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National Dance Like A Chicken Day on May 14 is all about reliving fond memories of busting out the iconic Chicken Dance. Whether it was in elementary school or at an event last week, everyone has done the Chicken Dance. While the accompanying oompah song we now know as ‘The Chicken Dance Song’ originated in Switzerland in the 1950s, it wasn’t until the 1970s that Americans caught on and the song took off on the charts. Pop on the song and dance with the kids in your life to the Chicken Dance today!

History of National Dance Like a Chicken Day

The man credited with writing the first version of ‘The Chicken Dance song,’ which today is an almost universal cultural phenomenon, was a young Swiss accordionist named Werner Thomas. It was in the late 1950s that he strung together the hit tune on his Swiss accordion when he was only in his 20s. The song was originally named ‘Der Ententanz,’ or ‘The Duck Dance,’ which we can only assume was due to the fact that he tended a flock of ducks and geese. Some say it was written for Oktoberfest, and modeled after a popular German drinking song.

‘The Duck Dance’ debuted at Thomas’s restaurant in 1963 when people began to bring to life the duck-inspired dance moves we all know today. It was as though they couldn’t help but move to the music! In the 1970s, Thomas renamed the song ‘Tchirp-Tchirp,’ which was even more evocative of the animals he tended. For over a decade, the first Chicken Dance song existed only in a tiny Swiss resort town.

After hearing Thomas’ song in a resort, Belgian music producer Louis Van Rymenant had lyrics added and released it to the public. Of course, it took off. By the 1970s, ‘The Duck Dance’ had spread to America, with the signature dance moves attached. In the U.S., September Music Corporation acquired the rights, and changed the name to ‘Dance Little Bird.’ Stanley Mills, the publisher in charge of the song, actually tried to add lyrics in English, but they never caught on.

In the 1980s, multiple renditions of the tune were born, from bands like De Electronica, a Dutch band that released an instrumental version, and another polka band — the song was placed on their album called “Hooked on Polkas!” Despite Mills’ best efforts to make the song a chart-topper, it simply didn’t happen in the early 1980s.  

However, by the late 1980s, the Duck Dance had somehow been colloquially renamed ‘The Chicken Dance,’ and was popping up at events from Oktoberfests to birthdays. After Mills allowed the song to be on a record of dance hits, ‘The Chicken Dance’ took off far beyond that genre. In the decades following, it’s been used for everything from commercials to karaoke and has done well both on the charts and financially. Today, it remains very popular at all kinds of gatherings, and we all have nothing but love in our hearts for the silly tune.

National Dance Like a Chicken Day timeline


The Chicken Dance is Born

Written by a young Swiss named Werner Thomas, but thought to be a drinking song long before this, the basic melody for the Chicken Dance is written.


Chicken Dance Arrives in America

When the iconic dance makes it to the United States, it already includes the famous dance moves like ‘beak,’ ‘wing,’ and ‘tail.’


The Rights Acquired

Though the tune made its way to the United States in the 1970s, it’s not until the 1980s that the rights are acquired by Mr. Mills, who tries to put words to the song.

November 13, 2009

3 Hours of the Chicken Dance

In support of a fundraiser for the local children’s hospital, one radio station plays ‘The Chicken Dance’ for over three hours straight!

July 4, 2010

The Longest Chicken Dance

It is on the Fourth of July in North Dakota that the record is broken for the longest Chicken Dance, with a line of people over 1.6 miles long!

National Dance Like a Chicken Day


What is the name of the Chicken Dance?

The Chicken Dance is also known as the ‘Bird Song,’ the ‘Birdie Song,’ the ‘Bird Dance’ or the ‘Chicken Song.’


Why is it called the Chicken Dance?

When the dance was first introduced in the United States, a German band wanted to perform on a local TV station with a demonstration of the dance wearing a duck costume. When they couldn’t find one, a chicken costume was used instead. 


What are the moves to the chicken dance?

Bend your knees and wiggle your hips four times to the music, placing your arms and hands low like the tail feathers of a chicken. Straighten your knees and clap four times, with the music. Repeat steps two through five, four times.

How to Celebrate National Dance Like A Chicken Day

  1. Dance like a chicken

    To ‘The Chicken Dance Song,’ of course! Whip out the famous ‘beak’ and ‘wing’ dance moves that we’ve loved since the ’70s.

  2. Dress like a chicken

    Feel like stepping it up? Don a chicken onesie or just a beak made of paper. Now there’s some dedication to National Dance Like a Chicken Day.

  3. Check out some polka

    At heart, ‘The Chicken Dance Song’ is classic German oompah music, closely related to polka and carrying the same tuba-heavy baseline. While we don’t listen to polka much anymore today, we can make ‘The Chicken Dance Song’ less of a novelty by putting on some polka!

