How to start a movement dancing guy

Derek Sivers -- How to Start a Movement -- TED Talk

Derek Sivers -- How to Start a Movement -- TED Talk

Leadership Lessons from a Shirtless Dancing Guy on how to make a movement. In this video from Derek Sivers, we can watch a movement happen, start to finish, in under 3 minutes, and dissect some lessons:

A leader needs the guts to stand alone and look ridiculous. But what he’s doing is so simple, it’s almost instructional. This is key. You must be easy to follow!

Now comes the first follower with a crucial role: he publicly shows everyone how to follow. Notice the leader embraces him as an equal, so it’s not about the leader anymore — it’s about them, plural. Notice he’s calling to his friends to join in.

It takes guts to be a first follower! You stand out and brave ridicule, yourself. Being a first follower is an under-appreciated form of leadership.

The first follower transforms a lone nut into a leader.

If the leader is the flint, the first follower is the spark that makes the fire.

The second follower is a turning point: it’s proof the first has done well. Now it’s not a lone nut, and it’s not two nuts. Three is a crowd and a crowd is news.

A movement must be public. Make sure outsiders see more than just the leader. Everyone needs to see the followers, because new followers emulate followers — not the leader.

Now here come two more, then three more. Now we’ve got momentum. This is the tipping point! Now we’ve got a movement!

As more people jump in, it’s no longer risky. If they were on the fence before, there’s no reason not to join now. They won’t be ridiculed, they won’t stand out, and they will be part of the in-crowd, if they hurry. Over the next minute you’ll see the rest who prefer to be part of the crowd, because eventually they’d be ridiculed for not joining.

And ladies and gentlemen that is how a movement is made! Let’s recap what we learned:

If you are a version of the shirtless dancing guy, all alone, remember the importance of nurturing your first few followers as equals, making everything clearly about the movement, not you.

Be public. Be easy to follow!

But the biggest lesson here — did you catch it?

Leadership is over-glorified.

Yes it started with the shirtless guy, and he’ll get all the credit, but you saw what really happened:

It was the first follower that transformed a lone nut into a leader.

‍There is no movement without the first follower.

We’re told we all need to be leaders, but that would be really ineffective.

The best way to make a movement, if you really care, is to courageously follow and show others how to follow.

When you find a lone nut doing something great, have the guts to be the first person to stand up and join in.

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How to make a movement. Lessons learned from dancing guy.

How to make a movement. Lessons learned from dancing guy. | Derek Sivers



Being an analytical learning-addict, I can’t help but distill some lessons from this “Guy Starts Dance Party” video taken last week.

You can’t help but smile. First at the guy, then at the reaction. It’s so fun!

But this is also the most obvious, instant, and visual example of how to start a movement, that books like Tribes and The Tipping Point have covered so well.

For anyone interested in starting a movement, or hoping others start a movement around your company/mission/music, how can we describe what we see here?
  • The leader has to be doing it for his own sake — not trying to start anything.
  • He has the guts to look a little ridiculous, but not care. Most are too shy to stand out like that.
  • He’s so clearly having fun that others think, “He’s having more fun than me. Maybe I should join in.
  • What he’s doing is so simple, it’s almost instructional. Even if you usually don’t, you could do that.
  • The turning point is when he gets one follower. Following the leader, and also clearly having fun doing it.
  • But maybe they’re just two freaks? Hmm... better not get involved yet. Tempting, though. Wait and watch.
  • It’s important that they were very public — seen by everyone. Movements need to be visible.
  • Now comes the second follower. It’s almost a crowd. If you were to join in now, you wouldn’t be a freak. Hmm... maybe?
  • The tipping point is the next two people that jump in. Now it’s a crowd!
  • Three more jump in immediately. Momentum! It’s a movement! No reason not to. Let’s go!
  • Every adventurous person in the crowd jumps in.
  • Finally, every non-adventurous person in the crowd jumps in, because they’d be ridiculed if they don’t.
So if you wanted to make a movement, what lessons would you take from this?
  • If you want to be a starter, have the guts to stand out. Make your actions easy to imitate. Fun to follow. Attract attention. Show everyone what you’re doing.
  • If you find a lone nut doing something great, have the guts to follow him/her. You’ll also stand out, but you’re serving one of the most important roles in making this a movement. Show everyone how to follow.
  • Found something cool that only a few freaks are doing? Get some friends and say, “Let’s go!” Jump in.
Doing something that needs followers? Help fan the flames of this process.
  • Shine a spotlight on the first fan that loves you. Help them be a starter. Show what they’re doing, and how happy they are.
  • Help your second fan join together with the first, instead of also dancing alone.
  • Make sure they do almost exactly the same thing, so it’s easy for others to also see how to join.
  • Give a few early adopters the courage to jump in together with the first. Make sure they stick together as a group.
  • Now it’s not about you, it’s about them. Publicize the group, not yourself. Make it fun to join.
  • Make sure all late-adopters can see what fun the early adopters are having.
© 2009 Derek Sivers.

