How much do pole dancers make a night

Here's How Much Strippers Actually Make

  • The amount of money a stripper makes on any given night is unpredictable and influenced by factors ranging from the weather and the economy to a dancer's mood and costume.
  • One dancer who was working on New Year's Eve received $500 for talking to a man about neuroscience for 20 minutes.
  • Another dancer said it's possible for strippers to lose money in a night if they can't cover their tip out and house fee.

The number one thing that dancers like about stripping is the money. Most women expressed that, at least in the beginning, to be given rolls of cash for making conversation, drinking freely, and giving the occasional private dance was very exciting.

For many dancers, like Laura, who is 19 years old, money made from stripping also allowed them much needed financial security, and the means to provide some luxuries for their children. Laura said:

I have a little boy and I’m married. It's helped our life a lot because financially speaking — I moved out when I was 16, had my little boy at 15. Financially, I was making $7.25-an-hour and things were hard. Whereas now, in two weeks I'm doing a big haunted house for all the kids in the neighborhood. I've put thousands of dollars into it just for the kids, and we're still okay. So we’re able to relax a little more. Things aren’t as stressful outside of here. Birthday parties, Christmas, wanting to just go to the zoo, or do something — that's a possibility now, and it's really not that hard for me to achieve because our work is so flexible and we can work as much as we want. So I can just work an extra night and these things are possible.

Some of the women I interviewed also shared stories of men who gave them a large sum of money without expecting any sexual favors in exchange.

These experiences are important to dancers not only because it is gratifying to receive a gift of money but also because they reaffirm the woman's belief in the generosity of some clients. Dana's story is typical of these lucrative encounters with clients:


I had a really good customer come in, a younger guy, and I totally didn't trust him either. He always wanted to go out, and I thought he was married. I still wonder to this day if he was married. But he came in, and on my birthday last year he brought in seven or eight hundred dollars: here you go, no strings attached, no anything. I thought that was really neat. Most of them are just like that, people just being nice. An older guy — he was a car dealer — he came in around Christmas time, and I sat with him for a little bit, and he asked me what I bought for my daughter. And I said I hadn’t bought her anything yet. I wasn't able to. And he said, "You need to get that baby something, here," and he slaps two hundred dollars on the table. "Tell her this is from me." And I had just met the guy. So it’s just people who do nice things out of the blue, out the ordinary. I know it’s money things, but it's just the thought that went behind it giving you the money.

Some dancers have encountered customers who come to strip clubs not expecting dances in return for their money. via Before The Door Pictures

Recently single, and working on New Year's Eve, April was feeling a little blue until she danced for a generous customer:

I was single and I was kind of depressed. He comes in and we go up to the VIP room. We’re up there twenty minutes, and he has to leave because he’s having a New Year’s Eve party, and he gives me $500. So that was pretty cool. That doesn’t happen as much as people think—20 minutes of work—$500. And I didn’t do anything. I was a neurology major at the time, and we were talking about the structure of the brain while I was dancing for him, and it was really weird. It was actually the least sexual dance I’d ever done. We were sitting there talking about serotonin levels and dopamine levels and neurons and the limbic system, the temporal lobe, the parietal lobe, all this stuff. I’m sitting here dancing for him, and he just gives me $500 and leaves.

Like Dana, April appreciated that this customer recognized her as a person and, in her case, as an intelligent woman, in addition to giving her a large gift of cash.

The desire for money, the need for money, and the impact of money on dancers' lives cannot be overestimated. But, as April’s reflections indicate, the meaning of money for dancers goes beyond its purchasing power. It may signify, as it did for Dana, that a customer appreciates and can empathize with her struggles.

At the same time, the amount of money a woman makes on any given night is unpredictable, and influenced by uncontrollable factors like the weather, the economy, the time of the month, and the number of other performers working, as well as elements under a dancer’s control, like her mood and costume.

