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  • Level 48/100 (Ambitious)
  • Scoring Accompaniment
  • Category Movie Soundtrack
  • Availability Download available Not available

Audio samples for When You Taught Me How To Dance by Katie Melua

  • Katie Melua - When You Taught Me How To Dance (Official Video)



  • Miss Potter - When You Taught Me How to Dance - Piano Solo


    Instrument Cover

Sheet music information

When You Taught Me How To Dance
Katie Melua
Composed by
  • Nigel Westlake
  • Mike Batt
  • Richard Maltby
Movie Soundtrack
  • Piano
  • Voice
  • Guitar
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Movie Soundtrack
Calm Vibes
Miss Potter
Film Songs
Arranged by
A Major
Dramatico Entertainment Ltd

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Hip hop

About This Music Sheet

Take You Dancing is a song by Jason Derulo. Use your computer keyboard to play Take You Dancing music sheet on Virtual Piano. This is a Super Easy song which you can also load and play on your mobile or tablet. The recommended time to play this music sheet is 01:10, as verified by Virtual Piano legend, Ecaterina. The song Take You Dancing is classified in the genres: Dance, Electronica, USA on Virtual Piano. You can also find other similar songs using Hip hop.

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    Learning at Superhuman Speed ​​/ Sudo Null IT News

    Do you want to learn how to play a musical instrument? Or maybe dance? Easily! Wearables can help you with that by directly targeting muscle memory.

    Look at this glove. Don't let its apparent simplicity fool you. This seemingly boring black leather fingerless glove that looks like any other from a sports store can speed up the process of learning, for example, a piano melody with micro-vibrations!

    “I have a glove that can teach you how to play the piano,” Chad Starner tells me when I call him to talk about the future of wearable computing. Currently, he is a professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology and also the technical director of Google Glass. His introduction to wearables began as a student at MIT in the 1990s.
    “While we were talking, you could already learn “Oh Grace” (Amazing Grace),” he adds at the end of our conversation.
    "Truth? I don't believe him, "while we're talking?"
    “Of course,” he says, and invites me to Atlanta so I can see for myself.

    And now Caitlin Seim, a graduate student, puts the miracle glove on my hand. Each of the five finger holes contains a flat vibration motor. All five lie on the knuckles of my fingers and are connected to a micro-controller on the back of my hand. Seim programmed it so that it would start the motors on my fingers in a sequence that repeats the one with which my fingers should hit the piano keys.

    But she doesn't tell me yet which tune I'm going to study. “You will just feel a little vibration,” she says, turning on the electronics. Right after that, Starner takes me to look around in his lab. He is involved in a myriad of different projects: a translator program for Google Glass, a magnetic language implant to issue silent commands to a computer, a smart vest that will help divers "communicate" with dolphins, "smart" toys for police dogs so that trainers can even better understand that what they are trying to show them and many other amazing gadgets.

    Once a minute, for the next two hours, the motors in my glove come to life and I try to make out the sequence: zhzhzhzh... middle finger... zhzhzhzh... ring finger. .. zhzhzhzh... zhzhzhzh... ow... zhzhzhzh... uh... zhzhzhzh... zhzhzhzh... damn it! "Impossible," I write in my notebook.

    Finally, Starner leads me to the piano. He plays the first part of the melody - 15 notes that the glove was supposed to teach me. I recognize the melody - it's Beethoven's "Ode to Joy". I take off my glove.

    "Start from here," Starner says, tapping the first key with his finger. I put my fingers on the keys... Middle finger... middle... ring finger... "I don't know," I say, embarrassed.

    "Don't you think about it," says Starner.

    And I start over: Middle... middle... ring... little finger... little finger... nameless... middle... index... "Go crazy!" - I say, continuing, nevertheless, to play. I finish the first part, the second and start playing the third.

    “Wait! interrupts Starner, “did you ever play that tune?”

