Learn how to dance like napoleon dynamite

'Napoleon Dynamite' Turns 10 So Here's a Step-by-Step Guide For His "Canned Heat" Dance Routine


by Kristie Rohwedder

10 years ago, moviegoers were introduced to the eponymous hero of Napoleon Dynamite, and he changed the way we looked at chicken feet forever. (They are not feet. They are talons, GOSH.) We watched Napoleon stockpile tater tots in his cargo pant pockets, hunt for a fresh tube of Chapstick, play tetherball, feed Tina the llama, and bruise Kip's neck meat. He's a strange cat, but I'll be damned if many of us didn't grow to love him. And yeah, you read that right: As of June 11, Napoleon Dynamite is a decade old. Whoa. And in honor of this anniversary, Twentieth Century Fox Studios unveiled a Napoleon Dynamite/tetherball statue. Flippin' sweet.

Though I knew I could not compete with a life-size Napoleon statue, I wanted to celebrate ND's birthday somehow. After weighing all of my options (I could make a Vote For Pedro t-shirt! Or attempt to put my very short hair in a Deb-esque side ponytail! Or adopt a llama!), I ultimately decided to pick out all of the life-changing moves from Napoleon's dynamite (sorry not sorry) dance routine set to Jamiroquai's "Canned Heat." I may not be able to build a statue, but I can definitely handle watching a video of a dance routine over and over again.

It's been a hot minute since I've seen the movie, so I'd forgotten just how intense the choreo is. Every millisecond is screengrab worthy/a slice of magic. But! I hunkered down, analyzed the tape, and chose the best of the best. It was a grueling task, but I gave it my all. Heck yes I did.

The Hands In Pockets

The audience has no idea what they're in for.

The jump out with hands in pockets


The Throw of the Hands


The Backwards Wolverine Claw Shuffle

Quite possibly one of the more intimidating moves out there.

The pelvic thrust

It's a classic dance move for a reason.

The Shoot That Basketball Without Looking


The arms over head rocking to the side

Get into it.

The Bird Flap

Feel the wind beneath your wings.

The squat + hip swivel + arm isolations

So much power to behold.

The pose to end all poses

Only those who can truly handle this pose may strike it.

The “I see you, audience” point

Show 'em who's running this.

The overarm side clap

Go on...


The hands have a mind of their own move

This is their dance routine now.

The Swat the Bee


The Elvis/umpire “you’re outta here” move

A move steeped in nuance and complexity.

The Somersault

You've been dancing for two minutes? You're getting winded? Too bad. Can't lose steam now. Gotta kick it up a notch.

The Jazzy Slither

Like a snake with legs.

The I'm Done

When you're done, you're done.

Watch the masterpiece in its entirety here:

Don't freak out: At around the 2:17 mark, the choreo reverses. Like a mirror. That's why the routine seems longer than you remember. It's weird, yeah, but it was the clearest video I could find. Such is life.

Images: Fox Searchlight; Tumblr [2]

How to Do The Napoleon Dynamite Dance

How to Do The Napoleon Dynamite Dance

The movie Napoleon Dynamite showcased the kid’s dance in which he presents how a nerd can dance as he shows his moves over the climactic school assembly. The actor, Jon Heder, shows the world how he can dance on three different songs. However, all those three songs were mashed together as one. You can always impress your friends by copying the dance he does and showing how you can be as goofy as he was. You should just keep your knees and arms smooth and loose. From then on, you will just need to practice a little and you’ll be good to go.


  • 1

    First, face the audience and keep your hands in the front pockets. Start nodding your head as soon as the music begins. Only try to bring your thighs and knees together so that they see how stupid you can get while dancing.

  • 2

    As the lyrics of the song start, take your hands out of your pockets. And sing with the person who is singing the song. Start nodding your head and as soon as the violin part finishes say: “The boogie is for real.”

  • 3

    Now it’s time for you to raise your hands and palms. Then start clapping while looking up in the air. Drop your arms back onto the sides and start swirling towards the audience. Cycle your arms around and pretend as if you are jogging while you are stepping back.

  • 4

    Now get straight back up. Now walk forward at the same pace and then stop with your legs far apart. Then punch your left arm up in the air. Keep repeating this with both the arms, one-by-one. Right at the end, use your index finger to point at the floor.

  • 5

    Face left and place the left foot in front of your right foot. Now pull your arms right into your body. Then raise them both out and then start circling them clockwise. Slap your thighs as well.

  • 6

    Bend your knees a bit, and then start rolling your shoulders back. Separate your hands and then slide them into the air once again. Pretend as if you are trying to fix your hair, but don’t touch them. Then toss your head back and then put your fists down while you’re making fists.

