How to do the kirby dance

how to do the kirby dance



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Still Into You Drill - SHO


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John Carroll Kirby - Dance Ancestral (Vinyl LP)

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Dance Ancestral is the latest addition to producer and keyboardist John Carroll Kirby's fast-growing and distinctive body of work. Dance Ancestral sees the acclaimed solo artist teaming up with Canadian producer Yu Su for an album whose central theme is the "intuitive dance" we perform throughout our lives. More electronically focused than Kirby's previous albums, the result is a vividly imagined yet eminently listenable instrumental record.

  1. Dawn of New Day feat. Laraaji
  2. Pan's Dance
  3. Repettos for you my Lord
  4. Pause on the Ancient Ballcourt
  5. Frog Life
  6. Ghost in a Mist
  7. Messages in Water
  8. Tiptoe to the Grave
  9. Gabriel's Gig

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On the Threshold of Love read online by Susan Kirby (Page 8) I shouldn't have teased you," he said softly. “After all, you are usually such a good-natured child,” Smiling, he added: “Forgive me?

- Chuck, remember once and for all: I'm not a child! And while we're on the subject, I want you to stop calling me Little Boy. I have a name!

"But I always called you Little Boy," Chuck said shyly.

- I didn't care what you called me when I was a child. But I'm no longer a child, and now I care. You may not have noticed, but a lot has changed,” Shona snapped angrily.

He looked at her for a long, fixed look. Shauna didn't understand what he was expressing. Her heart beat so fast it took her breath away.

— It looks like a lot has really changed. I should have guessed when I saw you the other day in a clothing store…and then with Kenny…yes, of course, a lot has changed,” Chuck finally said.

"It would be great if you - and Jean too - would stop treating me like I was a baby," Shauna muttered.

"Well, fair enough," he said softly. “Now, if our argument is over, let’s kiss and make up, shall we?”

He bent down and quickly pressed his lips to hers. This kiss was a sign of friendship, nothing more, but it seemed to Shauna that she was about to lose her senses.

With a smile looking into her surprised face, Chuck put one arm around her shoulders and turned her back to the door with the words:

— Let's close the door before we are cold to the bone.

And then the light went out.

Chapter 12

"The wind must have cut the wires," Chuck guessed, looking out the window. “Looks like the lights went out all over the area.

“Then we can go home with a pure heart,” Shona said.

Chuck put on his coat, hat and gloves. Shona took the box of money and they went out into the blizzard. A snowplow rumbled down the deserted street.

"He's fighting a fight that's doomed to fail," Chuck said, but his words were nearly drowned out by the howling wind that rushed over them as soon as they stepped out into the open. Snowdrifts have piled up all over the Christmas tree bazaar. The pizza guy was right, Shona thought as she climbed into the cab of the truck. “We should have gone home earlier.” She sat and shivered while Chuck warmed up the engine.

They barely spoke on the way home. The darkness that enveloped the city gave everything around it an eerie, unreal look, and Shona's heart skipped a beat. Chuck drove the car intently through the blizzard.

"Don't worry, everything will be all right," he said, sensing that she was afraid.

Half an hour later, safe and sound, they arrived at Shona's house. The lantern above the entrance burned brightly - clear evidence that there was no power outage in this area.

"Call me so I know you made it home safely," Shauna said as she got out of the cab of the truck.

"I thought you didn't care," Chuck joked.

Shona blushed and couldn't find anything to say in response.

Shona and Jean's parents soon returned from the match.

— Who won? she asked.

"The lights went out, so the game had to be interrupted," her father told her.

- As if you didn't know! I played my best game of the season! Jin grumbled.

— Whose opinion is this? Sean teased him.

Jin silently gave her an angry look and retired to his room, slamming the door.

- What's wrong with him? Shauna asked.

"I'm afraid he's taken a blow to his ego," Mrs. Cayley explained. Before the game, he invited Melissa Doughty to the Christmas ball, and she turned down his invitation.

- You're kidding! Just recently, Melissa herself told me how she thinks he is cute and attractive!

Mr. Kaylee shook his head in mock horror.

— Yes, you women know how to trouble our brother! he exclaimed. "How did you get home, honey?" We were worried about you.

- I got a ride from Chuck.

Her mother said to her father with a smile:

— I told you, Shona is in good hands.

How good it is in those hands, Shona thought with a sigh.