Russian club dance moves for guys. Dances for guys

And kizomba, all these are couple dance styles for brave guys and hot girls. To learn how to dance, 10-20 lessons may be enough. If you are full of energy, ideas, you are brave and cheerful, then you have a direct road to Latin American dances. If you want to find the girl of your dreams, then come to salsa or bachata class. If you want to live happily ever after, dance pair dances. Guys, in general, you understand.

And what would not be so scary, here is a video instruction for you on how to behave in this alien environment. Watch video " dancing for guys " and outline.


Dancing for men

Dancing for men is primarily pair dances, such as salsa, bachata and of course rueda de casino. If you want to dance, relax after work - try yourself in our dance school. You can start at any age. On the dance floor, like in a bathhouse, everyone is even)) Dancing for beginners as a way to keep the body in shape and muscles in good shape. Dance school for men nine0006 is a great rest for the mind and fitness for the body, a lot of interesting acquaintances and constant positive communication. You need to come to pair dances (salsa, bachata), try everything. The best way to relax and have fun after a working day is pair dances for real men and charming women.

You always thought dancing was for girls, a guy shouldn't waste his time on such nonsense. Here, classes in a rocking chair are another matter. But lately, when you come to the club, you are more and more sitting at the table and watching other guys have fun on the dance floor. It turns out that dancing for guys is also an activity worthy of attention. And if you still want to get up from the table and not be embarrassed by your movements on the dance floor, you will have to figure out what you can portray in the dance plan? What do you like more? Which style? After all, in fact, there are much more male modern dances than female ones. On the contrary, the dancing girls are trying to approach the male dance in their manner. nine0003

Club dance for guys

Club dance is already a well-known, widely used name for mixing different styles of dance for performance in clubs, at parties, in companies of friends. This is a light version of the dances, performed not in full, but in several bright, easy-to-remember movements from each dance or two or three. Recently, club dance has been taught to men in, in sports clubs. In order to master club dance for guys , not much is needed: you need to be athletic, hear the rhythm well, memorize movements easily and have a good imagination. For a club dance, it is not enough to learn several movements of each dance, you need to be able to easily combine them on the dance floor, improvise to the music, being free, uninhibited, telling something of your own with your body. Then you will get the freedom to dance, stop thinking about individual steps and movements, and you will be able to come up with something new and move as you wish. nine0003

Club dance lessons for guys

To learn how to dance club dance, you need to start “learning” club dance lessons for guys . Of course, we joked about “learning lessons”. No need to sit down at the desk again and write something, just dance training is often called lessons. And if you want to download video clips, you should type in the search engine: "Club dance lessons for guys." On such a request, you will find a lot of training videos for both beginners and advanced dancers with their own style and plasticity. Or you can look for such lessons at the nearest dance school and sports club. Our dance school, for example, can offer you a course of such lessons. Together with the teacher, you will decide which dance styles suit your temperament and physical fitness, and a mix of which styles you will learn. In order to master the club dance, with good physical preparation, it does not take so much time. You will master the basics in just a few lessons, and in a couple of months you will already be able to show your solo in the club. nine0003

Club dances are dances for self-confident people who easily adapt to different music that sounds on the dance floor. This direction, like no other, allows you to express yourself, demonstrate a sense of rhythm and throw out your emotions in movements.

Club dances - an amazing interweaving of styles

A mix of hip-hop, sexy r "n" b, electro, house, funk or even pop music cannot confuse club dancers - they will always be on top and in rhythm. But such versatility makes club modern dances is a rather difficult direction. That is why club dance lessons for beginners , which our club dance school in Moscow is famous for help you learn to understand musical styles, first master the basic movements characteristic of a particular direction, and eventually learn to feel the music and create vivid improvisations.

Most often dancing to club music are quite energetic, fast and expressive, with a clear rhythm and dynamic load. Movements can be very diverse: from sharp and jerky to wide, smooth and wavy. Naturally, club dancing for girls are somewhat more refined and plastic, filled with sexuality, and club dances for guys have their variations, but they have a lot in common.

