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How to learn to dance the waltz: instructions -

Xenia and Evgeny Vylezhin took an hour to dance the waltz. Choreographer Larisa Yagina, who has been dancing at the Palace of Culture for many years, says that this is a very good result. Photo// Vladimir Kotsyuba-Belykh,

The wedding march of Felix Mendelssohn, which is rarely missing in a modern wedding, was first performed on October 14, 1843, in Potsdam (Germany), at the premiere of the play "A Midsummer Night's Dream" based on a play by Shakespeare. Three years later, it was first performed at a wedding in the UK, and 11 years later, at the wedding of Princess Victoria and Crown Prince Frederick of Prussia, after which it was officially recognized as the main wedding march. It is not customary to dance to this march, but Revda choreographer Larisa Yagina and I decided to try it. And the spouses Evgeny and Ksenia Vylezhina volunteered to help us. nine0005

Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847)

Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn was born in Hamburg, the son of a banker. His musical abilities manifested themselves from childhood. His mother taught him music, and then the musician Ludwig Berger took up his education. He played piano and viola. At the age of ten, Felix won the first competition, at eleven he entered the Berlin Singing Academy. They began to talk about him as a miracle. At fifteen, he was already writing major musical works. In the summer of 1826 (he was 17 years old), he wrote an overture to Shakespeare's comedy A Midsummer Night's Dream, which included the famous Wedding March. At 19In 43, the overture, supplemented and turned into a suite, was first performed in Potsdam. Today, the organ on which Mendelssohn himself performed the famous march (among his other works) is located in Tottenham (one of the districts of London), in St. Anne's Church.

Ksenia - it was she who insisted on the need to learn the waltz - she was dancing in her childhood, therefore, as she says, she was not at all afraid to waltz and was sure that she would succeed. Evgeny didn’t have to dance the classics, he was noticeably nervous because of this, and also because of his wife’s well-being: she is seven months pregnant. Both joked: "If anything, we'll go to give birth in the hospital right here." nine0005

They met seven years ago in a common company. Eugene drew attention to ... Xenia's glasses. He remembers: he didn’t like them very much, and he took them “for disposal” despite the protests of the girl. Of course, then he returned it, apologized, and the story could have ended there, but Ksenia found his ICQ number and began to correspond with him. Twisted ...

Two years later, the couple got married. Now Eugene works in the Revda fire department and cherishes and cherishes his wife, the keeper of the hearth. On October 15, they will celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary, and it is very important for them to learn the waltz, which they did not dance at the wedding. nine0005 Advertisement

- It turns out that we were brought down by points. That's why we don't tell anyone the story of our acquaintance, somehow it's not romantic, - Eugene smiles.

Choreographer Larisa Yagina, who danced at the Palace of Culture for many years, after meeting the dancers, lined up everyone, including journalists, in one line and announced: “You will dance today.”


Azam waltz choreographer Larisa Yagina even taught journalists. Photo// Vladimir Kotsyuba-Belykh,

First, it was necessary to learn the basic step of the waltz - this is the square that the dancers “draw”. It is performed in three counts. For “one”, the lead partner - of course, it is better that it be a man - steps forward from the left foot. On "two" - to the right. On "three" the left foot is attached to the right and falls on the entire foot at the very end of the measure. Important: movements must be smooth. nine0005

The partner performs movements in a mirror image: in the direction back and to the left, from the right leg, putting it to the left.

The second movement is exactly the same, only with a change in the position of the legs: the partner steps back from the right foot, putting it to the left, and the lady steps forward from the left foot, putting it to the right. This makes a square.

According to the choreographer, waltz moves are usually remembered quickly, but there are exceptions: people who "set up a psychological barrier, deciding in advance that they would not be able to dance," she says. nine0002 Photo// Vladimir Kotsyuba-Belykh,

It takes Evgeny and Xenia about ten minutes. Memorize quickly, and immediately dance. But, says the choreographer, not everyone has such a result.

— It happens that people build psychological barriers, for some reason they set themselves up in advance that they won't be able to dance, — says Larisa Yagina. - Under no circumstances should this be done. You can do everything. Even the most “difficult” dancer will eventually do everything the choreographer teaches him to do. nine0005

By the way, according to a similar principle, also on a triple count, a figure called “change” is performed. The partner puts the right foot forward, puts the left foot on the toe to the left and puts the right foot to it from the toe to the heel. The partner, in turn, puts her left foot back, moves her right foot to the right and puts her left foot next to her.


