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What is TikTok? Fresno, California teacher gets millions of views on app with videos, songs showing off jerk dance at school



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ByBrittany Jacob via

Thursday, December 9, 2021


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Austin Lemay, the energetic teacher at Tenaya Middle School in Fresno, was seen on video busting out his old moves for his students.

FRESNO, Calif. -- Whether you were dusting your shoulder off or leanin' and rockin', memorable Hip Hop dances from the early 2000s are making their way through the viral TikTok dance craze.

Austin Lemay, the energetic teacher at Tenaya Middle School in Fresno, was seen on video busting out his old moves for his students.

"I've been waiting 30 years for this," he said.

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Lemay is the Campus Culture Director. Dancing on Fridays after class is a regular event for students.

These teens get to show their moves outside of the classroom or even praise Mr.Lemay for his.

"This is my job and this is my career," Lemay said. "More than anything, this is my passion as it is with every other teacher and adult here on campus. These kids are our passion."

The video was posted by fellow teacher Jenny McCauley to bring attention to the good things happening at the school.

In just one day, it received millions of views.

McCauley says the student-staff connection is a high priority for the school.

"We upped our game pretty much," she said. "We stepped it up, we engage with the kids and we have fun. Having fun is really important to us."

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"It's been very important to us to provide an environment where kids want to be here, they want to come and connect with other people," says principal Armen Torigian. "I feel like if kids' heads are in the right spot, they are feeling safe and they are having fun, then we can teach them anything that they need to learn."

Dereona Thepphakaysone is one of Mr. Lemay's students and the mastermind behind the original post.

"Due to the pandemic, things slowed down and so I feel like kids are still scared to come back to school and try to make new friends," she said. "Having things more fun makes them feel included, makes them excited to go to school."

Lemay credits his parents for his moves and willingness to get up and dance.

He says he hopes to continue shedding a positive light for the school and the students.

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How to Do the Jerk Hip-Hop Dance Move for Kids

Learn how to do the jerk in this Howcast hip-hop dance video for kids with Jeff Cowans.


Hey, what's up? All right, here's another dance you've seen before. You've seen it in a music video by The Rejects. It's called the Jerk. A lot of people confuse it with other dances but now you're going to find out what it is and how to do it. This is the jerk.

You want to keep your knees low. You want to keep your body low and you're going to bounce, like this. You go, hey. Other side, hey, hey, hey. Got it? All right. So I'm going to break that down a little bit.

Basically you're going to be low to the floor. Think of it like you're creeping, you're getting low. I don't know. You're an umpire. Yeah? Something like that. And then you're going to go to the side. See how my knees go? Bounce. Yeah? Do we got it? All right. Let's do it again.

So you're up, you're at a party, you feel like you're getting ready to dance, you want to, I want to try this. I want to try the jerk. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to get low. Yeah? I'm going to lean to the side. And I'm going to bounce off my knees. Bounce. I'll hit the other side. I'm going to bounce off of it. Bounce. Got it? Bounce off of it.

So let's try it twice on the other side now. So I'm going to go bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce. Got it? Bounce, bounce, hey, bounce, bounce. Do whatever you want with your hands. But it's all about getting low and using your knees. So you got it? You got it? Let's try it again.

As you see, one of my legs is longer than the other and I'm just going to like pull that one in, drag that one in and bounce. So let's try it. Yeah? We're going to do one time on each side.

Five, six, seven, eight. We're going hey. Got it? We bounce, bounce, bounce. Got it? You following us? Yeah? See how the hands change up? Now we're going to do it twice on each side because you have the choice to do it once, twice. You could even do it five times in a row if you're really feeling yourself and you're out there and you're having a good time, knock yourself out.

Now we're going to do it twice so we're going to go hey, hey, hey. My fellows got it behind me? You see them? So you can follow me or you can follow them. But you got it.

Let's do it one more time really slow for them. Okay? So we're going to go hey, bounce, hey, bounce. Got it? Hey, bounce, hey, bounce. See how I'm dragging one leg? But the whole time my knees are bouncing so a lot of hip hop is in the knees and this is one of those where you're going to have to stay low in the knees. I know it kind of reminds you of those 80's pictures back in the day. You know what I mean? They don't know about that. But it kind of reminds you of the 80's pictures back in the day being low down. But hey, that's hip hop. Got it? Want to try it? Here we go.

