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Hire Bollywood Dancers & Bhangra Dancers

If you are looking for some spirited and dynamic entertainment, hire Bollywood dancers and Bhangra dancers! These brilliant dancers can deliver an engrossing performance that will get your guests in the mood to party. Whether it’s a team of talented Bollywood dancers adorned in beautiful and colourfull outfits or vibrant Bhangra dancers with a traditional performance, your event is sure to be a hit!

Our Bollywood dancers can thoroughly entertain your guests with stunning dance routines. And our Bollywood dancers can also thoroughly surprise your guests with a surprise appearance by bursting through your venues door, to add a hugely fun and unexpected element to your evening!

What is Bollywood Dance?
Bollywood dance is quite a contemporary style of dancing that was developed in Bollywood films. However, it is hard to determine exactly where Bollywood dancer’s roots lie as it is a combination of different styles including Indian folk, belly dancing and even jazz. As ‘Bollywood’ is generally used to describe the South Asian film industry we can say Bollywood dance is a form of dancing brought to life through cinema.

Did You Know? – Throughout the history of Bollywood dancing the Bollywood dancers have been known to choreograph myths and other tales into their routines, telling the stories using hand gestures or other movements.

What is Bhangra Dance?
Similarly to Bollywood dancing the origins of Bhangra dancing are not entirely clear, but its inception did come about in the Punjab region of India. It is also said that it is related to the martial dance of Punjab called ‘balaa’. Typically, Bhangra is performed in a circle and occasionally some dancers will use other props such as swords or sticks. Additionally, Bhangra dancers may incorporate some tricks into their routine like sitting on each other’s shoulders.

Did You Know? – There are nine sub-genres of Bhangra dancing including the Giddha, which is usually performed by just women and the Gatka, where the dancers perform with daggers, swords or sticks.

What is the Difference Between Bollywood and Bhangra Dancing?
With their energetic and colourful styles these two popular forms of dancing are occasionally mixed up, so we have decided to help set the record straight. Bollywood dancing is predominantly found in Hindi films and is a blend of Indian classical and folk dance with some aspects of Western choreography, whereas Bhangra dancing is much more traditional folk dance which is mainly performed at celebratory events such as the harvest.

Bollywood Dancers to Hire on our Roster
The delightful selection of Bollywood dancers to hire on our books can bring their lively and vivacious routines to your event. Whether you’re looking to hire Bollywood dancers to perform an engrossing show at an event for your brand or would like them to dance at your wedding, these brilliant Bollywood dancers will surpass any expectations with their irresistibly enjoyable routines. Here are some of the Bollywood dancers to hire on our books:

  • Hire Absolute Bollywood Dancers – These Bollywood dancers excel at ensuring your event is an immersive experience for everyone, as well as performing top-quality shows they also run workshops for all ages to enjoy.
  • Hire The Sapnay Bollywood Dancers – This incredible troupe of Bollywood dancers have an impressive collection of accomplishments, including becoming the first ever UK Bollywood Dance Champions, reaching the semi-finals of BGT and Sky 1’s Got to Dance, as well as being named as Guinness World Record Holders!
  • Hire B-Flex Bollywood Dancers – This group of Bollywood dancers have truly made their mark on the industry after bringing Bollywood to Strictly for the first time with a renowned performance as well as being named Nobel Peace Prize performers.

Bhangra Dancers to Hire on our Books
You can have your pick of some of the leading Bhangra dancers to hire in the industry with the exceptional dancers on our books. These fantastic Bhangra dancers always prove to be a hit at any event with their sensational performances that really reflect the spirit and celebratory soul of their culture. Here are a few of the Bhangra dancers to hire with us:

  • Hire Punjabi Dance Troupe – These brilliant Bhangra dancers have performed all over the UK, with a remarkable show that gets everyone up on their feet and wanting more.
  • Hire Absolute Bollywood – As well as their Bollywood dancers this team also have Bhangra dancers that promise a show to remember. Their high-energy, visually stunning performances help to create a fun atmosphere for all your guests to enjoy.

Booking Bollywood Dancers or Bhangra Dancers
Immerse yourself in the wonderful culture and charisma of Bollywood and hire Bollywood dancers to perform at your special occasion. Or, you can hire Bhangra dancers for a more classic show with a dance that was made especially to celebrate. Whatever dancers you decide upon our excellent account managers can offer you recommendations and advice to ensure your event runs like a dream. As a top entertainment booking agency we have the connections and knowledge to help you book the perfect Bhangra dancer or hire Bollywood dancers, just give us a call!

