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What is TikTok? Fresno, California teacher gets millions of views on app with videos, songs showing off jerk dance at school



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ByBrittany Jacob via

Thursday, December 9, 2021


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Austin Lemay, the energetic teacher at Tenaya Middle School in Fresno, was seen on video busting out his old moves for his students.

FRESNO, Calif. -- Whether you were dusting your shoulder off or leanin' and rockin', memorable Hip Hop dances from the early 2000s are making their way through the viral TikTok dance craze.

Austin Lemay, the energetic teacher at Tenaya Middle School in Fresno, was seen on video busting out his old moves for his students.

"I've been waiting 30 years for this," he said.

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Lemay is the Campus Culture Director. Dancing on Fridays after class is a regular event for students.

These teens get to show their moves outside of the classroom or even praise Mr.Lemay for his.

"This is my job and this is my career," Lemay said. "More than anything, this is my passion as it is with every other teacher and adult here on campus. These kids are our passion."

The video was posted by fellow teacher Jenny McCauley to bring attention to the good things happening at the school.

In just one day, it received millions of views.

McCauley says the student-staff connection is a high priority for the school.

"We upped our game pretty much," she said. "We stepped it up, we engage with the kids and we have fun. Having fun is really important to us."

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"It's been very important to us to provide an environment where kids want to be here, they want to come and connect with other people," says principal Armen Torigian. "I feel like if kids' heads are in the right spot, they are feeling safe and they are having fun, then we can teach them anything that they need to learn."

Dereona Thepphakaysone is one of Mr. Lemay's students and the mastermind behind the original post.

"Due to the pandemic, things slowed down and so I feel like kids are still scared to come back to school and try to make new friends," she said. "Having things more fun makes them feel included, makes them excited to go to school."

Lemay credits his parents for his moves and willingness to get up and dance.

He says he hopes to continue shedding a positive light for the school and the students.

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Reasons why you should replace VLC media player with a more advanced one in 2022

This article was written by a website visitor and has been rewarded.

In the more than 40 year history of the development of personal computers, full video playback on them became available only about 20 years ago. Back in the late 90s of the last century, not every computer could master playing video encoded with the MPEG-2 codec at a resolution of 352 × 288, and already in the early 2000s, video playback in DVD quality became available to us. And then, in just a few years, there was a breakthrough in this direction, and even budget computers with integrated graphics can play video in Ultra HD 4K resolution for almost 10 years. nine0004

Connecting TVs to a computer has also become much easier. If 10-15 years ago we watched movies on a PC on rather small monitors, now we only need an HDMI cable of the right length and any modern TV can easily turn into a full-fledged additional monitor, which is very convenient to watch videos from the Internet and movies.


Over the years, PC video viewing tools have also evolved, because the capabilities and functionality of the Windows Media Player built into Windows were only enough for inexperienced users. No matter how many media players appeared in those years, it seemed that every software company was noted in this field, but most of those projects have long been forgotten. nine0004

One of the most popular media players of those times was Media Player Classic, which provided playback of any possible video files on a PC by installing all the necessary codecs into the system. It was a controversial decision, on the one hand, we got the opportunity to play any video file, on the other hand, it caused problems and conflicts with game codecs. And often a troubleshooting guide for a game, such as The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, included the complete removal of Media Player Classic as the first item. nine0004

Media players that have all the necessary codecs for playing video inside themselves, for example, VLC media player or The KMPlayer, were deprived of these problems. Such players quickly became the unspoken standard on the PC and laptop of any user watching videos and movies. After all, even the Windows Media Player built into Windows 7, without additional settings, could not open files encoded with the H.264 codec, which is still one of the most popular, allowing us to watch movies with Blu-ray quality, compressed to a size of 8 GB. nine0004

I, like many users who watch videos and movies on their PCs, have been using VLC media player for a long time and it was one of the first programs for me that I installed immediately after installing Windows 7 back in 2009. Over the years, VLC media player has become so familiar that I have completely forgotten about the existence of other media players. The orange VLC icon has become for me equal to playing a movie or video recorded on a smartphone or camera.