Hey. Two times, other side. Hey. One time. You guys got it? Simple enough, yeah?

    Life needs a breakthrough. How to build a business on a hobby and captivate others with it / NV

    Author: Vitaly Zhdanov

    As a boy, Maxim Yaroshenko simply loved to dance hip-hop and break-dance. And now he is 29, he has his own fitness studio, an author's technique and a queue of businessmen for the right to work under his brand. How he did it

    Dancing: start

    It all started in the tenth grade, when Maxim rented a gym at school No. 147 in Kyiv, where he taught dance. So the student became a coach and director of his first dance school. After graduating, he entered the Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics as a marketer, and a year later he was drafted into the army, into the border troops. But even there dancing helped Maxim. At the birthday party of the military unit, he showed a couple of numbers, and they were seen by the head of the Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the State Border Service. Since then, Maxim has served in this team. “It’s hard to call it service in the army. We then went on tour in Spain, and we performed there for almost four months. I did different tricks: somersaults, jumps. And we were paid for it. It was more like a vacation,” recalls the fitness trainer.

    Video of the day

    When Maxim was demobilized, he wanted to open a dance school again. The level of the school gym did not suit him, and Maxim did not have enough knowledge or funds for more. The former border guard went to work in an advertising agency, where he quickly turned from a simple manager into the head of the event organization department.

    “I worked not so much for money, but for experience, acquaintances, new knowledge. Working in advertising introduced me to many people who in the future helped me realize what I have now, ”admits Maxim.

    In 2009, he already had the capital to open the first official dance school. It was located on Podil, in a hall with an area of ​​120 square meters. Maxim, together with his partner, repaired it and began training there. Six months later, this size was not enough, and I had to move to a hall nearby, there were 350 "squares". The school developed at a new pace. But Maxim was no longer happy about this.

    “At some point I seemed to fall asleep. For me, dancing since school was more of a hobby, a means of self-expression. And as a means of earning money, they ceased to inspire me. I reached a certain level and no longer saw a perspective in this: well, here is one dance school, the second, a constant stream of people - all this has ceased to inspire me, ”he says. Therefore, in 2012, Maxim went to Canada to relax with friends. And all the changes started from there.

    Fitness: a new challenge

    Canadian friends invited him to a cardio fitness class. Maxim was initially skeptical about this idea - he is a dancer, why does he need fitness? But I went

    The lesson was held at the stadium, and the number of people who came Maxim was amazed - about five thousand. “There was such a crazy energy, everyone’s eyes are burning with drive, even if you just stand, your heart is already jumping out,” he shares his impression. - Moreover, the training was so structured that even though I am a professional dancer who does not even sweat during training, after 20 minutes I could barely move. And next to it, a girl jumps, a man with a stomach - and he does the exercises, only this spurred me to reach the end. Krepatura after that lesson with Maxim lasted a week, which was unexpected. Fitness has become a new challenge.

    When Maksim returned to Kyiv, he still hadn't gotten over his strength, when he began to wonder what was similar in Ukraine, or at least in the CIS. It turned out nothing. So, a new culture of fitness had to be introduced from scratch. Maxim saw two possibilities: either to take a franchise overseas, or to create his own program. It took six months to make a choice, and during this time I had to think a lot, communicate, learn, but in the end Maxim came to the conclusion that we need to create our own brand. Because during this time he gained both understanding and experience, and most importantly, people who are ready to help and support. And your brand will allow you not to depend on anyone, which means experimenting and developing.

    Top news digest

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    Newsletter is sent from Monday to Friday

    Maxim studied many similar fitness programs, methods of preparing for different sports, chose the most interesting, some I changed the exercises and brought them closer to the capabilities of modern Ukrainians. As a result, in a year he created a program of 12 workouts and called it "Snatch".

    At first, the future fitness trainer tested it on himself, friends and relatives. His friend, who until then had tried many different activities, with her help, lost ten extra pounds in two months, pulled himself up and got rid of his hanging belly. The comrade was so inspired by the result that he began to recommend fitness from Maxim to everyone and bring more and more of his friends, and those - their own, and so on. There were already many people who wanted to try the new technique.