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Bhangra dancers for hire, Giddha & Punjabi Dancers Troupes in UK

Bhangra dancers for Hire, Giddha dancers, Punjabi dancers, Bhangra dance troupes
We have Bhangra dancers for hire across the UK available to book for your special occasion, including Asian Weddings, Asian parties, Wedding entrances and Asian themed parties. They come as an all-male troupe or mixed with female Giddha dancers complete with colourful and vibrant costumes, their performance is designed for that “BIG WOW” factor that will leave your guests stunned and amazed! The troupes consist of young, energetic and enthusiastic members which promote the Punjabi culture through bhangra dancing.

Male or Mixed Bhangra Dancers & Dance Troupe Ref: Y1

All Male Bhangra dancers or mixed troupe options with female Giddha dancers.
These are a UK based team and are willing to travel nationally and worldwide as they have done previously when working with other artists.
It consists of young, energetic and enthusiastic members which promote the Punjabi culture through bhangra dancing. Everybody within this group has a burning passion and dedication which has made this amazing Bhangra dance troupe possible.
Each of the members has been performing bhangra for many years and have been dancing at the highest professional level individually. They have also worked with a number of different well known artists within the bhangra industry.

Price From £750.00
Area: Northern England – Nationwide – Internationally

Male and Female Bhangra Dancer Combinations

Packages available: Mixed Female and Male Dancers

8 artist package – 3 female dancers, 3 male dancers and 2 dhol drummers
Price From £ 900.00

10 artist package – 4 male dancers, 4 male dancers and 2 dhol drummers
Price From £ 1050.00

The Full Male Team

8 artist package – 6 male dancers, 2 Dhol drummers
Price From £ 900.00

6 artist package – 4 male dancers, 2 Dhol drummers
Price From £ 750. 00

This is for a 20-30 minute ‘full on’ show with male and female dancers wearing dazzling, colourful traditional costumes, the choreography is designed for maximum impact followed by workshop (audience interaction)

Male or Mixed Bhangra Dancers & Dance Troupe Ref: SD1

These professional Bhangra and Giddha dancers are South East based, performances are based on a mixed group of male and females.
Their performances are for approximately 15 minutes to high quality playback music medley of songs, followed by crowd interaction or also known as workshops. The Dhol drummer and singer are involved during crowd interaction and workshops. This could mean inviting the bride and groom on the dance floor followed by relatives and friends singing traditional wedding songs based on them. If it’s a corporate event they also offer a workshop involving all the guests by teaching them a few steps.

Each song in the medley is between 1.5 to 2 minutes long. There are approximately 10 to 15 songs put together in the medley. During their performance, one of the dancers also includes a speciality act by spinning a sword at high speeds as well as spinning a tambourine with one finger, spins on the floor, girls solo Giddha dance, male and female duet act in the song itself and many more props are used.

Price From £450.00
Area: London – Nationwide

Packages available

8 artist package – 3 males, 3 females, 1 singer and 1 Dhol player
Price From £ 800.00

7 artist package – 3 males, 2 females, 1 singer and 1 Dhol player
Price From £ 750.00

8 artist package – 2 males, 2 females, 1 singer and 1 Dhol player
Price From £ 700.00

They also offer Bride and Groom entrances with Dhol players and Chimta players
(Chimta is larger version of a pair of tongs with small symbols attached to it similar to a tambourine).


The excitement and colour of our professional Bollywood dancers available for hire.
Book our dancers for hire anywhere in the UK and abroad.
Our dancers perform, Modern, Traditional, Bhangra, Fusion, Classical, Semi-Classical, Kathak.
Why not book their ‘East meets West’ show, a “dance off” between colourful Bollywood dancers and Vegas or Hollywood Showgirls.
Performances are either 3 x 10, 2 x 15 minute sets.
You can book a Solo Bollywood Dancer to a full Bollywood Dance Troupe and if your guests would like to have a go then our dancers also offer Workshop (audience participation)

Prices From £185.00 per dancer

Bollywood Dancers


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The cost of dancers' services for the holiday


March 3, 2022, Butovo, Dmitry Donskoy Boulevard, Annino, Starokachalovskaya Street, Skobelevskaya Street, Lesoparkovaya

Oriental dances, Caucasian dances., Event, performances: birthday. 0.5 hours.

Review 5+

I liked absolutely everything! Very pleasant, tactful, intelligent girl! A real oriental princess! Punctual! There were 3 dances and to be honest, I did not expect that there would be a new costume for each dance. All the costumes are very beautiful, the props are amazing. Dancing is bright, bewitching, all guests ...more

could not take their eyes off! Alice lit the audience at 100%. Work with the hall and the public for five with a plus, no, for 10 with three pluses. In general, I can’t even find words for how cool Alice dances and how pleasant she is in communication. I highly recommend her to everyone!!! For all the following holidays for dancing only to Alice! Thank you very much!


