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Perreo, which is danced mostly by the young people- coming from socially weak classes, represents probably one of the most energetic and expressive forms of dancing.

The room is filled with erotic of the body language of young people when they are dancing perreo; they simulate sexual activities explicitly through according gestures and movements.

Rivalry stands at the center of the dance, one cannot deal with it alone, but only with partners or rivals. That is why it is common for two men to dance with one woman, one being behind her and the other one in front of her, whereby at the end she can pick one of them, the one that really makes her sweat.

This dance does not know any taboos, removing physical restraint and shyness that are otherwise present in controlled, prudish dance forms of rather distanced dance style usually typical of the better off social classes.

When dancing perreo one is constantly looking for body and skin contact with a dance partner, turning it into a "ritual of physical closeness". Constant rubbing against each other passes on strength, warmth and energy, thus defending young bodies against constraints and restrictions and letting out their desire for freedom.

More Info about Perreo:

  • Origin of Perreo
  • Physical aesthetics and the right outfit
  • Content of Reggaeton
  • Figures of Perreo
  • Influence of Reggaeton and Perreo on youth
  • Critique: Prejudices against Perreo

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 More Info about Perreo:

  Origin of Perreo

  Aesthetics and Outfit

 • Content of Reggaeton

 • Figures of the dance

 • Influence on youth

 • Critique of Perreo


Small circle. A group of friends always hanging together. Gang, clique or crew, very common in the reggaeton scene.

Any resources to learn how to proper dance Reggaeton for a male? : Reggaeton

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Discuss Reggaeton artists and their new music with other fans. ------ Reggaeton is a music genre which has its roots in Latin and Caribbean music.

Created Feb 2, 2011

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Shocking reggaeton technique




| Free dancing

Free dance

The shocking technique of reggaeton performance

Reggaeton was constantly forced to defend its right to life, fighting against the army of conservative critics, and winning new fans from the representatives of the progressive generation. The technique of reggaeton dance is difficult to explain in words, it can best be understood from the clips of Daddy Yankee. nine0004

The shocking technique of reggaeton

Provocation in reggaeton

Even when reggaeton first appeared, members of the public immediately condemned the dance for its aggressive lyrics, depraved style and the provocative name "el perreo" ("doggy style"). Over time, the level of criticism has decreased, but even today there are many people who believe that it is unacceptable to declare their sexual desire so openly.

Reggaeton stars

In this impudent and impudent dance, men managed to show themselves best. Most of the stage dancers are representatives of the stronger sex. But there is one girl who was able to conquer the fans of this dance. This is Ivy Queen (Ivy Queen) - insanely popular in Latin America.

How to dance reggaeton

The guy stands behind the girl, hugs the partner by the waist and presses against her as much as possible, and then starts moving his hips back and forth. Naturally, this movement is very piquant and sexy, since the imitation of sexual intercourse can be clearly seen in the movements of the hips. This movement is called "el perreo" in Latin-speaking countries, and reggaeton parties get really hot. Reggaeton dance, like music, has no clear rules. The dance changes rapidly with the moment, and it is very difficult to write it in words. Before you take up the study of reggaeton, think about whether you are ready for this. Behind the shocking movements of reggaeton lies perhaps the most sensual dance of our planet. nine0002

Raggeton, Raggeton technique, Raggeton movements, Raggeton stars, dance Raggeton, Ivi Kuinn, Raggeton provocation

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How to learn to dance in clubs for a guy


fashion came out synchronized movements of couples in a waltz or mazurka. For at least a century now, men have had to guess what a profitable disco dance should be like. Unfortunately, even professional choreographers will not answer this question. But we will try to highlight the basic rules. nine0004

hop and R'n'B

Rules to follow


Let's tell you a secret: most guys on the dance floor don't look stupid because they haven't taken lessons in dance studios and can't tell tectonics from r'n'b , but because they do not catch the rhythm of the music and cannot relax. And if no one usually pays attention to the first, then the second immediately catches the eye of others.

Hence the first rule: listen to music and let your body dance freely. nine0004

Choose a style

If you are a frequent discotheque visitor, you should choose a certain dance direction in which you will move on the dance floor. Of course, this will depend on the music that the DJ will put on, but for ten years now hip-hop and electronic music have not left the clubs. Therefore, you can master the basic movements of either one or the other. The "electronics" elements are a bit simpler, so it might be worth starting with them. Video tutorials to help you! nine0004

Sign up for a trial lesson

Try to vary your movements

If after watching the videos you still can't feel comfortable on the dance floor, you should consider signing up for a dance studio. An experienced teacher, a company of like-minded people and regular classes will quickly do their job, and you will finally be able to relax and stop having complexes while dancing. Plus, to the envy of your peers, you will no longer dance like a “newbie”. nine0004

Remember that everything is for fun

If you do somersaults on the court for ten minutes with a tense face, and then return to the table sweaty, your friends are unlikely to appreciate it. Understand that dancing is not a competition, but a completely cultural form of recreation. As they say, relax and have fun!

Let it all flow

Let go of your body and emotions, surrender to the music and move without paying attention to others. The tension in the dance is the main obstacle. Stop thinking about movements, no one will notice them in the crowd and darkness anyway. nine0004

How girls will evaluate movements on the dance floor

Perhaps the results of a study by scientists from Northumbria University will help answer the question of how to learn to dance in clubs for a guy. Experts studied which dance moves performed by a representative of the stronger sex attract women.

Learn more