  • 7

    Pretend you are playing a guitar in the air. And right when it is time for chorus, bend your knees and step out. And while you are doing that, keep pointing at the floor whenever necessary.

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Napoleon Dynamite is a sixteen-year-old weird boy who lives with his grandmother and older brother Kip. Kip is twice as old as Napoleon, but still unemployed and only busy chatting all day long with his online girlfriend LaFanda. In addition, Kip has a dream to become a mixed martial arts fighter. To do this, he and his brother even go to classes in Rex-Kwon-Do - the author's course of Sensei Rex. But the course costs money, so classes have to be abandoned. nine0003

At the school where Napoleon goes, he suffers humiliation from local bullies, draws various pictures in his notebook and tells everyone stories about his invented adventures. But one day he meets a new student who has been transferred to their school. The newcomer's name is Pedro, he's from Mexico and has a similar temperament to Napoleon. And he decides to get acquainted with the local school queen Summer. Napoleon offers to send her a cake and invite her to the ball, which will soon be held at school. nine0003

Napoleon and Kip's grandmother accidentally falls off a quad bike while driving through the sand dunes, breaks her tailbone and asks their uncle Rico to look after her grandchildren. Rico is a former athlete who now lives in a motorhome and dreams of earning money so he can get back into the sport. He even asks Kip if he can buy a time machine online. But mostly he offers Kip various schemes to make money by reselling various goods. Rico does not like Napoleon very much and diligently humiliates him. nine0003

One day a girl named Deb comes to Napoleon's house. She needs money for college, so she advertises her own photography studio and offers to buy key chains she knits. But then he runs away from embarrassment, leaving all his things on the threshold of Napoleon's house. Napoleon at school approaches her and returns all the goods to her. Later it turns out that Summer refused Pedro's invitation, but Deb, who, as it turned out, Pedro also sent an invitation, agreed. Pedro invites Napoleon to invite another popular girl - Trisha. But do it in an original way, demonstrating your skills. Napoleon decides to paint her portrait. nine0003

When Napoleon brings a portrait and an invitation to the ball for Trisha, she is not at home, and instead of her there is Rico, who is just selling goods to Trish's mother. He tells her various fables about Napoleon, causing her such a feeling of pity for the boy that she persuades Trisha to go with him to the school ball.

To prepare for the ball and buy himself a costume, Napoleon takes a job on a chicken farm, where he has to plant chickens in cages. After a while, he manages to save up for the coveted costume. nine0003

True, at the school prom, Trisha soon leaves Napoleon and goes to have fun with her friends. Deb and Pedro agree that Napoleon can dance a few dances with Deb so he won't be alone at the party. While Napoleon and Deb are dancing, Pedro notices a poster that encourages everyone to run for school president. He decides to enter the election race and oust Summer, who is also running for this position.

In preparation for the election, friends hand out flyers, key chains that Deb creates, and other things. They even participate in the agricultural fair to get medals, in the hope that this will be an advantage in this race. However, when Pedro arranges for Summer to break the piñata, the Headmaster calls him in and tells him that this is too much. He is not expelled from the race, but he is given a warning. However, he and his elder brothers of gangster appearance help some of the schoolchildren deal with hooligans. nine0003

After a while, Napoleon discovers that Pedro has come to school wearing a hoodie. Pedro said that last night he felt the heat and realized that it was from the hair on his head. So he shaved off all his hair. Napoleon asks Deb to help him choose a wig she has in stock. Since then, Pedro goes to class in a wig.

Meanwhile, Uncle Rico continues to dishonor the name of Napoleon. He invites all the women of the town to buy "natural breast augmentation." This leads to the fact that one day Napoleon's box at school is sealed with these ads. Uncle Rico, even Deb, offers to buy this remedy, saying that Napoleon suggested that he do it. Deb immediately calls Napoleon and says that their friendship is over. However, Rico's uncle is punished by trying to sell breast augmentation products to Rex, a martial arts instructor. nine0003

Napoleon wandering around the city stumbles upon a videotape with dance lessons in one of the shops. He acquires it and begins to learn to dance. When he leaves his room, he meets a black woman. This is Kip's girlfriend - LaFanda came to visit her online friend. She gives a cassette of music to Napoleon, offering to learn how to dance to it.

It comes in handy when, in a school presidential election, it suddenly turns out that the candidates were supposed to have a number in their support. Summer holds a dance number with her friends. And Pedro didn't prepare anything. Then Napoleon finds a way out, he asks to play LaFanda's cassette and dances his own dance to it. This dance causes great delight and a standing ovation from everyone. Including Deb. nine0003

The film ends with showing us the current state of affairs of the characters. Pedro becomes a school president, Kip and LaFanda take a bus to Michigan to meet their family, Uncle Rick's girlfriend comes to visit, Grandma returns from the hospital, and Napoleon and Deb decide to play ball in the yard.