Beverly, who is 24 years old, has made as much as $500 and as little as $3 in a shift. Beverly also described nail-bitingly stressful days when she made no money at all for four hours and then, at the very end of the night (1:30 a.m.) collected $250 from last-minute table dances.

Stacy, who is 32 years old, wonders how girls working day shifts even survive. She said, "I’ve seen day shifts where we've had one guy come in here and buy one dance." It’s particularly distressing for a dancer to leave work owing money if she does not earn enough to cover tip-out and her house fee.

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STRIPPED is an INSIDER series featuring adapted excerpts from the book "Stripped: More Stories from Exotic Dancers" by Bernadette Barton. Bernadette Barton is an author and Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies at Morehead State University. To read more from "Stripped: More Stories from Exotic Dancers" you can purchase the book here.

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How Much Do Pole Dancers Make in 2022

There are multiple factors that determine how much money a pole dancer makes, we will be answering all your questions and more in this very popular question.

Anyone who is in the business of selling their time will be compensated based on market forces — demand, cost, skills and competition for jobs all come into play to determine what you make.

But before we delve any deeper on the topic of how much a pole dancer is paid, we have to make you understand Pole dancing as a Profession.

What is Pole dancing?

When people think about pole dancing, the first thing that comes to their mind is a women wearing revealing clothing dancing on a stripper pole.

In reality, pole dancing is an athletic dance form that combines spinning and tricks on a vertical pole.

It has been around for centuries in different forms throughout Asia, Africa and Europe.

Pole dancing is considered to be the only kind of dance that requires an individual to compete against themselves.

It is not about how you look but about pushing yourself beyond your limits…

The International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA) has strict rules when it comes to competitions.

The dancers must wear appropriate attire (tops covering the breast and bottoms covering the genitalia), no shoes, and must perform the routines to music with a beat of between 70 – 140 bpm.

There are different levels of pole dance fitness ranging from beginner to advance.

The dancer’s physique is not important but rather their control of their body while they execute complex moves.

If dancing on the pole seems too intimidating there are other forms of pole dancing.

Pole fitness is also popular at exercise classes for women who do not want to dance on the pole, rather they just want to get fit through training with it.

A lot of gyms now have poles installed so that the participants can build up their strength and endurance without having to leave the comfort of their gym.

How much do Pole dancers make?

Back to our main question now, how much do you think pole dancers makes on average per annum?

Based on the information available on, some exotic pole dancers can make as high as $53,590 but the range can fall anywhere between $44,161 to $65,431.

Again, there are multiple determinants for this.

From personal accounts from youtube, twitter and social media, exotic pole dancers have been said to have made $200-$500 per hour depending on many factors.

If you get a contract to dance at a club or other establishment for a set number of hours each week (instead of per performance), the pay can be as high as $75-$100/hour.

Now with Onlyfans, many exotic dancers can make a hefty side income whilst using the club as a way of prospecting new client subscriptions.

For the low end

For an average Average Pole dancer gig in the U.S., you can expect to make anywhere from $20-$35 an hour for a performance, or possibly a bit more depending on the club and if you have any special skills, and the factor without clothes.

Some top-end professional Pole dancers can make thousands of dollars per month by teaching pole dancing — but again, this is due to their prodigious skills and acute business sense in working with studios and product sponsors to market

Some of the factors that can affect the salaries of a pole dancer is additional skills, having regular customers and knowing the business by spending a number of years on the scene.

All these factors plays a significant role on determining the amount of money that a pole dancer will be paid.

Factors determining the average salary of a pole dancer

What is the salary of a pole dancer?

It depends on where you are working, your level of attractiveness and dance skills to be able to determine the average salary.

The following are some major factors that affect salary:

Type of club or bar

Generally speaking, clubs with more customers will pay higher salaries than those that have less customers.

Working Experience

Although dancers with no experience can earn approximately $50 an hour, experienced dancers are able to earn up to $1500 per night.