    The Podil hall was not enough for such a large number of people. Maxim left the dance business and, using the money he received from his share, was looking for a more spacious room. This was found on Petrovka, but they did not have enough funds for it - they needed an investor. Fortunately, Maxim, while still working in an advertising agency, crossed paths with many people, and built trusting relationships with everyone. Therefore, I quickly found a person who became interested in new directions and believed in its creator. They agreed to become a businessman Andrei Klimenko, who participates not only with finances, but also with experience and organizational skills. Maxim learned a lot from him and continues to learn. “Max is a very bright person for me,” says Andrey. - He was successful in dancing for many years, and I helped him when he opened his previous studios. I really liked the way he conducted his business and was responsible.”

    Aspiring fitness businessmen filmed workouts – from now on, Maxim could conduct five or six sessions a day instead of one or two: now the trainer was both on the screen and in the gym at the same time. So he could pay attention to the participants, help them and correct them. So he was eventually able to entrust the classes to other coaches.

    And in 2013, Maxim, together with a business partner, opened the Kvadrat studio on Petrovka. They did not advertise - its participants came thanks to recommendations, and there are already more than three thousand of them today. And in the summer of 2015, the author of "Ryvka" set a Ukrainian record - he held the most massive cardio workout in the country. 1062 people came to this lesson, for which the organizers rented the Olimpiysky National Sports Complex.

    Snatch: there is a result!

    Why are more people joining Ryvok? People see the result, Maxim explains. And if so, they will definitely bring friends. Typically, program participants get rid of seven to eleven extra pounds in two months - that's how long the course lasts. The maximum effect was minus 24 kilograms. “After the course, people not only lose weight and become slimmer,” Maxim shares. “Each Ryvok workout is challenging - you can’t get used to it. That is why people transfer the ability to overcome themselves to everyday life. I often hear words of gratitude for the fact that someone stopped suffocating, someone stopped smelling bad, someone began to have sex more often, someone was promoted in their career, someone became more self-confident, someone changed life - and everyone is associated with the Jerk. It inspires me a lot."

    The author of the program does not hide its secrets. “What I suggest is cardio interval training. They were before, but only available to athletes who were preparing for competitions. And my team and I adapted these workouts for ordinary people. In such classes, we work only with our body - without any simulators or dumbbells. If you give different exercises in the right sequence and with the right load and speed, you get a good result, ”explains Maxim.

    But 60% or even 70% of the success is the diet and routine that the participants adhere to. Therefore, the Ryvka team has its own nutritionist. “My team and I are constantly looking for words to convince participants to eat right. For people to last at least a week or two, when the result becomes visible. And then a person sees himself in the mirror, begins to hear from friends “how you lost weight”, “how you got prettier”, then he no longer wants to miss training and break the regime, says the coach. “Then the person is the best motivator.”

    Now about 450 people are participating in the Ryvok program: 250 people in the Kvadrat studio and another 100 each in two franchised studios. Anatoly Babich owns one of them - this is "Jerk on the Left Bank". When he heard about Maxim's method, he was skeptical at first. “I thought, how can girl fitness change the body? Anatoly recalls. - Maybe. And not only the body - "Jerk" turned my life 180 degrees: it's a cool reflection in the mirror, new opportunities and surroundings. Why did you buy a franchise? It allows you to sell a healthy product. Before my eyes, people are changing, their attitude to life. And it still brings profit.”

    Others want to get the right to work with the brand, but Maxim has strict requirements for franchisees. “This is not a business that you can just invest money in and it will work like a conveyor belt. Will not. What is needed here is a person who is ready to constantly learn and develop, participate personally, believe in the approach and live it. I have turned down many. It was not easy for me to give a franchise to those who work in Kyiv, where I can always come to the studio myself and check everything myself, and if anything, fix it. And what about other cities? After all, this is my face,” explains the owner of the brand.

    The main thing is not to stand still

    In the near future Maxim plans to set a world record, that is, to organize the most massive fitness training. For this, it will be necessary to attract not only the people of Kiev, but also enthusiasts from other cities of Ukraine. Most likely, it will be a kind of teleconference. What for? “It is very important for me and my team to set big goals. They motivate, force you not to stop, not to stand idle, ”Maxim replies.

