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The Wobble #Tutorial #WobbleTutorial #Howtodothewobble #Linedance #BasicSteps #Getit #Duet

92.8K Likes, 1.2K Comments. TikTok video from DjD_Nail (@djd_nail): "The Wobble #Tutorial #WobbleTutorial #Howtodothewobble #Linedance #BasicSteps #Getit #Duet". Wobble Tutorial | Jump Forward | Shake it 3x | .... original sound.


original sound - DjD_Nail


✨Grace Johansson✨

This is just how we do the wobble at cheer comps in the UK✨ #cheerleading #competition #cheer #foryoupage #uk #wobble #fyp

3. 7K Likes, 165 Comments. TikTok video from ✨Grace Johansson✨ (@gracejohansson): "This is just how we do the wobble at cheer comps in the UK✨ #cheerleading #competition #cheer #foryoupage #uk #wobble #fyp". how the wobble is danced at UK Cheerleading Competitions. Wobble I Radio Version.


Wobble I Radio Version - 🕷 ; lila


Wedding Dance Coach

Want a tutorial? Will you be doing this ar your wedding?!😆#wobble #wobbledance #weddingdances #weddingtok #weddingdancecoach

1.1K Likes, 48 Comments. TikTok video from Wedding Dance Coach (@weddingdancecoach): "Want a tutorial? Will you be doing this ar your wedding?!😆#wobble #wobbledance #weddingdances #weddingtok #weddingdancecoach". Want a tutorial?! Y or N👇. Wobble.


Wobble - V.


Mi-Kayla 🍋

#neworleansbounce #nola #wobble #trending #fyp #neworleans #dance

10K Likes, 78 Comments. TikTok video from Mi-Kayla 🍋 (@hersodifferent): "#neworleansbounce #nola #wobble #trending #fyp #neworleans #dance". Learn how to wobble part 2. Hammertime (Home Depot) [feat. Big Freedia].


Hammertime (Home Depot) [feat. Big Freedia] - Monsta Wit Da Fade


Christa 💃 MT Line Dancer

This is a great beginner level & warmup! #linedancing #montanastyle #wobblebabywobble #helenamontana

1.5K Likes, 15 Comments. TikTok video from Christa 💃 MT Line Dancer (@naturallychrista): "This is a great beginner level & warmup! #linedancing #montanastyle #wobblebabywobble #helenamontana". Have you tried the Wobble yet??. Wobble (Radio Version).


Wobble (Radio Version) - V.I.C.


Brooke Tidball Linedancer

Find the #tutorial on my page if ya don’t know how to #wobblebabywobble #linedance #lowimpactcardio #learnwithme

3.7K Likes, 76 Comments. TikTok video from Brooke Tidball Linedancer (@linedancerbrooke): "Find the #tutorial on my page if ya don’t know how to #wobblebabywobble #linedance #lowimpactcardio #learnwithme". Wobble Dance. Wobble.


Wobble - V.I.C.



Who is ready to line dance our way into the White House tomorrow? 🎉 #inauguration2021 #fyp #linedancetutorial #wobbletutorial

1. 8K Likes, 41 Comments. TikTok video from TheMoringBunch (@mariebustinmoves): "Who is ready to line dance our way into the White House tomorrow? 🎉 #inauguration2021 #fyp #linedancetutorial #wobbletutorial". Wobble Baby Dance Tutorial | Jump forward Wiggle your body x 4 count | Jump back wiggle your body x 4 count | .... Wobble.


Wobble - V.I.C.



Reply to @cuttifacetx01 If it makes you smile you’re doing it right!💕 #wobblechallenge #wobbletutorial #familydance @amandalawsonglam

307 Likes, 18 Comments. TikTok video from amandalawson1026 (@amandalawsonglam): "Reply to @cuttifacetx01 If it makes you smile you’re doing it right!💕 #wobblechallenge #wobbletutorial #familydance @amandalawsonglam". Teaching my mom the wobble | I had to post…she was so happy! | She just had surgery and can finally dance again | . ... Wobble.


Wobble - V.I.C.