At the very end, after the credits, there is another hidden scene from Kip and LaFanda's wedding. There, these two heroes swear oaths, and Kip's relatives do not understand why Napoleon is not at the ceremony. But everything turns out when he arrives on a stallion, which he gives to the newlyweds. Kip and LaFanda ride it out of the ceremony, throwing a garter that Uncle Rico catches. nine0003

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  • Starring John Heder did all the drawings in this film himself, with the exception of the drawing of the unicorn he did in class. The longest work - a portrait of Trisha took him about thirty minutes.
  • It took about 400 thousand dollars to shoot the film. And at the box office, he collected about 45 million dollars. At the same time, John Heder received only a thousand dollars for the performance of his role. Luckily for him, he was able to renegotiate his contract after the film's release and got himself paid a percentage of the rental. nine0140
  • Due to the film's limited budget, director Jared Hess was forced to invite his friends to shoot the film, and also asked the residents of Preston, where the filming took place, for help with food and accommodation.
  • The Napoleon Dynamite Festival was held for four consecutive years from 2004 to 2008. This festival was held in the city of Preston, Idaho - in the same city where the film was filmed and where Jared Hess lived. This festival featured cake eating contests, ball tossing contests, a look-alike contest, and other contests that were based on scenes from the film. nine0140
  • This film has some of the longest end credits in cinematic history. They list all one hundred and eighty-one students in the film.
  • For the famous Napoleon dance, director Jared Hess asked John Heder to improvise. But not just like that - John improvised this dance for three different songs, and in total it turned out about ten minutes of these dances. Hess then selected the most notable moves from each dance and put them all in one dance. This scene, by the way, was the last scene that was filmed for this film. In the end credits, John Heder thanked Tina Magiorino (played the role of Deb) for helping with the choreography. As John himself later said, he “borrowed” some of his movements from Michael Jackson, Backstreet Boys and John Travolta. nine0140
  • The film was shot in just twenty-two days.
  • The scene in which a farmer shoots a cow in front of a bus full of children is taken from reality. A similar incident happened to Jared Hess in his childhood. In general, according to the director, most of the strange events in this film are taken from his life or the life of his acquaintances and friends. So much so that Hess in some aspects called this film autobiographical. As he said in an interview, “I grew up in Preston with six brothers. The character of Napoleon is a hybrid of all the strangest traits of me and my brothers." So, he said that one day his brother called him at home and asked him to bring hygienic lipstick to school. He also included this incident in the film. nine0140
  • Every time Deb is in the cafeteria, she eats a peanut butter and jam sandwich. However, in real life, Tina Magiorino, who plays the role, is allergic to peanuts. So strong that it could even threaten her life. Therefore, in the film, sandwiches with plain jam, without peanuts, were used instead of these sandwiches.
  • John Heder, who played Napoleon, and Efren Ramirez, who played Pedro, actually have identical twin brothers.
  • Actor Aaron Raulla, who played Kip, needed braces for the role. For this, in the end credits, the film crew thanked the two dentists.
  • Although Efren Ramirez and John Heder played the roles of two high school students in the film, they were thirty-one and twenty-six years old at the time of filming, respectively. By the way, Kip, who played a thirty-two-year-old character in this film, is only one year older than John Heder in real life.
  • The llama that often appears in this film actually belongs to the mother of director Jared Hess. Her real name is Dolly. nine0140
  • Uncle Rick's girlfriend who rides her bike at the end of the film is in real life the wife of Aaron Ruel, who played the role of Kip in this film.
  • Every dish shown in the opening credits with a character's name on it will be eaten or cooked by that character later in the movie. This opening scene, by the way, was the idea of ​​actor Aaron Ruell (who played the role of Kip).
  • John Heder made a special perm for this film. However, the night before filming, his perm was not at all what the director had planned. He asked for help, and Jerusha Hess (one of the writers and the director's wife), along with her cousin, re-curled his hair. To prevent this from happening again, Heather was forbidden to wash his hair during the entire time of filming (a little over three weeks). As Khider later said, the most difficult for him was shooting near a chicken farm. There were a huge number of flies and most of them flocked to his hair. nine0140
  • Idaho passed a bill thanking Jared and Jerusha Hess for making this movie. In particular, for the fact that they showed the whole world the Preston School. And the pastry from the cafeteria scene after this film became the most famous product from Idaho.
