How to dance like famous dex

Lyrical Lemonade

I’ve always been a massive fan of Famous Dex for more reasons than one. Obviously, it helps that he’s from Chicago and brought a different energy out of the city than most artists here do, but his personality and just off the wall antics are usually always interesting to pay attention to. He also just has a knack for making hits, and although there is sometimes an overflow of music that can drown out these bangers, the absolute best tracks usually shine through and people know them all across the country, if not the whole entire world at this point.

As for his latest hit, which is going to undoubtedly be played everywhere sooner rather than later, he recruited New York’s very own Fivio Foreign in order to bring “Couped Out” to life. Not only Fivio, but he also got SethInTheKitchen, a notorious hitmaker, to bring this beat to life and truly give them a foundation that was needed to just go off unlike ever before. Seth utilizes lively, bouncy, and almost electronic sounding synths to create a melody that just vibes out. Beyond this, he includes knocking drums and rhythmic percussion to add just the right amount of bump to this single, truly turning it from a song into an anthem.

On this type of production, Dex seems to feel right at home and lets himself go crazy, which isn’t atypical of the wild rapper. He matches the overall aesthetic of the beat and then some, providing some enthusiastic bars combined with even more lively ad-libs that bring his verses to another level. At a certain point towards the end of his verse, the beat quiets down and so does Dexter, but right before going into the hook once again, he gets extremely zealous and truly ends his portion on a high note. I’ve never heard Fivio on a beat even close to this in the past, and although I knew he’d do just fine, I had no idea what his approach was going to be. He ended up ditching his normal NYC Drill flows to just vibe out over the instrumental, bouncing along and coupling with the production seamlessly, blowing me away once again. There isn’t necessarily any sort of lyrical significance in this track, but considering it’s an absolute party banger, this should be the least of anyone’s concerns as they’re dancing and blasting it at speaker-busting volumes.

There’s even a video for this hit, and it translates the liveliness of the song into the perfect visual form. We are introduced by a message that states how the two artists got together in New York City to film a video, and the ensuing shots are what unfolded. A filter that looks to be an Instagram live scene is shown throughout, and the comments fans are typing show nothing but praise for the rappers. The main scene Dex is shown in is in an industrial-like lot where an all-white Rolls Royce is parked right next to a white Lamborghini, as graffiti is painted all over the brick walls in his rearview. Throughout these portions, Dex is joined by two beautiful ladies who dance and twerk around him while he shows them love and admiration for their wonderful looks. When Fivio comes in, considering it’s his city, he brings the whole neighborhood out to support him. As an absolute hoard of people backs him up, he dances with Dex and even does some coordinated dance moves with some of the people in the crowd. As the visual comes to an end, the credits roll as clips of the recording process for this video are shown, displaying how much fun the artists had while recording this movie.

I don’t care who you are or how much of a Hip-Hop snob you might be, if you claim that this song didn’t make you bob your head or want to get up and dance, you’re straight-up lying. The beat is absolutely infectious, Dex flows along in the perfect way, and Fivio brings his New York attitude to the party which is always something to behold. It’s too bad that clubs and other parties aren’t going to be open for the foreseeable future because this song needs to be played for crowds of people who are looking to dance and have a good time. It might not be the most lyrical or intricate offering, but that’s not the point of it, so as long as you can cut loose and have a good time, this song is a must-have on your playlist. As soon as you get a chance, you need to take a moment and check out the chemistry that Famous Dex and Fivio Foreign have on “Couped Out”.

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Dance, dance for yourself: 5 types of dance and their benefits for the body and mind


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March 22, 2019

If you are looking for a way to tone your body and mind, then dancing is the best solution. Pink talks about the benefits of dance classes through the lens of mental and physical health.