After saying good night to her parents, she went upstairs. As she plunged into the bath, she heard the phone ring. A minute later, her mother knocked on the bathroom door.

- Chuck called to tell you he got home safely.

Shona started to get out of the bath.

- I forgot he was going to call! Tell him to wait a minute - I'll be right there.

"Sunny, he's already hung up," her mother told her.

Frustrated, Shona sank deeper into the water. She closed her eyes and began to recreate the touch of Chuck's lips on hers. Even if it was a short, fleeting kiss, it clearly meant that Chuck knew she wasn't a child anymore. And maybe, maybe there was still a tiny chance that he would ask her to the ball.

In the morning, Chuck's truck pulled up to Shona's house with a snow plow attached to the front. While Chuck cleared the driveway, Shauna pulled on her warmest clothes and had a quick breakfast. She had been a little shy about Chuck since yesterday's kiss and was overjoyed when Gene decided to go to Holiday Greetings with them.

Main Street was back to traffic, but the sight of their Christmas tree bazaar made Shona's heart ache. The trees were almost buried under the snow, their paws bowed under its weight. Huge snowdrifts grew everywhere. “How can we deal with these snowy mountains?” Shauna asked herself. Before they had time to decide what to do, a boy in a torn coat and various mittens made his way through the deep snow to them.

— Are these Christmas trees useless now? - he asked.

“I don't think they suffered that much,” Shona replied.

In the meantime, Chuck began clearing the area with a moldboard plow.

“But maybe some of them broke down,” said the boy.

- Hardly. You just need to immediately shake off the snow from them.

Disappointment flickered in the boy's eyes and he slowly walked away.

At that moment, Melissa came out of the art salon.

- Mom and I brought hot cocoa and sandwiches with us. When you want to warm yourself, come to us,” she called out.

- I'd rather freeze! Come on, Pigalitsa, - Jin growled, handing Sean a shovel, - get to work.

Poor Gene, Shona thought, he's not used to being rejected.

Having done the best he could with the blade plow, Chuck parked the truck and picked up the shovel too. Soon Kenny came up and immediately got to work. So they shoveled the snow non-stop until noon, after which Chuck and Kenny, having accepted Melissa's invitation, went to Doughty's Crafts to warm up. Jin didn't want to go there, so Shona went with him to the Red Wagon for some soup and sandwiches. Her brother barely opened his mouth, but at least he stopped barking at her.

Toward evening Shauna was exhausted. Kenny suggested they go to the salon for another hot cocoa, and since Gene and Chuck wanted to make sure they finished clearing the site, Shauna and Kenny went alone. On the way, Shona noticed that the boy she had seen in the morning came out of the side door of the building where the saloon was located.

— Who is this baby? she asked Melissa a minute later.

“This is Steven,” Melissa replied, handing her a cup of steaming cocoa and filling another cup for Kenny. “He and his mother will live above us.

— Is there an apartment upstairs?

"Not great, but I think they needed cheaper housing," Melissa said with a shrug. Then she focused all her attention on Kenny. - Such a tall, strong guy, who swung a shovel in a day, needs something to eat. In the back room is a plate of Christmas cakes. You don't follow them?

Kenny's ears are red. On the way, he tripped over a basket and his glasses slipped on their side. Before he could hide, Melissa, giggling, said:

- You know what? If it wasn't for those nasty glasses, he'd be handsome. But God be with him, with Kenny. I have some amazing news! She rolled her eyes theatrically. Guess who's taking me to the ball?

- I don't know. Who? Shauna asked cautiously.

Melissa smiled broadly.


Shona nearly choked on her hot cocoa.

“That's…wonderful,” she choked out, trying to hide her feelings. Her heart sank, and burning tears came to her eyes. She lowered her head low and blinked, trying to control her tears. Melissa kept talking non-stop about how she would dress for the ball, what hair she would do, and what flowers she would pin to her dress.

When her words had dried up, Shauna looked up and saw Melissa looking at her questioningly.

— So who are you going to the ball with?

Blood rushed to Shona's face. How will she admit that she does not have a boyfriend?

— Well? Melissa asked impatiently. - With whom?

— She is coming with me. Who else do you think? Kenny said walking up to Sean. For a moment she thought his eyes reflected her anguish, but she was too upset to wonder what that meant.

He extended his hand to her.

Let's go Shauna. It's time to get back to work.

