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8 Dance Trends In The Philippines From The ‘90s to The Early 2010s

Long before TikTok dance trends, Filipinos have been eagerly dancing to popular music such as Nobody by the Wonder Girls in 2010. In fact, we’ve even made dance trends of our own, some of which have gone global.

These dances have become part of the mass media that defined each generation. To look back to our childhood and teenage years, here are some iconic dance trends that originated in the Philippines, including Spaghetti, Pamela, and Otso Otso.

Table of Contents

  • Dance trends that originated in the Philippines
    • 1. Always – your younger tito’s go-to dance
    • 2. Spaghetti – national dance performance in the early 2000s
    • 3. Otso Otso – dance song that got the crowd going wild during a music festival
    • 4. Pamela – Filipino street game-turned-song and dance trend
    • 5. Papaya – ‘70s Polish song that became a dance trend in Asia and Latin America
    • 6. Itaktak Mo – was used in an iconic showdown in Eat Bulaga
    • 7. Kagat Labi – dance ad lib-turned-dance song
    • 8. Whoops Kirri – 1990s OPM song revived by Vice Ganda
    • Nostalgic Filipino dance trends


Always – your younger tito’s go-to dance

Always Trance Dance Mix by Erasure - Universal Motion Dancers

Video credit: Universal Motion Dancers UMD

Ballads aren’t normally the music used for popular dance trends. However, in the early 1990s, the Filipino all-male dance group Universal Motion Dancers was able to create trendy dance steps for the ballad Always by the British duo Erasure.

Since the group often performed this wearing sunglasses, it’s become a tradition for Filipino guys to perform this while wearing sunglasses for the swag. Young adult Filipino men at the time – now titos – certainly have fond memories of dancing this at parties.

UMD’s dance moves for Timmy Thomas and Betty Wright’s Dying Inside To Hold You also became popular in the Philippines.


Spaghetti – national dance performance in the early 2000s

SEXBOMB GIRLS – Spageti Song (MYX Performance)

Video credit: All Music MYX

Spaghetti is a song and dance by the girl group and former Eat Bulaga mainstays, the Sexbomb Girls, in the early 2000s.

With its nursery rhyme-sounding music, it had a grip on kids all over the country who danced to it religiously during birthdays and Christmas parties. It’s safe to say that it was the de facto national event dance performance during the time.

People also showed off their flexibility during this song as they’d try to lower themselves as far as they could without losing their balance for the “spaghetting pababa” portions.


Otso Otso – dance song that got the crowd going wild during a music festival

BAYANI AGBAYANI & VIVA HOTBABES - "Otso Otso" (MYX MO! 2003 Performance)

Video credit: MYX Global

Comedian Bayani Agbayani’s song Otso Otso was so popular in the early 2000s that it got the crowd going wild during MYX MO! music festival in 2003.

There’s even a clip of the crowd that Filipinos on the internet now playfully dubbed as the “Otso Otso mosh pit“, referring to the space in front of rock concert stages where there’s usually rough dancing.

With its simple lyrics that taught kids basic math and easy dance steps that everyone could follow, Otso Otso easily became a mood-setter for events in the early 2000s.


Pamela – Filipino street game-turned-song and dance trend

Video unavailable

Video credit: Keona and Pong

Pamela – which may be more familiar by the name Pamela One – was a childhood game before Vhong Navarro’s song. As a dance trend, it features simple dance steps that people of all ages and sizes can easily follow, as its lyrics state.

The dance trend was as popular as Otso-Otso. In fact, there’s a 2004 comedy movie starring Bayani Agbayani and Navarro called Otso-Otso Pamela-Mela-Wan. For this, they also released a remix of the two songs so dancing is double the fun.

Vhong and Bayani - Pamela Otso-Otso Remix (Audio) 🎵 | Otso-Otso Pamela-Mela Wan OST

Video credit: ABS-CBN Star Music

Recently, the Pamela dance became popular on TikTok after Navarro introduced it to the platform and even got foreigners dancing to the trend.


Papaya – ‘70s Polish song that became a dance trend in Asia and Latin America

Papaya Dance Invades America

Video credit: anth0nj0hn

Papaya is a ’70s jazz song by the Polish singer Urszula Dudziak. The dance trend, however, was Philippine-made, created by Pilipinas, Game KNB? (read as “Game Ka Na Ba”) when Edu Manzano hosted the game show in 2007.