Dancing is a comfortable form of physical activity that requires work with your own weight and balance. Regular classes in any kind of dance help to normalize weight and strengthen the muscular frame. nine0003

Before each class, regardless of the chosen style, it is always necessary to warm up the body - a stage of easy and effective cardio. Only then can you begin to study dance movements and elements. At the end of any class, a moderate stretch is always performed. On average, one dance class burns from 200 to 1000 kilocalories, depending on the chosen style and individual training. Within a month after regular training, you can notice lightness and smoothness in movements, body tone, improvement in body endurance and posture. nine0003

In addition, dancing is an opportunity to relieve stress and stock up on resources to resist depression. During classes, a strong connection with your own body is established. Due to self-expression through movements to music, energy is unlocked, liberated from physical and psychological clamps. At the same time, dances always take place in rooms with mirrors, which also helps to build contact with our body, because during the day we rarely see ourselves from the outside. All this allows you to truly feel your body, accept it and be with it in one moment. And of course, any dance is an additional self-confidence. nine0003

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A direction that combines modern and postmodern dance techniques, as well as yoga, oriental body practices and martial arts. Contempo allows you to reassemble and feel your body - a mixture of Western and Eastern traditions requires balance, proper breathing, feeling all the muscles. During training, emphasis is placed on the work of the joints, building posture, establishing connections between the center of the body and the limbs. All this is called the process of body awareness, which allows you to coordinate both body and mind. nine0003

This direction requires the involvement of all muscle groups and coordination. Therefore, the effectiveness of tango can be compared with aerobics or fitness. Also, this dance is considered one of the most social - tango cannot be danced alone. During classes, you need to feel a partner and trust him. This helps to solve problems with increased control and inability to relax. By the way, scientists from the Montreal Neurological Institute found that tango helps with Parkinson's disease. nine0003

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One of the most popular dances of recent years, which most of the famous trainers learned on their own from the clips of their favorite performers. Smooth and rhythmic movements of the pelvis allow you to pump up not only the buttocks and lower back, but also all muscle groups of the legs. Also, twerking is a great direction for pumping intimate muscles, which are responsible for the colorful orgasms that help us feel better. nine0003

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This dance style was very popular during the heyday of nightlife in the 2000s. Now pole dance is a dance that allows you to literally replace the gym and stretching. During classes, all muscle groups work - from the arms, which need to hold your body on the pole, to the legs, the smoothness and strength of which is required for easy sliding along the pole. Yes, this dance requires serious physical training and success can be expected for several months, but each new skill builds self-confidence. nine0003

This dance is again becoming one of the most relevant. A huge number of men and women around the world dream of learning how to dance like Madonna in a Vogue video - hence so many video tutorials on YouTube and Instagram. The main emphasis of this dance style is active work with hands. Therefore, it is required to develop the flexibility of the arms and hands on a daily basis, which, by the way, has a positive effect on the functioning of the lymphatic system. Also, vogue is the type of dance that is more built on self-expression and a personal sense of music. All this develops a strong contact with the body and a phenomenal fluidity of movement. nine0003

"Russians strive for the impossible" The most famous dancer on the planet about the end of the world, nightclubs and incredible Russians the world famous Irish dance company Lord of the Dance. Dangerous Games is a magical combination of ancient Celtic melodies, Irish tap dancing, synchronized corps de ballet and intricate acrobatic routines with the latest stage technology, colorful costumes and powerful special effects. The creator of Lord of the Dance and the most expensive dancer in the world Michael Flatley told about the new show, the famous Irish character, the mysterious Russian soul, dancing on Red Square and the end of the world.


Boxing, flute and tap dancing

Apart from classical ballet, it is Michael Flatley who is now the most famous, influential and expensive dancer in the world. In the Guinness Book of Records, he is mentioned three times at once: he holds an incredible tap dance speed record (35 beats per second!), he is the highest paid dancer in history, and his legs were insured for 57.6 million dollars.

Michael Flatley - Lord Of The Dance

Michael Flatley created what is now considered the national Irish dance around the world. His shows - Riverdance, Lord of the Dance, Feet of Flames, and Celtic Tiger Live - have taken place in 60 countries and have attracted a total of more than 70 million viewers. nine0003

Mike was born in 1958 in Chicago to a large Irish family. His parents moved to the USA in 1947. He inherited his dancing talent from his mother's side: his grandmother was the champion of Ireland in tap dance, his mother is a professional dancer. And the father is an ordinary plumber who was very fond of music and insisted that his son learn to play the flute. At the age of ten, Michael began to study Irish folk dance and ... boxing. And at 17 he became the champion of America in Irish tap dancing, the winner of the competition for the best Irish flute players in the USA and the champion of Chicago among amateur boxers. Several roads opened before the young man. A choice had to be made, and Michael Flatley chose the dance. nine0003

Irish character and Russian soul Can the Lord of the Dance show be considered an Irish folk dance or is it more of a modern dance?