    “Never,” I answer him. And it's true, I never took piano lessons. He examines the glove in confusion and discovers that it has been programmed to "vibrate" all four parts - 61 notes instead of 15 as he thought. He explains that students usually teach one part at a time.

    I go back to the piano. The first few attempts are still difficult. I have to learn the melody no matter what, but after a few minutes I can play the melody perfectly. I have a feeling that I have stumbled upon one of my undiscovered talents and this makes me feel pleasantly excited.

    "You just know what you're supposed to do, don't you?" Simon remarks. She recently learned to play "Ode to Joy" while wearing a glove while preparing her application for a new research grant. “It’s like looking at someone else’s hand,” she teases me.

    Starner and his colleagues believe that the repeated vibrations generated by the glove stimulate muscle memory, which in turn reduces the time it takes to rehearse. They also studied the effect of the glove on people with spinal injuries and found that it could help them regain some of the sensation in their hands. Now Starner's lab is trying to find a use for the glove in teaching ABC to the blind as well, which would show that the technology could help learn not just sequences, but also language.

    “We don't know the limits of this technology ourselves,” says Starner. “Can we use these vibrations to teach people to dance? Or, for example, to teach baseball players to throw the ball better?

    He also remembers the scene from The Matrix where Neo and Trinity get into the helicopter and when Neo asks if Trinity can fly it, she replies: "Not yet..." her head.

    "Well, you can't do that," I say.

    Starner answers me with a smirk: “Not yet….”

    PS. Hi Habr! This is my first translation. The article just seemed very interesting and I thought that maybe someone else would consider it as such. I will be glad to constructive criticism in the messages or in the comments. Good luck to everyone for the rest of Friday.

    As You Like It Dance Music


    As You Like It Dance music - piano sheet music

    Waltzes, tangos, foxtrots

    • Edition 1
    • Issue 2
    • Issue 3
    • Issue 4
    • Issue 5
    • Edition 6
    • Issue 7
    • Edition 8
    • Issue 9
    • Issue 10
    • Issue 11
    • Issue 12
    • Issue 13
    • Issue 14

    Notes for piano for dance music of Soviet composers

    As You Like It
    collection of dances by Soviet composers for piano
    issue 1
    "MUZGIZ", 1957
    number 26585


    • S. Tulikov. Waltz from the music for the play "Love, director and apartment"
    • N. Rakov. Concert Waltz
    • N. Rakov. Tango
    • V. Volkov. Spring streams (waltz)
    • V. Volkov. Slow waltz
    • V. Volkov. Slow Fox
    • A. Tsfasman. "I want to dance" (foxtrot)
    • A. Tsfasman. "Stay with me" (slow foxtrot)
    • Yu. Slonov. Waltz
    • Yu. Slonov. Lyrical waltz
    • A. Eshpay. Two dance pieces
      • I. Fast foxtrot tempo
      • II. In slow foxtrot tempo

    Compiled by K. SOROKIN

    Download collection

    Thanks to Alexander for the collection!

    As you like it
    collection of dances by Soviet composers for piano
    issue 2
    "MUZGIZ", 1958
    number 26607


    • A. Lepin
      • Youth waltz from the film "Carnival Night"
      • Evening Waltz (Boston Waltz) from the film "Carnival Night"
      • Waltz from the film "Carnival Night"
      • Posadoble from the film "Carnival Night"
      • Masks (foxtrot) from the film "Carnival Night"
    • B. Meisel . Evening voices. Dance suite on Negro folk themes:
      • Blues
      • Quick Foxtrot
      • Slow Waltz

    Download collection

    Thank you Alexandra for the collection!