Club dance school with enthusiastic professionals is the key to success

We do not just show interesting movements and teach original chords of this or that dance direction, but help to relax, believe in yourself, learn to adapt to any music and improvise with ease and grace in any situations. To learn to dance club dances , you need to get acquainted with several directions, grasp the essence, master the basics and feel the spirit, then on the dance floor of any club you can feel confident and at ease.

You can find club dance lessons in the form of videos on the network, but they will not help to catch the energy that helps to recharge with positive in real classes in a circle of people who are passionate about their work.

Why you need to study club dancing

nine0006 it is with us:
  • individual approach and attention of experienced choreographers are provided;
  • different levels: we have like club dancing for beginners , and groups for those who have achieved considerable success, plus you can join the main team and / or take part in various events within the school and outside of it;
  • the halls are excellently equipped, and the school itself is just a minute's walk from the metro station. Dubrovka;
  • prices for classes are democratic and justified; nine0068
  • you can choose the most convenient time and schedule;
  • there are separate club dance lessons for girls and club dances for men ;
  • there is an opportunity to get a free first lesson to assess the level and atmosphere.

Learn to dance club dances is necessary not only to shine at any party and club, but also to master free movements, harmony with your body and music, the ability to relax in dance and convey your emotions and moods with movements. In addition, physical activity will also help maintain excellent shape. nine0003

Break-Dance for guys

Hip-hop for guys

Dubstep for guys

Tectonics for guys

Lezginka for guys

Locking for guys

Shafls for guys

There is a common opinion, dance for guys, dandems for guys for guys, dandems for guys for guys, dandems for guys for guys. it's like football for women: not a typical activity. However, it is professional dancers who know that this myth was invented by people who do not know how to or have never tried to dance. In modern culture, a guy who can dance is able to attract a lot of attention, not only from skeptical men, but also from interested girls. “If you want to conquer a woman, learn to dance,” Al Pacino once said, and he was right. nine0003

Street dancing for guys

Street dancing for guys is popular outside of time and space. No one will have any doubts about the masculinity and viability of a guy if he dances a break, tectonics, waving, locking, electric boogie, jumping or is a performer of another hip-hop style. In addition, the modern fashion for making videos allows you to show your own skills within a community that is not limited to a city, country or continent. You can start learning street dancing at home, using video classes. Hip-hop culture is rich in trends, directions and styles, everyone will find something of their own. The former popularity of the break can now be argued with techno dancing, which arose in connection with the advent of a huge amount of electronic music. For beginners, we note that the basics of waving or tooting are easier and faster to learn when compared with the classics of the lower break. It will be possible to gradually increase the skill and complexity of the dance, so for a modern hip-hop techno guy, it is an ideal option to prove himself in dance without worrying about a drop in his own popularity. nine0003

Perspective dancing for guys

Not for all guys, dancing is a way of self-expression. Someone just wants to learn how to frame girls. And there is nothing better for this than dancing. It is enough just to be able to take side steps to slow music paired with a girl to stand out among rivals. But, if you spend a little time and learn how to lead in salsa, hustle or kizomba ... then the girls themselves will start walking in a crowd, begging for a free dance. It really is. For every four generations of girls dancing social dances, there is only one generation of men. This means that the demand for partners is high. The most enjoyable pair dances for men are kizomba, hustle, salsa, bachata and rumba. You can learn the basic steps at home, but it’s better to immediately go to a dance class, where you can meet a lot of interesting people and potential partners, as well as work out your technique and communication skills. nine0003

Contempo for guys

There are a huge number of TV shows about various dances on TV. And men in these programs are not uncommon. A fairly large percentage of them realize themselves within the framework of contemporary dance (modern dance). This is something like a free interpretation of ballet with a lot of lifts in pairs, jumps and a demonstration of stretching. Dancing can be difficult. This is true, in order to achieve a good stretch and learn to lift a partner over your head with outstretched arms, you need to have perseverance, strength and endurance. Contempo for guys can be a real test of wealth and masculinity. The advantages of contempo are that, despite the kinship with ballet, the dance does not cause a stream of unhealthy criticism from the notorious crowd. nine0003


Dancing for guys doesn't have to be connected with memories of the children's ballroom club, which my mother made me go to in the fifth grade. Modern culture provides a wide range of self-expression through dance, through which you can improve the quality of life and expand the range of your interests.

learning to dance at home How to learn to dance in a club correctly

Queens and kings of the dance floor are much more likely to succeed in love than those who behave stiffly, jerkily or even prefer to sit on the sidelines during dances. nine0003

If you often visit nightclubs, parties and other dance events, it is worth improving your ability to move your body, figure out how to dance in a disco so that it is beautiful and spectacular.