Michael Flatley: I created the dance that represents Lord of the Dance. It is based on traditional Irish dance, but I have modified it, modernized it and adapted it for the modern stage. When I was very young, I taught myself to dance and came up with my own moves along the way. I did not experience any influence from other dancers then. I wanted the Irish dance to use not only the legs, but also the body and hands, so that it would be faster, so that some kind of action would take place in it, the speed would change. And as a result, yes, it is an Irish dance, but it is also much, much more. nine0003

Michael Flatley

Do people in Ireland now dance as part of their daily routine?

Yes. Dance is a significant part of Ireland's national culture, and since I transformed it in this way, it has become even more popular, especially among young people. Now the dance has a huge number of fans, and I'm very proud of it. Everyone dances in Ireland because it's in our blood.

People often talk about the famous Irish character. Irish character - what is it? nine0003

The Irish are full of life, joy, pain, sorrow, thirst for struggle... Full of all these wonderful things that create the unique Irish character.

And how does this manifest itself in the national dance?

When I first saw how the Irish dance in their homeland - absolutely impassive, with a straight back, hands pressed to their sides - I could not understand it. Because in the rest of the world the Irish dance in a different way: with passion, having fun, joking, laughing, playing, singing, telling each other stories. .. And in Ireland, absolute asceticism: pressed hands, a stony expression on their faces... I wanted to change everything. Why should we dance without emotion, with our hands clasped? We won't do that! And I changed it. I think what happened as a result is much more in line with the national Irish character and national dance. nine0003

Lord of the Dance show

Photo: @michaelflatleyofficial

What do you think about Russian folk dance? After all, you have repeatedly visited our country and are probably familiar with the Russian dance tradition. To what extent, in your opinion, does Russian dance express our national character?

I was very, very impressed by the performance of the Moiseev Russian Folk Dance Ensemble. Of course you know them. They are great! I got to know the men and women of this ensemble and their passion for dancing was incredible. And another time I saw a ballet in which Baryshnikov danced, and it was something not from our world at all. The Russian soul has a passion for perfection. Russians strive for the impossible, strive to do what no one else can do. Something that is beyond. I saw how long Baryshnikov could stay in the air. He flew, he hovered in the air thanks to the incredible power of his legs. It takes crazy talent and years, years of training from a fantastic mentor who could teach him how to stay in the air for so long to get to that level. For me, this is the Russian character. nine0003

Michael Flatley

Photo courtesy of Lord of the Dance

Dancing in 3D

Can dance help with any personal psychological problems? In other words, is dance therapy possible?

I think everything is possible. For example, when I dance, I get rid of problems, I relax internally and feel happy. Dance brings me a sense of harmony and balance. You could call it dance therapy. The same thing happens when I play music. nine0003

Are you a professional dancer and do you sometimes go to a nightclub or disco to dance?

No. Never.


I'm not interested. I'm not the kind of guy who goes to nightclubs. Sometimes on tour I can go to a nightclub with my dancers. They can go dancing if they want, they are not forbidden. And I'd rather sit with my martini at this time. I dance, or rather danced, I'm only on stage.

Show Lord of the Dance

Photo courtesy of Lord of the Dance

You have been dancing for over forty years. How has dance changed over this time?

Very strong. But he had to change. The dance pushed the boundaries, but did not break them. Irish dance is a discipline, in that respect it is not particularly different from ballet. He has his own school, there is a certain set of characteristics and there are limitations that cannot be ignored. I'm following this myself. The main choreography of the dance remains the same, and the development of the show comes from the direction, the story we present, rock and roll light, sound, pyrotechnics, holography, great costumes, and finally, the audience. nine0003

Can you compare Riverdance and Dangerous Games? 25 years have passed between these shows.

