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Chuntaro Style - Los Capi


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Chúntaros Style - El Gran Silencio



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KALEB DI MASI | DJ TAO Turreo Sessions #5 - Kaleb Di Masi & DJ Tao



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Chúntaros Style - El Gran Silencio


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Chuntaro Style - Los Capi


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Love Nwantiti(Dance Ver) - FYP 🤍


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sonido original - Jose Santiago

Chuntaros and pointy boots | Que Fregados

Posted on May 15, 2011 by Que Fregados

Tribal is more like cumbia mixed with colombian sounds and samba.
Duranguense is kinda more tambora and ranchero type.

Photo on sent in from Austin, Texas - boots for the whole family

Both are into the “pointy boot” craze (among males) but Tribal is the big lead and comes more from the San Luis Potosi state region although it way more fans in the US than in Northern Mexico. So big is it that it made mainstreet yahoo news today:

The pointy-boot fad coincided with a new dance craze of gyrating, drawer-dropping troupes dressed in matching western shirts and skinny jeans to accentuate their footwear.

They dance to “tribal” music, a mixture of Pre-Columbian and African sounds mixed with fast cumbia bass and electro-house beats. In Matehuala, all-male teams compete in weekly danceoffs at four nightclubs that offer prizes of $100 to $500, and often a bottle of whiskey.

The troupes are so popular, they’re hired to dance at weddings, for quinceaneras, celebrations of the Virgin of Guadalupe, bachelorette parties and even rosary ceremonies for the dead. One group, Los Parranderos, or The Partiers, filmed a wedding scene for “Triunfo del Amor,” or “Love’s Triumph,” a prime-time soap opera on the Televisa network.

I was accustomed to having many relatives showing off their pointy-toed boots but “normal-sized” pointy-toed if you can say there is such a thing. This new trend takes things to a new level and there is a huge community in Houston and Dallas where you often hear someone being referred to as a Chuntaro, which is used both as an insult and a badge of pride. For example, check out one of my favorite sites to peek through – yes, a guilty pleasure. It is called and invites viewers to send in photos of Chuntaros, Shulas (Northern Mexican pronunciation for Chulas – pretty girls), Papis (hot guys) and fan pictures (usually boots and accessories).

So why is this post in a Laredo blog?? Because I don’t want you to freak out if you see a botas picudas (pointy boot) contest at your local club one of these days :).

UPDATE: Another video from yahoo

Like this:

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Saint Leibovitz and Wild Horse

Chapter 24

“If a brother who, due to his own delusions, has left the monastery, expresses a desire to return to it, let him first of all promise to fully compensate for the damage that he caused by his departure; and then let him take the lowest step of obedience, which will be the test of his humility.

Charter of the Order of St. Benedict, chapter 29.

Fear, the mother of hate, seized all the militia without exception, but there was nowhere to run. Behind them stood Grasshoppers, in front of them - the troops of the emperor. Between them was Chuntar Hadala, who had at his disposal two assassins ready to destroy the recruits, Major and Ulad. They could be smoked out with fire, but the weather was extremely calm. At night, someone unknown set fire to the grass, but since the air was calm and still, no one was bothered by this. Before dawn, Ulad and three strong townspeople pulled two cannons out of the wagon and placed them so that they looked at the enemy from the east side. Unloading two more, they placed them against the Nomads. The leader, observing their efforts, divided his forces into two equal groups. One moved north and the other south, and now they embraced Valana's forces from the southwest and northwest. Ulad moved the artillery accordingly, but the movements of the Nomads made it clear that the guns did not bother them. According to the leader, the way to the west remained wide open. Blacktooth thought that accepting this invitation would be the only sane course of action, but Chuntar Hadala stood his ground.

- To all who repent of their sins, I grant remission, - he announced, having gathered troops at dawn, - in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. And if you die in battle for the glory of God and for the righteous cause of the Holy Father, then you will go straight to heaven, bypassing purgatory. Now I bless you...

"And this is the man speaking," Aberlott whispered, "whose pocket is excommunicated."

Surprised that the rest of the recruits did not greet Hadala with scornful exclamations, Blacktooth asked:

- You didn't tell everyone else what I told you?

Aberlott was obediently silent. Nimmi looked into his eyes and smiled bitterly. Everyone knew that Aberlott was a notorious liar, not one word of which could be trusted. Besides, how could he have the courage to accuse the cardinal, even behind his back, because in the end, anyone could point a finger at Aberlott and say: “I heard it from him.” Well, Blacktooth had to spread the news himself, or at least involve someone from the Yellow Guard. Although getting close to them was not easy. They were close only to Cardinal Hadala, as they had been to Brownpony.