Shona squeezed his warm hand gratefully. So, without letting go of his hand, she walked with him through the salon and out into the street.

Thank you Kenny! she whispered, still fighting back tears.

Are you kidding? He said with a slightly forced smile. I will dance at the ball with the prettiest girl.

“Oh no,” Shona said quickly. “I don't want you to feel like you have to take me to the ball. It's enough that you saved me from a total embarrassment in front of Melissa.

- I know I shouldn't. But I want it,” Kenny insisted. “I really do, Shauna. There was sincere, even grim determination in his voice.

Shona hesitated for a moment, then squeezed his hand.

— OK, Kenny, it's a deal!

After losing, Jin was always worried and angry, so the news that Chuck would be Melissa's boyfriend at the ball upset him even more. He, as far as Schone knew, had not quarreled with Chuck about this, but since that time, tensions have appeared between the two friends.

Shona tried not to show that she was also very upset, but the pain and resentment continued to torment her. Whenever she and Chuck worked together, she felt awkward and overwhelmed. He seemed to notice this, because one evening, while they were working together on Holiday Greetings, he asked her point-blank if she was offended by anything.

Shona pretended to be surprised.

— Of course not. Why do you ask?

- I don't know. I thought you were angry.

— No.

"You've become terribly taciturn lately," he continued with a puzzled look, "So you're sure nothing happened?"

- It's just that my head is busy. By the way, boys,” Shona said to Chuck and Gene, eager to change the subject, “did I tell you that I was talking to the ballroom committee chair yesterday?” I knew that she was going to buy Christmas trees to decorate the hall, and I managed to persuade her to buy them from us.

— Well done, Mala… um, Shona! Chuck replied.

— Maybe we should give them a discount. How do you think?

“As for me, I would take full payment from them,” Jin growled. But my opinion doesn't seem to be taken very seriously. So do as you please. He shot a withering glance at Chuck and left to serve a customer.

Shona sighed heavily. These days were so difficult that she even began to look forward to the ball. After all, after he was left behind, they might all become friends again. She hardly hoped for more.

Chapter 13

Shona curtsied to congratulate herself. After a week of practice, she finally learned to walk in high heels! She had golden shoes on. She turned gracefully once more in front of the mirror and stroked the soft velvet of her dark purple dress. Her hairstyle—she pulled her hair into a sleek bun—highlighted the elegance of the dress. Shauna thought she looked very mature, and thanks to her heels, at least three inches taller.

A knock on her bedroom door made Shona look up from the mirror. She turned and shouted:

- Come in!

“Kenny is already here…” Jin froze in place and whistled softly. - Shine! Today you, Malyavka, look amazing!

- You yourself look good. You should wear a tuxedo more often,” Shona replied with a satisfied smile.

— Behave yourself, and I might even invite you to dance.

Jin held out his hand as if inviting her to dance, and she took it with a laugh.

- I don't think Darla would let you dance with me or anyone!

A few days before the ball, Darla Wilson had a falling out with her boyfriend. Darla was the school's cheerleader captain, and since it was unthinkable for her to show up to the ball without a date, she asked Gene to accompany her.

Jin walked Shauna downstairs to where Kenny was waiting for her. Seeing him, Shauna blinked in surprise. Not only did he become unrecognizable in a black tuxedo and a checkered bow tie, he also put in contact lenses! Without thick glasses, it became clear that he had beautiful brown eyes.

"You look wonderful, Shona," Kenny said shyly.

Thanks, Kenny. You too," Shauna smiled.

“This is for you,” he said, handing her a case with a bouquet of artificial flowers attached to her wrist. In the center of the composition there were several tiny silver bells - lily of the valley flowers - and bordered by red roses and buds panicles. Shauna quickly slipped the jewelry on her wrist. Kenny then helped her put on the cape that Shauna's mother wore when she was in college. The drape, lined in bright purple satin, was trimmed with white fur. Shauna's bare shoulders felt the coolness of the satin.

After saying goodbye to Mr. and Mrs. Kaylie, they got into the car. Shauna couldn't help but notice that Kenny was worried.

“I'm a little nervous,” she admitted, trying to cheer him up.

He gave her a surprised look.

— Really? And me too. When I was driving to you, it seemed to me that shock absorbers flew in the car, but in fact it was me that was trembling, ”Kenny joked.

Shona laughed.

