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The Top 10 Dancers on YouTube — DanceOn

A.T. Slater

Dance, Music

A.T. Slater

Dance, Music

YouTube is a game changing platform for the dance industry. Top dancers who were once nameless faces behind major music acts are now some of the world's biggest influencers thanks to social video platforms (most especially YouTube because of it's massive global reach and active music streaming audience).

At DanceOn, we are always tracking and collaborating with the dance influencers doing it best. Some of the names have been on the list for several years; others are relative newcomers. All are crushing the YouTube game scoring millions of views on average videos and tapping into a vast fanbase of dancers and non-dancers from around the world.


Nika is not only a top 10 dance influencers on YouTube, she's also the official Slovenian Ambassador of Dance! Originally from Slovenia, she now resides in Los Angeles and is known for her incredible classes in a variety of dance styles.

Her top video has over 18mm views: 

Check out Nika crushing it in her DanceOn Class to Sia's Move Your Body: 

And this video set to Enrique Iglesias' El Bano:


A long time top 10 influencer, Tricia is one of the most in-demand choreographers of this generation. Her #1 video to the tune of Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money" has nearly 60MM video views:

And if you haven't seen her version of "The Water Dance", you are missing out!

Check out Tricia's DanceOn Class to Taylor Swift's Ready for it?


French choreographer Yanis Marshall took the world by surprise as the man who danced (really really well) in heels... 

He may have stolen your heart in one of these early viral videos…

This amazing Spice Girls mashup:

Or this Beyonce medley:

Check out the NYC DanceOn Class taught by Yanis:

Get to know more about what inspired him to dance in heels:

And just for fun, check out Yanis as the tough-to-please casting director in this super fun Too Faced brand video: 


Will Adams aka WilldaBeast is one of the most sought after teachers in Los Angeles. Often working in partnership with his long time partner Janelle Ginestra, this pair has created some of our all time favorite viral vids.

Check out some of their epic dance classes here:

Will and Janelle dance together in Tyce Diorio's Artist Request video: 


Originally from small town Indiana, Caleb Marshall aka the Fitness Marshall is YouTube's most in-demand Dance Fitness Star.

Some of our favorite routines that will make you want to dance until you sweat:

Did you know DanceOn launched a reality series starring the Fitness Marshall, Life of a Fitness Pop Star!? Check out the trailer! 

And of course, Fitness Marshall got his very own DanceOn Class in LA: 


Nicole Kirkland has had quite a year. A long time YouTuber, 2018 brought her significant viewership and subscriber growth. Known for heels as well as hip hop, Nicole is a powerhouse choreographer who draws top digital personalities to her class.  

We love seeing Tessa Brooks get down in this Kirkland class: 

Check out Nicole Kirkland’s DanceOn Class:


One of the best influencers at creating both dance-centric and lifestyle content on her channel, Dytto is currently the top female dancer on YouTube. 

Fall in love with her style here:

Ditto’s rendition of Barbie Girl is a must-see:


Known for winning Season 1 of MTV's America's Best Dance Crew and for their long running live shows in Vegas and Los Angeles, the Jabbawockeez can't help but win on every platform. 

Check out their top performing video filmed at the NBA's finals 2017 at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA:

Throw back to one of the most amazing dance collabs of all time created in partnership with Coca-Cola to raise money and awareness for RED. This video features the Jabbawockeez, Les Twins, Harry Shum Jr, Ian Eastwood, Brian Puspos, Jasmine Meakin aka Megajam and more! 


Leveraging his 3. 3MM subscribers, Kyle created the #2 video ON ALL OF YOUTUBE in 2017!!!! Check it out here: 

Check out one of our early collaborations with Kyle. This concept video stars a young Larsen Thompson and features Charli XCX's new track Boom Clap: 


Matt Steffanina reigns above all with over 13MM subscribers across 4 YouTube channels. His style is Hip Hop, and he's known for teaching and mentoring some of the most incredible young talent in the biz. His #1 video has over 70mm views: 

Check out Matt’s rendition of the beloved party track Watch Me Whip Nae Nae:

Matt has been a part of a variety of DanceOn original programs. Check out his choreography for our original series Boy Squad:

A.T. Slater

Dance, Music

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T. Slater

6 YouTube channels from 'Street Dance Girls Fighter' and 'Street Woman

Words by Talia Voon

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What if you suddenly shoot to internet fame while participating in a dance show with your peers? That's what happened to the participants in the Mnet hit reality dance survival show, Street Woman Fighter.