Water was dispensed in portions. Stocks of dried meat were running out, and since hunting was impossible, people ate biscuits and beans. The enemy was waiting for Hadala to take some action. Hadala waited for the valley freaks to attack the enemy from the rear, but Blacktooth's plans seemed completely pointless. On the third day of the standoff, in front of Valana's forces, Chieftain Brahm sent an envoy with a white flag to the Texark commander. When a lively exchange of couriers began between the enemy forces, the cardinal flew into a rage. On Gleaver's orders, several townspeople began to take aim at the messengers, but they kept at a distance, and they could not be removed even with a well-aimed shot.

That night, just before moonrise, fourteen Grasshoppers entered the camp, killed two sentries, and stole most of the horses. As the waning moon rose, a troop of Texark cavalry, which had crept silently in the darkness, saddled their horses and charged into the camp screaming, slashing left and right and firing their saddle revolvers. In turn, several attackers were killed by armed militias. Burials were held at dawn for eighteen of the dead, five of whom wore Texark uniforms. In addition, there were seven wounded - but not fatally. Aberlott lost an earlobe cut off with a Texark broadsword.

"You didn't even get out from under the covers, you son of a bitch," he said to Nimmy.

"I thought it was all a dream," Blacktooth lied. The loss of the horses finally brought Hadala out of himself. He ordered the infantry to attack the positions of the dug-in Texarkans. Raising a cross, the cardinal proudly led the assault squad; his red cap and cassock made him a tempting target. Major Gliver shot the three who refused to move. Three groups in green uniforms, bayonets attached to their magnificent guns, moved forward under cover of a rare fire from three cannons. Ulad, as always burning with rage, walked immediately behind the cardinal's crucifix, but constantly looked around, checking whether everyone was keeping in line. As the attackers came within rifle range, they turned pale with terror, and some collapsed at the mere sound of enemy gunfire. Nimmi half closed his eyes and prayed to the Holy Virgin. He was surprised that they were not covered by artillery fire from behind the line of Texark troops.

When they were halfway to the enemy positions, he saw earth parapets and cut turf. The Imperial troops fired on them from behind strong cover, and the effect was horrendous. About a third of the attackers were knocked out. Twice Ulad ordered to stop and conduct aimed fire, but each time the heads of the enemies were hidden behind the parapets.

- Speed ​​up your pace! Shoot on the go!

Strictly speaking, it was a waste of ammo, but at least the enemy couldn't raise his head. After five shots, we had to slow down to reload our guns. Most of them took with them already loaded drums, but even though changing the drum was faster than cramming cartridges into the nests, you still had to stop to carefully pull the trigger. And standing still, it was easy to take the fly.

- Look! They're leaving! Run, damn it, run!

Fear gave way to furious enthusiasm when the townspeople were convinced that the fire from the front line of the trenches had ceased, although shots continued to be heard from a distance.

- "Daddy's Children"! My people are coming! Turning around, shouted Hadala. He brandished the cross like a club, pointing to the foot of the hills. They're attacking from the rear!

"That explains why the balls didn't fall like hail from the sky," Nimmy said into Aberlott's bandaged ear. His words were indistinguishable over the rumble of gunfire, but he added, “Perhaps the cardinal of the freaks isn't as idiotic as we thought him to be.

But the Texark troops were not going to give up. Since the blow of partisan formations from the valley forced them to cover the rear, they retreated from the line of attack from the west to protect their artillery from the east. But not everyone retreated. As soon as the militias climbed the first parapet, three were hit by shots.

Gliver ordered to stop. It was clear that the defenders had fortified themselves in the second line of trenches. But the attackers could take cover in an occupied line of enemy trenches to snack on camp rations and take a few sips of water from flasks. Glancing up, Nimmy saw Gai-See crawling up the deep ravine towards him. He was hiding not from enemies, but from Hadala and his officers.

Is this true? asked the Asiatic warrior after carefully looking around.

"Yes," said Nimmy, "if you heard it from Aberlott."

Gai-See nodded grimly and crawled back the same way. Something must happen, thought Nimmy, but not this minute.