Through YouTube in its early years, the dance trend reached countries in Asia and Latin America.

The Papaya dance was even featured in the US American show Good Morning America where it was dubbed the new Macarena, referring to the popular Spanish dance song.


Itaktak Mo – was used in an iconic showdown in Eat Bulaga

SexBomb vs. EB Babes

Video credit: Television Promos

The GMA noontime show Eat Bulaga had several catchy dance songs composed and often performed by one of its hosts Joey de Leon. One of them, Itaktak Mo in 2007, came from a term the hosts first heard from a contestant, de Leon shared in an interview.

The song certainly hyped up the show’s live studio audience. The Sexbomb Girls and the newer Eat Bulaga dance group EB Babes even had a showdown due to a conflict between the two groups back then.

Sexbomb and EB Babes’ Itaktak Mo showdown was so iconic that it was replicated in celebrations or even in class during breaks in the late 2000s.


Kagat Labi – dance ad lib-turned-dance song


Video credit: Television Promos

Kagat Labi is another song and dance from Eat Bulaga and Joey de Leon. It succeeded Itaktak Mo, released just a year after in 2008.

According to de Leon, the dance step came from an ad-lib he did in the show and it inspired the creation of the song.

Since Eat Bulaga then was popular for its dance trends, the show had a special segment to launch the Kagat Labi song and dance trend.


Whoops Kirri – 1990s OPM song revived by Vice Ganda

It's Showtime: Vice Ganda shows new dance moves

Video credit: ABS-CBN News

Whoops Kirri was originally a 1998 song by Fruitcake, a three-member Filipino girl band, before it became a dance trend.

In 2013, comedian Vice Ganda made new dance moves for it in the noontime show It’s Showtime, where it started gaining popularity.

The comedian then made his version of the song and made it the soundtrack of his Metro Manila Film Festival movie Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy. Whoops Kirri is also the name of a lipstick shade from Vice Ganda’s cosmetic line, Vice Cosmetics.

Nostalgic Filipino dance trends

As grown-ups, we may realize that there’s nothing really special about these trendy songs or dances, but they shaped our childhood.

Now, these Filipino dance songs remind us of the fond times when we danced to them happily with our friends without a hint of hesitation.

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Cover image adapted from: Mave Rick Lagyap DelaCruz and Jackie Uriarte Nissen


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Read "White Darkness: Underground States. Book 3" - Efremova Larisa Pavlovna - Page 5

“Okay,” she agreed reluctantly.

The carriage stopped and Diana heard beautiful melodious sounds, the laughter of court ladies and the loud cries of men.

- We've arrived, - said Kirill, jumping out of the carriage, then he helped Diana down.

She straightened her skirt and took her beloved by the elbow. The glances directed in their direction shackled her and confused her. nine0006

- I'm so worried and afraid because we don't know anyone there.

- Do not forget that this is the 17th century, and people, and especially the nobles, learn about each other even before they officially meet. When I bought the mansion, I met all the neighbors, and they, in turn, introduced me to their friends, so we are welcome guests here. The Marquis de Lache-Croix personally brought me invitations and said that he was looking forward to meeting my young wife.

- And still I'm afraid, I don't even know how to dance all these strange dances. Only the waltz, but it seems that it was not yet invented in the 17th century. nine0006

- I think you underestimate yourself. After all, we are just learning a dance for the New Year's performance at school, I saw how you and Lenka danced.

– What are you talking about?! Diana exclaimed. “Those pitiful steps are no match for these dances.

– Hush, hush.

– Oh, I completely forgot… By the way, do you know what language I was speaking just now? And then after the potion, I don’t notice how I jump from Russian to French and back.

“In Russian,” Rick laughed and put his arm around his beloved’s waist. nine0006

At that moment Earl Statfor approached them.

- My respect! he said gallantly and nodded slightly.

Kirill answered the greeting with the same pompous nod, and Diana curtsied lightly, in her opinion, absolutely clumsy. She could have practiced beforehand if she knew where she would go after the wedding ceremony, but it was a surprise, and so she had to hope for historical films in which she saw ladies performing these graceful movements. nine0006

“Prince Gromov, if I’m not mistaken…” drawled the vampire.

“Count Statfor…” Kirill recited in his turn.

- Please note, prince, that France is the very embodiment of festivities! This is a country to which all seekers of adventure, romance and love flock ... - at the last word, the count's gaze literally crawled to Diana. “Princess, I am overwhelmed by your beauty!” You are as beautiful as you are young. Let me ask you an immodest question, how old are you?