Anna Zhludova

June 6, 2021, Podolsk, Zheleznodorozhny

Oriental dances, Indian dances, Brazilian dances., Event: birthday., Performance duration: 30-40 min. - 60 years. There will be mostly adults and maybe a couple of kids. Until we decide, we will celebrate inside the building or on the veranda. The veranda is being built, almost completed., It will be necessary to discuss what dances and how to turn on the music., Plus, if it is possible to add interactive with guests or some kind of humor, it will be great, but this is not necessary. nine0004

Review 5+

We absolutely loved Anna's performance at the party!!! (Dad's birthday). Anna, thank you very much!! You are very charming and dance beautifully <3 I chose somehow intuitively and Anna immediately wrote to me. We easily agreed on all the details, in general, there was confidence that everything would go as it should. I ...more

really liked the costumes and the dances themselves. It was interactive with the guests and the birthday boy. Something new was happening all the time and it was interesting what was next. I think the guests also really enjoyed it. Just got a charge to celebrate further. In my opinion, what was needed for the anniversary turned out to be like a holiday within a holiday! It turned out very bright and incendiary!! Naturally, the most important thing is that the birthday boy really liked the surprise :))) I think it turned out very cool !! Thank you so much!! <3



Lyubimova Arina Olegovna

June 12, 2021, m. Savyolovskaya

Event: Help in the creation of the number and performance on scenes, duration of performance: 3.

Review 5+

Arina, Arina, Arina, thank you very much, it was powerful and cool, in a very short time Arina staged the number, sent a video of the rehearsals, also came late to the general rehearsal before the event, and on the day of the event she was there and supported, and the number, the number turned out to be the hottest and fiery from ...more

all appearances . I highly recommend the master of his craft, with respect Lavrenty.


Show-ballet Cranberry

February 15, 2022, Rostokino metro station

Show-ballet, variety show, Event: birthday, Duration of performance: 1 hour, For a birthday in a cafe We are looking for a dance group, 2-3 girls. We need a beautiful dance and involve the birthday boy at the end, you can also guests. Not vulgar/naked costumes, not the East! , Preferably Kan-kan dance or something bright groovy well-known, All congratulations for 7-10 minutes, Offer your cost, we are not very oriented in prices. nine0004

Review 5+

We liked everything, thank you! The girls are beautiful, slender, they set the dance floor on fire with a can-can! On the day of the performance, we changed the restaurant, but this did not become a problem for them, they calmly reacted! The birthday boy was satisfied, he really liked the surprise with an unexpected transition from a slow dance to a fast one (not ... further

I know the name), and the interactive with the guests was fun! We recommend Cranberry)


How much do dancers earn and how to become a professional - November 1, 2018

Ivan Slavinsky



It's never easy, but wildly interesting.

Members of the FAM Factory dance team told Sport24 about the difference between a professional team and an amateur one, how much coaches earn and how long it takes to become a good dancer from scratch.

Our team is called FAM Factory and has been around for a very long time. We regularly perform at the largest dance championships throughout Russia, we work at major events. Our choreographer, Yevgeny Kevler, is one of the top choreographers in Russia, staged dances for "Dances" on TNT, "Dance" on Channel One, and has brought up more than one generation of dancers. Our team is diverse - students, office workers, teachers and coaches, but they all have one thing in common - an unimaginable love for dancing. nine0004

A post shared by Evgeny Kevler (@kevbrave) on

you recharge and start plowing, as if not in yourself, but in reality everything is a little different. Classes in schools last an hour and a half twice a week if you are in the same group with the same teacher.

As people living this, let's be honest, two hours a week is very little. Yes, and you should not be limited to one style. To start getting real pleasure from dancing, at least a month of regular classes must pass. And at first it will definitely not be easy, especially if you didn’t do anything like that in childhood: in the first classes, it generally seems that the body, which, it would seem, has been yours all your life, has abruptly stopped obeying. And the legs cannot work with the hands at the same time. The main thing is to survive this moment, in reality it passes quite quickly. nine0004

At first, technique is not so important, it comes with experience. It is worth paying attention to physical form, especially if you prefer styles that are characterized by frequent level changes or powerful energy: you may simply not have enough strength. The breather also needs to be developed: fast choreography cannot be danced to the end if the volume of the lungs is not enough. Many dancers take up running to develop their lungs. And for the development of physical strength, functional training or crossfit are suitable - of all training, these will probably be the most useful in our business. If there is no time for this, then you need to at least minimally pump the press, do push-ups, squat. We sometimes conduct physical training classes at team training. nine0004

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A post shared by Nadia Gera 🐾 (@gerandosina) on

and year, everything is very individual here. Many schools have their own reporting concerts and parties. As a rule, at such events, students go on stage for the first time.