The sun of the beginning of August burned mercilessly, but by the middle of the day a light breeze blew from the west. Blacktooth noticed that the restless Grasshoppers were stirring again. The nomads, having reformed, this time divided into three groups, which were located to the north, west and south of the wagons. They were still out of range, though silhouetted against the smoke from the fires, but groups from the north and south were ready to flank, either against the Hannegan or against the cardinal's forces.

The fire seemed to be gradually moving towards the east. The townspeople marked possible targets on the battlefield and figured out the directions in which the Nomad units could advance or retreat; those, most likely, also outlined them.

During the assault on the second line of trenches, Nimmi, who tried to shoot over the heads, nevertheless hit the enemy in the lower half of the torso. The Texark soldier who had charged Blacktooth was lying prone on the sandy parapet, where he had collapsed after being shot in the stomach. A freak, a freak in Texark uniform, with Hadala's same patchy skin and their usual hairy ears. He looked up at the former monk, trying to see him through the smoky cloud illuminated by the sun. His hands crawled up to his face and hung limply in his wrists; he was like a puppy begging for a tasty bite. What's the point of giving up when your stomach is torn apart? He closed his eyes, waiting and hoping for a second shot. But Blacktooth didn't dare waste the cartridge out of pity; he didn't have time to reload his gun either, as Ulad watched him with frank suspicion. Every time he felt that tension, Wooshin's face would flash before him and he would remember his words: “The moment of death is just a vanishing dewdrop, a flash of lightning; that's the way it's supposed to be, Nimmy."

Putting the point of the bayonet to the wounded man's throat, Blacktooth cut his carotid artery. Blade lightning, red dew drop. The drop turned into a stream. Glancing back, he took a step back. His throat caught and his mouth dried up; the day was hot and there was smoke from burning grass in the air.

“Every person, every living creature is a world. And these worlds are innumerable, my friend. Each of them is intertwined with all other worlds in a myriad of galaxies, for there are no barriers between worlds. Metaphysics from the executioner? For Ax, religion was like a martial art. Blacktooth wanted to talk to Gai-See or Wooso-Lo on the subject, but they always kept close to the Cardinal and his officers, and he was frightened when he saw Gai-See crawling up to him.

"It's like I've just cut my own throat," he thought, looking at the corpse. “So this is what murder looks like in the eyes of the killer. Holy Mother of God, forgive me, but I'm not even very worried.

Sergeant Ulad was still looking at him from the left flank, shaking his head. He must have seen Nimmi not hesitate or flinch. But he was suspicious of his piety. Two people appeared from behind Ulad. Corporal Victros scrambled up the parapet, leading the attack group.

The sandy slope went sideways to a well-dug up, but already useless, fire-fighting strip going off to the side. Climbing up the parapet, Blacktooth scanned the area, but there was no patrol to be seen. Why? This was the best place to entrench and fight, except that they could not withstand the fire of Valana. Or, most likely, they moved to a more reliable shelter, knowing that in a guerrilla raid the freaks would not be able to capture their artillery. Standing on the parapet, he looked back toward the wagons. What happened to those who guarded them? In the distance he could see the Nomads, but there were no militiamen near the wagons. Since they had no horses with them, they can still be considered lost.

Somewhere in the north, the tall grass burned more strongly. There the winds crossed on all sides, and the foot of the hills to the northeast were thick with smoke, but they were still to leeward, although the direction of the breeze began to change. Blacktooth smelled smoke, and he saw the distant figures of the riders on the north side move westward, out of the path of the fire. If the wind changes direction, the wagons will be in danger. He showed Ulad that the enemy had fled. They climbed out onto a sandy slope and cautiously, hiding in the saving shadows that fell from the mounds, moved forward along the endless grassy ocean.

Positioned on a hilltop south of the battle, Chief Grasshopper saw part of the battle unfolding around the Texark artillery positions. Texark had temporary difficulties, which the leader was only glad about. The Devil Light hoped to have an impact on the outcome of the battle by making menacing movements of its fighters from time to time, but without actually exposing them to fire. At the moment, his only desire was to prevent anyone else from taking over the wagons, for he hoped to do it himself, although even without them, the Grasshoppers did not urgently need additional ammunition, and the horde had plenty of new guns in its arsenal. He was not opposed to the freaks getting new weapons, if that was possible. It looks like this is the situation right now. It is clear that Texark's forces have to fend off a blow from the rear as well. This fact surprised him as much as the Texarkans.

