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Line Dance Step Sheets - Rockin' Horse Dance Barn

These Links below will open a PDF of the Step sheet for each Line Dance. You can view them and print them if you want and put them in your binder of Line Dances. One of the most comprehensive lists of Line Dances. These Step sheets will help you learn a particular Line Dance you want to dance. These are some of the most popular Line Dances. In case you didn’t know, there are Country Line Dances, Ballroom Line Dances, Latin Line Dances, Disco Line Dances, Swing Line Dances, Hip Hop Line Dances, Blues Line Dances, R&B Line Dances and Nightclub Line Dances. There are even Line Dance Classes for Wheel Chair Line Dancing and Blind Line Dancing. That’s why we just call them Line Dances. If you know of other types of Line Dances let us know.


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If the Line Dance you’re looking for isn’t here try these links :

Copperknob  Kickit   Scooter Lee  Red Hot

Our Line Dance Lessons

History of Line Dancing

Level 1 Classes

Line Dance Title Step
Ain’t Gotta Hitch
Baby Doll Waltz (Waltz)
Bicycle Waltz (Waltz)
Boot Scootin’ Boogie
Cab Driver
Cheater’s Waltz (Waltz)
Chica Boom Boom
Clap Your Hands
Come Dance With Me
Continental Polka
Country Boy
County Line
Cowboy Charleston
Cowboy Boogie
Cowgirl Twist
Cupid Shuffle
Electric Slide
Flying 8
The Git Up
God Blessed Texas
God Blessed Texas
Good Time
Happy Radio
Honky Tonk Stomp
I’m Missing You (Waltz)
It’s America
Jay El Dance
Jazzie Joe
Just A Gigolo
Last Living Cowboy
Lets Chill
Mambo Shuffle
Mexican Salsa
Myrtle’s Waltz (Waltz)
New York, New York
One Big Country Song
Peaches & Cream
Polka Line Dance
Pure Movies
Ribbon Of Highway
Rita’s Waltz (Waltz)
River County Stomp
Roaring 20’s Boogie
Second Chance Waltz (Waltz)
Shoop Shoop
Ski Bumpus
Slap Leather
Something In The Water
Start To Sway
Swingin’ Thing
Tap & Go
Under the Boardwalk
Under The Sun
Waltz Across Texas (Waltz)
Wanna Dance
Watermelon Crawl
Western Electric
Where I Belong

Level 2 Classes


50 / 50 Bop 

Achy Breaky Heart 

Am I 

Along For The Ride (Ants On A Log) 

Apple Jack 

A Waltz In Time (Waltz) 

Baby Doll Waltz (Waltz) 

Bad Dog Boogie 


Beer For My Horses 

Big Blonde and Beautiful 

Blue Night Cha 


Bosa Nova 

Break Away 

Cathys Waltz (Waltz) 


Chilli Hot 

Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep 

Close Encounters 

Coconut Cream 

Cowboy Rhythm 

Cry To Me 

Dance Ranch Romp 

Dancing With You (aka Volcano) 

Daves Waltz (Waltz) 

Detroit Island Cha Cha 


The Eldorado RIP 

Elvis Rock 


Fishers Hornpipe 

Fly Like A Bird 

Hawaiian Hustle 

Hello Dolly 

Higher and Higher 

Indian Runner (Indian Outlaw) 

Islands In The Stream 

Jamaica Mistaka 

Jose Cuervo 

Just In Time 

Knee Deep 

Lazy 8 Waltz (Waltz) 

Le Doux Shuffle 

Lost In Texas 

Melody Waltz (Waltz) 

Men In Black 

Monterey Twister 

Mr Pinstripe 

No Way Jose 


Once Upon A December (Waltz) 

Ooo Aah 

On The Water 

Other Side Of The Track (Baby Likes to Rock It) 

People Are Crazy 

Prairie Strut 


Rock Around The Clock 

Rocking Horse 

Roll The Dice 


Scotch Mist 

See You Later Alligator 

Secret Waltz (Waltz) 

Something In The Water 

Storybook Endings (Waltz) 

Suicide Blonde 

Sweethearts Waltz (Waltz) 