    As You Like It
    collection of dances by Soviet composers for piano
    issue 3
    "MUZGIZ", 1959
    number 27436


    • S. Tulikov. Slow waltz
    • S. Tulikov. Happiness returned
    • V. Volkov. Polka
    • V. Volkov. Tango
    • I. Sheremetev. Forgotten Waltz, arranged by K. Sorokin
    • K. Sorokin. ballet dance
    • A. Chaplygin. Waltz
    • Yu. Vladimirov. Slow waltz
    • Yu. Slonov. Starlight (Slow Foxtrot)
    • Yu. Slonov. Slow waltz
    • A. Lepin. Foxtrot from the movie "The Girl with No Address"
    • A. Tsfasman. Tango
    • A. Tsfasman. Foxtrot

    Download sheet music

    Thanks to Alexander for the collection!

    As You Like It
    collection of dances by Soviet composers for piano
    issue 4
    "MUZGIZ", 1959
    number 27780


    • S. Tulikov. Foxtrot
    • I. Morozov. Waltz Impromptu
    • Yu. Slonov. Twilight (Slow Waltz)
    • Yu. Slonov. Slow Foxtrot
    • Vyach. Volkov. Tango
    • Yu. Vladimirov. Confession (Slow Waltz)
    • A. Tsfasman. "Unsuccessful date" (foxtrot)
    • A. Tsfasman. Slow waltz (from the movie "Jolly Stars")
    • L. Tsfasman. "Dance more cheerfully!" (Rumba).
    • M. Partskhaladze. slow dance
    • A. Lepin. Waltz (from the movie "Voices of Spring")

    Download the sheet music

    Thanks to Alexander for the collection!

    Leisure music
    As you like it

    issue 5
    for piano
    "MUZGIZ", 1962
    number 30222


    • I. Boldyrev. Slow waltz
    • F. Boyko. Spring scents (Waltz)
    • V. Volkov. Dance
    • S. Veniaminov. By the sea (Waltz)
    • A. Zhivtsov. Parting Look (Quick Foxtrot)
    • E. Zharkovsky. Twilight (Slow Foxtrot)
    • D. Lvov-Kompaneets. Svetlana (Foxtrot)
    • D. Lvov-Kompaneets. Slow waltz
    • M. Partskhaladze. Polka
    • N. Rakov. Polka
    • Yu. Slonov. Slow waltz
    • S. Stempnevsky. Spring Waltz
    • S. Stempnevsky. March Foxtrot
    • S. Tulikov. Gavotte (Pas de Grasse)
    • S. Tulikov. Waltz
    • A. Tsfasman. Evening on the river (Slow waltz)
    • A. Tsfasman. Never be discouraged (Foxtrot)
    • A. Eshpay. Simple waltz

    Download the sheet music

    Thanks to Alexander for the collection!

    As You Like It
    collection of dances by Soviet composers for piano
    issue 6
    "State Musical Publishing House", 1961
    number 28860


    • I. Morozov. Polka. From the ballet "Doctor Aibolit"
    • I. Morozov. slow dance
    • Yu. Slonov. Waltz
    • S. Stempnevsky. Two dances
    • Yu. Chichkov. Sentimental Waltz
    • Yu. Vladimirov. Slow waltz
    • Vyach. Volkov. Slow Foxtrot
    • S. Veniaminov. White Lily (Waltz)
    • A. Zhivtsov. Polka
    • M. Partskhaladze. Foxtrot. From the movie "Unusual Encounters"
    • A. Tsfasman. Fox march. From the movie "Behind the Store Window"
    • A. Tsfasman. Lyric Melody (Slow Foxtrot)

    Download sheet music

    As You Like It
    collection of dances by Soviet composers for piano
    issue 7
    "MUZGIZ", 1963
    number 30906
    (pdf, 2.67 Mb)


