How to play your mama don t dance on guitar

Your Mama Don’t Dance Loggins & Messina Chords and Lyrics for Guitar

Loggins and Messina

Originally recorded in C, was later recorded in A by Kenny Loggins solo.

1st Guitar

(Pick two notes at a time with your fingers to get the right sound)

 e|| -----------------------------------------------|| B|| -----------------------------------------------|| G||:--------5----------5----------5----------5----:||x2 D|| -5--5---5h7-5--5---5h7-5--5---5h7-5--5---5h7---|| A|| -3--6h7-----3--6h7-----3--6h7-----3--6h7-------|| E|| -----------------------------------------------|| 

2nd Guitar

 e|------------------------------------|| ----------|| B|------------------------------------|| -10-8-----|| G|------------------------------------||:-10-8h9--:||x5 D|------------------------------------|| -------10-|| A|------------------------------------|| ----------|| E|------------------------------------|| ----------|| 

[C] [F] [C] [C]  

 e|| -----------------------------------------------|| B|| -----------------------------------------------|| G|| --------5--------------------5---------5-------|| D|| -5--5---5h7-------3----5--5--5h7-5--5--5h7-----|| A|| -3--6h7-----1--3--3h5--3--6h7----3--6h7--------|| E|| ------------1--4h5-----------------------------|| 

[F] [F] [C] [C]  

 e|| -----------------------------------------------|| B|| -----------------------------------------------|| G|| -----------------------------5---------5-------|| D|| --------3---------3----5--5--5h7-5--5--5h7-----|| A|| -1--3---3h5-1--3--3h5--3--6h7----3--6h7--------|| E|| -1--4h5-----1--4h5-----------------------------|| 

[G] [F] [C] [C]  

 e|| -----------------------------------------------|| B|| -----------------------------------------------|| G|| -----------------------------5---------5-------|| D|| --------5---------3----5--5--5h7-5--5--5h7-----|| A|| -3--5---5h7-1--3--3h5--3--6h7----3--6h7--------|| E|| -3--6h7-----1--4h5-----------------------------|| 

CHORUS: (Play pattern Lick first Chorus & Verse, Switch to Chords 2nd Chorus)

[C]Your mama don't dance, your [F]daddy don't rock and r[C]oll.

Your [F]mama don't dance, your daddy don't rock and[C] roll.

When [G]evenin' comes around and it's [F]time to go to town

Where ya [C]go to rock and roll.

1st VERSE: (Play intro lick)(BASS STARTS)

T[C]he old folks say that [F]you gotta end your date [C]by ten.

If you're [F]out on a date and you bring it home late it's a si[C]n.

[G]Just ain't no excusin', you know you're [F]gonna lose and never [C]win, I'll say it again.


And it's all because-


(Lead 1:Sax)(Lead 2:Guitar)(Then go to bridge with a walk up)


[E-F]You pull into a drive-in, you find a place to park.

[E-F]You hop into the backseat, where you know it's nice and dark.

[E-F]You're just about to move and you thinkin' it's a breeze,

[E-F]There's a light in your eye and then a guy says:


[G]Louise, you're coming with [F]me, and we'll call the p[C]olice.


(Switch back to beginning lick)

Where ya [C]go to rock and roll.

Where ya [C]go to rock and roll.

Where ya [C]go to rock and roll.