Tango With The Sheriff 

The But Dance 

Thin Soled Shoes 




Tush Push 

West Coast Shuffle 

Wild Wild West 

Wonderland Waltz 

Years From Now (Waltz) 

You’re My Destiny 

Level 3 Class




2X Trouble 

50 Ways 

Alabama Slammin’

All About Michael 

All I Can Say

Angel of The Morning 


American Cowboy 

Bad Influence 

Bang Bang 

Be My Baby Now 

Beautiful In My Eyes 

Beyond Your Eyes 

Bittersweet Memory 

Black Heart 

Black Horse 

Blue Night Cha 

Blurred Lines – Wolfe 

Blurred Lines 

Bobbi with an I 


Box It Up 


Broken Heels 


Buzz Me 


CanAm Tango 

Carolina Moon 

Cha Chalicious 

Cheap Talk 

Chicken Fried 

Chicken Walk Jive 

Clap Happy 

Close Encounters 

Cmon Cmon 

Coochie Bang Bang 

Counting Stars 

A Cowboy and A Dancer 

Creepin Up On You 

Cry Cry Cry 

Dancing In The Moonlight 

Dirt Road Dancing 

Dirty Bit 

Dog Gone Blues 


Dream Lover 

Drinkin Wine 

Drip Droppin 

Drive By 

Eighteen Lonely Months

Fried Chicken 

Gazebo Waltz 

Get My Name 

Girl Power 

Gleefully There (Waltz) 

Go Seven 

Good Life ( The)

Good Time Drinking 

Had A Bad Day 

Half Past Nothin 

Hands Up 

Happy Feet 

Have You Ever Seen The Rain 

Head Phones 

Heart Of My Mind (Waltz) 

Hesitation Waltz (Waltz) 

Hey Mama 

Hey Soul Sister 

Hi A Ma Cha 

High Cotton 

His Only Need 

Holding On To Yesterday 

Honey Bee 

Hotdog Boogie 

Hot Flash 

Hurt Me Carefully 

I Dance 

I Gotta Feeling 

I Hope You Find It 

I Love That Thing Hmm Hmm 

I Run To You 

Im No Good 


Irish Spirit 

Its Who You Are 

Jesse James 

Jumpin The Gun 

Just Dance 

Knee Deep 


La Luna 

Lady Luck 

Life Without U 

Little Mermaid 

Louisiana Swing 

Love Dont Run 

Love Letter Waltz 

Love Love Me Do 

Love Me Or Leave Me 

Love Me Right 

Loves Kiss 

Make An Appearance 

Make My Day 

Make You Sweat 

Makin Trouble 

Mambo 5 

Melon Heart 


Midnight Stroll 

Mimis Cha Cha 

Misty Blue 

Mojo Rhythm 

More Than I Can Be 

Mr Mysterious 

Murder My Heart 

New York 2 LA

Nitty Gritty 

No Mans Land 

Oh Ruby 

Oh Suzannah 

Old Hippie 

On The Edge 

Outta Control 

Party Freak 


Playing With Fire 

Poker Face 


Pontoon (with Restarts) 

Pull The Trigger 

Quarter After One 

Redneck Boys 

Rain Against My Window 



Rhythm Of The Night 

Right About Now 


River County Stomp 

Rock Your Body 


Rockin That Body Body 

Rolling In The Deep 

Say Geronimo 

Sea Salt Sally 

Shake It For Me 

Shake The Room! 

Shakin’ My Head

Shanghai Surprise 


Slow Burn 

Smash It 

Snap Your Fingers 

So Said Joe 

Something In The Water 

Soul Fire 

Stars In The Heavens (Waltz) 

Still Got The Blues 

Still Love Me Tomorrow 

Stuff You Gotta Watch 

Such A Fool 

Take U Home 

Talkin to The Moon 

Tango Cha 

Thats All She Wrote 

Through The Fire 

Throw Away The Key 


Time Bomb 

Time To Swing 

Turn Me Loose 

U Turn 

Unchain My Feet 

Unmistakable (Waltz) 

