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How to do the Cupid Shuffle

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Dancing is a fun and easy way for students to get their body moving and active for a lifetime.  The Cupid Shuffle is a classic dance we love to teach our students every year.  Whether they attend a birthday party, wedding reception, or school dance, more than likely the DJ will end up playing this line dance classic.

Focus on Doing Their Best

When I teach dances, I like to remind students they don’t have to be the best dancers, they just need to try their best.  I want to show them the steps so they have to confidence to join in if they hear the song being played.

Check out Marcus teaching the Cupid Shuffle below:


I like to start off by having the students in a central area so they are all facing the same way to start.   After they are sitting, I play the song for them so they hear the song and feel the rhythm.

Then remind them of the “Why” behind the activity.

It’s a fun and easy way to keep your body healthy and they may hear it at special events later in your life.

I also want to remind them, they don’t have to be the best dancers.  I don’t even care if they make mistakes.  I just want them to do their best and forget the rest.

I also so them a non-example of someone not trying their best to establish a clear expectation.

Steps to the Dance

After the introduction, I go through the steps of the dance.

I like to mirror the dance steps (going opposite, facing students) so students see which direction to go.

It takes some time to understand how to mirror the dance but it helps students understand better.

This is a FOUR count dance, with FOUR Steps each for a count of FOUR and throughout the dance you will rotate around to FOUR different walls… so the magic number to remember is… FOUR

Step One: Shuffle to the Right

  • Step and slide to the right for a count of FOUR

Step Two: Shuffle to the left

  • Step slide to the left for a count of FOUR

Step Three: The Kick

  • Step and tap heel then switch legs FOUR times

Step Four: The Cupid Shuffle

  • Twist feet and slowly turn your body to face one wall to your left.   (It will be your right if you’re mirroring)

Practice Tips

We like to practice without the music first.  Each step in isolation, then altogether.  Then all steps to all four walls.  Then we practice with the music.

The goal is for students to know the steps and be able to dance them without the help of the teacher.

This dance is great for all ages, but with K-1st I’ve found I can be more successful with them if we don’t turn to our left, but instead just keep facing the same direction.  Sure they could learn it, but you would have to spend more time with them than I’m usually willing to commit in my lesson.

Dance for a Warmup Activity

Once your students know the dance you can use it as a warmup activity or an instant activity that students complete when they come into the gym.

I will sometimes give my students a choice of doing the dance in the middle or doing walk jog lines or hurdles around the perimeter.

That’s it!

Remind students how awesome line dancing is and they don’t have to be the best they just have to try their best.  

Dancing is an easy way to keep their bodies healthy for a lifetime and you can’t do it wrong if you’re having fun and doing your best! 

Line Dances Cheat Sheet

If you’d like to purchase a Line Dance Steps Cheat Sheet which includes the Cupid Shuffle and other popular line dances that we teach in PE Class you can check out our dance E-book by clicking the graphic below:

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Line dances & other related music

DJ Tips, DLK Entertainment News

The question is always: Why line dances? The answer is very simple, at a private event there are folks of all ages & class. The one thing most folks know is things like the chicken dance & the electric slide. It gets folks up on the dance floor most folks don’t want to be the first on the dance floor. These songs get large groups of folks on the floor all at once. We hear from folks & other dj’s how they don’t play these songs & they know their guests. If that is true then cool but as we all know that is not a 100% of the time. If your in a club then the mix will keep the crowd alive but in a private event you never know who your guests are going to be. It is always best to have these songs on stand by just in case.

Why just in case? In a word Family! If the Mother of the Bride wants one of these played it is always good to remember the Bride may say it is ok even after the fact she was dead set against the idea. Keep the family happy. O.k. the following is most common activity songs played at weddings & events. You might call them cheesy but they do work.

Song list from:!OpenPage

1 Cha-Cha Slide DJ Casper 2000 Popular
2 Cupid Shuffle Cupid 2007 Popular
3 Electric Slide Marcia Griffiths 1990 Popular
4 You Shook Me All Night Long AC/DC 1980 Rock
5 YMCA Village People 1975 Disco
6 Love Shack B-52’s 1989 Popular
7 Brown Eyed Girl Van Morrison 1967 Rock
8 Macarena Los Del Rio 1995 Popular
9 Cotton Eye Joe Rednex 1994 Country
10 Celebration Kool & The Gang 1980 Disco
11 We Are Family Sister Sledge 1979 Popular
12 Shout Isley Brothers 1959 Oldies
13 Dancing Queen ABBA 1976 Disco
14 Hokey Pokey Brave Cambo 1997 Other
15 Shout! Otis Day and the Knights 1967 Oldies
16 Teach Me How To Dougie Cali Swag District 2010 Popular
17 Boot Scootin’ Boogie Brooks & Dunn 1992 Country
18 Rock Your Body Justin Timberlake 2003 Popular
19 I Will Survive Gloria Gaynor 1979 Disco
20 Mony Mony Billy Idol 1987 Popular
21 Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of…) Lou Bega 1999 Alternative
22 Chicken Dance Various 1977 Other
23 Tootsee Roll 69 Boyz 1994 Popular
24 Jailhouse Rock Elvis Presley 1957 Oldies
25 C’mon ‘N Ride It (The Train) Quad City DJ’s 1996 Popular
26 Achy Breaky Heart Billy Ray Cyrus 1992 Country
27 All Shook Up Elvis Presley 1957 Country
28 Last Dance Donna Summer 1978 Disco
29 Twist And Shout Isley Brothers 1962 Oldies
30 Its Raining Men Weather Girls 1990 Funk
31 Who Let The Dogs Out? Baha Men 2000 Popular
32 Walk Like An Egyptian Bangles 1987 Rock
33 1 2 Step Ciara Feat. Missy Elliott 2004 R&B
34 Copperhead Road Steve Earle 1988 Popular
35 Beer Barrel Polka Bobby Vinton 1991 Polka
36 The Loco-Motion Grand Funk Railroad 1974 Oldies
37 Soul Man Blues Brothers 1979 Rock
38 Pennsylvania Polka Frank Yankovic 1944 Polka
39 Wild Thing Troggs 1966 Oldies
40 Hot Hot Hot!!! Cure 1987 Alternative
41 Hava Nagila Me First & Gimme Gimmes 2004 Polka
42 The Stroll Diamonds 1958 Oldies
43 Wild Wild West Will Smith Feat. Dru Hill & Kool Mo Dee 1999 Popular
44 Mashed Potato Time Dee Dee Sharp 1962 Oldies
45 The Ketchup Song (Hey Hah) Las Ketchup 2002 Popular
46 (If You’re Not In It For Love) I’m Outta Here! Shania Twain 1995 Country
47 Cool Jerk Capitols 1966 Oldies
48 Alley Cat Steel Train 2003 Oldies
49 Bus Stop Hollies 1966 Oldies