Admittedly, Windows Media Player and the Movies & TV app built into Windows 10 and Windows 11 make it possible to watch movies out of the box, right after installing Windows. And if you rarely watch videos on your computer, then you may well be satisfied with them. But if you want something more, like watching a TV series or a documentary at an accelerated speed, leveling out the sound level, which is usually very quiet during conversations and over the top in fast-paced scenes, then you need something more advanced than a standard player. nine0004

All these tasks were solved for me by VLC media player, but it cannot be said that it was always convenient and had no problems. The first bells and whistles that made me look for a replacement for VLC came when more and more video files began to use the H.265 or HEVC codec, which provides almost 50% more efficient video file compression.
First one movie after another, I started to open with jerks and "twitching", and this was especially noticeable when opening such a file through VLC media player from a file server connected via a 100 megabit network, sometimes it came to artifacts. nine0004

It should be noted that not only a monitor is connected to my computer, but also a TV set via a long HDMI cable. The TV is the second monitor in the Windows 10 settings and "Screen mirroring" is usually enabled, which gives an additional load on the video system and the player. To watch a movie, I just turn off the monitor, sit on the sofa at the other end of the room, turn on the TV and control playback using an additional wireless mouse connected to the PC. nine0004

I must say that such a scheme turned out to be much more convenient than Smart TV technology, additional media set-top boxes or connecting a TV to a PC over a network via DLNA. Indeed, in this case, you are not limited only to video, but you can comfortably play or surf the Internet. It is very easy to organize such a system at home. You will need a modern TV with HDMI input, for example, Xiaomi MI TV 43 P1 from Citylink. And a TV in 2022 is worth taking only Ultra HD 4K and higher, which I recently blogged about. nine0004

You also need a compact wireless mouse that lasts a long time on AA batteries, for example, Logitech M170 . The cheapest mice are not worth buying unless you want to deal with erratic reception, fast battery drain and lousy cursor positioning.

When choosing an HDMI cable, pay attention to its length, it must have a headroom for easy installation from PC to TV, and its version, which must provide UHD signal transmission at 60 Hz, such as Tripp Lite HDMI .

But let's get back to the complaints about VLC media player. My problem was solved after long dances with a tambourine, after changing its rather rare setting - the size of the file buffer cache.

But what was frustrating was that this problem persisted for quite some time and did not disappear when updating VLC media player to a new version and reinstalling it.

The second unresolved issue with VLC media player on my system is the volume lock on the TV when playing a movie. That is, if I turned on the VLC media player and switched the sound output from the PC to the TV via HDMI, then adjusting the sound through the Windows 10 controller or the VLC media player controller did not give anything - the sound was regulated only through the TV remote control. And this problem didn't go away when updating VLC or reinstalling Windows. nine0004

And when I encountered the third problem, namely, video files freezing when trying to play them faster even by 10%, I decided it was time to look for a replacement for VLC media player. But there are a lot of complaints against him without technical problems, for example, a scanty and spartan interface that looks wretched in 2022 and the inconvenience of settings. And most importantly - VLC media player has frozen in its development and has not changed much over the 13 years that it has become a replacement for Windows Media Player. nine0004

I started looking for a replacement and pretty quickly found a player that combines all the qualities of VLC media player, but devoid of its shortcomings. This is PotPlayer, formerly known as Daum PotPlayer, from the makers of The KMPlayer. I found it while preparing the final blog about portable utilities, and it turned out that PotPlayer, like VLC media player, can be installed in portable mode, which will save all your settings when you reinstall Windows.

After understanding its settings in a few minutes, I immediately realized how convenient PotPlayer is compared to VLC media player. Almost all playback and filter settings are available by right-clicking on the screen. On the right, you can display or remove the playlist in one click. nine0004

The settings functionality is much wider than that of VLC media player. For example, I often zoom in on "narrow" 2.35:1 movies, but not to completely fill the 16:9 screen, but partially. VLC media player gives a set of fixed zoom (crop) values.

PotPlayer does not limit you to fixed values ​​and allows you to expand and crop the video by an arbitrary amount. And you can do this with hot keys, of which there are many in the player.

By clicking on the gear icon in PotPlayer, you bring up a small control panel with which you can adjust the sound, brightness and contrast, playback speed or looping.

But the main highlight of PotPlayer is a huge number of settings with which you can customize almost everything. For example, rewinding and rewinding a video using the mouse wheel is not a problem, as well as many other things.

I don't think it's worth saying that the problems with fast video freezing, HEVC video jerking or sound blocking that tormented me in VLC media player are absent in PotPlayer. Everything works smoothly, smoothly and does not require intervention or fine tuning. nine0004

Write in the comments what media player do you use?

This material was written by a site visitor and has been rewarded.

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30 AKI,

Frank Lempard: "I was smeared with the Pidischat Erling Goland"

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