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I Got Love, guitar chords

 N/C I Got Love... I Got Love...  C  Wrapped around me, wrapped around me.  D You're like my sort - marijuana.  Em  The sky in diamonds - summer was flying.  Em  You are my baby - the daughter of the carnival.  C  Move, baby! Balla princess! D Night of change - the thoughts of a rastaman.  Em  Until I got tired, the music played.  Em  Someone smoked - someone vpirali!  C  This is a fool, foolish marra she is manna. D I thought I was flying to warmer climes -  Em  Summer, sea, sand, but you are not enough for me.  Em  I dance to the floor, hands to the ceiling of the hall.  C  I won't go back to where I fell. D Miraculously exhausted and took sadness with her.  Em  This is our life and it is never enough.  Em  I dance to the floor - hands to the ceiling of the hall.  C  Go, everybody shake your ass. D Go, move everybody is my favorite show.  Em  The head shook mercy gave mannama.  Em  Planna blew into Navara cash.  C  Butor give us a shaft! D When this day comes - you sing to yourself,  Em  About me, for love and for my mother, for my brother,  Em  And then fate will bend, ata-ata!  C  Ataman! D I'm like Ataman!  Em  In a hot tango - a music lover,  Em  Badman rules me.  C  Dance! So primitive! D Dance! So impulsive!  Em  Dance, daughter of the carnival.  Em  There weren't enough of you on the dance floor! Few.  C  I got love a feel! I got you my mind! D I got you love my skill! My la-la-la-life!  Em  I got love a feel! I got you my mind!  Em  I got you love my skill! My la-la-la-life!  C  Jah! Jah! Jah! Let's hang the windows D Let's be a princess and a despot again.  Em  Laurels do not take your ardor, Kuralesim.  Em  We will break free over the years together.  C  Ooh Wow! D Ooh Wow!  Em  Ooh Wow!  Em  Woo!  C  Fly around the planets in an instant D That drumming rain - melancholy and sadness.  Em  But you lit up freedom with the light of goodness,  Em  The hips moved in the dance.  C  You are my Rumba, you are my Samba! D You are my Salsa, you are my Tango.  Em  Smoke pile, Volume chat -  Em  Fly away with me in these arms.  C  Fly with me. Fly with me. D Fly with me. Fly with me.  Em  Smoke pile, Volume chat -  Em  Fly away with me in these arms.  C  Fly with me. Fly with me. D Fly with me. Fly with me.  Em  Smoke pile, Volume chat -  Em  Fly away with me in these arms.  C  I got love a feel! I got you my mind! D I got you love my skill! My la-la-la-life!  Em  I got love a feel! I got you my mind!  Em  I got you love my skill! My la-la-la-life!  C  This is just a game - D Maybe even your nakedness.  Em  Oh baby, I don't believe it!  Em  Fall into my arms, my beauty!  C  We are with you without a guide - so it is necessary, D Touched your soul to me, dear, lambada.  Em  To twist the booty - yes, beat, it's not a pity for the subwoofer.  Em  I burn with you like a schmal in pubs! Give me heat!  C  I'm ready to give you all lois, D Who knows how to make noise - make some noise!  Em  Heat until the morning, in the heat of the crowd,  Em  But I only look at you! Do you believe ma?  C  And when the club begins to nod in the morning, D I'll steal you like Azor roses.  Em  I will smile in silence and say simply:  Em  "Come to me, Sun, undo your braids!"  C  Undo your braids... D Unravel your braids.  Em  Come to me, Sun, undo your braids.  Em  Unravel your braids.  C  I got love a feel! I got you my mind! D I got you love my skill! My la-la-la-life!  Em  I got love a feel! I got you my mind!  Em  I got you love my skill! My la-la-la-life!  C  I got love a feel! I got you my mind! D I got you love my skill! My la-la-la-life!  Em  I got love a feel! I got you my mind!  Em  I got you love my skill! My la-la-la-life! 

Easy guitar songs for beginners

Every beginner guitarist no matter how much theory or development of the fingers of both hands, still comes to one desire - to sing songs with the guitar . This is generally the culmination of all expended forces. It's like in football or hockey, no matter how much an athlete trains various cool “feints”, but all his abilities will be revealed and shown by the game itself in front of the audience.

You can be an "ace" at home, but at a party or on stage, you can suddenly become a nobody. (From personal experience). But this is all related to the topic -> how to start singing in front of an audience and how to develop charisma?.
And now I offer a few simple songs for the guitar:

The easiest chords and playing technique, usually for courtyard songs and folk songs, therefore I recommend:

"JOKE AND QUEEN" - A fabulous song! Just 4 simple chords and a simple fight. In my opinion, this is the best option for a beginner.

"PEARLS IN THE HAIR" - a very beautiful lyrical song about a romantic dream! =)

“EVERYTHING WILL PASS” is also a beautiful song, with a similar meaning, only more melodic and all in 3 chords under the bust of 8-ku.

“Forget-Me-Nots” is a beautiful love song! Everything is played in the key of Em. If you wish, you can beat her completely by brute force - 8

"YOUNG BLONDE" - a song for lovers! It will become quite easy if you play it in the key of Em. Completely goes under bust - 8.