Dancers’ attitude and work ethic

Workers who are not reliable will receive lower pay than those who are responsible for their jobs.

Dance Skills

Your dance skills determine how much you can earn as a dancer.

Practice, practice and more practice will help dancers become good at pole dancing and increase their chance of getting high-paying customers.

The size of your local club

Finding out how many clubs there are in your area is the first step to finding out what dancers make on average.

Dancers working for large clubs will make more money than those who work in small clubs.

Do you own a club?

If you own your club, then you can keep all of the money that you bring in while working.

Dancers at private clubs are paid more than dancers at public or franchised clubs.

Promotional events

Promotional events also increase dancers’ earnings.

Participating in competitions and guest appearances can greatly enhance your earning potential.

Pole Dancing skills

Pole dancing skills are also important when trying to determine what a dancer makes per night.

Dancers who can perform more advanced tricks and spins earn more than those who cannot.

Number of hours

Finally, the number of hours a dancer works in a shift affects her earnings.

Dancers will naturally make less when working less, so it is up to them to decide if they want to work longer hours in order to increase their earnings or not.


How much does the average pole dancer make?

This will greatly depend on a number of factors among them the skills, location, the club, promotional events and few others.

How much should a dancer get paid?

It can vary but on average, a beginner dancer that has marketed her career right can make up to $100 per hour.

How much does a pro dancer make per year?

The average annual salary for a pole dancer can vary.

Top earners make up to $168,500 while the average earners make $67,839 per year.


A survey by Men’s Health magazine in 2014 showed that 51 percent of men believed that dancers with an average level of attractiveness, dance skills and work attitude could make up to $2000 for one night on the stage.

However, only 10 percent expected performers would receive compensation more than $1000 per night on average.

We hope that this post has helped you greatly in answering this question.

Striptease - work or lifestyle? |

Striptease in Chita is not much different from striptease anywhere else in the world. Change cities, get enough sleep during daylight hours to dance at night, make solariums and beauty salons a part of professional life. What else do girls from strip clubs live? Says the dancer of the Chita private club Violet.

My name is Kira. I was born and raised in Khabarovsk, but I regularly visit your wonderful city and I really like it here.

I got into the strip industry thanks to my friend who first brought me to the club. Seeing the life of the night city, I wanted to try my hand at this direction of dance. Most of all, with its beauty, I was attracted by pole dancing. I have been dancing for 4 years now.

For 4 years I performed in Khabarovsk, Chita, Tver, St. Petersburg. I'm coming to Chita for the third time - I like everything here. I come here to work at the Violet club. If it was bad, I wouldn't come back.

Although there are pitfalls in any job, with experience you learn to avoid and correct them. A club dancer can easily be fired for a lot of reasons: conflicts within the women's team, sometimes squabbles. Dance girls are often not well-behaved, but I have never encountered this at the Violet club. The team is always friendly, and most importantly, there is a work ethic among the dancers.

There is no specific amount in our earnings , it all depends on the guests of the club. You can earn both 5 and 50 thousand per night.

One of the main factors in our work is the attitude towards alcohol. It is different for all girls. You can often afford free drinks at a bar, especially if you've got "difficult" customers. But it is better to avoid such things so as not to cause unnecessary conflicts.

The most important thing in the work of a striptease dancer is her appearance. If you want to earn more, take care of yourself. If you want to look good, invest in yourself. And this is not only makeup and clothes, but also a figure and a healthy diet. My main passion is sport. A few days ago in Chita, I participated in a fitness bikini contest and took second place. Now I will strive for new victories.

The high-quality striptease danced by the girls of the Violet club is a sport and an art. A good dance requires knowledge, training, and you can learn this endlessly. Take television dance shows for example - many participants come there with pole dancing. It is beautiful, very difficult and, of course, it is an independent dance style, which is even planned to be included in the Olympic program.

Music is of great importance. If you are a professional, you will dance to any music and do it beautifully, the main thing is to hear. But in order to dance from the heart, the girls select songs to which they can open up and get high on stage.