There are many ways to learn cool dance steps. Choose any.

Some people are born with the ability to move beautifully, while others have to master dance moves in order not to look stupid at the disco.

But every person can learn to dance. nine0003

a) How beautiful is it to dance in a disco? Without certainty!

Do you know what is the most important thing in non-professional dancing? Not the skill with which you perform this or that movement, not plasticity, not grace. All of the above, of course, does not hurt, but something else is more important.

The most important thing is the confidence with which you move on the dance floor. If you are sure that you dance perfectly, then others will believe in it.

Oksana was not a very skilled dancer. As a child, her mother gave the girl to dance, but there she was branded “unsuitable”, because Ksyusha could not dance well. nine0144 The girl was not upset because she never dreamed of becoming a dancer. In addition, in the dance school, she gained something that later helped her become the queen of the local disco - self-confidence.
There were girls who moved much better, but none of them radiated such magnetism. From each wave of Oksana's hand, a strong conviction radiated: she is luxurious.
Naturally, there was no end to the guys.

If you are, then even slightly funny and angular movements will be recognized as perfect by others. nine0003

Who said that the way you do it is wrong. Or maybe that's where the charm lies? Or maybe you will become the founder of a new dance fashion?

b) 7 useful tips for those who want to learn how to dance in a disco.

I would say that the easiest way to learn how to dance is to hear the music and make simple movements with your arms and legs to the beat.

Don't over complicate things. The easier you move, the less likely you are to make a mistake and expose yourself to public ridicule. The main thing is that you manage to move to the beat, so it’s worth working on a sense of rhythm and an ear for music. nine0003

Here are some more useful tips for those who want to learn how to dance beautifully in a disco:

    Watch the people around you on the dance floor.

    Select those people who dance beautifully and memorize their movements. At home, in front of the mirror, try to repeat what you saw. Don't stop until it looks good.

    Play your favorite dance songs.

    If the disco you visit is not club music, but simpler dance hits, and often the same ones, download them for yourself and start dancing to this music at home. nine0003

    Learn to move, you can dance beautifully everywhere.

    More practice.

    You don't have to pay a coach to dance. Just use any free minute for practice. Do you wash dishes? Dance. Vacuuming?

    Imagine that the vacuum cleaner is your dance partner. Dance music should be your constant companion.

    Get your signature moves.

    You should have several moves that you can perform that will elicit an enthusiastic response. nine0003

    You decide what kind of movements it will be. You can choose something modern, for example, a pas from hip-hop or locking, or you can go through the classics, having mastered, for example, the “moonwalk”.

    Don't try to be better than you are.

    Being yourself means doing everything harmoniously. No need to try too hard, in your movements carelessness and some kind of impressiveness should be read.

    You are at a disco, not at school, which means that you should dance from the heart, and not trying to score. nine0003

    Ask to be judged from outside.

    Ask a friend to watch you dance and point out your mistakes. Better yet, record you on video so you can see for yourself what else needs to be worked on.

    Only record your friend when you don't know about it, so that you behave naturally.

    Love to dance.

    As soon as we sincerely begin to like what we do, we begin to succeed. Love to dance, count the hours until you can start moving to the music. nine0003

    This will help you quickly learn to move beautifully and naturally.

How to dance at the disco girls and guys?

There is a difference between boys and girls dancing. What is beautiful for the beautiful half of humanity looks ridiculous for the strong and vice versa.

If your goal is to dance beautifully, and not just to amuse the people, then remember that you should show your femininity or masculinity.

1. How to dance in a disco for a guy? nine0021

Guys have the most problems with dancing beautifully. This happens because boys:

  • are shy;
  • are more restricted in their movements;
  • they have to master both fast dances and acquire the ability to lead their partner in slow dances.

Any guy, even one who has problems with the sense of rhythm, can learn to dance beautifully and spectacularly, but you have to try and get acquainted with some secrets. nine0003






There is no worse guy who:
tries too hard and is too active on the dance floor;
remain wooden because they are afraid to make a mistake;
constantly repeat the same movement.
All these mistakes can be corrected only if you relax and practice often. nine0144


Perfected movements

Remember how you started doing some work, even if it was around the house. At first, it didn’t work out or it turned out badly, and then, the more repetitions there were, the more natural and refined your movements became. It's the same with dancing.