"DO YOU LOVE ME?" - children's and youth song in 3 easy chords! Very easy to sing and play!

"THE IS A LITTLE HOUSE IN ITALY" - Also, to some extent, a fairy tale, only an adult and with a shade of gray =) It is played in combat - 6 with silence. The chords are the easiest!

“A GUY LIVED ON THE END OF THE EARTH” is a sad song about love between children and youth. Most often, it is played in the key of Am (simple chords) and all over 6 with a muffler.

“THE IS A BEAUTIFUL GIRL ON THE EARTH” — romantic, rhythmic yard foam! Easy to play and sing!

"MY MOTHER" - For those who want to show their feelings for their mother through a song.

"THREE WISHES" - A rhythmic song with a fairy tale story with a simple but deep meaning.

"WHITE BIRCH" is a melodic song about non-reciprocal love, which is all beaten up with brute force. There is a beautiful solo for the 2nd guitar.

"SAINT ANNA" - A song about a beautiful girl and, unfortunately, about weak men in a cassock. :)) The whole composition is sung to the beat of 6-ku without jamming. There are still 2 versions, if that.

"THE ROOM OF THE ENGINE" - In terms of performance and meaning, it resembles the songs "Friends" and "Get the steamer going."

"GOLDEN CHILDHOOD" - The song perfectly conveys the character and spirit of the courtyard classics. (in the key of Am (A minor) there is one chord per barre). PS: You can listen to it in the player on the left sidebar.

"DOLPHINE" - The song of the pioneer corners of our country of the recent past. I don’t know how it is now, but before the girls really liked this song.

"FRIENDS" - a pleasant, cheerful song, but with a sad undertone. All consists of 3 banal chords and simple methods of sound production.

"GIVE THE STEAMBOAT GO" - the whole song is in 3 simplest chords and is played in battle - 6. The theme is of course gloomy, but about love! =)

“WINTER” is probably a little-known song about bright feelings. Very simple and with a nice motive. Although, who cares! It is played in combat - "six" with jamming.

"I'M TAKE A PHOTO" - a bit sad, but still about love! . Played with brute force 8.

"SCARLET SAILS" (By the blue sea) - for those who have not forgotten how to dream! A song in 4 light chords for a fight - "six"!

"SCARLET SAILS" (Guys, you have to believe in miracles) - the continuation of the love story of Assol and Gray!

"HERE IS THE CARAVAN COMES" - this can be said to be a short fairy tale for adults, about marijuana and Ali the caravaneer. Great for training the thumb of the hand.

"NORTH WIND" - although a sad song, but for beginners it can become just a masterpiece. And for those who do not like to sing, it will be great as a melody!
It is played by brute force - "eight" and chords are quite interesting and simple! So keep it up!

"INCORRECT" - a simple song, played by brute force - "six".

"WALL" (Petlyura) - for connoisseurs of thieves' lyrics.

"SING, ZHIGAN" - a song of the same artist and the same genre. It is played in combat - 6 with silence.

"DARK WATER" - a song mostly about love! In the key of Em, light. Everything goes into battle - 6 with a muffler.

"YOU DID NOT COME" Obscene 18+ is an ironic, even funny song. It is played entirely on simple chords and with the same easy strike. Performed almost in one breath! =)

"CAT MATROSKIN" (Dvorovaya) Obscene 18+ - for young and stupid

"I'M A GRAY GUY" - the theme of this song resembles a song from Petliura, and to say that it is difficult to perform, the language does not rises, the more he translated the chords into the key of Am, thereby bypassing the barre technique. The fight is very similar to the "six", but there are some nuances.

"GULYAKA" (on Yesenin's verses) - a very easy song about walking around Moscow. In 4 chords and is played with the most elementary string pluck.

“AT THE HEIGHT WITHOUT A NAME” (from the film “Silence”) — a simple composition in a patriotic way!

"LONELY HARMONY" - a popular drinking hit! It is played in an interesting way in a waltz rhythm. Chords are simplified especially for beginners!

"WHITE SNOW" - also a folk and drinking song with a lyrical plot for female vocals! Easy to sing and play!