5 Fun Facts About The Chicken Dance

  1. It was named after the wrong bird!

    The original name of ‘The Chicken Dance Song’ was ‘Der Ententanz,’ which translates to ‘The Duck Dance.

  2. It’s a bestseller

    With over 140 versions of the song having been recorded, it’s overall a huge hit — over 40 million copies have been sold globally.

  3. It topped the charts

    After Dutch band De Electronica released a new cover of the adapted song, called ‘De Vogeltjesdans’ (or ‘Dance Little Bird’) in 1980, the song spent 29 weeks on the Dutch charts — peaking at #8!

  4. It was named ‘The Chicken Dance’ at Oktoberfest

    We can’t say for sure, but legend has it that at the 1981 Oktoberfest in Tulsa, OK, the German polka band played ‘Dance Little Bird’ and taught the duck dance while wearing chicken suits — they think this is where the modern name originated.

  5. It’s made a lot of money

    Since Mills allowed the song to be included in television commercials, he went from making $7,000 a year on it in 1990 to $50,000 in 1995.

Why We Love National Dance Like a Chicken Day

  1. It’s fun!

    Everyone has a good memory of dancing to ‘The Chicken Dance Song. ’ Even if you’re an adult, when the oompah song comes on, you feel like moving! The chicken dance is tons of fun no matter what age you are.

  2. It brings back memories

    We can all remember the excitement at hearing ‘The Chicken Dance Song’ come on in our childhood, and happily clapping and dancing along to the music. Whether you remember it from summer camp, played it in your high school band, or have a video of your daughter dancing to it when she was young, many of us can recall a happy memory associated with the dance!

  3. It’s a silly way to get moving!

    Shed your fears of embarrassment and get out on the dance floor! Dancing around is great exercise (especially when the Chicken Dance speeds up) and is a fun way to get your heart moving.

National Dance Like a Chicken Day dates

2023May 14Sunday
2024May 14Tuesday
2025May 14Wednesday
2026May 14Thursday
2027May 14Friday

7 TikTok Dance Moves You Can Learn At Home

TikTok is filled with short, fun dance routines that you can watch for endless hours (trust me, I've done it), share with friends, and learn at home with STEEZY.

But, let's face it.

If you don't have a dance background, the short, hard to follow tutorials on TikTok can be a frustrating roadblock to joining in on the fun.

Here are simple, easy ways you can learn the 7 most popular moves on TikTok.

1. The CitiRokk

The CitiRokk is that one SUPER POPULAR TikTok dance move where you rock your body from side to side and cross your arms in front of your chest.

Watch this video with the move’s creator, CitiBoyRio, to see how the move took over TikTok!


While the CitiRokk was popularized on TikTok by the Renegade dance routine, CitiBoyRio just dropped a new routine of his own!

Learn the CitiRokk Shuffle routine just in time before it goes viral. 😎

Hit this link to learn both the CitiRokk and the CitiRokk shuffle step-by-step on STEEZY Studio.

2. The Woah

Just WATCHING people hit the Woah gets me excited.

It's simple, hype, and easy to apply to any song with a dope bass beat.

If you've been lurking on TikTok for any time at all, you've probably already seen it yourself and understand how it's supposed to look.

How you create the reverb motion, where to position your arms, and when to move your body to hit the beat on time is all you need to learn. 👇

3. The Swagg Bouncee

Do your hips naturally sway from side to side when a good song comes on?

Think of the Swagg Bouncee as your natural hip-sway's cooler, trendier sibling.

Lil Rich Swagg, who created the Swagg Bouncee, says to “Stay on your tippy toes to get a full range of motion,” in his STEEZY Studio class.

By committing to the move and making it bigger, you'll look more confident!

4. The Kangsta Wok

In the video below, this TikTok dance move's creator, Zaya Sosho, explains how he based the Kangsta Wok on a "dip" move he saw during a cypher.

When you do the Kangsta Wok, make sure not to over- or under-exert your energy.

Attack each level drop with a little intensity to make the move look extra hype, but don't go so hard that your body tenses up!

You want to make it look effortlessly cool. 😎

Still not totally sure how to make that happen?

Don't worry... Zaya Sosho will teach you in the tutorial below!

Use this guide to help to you practice too!

5. The Smeeze

This move first entered the dance scene in 2009, but at the time, it was mainly used during battles and parties.

When TikTok arrived in 2018, the move's creator, Chonkie, knew this was the perfect platform to bring the Smeeze to the next level.

