Learn how to hand dance

10 Basic Dance Moves Anyone Can Learn

Do you ever watch someone dance and wonder how they come up with moves so easily?

Great dancers often master a specific set of moves that they can fall back on again and again.

Read on for 10 basic dance moves you can learn in minutes and use every time you wanna dance.

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1. The Two-Step

When I first started dancing at parties, the Two-Step was the first move that truly came naturally to me.

It really is as simple as stepping from side to side to the beat!

If you're looking for something foolproof that allows you to just groove and enjoy the music...

Boom. Here it is.

2. The Monestary

This move was born in a club called Monestary out in St. Louis!

It’s built on a Two-Step, so if you took that class, you’ve already got a foundation for the footwork.

But rather than bringing your feet together, you’ll tap them to the front with your knee and foot turned inward.

Then, as you tap the feet, you’ll move your arms and shoulders in a circular movement.

3. Booty Pop (Side To Side)

Like the Woah, this sexy move is super TikTok-friendly – but with more feminine energy.

To do a booty pop to the side, you’re gonna bend your knees, put your hands on one knee, and then bring the other leg from bent to straight while turning your knee inward.

If you’re a long-haired baddie, be sure to keep all your hair on one side so it doesn’t flop in your face as you pop!

Read this article on How To Dance Sexy to get more tips on pulling off moves like this one!

4. The Billy Bounce

Surprise – this club-ready move is built on… a bounce!

But what makes it unique is that your knees will come inward on each bounce rather than just up and down.

Once you’ve got the funky lil knee bounce down, you’ll add in an upward kick on each side.
The best thing about this move is that while the footwork takes a few minutes to learn, you don’t necessarily need to add an arm movement to make it look cool.

Just keep your arms front and center.

5. The Woah

Even if you’re not actively involved in the dance community, you’ve probably seen people hitting the Woah – on TikTok, Reels... all over your newsfeed!

Whether you wanna make a viral video of your own, or you’re just looking for a fun, basic dance move to pull out at the clerb, this one is too good not to learn.

Since the locking arm motion is so sharp and pronounced, use the Woah to accent the heaviest bass beats in your favorite songs.

6. The Dougie

Yes, the Dougie is a real dance move!

Like the Two-Step, you’ll be shifting your weight from side to side, but this time, adding some shoulder movements and a lil more attitude.

Try this one out to some songs other than the one that made it famous – you’ll find it works with any hype beat.

7. Scoop Arm Into Hip Sway

Sooo this one is more of combo than a move, but it only takes a few minutes to learn and it works with any fun sassy song…

So it deserves to be here, ok?!

For this move, you’re gonna scoop your arm across your chest, then bring it over your head, and finally point it in front of your chest.

Once you point the arm in front of you, you’ll sway your hips from side to side and groove it out.

8. The Bust Down

The Bust Down was popularized by LA rapper, Blueface, in his 2019 club jam “Thotiana”.

You’re gonna grab your belt, put one arm in the air, and allow your body to dip with the beat.

Note: Licking your eyebrows like Blueface is fun, but not required. 😛

9. The Biz Markie

The Biz Markie is an old school party dance inspired by, you guessed it, rapper Biz Markie!

It rose to popularity in the 90s, when Biz Markie himself began performing it on stage.

As you practice it, remember to allow your shoulders to bounce – the bounce is what gives this move its cool, laidback flavor.

Wanna learn more about classic Hip Hop moves? Read this: How To Dance Hip Hop for Beginners

10. The Humpty

For this bouncy move, you’re gonna circle your hips to one side as your bend your knees.

Then, you’ll jump and cross your legs, allowing your feet to tap the floor briefly before you jump back to your original legs apart position.

Once you’ve got that down, you can complete the move by adding in a windmill motion with your arms.

The leg cross in this move makes it perfect for any Hip Hop song that features a double bass (aka that BOOM BOOM sound that you hear in songs like “Lip Gloss” by Lil Mama)

We hope you enjoyed learning some of our favorite basic dance moves.

Of course, this list is just a start!

In addition to the 10 moves on this list, STEEZY Studio has 100+ other FREE beginner classes where you can learn step-by-step from the world’s best teachers.

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D.C. Hand Dance Club

D.C. Hand Dance Club

We are a social club that preserves and teaches a unique style of dance called D.C. Hand Dance (DCHD) that originated in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area in the mid-1950's. This smooth style of swing evolved from Jitterbug and was known in its early years as "fast dance." D.C. Hand Dance is noted for its complex hand turns done in circular and slotted patterns to the beat of slow to moderate tempo music.  