Whether you dance fast or slow, you must remain a man. Don't dance like a snotty girl, a bad stripper, or a little boy. nine0144

If something does not work out with fast dancing, then every man should master the “slow dances”. How else to meet girls at discos?

  1. You must lead your partner, not she you.
  2. Move smoothly, barely stepping over your feet. It is not necessary during a slow dance to shake your partner like a tree from which you want to knock down the fruits, and run, grabbing her in an armful, all over the dance floor.
  3. Don't allow yourself too much, especially with a girl you don't know: your hands should be on her waist, not below, and you shouldn't press her too close to you. Remain a gentleman. nine0068
  4. Listen to your partner. If a girl fidgets in your hands, then you are doing something wrong. Maybe they squeezed her waist too tight, maybe too “fast” to a slow song. React to her body language.
  5. who was invited. There is no need to look around the room with a bored look. The songs are usually short and you don't have much time to get to know each other.

The rest is simple: listen to the music, move your feet to the beat and don't bump into other couples. nine0003

Also, if the music is not too loud, it's better not to be silent during the slowdown, but to communicate with the girl you like and at least from time to time look into her eyes, and not at, uh, breasts.

2. How to dance in a disco for a girl?

Girls should dance in a completely different way than boys do. The purpose of their dance is to attract the attention of attractive young people.

In many nationalities, by the way, dance is one of the ways to please a man. So why are our discos worse? nine0003

The girl should dance at the disco:

  • beautiful;
  • sensual;
  • seductive;
  • magical;
  • plastic.

Although you should be seductive, don't overdo it with erotica. Your movements should not resemble a stripper's lap dance. Yes, it will impress. But is that the impression you wanted to make on the guys?

Look how this girl moves

or this one

Agree that it is beautiful, but at the same time not vulgar and vulgar. Aim for a similar effect.

2 basic ways to learn how to dance in a disco

If you don't know how to dance at all and have doubts about how you will look in public, you should think about learning the basic movements.

You have two options to learn how to dance beautifully at the disco:


    No matter which of the self-education tools you choose, you will need to practice enough. Start by exercising at home in front of a mirror to understand how you move.

    When it seems to you that you are coping more or less normally, start demonstrating your skills in discos.

    Here are some tools to help you learn how to move beautifully on your own:

  • Video tutorial .

    There are many tutorial videos on YouTube. Here are a few good ones to get you started. nine0003

    The following video will teach you how to dance beautifully with your feet.

    Let's start training:

    The best dance lesson for a young person.

    How to teach a guy to dance in half an hour?
    Rehearsal with a teacher from TODES.

    Do you like hip-hop? Then the next incendiary activity is for you.

    Learn the basic hip-hop moves and you'll be the star of the dance floor.

    How to dance in a club for a girl?

    Simple and easy movements will help you blow up the dance floor. nine0003

    Video lesson on dancing.

    How to learn to dance beautifully at a disco?
    The best movements.

    Feature films on a given theme .

    There are quite a lot of feature films about dances. Here is a selection of good ones.

    Dance shows .

    Such shows are produced in every country, only they are called differently: “Everyone dances” in Ukraine, “Big dances” in Russia, “So you can dance?” in the USA, etc.

Lessons with a professional trainer. nine0003

If you can't do it on your own, it's worth asking a professional dancer to show you some simple moves.

If , it is better to take individual lessons. A few workouts will be enough to understand what and how to do, but you can hone your skills on your own.

Don't think too long about how to dance in a disco. It is unlikely that there will be many professional dancers who will be able to surprise with their skills. And if you constantly doubt your skills, then you will never learn how to move beautifully. nine0003

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A shot from the film "Pulp Fiction"

How can a guy dance at a disco without looking like a jerk? An urgent question, because it’s embarrassing to shift from foot to foot (or even sit at the bar all evening) - it sucks, and somehow you don’t want to take dance lessons specifically for this occasion.

If you are shy about dancing in a club, don't worry! Everyone can move to the beat. Let's learn some basic moves, learn the main rules of how to look cool and natural, and also what you definitely shouldn't do. nine0003

Well, let's go?

Still from the movie Kickboxer

Let's face it, most guys on the dance floor bite their lips, look down and seem nervous, scared or embarrassed. So even if for some reason you do not dance, but you feel calm, relaxed and enjoy the music and what is happening around, this already makes you more attractive.

