How to do hand wave dance

How to Do the basic arm wave dance move « Hip Hop :: WonderHowTo

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to do the arm wave.
#1 Have your arm in the straight position.
#2 Bend your wrist into position.
#3 Now continue the wave by bending the following joint.
#4 Then onto your wrist, make sure it's curved upwards.
#5 Then to your elbow, pay attention to your hand, it should be flat (just like it was in its original position). Be sure to let the elbow curve up more obviously to amplify the wave effect.
#6 Next, push your elbow back to its original position and lift your shoulder.
#7 Waving out should be a breeze once you've mastered waving in.
#8 Finally, it takes patience and time to learn, so never give up and you'll definitely come up with good results. It may be tough at first, so repeat the steps slowly until you get used to the motion, then try doing it at a faster pace.

With the arm wave broken down in this way, you should be able to master this move.

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Arm Wave Tutorial - Hip hop dance lesson

Here is a great breakdown of how to do an Arm Wave dance move:

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So to start our arm wave, I put both my arms straight out like this and my arms are locked right now and I’m going to bring them in just a little bit. When we start the arm wave, there’s quite a few different parts just in your hand alone, which we want hit. And waving is all about the details.

So starting with our fingertips, we’ll go fingers or digits and then we’ll point down to knuckles and you can even emphasize this as the fist is kind of high or low. And then we want to go to my wrist. Now, this is one part we really have to pay attention. I’m going to slide this arm down.

My wrist is creating high low than my elbow. So with fingers, knuckles, wrists and my elbow went low, my wrist went high. When I’m going to switch to my elbow where my wave is going to be at the elbow right here, I’m going to be turning my elbow up and then my wrist down flattening my hand out like that where we just call it blade as opposed to open. We’re having a blade hand just for this slope. And so now, my elbow is sticking out. My wrist is low.

So we try again from the top. We got this knuckles, wrist, elbow low, and all I’m doing is turning my elbow. And so right here, I will turn. My elbow sticks out and then my arm and wrist are at the lower level forward.

So as we get this elbow, I’ll stick my other arm back up and I’m going to pop my shoulder and I’m going to go to my right shoulder and pop that. Notice my left arm is straight again.

Now, I’m going to go to the elbow this time. So again, make sure it’s popped out and I’ll switch to my wrist at the higher level. And then I’ll go to my knuckles, my digits and fingertips.

One more slope right down. We got the digits, the knuckles and the wrist. We got the elbow, the shoulder, the shoulder, the elbow, your wrist at a high level, knuckles, fingertips.

So using that same base clap, we’re going to break down our arms like this. And you can do it with me and then you can practice on your own afterwards. So we go boom clap, boom clap, boom clap, boom clap, boom clap, boom clap, boom clap, boom clap, boom clap, boom clap, boom clap, boom clap, boom-boom clap, boom clap, boom clap, boom clap, boom clap, boom-boom clap, boom clap, boom clap, boom-boom clap, boom clap.

So once you start to break down the steps then you got to go onward. You’re going to try to do a whole wave throughout your body without stopping. All you got to do is keep your mind as the order of the body parts that you’re moving.

Obviously, if I’m on my wrist here, I don’t want to start this elbow, that’s my shoulder, this shoulder out because I’ll be missing my elbow and the shoulder. It’s all about going in sequential order.

So try really slowly left side. Come one. Do it with me, guys. Ready. Set. Go. I’m breaking down each body part in order. You can go as slow as you can to get it.

Why don’t you take a couple of minutes? First, practice with a song using the base clap to break down the steps then give it a shot. Go for it. Follow this video. I’ll see you guys out.

[End of transcript]

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Wave / Waving

The offered online video lessons on wave will help you significantly expand your dance base and develop your body. There are several points on which we should dwell more closely.

First. Despite the fact that waves in nature are smooth, when studying, we break them into parts (points). And we also learn point by point! Only after you have confidently begun to perform the basic technique, add additional softness or malleability to your waves.

Second. Wave dance is not a chaotic set of waves and slides. With the help of them you draw a picture in space with your body. The wave flows out of the wave and goes to the glide, and then back to the wave, telling the viewer an endless illusory story. This way of dancing is called “endless wave”

Wave demonstration (wave dance style)

if it doesn't work out "live" and correctly show - then come to us at the School of the Dragon (Moscow). Feel the thrill of good learning and your quick results!

Basic technique

1. Hand wave. How to make a wave with your hand - training base.

To make a wave with your hands correctly and beautifully, first of all, it must be disassembled into points. Only 5 points. They grip your joints in your hand. It is conditionally possible to break the wave by hand into two parts: into the wave in the cyst and into the wave in the shoulder and elbow. It is reasonable to work out all this separately, and only then combine it together. Learning to wave with your hand allows you to develop plasticity in your hands and teach you how to control body parts and joints separately. This is what will give you a little later the illusion of flow, magical, bewitching movement. Yes, I will remind you again. First we teach by points, and only then do it smoothly.