The correct hand position for the waltz is a “lock”: the lady’s hand is in the lead partner’s hand. Photo// Vladimir Kotsyuba-Belykh,

The next step is turns. The dancer puts forward his right foot on the count of "one" and begins to turn to the right. On "two" he turns even more and becomes his back along the line of dance (dancers move in a vicious circle counterclockwise). On the count of "three" - pulls the right leg to the left. Thus, the dancer turns 180 degrees and makes a half turn. On the count of “one”, he continues to perform a turn - puts his left foot to the side from the previous position. On “two”, he brings his right leg behind the left and smoothly turns to the right. nine0005 The lead dancer is advised to put his free hand behind his back so as not to interfere. Photo// Vladimir Kotsyuba-Belykh,

The partner performs the same movements, only again in a mirror image: instead of the right foot, she slides forward with the left foot and turns to the left.

By analogy, the left turn is performed, only in the opposite direction and starting from the other leg.

Waltz track

Performed in three counts in the same way by both dancers. On the count of “one”, the dancer steps forward with the right foot, on “two”, the passing step is made with the left foot. On "three" - again with the right foot. The second measure of the track is performed by analogy with the first, starting with the left foot. nine0005

End the waltz with an elegant bow.

Half of the waltz is ready

Larisa Yagina says that if you know these basic figures, then you have already learned at least half of the waltz, and this is quite enough for beginners. Eugene and Ksenia did an excellent job with the task - and after that they were able to dance to the "Wedding March", bypassing the initial loss, and to the "Waltz of the Flowers" by Mikhail Glinka. It took them an hour to learn these movements. For another half an hour they danced just like that, together with their daughter Polina - because they liked it and "the dance sends you into a fairy tale." nine0005

Meaning, Definition, Sentences. What is a square dance

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Meaning of the word "SQUARE"

Equilateral rectangle.

See all meanings of the word SQUARE

The meaning of the word "DANCE"

The art of plastic and rhythmic movements.

See all meanings of the word DANCE

Sentences with "dancing square" nine0005

Examples of two-center quadrilaterals are squares, right kites, and isosceles tangential trapezoids.

Diamonds and squares are examples of tangential trapezoids.

Examples of tangential quadrilaterals are kites, which include diamonds, which in turn include squares.

Increasingly, Céilidh and Barn dance events are being advertised as a misleading square dance. nine0005

Modern Western square dance is practiced in many countries around the world.

The traditional square dance uses a relatively small number of bells—ten to thirty, depending on the region and the specific caller.

There are country dances and four pairs of long sets that turn into a square dance part way through the dance and then back to the original formation. nine0005

Oranges and Lemons was the name of the square-four-eight dance published in the Playford Dance Master in 1665, but it is unclear whether this refers to this rhyme.

Other dances include duck dance, square dance and brandy drops.

It passively detects artillery guns, mortars and tank guns with 360 degree coverage and can monitor more than 2000 square kilometers. nine0005

Suspended four cassettes with 192 armor-piercing bombs, the attack aircraft flew over tank combat formations, dropping bombs every 20 meters and covering an area of ​​​​3 thousand square meters with fire.

In some countries and regions, due to the preservation and repetition, square dances have gained the status of a folk dance.

The various square dance movements are based on the steps and figures used in traditional folk dances and social dances from many countries. nine0005

The square dance challenge may take a very short time or a very long time to complete.

The two types of American square dance are accompanied by different types of music.

In the United States, dance groups often do not have a specific dress code, and the lines between square dance forms have become blurred in recent years.

While the standard formation for a square dance is four couples in a square, there are many variations on this theme.

In modern western square dance, participants are expected to learn and master a specific program, a specific set of challenges.

Performed by four couples in a rectangular formation, this is related to the American square dance.

Calls move dancers from one square to another in intricate patterns. nine0005

Under the ceiling, above the heads of the dancers, a huge ball was slowly rotating, pasted over with small squares of mirrors.

Thus, square dancing is strongly associated with the United States.

Traditional and modern Western square dances share a number of common challenges, but there are usually slight differences in how they are performed.

Grid squares are dances where the squares are arranged in a grid, the sets are carefully aligned across the room and up and down the room. nine0005

This page provides the definition (meaning) of the phrase / expression "dancing square", as well as synonyms, antonyms and sentences, if they are available in our database. We strive to make the English-Grammar.Biz explanatory dictionary, including the interpretation of the phrase / expression "dancing square", as correct and informative as possible.

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