There are many stereotypes about our work, and it is useless to prove to everyone that this is not debauchery or something terrible. I do not see anything wrong with my work, people come to us to rest, and we give people rest and communication, nothing more.

I myself used to perceive strip clubs as a depraved world where everything went and was too open. But when I plunged into this atmosphere, I saw that it was absolutely not so. Stories about prostitution in clubs are nonsense. I worked in different cities and have never seen anything like this in 4 years of work. In general, clubs are different, often real debauchery is going on in ordinary nightclubs, and not here.

Private rooms in a strip club are also just dancing. The only difference is that the girl does not dance for the whole club, but for one guest. In addition to beautiful dances in beautiful underwear, there is nothing there.

The girls in the private club do not dance all night. Most of the time is spent communicating with guests on any topic. If you are a brilliant dancer, but in a conversation you are silent, like a doll, it is not interesting with you. You can get acquainted with a look, dance - we most often initiate the conversation ourselves. You don't need to be a great psychologist, the main thing is to be a person, not to put on endless masks and not be shy. The better and more you communicate, the more you earn.

Novice dancers do not always understand the essence of this work, they come "for a holiday". With such an attitude, the main thing is to stop in time.

Very rarely there are cases when guests forget where they are and think that a wife is sitting next to them, with whom everything is possible. Such people are offered tea and coffee and a taxi home. For more severe cases, there is security, but this is even more rare.

We don't have any raids and checks in clubs - they happen abroad, where they are looking for dancers without visas. If the club works according to the law, no one disturbs it. At least in Russia, I have not seen this.

I don't know how much longer I will be doing striptease. Everything depends on personal life. I have an economic education, but I don’t want to get up at 8 in the morning. Perhaps I will try my hand at coaching or teaching pole dancing.

I have never regretted that I work in Chita at Private club Violet. The club has been operating for 7 years and has a good reputation. Now the club is in full swing preparing for the New Year and a cool New Year's program begins on December 20th.

Violet-Instagram (an extremist organization banned in Russia): club_violet; Website:

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    Новости РЎРњР?2

    Новости РЎРњР?2

    How pole dancing differs from striptease, Voronezh trainer told and showed


    There is an opinion in society that pole dancing is vulgar and more suitable for strip clubs. In fact, this is a very difficult sport that requires careful preparation. To prove this, and also to debunk the myth about the vulgarity of Pole Dance, the host of Notebook Voronezh, Victoria Vorotnikova, spoke with coach Yulia Danilova.

    What is the difference between a pole and a pylon?

    – The most important difference is that the pylon has two modes, it can be static and dynamic. A pole is just a stick screwed in on both sides. The pylon is made of a special material, it has a standard thickness, a special polishing for better grip. That is, it is a full-fledged projectile.

    - What styles of pole dancing are there?

    – I would single out two main directions. The first is more sporty - Pole Fit, the second is more danceable - Pole Exotic. Each of them also has varieties, but the main difference is that Pole Fit is acrobatics on a pylon, strength and stunt part. Pole Exotic is aimed at the development of femininity, elegance, musicality, it is a full-fledged dance.

    - Such an analogy arises because both there and there are a beautiful girl, heels, a pole / pylon. But they have a different function. Striptease is seduction, while Pole Exotic is aimed at musicality, showing emotions, expressing history. Now there is even an Exotic Art direction, where people put on numbers, telling a story, this is a mini-performance. There is nothing to do with striptease, it is a sport, dance, art.

    - If it's a sport, do you need any preparation or can you start dancing from scratch?

    - You can learn from scratch. The whole body is pumped, the development goes completely from head to toe, plus self-confidence and self-love develops, because we become stronger and begin to love ourselves more. We pump both externally and internally.

    - At what age can you start pole dancing?

    - If we take Pole Exotic, aimed more at the development of femininity, then usually the studios put 16+ or 18+.

    Learn more