Devillight warned them of Hadala's expedition, but his credibility had its limits: Texark sent only two cavalry squadrons, two squadrons of light cavalry, and a few cannons into the area where the townspeople, he said, would try to cross the border. Eltur was surprised that many of the Texark recruits were freaks drawn from the valley. They did not expect a blow from the rear and did not prepare for it properly. Now they can only regret that they did not take his words seriously. Maybe next time they'll trust him more. When he sent them a truce with a white flag, they politely listened to the story of the contents of the wagons and made it clear that if it proved to be true, they would have no reason to be hostile. In addition, he warned the Texark commander that he was going to steal horses from the townspeople. Regarding the wagons, he gave a polite but evasive answer, and when he heard about the impending theft of horses, he only grinned. In such a situation, the Devil Light refrained from attacking its ancient enemies. The main thing is that they do not seize weapons.

But nothing prevented him from enjoying the spectacle of the conflict unfolding before him, until a message came from scouts from the southwestern flank, to which a gang of rootless was approaching. But they stopped a few minutes away, occupying the top of the hill. Brahm needed them least of all, for the robbers also set out to seize weapons. He knew that many of them, hanging out in the southern part of the Wild Dog lands, received weapons from Dion and were thrown against his enemies in the provinces, but these renegades did not participate in those battles, and if they could get their hands on new weapons, they his men and the Texarks will be fired upon equally, but most likely they will sell this amazing weapon to the Hannegan, who is in no hurry to get it.

Although this may have blurred his idea of ​​battle for a while, he decided to pull his detachment from the north, to which fire had already begun to creep up from the rear, then bypass the position of the townspeople, after which again combine all his forces and place them between the militia and robbers. The commanders will also have to think about something, and the fire will become an ally of the Grasshoppers, as his family motto, which Brahm remembered while starting the fire, says. As he rode west between the Valans and his men, he noticed with approval that the stolen horses that pulled the wagons were hidden behind the opposite slope of the ridge. The horses of his fighters were pretty exhausted, so the horses of these herbivores significantly influenced his plans. He sent a courier to his brother, who was stationed to the west of him, with orders to vigilantly guard the horses and send the rest of the fighters to join Eltur's main forces.

The sun was already setting when the enemy resumed their fire, and the first to fall was Cardinal Hadala. Elswich Gliver rushed to him, examined the wound, which appeared to be in the back, and turned towards his men. This time, Blacktooth saw Gai-See raise his revolver and slam a bullet into Major Gleaver's forehead. A piercing scream came from behind. It was Ulad's voice. The bloodied blade of Wuso-Lo's sword shot up into the air and fell again. The junior officers yelled angrily.

Blacktooth St. George threw away the gun, ripped off the revolver from the corpse and, saving his life, rushed to the south side. A bullet hit the ground at his feet, but he did not understand from which of the three sides he was fired at.

Having rounded the slope of the hill, he saw a wide passage under the rock, in which, most likely, someone lived. It was large enough that Blacktooth slid feet first into it, praying earnestly to God that his master would not be there. The tunnel sloped downwards and was deeper than he had imagined. Slowing down his slide, he came within two feet of the entrance into which the sunlight fell. With a foot laced with sandal straps, he felt himself resting against something covered with fur; small sharp teeth bit into his thumb. He kicked his foot. Someone else's mouth began to chew on the straps of sandals. “Lord, I ended up in a cougar’s lair, and inevitable death awaits me!”

The day of his death was no different from any other day. “There is a war going on, and (Oh Saint Leibovitz!) in this cave I do not at all feel like the prophet Daniel in a cage with lions. This is my last day, and what will I take away in memory! A thunderstorm broke that week, and I saw the wet body of a soldier struck by lightning. Last year, a cyclone claimed the lives of seventeen peaceful Grasshopper peasants. Then came the locust, locust, locust-cha, and the winter left behind frozen, emaciated corpses. A day like any other,” he remarked as a bullet ricocheted off a rock overhead. A crumpled piece of lead fell to Blacktooth's waist, and he held it up to the dim light to get a better look. The bullet was not fired from the weapons of the Valans or Grasshoppers; it was a musket spool used by Texark's forces or brigands. Now he fully realized where the enemies were. He looked at what was happening under his feet, and pushed the cubs away. Their teeth were mere needles. Where did their mother go? The fire must have frightened her away. He was also afraid of fire.

"If we sit here, we'll suffocate to death," he told the cougar cubs.