With hashtags like #SMEEZEEVERYWHERE, and dance crews like the Jabbawockeez picking it up, the Smeeze quickly became a TikTok favorite.

You can learn more about it from Chonkie himself in this video!

While millions of people are, in fact, Smeezin' everywhere, the move can be a little tricky due to the alternating movements of the arms and legs.

Use this step-by-step tutorial to get the timing jussssst right!

6. The Bust Down

As far as TikTok dance moves go, the Bust Down is definitely on the sexier end of the spectrum.

Characterized by a scoop/thrust motion of the hips, the move is great for raunchy club jams like "Thotiana" by Blueface – the song that popularized the move!

If adding a lil sexy swagger to your movement feels like climbing Mt. Everest, know that practice and repetition will be your best friend!

STEEZY's tutorial breaks the move down simply and efficiently, so you can learn it in just 9 minutes and repeat sections LITERALLY AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT.

Trust us, you'll have swag down to a science.👨‍🔬

7. The Cosby Walk

Yes, when executed the right way, the simple act of marching can become a dope dance move!

Watch our video with Rated R, creator of the Cosby Walk, to see exactly what we mean:

As you're learning this move, make sure you're placing your feet firmly on the floor and evenly distributing your weight!

If your bottom half is weak and wobbly, you'll look more bambi than bad@$$.

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As much as we love watching the mesmerizing 15-second dance tutorials that already live on TikTok...

It's LIFE-CHANGING to have legit dancers break moves down and make them easy to learn.

Now, you have everything you need to master the hottest dance moves and join fun challenges on TikTok.

Start learning now for free!

​Snow Maiden Strippers and Santa Pimp - this is the new clip of Gucci Mane "Jingle Bales"

December 19, 2019, 06:24

​Snow Maiden Strippers and Santa Pimp - this is the new clip of Gucci Mane "Jingle Bales"

Gucci Mane brings trap romance even to such a family and kind holiday as Christmas. In the new video "Jingle Bales" he, in the form of Santa, walks the streets of New York in the company of many beautiful girls who dance, drink alcohol and bathe in money. nine0005

The track itself can be heard on the new Gucci album "East Atlanta Santa 3", which will be released already This Friday.

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0 - 9 | A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z | AND B AT G D E AND W And To L M H O P R With T At F X C H W SCH E YU I am

Pimp Kokstantin again takes up the old

Survival instructions

Text: Thomas Gaysanov

Illustrations: Rodion Kitaev

06 June 2019

The final part of the monologue of the legendary pimp Kokstantin, in which he talks about the intricacies of manipulation, the psychology of his charges and still plans to settle down. nine0140

Intimate Management Series

At the peak of my career, when I took on everything that could bring money, without thinking about karma and other blessings, we met my future wife. It was an ordinary, ordinary order: I went to a restaurant to introduce a girl to a client, get a payment and leave them alone. While waiting for a late client, we managed to talk, a spark flared up - and I realized that I did not want to sell it: not today, not ever again. Having written to the customer that she did not wait for him, I offered to run away and drink something together. Already in the taxi we got stuck in traffic because of 9May, fireworks began to rattle - I joked that this was a salute in honor of our meeting.

At that time, she was already fed up with prostitution herself, and therefore, when I suggested that she start a new life and give up everything completely, she readily agreed. I, in turn, broke with drug parties and did not use anything at all, I even forgot about the powder.

Three months later we got married and went to live on one of the Thai islands, where we spent more than a year in a romantic fairy tale, dividing our bungalow into two zones - a musician and an artist. At the same time, both became very interested in yoga, meditation and related spiritual practices, began to pay attention to their moral character, learned to be better as people. I easily succumbed to change and gladly threw out the rotten parts from myself. nine0005

Of course, he continued to earn money by pimping - he did business remotely, but even in this he began to behave much more noblely. And, of course, he protected her from work as best he could, so as not to cause unpleasant associations, but some negativity still hatched: lectures about karma, and banal female jealousy. Therefore, to make it easier for everyone, I just went out of sight, as if to work, I tried not to bring everything into the house.

At the same time, she began to form a local social circle of backpackers, Hare Krishnas, shamans and other former drug addicts that I didn't understand. Pretty quickly, this turned into some kind of sectarian meetings with naked jumping over a fire, trips with ayahuasca and other ultra-radical island Buddhism. nine0010

I realized that I didn't want to sell it: not today, not ever

Having sounded the alarm, I decided that it was time for us to return to Moscow, especially since it was becoming more and more difficult to conduct business without a personal presence.