    • R. Boyko. Remembrance (Slow Foxtrot).
    • R. Boyko. Cheerful dance (From music to the film "Our cook Vasya")
    • I. Boldyrev. In a misty haze (Foxtrot)
    • Yu. Biryukov. Hungarian
    • Vyan. Volkov. Confession (Slow Waltz)
    • Vyach. Volkov. Pleasant meeting (Foxtrot)
    • A. Zhivtsov. Slow waltz
    • L. Sidelnikov. I won't forget (Waltz)
    • A. Kirillov. Polka
    • A. Lepin. Graduation ball (Waltz from the music to the film "Green Shores")
    • D. Lvov-Kompaneets. Flowers (Slow Foxtrot).
    • D. Lvov-Kompaneets. Cheerful Juggler (Fast Foxtrot)
    • I. Morozov. Waltz
    • Yu. Slonov. I'm waiting for you (Tango)
    • Yu. Slonov. I'm sad (Slow waltz)
    • A. Tsfasman. I am happy with you (Foxtrot)
    • A. Tsfasman. Let's dance the rumba (Rumba)
    • A. Eshpay. No, you say (Foxtrot)
    • A. Eshpay. Not Tonight (Foxtrot)

    Download sheet music - collection

    As You Like It
    collection of dances by Soviet and foreign composers for piano
    Issue 8
    "Music", 1965
    number 2566


    • 1. A. Tsfasman. Hurry to friends! Fox March
    • 2. A. Babajanyan. Friendship
    • Z. A. Eshpay. You only you! Foxtrot. Arranged by M. Partskhaladze
    • 4. V.Volkov. Thoughtful Waltz
    • 5. M.Partskhaladze. Spring. Foxtrot
    • 6. K. Titarenko. Snowdrop. Slow Foxtrot
    • 7. A. Lepin. Humorous polka from the movie "How Robinson was made"
    • 8. R. Boyko. Foxtrot Joke
    • 9. Yu.Slonov. Grand Waltz
    • 10. Yu Saulsky. smile
    • 11. V. Ludvikovsky. rhythmic dance
    • 12. I. Shakhov. Terrikon
    • 13. A. Polonsky. I am waiting for you. Tango
    • 14. D.Kralich. Little girl. Foxtrot song. Arranged by E. Rokhlin

    Download the sheet music

    Thanks to Alexander for the collection!

    As You Like It
    collection of dances by Soviet and foreign composers for piano
    issue 9
    compiled by M. Partskhaladze
    "Music", 1966
    number 2671


    • 1. A. Tsfasman. Because I have you. Slow Foxtrot
    • 2. B. Gorbulskis. Carefree moment. Foxtrot
    • 3. A. Lepin. Evening in Moscow. Lipsi from the movie "Give me a book of complaints"
    • 4. E. Rokhlin. Silhouettes. Foxtrot
    • 5. D. Lvov-Kompaneets. By the sea. Slow Foxtrot
    • 6. M. Partskhaladze. At peak times. Foxtrot
    • 7. B. Dolinsky. The stars are fading. Slow Foxtrot
    • 8. I. Shakhov. Jolly Krakowiak
    • 9. V. Grokhovsky. Vacation. Foxtrot

    Download the sheet music

    Thanks to Alexander for the collection!

    As You Like It
    collection of dances by Soviet and foreign composers for piano
    issue 10
    compiled by M.Partskhaladze
    "Music", 1966
    number 2672


    • 1. N. Rakov. Spring Polka
    • 2. A. Tsfasman. Wild flower. Slow waltz
    • 3. B. Trotsyuk. Marina Fox
    • 4. Yu. Slonov. Remember, dear friend. Slow Foxtrot
    • 5. B. Karamyshev. Unforgettable evening. Tango
    • 6. V. Volkov. Blues Romance
    • 7. B. Kiyanov. Beep beep. new dance
    • 8. A. Tsfasman. Happy meeting. Tango
    • 9. D. Lvov-Kompaneets. Sunny Beach. Friendship
    • 10. M. Partskhaladze. In the shade of palm trees. Slow Foxtrot
    • 11. A. Polonsky. Golden leaves. Tango

    Download the sheet music

    Thanks to Alexander for the collection!

