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7 TikTok Dance Moves You Can Learn At Home

TikTok is filled with short, fun dance routines that you can watch for endless hours (trust me, I've done it), share with friends, and learn at home with STEEZY.

But, let's face it.

If you don't have a dance background, the short, hard to follow tutorials on TikTok can be a frustrating roadblock to joining in on the fun.

Here are simple, easy ways you can learn the 7 most popular moves on TikTok.

1. The CitiRokk

The CitiRokk is that one SUPER POPULAR TikTok dance move where you rock your body from side to side and cross your arms in front of your chest.

Watch this video with the move’s creator, CitiBoyRio, to see how the move took over TikTok!


While the CitiRokk was popularized on TikTok by the Renegade dance routine, CitiBoyRio just dropped a new routine of his own!

Learn the CitiRokk Shuffle routine just in time before it goes viral. 😎

Hit this link to learn both the CitiRokk and the CitiRokk shuffle step-by-step on STEEZY Studio.

2. The Woah

Just WATCHING people hit the Woah gets me excited.

It's simple, hype, and easy to apply to any song with a dope bass beat.

If you've been lurking on TikTok for any time at all, you've probably already seen it yourself and understand how it's supposed to look.

How you create the reverb motion, where to position your arms, and when to move your body to hit the beat on time is all you need to learn. 👇

3. The Swagg Bouncee

Do your hips naturally sway from side to side when a good song comes on?

Think of the Swagg Bouncee as your natural hip-sway's cooler, trendier sibling.

Lil Rich Swagg, who created the Swagg Bouncee, says to “Stay on your tippy toes to get a full range of motion,” in his STEEZY Studio class.

By committing to the move and making it bigger, you'll look more confident!

4. The Kangsta Wok

In the video below, this TikTok dance move's creator, Zaya Sosho, explains how he based the Kangsta Wok on a "dip" move he saw during a cypher.

When you do the Kangsta Wok, make sure not to over- or under-exert your energy.

Attack each level drop with a little intensity to make the move look extra hype, but don't go so hard that your body tenses up!

You want to make it look effortlessly cool. 😎

Still not totally sure how to make that happen?

Don't worry... Zaya Sosho will teach you in the tutorial below!

Use this guide to help to you practice too!

5. The Smeeze

This move first entered the dance scene in 2009, but at the time, it was mainly used during battles and parties.

When TikTok arrived in 2018, the move's creator, Chonkie, knew this was the perfect platform to bring the Smeeze to the next level.

With hashtags like #SMEEZEEVERYWHERE, and dance crews like the Jabbawockeez picking it up, the Smeeze quickly became a TikTok favorite.

You can learn more about it from Chonkie himself in this video!

While millions of people are, in fact, Smeezin' everywhere, the move can be a little tricky due to the alternating movements of the arms and legs.

Use this step-by-step tutorial to get the timing jussssst right!

6. The Bust Down

As far as TikTok dance moves go, the Bust Down is definitely on the sexier end of the spectrum.

Characterized by a scoop/thrust motion of the hips, the move is great for raunchy club jams like "Thotiana" by Blueface – the song that popularized the move!

If adding a lil sexy swagger to your movement feels like climbing Mt. Everest, know that practice and repetition will be your best friend!

STEEZY's tutorial breaks the move down simply and efficiently, so you can learn it in just 9 minutes and repeat sections LITERALLY AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT.

Trust us, you'll have swag down to a science.👨‍🔬

7. The Cosby Walk

Yes, when executed the right way, the simple act of marching can become a dope dance move!

Watch our video with Rated R, creator of the Cosby Walk, to see exactly what we mean:

As you're learning this move, make sure you're placing your feet firmly on the floor and evenly distributing your weight!

If your bottom half is weak and wobbly, you'll look more bambi than bad@$$.

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As much as we love watching the mesmerizing 15-second dance tutorials that already live on TikTok. ..

It's LIFE-CHANGING to have legit dancers break moves down and make them easy to learn.