In the midst of summer evenings in nature, light bard (author's) and funny songs are well suited: ! It is played by enumeration of the "eight".

"CHOPIN" (E. Vaenga) - from the same opera! Only exclusively for the guitarist - girls.

"YOU ARE MY CLEAR SUN" (Nogan Mandzhieva) - and we send this one to the same piggy bank! =) Love song in 4 easy chords. Busting and combat are easy.

"OVER THE FOG" (Yuri Kukin) - bard, marching song for evening (night) gatherings around the campfire! All chords are simple! And for a non-obtrusive performance, you can beat it with the easiest “pinch” method.

"WE ARE NOT ANGELS" (A. Ponomarev) is an interesting song with simple chords. But on the condition that you beat it all with a light (non-original) enumeration and without switching to a guitar fight. 🙂

"Buttercups" (Just Lera) - a simple song in 4 chords for guitarists - girls! It is played by busting 8 and fighting with six.

"ZERO" (Kravts) - a modern cool song for your beloved! The whole is played on 3 of the simplest chords, with a fight - 6 with a muffler.

"BEND OF A YELLOW GUITAR" (How cool) (O. Mityaev) - the chords are simple and the tonality is comfortable. True, there is a transition in the last verse, but according to the beginner's custom, we do without it. I admit, I still play the whole song in one key. May Oleg Mityaev forgive me.

"MY DEAR" (Yu. Vizbor) - also easy to perform with an elegant pluck of the strings.

“YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE OF ME” is a very similar song by the same author. For simplicity, it is best to play it in the key of Am

“PASS” is a popular, marching song from Yuri Vizbor, but most often it is not performed in the original style and even the text is different. Actually, this version is most suitable for beginners!

"YOU ARE MY BREATH" (Ada Yakusheva) is a cool song for female vocals! The Recommended Playing Method "Bass Pinch" is an initial guitar playing method widely used by bards! In general, it is easy to sing and play!

"JUMP DOWN" (Olesya Lyashenko) - a song with an interesting enumeration and it all consists of 4 easy chords!
"FAIRY" (Olesya) - consists of 4 chords. In the key of Em, everything will become light. Fully played by the most common battle - 6.

"HELLO, ANOTHER DEAR" (A. Solodukha) - a song for those who feel what it is about. =) The key is Em, the fight is a little more difficult than the six.

SONG ABOUT A FRIEND (V. Vysotsky) — a tonality convenient for the voice, with the same plucking of the strings.

"TOP" - rhythmic, to the beat of the "four". For hikers, this is it!

"FUN AT THE FIRE" (Dmitry Dotsenko) - a positive song from a simple guitarist from Ukraine. Git. fight in 2 moves! The chords are without barre. (tonality of Am).

"THE BREAD IS SHARED" (Garik Kharlamov - Eduard Severe) - a humorous quatrain to the simple movements of a guitar fight. Briefly, in one word - “lightness”

“LITTLE MOUSE” (Garik Kharlamov - Eduard Severe) - in the same vein!) Only played with enumeration, and the ending is a fight.

"FAREWELL STEAMBOAT" and "MOSQUITO DEATH" are not songs at all, but something short and a bit comical. In my opinion, this is the easiest thing to play on the guitar!

"UNFORGETTABLE" (Semyon Slepakov) - more, of course, will suit cheerful girls. There is 1 chord per barre. But he can be dealt with.

"TABLET" - The author is the same. A song in 3 simple chords, about a lover of harmful pills! In short, about a rich fool and a resourceful doctor. =)

COMBINERS (Igor Rasteryaev) is a cool (18+) and almost folk song. Almost everything is played by plucking. No barre!

"There is ONLY A MOMENT" (Oleg Dal) - cover version from the film "Sannikov Land". If you play it all in the key of Em and beat 6, then it is quite easy to play and sing for “one-two” - very simple!

SOVRAL (Yegor Nats) is a godsend for a beginner, if you play it completely by busting 8.

“A BLUE FIRE FLASHED” (S. Yesenin) — all consists of 4 chords without barre. It is played with light enumeration 8. It is not difficult to sing it.

"YOU ARE MY FALLEN MAPLE" - autumn-winter song on the verses of S. Yesenin! In the key of Em, it turns out all on light chords and is played with an interesting brute force! It's easy to sing too!