While Nimmy, seized with fear, felt sorry for himself, forgetting how he felt just recently, killing a man, a silhouette blocked the light falling from the passage. He prepared for death. "Theotokos, Mother of God, have mercy on me..."

- Hey! Who's down there? The words were spoken in the language of the Rocky Mountains, but there was an Asian accent in them. Looking up, Nimmy saw the barrel of a gun staring into his face.

- Don't shoot! Here I am, Blacktooth. Is it safe to get out of here?

"There is still danger everywhere," Gai-See said, "and the fire is coming. Give me a hand.

Nimmy pulled a kitten out of his pant leg and crawled upstairs into the light of the late day, covered with a veil of smoke. The roar of the battle had subsided, except on the eastern flank, where Texark's forces continued to fight off the freaks who were eager to get their weapons. The warrior and the monk crawled out onto the crest of the hill and, lying on the ground, began to look around. They saw the bodies of Chuntar Hadala and Major Gleaver; both were killed by Gai-See, who, like Wooshin, was prepared to destroy anyone who would betray his sovereign.

- Where is Wuso-Lo?

- Ulad shot him when he saw me executing our master's enemies.

- But I noticed...

My brother lived long enough to kill his killer.

Nimmy noticed that the Grasshopper warriors were hurriedly hitching three wagons of stolen horses, trying to haul the load away as the streak of fire was threateningly approaching. The defenders of the wagons, dispersed, fired scattered fire at the infantry. The Valanian militia was crushed by the abundance of dead, deserters and lack of commanders. From the east, the Texark cavalry was heading towards the battlefield, but they moved with caution, for the main forces of the Devil Light stood behind the crest of the hill to the south, and from the north came the fire. Half a mile from where they lay, a Texark infantryman climbed to the top of the ridge to watch the order of the Grasshoppers. Gai-See rolled to the side, raised his gun, took a high aim and fired. It was impossible to hit the target, but the bullet landed so close that it frightened the observer's horse and alarmed Grasshopper, who also opened fire on the scout. He retreated. Gai-See stood up and looked south. Eltur's warriors were in sight. Seeing a man in a militia uniform, they did not shoot.

- Look! Guy-Ci pointed with his finger. Someone killed a big cat.

Blacktooth, who was standing next to him, went to look. The animal lay on the rocks twenty yards away. It was a female cougar.

"Let's go," he said to Gai-Chi and returned to the cougar's cave. Soon they pulled the kittens out of her, but three Nomads rode up to them on horseback with guns at the ready.

- Drop your weapons, townspeople! they demanded in Grasshopper language. - Give up!

They complied, but Nimmi smiled at the polite call "citizens" and replied in the same language:

- You should be aware that the wagons are surrounded by infantry. We will surrender willingly, but in order to return home, we will need weapons.

One of the riders climbed to the top. The other dismounted and picked up a weapon. After unloading it, he spoke to Blacktooth:

You are the person who went out to talk to the chief. He said that you are the servant of the biggest Christian shaman. This is true?

- It turns out that it is.

The Warrior returned the unloaded revolver to him and handed Guy Cee a gun with an empty clip.

- And you are the one who killed the cardinal and the major. Yes?

Gai-Chi nodded. The second warrior descended from the top.

- It's time to tell Chief Eltur, he said, that it's time to attack. Let's move!

The warriors rode away, leaving them to descend on foot with unloaded weapons. As soon as the riders returned to their own, the bulk of the Nomads divided into two groups; one, riding up to the foot of the hill, dismounted and walked upstairs, where the best shooters, pressed to the ground, took up firing positions. As thick smoke billowed from the south and the snipers were slow to open fire, Nimmy concluded that it would only come when the cavalry charged towards the wagons. Every time an infantryman climbed the ridge to the east of the scouts, he opened fire in the direction of the main body of the Nomads. Most likely, the command of the Texark forces would like to cross the ridge before moving west, but the presence of Grasshoppers made this impossible. Finally, part of the wagons, led by the Nomads, were dragged by the horses of the Valans to the west. The rest were to fall victim to the fire in the near future, if the Texarks did not have time to capture them.