    As You Like It
    collection of dances by Soviet and foreign composers for piano
    release 11
    compiled by M.Partskhaladze
    "Music", 1966
    number 3770


    • 1. A. Tsfasman. Smile more. Foxtrot
    • 2. V. Zhubinskaya. Polka
    • 3. A. Abramov. Slow Foxtrot
    • 4. A. Polonsky. My flowers. Slow waltz
    • 5. B. Figotin. On the beach. Slow Foxtrot
    • 6. B. Dolinsky. Memory. Foxtrot
    • 7. M. Partskhaladze. You are near. Foxtrot
    • 8. A. Arsky. Lipsi
    • 9. Anella. Foxtrot. (Yugoslavia). Arranged by E. Rokhlin

    Download the sheet music

    Thanks to Alexander for the collection!

    Leisure Music - Amateur Piano Library
    As you like it

    Collection of dance pieces by Soviet composers for piano
    issue 12
    compiled by I. Zakharov
    "Music", 1969
    number 5725


    • N. Rakov. Confession (waltz-boston)
    • N. Rakov. Tango
    • L. Bakalov. Dragonfly (polka)
    • A. Tsfasman. Samba
    • A. Tsfasman. Slow start
    • M. Partskhaladve. Meditation (Slow Foxtrot)
    • M. Partskhaladee. Slow foxtrot from the music for the radio show Solly Saunders - American Soldier
    • A. Polonsky. Dream (tango)
    • A. Polonsky. Together Again (Foxtrot)
    • D. Beloborodov. Youth (variety march)
    • A. Zhivtsov. Appointed a date dear to me (quick foxtrot)
    • R. Boyko. Fun walk (foxtrot)
    • R. Boyko. Under the southern sun (Bosa Nova)
    • A. Abramov. Don't be angry (humoresque)
    • A. Abramov. At dawn (blues)
    • E. Botyarov. Dance Piece
    • 3. Binkin. Slow Foxtrot
    • 3. Binkin. Stagecoach Ride (Charleston)
    • A. Zargaryan. Kings on Ice
    • I. Kefalidi. Reflection

    Download the sheet music

    Thanks to Anna for the collection!

    As you like it

    Collection of pop pieces for piano
    issue 13
    compiled by I. Zakharov
    "Music", 1970
    number 6349


    • N. Rakov. With you. Foxtrot
    • N. Rakov. Sharmanochka. Quick waltz
    • A. Osnovikov. Leningrad Avenue. Foxtrot
    • A. Polonsky. Lonely. Blues
    • A. Polonsky. With friends. Foxtrot
    • A. Polonsky. Above the mists. Blues
    • M. Partskhaladze. Our bay. Begin
    • A. Zargaryan. Cheerful Tourist
    • R. Boyko. Morning mood. Mambo
    • R. Boyko. Evening mood. Mambo
    • R. Boyko. Walk
    • V. Gamalia. Last star. Foxtrot
    • V. Gamalia. Doll. Charleston
    • A. Zhivtsov. Give me a hand, friend. Waltz
    • A. Zhivtsov. Don't call. Foxtrot
    • O. Zvonarev. Happy day. Foxtrot
    • O. Zvonarev. Always with you. Foxtrot
    • Yu. Chichkov. Lipsey. From the movie "Today, Tomorrow and Always"
    • Yu. Chichkov. Intermezzo
    • Yu. Sorokin. Parting. Tango
    • 3. Binkin. Spring meetings
    • 3. Binkin. Russian Foxtrot
    • 3. Binkin. Walking
    • I. Zakharov. Song
    • I. Zakharov. Improvisation
    • A. Abramov. Bright day. Foxtrot
    • A. Abramov. On the old street
    • E. Botyarov. Thoughtful dance. bossa nova
    • E. Botyarov. Song-dance. bossa nova
    • L. Eshpay. Three Jazz Melodies
    • I. Kefalidi. bespectacled man
    • I. Kefalidi. old friend
    • V. Solovyov. Walk

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    As you like it

    Collection of pop pieces for piano
    issue 14
    compiled by I. Zakharov
    "Music", 1971
    number 6981