"ORIOLGA" (S. Yesenin) - is played with a fairly rare but very light enumeration - "six". All chords are simple and undemanding to vocals!

"SHARP TURN" (I. Sarukhanov) - a cheerful marching song, completely ready for battle with a plug, the chords in the key of Em are all simple! Sings comfortably too!

"DEMBEL" (Army) - a popular, rhythmic and cheerful composition in 4 light chords and a guitar fight - "six".

"GOP-STOP GREEN" - light and also super peppy demobilization song with a guitar! It is prescribed for beginners like a medicine! =)

"NORMAL BUS" - simple for both voice and chords. The combat is also not difficult.

“KILLING UP WITH A BLACK BOOT” (army) is a popular army song. With enumeration of the "eight" and the battle of the "six".

"THE WIND DRIVES EVIL CLOUDS" (Army) is a very beautiful song and easy to perform. Fight "six", bust "eight".

“THE CASE WAS IN THE MILITARY COMMITTEE” (Army) — touching, in fact, like all army songs! If you play it in the key of Em and strike - 6, then it will become quite simple - just right for beginner guitarists!

"WRITE ME" (Army) - played with a simple and "juicy" enumeration. There is an F chord in the chorus. But for example, at the beginning I played the whole song only with this enumeration, and he did not barre. Although the song has at least 2 versions. Just in case, I posted both options. Dare!

"SNOW QUEEN" is a great song in 4 chords. It is performed by enumeration of the "eight" and the battle of the "six".

HELLO MOM is a very patriotic composition! There are 2 versions of them. The first is rhythmic, and the second is melodic. The technique of the game is simple everywhere. Meaning catches like never before!

"IRINKA" (SNOWFLAKES FALLING) - The plot is similar to the "Snow Queen" (see above) and is played by the same fight (6th). The whole thing consists of 4 chords, but there is 1 chord per barre, although it can be bypassed by playing the song in the key of Em.

"KISS THE BABA RAILS" - plays exactly the same as the composition "According to the plan" (Gr.Ob). Only the motive is different and, of course, the meaning =)

"CHORD OF THE GUITAR" - a peppy, demobilization song, in two versions (optional). Everything goes under fight-6 with a muffler, on simple chords.

"GUITAR, SPOI" - rhythmic, demobilization - army song! Fully played by combat - "six" and the chords are all simple!

HELLO SISTER! - There are several versions of this touching song, but this one, in my opinion, is the simplest!

"MOM, DON'T SCORE ME, I'M DRINK" is another popular army song that any newcomer can play, especially a conscript! =) Most often it is played in combat - 6, and someone with a brute force - 8.

"THE PINE NOISES" - a sad but simple song, everything is played by brute force - 8.

"ROTA, Rise!" - a rhythmic, jaunty army song, almost all of which is played in combat - 6 with a muffler.

“WAMP SLOWLY” (Adrenaline) is a song with an army theme. In the key of Em, all chords are light. Everything is played in combat - 6 with a muffler.

Simple songs of popular groups and performers:

“BLACK SUN” (B 2) is a rare case that this group had light songs, and even here they had to translate the chords into the key of Em. As a result, the whole composition came out in 3 light chords and it is played by the most common fight among beginners - 6 without a jammer.

"GRANITE STONE" (Ladybug) - played with a bang, sung as well! =) Combat - 6 with silence. The chords are mellow.

LONE STAR (Factor-2) is a soulful song in a convenient key (Em) and way of playing.

"LIFE" (Gaza). - In the original, the song contains 2 transitions to other keys, but if this is not done (this is how I started), then it can be easily performed (to the beat of the “four” with muting).

"NEW YEAR'S SONG" - the composition of the same group is played with the same fight, but more provocative in meaning! (The name speaks for itself.)

"IN THE EVENING ON THE SHOP" (Gaza Strip) - immediately contains 3 easy types of guitar fight, but the chords are simple.

"LOCAL" - an ironic and even funny song by the same group, played in a battle - 6 without muting at a fast pace. The chords are all easy.