Now, you have everything you need to master the hottest dance moves and join fun challenges on TikTok.

Start learning now for free!

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  1. Shake a Leg - The Future is Dance: E06 Dance as Labor Part 2, Able-ism, Accessibility, and Integrated Dance

    Shake a Leg - The Future is Dance: E06 Dance as Labor Part 2, Able-ism, Accessibility, and Integrated Dance

    Here in Wisconsin we do more than moo, we're talking today with you and our crew. Congolese dance lived through and through, outdoors and in public it's hewn. With Sonya Rio-Glick conversation flew on a slew of news and thoughts including which pop usage of modern dance isn't true. Goodbye Rioult, but don't get too blue, here's something new, a kinetic light integrated performance for you.

    This is the second part of our dance as labor series and we’re talking about what it means for dance to be accessible for ALL bodies with guest Sonya Rio-Glick

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    On this episode of Shake a Leg, Erica and Maritess begin their multi-part series on dance as labor. We can’t talk about labor without talking about power and we definitely discuss power and power structures in this episode. We’re thinking about how we want the world to look when we get out of this pandemic and specifically how the dance world can do better. In this episode, we focus on dance and the body, mostly from a ballet perspective.

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    Register here to see our guest Karlie Budge in a free performance: Dance On! Part 3, on March 30th 8pm with the Mark Morris Dance Group

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    Shake a Leg - The Future is Dance: E04 Local AbunDANCE

    On this episode of Shake a Leg, Erica and Maritess are joined by Carlos Ramirez, the artistic director of Madison’s DanzTrad. 

    We discuss the upcoming International Fest, typically held at the Overture Center in downtown Madison. This year, it will be shown virtually through the Overture Center. It is free to watch, but does require registration here. Available to stream from February 27- March 5.

    We also hear from Rachelle Fochs, director of the School of Madison Ballet. If you’d like to learn more about the school or the company, look here.  (Maritess can attest to Rachelle’s awesome open ballet class!)

    In Dance in the news, we discuss KLJ Movement, one of the newest dance groups in Madison, focused on uplifting Black and Brown dancers who have contributed to dance. Check them out here 

    Next, Erica, Maritess, and Carlos hear from several local groups performing at International Fest. Links to the groups and their socials in order of appearance.

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    Today on Shake a Leg: goodbye 2020 what a mess, talking dance and darkness, holiday press, a Rockettes obsession we confess, and a vogueing expert. .. hashtag blessed.

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    Shake a Leg - The Future is Dance: E01 Democracy in Dance

    Episode 1 Show Notes:

    Today on Shake a Leg: Democracy in Dance prolificacy, time travel indelicacy, mass unrest or dance complicacy, a resounding legacy, dance readiness efficacy, and as you will see - a postmodern delicacy.

    Democracy in Arts organizations paper by Dustin Kidd available here

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    Kathleen Hermesdorf - A Bay Area Legacy


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    Erinn Liebhard (MFA University of Colorado, BFA University of Minnesota) is a dance artist making opportunities for people to experience the reflective and connective power of groove through performance and education. Having grown up dancing socially at her dad’s rock band’s gigs in the Midwestern region of the United States, she discovered young the exhilaration of playfully experiencing groove alongside others. Guided by this inspiration and a fondness for jazz and American social dance ideas, she's worked with creatives as varied as hip-hop dance theater artists Rennie Harris and the Wild Goose Chase Cloggers Appalachian clogging company. In performance, she makes and performs new staged works and presents those of others through her company Rhythmically Speaking, is a member of Afro-Brazilian contemporary company Contempo Physical Dance, and performs as self-created character “Nerdette” for St. Paul Saints Baseball’s Entertainment Team. She also creates new works for universities and professional and youth dance and theater companies. 

