acrobatic elements to the performances! As a result, the trend has passed - today choreographers use the personal skills of the group members more as a guide - it is on their basis that they develop dance concepts.

So what kind of dance direction is K-Pop? Bright, scenic, deep in its cultural component! You will not just repeat the movements of idols - you will immerse yourself in a special environment: stage preparation, musicality, self-confidence. K-Pop dance is beautiful, technical, empowering, and exciting to a new world.

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