  • Rico's uncle, played by John Gries in the movie, loves steaks. But the actor himself doesn't eat red meat (nor is he a vegan). Therefore, in none of the scenes does he swallow steaks. And if you look closely, you can see several times when he wipes his mouth. At that moment, he spits out pieces of meat into his hand. nine0140
  • This film was edited by producer Jeremy Kuhn at his home on a regular Macintosh computer using Final Cut Pro.
  • Scenes allegedly taking place in Deb's studio were actually filmed in the basement of the house where the interior of Napoleon's house was filmed.
  • The film's opening scene was partly reshot because some Fox Searchlight executives didn't like the look of the actors' hands as they laid down the food. Special people were hired to reshoot the scenes - hand models. By the way, during the screening at the Sundance festival, this film did not have any credits at all. nine0140
  • Between filming scenes, John Heder helped create the key chains that were later used in the film.
  • Liger is a real-life animal that is obtained by crossing a male lion and a female tiger. The idea to put these animals in the film came from a real-life incident where several of them escaped from a local zoo in Idaho.
  • When Kip is sitting at the computer at the beginning of the film, all he says is Aaron Ruel's complete improvisation. If you listen closely, you can even hear him humming a little, right before Grandma shows up. At this point, he had trouble improvising. nine0140
  • This film was based on the 2002 short Wig directed by Jared Hess and starring John Heder. The film itself was shot in black and white and was only 9 minutes long. Almost everything that happened in this short film was included in the full-length film. So, for example, in a feature film there is a scene where Napoleon and Pedro visit an agricultural fair, where Napoleon tastes milk. In the short film there is a dialogue in which the characters talk about this event.
  • The scene where Uncle Rico hits Napoleon in the face with a steak was filmed only on the fourth take. And she was so strong from these attempts that Heather spent the rest of the shooting with two bruises under his eyes. This can be seen in several scenes.
  • At the 2005 MTV Movie Awards, John Heder returned to the role of Napoleon Dynamite and performed a parody of Batman Begins in his image.
  • In one of the deleted scenes, it was explained to us how Napoleon got the money for his dance costume. He receives this money by winning ten dollars in the lottery by buying an instant lottery ticket. By the way, the costume cost twelve dollars, and that scene with the ticket was in the original short. nine0140
  • This film has become the favorite film directed by Jonathan Dimme (Silence of the Lambs). As he said in his interview for the book You Need to See This, this film brought something new and different to the screen, and it amazed him.
  • Jack Black almost got the part of Coach Rex in this film. He later became a star in Jared Hess' next film, SuperNacho.
  • It turns out that the pseudonym "Napoleon Dynamite" in 1986 was used by the singer Elvis Costello for his album "Blood and Chocolate". Producer Jeremy Kuhn later stated that it was just a coincidence and the crew was unaware that the name had already been used. This became known to them later - when the film was already on its way to the screens. nine0140
  • In the dune quad racing scene, Grandma's T-shirt reads "My husband and I divorced for religious reasons. He thought he was God." (My husband and I divorced on religious grounds. He thought he was God).
  • At the 2004 Sundance Film Festival, a bidding war broke out at the auction for this film. Fox Searchlight and Warner Independent Pictures became participants in this. Fox won at the last minute with a $3 million bet.
  • Two different houses were used for the filming of Napoleon's house in this film. One for indoor shooting, the other for outdoor shooting. nine0140
  • In 2007, a game based on this movie was released on Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable.
  • John Gries was about to stop his acting career and devote himself to writing screenplays. But one of the casting directors offered him a role in the movie Big Void, from which the actor left. His auditions for this film were later seen by Jared Hess and Jeremy Koons, who held screen tests in the same office. They offered him the role of Uncle Rico. Gries said that he was not sure that he would participate in this project - the names of the filmmakers were not familiar to him. But after that, he read the script and after fifteen pages he read, he said he would be happy to play this role. nine0140
  • The post-credits scene in which Napoleon rides a horse was inspired by the Australian classic film The Man from the Snowy River. Even the music in this scene is a direct reference to the music that was played in this movie.
  • By the way, during the filming of this scene, the horse did not stop where it was supposed to stop and almost crashed into the cameraman. This did not happen, but as a result of a sharp stop, John Heder flew over the horse's head and fell in front of it. Fortunately, he was not hurt. nine0140
  • Due to unexpected success at various festivals and limited editions, Fox Searchlight produced a re-release of the film that added a five-minute epilogue at the end. This epilogue included an unexpected "wedding scene". This scene cost about half the total budget of the rest of the film.