Upon her return to Russia, her search for God continued even more than before, and after some time I discovered that money was missing from the house. When he pressed her against the wall, she admitted that she had found some new spiritual healers in Moscow who charged dearly for their consultations. Understanding each other became more and more difficult, every day was a battle of her superstitions against my skepticism. Plans for the future were also different: she believed that children should not be vaccinated, she was going to protect them from technology, live in cabbage and all that; I thought she was crazy. nine0005

When we were both completely lost in depression, I suggested that we part ways.

She decided to move to live near the sea, I gave her money for the first time, we said goodbye, and a few months later we officially divorced.

Now she is a spiritual healer, the same shaman. Travels around the world, heals people, opens chakras. He says that all diseases from the soul are psychosomatics and all that. She’s doing great, so I’m glad she earns with her head, and not with something else. She came up with an image, supports it, people believe her, in addition, she is damn beautiful - she will not disappear. In general, she has an amazing appearance, with Indian motifs, just right for a shaman. I think she hit her place in life very aptly, because she is one of those who was born with a backpack on her shoulders. nine0005

We gave each other the best we could. She corrected me in that I stopped earning money treacherously - there were values ​​besides them. If she hadn’t scolded me for completely dishonorable things, hadn’t hit my hands, then I wouldn’t have become a better person and would have continued to send girls to dubious topics, to take away the left shares. Before her, I was an unprincipled predator, charged with prey at any cost, but now I maintain harmony and try to bring good.

I helped her get out of the complicated whirlwind into which her life brought her, taught her to earn without stepping over herself. We're just two adults who crossed paths, corrected each other, and moved on. Because of this, the whole world has not become better, but we have definitely become, so there is nothing to regret. nine0005

I am Tinder

After the consumption, the drugs returned pretty quickly, literally from the very first day I dived into my old lifestyle, but already becoming an improved version of myself. With the advent of integrity in business, the circle of clients has qualitatively narrowed: now they are mostly intelligent Europeans, as a rule, Russian emigrants who are not looking for entertainment for the night, they are interested in long-term contacts. I'm no longer a pure pimp, because I sell sophisticated dating - in fact, I'm a tinder for the rich and decent. nine0005

My Europeans have a completely different style, they are highly cultured and tactful people who would not think of introducing me to the intimate details of meetings with my charges. They most often do not care about the top layer of girls for a mower or two, such girls spread their legs in front of them anyway - that's why they demand diamonds and are ready to pay generously for it. Here the customer loves art, asks for a ballerina, from some St. Petersburg school, for example. Interesting task!

I was looking for such a girl for a very long time, and as a result I found a ballerina in St. Petersburg, a serious and famous in their circles. She starred as a model once, so there was a connection through one manager. I went to St. Petersburg, watched a performance with her, and at the end gave flowers, supposedly the customer, with apologies that he could not escape from London: after all, being a big fan of her talent, he tries to get into all her performances. nine0005

She accepts flowers, and I invite her to fly to meet. Of course, good tickets, a separate hotel, everything is decent, no prostitution. At any time, you can turn on the “turn around and leave” option, this will not affect the monetary gratitude for the time spent - a fireproof amount of 5,000 euros. For two weeks I persuaded her, she was very worried, threw up her hands dramatically, but in the end she flew off.

Meeting scored in Vienna, the best hotel, deluxe suite, champagne for breakfast, flowers, lots of flowers. After the meeting, she writes down a voice for me right away - that’s the same frightened aesthetic - “fuck-blah-blah, he’s so cool, ah-ah-ah-ah!” I was even dumbfounded: where is the intelligence, where is that sublimity? And the story ended with the fact that at a live meeting she simply did not like it. Says: "Very good, sophisticated, knows languages, but I'm looking for something deeper." Apparently, she gave up, did not hold back her emotions, and in a conversation, instead of the sought-after bourgeois, a village came through once or twice - so they returned it to St. nine0005

Silicon Valley

You can arrange dinner with almost everyone, I don't see anything reprehensible in that. You are offered to meet a rich interesting person in a public, most likely expensive, place - they also pay money for it. And only then they offer not just dinner, but strictly at will. By the way, clients who invite to such meetings are almost always adequate people, and girls are not always those who sleep for money. nine0005

Everything goes very civilly: they meet for half an hour, if they are interested in each other, they continue to communicate, well, they will last there for how long; comes to cars-apartments, of course. The charisma of the customer decides a lot: they do all the preliminary work for you, they seat a woman according to your taste in front of you at the table - then he himself, with his charisma. It's kind of cleaner. For a certain category of girls, this is even quite a romantic and beautiful story. It’s convenient for men: you save time, you don’t need to search, write something - they are also shy, probably. nine0005

Instagram greatly adjusted the market for itself - all the girls rushed to spin there, and the customers followed them: they sit from stalker accounts, blurt them out and punch through my favorites, indiscriminately, sometimes shamelessly. The other day, a client sent me a profile with an ultimatum "I'll give $10,000 for it until you do it - don't text me at all." And I’m just ashamed to knock on her door: she goes to church, lights candles, goes to shelters - it’s obvious that it’s not an option, how is it possible at all?