The Last Boy and Girl on Earth read online by Shivan Vivian (Page 11)

Chapter 5 Saturday May 14

Heavy rains, possibly creating conditions for a river to flood. The maximum temperature is 43 degrees Fahrenheit.

On the morning of the High School Spring Ball, I woke up early and at Morgan's house as if school was still going on. But this time, I didn’t feel sleepy and begged for five more minutes of sleep, as I did when I had to go to class. As soon as I opened my eyes, my brain exploded like it was popcorn, with the many text messages and pictures I could send to Jesse Ford, and hundreds of different, fun yet flirtatious ways to wish him good morning. nine0003

In the end, I settled on a selfie in which I was only half awake, with tangled flowing hair, sleepy eyes and mouth gaping in a wide fake yawn. While I was filming it, Morgan raised her head from the pillow and squinted her eyes away from the glowing screen of my phone. Outside, it was still dark because of the storm. To tell you the truth, I think the sun never came out that day.

Morgan said sleepily:

“Kili, let him send you a message first. nine0003

I laughed a little, letting Morgan know that she was wrong this time.

- I just want to send him a funny photo. No declarations of love or anything like that. “Although in one language I can understand, that's exactly what was said in every message I sent to Jessie.

Morgan tried to take my phone away from me, but she was still lethargic from her sleep, and I easily defeated her. In the end, she turned back to the wall.

“Okay, but remember this,” said the friend, yawning. “You mustn't act in a way that makes Jesse laugh tonight. You have to hold on so that he decides to kiss you. nine0003

Of course she was right.

I looked at my picture again. I didn't look pretty at all. On the contrary, I looked like I didn't have everything at home.

And I quickly deleted it. Then I lay back on Morgan's bed and watched the plastic blinds sway, sucking in and out of her half-open window, and the fan on the ceiling of her room spinning in the gusts of wind. I listened to the sound of the rain and studied the instructions I found in a glossy magazine on how to line my eyes and color my eyelashes. I looked through them, dreaming of standing on my tiptoes to kiss Jesse Ford, and hoping that in doing so, he would throw his blazer around my shoulders to protect me from the cold brought by the promised rain for today, because, in my opinion Mind you, this is the most romantic gesture a guy can make for his girlfriend. I sent Jesse a mental request to send me a message. To give me a sign that at this moment he, too, is thinking about me. Or at least that he was already awake. I'd be happy to do that too. nine0003

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My heart melted at the sight of him, and I couldn't hide my satisfied smile.

The second message was a text message: "Warning: This is my body's automatic reaction when I hear Cupid's Shuffle dance song. So tonight, get ready to dance with me."

I was ready, Jesse Ford. Oh my god, I was completely ready.

My mother was supposed to stop by Mrs. Dorsey's to take pictures of us, but she couldn't visit all her patients in time, so Mrs. Dorsey herself took the photos on her phone and sent them to my mom. And then Mrs. Dorsey pulled out an old family photo album and showed us pictures from the years my father and mother were in high school together. The spring ball of high school students was then called the Spring Party. My mother looked so beautiful and so young at this party, and her hair was the color of ginger beer. In my life, I have never seen her hair of this color, only in photographs. It may sound vulgar, but my father looked really handsome in these old photos, just the same macho, tall, slender, tanned with dark hair and even darker eyebrows. He stood with his arms folded across his chest, his chin up, his legs slightly apart, and radiating complete self-confidence. In some pictures, I saw my grandparents and great-grandmother and great-grandfather - they were all from the Hewitt family, my father's family. Mom's parents died when she was very young, and the Hewitts kind of adopted her as soon as she started dating my dad. nine0003

For fun, Morgan and I tried to imitate our mothers in an old photo in which both of them crouched in front of each other in wonderful curtsey-like poses. Then Mrs. Dorsey hurried out of the house and drove her car into the garage so Morgan and I wouldn't get wet in the rain when we climbed into it.

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Series - FIRE! Everything is available online

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