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Ever find yourself thinking...

  • I wish I had a place to wear the new Kelly Maglia sparkle onesie that I just got.

  • I would really like to get over my stage fright. I’ve secretly wanted to perform ever since I was little, but I’m too scared to do it.

  • I’m one of the top polers at my studio. How good am I compared to other polers?

  • I wish there was a competition close by my hometown, so I wouldn’t have to spend so much money going out of state to perform.

  • I have this amazing song and concept that I want to put together for a routine.

  • #imPSOexcited

This could be you! Over 3,000 pole dancers compete each year in the world’s largest pole dancing competition series. We crown the U.S. National Pole Champion.

As an amateur poler, you have access to the same production team, 12’ truss-mounted poles, staging, and lighting as the Professional competitors. Competition is your opportunity to practice and test performance skills, find your voice on stage, and show friends and family what you’ve been working on at the studio.

Once you graduate to the Professional level, you’ll compete for titles and over $9,000 in cash prizes. Title holders often get recruited for workshops, performances, and gigs at studios, competitions and productions around the world.

Choose your own adventure! You can pick from 5 skill levels, 5 age groups, and competition across the variety of styles found within the pole community: drama, entertainment, exotic, fitness, and floorwork.

  1. Pick your city. We have over 20 competitions per year all over the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Greece, and Taiwan. You can read about each event on its own page, or view our overall calendar to see a full list of dates for the year.

  2. Register to compete! There are no submission videos and no requirements. All you have to do is sign up. Use our special Portal to create an account, manage your registration, upload music and props, and more. Click here to sign up for any competition.

  3. Pick your category and level. Are you into telling stories and creating characters on the pole? Or would you rather bust out the latest trick you saw on Instagram? Pick from a range of options including Championship, Doubles/Groups, Dramatic, Entertainment, Exotic, Floorwork & Low Flow, Showcase, and Showcase Plus.

    We also have all exotic style competitions called After Dark. Those include categories like Russian Exotic (RX), Down to Flow (DTF), Shadowbanned, and All Floor All Day. For Levels, there are 5 to choose from, depending on your current skill set.

  4. Train your booty off with your friends at home or at your studio. We’ll remind you by email about deadlines for music and prop submissions.

  5. Competition day! Start your day with a pole test to see the venue layout, get ready in the dressing room and meet the rest of the competitors, then step onto the stage and perform under beautiful lights.

  6. Do it for the pics! With our photo and video team, you get the best in the business taking photos and videos of your performance.

  7. Scores are posted at the event, and we’ll do an awards ceremony with medals for places 1, 2, and 3. You’ll receive your scores by email after the event with all the judge comments so that you know what to practice for next time. If you’re in the Professional division, you could be eligible to move to the next round to compete for the National title and over $9,000 in cash prizes.

  8. Celebrate! Lots of studios go out as a group after the last performance of the day, or hang out with the new polers that you met over the weekend.

  9. Repeat! With over 20 competitions per year between February and December, there will be another chance for you to rock that nude sparkle onesie.

Next steps? Try taking our Level Quiz to see what level you’d be with us!

List of Pole Dance Competitions & How to Enter

Last Updated on December 7, 2022

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Pole dance competitions are a place for pole dancers to compete against each other and showcase their routines. Performers are ranked and judged by professional judges.

Pole dancing as a sport and a form of art has been popular in modern culture for decades now and it has a history spanning over 800 years!

Just like any sport, performers/athletes are always looking for new ways to push their physical boundaries, innovate and create new routines to cause shock and awe from spectators. For pole dancers, this is a thrilling part of performing for an audience.

Pole dance competitions are an excellent place for amateur and professional pole dancers to do just that – push the boundaries, use their creativity to innovate, and showcase their skills on the pole.

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List of Pole Dance Competitions

Here is a list of pole dancing competitions that are upcoming or have taken place very recently. Unfortunately, due to Covid, many of these competitions were postponed or cancelled but throughout 2022/23 it’s great to see more events taking place.

There are also a n increasing number of virtual pole dance competitions that take place wholly or partially online. This allows a greater number of people to safely participate without having to travel.

1. Dance Filthy

If you want to unleash your inner exotic dancer – this is the competition to try. Dance Filthy celebrates the sensual and filthy sides of pole dancing as an artform!

  • Location: Sydney, Australia
  • Date: March 2023
  • Level: Amateur, Semi Pro, Pro

Visit Dance Filthy

2. Pole Sport Organization

Pole Sport Organization have a variety of upcoming events all over their world on their events calendar. There are also lots of online events, so you have the opportunity to attend and compete from the comfort of your own home!

  • Location: Various, Worldwide
  • Date: Various
  • Level: All levels

Visit Pole Sport

3. International Pole & Aerial Tournaments

This competition is based in the UK and has been running for 11 years. Fortunately, it’ll be back in 2023 after a few years of cancellations due to you-know-what.

  • Location: Nottingham, United Kingdom
  • Date: TBC 2023
  • Level: Unknown


4. Pole Championship Series

11 different divisions/categories for pole dancers of all ages, genders and levels.