  • Director Jared Hess's wife, Jerusha, worked with him on the script for this film. She claimed that she wrote the character Deb from herself and from the events that took place in her life. nine0140
  • Tina Magiorino, who played Deb, had never participated in comedy films before, as her role as a dramatic actress was firmly established behind her. After filming the film, she thanked Jared and Jarusha for the fact that they were able to open new facets of their talent to her.
  • Tourists from all over the world still come to the city of Preston, Idaho to see the places where this film took place.
  • This film, according to the representatives of the company "Netflix", this film is damn hard to recommend. Algorithms can quite accurately predict whether a user will like a movie based on previous recommendations and viewing history. But this film doesn't work that way. nine0140
  • Shondrella Avery played the role of LaFanda, an African-American girl named Kip (Napoleon's older brother). But before filming, Jared Hess called her and said - “It turns out that there are no black residents in Preston, do you think your family would like to star in our film?”. And so it happened that the LaFanda family was played by the real family of the actress. All of them can be seen at the end of the film in the scene with the wedding of Kip and LaFanda.
  • In 2012 Fox produced six episodes of the animated series Napoleon Dynamite. All of the cast from the original film performed as voice actors for the series. The only difference from the movie is that Kip is still single (he gets married in the movie). According to Heather, the series itself was as close to the original as fans could appreciate. The events of the series were to continue the story of the film. But, unfortunately, after six issues it was closed. nine0140
  • The street in Preston where the film was filmed later became known as "Napoleon Dynamite Lane". According to the residents of the city, every day you can find people who are photographed against the backdrop of locations from the film. However, according to many, the position of the town also played a role in the popularity of the town. This town is located next to the famous Yellowstone Park and for many it becomes the starting point when visiting this reserve.
  • The director came to and from the shoot every day on the Sliedgehammer, Pedro's bike from the film. nine0140
  • "Tina, you fat lard, come get some DINNER!" According to John Heder, this phrase is in the lead in the list of phrases that strangers say to him.
  • In the scene where Napoleon and his colleagues are having lunch, a skunk can be seen sneaking into the chicken coop. This was not planned in any way and actually happened during filming.
  • Towards the end of the film, the main character's shoes began to fall apart and tape had to be used to keep them in shape.
  • Preston High School decided to create the Happy Hands Club to teach deaf sign language after the film's release. nine0140
  • The Napoleonic dance has been used in many computer games as a movement. The most famous is the dance in World of Warcraft.
  • The time period of this movie is still a hot topic for fans of this movie. Judging by the documents, it takes place in the 2000s, but for some reason, fashion, technology and music point to the late 80s, early 90s.
  • According to Hess, he met a man named "Napoleon Dynamite" in 2000 on the streets of Illinois while he was a church volunteer. nine0140
  • This movie became popular with students, so many colleges asked actors to participate in various ceremonies. In one of these ceremonies, one of the students asked John Heder if he could throw a steak in his face (as in one of the scenes in the film). John agreed, got a steak in the face, and then signed that steak.
  • [00:01:10] Cymbals are placed on various surfaces in the opening credits. However, despite the fact that the surfaces are different, from the carpet to the ordinary tablecloth, the sound for all these plates is the same. nine0140
  • [00:04:17] At the beginning of the film, when Napoleon gets on the bus, you can see that he walks past the back seat and it is empty. But then, when we are shown this moment from a different angle, it turns out that a child is sitting there. Later, when we are shown Napoleon cooking a toy man, this place is empty again.
  • [00:05:25] In class, Napoleon draws a farting unicorn. However, although he manages to finish his picture, but when he is called to the board, it is clear that the drawing remains unfinished. In particular, there is no fart that he drew. nine0140
  • [00:07:28] When Napoleon calls Kip's home from school, Kim is rubbing cheese on the nachos. But in the course of the conversation, the position of the nachos and the amount of cheese on the plate change significantly. Even though we are shown that Kip continues to talk on the phone, and does not rub cheese and does not touch nachos.
  • [00:07:54] During the call, not only the position of the nachos and the amount of cheese changes. Kip takes the call wrapped in wire. And the position of this wire changes from scene to scene. At first it is around him, then only around his shoulder, and then again around him. nine0140