    In October 2015, Microsoft Ukraine launched the Your Own Upgrade project. In it, the company shows that it is possible to realize a dream, and surprisingly quickly. To do this, you just need to pass the selection, and the winner receives technical assistance and support from a personal trainer. The company devoted one of the directions of the project to the body.

    This topic is not accidental. Ukrainians are getting fat, and the statistics confirm this. According to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, 26% of women and 16% of men are overweight in the country. The main reason for this completeness, the department calls the fact that most of our fellow citizens lead an unhealthy lifestyle: they move little and eat unhealthy. Moreover, the proportion of overweight Ukrainians is gradually growing, and Ukraine risks getting an obesity epidemic in the coming decades. To draw attention to this problem and show that it can be successfully solved, Microsoft Ukraine singled out the TiloUpgrade direction. In it, a lucky person can improve himself physically in two months: become slimmer, more resilient, healthier. This is not easy, so the company entrusted Maxim with such a task.

    And he happily responded. Making a new person in two months is not an easy task, but the complexity only encourages Maxim. “A new result and a happy participant is the best advertisement in the world for my technique,” ​​explains the future coach. - But the main thing is that it is important for me that my work brings real benefits. For me, participation in projects such as “Your Power Upgrade” is another chance to introduce someone to a healthy lifestyle, to instill love in them. And when I see that at first a participant is not able to do push-ups more than once, and after a month he performs a full-fledged bench press and boasts of his achievements, then this is my best motivation to further develop my business.

    More than 400 people took part in TiloUpgrade direction. Irina Fedorova won. Maxim will personally monitor her progress: help, motivate, convince, monitor her lifestyle. Irina's result will also be his new personal result - so far no less significant than the future world record. So, we will see a tense struggle. So stay tuned for the project.

    Follow the development of the project and Irina's success in her training diary, as well as on the Microsoft Ukraine Facebook page.

    December dash from Resident Evil to Soho. Sakhalin.Info

    09:40 November 26, 2021.

    Viola Yeskina

    Events of the week, Weekly, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

    We meet winter with cold weather and thoughts on how to celebrate the New Year, which again crept up unnoticed.

    In the theatrical life of the island, "First Snow" (0+) has already fallen in the form of a performance for the smallest. In addition, this time the Sakhalin Puppet Theater will present its classic performances "Dwarf Nose" (6+), "Geese-Swans" (0+), and for adults - a rare but memorable performance "Lord G...s" (16+ ) is the result of director Oleg Zhyugzhda's reflections on the chronicle novel by Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin. At the Chekhov Center this time there are performances of Testosterone (16+), Onegin (16+), Meek (16+).

    Bach is again honored in the "Concerts" section - on December 2, in the Cathedral of St. James, the laureate of international competitions from Moscow - organist Olesya Kravchenko, one of the jury members of the first international competition for young composers of organ music "New Classics - Taurida Organ", will play along with Bach's unforgettable masterpieces (6+) amazing organ pieces from the three winners of this competition. And on December 3, Olesya Kravchenko and saxophonist Sergey Govorov will play a concert called "The Evolution of Dance" (6+), in which they will show the development of dance music from the most ancient to the latest - "dance hits" will be performed for organ by composers from different eras.

    In the summer of 2021, the Sakhalin Regional Art Museum received from the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation a large collection of paintings, drawings and arts and crafts of the 1950-1980s, which was packed in a capacious container. Out of almost four hundred items, twenty-three paintings, forty-three graphic works and twenty items of decorative and applied art by leading artists of the Soviet era were selected, which became the basis for a new exhibition at the art museum, which was called "Container" (16+) .

    In the cinema, among the novelties is the new thriller "Last Night in Soho" (18+) (no, not at all based on that incident two years ago), a restart of the legendary franchise based on the computer game of the same name "Resident Evil: Raccoon City" (18 +), winner of the 2021 Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival and a Finnish nominee for the 2022 Oscar in the category "Best Foreign Language Film" - "Coupe number 6" (16+), a new cartoon from the Disney studio - "Encanto" (6+).

    Learn more