Uptown Funk 

Uptown Funk (Abridged Cues) 


Wagon Wheel Rock 

Walking Away 

Walking In The Rain 

Waltzing At Twilight

Watch It Burn 

What If We Fly 

When I Need You 

Where Weve Been 

Without Fire 

Wow Tokyo 

You Got That Thang 

(You’re making me) hot-hot-hot

Dances and Songs - cuestacountrylinedancingclub

DANCE                                          TYPE OF DANCE

          SONG TITLE                                ARTIST



AGGIE SWING                                         Couples free style                                                    

            Brand New Girlfriend                               Steve Holy

            Devil Went Down To Georgia                Charlie Daniels Band

            Swing                                                       Trace Adkins

            Swing Batter Batter                                 Trace Adkins

            Swingin'                                                        LeAnn Rimes

            Old Alabama                                               Brad Paisley


ALL JACKED UP                                      4-wall line dance

            Crazy Ex Girl Friend                          Miranda Lambert

            Good Girls                                                   Kerry Underwood

            Mama’s Broken Heart                             Miranda Lambert

            Telescope                                                   Hayden Panatiece


BABY LIKES TO ROCK IT                 2-wall line dance                                                   

            Baby Likes To Rock It                                  The Tractors


BARN DANCE                                          Couples pattern dance circular                     

            All My Friends Say                                                Luke Bryan

            Beer On The Table                                   Josh Thompson                

            Cheatin' On My Honky-Tonk                  Trent Tomlinson

            Good Directions                                        Billy Currington

            Good Time                                                   Alan Jackson                                            

            Meat And Potato Man                              Brice Long

            Nothin' Bout Love Makes Sense          Leann Rimes                     

            Where I Come From                                 Alan Jackson


BLACK VELVET                                      2-wall line dance                                           

            Black Velvet                                               Alanna Myles                     


BOOT SCOOTIN’ BOOGIE                2-wall line dance                                                  

             Boot Scootin’ Boogie                                  Brooks & Dunn                 


CHA CHA SLIDE                                     4-wall line dance                                           

            Cha Cha Slide                                            DJ Casper  


CHIL FACTOR                                 4-wall line dance

            Booze Cruse                                               Blackjack Billy      

            Last Night                                                    Chris Anderson                



COASTIN’                                                  4-wall line dance                          

            Boogie Woogie Fiddle Blues                 Charlie Daniels Band

            Lord Of The Dance                                   Celtic Orchestra

          What Was I Thinkin                                   Dierks Bentley

CONTINENTAL COWBOY                  Couples pattern dance circular

            A Long Hot Summer                                 Keith Urban

            Red                                                                Taylor Swift     

            Tangled Up                                                  Billy Currington

            Why Don’t  We Just Dance                    Josh Turner                                   




COPPERHEAD STOMP                                   4-wall line dance                                            

            Copperhead Road                                    Steve Earle                                                




COTTON EYED JOE                        4-wall line dance                                          

            Cotton Eyed Joe                                       Rednex


COWBOY CHA CHA                              Couples pattern dance circular              

            Bittersweet                                                 Big Head Todd & The Monsters

            Dancin', Shaggin On The Boulevard  Alabama

            How 'Bout Them Cowgirls                      George Strait

            I Don’t Want This Night To End                        Luke Bryan

            I Gotta Get To You                                                George Strait

            Isn't She                                                       Carolina Rain

            I Told You So                                               Keith Urban

            Last Christmas                                          Taylor Swift

            Lipstick Promises                                     George Ducas

            Love’s Gonna Play It Alright                 George Strait

            My Maria                                                       Brooks & Dunn

            Neon Moon                                                  Brooks & Dunn                 

            Nothing On The Radio                             Gary Allan

            One More Goodbye                                  Randy Rogers Band

            Restless                                                       Jason Aldean

            Since You Brought It Up                         James Otto

            Some Beach                                               Blake Shelton

            When The Sun Goes Down                    Kenny Chesney                            

            Wild Wild West                                            Randy Houser                                           

            Your Man                                                      Josh Turner                                   




DIZZY                                                                       4-wall line dance                                           