They are similar in many ways because I created both of these shows. They have a lot in common. Riverdance was very good for its time, for 1994. But the world has come a long way since then, and Dangerous Games is up to par. This is a show on a whole other level. I haven't seen Riverdance for a long time and I don't know what they are doing now and how they are received by the public. As for Lord of the Dance and our new Dangerous Games program, it's going very well all over the world. nine0003

How has the new digital technology affected the show?

Very much influenced. For example, in our new program we use my hologram. I no longer go on stage, but my hologram dances instead of me. Then they become two, three. Three of my holograms. This fragment of the show is especially popular with viewers. 20 years ago it was impossible. And ten years ago it was impossible. Even five years ago. A great gift that new technologies have given us. But it doesn't come cheap either. nine0003

I recently made a report about the show Sleeping Beauty Dreams, in which our leading ballerina Diana Vishneva is engaged. This is a high-tech show using special costumes with sensors that transmit the dancer's movements to a computer, a special program processes them and then projects them onto a 3D screen in the form of various avatars. "Dreams of the Sleeping Beauty" was successfully shown at several venues in Russia, including the Crocus City Hall, where Lord of the Dance will perform, and now they have begun a US tour. Do you know something about it? nine0003

Yes, I have heard about this show and would love to see it live. Did you like it?

Michael Flatley - Lord Of The Dance

Yes. Everyone knows that Sleeping Beauty slept for a hundred years, but no one thought about what kind of dreams she had all this time. The show gives you the opportunity to see these dreams with your own eyes. A ballerina dances on the stage, and avatars of her passions, feelings and nightmares dance with her on a 3D screen. And all this with modern electronic music.

Sounds great. I wish them success. If I get a chance, I'll definitely go to see it. nine0003

Dangerous Games and a night on Red Square

Tell us about Dangerous Games. What is this project?

Dangerous Games is a big, bright, colorful dance show. The storyline contains a fair share of love and a fair share of evil. Our hero must go through difficult trials before he wins. Quite a life story. We've all had to deal with this. But everything will end well. The public likes it. Everyone sits until the end, no one leaves. I am especially pleased with this. nine0003

You are the creator and director of Dangerous Games, but you don't dance anymore, your three holograms dance instead of you in the show. Are you coming to Moscow?

Most likely. I really want to come and see the show in Moscow. I love your capital very much. Once we performed at the Kremlin Palace and lived at the Baltschug Kempinski Hotel. I remember one night, after an excellent dinner with a bottle of good wine, I went for a walk on Red Square. It was one in the morning, very cold and almost no one. I took off my coat and started dancing. Few people looked at me like I was crazy. And I flew back and forth across the square, and my heart jumped out of my chest. It was a wonderful feeling to dance at night in Moscow on Red Square, in Russia, where the most famous dancers in the world came from. This is my pride, and I will not forget it until the day I die. nine0003

Lord of the Dance show

Photo courtesy of Lord of the Dance

What are you doing now?

I continue to work hard: I prepare new performances, create dance numbers for them, I just finished my first feature film "Blackbird" (Blackbird). This is a spy thriller starring Eric Roberts and Patrick Bergin. I am simultaneously working on a book and a documentary film about my life. Participating in TV shows, looking for new dancers for the troupe ... A lot of things. nine0003

A lot, but you don't dance anymore? At all?

No, I don't go on stage anymore. My body is beaten and broken. But I'm even glad about it, now I have time to do something else. Do what I have long wanted to do. Thanks to injuries, I now have such an opportunity, and I'm not going to miss it.

Michael Flatley - Lord Of The Dance

Doors open...

My last traditional question is: do you believe in God, in heaven, hell and life after death? nine0003

A very difficult question. But I like him. I was born into a Catholic family. I am Catholic. At home we talked a lot about God, heaven, hell and life after death. I believe that there is definitely something beyond life, but I do not think that a person is able to comprehend the essence of God, to understand who or what God is. This is too big a question for our little brains. But I am quite sure, one hundred percent, that death is not the end. When the ancient Celts died, their funerals were not sad. On the contrary, the funeral of the Celts was like a holiday, because they knew that they open the door to another world.

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