At sunset the fire came close to the remaining wagons; they caught fire, and some of the ammunition began to explode. The bodies of the dead were also burning, but at dusk the wind died down, and the conflagration did not spread to the other side of the ridge. Chief Brahm rounded up all the surviving militia and ordered to feed those who laid down their arms. Those who refused to surrender - most of them were officers from the "ghosts" who were afraid of revenge from the Valan conscripts - he ordered to be killed. He ordered his soldiers to treat prisoners of war politely, but the Grasshoppers who left the battle were so full of mocking anger towards the farmers that the comforts of the latter did not bother them at all. There was little food, and even that was thrown right on the ground. One of the soldiers lent Nimmi a leather bag large enough to fit three small cougars in, but then claimed that the monk had stolen it. There were no more than forty exhausted prisoners available, but some of the deserters probably managed to escape capture by both the Texarkans and the Nomads.

Upon seeing Nimmy, the Devil Light called him over and appointed him as an interpreter. Then he looked at the playing kittens, smiled and returned the revolver and ammunition to the monk. Nimmi immediately requested permission to return the weapons and Gai-Cee.

I can't see too well to hit someone. I killed a man by mistake, because I shot past.

After a brief conversation with Blacktooth regarding his continued loyalty to the Brownpony, Eltur sent for Gai-Chi and personally returned the weapons to him. Then, raising his head, he peered up at the smoky sky.

- Your father's wife appeared. Look. Sister of the Day Maiden.

High in the sky, a huge bird was circling over the battlefield. In the rays of the setting sun, breaking through the smoke screen, the vulture appeared blood red. Other birds joined in. In contrast, they looked small and dark, but perhaps they were much taller.

- This means that the battle is over.

Nimmy and Gai-See kept a grim silence.

"Tomorrow we go to my tribe's wigwams," said Brahm. “The wounded can stay here until they recover. The rest will be taken to the west, where Xesach dri Vordar Khongan Osle Chiir will decide your fate. Then, I imagine, you will be escorted back to Valana or, in your case, Nuyinden, to your Brownpony. Pass it on to the others. Tell them they can travel with us or fall into the hands of the homeless. We have brought enough Hadala horses for you to ride.

The Devil Light was quite friendly, and Nimmy dared to ask:

- Are you satisfied with today's results, Chief Bram?

- Barregan will not get the bodies of the fallen Grasshoppers to eat; I haven't lost a single man,” said the leader of the Nomads. “We captured five wagons loaded with guns and revolvers before they burned down or got to the homeless. Ammunition vans exploded. Texark must have intercepted the five wagons loaded with weapons that had darted out of the fire. But these guns are good for nothing.

"They might not be good as guns, but Texark could use them as copycats," Nimmy suggested.

- Do you think so? And how long do you think it will take?

- I don't know. Maybe a few months.

"Something else is bothering me, Nuyinden," Eltur said. “You know there were a lot of freaks among the Texarkans?”

Nimmi frowned.

- The person I killed was one of them! This surprised me. It seems that the emperor either won over the healthy freaks from the valley to his side, or attracted them as mercenaries. From which we can conclude that he lacks human strength.

- Or that he, we hope, sent part of his main force east of the Great River. Which led to a split among the Texarkans. My couriers told me about it. Do you understand why?

- I think so. Cardinal Hadala was waiting for the forces from the valley to hit the infantry from behind. When they did so, the freak troops apparently refused to fight. Maybe that's why they retreated before us.

Eltur snorted.

- You townspeople make good corpses, but bad killers. There must be some reason. Tomorrow we must get to the messenger families and send them with news of today's events to the lord of the hordes and to your dad. You can write to Brownpony yourself, if you like, whatever you want to say to him.

- Of course! You can read everything yourself.

Devil Light let out a contemptuous chuckle and drove off. Blacktooth's face flushed. He completely forgot that the leader was illiterate.

Blacktooth prepared to write on dressed cowhide, using a mixture of blood and soot as ink, but the family of messengers to whom Bram sent him the next morning had both paper and writing implements for such occasions, although they themselves were practically illiterate. Blacktooth wrote hastily, for the leader was in a hurry to be with his tribe and his family as soon as possible.

“I understand that Chief Eltur Bram has already sent you an oral report of the battle, and I have nothing to add to his words. Although most of the weapons went to the Grasshopper forces, the Texark troops captured some of them that were preserved in the fire, and even if they fell into disrepair, the gunsmiths of the Hannegan could learn a lot after studying the design.

I am ashamed, Holy Father, that I was not near you at the time when you were in danger. When you left Valana, I was in the company of the late Pope, and then fell into the hands of those who betrayed you. Cardinal Soreli Naujotte took refuge in Texark. Cardinal Chuntar Hadala was executed by Brother Gai-See when he learned that he had committed treason against Your Holiness. Many townspeople laid down their lives in vain in this battle. My body was not hurt, but my soul was seriously wounded, for I killed a man.