            Dizzy                                                              Scoter Lee                         


DRIFTER                                                    Couples pattern dance circular                     

            Blown Away                                                            Carrie Underwood

            Good Little Girls                                        Blue Country

            Hallaluy’all                                                   Bomshel

            Jeep Jeep                                                    Krista Marie

            Kerosene                                                     Miranda Lambert

            Loud                                                              Big & Rich

            Put You In A Song                                     Keith Urban

            Radio                                                             Big & Rich               

            Sell Me A Fake I D                                      Brooks & Dunn                             

            Up Getcha Good                                       Shania Twain                     

            Work Hard, Play Harder                         Gretchen Wilson              



EAST COAST SWING                           Couples free style                                                    

          Boogie Woogie Rhythem                            Scooter Lee

            Brand New Girlfriend                               Steve Holy

            Diamond Light Boogie                             Cherry Poppin' Daddy’s

            Drink Myself Single                                  Sunny Sweeney

            Money In The Middle                                Rodney Atkins



EL PASO                                                    Couples pattern dance circular                     

            Aw Naw                                                        Chris Young

            Bartender                                                    Lady Antebellum

            Brokenharts Ville                                      Joe Nichols

            Country Girl Shake It For Me                Luke Bryan                        

            Crying On A Suitcase                              Casey James

            Dangerous Man                                         Trace Atkins

            Drunk On A Plane                                     Dierks Bentley

            Holly Water                                                 Big & Rich

            Let Me Down Hard                                                John Eddie

            Lonely Eyes                                                            Chris Young

            Stand                                                                        Rascal Flatts

            Winning At A Loosing Game                 Rascal Flatts


ELECTRIC SLIDE                                     4-wall line dance                                                              

           Built For Blue Jeans                                Bomshel

           Here For The Party                                  Gretchin Wilson

           Sharp Dressed Man                                 ZZ Top

           You Don't Have To Go Home                 Gretchen Wilson


FAKE ID                                           4-wall line dance

            Sell Me A Fake I D                                                 Big & Rich



FAT SALLY LEE                                      4-wall line dance                                          

            Fat Sally Lee                                               Rednex                                



FOOT LOOSE                                           4-wall line dance                                          

            Foot Loose                                                  Kenny Logins                    


GO GO STOMP                                        2-wall line dance

            Backwoods                                                 Justin Moore                                                  

            Boys Round Here                                     Blake Sheldon

            Last Name                                                   Carrie Underwood           

            Pirate Flag                                                   Kenny Chesney

            Redneck Yacht Club                                Craig Morgan



GOD BLESSED TEXAS                                   2-wall line dance                                          

            God Blessed Texas                                  Little Texas


GOOD TIME                                               4-wall line dance

            Good Time                                                   Alan Jackson                                


GOT TO BE FUNKEY                            4-wall line dance                                          

            (Every Thing I Do) Got To Be Funkey             Maurice John Vaughn    


GREAT SHAKES                                       4-wall line dance

            Girls Love To Shake It                             Love & Theft



HICK HOP                                                  4-wall line dance                                          

            Cricket On A Line  Colt Ford                 Rhett Akins                        


HICK TOWN                                                        4-wall line dance                                                  

            Hick town                                                  Jason Aldean


HILLBILLIES                                            2-wall line dance                                          

            Hillbillies                                                       Hot Apple Pie                    


HONKY TONK                                  4-wall line dance                                          

            Honky Tonk Badonkadonk                    Trace Atkins


HORSESHOE                                           Couples pattern dance circular                     

            Cool To Be A Fool                                 Joe Nichols                        

            Pretty Good At Drinking Beer              Billy Currington

            Wrapped                                              George Strait        




LINDA LOU                                                           2-wall line dance                                          

            Georga Peaches                                       Lauren Alaina                   

            Turn On The Radio                                   Reba Mc Entire

            Whose Bed Have Your Boots               Shania Twain


LINE WALTZ                                           1-Wall couples pattern dance                 