“Yes, the question is really immodest,” Diana said. - Didn't you know that asking a woman about her age is very ugly, moreover, without even knowing her name before that. nine0006

Statfor was literally dumbfounded, he lowered his head guiltily and pressed his hands to his heart, thus apologizing, but Diana was sure that in fact the count was neither embarrassed nor embarrassed. Statfor turned back to Kirill, and she noticed how the vampire's eyes shone feverishly.

- Oh! What a hot young creature! How much character, how much charm! You definitely won't get bored with her!

– You are absolutely right, my wife is very emotional! Please excuse us, but we have not yet paid our respects to the owners of this beautiful mansion. nine0006

Rick grabbed Diana by the arm and dragged her along, and she, in turn, could not recover from the arrogance of the vampire. Never before had Diana encountered such a strange and dangerous creature. It seemed to her that whole centuries, and maybe even millennia, were concentrated in his brown eyes.

– Di, I told you to be careful with him! Cyril exhaled heavily.

- But I didn't flirt with him! On the contrary, she showed that his flattery had no effect on me.

Kirill grinned. nine0006

- It seems that your feminist nature, which is absolutely not characteristic of women of the 17th century, intrigued him very much and aroused even more interest.

- I don't know! Diana was outraged. - I offered to stay at home and not tempt fate, but you still decided to go to the ball.

- And we will definitely dance! he interrupted her indignation. - Statfor felt a strong opponent in me and will not climb on the rampage.

They spent the rest of the night in cheerful conversations and lively arguments. True, Diana refused all the gentlemen who invited her to the dance, but not because she was afraid to face another vampire, but because of the fear of seeming clumsy and inept. But she really liked dancing with Cyril, besides, she didn’t want to see anyone else near her. nine0006

At seven in the morning, the guests began to leave for their homes, and Diana got into the carriage with a strange feeling of longing, but after driving just a few meters, she realized how tired she was. It was not just fatigue, but something like exhaustion. Laying her head on Cyril's shoulder, she was no longer able to lift it. Diana's eyes were closed, and Rick thought she was asleep, which she probably would have been if it hadn't been for that crazy bouncing on the cobblestones.

Diana fell into a strange state of euphoria and impotence at the same time. She felt the carriage stop and felt how tenderly Cyril took her in his arms, but she could not open her eyes. Rick climbed into the room, laid Diana gently on the bed, and ran his fingertips along her cheek. nine0006

“And you held out for a long time,” he remarked jokingly. - To be honest, I thought you would give up after one, maximum two glasses of wine.

Diana only had enough strength for a languid, barely perceptible smile, but she nevertheless noted to herself that she was clearly underestimated: “Now, if he tried Masha’s parents’ home-made wine, he would understand that France is resting, especially in terms of degrees” .

- Are you feeling well? Rick asked.

Gathering all her remaining strength, Diana managed to separate her eyelids. nine0006

“I feel good,” she whispered. “I’m just very tired,” Diana said the last word so quietly that it seemed that the sound barely escaped her lips.

Then she again fell into a pleasant unsteady state, the name of which is "between dream and reality." Kirill leaned over and kissed her on the lips.

- Shall I call the maid to help you undress? Or do you want me to do it? His sly voice broke at the end.

Clearing his throat, Rick put his hand under the head of his beloved and lifted her, with his free hand he began to unlace the corset. It turned out to be not so easy, especially when everything is shaking with excitement. Cyril thought that as soon as Diana understood what he was doing, she would protest, break out and begin to resent, but instead, an enigmatic smile appeared on her face again. nine0006

“Dee, I'm not sure I can handle this shoelace…” he said in a voice husky with exertion. - Can I cut it? I will buy you a new dress.

The meaning of Kirill's words did not quite reach her, she only felt hot and pleasant touches. It's strange, but Diana thought at the same time soberly and vaguely: on the one hand, she was well aware that at the moment Kirill was undressing her, and on the other hand, she was absolutely not frightened or angry, she did not even feel a bit of embarrassment. Diana wanted to experience these exciting sensations again and again. nine0006

Kirill froze for a few moments, contemplating the picture that opened before him. No, this is not a mirage, his newly-made wife really lies in his arms with her head thrown back, and her golden curls scattered over the pillow flicker in the light of the fireplace, like a magical halo. Under the lowered corset was a thin cambric shirt, which the ladies of the 17th century wore under their dresses, and which, by the way, shone through no worse than chiffon. Unable to withstand the temptation, Rick ran his hand over his barely heaving chest. There was no reaction. nine0006

"Dee, I'm going crazy," he whispered.