Previously, I personally sent the database to everyone, but now most of the orders come from the clients themselves - they send profile screenshots, and then I will find out through my channels whether they go to topics or not. If there is no information, I write directly to her or the manager, everyone understands everything, the dialogues are quick. nine0005

It happens that a beauty that everyone wants appears, her profile actively goes to managers, and she didn’t do this in her thoughts, but due to the fact that there is a demand for her in the databases, rumors are creeping that she is a slut. I know a lot of normal girls who get slandered just because they have instagram. It is difficult to say how many percent of Instagram girls are quietly sold - not everyone immediately agrees to have sex, but only a few refuse dinner.

"You can earn if God gave you a dumpling"

Valeria Davydova, Ksenia Stoylik

Samizdat talked to managers of elite escort agencies, telegram bloggers, sex workers and found out how the modern escort business works

In general, there is a feeling that in ten years no one will need classic pimps: wealthy customers will hire special managers for themselves, and medium-sized businesses will finally go online. Those who are already moving in this direction will earn money: the creators of applications like Pure, telegram chats and bots from the “Model Zone” and “Skin Market” series are pop and hyped, the very juice is hidden from outsiders. Everything is already set up there as in online banks: you choose, pay, you wait. I myself was offered to participate in a startup with questionable mechanics, such as Uber for whores, but I'm not interested in all this. There floats only what has passed through managers thousands of times: at best, the third, fourth layer of heifers - well, I still work with exclusive goods, and not with McDonald's. nine0005

I think the most interesting place in California is supposedly the highest end of our business: young Silicon Valley billionaires and starlet actresses taking Hollywood by storm, the premier league of the sport. So far, my journey to the West has stopped at the fact that I moved to Spain: I have a lot of work with London, Milan, Switzerland, it is more convenient to connect from here. And nothing distracts me, you can do it calmly - I'm still a musician.

In Moscow, it became completely uninteresting: managers divorced like Yandex couriers: wherever you spit - a pimp. Because of this, pricing began to change, everyone is dumping each other. A huge system in which you can find one product cheaper - no one is a fool to pay more, especially since the same girl in a different period of her life can go for two euros, and for one, and for seven. And so you named the customer a higher price than the competitor, and that's it - you no longer have a customer. Romance has left the profession - they used to be treated like a person with water in their hands, and around the desert, but now everything is like on Avito. nine0005

Old style suters can't withstand technological changes and turn into some kind of completely ridiculous archaic. There are a dozen of these old-school comrades who go everywhere in suits and turn up "cases" - they are very funny. Polls drunks, collect gossip about the stars, barely make ends meet. There is one out of the box copy that tries to fit into all the semi-social events where some conditional Friedman can come, and distributes his business cards with the inscription "models, escort" there. People shy away, the oligarchs already recognize him from afar. He doesn’t earn a damn thing, I don’t understand what he lives on. nine0005

Writing letters to readers

Want to chat with the editors? Subscribe to our newsletters: samizdat editors share their observations about life, reveal the secrets of the working kitchen and invite readers to become co-authors of

In the mirror

This year marks nine years since I've been in business. In recent years, I have already reached the level where I can afford not to communicate directly with girls, but simply give a percentage to recruiters. My job is to maintain high-quality contacts with large clients and, of course, to find new ones. Sometimes you need to make some efforts for this, but sometimes fate accidentally leads me to them, and the main thing here is to immediately create the right climate. nine0005

A few years ago, a large hotel owner, who is also a member of the royal house of Monaco, sent me to get acquainted with the local duke, who happened to be in Moscow on business. The minion of fate, almost a cartoon character, but the most surprising thing is that, in addition to French and English, he spoke a little Russian. It is now fashionable in their circles - so many Russians divorced on the Cote d'Azur.