We dance at various places during the week and one Saturday of each month. Come take our free lessons, provided by certified Hand Dance Instructors.  See details about our weekly and monthly dances - Weekly and Monthly Dances.

***Join the Club/Membership***

Click on the link below and mail your check and form to the address on the form.

2023_Membership Registration Form (pdf)


NYE Dinner &Dance Gala

Download PDF

Forms for NYE

2022 NYE Reservation Form (pdf)


2022 NYE Table Reservation Form (pdf)


Monthly Saturday Night Dance - January 21st Mitten Dance

Bowie Elks Lodge #2309

1506 Defense Hwy

Gambrills, MD 21057

6:45 pm Doors Open

DI Sondra Riley

7:00 pm Dance Lesson

DJ Buddman

8:00 - 11:00pm Music & Dancing

$10 - member fee, $15 - non-member fee

50/50 Drawing 


Mitten Dance: Please bring, gloves , scarves, sweaters to donate to charity, schools, churches.  

Weekly Dances

Alibi's  weekly dance venue is open  each Tuesday  

Lessons 6 - 7 pm

Lessons each week

Dance Instructors: Sondra Riley/Darryl Ingram

Dancing 7 - 10 pm

50/50 drawing

Please check back for any other updates.

Glory Days weekly dance venue is open each Wednesday 

Lessons 6 - 7 pm

Lessons each week

Dance Instructors: Merv Roussell/Louise Pyles

Dancing 7 - 9:30 pm

Please check back for any other updates

Alibi's Speak Easy and Bar- Tuesday night

Beginner and Intermediate Hand Dance Lessons
Beginner and Intermediate Hand Dance Lessons
Beginner and Intermediate Hand Dance Lessons

Come join DC Hand Dance Club on Tuesday nights at Alibi's Bar & Grill. Lessons 6-7pm, with instructors Sondra Riley & Darryl Ingram. Dancing follows. Nice cozy speak easy bar with great atmosphere!

Board Members at Alibi's
Beginner and Intermediate Hand Dance Lessons
Beginner and Intermediate Hand Dance Lessons

Glory Days Dance Lesson

Beginner and Intermediate Hand Dance Lessons
Beginner and Intermediate Hand Dance Lessons
Beginner and Intermediate Hand Dance Lessons

Come join DC Hand Dance Club on Wednesday night at Glory Days in Edgewater, MD.  

Private room in back, ask at front desk!

Beginner and Intermediate Hand Dance Lessons
Beginner and Intermediate Hand Dance Lessons

Free Dance Lessons - Every Wednesday

DC Hand Dance Lessons: 6-7 pm

Music and Dancing: 7 - 9:30 pm

Dance Instructor: Merv Roussell or Louise Pyles


 The DC Hand Dance Club held their monthly dance on September 10, 2022 with the theme of the  1950’s Rock and Roll. Here is a short video of the dancers doing “The Stroll”. Thank you Jack Jones from NVSC for this video!

Old Time Dance moves

DC HandDance Club "Old Time Dance Demo"

Bunky and Elaine at the June, 2022 Monthly Dance! More to come at GLory Days on Wednesdays.


Meet Me At The Bowie Elks Video

DC HandDance Club St. Pat's Dance - March 19, 2022 (Thank you Jack Jones from NVSC!)

*See photos under the Events tab, 2022 MMATBE 

Break dance training. VIEW ALL LESSONS >>>

Breaking or break dance (break dance) - one of the most spectacular areas of street dance, which includes torsion, energetic "runs" and sudden stops of the dancer (freez) during his exit. The dance style began to form in the early 70s in New York in the Bronx area. Only a few years have passed and from the underground dance breakdance has received worldwide fame and recognition. Today, breaking is one of the strongest dance subcultures, with a developed technique, system of events and a real street spirit. On this page you will see break dance lessons for beginners. nine0003

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Break dance training for beginners: the right warm-up

Any dance lesson in any style, be it breaking or hip-hop dance, should begin with a warm-up. This allows you to warm up the body, muscles and ligaments. This is especially important for learning the lower break, since it uses the maximum resources of the body, which means that in order to swing to the fullest, you need to warm up a lot, maybe even sweat a little.