Here are four more tips on how to look natural and relaxed on the dance floor, even if you have never been the king of disco. By the way, these tips are also suitable for how a man dances at a corporate party. nine0003

1. Find your own style

Try playing some music at home before going to a club. Let your body naturally begin to make any movement it wants. Just do not limit yourself to one composition, set yourself several songs in a row at once, and each time add some new movement, moving to the beat.

2. Assess the environment

When you're in a club, look around the dancers to feel their vibe. Before heading to the dance floor, you can circle around the club to look around and listen to the music. Getting used to the surroundings a little will make you more comfortable, it will reduce the nervousness you may feel. Also, check where people are just walking and talking. nine0003

3. Feel the rhythm

Listen to music to catch the rhythm. Instead of focusing on how to move, take the time to listen to the song that's playing and pay attention to the rhythm. Once you've found the rhythm, start bobbing your head to the beat of the music. This search will help you when you start dancing. If you're having a hard time finding the rhythm, watch the people dancing. Most of them will move to the rhythm.

4. Relax and pour in!

Still from the movie "Everyone Can Dance 2"

Find yourself a place on the dance floor and have fun. It does not matter whether it is the edge or the very center - it is important that you feel as comfortable as possible there. Let yourself just move to the beat. If you're a little shy, try copying other people's dance moves.

How to dance a guy at a disco: 4 simple moves

There are a lot of types of dance techniques, and if you get a taste, then even without attending special dance courses you can constantly replenish your treasury of movements with the help of various training videos, which are in abundance on YouTube . nine0003

But it will be a little later, but for now we will start with the simplest and most basic techniques that will help you dance beautifully and relaxed both in a club and at a corporate party or.

1. Basic leg movement

Step aside with one foot and then bring it back with a sliding motion. Before both of your legs are together again, bend your knee and lean forward slightly, then straighten up with a slight springy motion and tap your foot. It should look something like this:0003

2. Basic body movement

Bend your knees and move your torso slightly back and forth to the beat of the music. The second part of this technique involves turning on toes from right to left. Combine both movements and perform at the expense of "one and two."

3. Basic movement of the arms

So, we have dealt with the legs, but what to do with the arms? The easiest option is to raise and lower your arms in turn, bent at the elbow. While one goes up, the other goes down and vice versa. And yes, we do this at the same time as the steps from the previous tricks. nine0003

4. Alternate arm movement

Bend the arms again at the elbow and hold them at chest level. We lead our hands towards each other so that they cross, and then we take them back. And again, and again. Don't forget to combine with the leg movement.

How to slow dance with a girl? 6 easy steps

You see the most beautiful girl in the club and dream of dancing with her, but at the same time embarrassing yourself or her. Don't worry: here are some tips on how to dance with a girl at a party. nine0003

Step 1: Ask her to dance

Don't go crazy and set yourself up for rejection, just calmly say the simplest thing: "Do you want to dance?" If she says "No" , don't get upset and don't insist. Just say: "Ok, maybe another time" or something like that.

If she says "Yes" just smile and take her to the dance floor. Introduce yourself. You don't want her to have no idea who she was dancing with!

Step 2: Start dancing

Scene from Revolutionary Road

Follow the music and everyone else. Some girls like to be held by the hand, so you can try it (if she doesn't want to, don't insist). Hold her hand gently and don't squeeze. And yes, we hope you understand perfectly well that dissolving your hands is wrong and disrespectful. Behave with dignity and try not to step on her feet.

Step 3: Talk to her

You don't have to dance in complete silence, especially if you feel uncomfortable about it. Ask her questions like: "What's your favorite song?" , but keep talking to a minimum - she might not be able to hear you over the music. Don't ask personal questions to avoid embarrassment. However, asking the girl for her phone number is fine if you're planning on

Step 4: When the dance is over, say something

If it was a slow dance, thank her. If it's a casual dance at a party or club, then say it was fun and smile. After that, you can invite the girl to continue chatting at the bar, but be prepared for the fact that she may refuse. nine0003

Three rules of dance floor etiquette (yes, there is one)

1. Don't push

Try to have a good time while dancing, but don't go overboard with your moves. Do not forget that you are not alone on the dance floor and do not interfere with other dancers. Accidentally hurting someone is almost inevitable, especially if the club is very crowded, but if this is repeated over and over again, your neighbors will be unpleasant, they may get angry, and the evening will no longer be relaxed and relaxed. nine0003

2. Walk around the edge of the dance floor

Walk around the dance floor, not across it. If you walk through the middle of the dance floor, you will interfere with people's dancing and you may accidentally bump into someone. Stick to the outer edge so you don't spoil anyone's fun. Also, you may end up spilling your drink while walking through the crowd of people pushing you and it will be unpleasant.