  • Location: Ohio, USA
  • Date: March 2023
  • Level: Amateur, Semi Pro, Pro

Visit Pole Championship Series


Pole Theatre World

For the dramatic performers – pole dance as an artform is really celebrated in Pole Theatre World.

  • Location: Various, Worldwide
  • Date: Has not been held since Covid
  • Level: Amateur, Semi Pro, Pro

Visit Pole Theatre

6. International Pole Sports Federation

Official International Pole Sports Federation competitions take place around the world.

  • Location: Various, Worldwide
  • Date: TBC / Various
  • Level: All levels

Visit IPSF

7. American Pole League

There are categories for both aerialists and pole dancers of all ages/levels in these competitions.

  • Location: Various, USA
  • Date: June 2022
  • Level: Amateur, Professional, Elite

Visit American Pole League

8. Miss Pole Dance UK

This has not taken place since Covid, but there are online competitions instead.

  • Location: United Kingdom / Virtual
  • Date: Has not been held since Covid
  • Level: Amateur, Semi Pro, Pro

Visit Miss Pole Dance UK

9. Mr Pole Dance America

A pole dance competition that celebrates male pole dancers! There are categories for amateur and professional dancers.

  • Location: USA
  • Date: Has not been held since Covid
  • Level: Amateur and Professional

Visit Mr Pole Dance America

10. World Pole Fitness Competition

Last held in Ireland in 2019, let’s hope Covid hasn’t claimed this event too.

  • Location: Various, Worldwide
  • Date: Has not been held since Covid
  • Level: All levels

Visit World Pole Fitness

11. Miss Pole Dance Australia

A competition for semi-pro and professional pole dancers in Australia.

  • Location: Australia
  • Date: November 2022
  • Level: Semi Pro and Professional

Visit Pole Dance Australia

12. Pole Legends NZ

A competition for semi-pro and professional pole dancers in New Zealand.

  • Location: New Zealand
  • Date: November 2022
  • Level: Semi Pro and Professional

Visit Pole Legends NZ

13. POSA Pole Sport World Championships

  • Location: Italy
  • Date: December 2022
  • Level: Semi Pro and Professional

Find Out More

14. POSA World Pole Art Championships

  • Location: Italy
  • Date: December 2022
  • Level: Semi Pro and Professional

Find Out More

15. USPSF National Championships 2023

  • Location: Georgia, USA
  • Date: August 2023
  • Level: Semi Pro and Professional

Find Out More


POSA Pole Sport World Championships 2023
  • Location: Finland
  • Date: November 2023
  • Level: Semi Pro and Professional

Find Out More

What You Need to Know About Pole Dance Competitions

Pole dancing competitions are not for everyone. If you’re pole dancing for fitness or fun, adding a competitive element may actual spoil the fun of it.

At competitions, performers are judged based on their execution.

Not everyone wants to be judged or compete against others.

This is totally OK.

There’s absolutely no obligation to participate in pole dance competitions if you just want to learn pole dancing for fitness, fun or any other reason.

If you’re taking part in a competition, there’s also an audience (which could be up to 10,000 people!) which is incredibly nerve-wracking on top of the prospect of being judged.

However, if you are a natural performer or a confident competitor than a competition is a great place to push your own boundaries.

Attending a Competition as Spectator

The best way to dip or tow into the world of competitive pole dancing events is to attend one as a spectator.

By attending as a member of the audience, you can become familiar with the event and its process before participating yourself.

Even if you’re never planning to compete professionally, attending competitions can give you inspiration and motivation to improve your own pole dancing progress.

You’ll also find videos of the best performances from competitions on YouTube or Social Media.

Notable Pole Dance Competition Performances

Here are some incredible performances that will inspire you for your next competition entry!

Tips for Competing in Pole Dance Competitions

If you’re competing – first of all, congratulations! It takes a lot of courage and skill to perform competitively and allow yourself to be judged.

Here are some tips that will help you prepare for your performance:

  1. Keep it simple – Ok, we know, it’s a competition and you have to really cause the audience (and judges) to say WOW – but you can do this by performing a simple move with extreme precision, or with an added twist.
  2. Choose your music to reflect your style – The music will be an extremely memorable part of your routine, make sure your song choice has a slow-ish, rhythmic tempo that allows you to pace your routine well. Songs that build up to a climatic chorus are a good choice! Get music inspiration for your routine here.
  3. Practice making mistakes – it’s important that you work on any areas of your routine where mistakes are likely, and figure out how to style it out if you happen to make a mistake on stage. If you style it out – no one will notice!
  4. Maintain a schedule of practice – in the build up to a competition, it’s important to ramp up your practice sessions as the event draws closer.

See also: How often should you practice pole dancing?

Frequently Asked Questions about Pole Dance Competitions

Can Beginners Take part in Pole Dance Competitions?

Yes! Most competitions have categories for different levels, so you won’t be competing against dancers who are more advanced than you.