2. Body wave: how to learn how to make a body wave quickly

The general principle of body wave training is the same as in the previous exercise. First you need to thoroughly understand the points, make a wave through the body from top to bottom and from bottom to top in parts and counting. After that, begin to "glue" the points, that is, slowly reduce the pause between individual points. I recommend doing this at least on the second workout, so that the lesson of the wave of the body steadily "donkey" in your memory.

3. Body wave to the side: how to learn how to dance waves in a variety of ways

Another important wave with which you will improve the plasticity of your body and become cool to dance is the body wave to the side. As you may have guessed from the title, now you will learn the side wave. I also sometimes call her "snake". Why? Watch this lesson on teaching a wave through the body and you will understand.

It takes a little time to learn how to dance the waves. The main thing is not to run ahead of the locomotive. It is necessary to carefully hone the points, and slowly move on to a smooth performance. If you live in Moscow, then it's easier for you - you can come to me at the Dragon School, where our teachers carefully monitor that the students get everything right.

4. Tracing. Connection of a wave with a hand and a wave with a body + "pointer"

Here we come to the most popular connection of waves in dance. In order for your tracing to turn out correctly, pay attention to the fact that the "pointing" hand must be strictly at those points in the wave with the hand or body where the wave is going. Hard rule - you should only point to a point in a wave! And again I conjure: do it slowly and clearly, understanding at every moment where you have the wave and where the hand is pointing at it.

5. Glide. How to do the side moonwalk. Glide tutorial.

Very often body and hand waves are used in conjunction with slides. You probably know or heard them: Michael Jackson's moonwalk (moon walk), slides or glides (whatever they call it). In general, in this video tutorial you will learn how to do one of the coolest slides - side glide. And, as always, a word of advice. It is very important to keep the whole body correctly. He should only be on one leg at a time. This is actually the whole secret.

6. Circular wave with hands. We connect and loop the waves with our hands.

It's time to reach a new level in teaching your body to waves! And in this online wave lesson, we will learn the circular wave with our hands. Learning a circle wave with your hands is not so difficult if you have already learned the basic wave with your hands. In this case, the question "How to make a circular wave with your hands" quickly dissolves in the air and no longer bothers. When learning the circular wave movement, pay attention to how the wave passes from one hand to another. It's all about finger movements. Work it out carefully. It depends on him whether your waves with your hands are really cool.

Routines: How to make a dance out of waves. How to do it yourself.

1. Link in waving dance style

In this online waving dance lesson we use all the powerful potential of the wave dance technique we have learned. We will make waves with arms, and body waves to the side, and just a wave with the body, and a circular wave! So turn on the video tutorial and be inspired by your success!

2. Online lesson on how to combine waves with hands, body and glide (gliding) in one dance.

I don't even know what else to add to the title. Only one. You must first learn any dance sequence slowly and without music, and then do it at full strength, filling every wave that you make with meaning and beauty!

You have now completed a short online course on how to make waves. Of course, this is not all that you can learn if you want to dance the waves and use them in your dance. If you are doing it yourself, then often visit this site and my YouTube channel. I post updates there all the time. If you live in Moscow - come to me at the School of the Dragon. Together it will be more fun to learn and develop!

5 TikTok dance challenges you'll want to repeat

September 18, 2020Reno5Inspiration

Selected and reproduced the cool dances that have been put on by tiktokers around the world. It turned out to be not so difficult. You can do it too!



Masha Rubtsova

Actress of the Sovremennik Theatre. Helped us deal with challenges.

1. Like That Challenge

  • Difficulty: 1 out of 5.

A short and rather easy dance that will not cause any trouble even if you have never done choreography. It can be worked out even in the bathroom in front of the mirror. The challenge song is a hit by rapper Doja Cat. Tiktokers joke that she doesn't have any tracks left that wouldn't go viral because of dancing on TikTok. By the way, this bunch will easily fall on other music. So if you usually do not know where to put yourself on the dance floor, the challenge will help you relax and start dancing.

@ayiram21##1♬ Just like that come my way - jordanaudiož

Tutorial from Masha:

  • Try to get to the beginning of the music - it will be easier to follow the rhythm;
  • make a wave under the right hand, click with the fingers of the hands, then wave under the left hand and click;
  • bend back in a wave, and then twist your arms in front of you;
  • swing forward with your hands in front of you and immediately another swing on the right leg;
  • stretch your right arm forward and point your finger at the camera or at the person you are dancing for, circle your arm around your head;
  • stretch both hands forward one by one, call to yourself with your right palm, sitting down.

2nd Don't Start Now Challenge

  • Difficulty: 2 out of 5.

Learn this link to add an 80s vibe to your dancing She is uncomplicated. The main thing is to roll a wave with your body, point to the clock and effectively leave in the style of Michael Jackson. It is performed to the song of the English singer Dua Lipa - a great lover of the charm of those times. This challenge was first recorded by a Tiktoker named Hannah Kaye Balanay, and then her dance was repeated by 3.8 million people around the world.