Brooke Tidball Linedancer

Reply to @deitrich2969 The Wobble tutorial & dance! #thewobbledance #cruiselinedances #weddinglinedance #linedance #learntolinedance

3.4K Likes, 49 Comments. TikTok video from Brooke Tidball Linedancer (@linedancerbrooke): "Reply to @deitrich2969 The Wobble tutorial & dance! #thewobbledance #cruiselinedances #weddinglinedance #linedance #learntolinedance". Wobble.


Wobble - V.I.C.

Easy Instructions for Beginners to Learn the Wobble Line Dance

Love watching the wobble line dance? Now you will love doing it as well! All the beginners out there, we at DancePoise bring step-by-step instructions of the wobble for you. Have fun, and do the wobble!

Burn that fat with some wobble!

Wobble line dance not only burns lots of calories, but also is a very fun group activity. If you are looking for some offbeat idea for exercising, include this dance form in your workout.

Unconventional dances are a craze nowadays. All we want is another excuse to go crazy. In the ever expanding list of these quirky dances, like the “Gangnam style” or the “Harlem shake”, comes another worthy addition―the wobble line dance.

Line dances have been very popular since the 1950s. The wobble has become famous in the last couple of years. Today, you can see people doing the wobble everywhere, right from parties to weddings to reunions. In these dances, a group of people stand in one or two lines and do similar steps. The best thing is that anybody can wobble; yes, it’s very simple and super fun. No need to worry even if you are a beginner or haven’t heard of this dance as we come to your rescue with these step-by-step instructions. So ladies and gentlemen, young and old alike, it’s time to do the wobble.

Do not immediately start the steps; get into the groove first, feel the music, loosen your body, and then begin.

Step 1: Jump Forward

Jump forward (one-step distance) in such a way that both your feet touch the ground simultaneously. This is the first step of the four-count step.

Step 2: Wobble your hips

As soon as you jump, start swaying your hips from right to left. This is called wobbling your hips. Don’t forget to cross your arms to the beat. Wobble your hips for four counts.

Step 3: Jump back

Jump back to your original position to start the four-count step again.

Step 4: Wobble them again!

Now repeat the wobble again. Sway your hips from side to side, and move your hands as well.

Step 5: Twist to the right

Now it’s time to wobble your entire body. Twist to the right in such a way that you are facing left. Now sway your shoulders and hips alternatively for a four-count step.

Step 6: Twist to the left

Twist to the left, and repeat the wobble of the shoulders and hips. You can do the hand roll at chest level or cross them as well according to the beat.

Step 7: Wobble and wobble more!

Enjoy the dance by wobbling your body like a waving flag. When your shoulders are in front, your hips should be at the back and vice versa. You can try a variety of movements with your hands.

Step 8: Do the step

Now, it’s time to “do the step.” It’s a four-count step, and your hands should sway as well. Take a step with your right leg, and then bring the left leg in front as well. Take a step with your right leg again returning to the original position followed by your left leg.

Step 9: Step forward and do the cha-cha

You can also go forward normally and come back by doing the cha-cha step. Step your right leg in front, followed by the left. Now, do the cha-cha; that is step back with your right foot, left foot, and right foot again. But this should be quicker with more swaying of the hips.

Step 10: Cha-cha step

Now do the cha-cha step in your place. Take a forward step with your right leg, followed by a backward step with the left one. Quickly step in place with your right foot, left foot, and right foot again.

Step 11: Swing to the right

Now start swaying your body from side-to-side and cross your arms to the beat. Continue wobbling your shoulders and hips alternatively.

Step 12: Swing to the left

Gradually turn your body to the left and continue the wobble. Turn very slowly and naturally, continuously swaying your body.

Now, you will be facing left. Repeat all the above steps, complete the entire circle, or continue this pattern till the song ends. The above steps are the basics; you can combine them or try out different variations as well.

Dance is about losing all your inhibitions and having fun, so just relax and let yourself loose. Don’t get too mechanical with the steps; feel the music and do the wobble!