Featuring eight female dance crews — WAYB, PROWDMON, CocaNButter, HOOK, LACHICA, HolyBang, YGX, and WANT — battling for the position of Korea's best female dance crew,  the show became a hit. From actors and comedians to K-Pop idols such as BTS, SEVENTEEN, TWICE, and Red Velvet, everyone can't seem to stop talking about it. With numerous viral hits, appearances in variety shows, touring, and even having their own spin-off, Street Dance Girls Fighter, the dancers are all the rave on the internet now.

For new and old fans yearning for more content, the dancers have their own YouTube channels boasting a slew of behind-the-scenes music video shoots with your favorite artists, practice videos, and daily vlogs. 

Here are 6 Youtube channels fans can check out from the dancers in HOOK, LACHICA, HolyBang, YGX, TURNS, and more.

LACHICA's Rian has had her own YouTube channel for a while, where she posts her choreography processes, personal dance videos, vlogs of behind-the-scenes sets on music video and live performance shoots, and even fashion and make-up videos.  

Fun, sprightly and entertaining, her YouTube channel is like hanging out with that bubbly friend who is always in the know. 

LACHICA also has their own YouTube channel showcasing the group's more relaxed side — a change from their strong and sassy image on screen —  as well as their choreography process for some of our favourite artists such as Chungha, Ailee, aespa, and TWICE.

Jo Nain is one of the contestants on the spin-off show, Street Dance Girls Fighter, who shocked viewers with her impeccable skills despite being only 19. Not only is she the leader of the winning team TURNS, she is also a member of the esteemed Just Jerk Crew.  

Created fairly recently, Jo Nain's YouTube channel features her and her team members having fun, showing her day-to-day life as a dancer. 



View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Jungkook (@abcdefghi__lmnopqrstuvwxyz)

The name of her YouTube channel, Have a Good Nain, was actually recommended by BTS' Jungkook who responded to her questions on Instagram. A play on 'night' with her name, it's the best gift to Nain, who is a fan of the GRAMMY-nominated artist. Jungkook himself also covered her choreography of Teyana Taylor's 'Bare Wit Me'.

As the sensual queen of YGX, Jihyo's YouTube channel has various dance covers and choreography videos of her personal style that was hidden previously. She also has fun vlogs with her members, behind-the-scenes videos of shoots, and daily vlogs that reveal her cute personality behind her strong looks. 

YGX also has its own YouTube channel that showcases the members' chemistry and fun-loving side as they react to music videos, play games, and just have a good time together as friends.

Girl Crush Aiki continues to charm in her YouTube channel with various shorts (as expected from the TikTok Star), vlogs of her HOOK members, stage rehearsals, and cute videos with her daughter. 

Stripped away from the need for competition when they were on the show, we see a group of friends who simply love to dance together, leaving viewers with warm hearts and deep laughs.  

For those yearning for more HolyBang performances, their YouTube channel has a plethora of original choreography, dance concept videos, and competition pieces the group did that fans can binge to their heart's content. 

Showcasing the dance battle scene usually not shown on television, their YouTube channel gives fans a larger glimpse into the dance scene and HolyBang's unique girl's hip-hop style. 

As the resident mood maker of the show with her reactions and witty comments, WANT's leader Hyojin Choi similarly makes her vlogs enjoyable to watch.  

Aside from dance covers and classes, her channel has more of a personal touch as she showcases vlogs of her eating with friends, going to yoga class, and having fun in the studio with her crew. Always keeping the mood high, fans can get more of her quirky side through her YouTube channel alongside endless laughter.

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Street Dance: How to Learn Street Dance

© Stephan Bednaić/Red Bull Content Pool

Here are eight different approaches to learning one or more street dance styles.

Author Aizhan Nurpeisova

Read 3 minPosted on

Street dancing (breaking, popping, hip-hop, house, krump, etc.) is very popular all over the world. This material will be useful for someone who wants to become a dancer or just learn a few cool elements of street dance.

To learn one of the styles, you need:

1. Find a mentor

will teach not only dance, but also enlighten him on the history of styles. Beginners can look for a mentor themselves, or maybe vice versa.

Dassi explains pop techniques

© Dmitriy Tibekin/Red Bull Content Pool

2. Learn with the team

It's also one of the street dance traditions to teach a beginner with the whole team. Usually a group of dancers hold open classes or workshops, where they find young dancers with potential, and then invite them to train with the team.

3. Practice in a dance studio

Many dance studios now have a variety of styles, including some street dance. These classes are not meant to make you competitive or part of the street dance scene, but they will help those who just want to learn a few dance moves and steps at their own pace.