I have received an invitation to stay with my distant cousins ​​among the Grasshoppers (yes, the chief knows who they are) in his tribe and to remain there awaiting instructions from Your Holiness, Abbot Olshuen and the Secretariat, about my future duties and goals. Chief Brahm wants me to take over teaching duties to his nephews in the meantime. I would be quite satisfied with this work, but without books, without appropriate writing materials, it will be difficult to cope with it.

Once again, I ask your forgiveness for my unauthorized absence when you needed me so much. I will gratefully accept and execute any punishment that Your Holiness deems fit to inflict on me.

Your unworthy servant Nuyinden (Blacktooth), late from dismissal.

The messenger horses were fast and changed frequently. At the end of August, the full moon was approaching, and couriers were galloping even at night. However, Nimmi was surprised at the speed with which Brownpony responded. He was very simple. “Almost with your presence, the feast of the slaughter of livestock and come immediately,” Pope Amen II said just three weeks ago.

He was mercilessly mocked by his relatives for joining the fourteen-year-olds who were about to undergo the rite of passage into manhood at a festival that usually occupies several days of the last summer full moon.

"If you pass the rite, you will no longer be called Nimmi," his own great-great-great-grandmother's great-great-granddaughter told him.

— Thank you, but the first person who called me that was the Saint Madman, the lord of the hordes, and he did not mean to offend me at all. I'm not a warrior and I'm not a Nomad.

This was the same holiday whose regular time had been moved the previous year to coincide with Broken Leg's funeral. Around the same time, farmers celebrated the harvest festival, and for the Nomads, it meant the arrival of the time to slaughter old and weak cows that would not survive the winter. The women selected horses unfit for war or breeding and sold them to farmers north of the River of Suffering, or slaughtered them and roasted the meat over coals. Many of the slaughtered animals turned into jerky, much needed in times of deep snow, when it is difficult to get to wild flocks.

It was a time for dancing, a time for drumming, a time for smoking kenab, gorging ourselves, drinking farm wine, fighting by firelight, and celebrating that the Wild Horse Woman had been raped by the Empty Sky. The young men crawled into the wigwams of their lovers, and Blacktooth was visited by some woman indistinguishable in the dark, who, without even naming herself, immediately began to take off her clothes. He tried not to do anything that might offend her, and the night turned out to be hot and sweaty.

The next morning one of his relatives smiled every time she met his eyes. Her name was Beautiful Dance, she was plump, like a pig, but pretty and affectionate. He thought of Ædrea and tried hard to avoid her gaze.

He regained his honor by defeating several young men of his height and weight in fights, which helped him avoid further teasing, but nevertheless he was called Nimmy much more often than Nuyinden.

The day before he left the ancestral land, Black Eye, the Grasshoppers' double agent, brought him a book that he traded with the Texark soldiers. When Blacktooth and Brownpony were imprisoned at the Imperial Zoo, Blackeye occupied a cage on the other side of the aisle and still continued to admire the monk, believing that he was trying to kill Filpeo.

"This book cost me seven steers," he told Blacktooth. “The chief thinks it can help you teach his nephews, because the soldiers said it was written in his native tongue. I don't understand how a book can have a language.

Glancing at the title in the Nomad language, Nimmy felt a surge of sadness and shame. The Book of Beginnings, Volume One, set forth by the keeper of the faith, Boedullus. The Texark publisher did a good job of adding new vowels to Blacktooth's spelling, common to all Nomads, allowing any Nomad of any horde to hear the words as they were pronounced in their native dialect. The flyleaf announced that the book had been translated at Leibovitz Abbey, but, of course, the name of the translator was not mentioned. Chernozub did not cite it in the original either.

The face of Abbe Jarad came back to memory, and he heard his voice, as before: “Well, brother St. George, now think—think of those thousands of young wild Nomads or former Nomads that you were in your time. About your relatives, about your friends. And now I want to know: what could be a more worthy deed for you than to bring to your people the beginnings of religion, civilization, culture, which you yourself found here in the abbey of St. Leibowitz?

Why are you crying, Nuyinden? asked Black Eye. “Is this book not good for Nomads?”