Break dance video lessons: top rock (top rock)

Top rock is what the dancer does before entering the lower elements. However, top rock should not be neglected, for a good dancer is easily recognized by the first moves of top rock. It's like a business card. Look online lessons on top rock and learn the elements suggested there. This will allow you to learn how to breakdance even at home.

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Basic technique: footwork (style)

Footwork or style is one of the main sub-styles in breakdance. It includes, as the name suggests, "footwork". And indeed it is. A variety of "running", "cutting" and so on. Each bboy tries to stand out in footwork and do it in his own way. Therefore, it is important to learn the basics at the beginning, and then proceed to improvise and develop your own manner in footwork. nine0003

1. How to learn how to dance Break DANS: Sharchka

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4. dance for beginners: CC's

Basic technique: Freez/Power trix

If you watched breakdance videos from battles, then you probably remember that during the dance, the b-boy can suddenly stop or freeze in the most incredible position. These stops are called "friezes". Also in breakdance, many elements are performed from a handstand, elbows, etc. This power substyle is called "trix". Watch break dance lessons and master the base of these directions. nine0003

1. Break dance. Where to start: Balance

2. Freez 1. How to learn Break Dance Frisa

3. Video Dance Lessor Break 2


4. Freez 3. Break dance lessons

Basic technique: Power move

Finally, we move on to the most spectacular part of break dance for many - power moves. These are power movements, all kinds of torsion on the head, back, various "air twists" and "air tracks". Indeed, power moves are the hallmark of breaking. In order to learn how to bray dance and perform complex elements, you will first need patience. Every break dance move requires thoughtful practice. Therefore, if something did not work out on the first try, do not be discouraged. Just do it again. Record your video. Compare with how it was explained in the video tutorial. A little work and everything will work out! You will learn to dance breakdance the way you have long wanted to! nine0003

1. Basic rotation for beginners Backspin (Bek Spin)

2. Element Break DANSA SVEPS SWIPE: Disassembly and training

3. Dance lessons Break Dance: Turtle or "Turtle"

4. The most famous break dance element: Windmill / gelik / mill


1. Break dance lessons: Combo 1.0002 2. Break dance training and online lessons: Combo 2

It is often easier to learn how to dance with an experienced trainer. Even if you are afraid that it will not work out and have never danced before, it is not scary. In our Dragon Dance School, we train those who come to study "from scratch". Sign up for a trial lesson and give yourself a dream come true!

How to learn how to breakdance with a coach - tips from the school Breaking Academy

To learn how to breakdance, you must first of all have a great desire and then turn to professionals who teach children, such as the breakdance school Breaking Academy. Everyone who decides to master the break must understand that this dance is the most difficult of all the dances available. Only ballet can compete with him, but even he falls short in terms of development, in the learning process, in the number of muscle groups involved. In this regard, mastering a break can be very difficult, especially at the initial stage of training. A lot of students leave after 1-2 months of classes, not having coped with the exercises and not having enough motivation to continue training. nine0003

If you, nevertheless, understand that breakdancing is exactly what you want, then the doors of our school are open for you at any time of the year. We suggest signing up for a trial lesson so that the trainer can evaluate the child’s physical fitness and make a verdict on whether it makes sense to do dancing at all. After that, it will be possible to buy a subscription and start professional training under the supervision of a specialist who has brought up not a single generation of young dancers on his own hands.

Why learning to breakdance is not easy

  • First you need to build a good physical base before you start mastering the break elements.
  • A prerequisite for a successful and beautiful dance is stretching, which requires a lot of time.
  • The child must be motivated, so the path to the first strength element can be up to six months.
  • A prerequisite for anyone who decides to learn how to break is a sense of rhythm, which is also not given to everyone.
  • Breakdance has a huge number of elements at various levels that are hard to remember and work out. nine0180
  • Most of breakdancing's spectacular elements are heavy and take a long time to master.
  • The presence of compulsory training programs aimed at mastering acrobatics, which is not given to everyone.

How to learn to breakdance for kids faster

The quickest and correct way to learn how to break dance for kids is to enroll in a specialized break dance school like ours. Here the child will master all the basics of dance, learn to feel his body and musical rhythm. Only in our school do we stand for the multifaceted development of children. To do this, we divide our training hours by devoting time to the following sets of exercises: nine0003

  • running;
  • stretch;
  • acrobatics;
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  • general physical exercises;
  • breakdance power elements.

Benefits of training if you learn how to breakdance

There are many benefits to learning how to breakdance. The most basic of them are listed below.