  • [00:09:15] [00:09:27] When Pedro is jumping on his bike, there are three bricks under his springboard, one of which lies under the middle of the board. That is why the board does not break. And when Napoleon jumps, this springboard is already without a brick in the middle - especially so that this board breaks. It is unlikely that they rebuilt the springboard between jumps.
  • [00:09:54] Napoleon, Grandma, and Kip are talking in the kitchen. At this point, you can see that there is a red container on the refrigerator. But he appears suddenly, because before that this container was not there. In addition, the telephone directory, which moves across the entire surface of the table, behaves in the same incomprehensible way. nine0140
  • [00:10:18] Grandmother tells Napoleon and Kip that she is going away for a while. At this time, behind him you can see a pack of chips. But this pack changes its position all the time depending on the angle.
  • [00:11:02] When Kip suggests Napoleon hit him, he is obviously working on the computer. However, when he gets up to start a fight a couple of seconds later, the computer next to him can be seen to be turned off. How could he then work for him?
  • [00:12:22] During the first conversation with Deb, Napoleon says "I made an infinite number of key chains at summer camp." If you look closely at this moment, you can see the film crew and equipment in the reflection of his glasses. nine0140
  • [00:12:52] When Napoleon first goes out to feed Tina, you can see that the back porch behind him is fully lit. But later, about five minutes later, they show us Kip, who is sitting on this porch. And now it's completely in shadow. It is unlikely that the sun would have had time to cover such a path in such a short time.
  • [00:13:04] Napoleon feeds a llama named Tina. When he starts to do this, the rope with which she is tied to the fence lies near the pole. But suddenly, during feeding, this rope is already next to Napoleon's hand. In the future, she continues to move along the fence, depending on the camera angle. nine0140
  • [00:13:22] Kip asks Napoleon to drag him into town. To do this, he puts on roller skates. However, from the previous and subsequent scenes, it is clear that there are only dirt roads around them. Asphalt - no. Why, then, is Kip wearing skates that definitely can't run on a gravel road.
  • [00:14:37] When Rex uses Kip to demonstrate Rex Kwang Do, you can see in the mirror that Napoleon is trying to suppress a smile at that moment. But this is not at all in the style of Napoleon. Most likely, the actor simply could not resist. nine0140
  • [00:14:42] After demonstrating his Rex moves on Kip, he continues his lecture. You can see in the reflection that he is standing near the white mark on the floor. Such marks on the set mark the places where the actor should stand.
  • [00:16:20] When Napoleon's neighbor Lyle wants to shoot a cow, a bus passes by him. You can see that there are no passengers in it. However, after a while it turns out that it is full of children.
  • [00:16:22] As the bus passes by, you can see a camera, a tripod and several members of the film crew in the reflection of the front door. nine0140
  • [00:16:27] During the scene with the farmer shooting his cow, you can see the sound of the bus continuing into the scene with the screaming kids. But the bus itself stands still, judging by the background outside the windows.
  • [00:16:37] Napoleon and the Lucky Hands Club perform a deaf-mute song in front of the class. However, these gestures do not match what is sung in this song. Exceptions are the very first line.
  • [00:17:46] When Napoleon and Pedro are sitting on the benches, they move either closer or further away from each other depending on the angle. nine0140
  • [00:18:34] The position of Napoleon's fingers holding the photograph that Deb gave him changes all the time depending on the angle. He either holds it with his whole palm, or only with two fingers.
  • [00:18:47] When Napoleon shows Pedro the picture Deb gave him, Pedro says "I like her bangs". However, the girl in the photo does not have any bangs - her hair is combed back.
  • [00:19:13] When Napoleon asks Pedro for cakes, the number and position of those same cakes on Pedro's tray changes significantly. nine0140
  • [00:20:09] When Napoleon sits next to Deb, you can see that the milk carton is next to the sandwich that Deb is eating. But then, when changing the angle, it turns out that the box of milk is already far from this package.
  • [00:20:34] When Napoleon sits next to Deb asking if she needs her stuff, Deb is eating a sandwich. Throughout this scene, the sandwich in her hands changes shape. Bitten pieces disappear and then reappear.
  • [00:20:37] When Napoleon takes Deb's boxes out of his locker, you can see a piece of paper falling out of the same locker. Subsequently, this piece either disappears or reappears, albeit in a different form. nine0140
  • [00:22:29] Just before leaving, Grandma says she'll be back soon. At this moment, you can see that behind them on the refrigerator is a magnet in the form of a yellow bear cub. There is nothing under this magnet. After that, the grandmother leaves. However, one of the following days, under this magnet is a note from his grandmother with a reminder that he needs to feed Tina. But at that moment, the grandmother had already had an accident. How did she then leave a note if she had not been there before?
  • [00:23:40] When Uncle Rico is eating steak in the kitchen, a bundle of paper towels can be seen behind him. At one point, it turns out to be hyped, although Riko did not touch him. Then he returns to his normal form. nine0140