3. Control the amount of alcohol you drink

Keep your drunkenness under control. Of course, you came to a nightclub to have fun, and if for this you need to drink a cocktail or two, then do it, but do not forget about the measure. Drunk people are uncoordinated, and you don't want to be that dude who falls in the middle of the dance floor or starts doing wild things, do you? So drink just enough so that you have fun, but your body still obeys you perfectly. nine0003

People who are seriously interested in learning how to dance in a club are hard not to be envious. The search for the answer to the question is a weighty proof of free time, which they spend a lot of fun.

A good dance is based on a musical composition. In any city there are a huge number of nightclubs. Pops in them sounds occasionally, in the first place is electronic music. Many do not know how to move the body when an electronic musical composition is playing. They sit at a table and drink liquor in anticipation of a suitable motive. nine0003

There are two ways to solve the problem. The first involves changing one's own attitude to the music played in clubs. The second suggests finding a nightclub where the DJ works according to the wishes of the crowd.

Today's club youth, despite their loyalty to popular musical styles, enthusiastically welcomes retro sets and intelligently reworked pop.

DJs strive to satisfy the wishes of young people, and administrators worry about the attendance of establishments. Finding a nightclub with the right music is easy. But, another question arises - “how to dance to it”? nine0003

Step by step action plan

  • Get started with popular club music. Download some songs and listen for a few days. The player will help. Accompany the audition with dancing. Let it sound when you work or communicate.
  • You will have a few favorite works and determine your own direction. If you want to move while the music is playing, do it for pleasure. You can't force yourself.
  • Then move on to more active actions. Visit a nightclub and take a closer look at the dance floor. Surely, there is a dancer on it, whose movements will appeal to you. It remains to adopt them imperceptibly. nine0068
  • After such an outing, pay special attention to homework. At home, carefully work out the movements borrowed from an experienced dancer. Try to improvise, because the character and atmosphere of the dance depends on the DJ and the dancers.
  • In time you will learn to dance well. If this seems not enough, sign up for a dance school and take your skills to the next level.

You will achieve great success in the club if you loosen up and feel how to control your own body. Sometimes a person is not given to become a dancer. I think there are only a few. Almost every nightclub lover can conquer the pinnacle of club dancing. nine0003

Many guys want to learn how to dance cool in clubs because they don't want to look ridiculous in front of their friends. Even people who occasionally drop into nightclubs dance perfectly if they follow the rules.

Club dances are varied, it is not difficult to find the right style that will make you look decent on the dance floor.

You can bring originality and uniqueness to the style by successfully combining elements of various dances.

Professional dance schools

  1. Lessons in the direction you choose yourself will teach you how to dance, meet people, help you lose a few pounds, improve your physical health and have fun.
  2. Constant training will teach you to relax, make your movements free and uninhibited. If there was stiffness and constraint, such ballast will pass.
  3. Choose your school carefully. If you like a certain option, be sure to attend a free class, inspect the dance hall and chat with the teachers. nine0068
  4. You won't be able to dance professionally right away. It will take no more than ten lessons to prepare for dancing at the disco. Just repeat the movements learned in the lesson at home.

Home workout for guys

  1. If you don't have time for dance school, train at home. In terms of effectiveness, homeschooling is slightly worse. The main thing is the desire to learn to dance.
  2. There is a wide selection of instructional videos on the internet that will teach you the secrets of professional dancers. nine0068
  3. While exercising at home, constantly look at yourself in the mirror to control your movements and make them perfect. Home training alone is not enough; constant practice on a real site will be required.

Lesson for beginners

How a guy should behave in a club

  1. If you are in a club, try to relax. Don't think that dancing will be unfashionable. Release emotions and have fun. It will turn out to move beautifully if the movements are relaxed and confident. nine0068
  2. Listen to the rhythm on the dance floor. Strive to match his movements. Improvise. If you constantly dance in a pattern, it will quickly get boring.
  3. Only a person with a flexible body and excellent plasticity dances beautifully. Keep fit by exercising and exercising.