đọc ~ • Shacho exactly that • ~ - truyện ♥ jungkoook i'love you ♥

2 hour

Bi Stanitsa and the See Cherma is not there. D•
Let's send Mr. Iskache to the dance for some training from about a month and look and see until where the mixture was done.
Pobutnakh Hi and Kazakh:

- Ol horror az sm tromava and lawsuit and dancing before momcheta - Kazakh az and shchiyah yes se stropolya to the zemyata ako She was not less than hvanala ...

Mr. me, I’m sorry, I’m stressed, I know someone better for the assessment ... E yes, I chose Hi, I didn’t choose and San and Siny.

Scum si belly protect with dvete kifli bxxx . Momchetata izleznaha otvn and momichetata ostanaha da gi ispitat. Jungkook , Jimin , V , J-Hope , Jin ,
Suga and Rap Monster are sitting in front of the gates and not looking, well, you shake your face for almost a long time, but you don’t see it.

Svarshihme from the dance and stop gi ispitah, for the sake of Mr. Kaz che nyama, let them stop playing momchetata, and gi add ta for tova with us ... Imah 6 as ta az afterward vleznaha. E da imashe one idiot from the class koito me kharesvashe otidoh to paykat yes si vzema shisheto yes drinking water piynah little and leaving shisheto0005

- Kakvo seek from me. - Kazakh Yadosano.

- You know a lot of good things.

Toy zapochna and lo and behold approaching the stone, and yes, si vdiga rise up on the mountain.

- Heide de from what fear is sensible is much more amusing - caza of that sub-hilkway.
The experience of this otblisna from me ama beshe is strong from me and can’t dori da go pomrdna ...

-Stiga se durpa .-Kaza toy mazno.

Togava az reshih yes go zashlev, toy se yadosa. 9.
Seeing all this drink and all this, I’ve changed it from some kind of idiot, vednaga the truth in her presence and gobutny, I’ve been afraid of it, and I’m blind.

- She hides entertainment to mi.

- And it's fun!!! You don’t have a doll for yes, right with her, somehow, look for it.
That me gledashe is strangely looking for and here we will bring down.
- Don't go right on an idiot, but now, punish from Momicheto Vednaga, it didn’t become something for some reason after that.

- Thanks to ti no az se rims and sama - kaza cha and little worms.

- I saw it sharply right now ... - Smack around.

- Yes, now, truly thanks to you.

~•A gleaming dot on Soo•~
Az byah red kato domat zada not a megleda taka, decided da goshna ear what saved me...

Hi no seeing and waving with sister si * Bitterly * az ce from the hearts more often imah feel like a flame ... Glittered cookies and huts in a woman's sablekalnya ... Otidoh yes si izmiya lyceto with ice water .....
Hi and sister ѝ doydokha yes see zascho izbyagah:

- VIE NORMAL IS THE STE YES VIKATE BITTERLY !!!!!!!!!!!- Izvikakh az yadosano.

- Sorry, ama ste, sweet deuce and reshihme, yes, let's blame it for something else, she dreamed in a nyakde ... - kaza Hi.

- E yes right si bah se ma dreamed ...-Kazakh az

- Hayde yes izlizame che next 18 minutes chirp beep - Kazakh az quiet ..

• A glaring dot on Kuki •

Choo some yes baptisms and decide yes otida yes seeing how the stava in women's skat and choo like momicheto se carash s two momichets . ... Obviously, cha si pada for me kato chuh last thought izbyagah in the salon for yes, don’t see che sm gi dried up.
Togawa Jimin me izvika za da mi kazhe something :

- Understanding how this kazwa momicheto ...-Kaza toi

- How ??!! - Kazakh az kato malko dete

- Tya kazva ...-Tovava Hi Preksna Jimin ..

- Hello Momcheta - kaza tya.

-Hello Hi-Kazakhme is with Jimin.

- Some kind of visibly, soo Soo you can’t know you.

-maz sm Jungkook a tova e Jimin onesi tam sa Suga , V ,Rap Monster , J-HOPE a tova is there when kosha e Jin.

Bi ringing:
Momchetat hide and play, Mr. Izvik Momichetat yes, they will fix it and kaza on momchetat che otiva and turn off the man.
I didn’t hit a lot of cigorens for the last two, I got into the women’s skate, but I had a lot of fun, looking and seeing how right I saw what you were watching Jimin come and seeing how I was talking and looking at the gentleman and se provikna:
- Not much is appropriate but look momichetata like this they will denounce, mzhzh on your year is not a little, such and such a thing, mind tryabva and ima !!! - kaza toy yadosano.

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