  • [00:25:10] Kip and Uncle Rico enter the diner for the first time. You can see that the onion rings that Rico ordered change their position in the package. In addition, the tube in his milkshake changes its slope throughout the scene.
  • [00:26:39] Pedro puts a cake with a note under Summer's door. The note is perfectly visible in this scene, but then the plan changes and it becomes obvious that there is no note under the cake. And when Summer opens the door, the note appears again. In addition, the cake itself changes its position relative to the threshold, now it is closer to the door, then further away from it. nine0140
  • [00:27:15] Uncle Rico throws a steak at Napoleon as he rides by on his bike. At this point, you can notice that there are already a few stains on Napoleon's T-shirt. Apparently these are traces of previous takes.
  • [00:30:26] When Uncle Rico stops by Napoleon drawing a liger, one of the crew members can be seen reflected in his car.
  • [00:31:49] When Napoleon goes outside to talk to Pedro's mother on the phone, in the reflection of one of the windows of the door you can see an external microphone that was used to record this conversation. nine0140
  • [00:32:27] Kip Uncle Rico is bowling. Kip is seen knocking down pins except for one. However, when he then comes to his place, behind him it is clear that there are already two skittles in his lane.
  • [00:34:17] When in the cafeteria Napoleon comes up to the table at which Pedro is sitting, we are shown that his hand is under the table. But when the plan changes, it turns out that both of his hands are on the table.
  • [00:36:13] Napoleon is looking for a picture of Trisha in his school album. It can be seen that in the same row with Trisha, the girl goes first, then the guy, then Trisha, then another guy. But in the names, the first is a male name, and the second, immediately before Trish, is a female. nine0140
  • [00:36:51] Rico's uncle is selling his couple's dinnerware set. To spur sales, he takes a sailboat out of the box. During this conversation, the boat and the box move around the table, depending on the change of angle.
  • [00:37:51] As a demonstration of the crockery's reliability, Kip decides to run over one of the cups with his car. However, Kip can be seen putting a green cup under the wheel of the wagon. And moves - blue.
  • [00:38:01] When Napoleon approaches Trisha's house, one of the operators can be seen in the reflection in the front door - a man in a white T-shirt. nine0140
  • [00:38:05] Napoleon knocks on Trish's door four times, but for some reason only three knocks on the door are heard.
  • [00:38:14] When Napoleon brings Trisha's painting to her home, he meets her mother. It can be seen that Napoleon is running away from the porch across the lawn. But as soon as Trisha's mother is shown to us, then in the reflection of the glass of the door you can see that Napoleon is still standing on the porch.
  • [00:41:58] After working on the farm, we are shown a table with food on it. When we are shown this table, there are absolutely no flies on it. However, when changing the angle, a huge number of flies appear on the table, which seem to have come from nowhere. In subsequent changes of angle, the number of flies changes all the time. They are not at all, then a whole cloud. nine0140
  • [00:46:00] Rico brings Napoleon to the farm where he is going to sell his dishes. At this point, you can see that the car mirror next to Napoleon is turned at a right angle and perpendicular to the door. But then, in one of the angles, it is turned completely at a different angle.
  • [00:46:55] [00:47:54] While Napoleon is waiting for Uncle Rico in the van, he looks at his watch. It can be seen that it is already 17:40 on them. In addition, you can see the date. July 17th. Later, when he starts running without waiting for his uncle, he looks at his watch again. The time is now the correct 17:54. But the date is quite different - July 21st. nine0140
  • [00:48:17] Napoleon buys himself a suit and tie. In subsequent scenes, this tie is tied in a wide knot. It is unlikely that Napoleon decided to bandage him on the way to the ball. Therefore, the fact that the tie knot becomes obviously smaller during the ball is a clear mistake.
  • [00:51:59] During the dance, Deb's hairstyle changes several times, her hair either becoming more voluminous, then going back into a bun.
  • [00:56:29] Pedro and Napoleon compete in the FFA (Future Farmers of America) competition. They drink milk, and the judges are watching them. However, according to the rules of the competition, judges or members of this organization must wear jackets buttoned up to the very top. Here, the judges walk around in unbuttoned jackets. By the way, according to the same regulations, they must wear black trousers. But here all the members of this organization (including Napoleon and Pedro) wear whatever they want. Including jeans. nine0140
  • [00:57:10] When Trish and Summer are handing out their flyers to passing schoolchildren, a close-up of this item shows that one of them has pink nail polish. However, in general terms, not one of them has such nails.