With simple recommendations, any guy can quickly learn to dance. If you manage to put your soul into the dance, the fair sex will surely shower you with admiring glances. A beautiful dance will help you get to know your body and get to know the inner world. nine0003

Club dances are amazing in variety. They help girls make contact with guys, which often leads to the beginning of a romantic relationship. Some fashionistas try to stand out from the crowd with the help of dancing, moving attractively and gracefully.

Let's imagine that you are in a beautiful nightclub. You are sitting at a table, drinking tequila, your favorite musical composition starts playing. Under the influence of incomprehensible forces, you slowly rise and move towards the dance floor. What's next? nine0003

  • Listen carefully to the rhythm. If you manage to imbue them, the dance will turn out elegant and graceful. A person who is out of rhythm brings disharmony to the site.
  • Get rid of uncertainty and relax. Uninhibited movements look beautiful. During the dance, have fun without stuffing your head with thoughts.
  • The first movements are always slow. In the first measure, do not swing your arms, such movements are very tiring. By the middle of the dance program, you will be tired. nine0068
  • During the dance, it is not recommended to shoot with your eyes to the sides. In nightclubs, use this weapon with care.
  • Do not copy the movements of other dancers. Dare to improvise, make the movements original and unique.

I will add that only girls with a flexible and plastic body can move beautifully. If everyday life is not very active, at work you have to sit at the table for hours, the body's reaction to going to the club can be unpredictable. It's easy to avoid this. Do morning exercises daily and follow a healthy lifestyle. nine0003

Video tutorial for beginners

Based on personal experience, I would like to note that girls behave more relaxed and free on the dance floor. Sometimes there are shy people. If you are one of them, enroll in a dance school. By attending classes, under the guidance of a teacher, you will get rid of complexes and free your body.

Benefits of dancing

Any girl wants her leisure time to be rich, interesting and useful. Many of the fair sex attend a dance school. Very good, because it is a guarantee of good physical and psychological health. nine0003

According to doctors, dancing should be practiced regardless of profession, age or gender. Movement tones blood vessels, muscles and joints, which has a positive effect on well-being. Scientists have proven that people who regularly attend dance classes or dance at home have strong immunity and a stable metabolism.

Dancing helps to eliminate problems associated with the spine. Posture becomes perfectly even. If you're wondering how to stop slouching, sign up for a dance class. Dancing will make your walk beautiful and graceful. nine0003

Dancing is the ideal solution for those who are insecure and insecure. Rhythmic movements liberate, add confidence and activate the desire to communicate.

Throw shyness in the box, stock up on desire and confidence, and go to the dance floor to win hearts.

Today's video tutorials are a bit unusual because they are designed exclusively for guys. Although the girls will find in them useful information for reflection.

Instructor Alex Kornilov will teach you club dance lessons for guys, so watch and listen carefully. Most men think they know how to dance in a disco and behave very relaxed, sometimes even too much. Others, on the contrary, are shy and are always concerned about not seeming ridiculous. Both behaviors are unnecessary extremes. In fact, to become your own in any company, to feel confident in a disco, while causing admiration, and not irritation among girls, is quite real. And only three aspects will help you in this: technicality, a sense of rhythm and energy. The first aspect is developed by methodical repetition of movements. Spend at least half an hour dancing every day. Soon angular and unusual movements will look harmonious and natural. It is also very important to feel the rhythm. Listen to music and let it pass through you. Let it sound in you as often as possible. Move and live to the rhythm of the music. And most importantly, put energy into your dance. Technically perfected, but "dead" movements will not please you or those around you. In general, watch club dance lessons for guys and learn how to dance in a disco to become the king of the dance floor. nine0003

This video is about dancing in pairs. Here you will find not only tips on dance technique, but also recommendations on how to meet a girl you like at a disco, how to behave when a girl has shown interest in you or, on the contrary, remained indifferent.

For some reason, there is no second lesson on the Internet. If you suddenly find it, write to us about it in the comments.

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Club dances are an unusual mixture of many dance styles, corresponding to a nuclear cocktail of musical trends. The set of movements is universal and you do not have to get confused when choosing a dance that matches the music. It is enough just to imagine what musical styles, by their fusion, gave birth to club music. Here and hip-hop, regi, funk and many others. nine0003

Before we talk about how easy it is to learn club dancing, we need to find out why you need it. If all you have to do to feel natural is just look at the video reports and you will never feel out of place again. If club dancing attracts you from a professional point of view, then it is better to contact a dance school.

Before enrolling in such a school, collect all the information about it, because education is expensive, and you always have a choice.

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