            Easy                                                              Rascal Glatts                    

            I’M Moving On                                             Rascal Flatts

            Red On A Rose                                          Alan Jackson                    

            Strawberry Wine                                       Deanna Carter

            You Look So Good In Love                    George Strait

          You Save Me                                               Kenny Chesney


MAVERICK                                                            2-wall line dance                                          

            1994                                                              Jason Aldean

            Brown Chicken Brown Cow                  Trace Adkins

            Bubba Shot The Jukebox                       Mark Chesnutt

            She’s Country                                            Jason Aldean

            She’s A Hottie                                            Toby Keith


MEN IN BLACK                                       4-wall line dance                                          

            Men In Black                                               Will Smith                            


mMm Bop                                         4-wall line dance                                           

          Good Girls                                                   Carrie Underwood

            Wildflower                                                    Jane Dear Girls


OUTLAW                                          4-wall line dance

            Whiskey Drinkin’ Son Of A Bitch          Mickel Knight                                    


POWER JAM                                             4-wall line dance                                                  

            I’m A Cowboy                                             Smokin Armadillos                                   

            Jam                                                                Michael Jackson              

            Remix-Save A Horse Rice A Cowboy Big & Rich   


RED NECK ANGEL                         4-wall line dance                               

           Merry Go Round                                         Jane Dear Girls

            Somethin Bad                                            Miranda Lambert/Carrie Underwood


REGGAE COWBOY                         4-wall line dance                                                 

             Get Into Reggae Cowboy                The Bellamy Brothers


ROCKEY TOP                                           1-wall line dance                                          

            Bomshell Stomp                                        Bomshell     


SADDLE UP SHAWTY                     4-wall line dance

            Saddle Up                                                    Michael Knight                                     



SEXY TRACTOR                              2-wall line dance

          She Thinks My Tractors Sexy               Kenny Chesney


SKI BUMPUS                                            1-wall line dance                                          

            All You Ever Do I Bring Me Down         The Mavericks

            Barlight                                                        Charlie Robins                  

            Every Little Thing                                      Carlene Carter

          (I Never Promised You A)Rose Garden Martina McBride



SLAPIN’ LEATHER                               4-wall line dance                                      

            Say You Love Me                                       Rodney Crowell

            Stuck Like Glue                                         Sugar Land



          Barefoot & Buckallo                                Laupen Alaina                            

          Something In The Water                         Brooke Fraser


STROKIN’                                                  4-wall line dance                                          

            Strokin’                                                         Clarence Carter               



TEN STEP                                                  Couples/singles pattern dance circular

            Cheater Cheater                                       Joey and Rory



TRAVELING 4 CORNERS                  Couples pattern dance circular             

            Long White Cadillac                                 Dwight Yoakam                 

            Men                                                                Forester Sisters                           

            Mississippi Mud                                          Hank Williams III

          Surprise                                                       Trent Willmon

            That Girl's Been Spyin On Me               Billy Dean



TUSH PUSH                                                        4-wall line dance                                          

            Down In Mississippi                                  Sugarland

            Fire Cracker                                               Josh Turner                                   

            They Call Me The Fireman                     George Strait

            Ain't Going Down                                      Garth Brooks




TWO STEP                                       Couples pattern dance circular             

            All I Ever Wanted                                      Chuck Wicks

            As If                                                               Serra Evans

            Beer In Mexico                                           Kenny Chesney

            Between The River and Me                   Tim McGraw

            Chicks Dig It                                               Chris Cagle

            Come On Over                                           Jessica Simpson

            Days Go By                                                 Keith Urban

            Fishin' In The Dark                                                Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

            Fishin' In The Dark                                                Nathan Carter

            For She Was Mama                                  Clay Walker

            Free And Easy (Down The Road I Go) Dierks Bentley

            Georgia Clay                                              Josh Kelley

            Guitar Slinger                                             Crossin Dixon

            Gunpowder & Lead                                  Miranda Lambert

            His Kinda Money (My Kinda Love)       Eric Church

            Honkeytonk U                                            Toby Keith

            I Love Women My Momma Can' Stand Jerrod Niemann

            Jezebel                                                         Chely Wright

            Just To See You Smile                             Tim Mc Graw

            Little Bit of Life                                           Craig Morgan

            Little White Church                                  Little Big Town

            Long Black Train                                       Josh Turner

            Love Don't Live Here                               Lady Antebellum

            Midnight Rider                                            Willie Nelson

            My, Oh My                                                    The Wreckers

            19 Somethin'                                              Mark Wills

            Nothin Better To Do                                 Leann Rimes         

            Ordinary Love                                            Shane Minor

            Pickn' Wildflowers                                                Keith Anderson

            Red High Heels                                          Kellie Pickler

            Ring Of Fire                                                 Allen Jackson feat. Lee Ann Womack