  • [00:57:56] When Summer and Trisha are handing out their badges and flyers in the hallway, a couple of guys walk past them, one of them wearing an FFA logo jacket. At this point, Summer shows Trisha not to give them the flyer. But later, after Napoleon and Pedro are shown to us, the same couple again passes by Summer in the same direction. nine0140
  • [00:58:15] While Napoleon is talking to Don, the guy in the striped shirt can be seen walking past Napoleon twice in a short amount of time and in the same direction.
  • [00:58:22] Napoleon prepares to toss a campaign badge for Summer. At this moment, you can see that the plump girl is going down the stairs, but in the next angle she is no longer there. And when Napoleon still throws this badge, you can see how this girl passes by again, appearing as if from nowhere. nine0140
  • [00:58:24] When Napoleon asks Don for the "Vote for Summer" badge, you can see that there are a whole bunch of people around him. But when he throws this badge along the corridor, all these people disappear somewhere.
  • [00:59:29] Napoleon arrives at Pedro's house and learns that he has shaved off his hair. You can see that Pedro's bike is on the lawn upside down. The reflector on the front wheel points up. But later, on a close-up, it turns out that this reflector is already in the lower position. nine0140
  • [01:01:49] Napoleon is drinking from a fountain when he sees a bully molesting a schoolboy. At this point, you can see that in the background of this scene is a disabled girl with a twisted leg in a red T-shirt. When Napoleon stops drinking, we are shown this scene again, the girl again follows the same route.
  • [01:01:50] The bully grabs the student by the neck and he immediately starts reaching for his pocket to give the bully the money. But then the camera switches to another angle to show Napoleon. And when she returns to the schoolboy, he again begins to reach for his pocket. nine0140
  • [01:03:20] When Kip LaFanda's online girlfriend gets off the bus, other people are visible behind her. In particular, you can see a man standing right behind her. But when you change the angle, when they show us a second time, then none of them are gone.
  • [01:04:19] Uncle Rico gives Trish and Summer flyers for dietary supplements. Trish picks up this advertisement, and throughout the scene, the position of her hands changes. She holds them now with one hand, then in two at the same time.
  • [01:05:53] Napoleon, offended by Uncle Rico, throws some fruit at his car. Obviously, it bounces after hitting the windshield. However, when the plan changes, you can see that this fruit does not bounce, but is smeared on the glass. nine0140
  • [01:05:56] During the throw, we are shown a view from the driver's side. At this moment, in a small glass, you can see the operator with the camera.
  • [01:06:11] After Napoleon throws the fruit at Uncle Rico's car, and he runs out onto the lawn, you can see that they are arguing about something. But there is no sound of this argument - they fight in silence.
  • [01:09:10] Pedro and Deb are sitting on the steps. At some points, wide shots can be seen reflecting a crew member in the door behind them. He is wearing jeans and a white t-shirt. nine0140
  • [01:09:16] After the dance practice, Napoleon goes to the kitchen and takes a drink from the fridge and begins to drink it greedily. However, when he talks to Kip's girlfriend, the amount of liquid in the bottle is still the same.
  • [01:11:14] [01:11:31] When Rico comes to Deb, you can see that his crucifix chain is under his shirt, then suddenly appears over the shirt, only to disappear again after a while.
  • [01:12:55] Deb calls Napoleon through a pay phone. In the reflection of this phone, you can see the leg of one of the members of the film crew. nine0140
  • [01:13:19] When Napoleon yells at Uncle Rico and asks him to get off the lawn, the door behind him is either open or closed again. Although Napoleon did not touch this door.
  • [01:13:37] Uncle Rico practices his throws in Napoleon's backyard. It can be seen that there are only four balls in front of him. But he bends down and picks up the ball from the ground five times.
  • [01:13:50] When Napoleon calls Pedro, after kicking Uncle Rico out of the house, you can see that he dials seven numbers, but only six of them are spoken. nine0140
  • [01:21:03] During Napoleon's famous dance, his T-shirt is tucked into his pants. Although before that she hung out free. During the dance, he could hardly refuel it.
  • [01:25:06] In the final scene, Pedro is presented with a cake that says in Spanish: “Presidente Pedro! Felicidades! (Pedro is the President! Congratulations!) However, in Spanish, the exclamation is preceded by an inverted exclamation mark, not after it. However, this can be attributed to the culinary specialist, who was not aware of Spanish punctuation. nine0140
  • [01:25:26] In the film, we are shown that all the events take place in a high school. However, for some reason, on the sports ground there is equipment for the playground: low horizontal bars, children's rings and the like.
  • [01:25:56] At the very end, when Napoleon and Deb are playing ball on the rope, you can see that the sprinkler behind it stops working, then starts working again.
  • [01:30:28] At the wedding at the very end of the film, when Uncle Rico asks "Where's Napoleon?", you can see that the old woman sitting behind him either wears glasses or turns out without them. And all this within fifteen seconds. nine0140

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