"NEAR YOUR HOUSE" - by playing the guitar, almost a copy of the previous song, but the meaning is a little more fun =)

"HOME" - the name speaks for itself. If you play it in the same key Am, in a “four” or “six” fight, then the song is quite simple.

"WAIL TO THE MOON" - if you play in the native key of Em and without the use of fifths, then the song is simple. It is played with the whole kind of battle of the "four". If desired, you can also use a simple “four”.

"YAVA" - Cool song! In the original, it is played on fifths, but it also works well on simple chords. The fight is very simple.

"TIME TO GO HOME" - a song on an army theme, it will become very easy to perform if you play it all in the key of Em, beat 6 with a muffler!

"I WANT CHANGE" (Kino) is a very popular song and simple if played in the key of Em and with a light beat (6 or 4).

"A STAR NAMED THE SUN" - chords and fight are simple and only losing can be difficult, but again, you can do without it for a start.

"MAMA ANARCHY" - those who already master the F chord can safely take on this rhythmic hit.

EIGHT-GRADE GIRL is legendary! Well, where without her?! I don't think that because of the F chord it should be classified as a complex composition. It is played in four-piece combat.

"PACK OF CIGARETTES" - 4 chords, fight - "four" and your song!

"WHEN YOUR GIRL IS SICK" - one of the popular songs of the Kino group, is also played as "Pack of Cigarettes", and the chords are in the same key (without barre).

"WE SEEN THE NIGHT" - a cheerful, simple song in 4 chords. But there is an F chord. Therefore, just in case, I suggested an alternative one.

"ALUMINUM CUCUMBERS" - a peppy song with a deep meaning from Viktor Tsoi. Four chords. The fight is like in "Pack of Cigarettes".

“SUMMER WILL END” — everything goes under attack- 6. All chords without barre, except for one chord Hm, and it can be persuaded =)

"APRIL" - performed in the key of Em and without barre with a simple fight, though there is an intro and an ending that are played by brute force, but they are beautiful! You can choose not to play them if you wish.

"ORBIT WITHOUT SUGAR" (Splin) - and everyone knows this hit! And who doesn't know, that means he hasn't been born yet =))

"DANCE" - a composition in 3 light chords, from the same group. Git. the fight is perhaps more difficult than the “six”. I will say this, a song for those who want to learn a more complex rhythmic pattern performed by the right hand.

EVERYTHING GOES ACCORDING TO THE PLAN (Civil Defense) - 4 chords in total and a fight in 5 movements. The original chords (key-Am) contain a barre (F chord). Therefore, remember that in this case there is a key - Em, if anything.

"ETERNAL YOUTH" (Chizh and So) - only 5 chords without barre and also a simple fight.

"WINGS" (Nautilus) - performed by simple plucking of the strings!

"WALKS ON THE WATER" is a composition of the same group and is played in the same spirit!

"BREATHING" - and this song will be even easier to play and perform if played in the key of Em. Fight - six without jamming.

"WHISTLE" (DDT) - just a super song, and even in four chords!

"PENGUINS" (Beasts) - light chords, except for the Hm chord. The song is played partly by enumeration, partly by combat - "four" and "six".

FORGIVE ME MY LOVE (Zemfira) is perhaps her most popular song. Combat -6. There is an F chord, but it's on the losing end. If that's the place you can play acc. Dsus2. He will go there.

"AU" (Lyapis Trubetskoy) is a positive composition for her! There is one chord per barre (F). All play combat -6 with silence.

"ARGENTINA" - even a bit romantic song of the same group, played on 2 of the simplest chords. It will be easier to go under the battle-6.

"BLACK CAT" (Bravo) - if played with a pinch, then it will be quite simple to perform it.

"ROAD TO THE CLOUDS" - under battle - 6, without jamming, at a fast pace. Key - Em (not original).

"WIND IN THE HEAD" (Trofim) - peppy and rhythmic composition for battle - "6" with mute.

"BALLS" (Aleksin) - a composition for school graduates, but not only ... It is played in combat - 4-ka. There is a transition from one key to another, but I think that it would be excusable for beginners not to do it =)

"OY-YO" (Chayf) - In our youth, we constantly "shouted" this song both in the yard and on hikes! It even happened that those who got lost in the forest chose this very “or” as if by a compass! =)
In the key of G, the chords are light. The combat is also easy.