            Smoke A Little Smoke                             Erick Church

            Somebody Like You                                 Keith Urban

            Talkin' Dirty                                                 Russel Walker

            Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off     Joe Nichols

            Tennessee River Run                              Darryl Worley

            The One In The Middle                            Sarah Johns

            Ticks                                                              Brad Paisley

            Tu Compania                                              Keith Urban

            Why, Why, Why                                          Billy Currington

            Wrapped Up In You                                  Garth Brooks



UN DOS TRES                                         4-wall line dance                                          

            Maria                                                                         Rickey Martin                    


WALKING WAZZIE                                2-wall line dance                                          

            T. R.O.U.B.L.E                                             Travis Tritt  


WANNA TAKE YOU HOME             4-wall line dance

          Wanna Take You Home                           Gloriana

          Sideways                                                     Dierks Bentley



WATERMELON CRAWL                           4-wall line dance                                                  

            Watermelon Crawl                                                Tracy Byrd


WEST COAST SWING                          Couples free style                                               

            A Cold One                                                  Erick Church

            All Summer Long                                       Kid Rock

            Beer For My Horses                                 Toby Keith/Willie Nelson

            Dirty Girl                                                       Terri Clark

            Hip To My Hart                                           The Band Perry

            Love You                                                      Jack Ingram

            Mad Cowboy Disease                              John Michael Montgomery

            Need You Now                                           Lady Antebellum

            Party For Two                                            Shania Twain Duet Billy Crrington

            Pound Sign(#?*!)                                       Kevin Fowler

            Put A Girl In It                                             Brooks & Dunn

            Steam                                                           Ty Herdon

            Something To Talk About                       Bonnie Raitt

            Sparks Fly                                                   Taylor Swift

            Things That Never Cross A Man's Mind Kellie Pickler



WILD WILD WEST                                              2-wall line dance                                          

            Wild Wild West                                            The Escape Club  


How to learn to dance oriental dances at home?

Someone once said that life without dance is impossible , and in his own way this person is right. See for yourself: all nations have their own national dances. It is with the help of dance that a person is able to express the passions and feelings that overwhelm him, show his emotions, express his inner world.

Each dance has its own meaning , and the dance itself is not just a method to improve the mood of others and yourself, but also an excellent cure for blues and stress. It drives away bad thoughts, relieves tension, relieves depression and boredom, and liberates. And dance helps keep the body in good shape and helps to make the figure attractive. nine0003

The dance does not recognize racial or religious differences. Everyone can learn to dance, regardless of their place of work, study, age, gender.

In our time, a dance direction has gained great popularity - belly dance or oriental dance . He wants to learn girls and women who dream of making the figure perfect, the body - plastic and flexible, and the waist - thin.

Oriental dance is not just plastic hand movements, waves and hip shaking. First of all, belly dance is a mystery, energy, passion, life itself! If you learn this art, you will be able to better control your body, become more graceful and flexible, improve your health and drive any man crazy. But how do you learn it? You can try to study at home - from video lessons, books, articles on the Internet, or go to a dance school. And in general: is there any benefit in belly dancing, or is it just a big exaggeration? Our site will try to tell you everything in detail. nine0003

Oriental dance: dancing for pleasure and with benefit

When you do the movements of this dance, a huge number of muscles are involved, even the most undeveloped and deep ones, which cannot be “reached” by ordinary aerobics, but can be worked out only by strength training. You not only get a charge of vivacity and energy, but also heal and strengthen the entire body. This is especially necessary for those who have a sedentary job and those who have a sedentary lifestyle.