It turned out to be not quite a classic acquaintance: for the first few minutes, I was held by the arms by several guards, while he sat at his desk with a bored look, looking through papers and constantly calling somewhere. Without mood, all twitchy, sniffs, sniffs. I ask him: “Did you catch a cold in Moscow?”, He caustically replies: “No, I didn’t catch a cold,” and I told him: “Yes, I didn’t catch a little cold today either, if that.” We lock eyes - and after a couple of minutes in his room I draw paths. For the next eight hours, we chatted non-stop in English-French-Russian about politics, monarchy, Russianness-Frenchness and Monaconess. Now every summer he consistently orders a dozen of my girls for a yacht. nine0005

How I met the New Year in the red light district

Teodor Glagolev, Elena Bulay

The story of a reader who decided to celebrate the New Year in the company of a sex worker and went through a path of excitement, disappointment and acceptance

Pimp - like a hairdresser, I am trusted with secrets

It happens, of course, that a person does not use anything, and here you need to like him from scratch, how to seduce him too. To do this, you need to surprise and predict. From time to time you need to feed the ego, make the right, non-vulgar compliments - naked flattery only scares off decent people. That's right - to emphasize delicate taste in time, it is not trivial to praise intellectual abilities, to respect a watch or a car, if he himself is proud of them. When you already know each other better, you can admire the path traveled - after all, not everyone would have mastered this, deserves respect, one can only be amazed at the thought of what successes still lie ahead - and everything in this spirit. nine0005

In order for everything to work out, of course, it is necessary to sincerely get high from your counterpart and at the same time keep yourself on an equal footing. It is important to prepare well for meetings, to educate yourself so that your interests coincide. The most important task is to become a person who will be told: “I have been looking for you all my life, I have always been looking for a brother” - and I was told these words.

I learn charm from artists, businessmen, I read books on empathy, I have transferred a lot from psychology to life, and now, by analyzing a person, I can more or less accurately choose the right behavior model. The main recipe for the first meeting is to mirror the interlocutor and project what he wants to see in people. If he is energetic and noisy - be a festival person, create a party, wake up people around. If you are closed, close yourself too, and then carefully tell your inner secret, show that you have them too. He will appreciate it. I like it, I open a new facet of myself through people and become wider - it helps me a lot in life. nine0005

Pimp - like a hairdresser, I am trusted with secrets. I understand that some clients can punish me, kill me for the information that I have about them, but this is a professional risk, nothing more. Becoming a friend is also work to some extent, and my time can also be bought, even though I know that it will all end badly. Alas, clients rarely know other relationship models other than master-slave, and I can't last that long.

I had one such "friend" - then his girlfriend left him and mutual friends brought us together so that I could help him get out of depression. A good man, a little over forty, handsome and smart, from a very wealthy family, where he grew up as a beloved child. Due to the fact that from childhood he received everything on a silver platter, did not overcome, did not break through, any failure for him is a hole from which he cannot get out, and all good things are commonplace. Until now, he cannot form his circle of friends, with a normal girl to catch on. After him, I realized that being born into a rich family is still not the best alignment, without proper upbringing you will not be adapted to life. nine0005

I introduced him to one of the girls - he immediately fell head over heels in love with her, they continued to communicate. After a couple of weeks, she left him, saying: "He's good, but suffocates me with attention, I can't do that." He immediately begins to suffer - he does not sleep, does not eat, toils. I've never come across this before, after all, you bought it for a thousand bucks - why so much pain?

I send him the following questionnaire: our girl, works as a model in China - he immediately fell in love, says: "That's it, we fly to her, I pay for everything" - they flew. I did not know her personally, only through a mutual acquaintance, but in any case I decided to influence her minimally so that my influence would not prevent the "friend" from having a real experience. For two weeks he terrorized her, not letting her through, and when we were both blacklisted, we returned back. He sent the third option - fell in love again, tortured everyone again, suffers again. nine0005

When he didn't have a victim at hand, he sat by me - pathologically he couldn't stand being alone, I had to support him. Since he paid colossal money for such a caliper, he demanded accordingly: I don’t see friends, clients, I spend all the time with him, wipe my snot, entertain him. He made me work out every penny as much as possible: I had to come to him at any time of the day or night, play a friend, listen to his shit, be with him. It got to the point that he began to get into my life: with that you can communicate, with this you can’t. He seemed to fall in love with me, although this is not love at all - he just naturally needs to fuck someone's brains. nine0005

For the sixth time they found a girl who was fine with this behavior, and the damn circle broke. I don’t know how much you have to love money to meet him: he is a fierce tyrant - he won’t even let her go to her mother. I have no idea what is the point of building relationships with prostitutes with such corrals.


Girls fall in love with clients, this also happens. Of course, they are very windy, and the love of a lifetime changes from week to week, so you should not take them seriously. Today you gave her a watch - she idolizes you, tomorrow you gave her just a scarf - you are the last schmuck. Cases when a girl is directly killed by a man are rare, but they also slip through. There are those who have generally atrophied such feelings, manifestations of tenderness are disgusting to them. nine0005

They have different fates, some of them have been crippled by life since their youth: being beautiful is far from always sugary - from the age of 13–14 you live in reality, when everyone tries to drag you into bed, someone was raped already at this age, it happened, even from home.