— My electric toothbrush vibrated so hard it almost jumped out of my hand. And then it turned out that it was not even included!

So, joking about their "nervousness", they drove to the school. Entering, both felt free and laughed merrily. Kenny took Shauna's hand and led her into the softly lit and beautifully decorated gymnasium.

“Glorious Christmas trees,” Shona said softly, pointing to the Christmas trees along the walls. They were decorated with electric candles, silver garlands and old-style Christmas decorations.

— From "Holiday Greetings", right? Kenny asked, and when she nodded, he added with a smile, “You obviously have a talent for business.

— Let's forget about business today. We are dancing tonight,” Shona said in response.

“I was right,” Kenny remarked during the dance.

— About what?

— There is not a single girl here who is even half as pretty as you.

“Very nice to hear that,” Shona replied with a chuckle, “but wait for the others to come.

She fought the urge to look around for Chuck and Melissa. Everything was going so well. maybe if she looked into Kenny's beautiful light brown eyes all evening, something would magically appear between them?

- Hey Kenny! George Heck patted Kenny on the shoulder and winked at Seana. "Will you let me dance with your lady, mate?"

Kenny smiled widely.

— What else! Dance with your girl.

- I came alone. Have mercy!

"Looks like I'm about to start a duel," Shona said with a laugh.

George made an expression of astonishment.

- Shona? Is it really you? Here are those on! Shauna wanted to playfully hit him, but he grabbed her hand.

See, Kenny? She wants to dance with me!

With these words, George took Shauna from Kenny's hands and led her into a dance.

After a few bars the music changed. An incendiary melody sounded in the rhythm of rock and roll.

— This is real dance music! exclaimed George, spinning Shauna. When the dance was over, George escorted a breathless Shauna to Kenny's. Almost immediately she was invited to dance by Brewster. After him, Jimmy Jones wanted to invite her to a dance, but Brandon was ahead of him:

- Courtney is dancing with Kenny now, will you dance with me for now?

When the music stopped, they joined Kenny and Courtney at one of the refreshment tables. Both couples took their light snacks to a cozy, candlelit table in the corner. While they were refreshing themselves, a photographer appeared nearby and began to set up his equipment.

- Do you guys want to be the first to shoot? he turned to them.

Shauna was a little embarrassed to pose in front of so many people, but she wanted to keep a photo of her as a memento of this evening. The photographer put Kenny behind her and asked her to tilt her head slightly to one side. Out of the corner of Shauna's eye, she could see the backdrop, a screen depicting a snowy winter. It reminded her of what the Christmas tree market looked like the day after the blizzard and that blizzard evening when Chuck kissed her. She shifted her gaze, and suddenly her eyes met Chuck's.

Her heart began to pound. For a fraction of a second, everything around her vanished. Shauna felt like she and Chuck were the only ones in the room. Chuck had a strange look on his face. He raised his hand to wave at her, but then a flash of a camera flashed.

Dazzling bright circles swam in Shauna's eyes, and she blinked, trying to get rid of them as soon as possible. When her vision returned to clarity, she looked around the room and finally saw Chuck again. He danced with Melissa and Melissa looked amazing. Her beautiful fiery red hair fell down her back, reaching almost to the waist of her tight white sequined dress.

Shauna froze in place, unable to take her eyes off them. Nothing, it seemed to her, could cause her more pain than the sight of this dancing couple.

Kenny took her ice-cold hand in his.

— Shona, are you all right? he asked quietly.

She nodded, but of course she didn't. The hall suddenly became too stuffy, too noisy, too crowded. Its walls seemed to shift, threatening to crush her, like the walls of the car cab in that strange dream that she had had a month ago.

“Looks like I need to get outside,” she whispered.

Kenny took her by the arm and led her through the crowd to the nearest door.

Are you feeling sick? he asked anxiously.

“No, I’m just…” A hot tear rolled down Shauna’s cheek. Embarrassed, she almost ran down the stairs to the corridor and, holding back tears, looked at Kenny.

To her surprise, he looked just as miserable. And then it suddenly became clear to her. Well, of course! The girl Kenny told her about is Melissa!

For a moment, Shona felt sorry for him even more than for herself. At least she had the luxury of crying a little.

“We also danced well,” she said in a barely audible voice.

"We can go back," Kenny said. - If you want to.

- I want to go home. But why don't you stay, Kenny?

He shook his head.

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