Today you're dancing twerk, and tomorrow you overthrew the president

Spiritless twerk dance, which only fans of Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj knew about a month ago, continues its triumphant march through Russia full of braces. Frantic advertising for the dance, which is based on spinning, I'm not afraid of the word, priests, is created by law enforcement agencies, giving the fight against twerk the forces remaining from the fight against toy soldiers dressed in enemy uniforms. No sooner had the dance school in Orenburg been closed, which accidentally taught the "bees" to seductively turn their backsides in front of Winnie the Pooh, as the front of the struggle moved to Novorossiysk (not to be confused with Novorossia). For unacceptable dancing at the Malaya Zemlya memorial, a group of girls was placed under administrative arrest for a period of 10 to 15 days, and the attacker who posted the video with the dance, as they say in the protocols, on the “Internet network” received the most. The act was qualified as petty hooliganism.

Thus, the “twerk women” from Novorossiysk involuntarily sacrificed themselves for several days so that the society received a new signal from the authorities: if songs in the temple cost “kopeck piece”, then apolitical dirty dances near the monuments to the national feat will now be punished with administrative arrests. At the same time, there is no approved list of unacceptable for fun, dances, holy places - it seems that we will learn about each of them only after the next arrests.

In connection with all this, the network community was at first taken aback, and then began to ask uncomfortable questions. After all, they never answered her why it was possible for Kirkorov to sing in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, but not for Pussy Riot, but new topics for discussion arrived in time. For example: didn’t grandfathers fight so that great-granddaughters could dance freely in their own country? And isn't a combined pop concert on Poklonnaya Gora or Vasilyevsky Spusk considered an insult to shrines? What if some songs turn out to be not spiritual enough for a great country that has risen from its knees? We are silent about the outfits of popular singers: they, of course, will try to put on a St. George ribbon, but suddenly someone will be offended by the combination of this symbol with a deep neckline, which for most artists is an element of stage uniform. Isn't it time also to ban newlyweds from opening champagne at the Eternal Flame? After all, they are clearly not going to drink it for the rest of the fallen soldiers. Shouldn't it be necessary to regulate the width of the smile of passers-by walking in the places of memorials of military glory? Shouldn't you ask the Cossacks to go to nightclubs to test the morality of their leisure time? However, a positive answer was received to this question the other day: in St. Petersburg, the Cossacks have already gathered in a corresponding raid - they are especially reverently expected in gay clubs that are not indifferent to bizarrely dressed men.

Looking at the blasphemous photos from Novorossiysk, representatives of the older generation, of course, recognized this memorial on Malaya Zemlya - in the 1970s it was an important element of the personality cult of Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev. The then Soviet historical science was very close to declaring Malaya Zemlya, where Colonel Brezhnev served, as a turning point in the Great Patriotic War. True, it didn’t come to this, but Malaya Zemlya was “promoted” in full. Then it was clear that one could not dance at the memorial, but one could only stand with a mournful look, in extreme cases, utter solemn oaths.

The craziness of today's twerking bees is that the boundaries of cultural taboos are so blurred. In the Soviet Union, it was completely clear to everyone what music should not be listened to and what dances were not recommended to be danced. The flamboyantly dressed dudes thus consciously protested the system, and their rules of the game included the risk of forced haircuts and steeplechases from Komsomol activists. Young people who played rock music knew that they could be kicked out of the institute for it. And so on. But the girls who danced at the memorial in the 21st century never lived in such a coordinate system. They may not have even heard of Leonid Brezhnev. During the post-Soviet years, these girls, like many other people, managed to get used to the fact that you can listen and dance here, as in any normal country, that the state does not regulate hairstyles, the length of skirts and the width of pants. That you can go to the theater for a classical production, or you can go to an experimental one, that some do ballet, while others do twerk - and the choice is yours, not the party committee. And the choice of where to dance is also your question. Your conscience, sense of tact and good breeding.

The initiatives of deputies, Cossacks, city lunatics and self-proclaimed zealots of morality could be safely ignored if law enforcement agencies did not start, just in case, to conduct searches and start cases on any of their sneeze.

And yet, the current attempts to regulate the private life and cultural practices of the population have no chance of growing into a coherent system. From the outside, these incidents look so absurd that the state will not want to subscribe to them and give them the status of official cultural policy.

Also, let's imagine a country where, after two decades of relative freedom of private life, twerk, rock'n'roll, avant-garde, striptease, cubism, dubstep, performance art and, for example, Western TV series are suddenly banned.

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