In most cases, of course, everything happens more peacefully, and the girls come here without much influence from the outside world. It is most often a matter of upbringing, because everyone knows that the vast majority of them grew up without fathers, which is why disappointed mothers treat them from the cradle: “The main thing is to get married more successfully.” In fact, they very clearly draw the goal and very vaguely the path to its implementation. These people go by any means, not thinking what to do in this family, whether she will be happy - she just needs a cool groom. Blurred landmarks, blurry concept of happiness. nine0005

If you look more globally, then the society as a whole has the same murky priorities, plus Instagram dictates a new order. He finally allowed to engage not in self-education, but in self-admiration. There, the girl sees something in the feed - and wants “the same”: for example, a photo of a friend on a swing from Bali - she is jumped over, and now she already wants to go there, and if a woman wants something badly, then she can become more practical than anyone man.

"I know nothing but how to fuck - what will happen to me?" nine0005

Such a standard of living must be provided with something, but she cannot get a job because of her cowardice, stupidity, lack of education - after all, as a rule, they are superficial and ignorant. At the same time, she understands that her appearance, her beautiful body is the main value that she possesses. After all, there is an expression “a beautiful girl is an interesting life”: everything is offered to you from a young age, they take you everywhere, they provide you - and now you are already used to this, and then you are thrown into adulthood. Those with whom life has been rougher since childhood invest in themselves and steadfastly withstand reality, while these are lost and often even afraid to do anything, go with the flow - this is how recruiters catch them. nine0005

Rare girls are really driven and are frank with themselves. Of course, in my kitchens sometimes there are monologues from the series “I can’t do anything except how to fuck and have already spent so much time on it - what will happen to me?” I try to cheer up at such moments: I praise that I ask such questions, and I advise you not to kill yourself. I tell everyone that free time should be spent not on hookahs, but with benefit: draw, dance, learn something. Unfortunately, they completely give up on personal development, ignore their inner self, move further and further away from it, disown themselves, and when they turn on, it may already be too late. nine0005

If a girl gives up her dream of becoming a nurse, a singer, a veterinarian, and instead decides to sell her body, then she is her own pimp. Only she can sell herself for the first time, and only then do we appear - more enterprising people: after all, not every escort is able to sell herself the way a manager can. What is a can of cola without a marketer?

Yes, maybe you don't always have to feel sorry for them: some of them, even from complete, wealthy families, earn as top managers, although they have chosen a relatively easy path. But it is definitely not necessary to condemn and offend them for this. Well, this is how she was born - beautiful, beautiful, absolutely does not want to do anything in life, she loves to fuck. So let her do what she likes so much, why cling to her - who will be happier from this? nine0005

New people

I think people need our sphere, and I dream that it will become completely legal, and girls will receive rights and respect from people - everyone will only benefit from this. What is happening now is completely meaningless: not a single girl has yet been stopped from prostitution by the law, not a single one.

And how many new wave prostitutes, escorts and so on are there now? More than a million for sure, if not all of one and a half. And also Ukraine, Belarus and so on - a whole army of geishas: there are more of them in Moscow alone than many nationalities in the world. nine0005

To be honest, business is flourishing at all levels: there are brothels in every city, and at least one eromassage parlor in every district. Nevertheless, the state is not ready to make money on this legally, the situation is such that it’s just a matter of pinching behind the scenes.

The question is, who needs these cheap raids on NTV, when people in shorts are put on the floor with cops? Everyone will only benefit: society receives taxes, girls are protected, because some of them are very bad - believe me, not all pimps behave decently and prudently. nine0005

Wherever prostitution is legal - in Australia, in Germany, in Amsterdam - the system runs smoothly, cleanly and safely, it's just another marketplace. And in our country, sex is treated like dirt - is that normal? We do not live in a fairy tale: people want to fuck - why not let them do it legally and without reproaches? Prostitution has always been and will be, this is normal, just like porn: take all this away from people and they will start killing each other. It is necessary to give somewhere to let off steam, here spirituality will not help. nine0005

Wherever prostitution is legal, the system runs smoothly, cleanly and safely, it's just another market for services

Thanks to legalization, managers will strive for higher standards. Even now, there are options to fall into the clutches of the cops - to fall for a test purchase: you come to the hotel, take the money, the customer goes up to the room - that's it. The money is sealed, you are taken away. This was done several times when the article came out, like the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation Article 241 “Organization of prostitution”, they can give up to 5 years. In 2015, three pimps were jailed for it, I know one of them. It was then, probably, that the cops sat down and realized: the laws are being passed, but we are not earning. nine0005