If we talk about more complex numbers, then it takes a month and a half to set them up with 3-4 workouts a week for 2-3 hours. The mode of training in a serious team changes, especially if the number is complex and many dancers participate in it. A fairly common occurrence is night workouts. As you might guess, they take place at night, and, as a rule, last 5-6 hours. It's not easy, especially at first and if you have to go to work in the morning, but it's also more efficient in terms of the speed of staging the show, and the result is definitely worth it. nine0004


In the dance world, the year can be conditionally divided into two seasons - spring and autumn. All this time, championships of various levels go one after another, the most "fruitful" in this regard are April and May, as well as November and December. As a rule, all groups put on a performance a month or two in advance, but it all depends on the level of training and available time for the dancers themselves.

In general, championships are a separate and very entertaining cuisine. Dancers are constantly preparing for some kind of competition, it rarely happens that you just come and hang out aimlessly. Everything is almost like in the movie "Step Up": the whole season is the process of preparing for the competition, and in the off-season, everyone either rests, or pumps, or shoots a video. nine0004

At dance championships there is always a division according to the level of training and age: children are separated from adults, beginners are separated from professionals. And within these categories, there is also style: hip-hop, ladies, contemporary.

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A post shared by F.A.M. FACTORY DANCE CREW (@fam_factory) on

Our favorite nomination is best dance show. The name speaks for itself: there are no style bindings here, the main thing is the idea and combination of styles. At some major competitions, the styles used in the show must be declared in advance, at some there are no restrictions, only creativity. Now even in some championships there is a separate Show nomination, and a separate Performance nomination. In the first case, the show should have a story and plot, in the second case, it is important who dances stronger, more powerful and cooler. And there are also solos with duets, which are not limited by styles at all, only by timing. In general, there are a lot of nominations. Beginners or people unfamiliar with dancing can get confused. But as soon as you immerse yourself in this world, everything becomes clear pretty quickly. nine0004

Refereeing at championships is always represented by top dancers: sometimes Russian, sometimes foreign, but always super authoritative. The evaluation criteria, like the judges, are also different, but they look primarily at choreography, technique, synchronism and creativity. You can earn money at good status tournaments. On average, you can get about 30 thousand per team for winning such a tournament. But it is not at all necessary that there will be prize money for winning any championship: somewhere the organizers limit themselves to cups and gifts from sponsors. nine0004

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A post shared by F.A.M. FACTORY DANCE CREW (@fam_factory) on


Nutrition is a matter of personal preference. Most dancers are ordinary people, so until their legs start to fall off, few people even think about nutrition and injury prevention. Many are killed in training, and few people know how to recover, they do not take care. If you don’t eat normally, you may not have enough strength for the whole season. Protein and BCAAs often help out, but in reality, for some reason, few people use them. nine0004

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A post shared by Nadia Gera 🐾 (@gerandosina) on

A: Regular exercise is usually enough to stay in shape. Although, of course, you need to take care of yourself, but adults who have survived a couple of injuries or dancers who work in commerce are already thinking about this.

Sneakers kill instantly

As for clothes, this is a separate topic of conversation, which will take more than one hour. Firstly, the style of dance and what you dance in are very closely related. No one will go dancing popping in leggings or short shorts, twerk in sweatpants, too, you know, I don’t rub, like a strip in a baseball cap. Things are, of course, very important. You can't really train in Chinese sneakers. Not even because they are uncomfortable, they just fall apart in a moment. In general, if you danced at least once in shoes, then you can say goodbye to it - it only kills if you train often and for a long time. Especially for us, jazzfunkers, because a lot of techniques are combined, the foot is actively working. And it’s good for contemporary people in general: they dance barefoot in socks, and with simpler things - they put on something very wide and similar to oversized pajamas - and you are the most fashionable in the class. nine0004

Income and expenses

As for the payment for training for teams, it is similar to amateur sports sections: in many teams, participants pay a monthly fee, which includes the rent of the hall and the work of the choreographer.

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A post shared by F.A.M. FACTORY DANCE CREW (@fam_factory) on

Is it possible to make money from dancing? Of course, there is plenty of work. First, dance schools. There are now ten of them at each metro station, a novice teacher, if desired, will quickly find a job. But if you want to get into a top school as a teacher, then you need to work hard, have a name, constantly upgrade, be socially active, shoot videos and shine at the same championships.

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