Every girl can learn belly dancing if she wants to. And let you not do it professionally, but you will gain flexibility and plasticity, and you will also feel differently - more desirable, more beautiful, healthier. nine0003

Performing elements of oriental dance, you activate various muscle groups, improve blood circulation and develop flexibility. By the way, it will be difficult to achieve a similar result with ordinary fitness. The dance is very exciting, thanks to which every movement, even the most difficult one, is easy for the dancer.

If you spend a lot of time sitting, for example, at a table littered with various documents, or at a computer monitor, a stoop appears over time. Oriental dance classes will lift your chest, improve your posture, tighten your stomach, strengthen your bones, and straighten your back. In the end, they are a good tool for the tummy and are useful for the figure. nine0003

But, having decided to learn belly dancing, you must understand that only healthy women who do not have chronic diseases of the cardiovascular, digestive, reproductive systems and spinal problems can do it. Therefore, before training, get approval from your doctor.

Learn oriental dance at home

First make the room well lit, then choose oriental music and it remains to show a little desire. nine0003

Oriental dance consists of some basic elements that must be mastered first. Only after that you will be able to dance a full-fledged dance, in which your attitude, mood and state of mind will be embodied.

Hip movements:

  • Twisting (twisting (twisting) hips to each side while the rest of the body remains still)
  • Figure Eight (bring the number eight with your hips)
  • Wave (hips draw a circle in the lateral and frontal planes)

Chest movements:

  • Twisting (head and hips do not move, chest twists in different directions)
  • Eight in any direction
  • Circle (body tilted or fixed)
  • breast wave

To make the belly dance perfect, the girls can use various items: candles, swords, kerchiefs, scarves, ribbons, and so on. They help make the dance more erotic and exotic. nine0003

If the idea of ​​learning oriental dance inspired you and you want to start, then don't put it off until tomorrow, start right now!

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Most, Oriental dance training takes place in small groups. This is very convenient, because it allows you to see errors in movements from the side and work out the elements better. Especially in women's groups of oriental dances it is very interesting to communicate and spend time discussing new elements and costumes. The first classes are held in comfortable sportswear, but if you like this direction and you plan to continue to study, then the originality of the costumes is limited only by your imagination. Costumes can be purchased ready-made or sewn to order. Many girls are so drawn into the culture of oriental dance that they try their hand at making costumes and elements with their own hands. Oriental dance costume includes:

  • bodice;
  • loincloth;
  • sun skirt.

Colors and designs are not limited in any way. Complex headdresses are also an important element, but they are used only by self-confident dancers who can hold a complex structure during the dance. The bodice and headband are often embroidered with coins and pendants, which create an additional sound accompaniment during the dance. But for this you need to learn how to move correctly and accurately feel the rhythm, otherwise it is very easy to get lost and not finish the dance harmoniously. Less often, instead of a skirt, translucent bloomers with ankle bracelets are used. Such costumes are also very interesting and give more freedom of movement in the dance. nine0003

Oriental dance school in Moscow

Oriental dance is a real art that develops grace and plasticity in you. Despite its external simplicity, the body of an unprepared person will begin to react with muscle pain, since smooth slow movements perfectly work out even deep muscles, stretching them and keeping them in good shape throughout the workout.

An important factor in dance is general emancipation, so the coach at Oriental Dance School in Moscow will teach you to love your body and treat it properly, because every woman can move harmoniously and sensually, without tightness and complexes. Oriental dance is suitable for figures of all types and any height. Grace and softness are in the nature of every woman, regardless of the physical parameters of the body. Even very thin or curvy girls can move mysteriously and sexy. And everyone knows how dancing classes correct posture. Such an active holiday will not only allow you to learn one of the most ancient and beautiful dances, but also improve your health, tighten your body and become calmer and more balanced. And having plunged into the history and culture of this direction, you can get an interesting hobby for life, which will allow you to spend your free time usefully and constantly learn something new. nine0003

A class at an oriental dance school in Moscow begins with a warm-up to warm up the muscles and move on to an intense dance class. The warm-up is short and intense. After that, they go directly to dancing, which ends with stretching and general relaxation of tired muscles. Such a construction of the lesson allows you to carry out training as comfortably as possible. During the lesson, the coach talks about the history of the dance, the rules for performing elements and combinations. You should not postpone the start of classes, perhaps this particular direction of dance will touch your soul and become a wonderful form of leisure for many years to come. nine0003

Oriental dance is a real embodiment of beauty and grace. In such a dance, the girl demonstrates her sexuality and, making movements that have a hypnotic effect.