“ORANGE MOOD” (Chayf) — a jaunty song better known as “Polbaton Kefir Bottle”, in some places it looks like a mantra 🙂 It is played by fight 6 and sung with a bang!

"ARGENTINA - JAMAICA - 5:0" - perhaps one of the best songs for a beginner guitarist! Only 4 chords and the easiest way to play!

"NOT WITH ME" is a slightly sad composition from the same group.

"VLADIVOSTOK 2000" (Mumiy Troll) - a rhythmic song about gloomy everyday life 🙂 You can play both fight 6 and 4. The chords are trifling =)

"OUR HOUSE" (Time Machine) - will go to those who have been at least a month 3-4 plays and sings. There is an Hm chord, the rest are all light. The fight is easy.

"CIGARETTE SMOKE WITH MENTHOL" (Nancy) - will become easy if you perform it in the key of Em without transitions and completely overkill.

"HALF" (Dances Minus) is a simple song, provided that it is played in the key of Em and with a simplified enumeration. There is a detailed video analysis for beginners.

"STUPID" (Nerves) - easy to play if played in the key of C (C-major), in full stroke - 6 and without playing the intro.

"DRUNK RAIN" (Max Korzh) is a vital song in 3 simple chords, if played in the key of C major. Easy to sing and play!

«PACK OF CIGARETTES» (LIZER) — if you play the intro with a simplified enumeration, then in general the song is simple, besides, it all consists of 3 light chords.

"ON THE CLOCK ZERO ZERO" (Good) - all for battle 6 with a muffler. In 4 easy chords. It's also easy to sing.

"Smoke" (Vaenga) - a simple romance for female guitarists. The whole song can be beaten using the bass-pinch method and in the key of Am.

"A MILLION SCARLET ROSES" (A. Pugacheva) is a light composition that tells the love story of an artist and an actress. All in 4 simplest chords!

"ALL WILL PASS" (M. Boyarsky) - a wonderful lyrical song! If you play it in the key of Em, then it will become quite easy to perform it!

"BELLS" (V. Markin) - better known as And you didn't come again today. It is played and sung easily in a comfortable key Em

Songs and melodies for the winter holidays:

“A CHRISTMAS BORN IN THE FOREST” is a popular New Year anthem for all ages! The whole song is on simple chords (without "barre"). It is performed by the "pinch" method.

"THE LITTLE CHRISTMAS IS COLD IN WINTER" - only 3 simple chords. Plays the same as the previous song.

"IF IT WAS NO WINTER" - a positive winter and New Year's song from the film "Winter in Prostokvashino". Not being able to play it is simply unrealistically bold in relation to Santa Claus! =)

"NEW YEAR" (Disco Crash) - a rhythmic composition with adult New Year's humor, in 4 light chords under fight-6 with muffling. The bar is missing! =)

"SNOW IS SPIN" (Flame) - a pleasantly snowy composition. Chords, strumming and fighting - any non-lazy beginner can master!

"NEW YEAR'S TOYS" (Gems) - children's fairy tale song about the new year! Everyone has heard, everyone knows her, and I’ll give you 100 pounds, they will play! Wow, I’ve already spoken in verse ... =) Perhaps it’s time for me to rest))

“THREE WHITE HORSES” (from the film “Magicians”) - this song is for children, although adults also sing it with pleasure! =) It is played in combat - 6. There is no barre technique.

"NEW YEAR - TANDARIN IN MY MOUTH" - this is a cool composition about the new year of the KVN team - "Ural dumplings". As I understand it, the song is based on real events! =) Easy to play!

"GARLANDA" is also a New Year's song from the Ural Pelmeni. Consists of 3 simple chords and is easy to sing!

"A FIR-TREE BORN IN THE FOREST" (Melody) is a very simple melody. Perfect for beginners of school age or adult guitarists - dads, moms, grandparents! 🙂

"THE LITTLE FIR-TREE IS COLD IN WINTER" (Melody) - a similar melody, but in my opinion it is even easier to play and more cheerful.

"TO TIKHORETSKY" (from the film "The Irony of Fate") - drinking song, for female vocals! Sounds in the key of Em, all chords and playing method are simple!