It’s common for the competition organizers to provider a list of suggested moves and tricks for each skill level.

Are Spectators Able to Attend Pole Dance Competitions?

Yes – there are tickets available for members of the public to buy as spectators. It’s a great place to go as a pole dancer if you want inspiration to improve your skills.

How do I Enter Pole Dance Competitions as a Competitor?

Check with the event organizers on their respective websites linked on this page. Each competition has different entrance criteria, but the process almost always includes a non-edited video of a routine or partial routine.

It’s common for applicants to film a short routine and send it into the judges in order to apply to compete.

How are Pole Dancing Competitions Judged?

Competitions for pole dancers are judged in a similar way to how gymnastics is judged. Performers are scored on their overall execution of tricks, combinations and the overall aesthetic of a choreographed routine.

The judges will then pick winners for various prizes within the competition which may range from “Best Pole Dancer 2023” or “Most Creative Routine” or even “Best Song Choice” – each competition has its own awards and prizes.

What Size Dance Pole is Used for Competitions?

You should always check this with the organizer and they will usually inform you in advance. Dance poles at competitions usually have a 45mm width. They will usually be floor-to-ceiling height (min 14ft – usually much taller depending on the rigging at the venue) with a total floor area of approximately 12-14 feet for your performance.

There may be 2 poles on stage – one which is static and the other which is a spinning pole. Competitors can make use of both the static and spinning pole during their routines.

Pole Dancing Competitions – Conclusion

It’s not easy breaking into competitive pole dance. These competitions are extremely popular, so it’s tough to find room as a newbie. But if you want to give it a try, there are some events that are more open to competitors like you than others.

Still, keep in mind that a lot of the best competitions require extensive experience, so don’t give up if you don’t make it into the final list of competitors on your first go.

Paul Dance in Ukraine: how our acrobats become world leaders

Tatyana Dotsyak Journalist ICTV Facts Julia Zakharchenko ribbon editor

Ukrainians brought six medals from the Pole Dance World Championship - this is an acrobatic pole dance. Ukraine has been among the leaders among world acrobats for a year now.

It is the dancers who consider Pole Dance a sport. Although there are still a lot of stereotypes around pole tricks, there are more and more people who want to learn spectacular elements on the pole - both children and adults are training. nine0003

Tetyana Dotsyak, an ICTV Facts journalist, saw the training of spectacular stunt performers.

Kharkiv schoolgirl, 15-year-old Kristina Mameshina, got to the Pole Dance World Championship in Bologna, Italy. Her performance was recognized as the best - it was for her that the anthem of Ukraine sounded.

And then the Ukrainian state was remembered more than once - from the World Championship held in December, the team brought six gold medals.

- I had a number that I really liked. I got a strong buzz from the performance, - shared the world champion in Pole Dance Kristina Mameshina. nine0003

A schoolgirl's super-difficult trick conquered the jury of the international championship. In Pole Dance, as pole dancing is called, there are no easy tricks. Dancers spend months perfecting their movements to control every muscle and feel the balance.

Photo: Depositphotos

They need to exercise at least three times a week. For example, an element called starfish is only possible for experienced poldensers. During this trick, you need to stay on the pylon with your feet parallel to the ground. nine0003

A few years ago, a dozen girls went to the Kharkiv Pole Dance school, and now there are already fifty. Both schoolgirls and adult women strive to learn pole dancing.

Maria Yasenovskaya - 46 years old. She came to Pole Dance to test her abilities. The woman already has an award at the city championship.

- I was alone at my age, in my category. Due to the fact that I was alone - I took first place, but for me it is first of all a victory over myself, - shared the champion of Kharkov from Pole Dance Maria Yasenovskaya. nine0003

Although Pole Dance originated about a thousand years ago among Indian yogis, dancers still have to fight off stereotypes. Some people think that pole dancing is only a place in a nightclub.

However, there are more and more fans, the coach is convinced. Acrobats strive for Pole Dance to be officially recognized as a sport in Ukraine.

- Ukraine always thunders. Ukraine has a very good team. We are all very strong. It is very sad that our documents have not yet been considered, - said the world champion in Pole Dance and coach Artem Kazimov. nine0003

Like all dances, Pole Dance lacks men. The coach suggests that they are afraid of criticism. However, Pole Dance is not only a spectacle and adrenaline, but also a strong torso, strong arms and a steel press, which was proved by women.

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The school has been teaching since 2014. The founder and head of the school is Fadeeva Olga Vladimirovna.

Since 2015, a children's and youth sports department for pylon sports and aerial gymnastics has been created.

Since 2021, pole sport has been recognized as an official sport in the Russian Federation!

The main activities of the organization: assistance in the improvement and popularization of pylon sports and aerial gymnastics in the Russian Federation; implementation of the training process; promoting a healthy lifestyle and improving the health of citizens; organizing competitions at the regional level, holding sports events, festivals in pylon sports and aerial gymnastics; identifying the most prepared and gifted youth in sports for further participation in competitions at the regional, all-Russian and international levels. nine0003

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