The history of oriental dances

Modern oriental dances combine quite a lot of varieties that came to us from the culture of the Arab countries. The first mention of this dance style originated in ancient Egypt. The frescoes depicted dancing people. Typical images were also found in Mesopotamia on frescoes dating back 3,000 years. nine0003

It is not possible to discover primary sources, everything seems to be shrouded in secrets and legends. Initially, the dance was ritual, but even now it carries its own special meaning and symbol. According to one theory, initially oriental dances were an element of male military culture and appeared about 13 thousand years ago in Tibet. Later, women began to dance this dance, making movements that are attractive to men. The main elements of the dance are the shaking and rotation of the hips and stomach. Over time, the dance went beyond the borders of the Arab countries and conquered Europe. nine0003

Interestingly, the term bellydance was introduced to spread the style in the US. It is believed that Sol Bloom was its author, making this direction very attractive.

The classic attire for women who perform this dance is a bodice, a long skirt or harem pants. Enchanting dance moves can be performed by any girl, regardless of age and physique. Here, both puffy ladies and thin ones can achieve success, it is enough just to have the desire to feel feminine and desirable. nine0003

Belly dancing has a beneficial effect on the figure. Being engaged in such dances, you can become the owner of the hourglass silhouette. This effect can be achieved due to significant loads on the abdomen and hips in the process of learning and dancing. Oriental dancing in Moscow is the best choice for those who want to start feeling more confident.

At the beginning of oriental dance training, a girl begins to get acquainted with her body, its flexibility and capabilities. In order to dance well, you must have good physical fitness, train the muscles of the back, core, hips and legs well. For dancers who have just started training, it is quite problematic to keep up the pace of experienced dancers, so all new movements in the classroom are mastered in stages. It all starts with elementary movements, and then the base, after a while, develops into a full-fledged performance. nine0003

How to learn to dance an oriental dance?

At the initial stage, it is very important to cast aside all doubts and embarrassments. This will allow you to move your hips, chest and shoulders more freely, while the upper half of the body works separately from the lower one, which allows you to create a hypnotic effect.

All beginners in this dance direction should follow the coach well, clearly perform the movements of the hips and stomach. The basis of the dance is circular movements, which are necessary for learning complex figures. Good stretching plays a special role in oriental dance, so it is important for dancers to pay attention to stretching or yoga classes, which help maintain muscle elasticity. nine0003

How to choose an oriental dance costume?

When choosing a stage image, dancers are guided by personal preferences. Basically, stage costumes are distinguished by exquisite rich decor. Stones, sequins, sequins, hand-embroidered elements serve as decoration. It is the costume that embodies the dancer as part of a work of art, from which the dance is perceived very brightly. When performing the dance at a professionally high level, accessories such as a saber, canes, fire and even snakes are used. nine0003

The naked belly of the girl demonstrates all the movements of the muscles. Even the presence of a small tummy in dances is welcome, as the performance looks authentic.

Oriental dances for beginners

In order to learn how to perform belly dance, you need to choose comfortable clothes in which the belly will be clearly visible and come to the dance school for training. Before each workout, a warm-up is done, and then stretching. The teacher selects suitable music, for example, rhythmic with drum beats. nine0003

All movements are repeated after the trainer. When learning the ligaments, it is important not to strain the muscles of the shoulder girdle, neck and face. Beginners do not immediately relax, as they are very passionate about learning the movements of the hips and abdomen. But it is thanks to relaxation that it is possible to keep the back straight, and the neck and shoulders relaxed, so that the dance looks as plastic and graceful as possible, even when performing basic movements.

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