"ICE CEILING" (E. Khil) is a fabulous composition for the winter holidays, in a comfortable key, with light chords and playing method!

"SUNNY DAYS HAVE GONE" (V. Leontiev) is a beautiful love song with simple chords and easy strumming!

Just different songs and melodies:

"WHITE ROSES" (Tender May) - is played by a "six" fight with muting. The chords are simple.

“ROSE EVENING” is a popular song with a nice tune from the same group! The easiest way to play and sing is in the key of Em and completely in action - 6.

"CHILDHOOD" (Yuri Shatunov) - a very soulful, wonderful song! Played in the same style as "White Roses"

"18 ME ALREADY" (Hands Up) is a rhythmic hit that even a beginner can master! The guitar is played with a fight - 6. Light chords in the key of C (C major)

“Alien Lips” is a song by the same group. It is played easily without modulation - in the native key Am

"DO YOU KNOW" (Maxim) - a well-known hit, it will become easy to perform if you play the whole song in one key Em, brute-force - 8 and a simple fight.

"A RIVER IS FLOWING" (Lube) - became famous thanks to the film Relatives. A very simple song, if you play it in the key of Em and completely bust - 8!

"ALL FOR YOU!" (Stas Mikhailov) - any beginner will perform if you play it in the key of Em

"LOVE ME LOVE" (Grechka) - a re-sung pop song about obsessing over love =). All in 4 chords. You can make the fight easier if you want.

"GIRL-GIRL" (Evgeny Belousov) - not counting the introduction, the whole song goes under the battle - "four". If you wish, you can play "six". It is easier to perform it in the key of Em. Checked it personally =)

"LITTLE COUNTRY" (Natasha Koroleva) - a simple composition for young guitarists or their parents! Light chords in Em and everything is played with a fight - 6 with a muffler. Easy to sing too!

"I'M READY TO KISS THE SAND" (Vladimir Markin) is a spring-summer composition in a romantic way. It is easy to play and sing in the key of Em, 6.

Gonja is a peppy reggae song. In 3 chords! Really master the game method!

"RASPBERRY LADA" is a modern rhythmic hip-hop song. On the guitar, it is played with the simplest fight and on light chords in the key of Em.

“A GRASSBUCKER SAT IN THE GRASS” (melody) — I don’t think that it can be a favorite melody for someone, but for beginners this is the simplest and at the same time useful training of the fingers of both hands! There is a video review. It might help.

3 EASY GUITAR TUNES - and these melodies are pleasant to the ear and at the same time light. I recommend learning them!

BEAUTIFUL AND SIMPLE MELODY — a light and at the same time beautiful melody without a name, which is well suited as a lullaby. I recommend playing it to all beginners before going to bed - that's it! =)

"WAIT THE ENGINE" (from the film "Operation Y") - can be performed as a song or simply as a melody. Two in one! The chords are easy, and the melody itself is simple!

"MOBILE" (melody from the movie "Boomer") - the most "raisin" and lightest part of the track from Sergei Shnurov. I think that the whole version for a beginner will be difficult, so I inserted a video - parsing a fragment here:



"GENTLEMEN OF LUCK" (from the film of the same name) - any newcomer will play it! You can play both on 2 and on one string.

"LULLABY OF THE BEAR" (from the film Umka) - a children's song with simplified chords! The whole is completely played by enumeration - 8.

"WHERE IN THE WHITE WORLD" (from the movie Prisoner of the Caucasus) - a simple well-known song, which is all beaten up by the pinch method in the key of Am "Mom for a mammoth", for the youngest guitarists or their parents! Played all over - 6. The chords are all barre-free and easy to sing!

"BLUE CAR" (from the film Cheburashka) is one of the easiest children's songs! It is played and sung easier than a steamed turnip, in the key of Am under the method - a bass pinch!

"YOU AND I, YES WE AND YOU" - also a children's song from the film "Quiet C-Students". If you play it all in the key of Em and brute force 8, then it is easy to perform!

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU" (Happy Birthday to you) is a drinking, congratulatory song for all ages! Easy to play and sing!

*Of course there are many more simple songs for the guitar , but it's better to start with one, otherwise it happens that you want to learn how to play 10 songs at once, but in the end not a single one.

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