Personally, for me, caution is above all: several phones, a bunch of SIM cards from different countries of the world, work phones never leave the house. Minimum personal meetings. In a pair of "money - privacy" - always the second. Therefore, there are almost no problems with the law. From all this garbage it is almost impossible to assemble a composition for a criminal case, especially since I keep everything left in the messenger: one second - and a clean phone. Just think, a bunch of girls in contacts - what's wrong with that? I have them all, after all, respectfully and affectionately recorded. I am loving, citizen chief, let me go. nine0005

The real problem is when the cops come out to rob you. I'm not talking about those cases when they send smeared profiles of girls (only cops have such ones), you just block - and that's it, it's about offline.

At the end of my second year in the capital, two old acquaintances working in the authorities found out about me and decided that I should share with them. Crime against crime. At first, they simply pressed me with calls and threats, and then they found my address and grazed under the window for three days, burst on the door, cut off the electricity. I didn’t even have food supplies: I sat on the water, thinking that I would die. Now in two calls you can set their own commander on them, but then there were no connections, therefore he did not stick out like a partisan. After that situation, I did everything so that no one else could find my real identity in any database. nine0005

Kokstantin wants love

I am gradually retiring from business, I have almost completely withdrawn from Moscow. I think that soon, in a few years, I will completely finish all this: I have the head, connections and skills to find an adequate replacement. While there are still some orders, of course, I don’t want to deviate from the standard of living I’m used to, and music still doesn’t bring super profits. There is no special development, you just hone your bullshit, and with age you get very tired of it. Still, this job is for a kid up to 25 years old, then you either remain at the same level, or you degrade. nine0005

I need to move on to some kind of creation, I have been consuming for too many years, giving nothing to society in return, I want to leave something behind - even, corny, well-bred children. Of course, I would not want them to turn onto a crooked path, but my parents hardly wanted me to turn out that way either. I think when the kids are older, I'll tell them who I was and what I did. Closer to adulthood - I would not want them, lisping, running around the school, ringing at recess that their dad is a pimp. If my son says: “Wow, cool, I want that too!” - I’ll say: “Good luck, do everything yourself, I won’t teach anything here” - you need to go this way in your moccasins. nine0005

If a daughter is born, I will do everything necessary for her to be honest with herself and, as far as she can, with me. Her relationship with men is her own business, so I would build a trusting relationship with her so that she would not be afraid to share unpleasant things with me. If she wants to go to a modeling agency at the age of 16, then I won’t mind, but I’ll remind you that people are not only good, but also bad - those who deceive and take advantage of others. And in this business, I already know, girls are cheated much more often. Therefore, daughter, if you are offered an easy 200 euros, it’s better to call your dad and ask him for them - for whatever you want. nine0005

So far it is hard to find a woman who will accept what I do. Business is so condemned by society that a person can easily break off relations with me, even without paying attention to whether I am a good person or not. Especially girls - for them this news always turns into overwhelming stress, although not immediately: at first they are all very interested, two days of curiosity and questions, then jealousy, notations and a natural break start. I treat it simply as a source of income, it does not define me in everyday life. The well-fed will not enlighten the hungry. nine0005

It just seems to me that I am deeper than such people, because I include both that world and this one — and I can understand everything without judgment. Moral standards are different for everyone, mine is wider. Why can’t you calmly admit that in the world it has always been, is and will be - regardless of whether you condemn or not. It is more correct to accept the situation and think about what exactly you can do to fix it, if you really are so outraged by it. Otherwise, you don't have to point fingers.

nine0004 I would have a child with a former prostitute

Therefore, my path to a family, most likely, will lie through a prostitute, even though it is not easy to build relationships with them. They are impatient because they know they can find better, they know how not to get attached, they know men too well and they feel insincerity. Easily parted: this is difficult to keep if you do not meet her expectations. Yes, and it will not be easy for me either: I have seen too much and know too much. Short, two-month romances with them are the best antidepressant in the world, but something more serious is hardly feasible yet. And then - why not? nine0005

I would have a child with a former prostitute. What kind of job do I have, what did I do, what did I do - how can I judge someone? It doesn’t matter what a person had in the past, what matters is what he learned from it, whether he is ready to truly change. Love built on the highest common moral qualities is a crystal castle, it is hardly stronger than the love of people who are more experienced and flexible in such matters. Love is a gentle touch, not a stuffy hug. When grievances and demands begin, this is no longer love, these are ego games. First of all, love is a coincidence of your interests, schedule and finances. To love means not to be too attached to one thing, to be in harmony with everything around.

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