    See for yourself - 2 Truths and a Lie

    Meat Joy, Man Walking Down the Side of A Building, and Duo Z

    This podcast was produced by Erica Pinigis and Maritess Escueta with support from Isthmus Dance Collective

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How to do knee shaking | how to do hip shaking

Knee, top, or Egyptian shaking is one of the basic elements of oriental dance, which must be mastered by beginner dancers. Shaking is constantly woven into the dance, performed on the spot or in the passage, and creates the illusion of "shaking the belly" or "shaking the hips". To make such an impression on the viewer, you need to master the secrets of the shaking technique and find out which parts of the body are involved in the performance of this element. nine0005

An oriental dancer is able to practically hypnotize the viewer - such a hypnotic effect is largely due to shaking. In oriental dance, knee shaking has a special place: while listening to a musical composition, you yourself will feel that the place of shaking has come - this will tell you the rhythmic pattern and the high tempo of rhythm performance. In the 50s of the twentieth century, when the dance was persecuted in Egypt for religious reasons, shaking was one of the elements that fell under the ban. At the same time, it is shaking that emphasizes the “earthly” nature of the dance: while shaking, the dancer stands firmly with both feet on the floor. In more complex variations, which you can learn after mastering the basic knee shaking, shaking can be performed, for example, on half toes. Shaking looks amazing in a duet or in an ensemble: using shaking as a body language, dancers can portray dialogue, roll call, provocative game. nine0005

When mastering oriental dance, it is important to develop the skill of concentrating on one part of the body, while your rest of the body remains sufficiently relaxed. To learn how to do hip shaking, you need to remember that only the lower half of the body is involved in shaking, while the upper half remains motionless. In her lesson, Samira will share with you the secret of how to achieve such a result, as well as suggest exercises for training and consolidating it. The ease and ease of performing the shaking, which amazes the audience in the performance of professional dancers, can only be achieved through repeated repetition and constant practice, not only in the gym, but in any everyday situation that allows you to train. nine0005

Once you have mastered the knee shaking, you can move on to more advanced shaking as well as chest and butt shaking.

Personal video consultation
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Duration: 30 minutes

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This video provides a detailed explanation of the knee (Egyptian or upper) shaking, preparatory exercises and training, and also discusses common mistakes in its performance.

The second lesson on knee shaking (hand movements, overlaying shaking on the main trajectories: quickdraws, eights, circle, wave) can be viewed HERE

Buttock Shaking - HERE



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Shaking is the hallmark of oriental dance. Not a single performance of a belly dancer is complete without such an element as shaking. The spectator with bated breath waits for the sounds of the solo tabla to be heard and the time for the bewitching shaking will come. Shaking can become the central part in the dance, but it can also be an accompanying element that gives the dance mischief, lightness and enthusiasm. nine0005

Oriental dance is a very multifaceted phenomenon. It has an ambiguous origin and is rooted in different cultures, which explains the variety of movements and elements in the repertoire of modern bellydance. The rich palette of bellydance is most clearly manifested in such an element as shaking. A professional dancer is unlikely to be able to give a short answer to the question of how to shake in belly dancing. Rather, she will ask: what kind of shaking do you want to learn? For dancers who are just starting to learn belly dancing, the types of shaking can amaze and inspire: professionals have about 20 varieties. nine0005

In her video, Samira talks about different types of shaking: the most famous and common is the Egyptian one, also known as the upper or knee shaking. The name of the shaking speaks for itself: it is performed standing on a full foot, due to the movement of the knees. Shaking with the exotic name "Turkish beads" looks easy and exciting and is performed on half-fingers. You will get acquainted with the lower, or gluteal, Tunisian shaking, chest shaking, hagala shaking and other types. Beginning dancers, in search of an answer to the question of how to shake their belly, find out to their surprise that the shake is not done by the stomach itself, but due to the movements of the knees, hips and legs. nine0005

When asked how to learn to do shaking, Samira answers unequivocally: through hard training, and gives detailed and clear instructions for each type. Once the simple shaking is done, it's time to explore the shaking variations, as well as linking movements and creating connections.

Learn more