Her eyes opened again.

“Your hands are so soft,” she said.

“Beloved…” Kirill groaned.

With a deft movement of his hand, he took a folding knife from the inner pocket of his camisole and cut the lacing, freeing Diana from the corset, Kirill froze again.

- How beautiful you are! - he said, and his hands did not obey him at all and trembled at every touch.

"To make little stars shine on the big stage"


admin, May 7, 2021 - 13:07

The gala concert of the district stage of the festival "Constellation-Yoldyzlyk", which took place last week, became a real holiday for its participants, parents and teachers.

The deputy head of the district Rashit Bilalov delivered a welcoming speech. He called this festival a great event in the cultural life of the region.
- Alkeyevsky region is rich in cultural and art figures. We express the hope that our young artists will conquer the big stage, become truly the pride of the district, - said the leader.



The reporting concert began with an incendiary Tatar dance performed by the choreographic group "Pearl" of the Nabi Dauli gymnasium. Then the duet "Snowdrops" from Upper Almurzino performed. It is a gratifying fact that several numbers from this small school reached the final of the festival. This speaks of the work of teachers in developing the abilities and talents of students. nine0117 The scenario of the holiday, professionally prepared by the specialists of the House of Children's Creativity, included songs and dances of different peoples living in our area. Numbers and their performers were announced by the same young entertainers. Zilya Ziyatdinova, Alsu Nutfullina, Kamil Shagivaleev from the regional center, Emilia and Ilyana Valeeva from Chuvash Brod, Slava Malyshev from Sredny Alkeevo, Dina Sadrieva from Nizhny Alkeevo demonstrated their wit, talent for improvisation, ability to talk with the audience. I would like to note that it was Dina who was able not only to beautifully present each number and its performer, but also to speak in the literary Tatar language. Unfortunately, many young presenters “sinned” with the Mishar accent, which is native to our ears, which is an obstacle to reaching the final of the republican competition. Teachers and mentors of children should take this into account when preparing for any creative activities. nine0117 Noticeably distinguished by their artistry, the ability to behave on stage, the "stars" who were educated at the children's music school. What is worth only reincarnation in the image of Arlekino Polina Alturovich from Yukhmachi! It turns out that her father brings her three times a week to classes at a music school. When there is a desire, aspiration of the child, finding support in the family circle, then the result is obvious.
By tradition, this year the parents of graduates were also noted with letters of thanks and gifts. nine0117 The loudest applause was given to Rafik and Naziya Mardeevs for raising their son Rasim. The fact that the Constellation graduate this year won the Grand Prix of the regional tour and performed on the stage of the Unix cultural and sports complex, defending the honor of our district in the final of the festival, is also their merit. His song on a patriotic military theme caused a storm of applause in the audience.
Kirill Safronov, a 7th grade student of the Bazarno-Matakskaya gymnasium, also deserved loud applause and exclamations of “bravo”. He very soulfully performed a folk song in the Tatar language in a modern arrangement. Kirill is not a native speaker of the Tatar language, but he skillfully conveyed the mood of the song, its spirit. In this, I think, the role of his teacher Almaz Safiullin is great. nine0117 A smile shone on the face of Ilzira Gimadeeva during the performance of the song “When the Soul Sings”, her gestures, facial expressions complemented the image, the audience sang along with this young performer from Bazarny Matak.
Freely and confidently behaved on stage Madina Gadzhiyeva from the regional center. With the song "Airplane" she went down to the hall, having won enthusiastic responses from the audience.
Dancing became a real decoration of the gala concert. Nimble, mobile "mice" (group "Lucky") was replaced by the dance ensemble "Mosaic" from Nizhny Kacheevo, who performed a perky Chuvash dance. nine0117 An important role in the artistic and creative education of the younger generation is played by the teacher. Suriya Valeeva, acting head of the district education department, awarded the teachers for the good preparation of the contestants, she called them the happiest teachers, because the children idolize and adore them.
To loud applause, teachers Firdania Khabibullina, Irina Smyshlyaeva, Alsu Sutyagina, Ilnur Shagaliev rose on the stage.

Learn more