Day Day teaches a student at Red Bull BC One Camp

© Nika Kramer/Red Bull Content Pool

4. Visit a real hip hop or street dance school

Many teams and dancers such as The Floorriorz from Japan , Prodigy from Austria and B-Boy Moy from America, created real hip-hop dance schools. These schools teach street dance styles and have structured curricula specifically designed to develop the student's skills and knowledge. They also focus on how the dance style can affect the character of the dancer.

Red Bull BC One All Star Wing teaches at a dance studio in Calcutta

© Naman Saraiya/Red Bull Content Pool

any online classes taught by highly qualified and experienced street dancers. These tutorials are a great resource for very shy people.

Watch the Red Bull Dance Connect lesson.

6. Go to open training

Many beginners in street dancing find regular open training and learn by watching other dancers, and after the performance can learn certain steps and movements together.

7. Participate in workshops

Workshops are an unusual approach to learning to dance, but they are a great way to learn a particular element from famous dancers. Also, it is an opportunity to learn more about any style and try them out for yourself.

Mike Song teaches at Red Bull BC One Camp

© Drew Gurian/Red Bull Content Pool

8. Find university organizations

If you are a student, you should look for college street dance communities. After all, having gathered together, students can learn movements from each other, go to master classes together and participate in competitions.



description, content, interesting facts and much more about the film

Film Street dancing 2


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    9000 "Street Dancing 2" continues to tell about young non-professional dancers who compete with each other, fall desperately in love and do not stop going towards one goal - to become the best in their field and gain recognition. They are driven by passion – passion for dance, passion for life and just passion. The sequel to the film "Street Dancing" can be watched online in our Internet cinema. This time, the main character of the story is Ash, who was defeated in the Streetdance competition. Now he wants to win back and for this he is assembling a team that will outshine the competition in the belt, a team consisting of the best dancers in the world. He travels almost all over the world to find stars for the team of his dreams, and in the process of searching, he falls in love with Eva, who is an impeccable salsa dancer. Ash loses his head, and along with a long road to victory, a difficult path begins for him to win the beauty's heart. 9Ol000 2015, Russia, comedies

    80 minutes

    8 new dates


    2007, Russia, Drama

    100 minutes



    2011, Russia, Comedy

    89 minutes



    2012, Russia, Comedies

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    8 VIETS

    2013, Comedy

    103 minutes

    to + FA (in Kyrgyz with Russian subtitors )

    2019, Kazakhstan, comedy

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    Scarlet Sails: New History


    2013, Russia, comedies

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    2016, Kazakhstan, comedy

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    16 girls (in Kazakh)


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    Strawberry paradise

    2014, Kyrgyzstan, melodrama

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    to + FA 2 (in Kyrgyz with Russia Subtitors)

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    2022, Kazakhstan, comedies

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    2010, Belarus, melodrama

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    2009, Russia, Comedies

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    2010, Russia, comedies

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    2013-2017, Russia, melodrama



    2009, Rossiya

    District Comedy


    2018, Russia, Rossi



    2007, Russia, melodrama

    Tatyanan Day

















    Popular films

    Movies of 2012

    Youth melodramas

    The main character is a simple guy Ash. He is a good dancer and makes a living selling popcorn. One day he gets to a master class for dancers who are preparing for a grand competition - street dancing. After Ash's poor performance, the Invincibles, led by Vince, kick him out in disgrace. But the dancer was noticed by Edd, who will soon become his producer.

    Eddie and Ash travel all over Europe in search of new ideas, styles to create their own team to participate in street dances. In Paris, they meet a sultry, beautiful girl, Eva, who dances latin. And then Ed comes up with the idea to combine street dancing with Latin. The team rebels: they are used to dancing hip-hop and other street styles, Latin is unacceptable for them. Because of this, disputes and disagreements begin. The girl refuses to participate in the competition and does not want to work with a team where she is not respected.

    Ash, of course, falls in love with such a beautiful and brave dancer. He tries to explain to the girl that the guys are not used to this direction, but they really need her.

    Training begins, only six weeks left before the competition. The team prepares to take on their rivals The Invincibles. The dance competition takes place in Paris, the city of love, where they achieve their goal - victory.


    Very energetic film!! I personally liked it a lot!

    July 4, 2013


    For once, if you don't mind the time..... Usually dance movies are more addictive!!

    June 29, 2013


    Cool movie))

    September 27, 2013

    All are lucky who watched this film

    5 December


    Class film

    9000 weaker than the first part, but still looks easy

    5 July 2013


    Liked it.

    July 6, 2013


    the end is good, but everything else is bullshit :(


    The film is just bombing))

    March 18, 2017

  • When Ash fails at the first meeting with the Invincibles, he is thrown out of the room along with popcorn.

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