@ayiram21##2♬ Don’t Start Now — Dua Lipa

Tutorial from Masha:

  • Dance in place and emphasize by straightening your half-bent arms down and pointing your palms to the floor;
  • clench your hands into fists, bend your knees and rock your hips. Move your arms along with your pelvis;
  • keep swinging your hips, release two fingers from each fist;
  • wave to the right, clap your hands and open your arms;
  • dance on soft knees (as at the beginning of the dance), put your right hand behind your head, and then smoothly straighten it;
  • place your fists on your pelvic bones, then tap your fingers on your wrist as if telling the time;
  • clench your hands into fists again, bend your knees and swing your hips from side to side;
  • make a small circle with your shoulder, turn sideways and moonwalk out of the frame.

3. Challenge Supalonely

  • Difficulty: 3 out of 5.

Funny dance to the sad song of New Zealand singer BENEE. If you do not listen to the text, you will not even suspect that the content is rather depressing by the cheerful rhythm. In general, if you get bored alone - here's an activity for the evening. A bunch can be learned pretty quickly: tap on an imaginary drum, spread your arms, pretend that you are drinking from a bottle - you're done. And smile! How did tiktoker with the nickname zoifishh, who launched the challenge.

@ayiram21##3♬ Supalonely (feat. Gus Dapperton) — BENEE

Tutorial from Masha:

  • Wait for the right beat, bring the clenched fist of the left hand to the right shoulder and swing the shoulder forward, pretending to pull by his hand;
  • turn your head to the left, punch an imaginary wall on the right;
  • Extend your left arm to the right and then up. Emphasize head to the left along with the pelvis, then a small circle with the hand to the left;
  • Raise your arms in front of you as if holding a camera. "Take a photo" in front of you and to the right;
  • cross your arms over your chest and straighten them down twice;
  • make a “table” out of the hands: the right hand under the left elbow, and the left hand under the chin;
  • strike with the left hand on the left pelvis bone, with the right hand on the right;
  • lunge forward on half-toes on bent knees, and at the same time make a wave forward with your hands;
  • circle back with your right hand and step in place, then with your left hand and step in place;
  • fold your hands into a “bottle” and pretend to drink, making a wave in both directions;
  • take two steps in place, twist your finger at your temple and straighten both arms up.

4. Kill This Love Challenge

  • Difficulty: 4 out of 5.

Suitable for fans of K-pop and fast movements. The challenge is inspired by a song by the Korean band BLACKPINK. The performer will need some choreographic skills. Or it just takes you a little more time to learn. But you can spin from the heart and throw out energy. The dance looks great when performed alone or with a group of friends. The music is very dynamic - the best thing is if a house party begins to fade.

@ayiram21##4♬ Kill This Love - BLACKPINK

Tutorial from Masha:

  • Bend your left arm - the elbow points to the left, the fist is at the shoulder. Take a step back with your right foot and take your left hand back. Do the same on the other side;
  • turn to your left side, pretend that you are holding a machine gun from which you are shooting. Simultaneously with the “shots”, do a slow wave back;
  • put your foot on the toe and rotate the foot in different directions, “dancing” with bent arms near the body;
  • straighten up sharply, turning to face the camera: hands behind head, feet together. Take your right hand up diagonally, and put the other on your belt;
  • put your left foot out to the side, then put your left hand on your thigh and sit down on your left knee;
  • make a circle above your head with your right hand, turn your right side in the same position, touch your left shoulder with your right hand;
  • Make three circles with your arm above your head and work your hip up. With two hands make a circle through the bottom, and then a point with the hands and thigh two times;
  • step with your left foot, focus down with your hand. Take your elbows back as at the beginning of the dance;
  • gather your legs and put your hands in a frame, and then spread them apart. Make two waves with your body, lower your right fist to the floor.

5. WAP Challenge

  • Difficulty: 5 out of 5.

This is the bomb. Complicated, but very effective bunch. If you are doing well with stretching, you can impress everyone. Practice the dance in knee pads if you don't want to get hurt. Some inexperienced dancers ended up in the hospital with knee injuries due to bad landings. WAP was created by professional choreographer Brian Esperon from the small Pacific island of Guam. This dance has high batmans, twine, twerk - a full arsenal of dance and gymnastic elements.

@ayiram21##5♬ WAP(feat. Megan Thee Stallion) - Cardi B

Tutorial from Masha:

  • Jump in place with a leg lift: bent left knee to the shoulder, and then right straight up;
  • sit in a grand plié and open your arms. Get on all fours, but keep your knees on the floor. Turn your head and pelvis to the same side;
  • straighten up for a second: push your pelvis forward, take your arms and head back, bend your back. Then kneel down again in the "cat";
  • lie on your stomach through a soft wave: the right knee is in the “frog”, the left leg is straight. Hit the floor with your right hand and at the same moment lift off the floor and lower your buttocks to the beat;
  • turn over your left shoulder onto your back, roll, opening your legs into a cross split. Get back into the "cat";
  • walk three steps on your knees, alternately arching your back up and down;
  • Extend your knees, make a big circle with your right foot and sit on the longitudinal split. Raise and lower your buttocks to the beat of the music.

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