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ESSENCE OF BELLYDANCE™ - Free Online Belly Daning Classes

ESSENCE OF BELLYDANCE™ - Free Online Belly Daning Classes

Join over 28.000 women in our Online Bellydance Classes

Do you ever wonder how some women seem to move so effortless and
confident? Learn to move like a pro.

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You can dance with us for free! We have published the basic belly dance moves and regularly upload new videos for you. All workouts are playlists of several videos and contain a complete body warm up and a relaxing cool down Tell me more

Bellydance Class #1
entry level

Start your training with this entry level class. You learn the fundamentals of belly dance: posture, seesaws, side sliding and mayas with your hips and chest.

Bellydance Class #2

Do the moves fromclass #1 already feel smooth & juicy? In class #2 you'll learn more belly dance basics: tilting internal circles and vertical circles with your hips and chest. The afro with pelvic floor integration is our specialty.

Bellydance Class #3

In class #3 you'll learn more of the essential belly dance basics: sliding forward and classical Egyptian horizontal circles with the hips and chest.

Bellydance Class #4

In class #4 you'll learn more belly dance basics: camels with the hips and chest and your first sharp hips accents initiated by your gluteus muscles.

Bellydance Class #5

In class #5 you'll learn more belly dance basics: twists and horizontal eights with pelvic floor integration as well as some basic arm movements like the snake arms.

Bellydance Class #6

In class #6 you'll learn some advanced belly dance moves: hagala schimmy and variations as well as arm movements that lead up to the snake arms.

Bellydance Class #7

In class #7 you'll learn some advanced belly dance moves: hip drops, accents, elegant eights with foot lifts, layered with chest camels and hip drops, as well as the secrets of a great hip shimmy.

Bellydance Choreography
Intermediate - Advanced

Learn my beautiful belly dance choreography step by step! It's my interpretation of a classical Egyptian love song "Daret Al Ayam" (Days go by) by Um Kalsoum.

Bellydance all moves
Beginner - Advanced

Here you have an overview of all the belly dance moves you have learned so far. Step by step instructions.

Bellydance all Drills
Beginner - Advanced

Here you have an overview of all the Bellydance drills with music. Dance for as long as you can!

Tips on Dance & Health

An overview of Coco's tips & the home of her new interview series Free Woman. Have fun!

Bellydance Full classes

An overview on full length bellydance classes that we've recorded for you here in Berlin. The German video contains subtitles.

Sensuous Dance Workout

Everything about Coco's Sensuous Dance Workout program - your personal wellness program at home: TV-shows, reviews, interviews.

COCO's Bellydance Shows

Here you can see a collection of Coco's belly dance shows. Enjoy!

Teacher Training

Listen to what our graduates have to say about our teacher training and watch the scholarship entries.

Fun Travel, interviews...

An overview of all interviews, travel vlogs and other videos from and with Coco.

Join over 28.000 women in our Online Bellydance Classes

Do you ever wonder how some women seem to move so effortless and
confident? Learn to move like a pro.

Join our online belly dancing classes - it’s free!

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14 Websites To Learn Belly Dance Lessons Online (Free And Paid)


Learn Belly Dance Lessons Online

DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning when you click the links and make a purchase, we receive a commission.

Dancing is an art that relaxes up the muscles. Dancing has a positive impact on health, but is there is only one stream of dancing? That’s untrue! Ranging from ballet to tap, jazz to contemporary, people are joining the dancing bandwagon. But we are going to talk about belly dances as it’s an interesting dance form which has been underestimated for a long time.

Belly dance demands repetitive hip and legs movements through which ligaments and joints get the much-needed exercise. Also, the muscles tone up, which helps improve posture. It’s pretty evident that belly dance is a woman dance style. So, women bear the weight during dance, which reduces the chances of osteoporosis.

Belly dance has sophisticated rolls and pivots, which enhances movements, leading to exercises (it won’t be boring!). It’s essential to note that ballet dance stimulates weight loss because one hour of belly dance helps lose 300 calories. On top of everything, belly dance reduces the stress levels, and the dancer feels confident in their skin.

Dancers get to enhance their self-esteem, and if you are experiencing cramps, belly dance will soothe them. If you are ready to learn belly dance, you can learn this dance form online. In this article, we have added a wide range of websites to learn belly dance lessons online. So, let’s go through the website options, promising fun belly dance sessions!

14 Websites To Learn Belly Dance Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Online learning can be exciting if you make the right platform choice. is the top platform, offering a range of online courses. There are online courses for multiple subjects.

But if you want to learn belly dance, provides belly dance online courses. If you are a beginner, there are foundation courses to understand the basics. As you move forward, you can access the complete belly dance guides.

These guides teach the basics and help you master the rolls and pivots. Some courses teach the combination of different types of belly dance. Irrespective of the course, you can access video lessons for easy learning. In addition, there are healthy movement breaks in the courses.

The website is designed with salient features such as easy navigation. The courses are easy to access and sign up for. Once you sign up for the course, the website allows lifetime access for the lessons.

The lessons can be played on TV and mobile phones, wherever you like. There is a video library that has student’s practice sessions recorded, and those videos will improve the learning. The students can interact with their instructors to get their concepts straight. Overall, the website has no downsides!

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2) Reed

Belly dance is an interesting dance form, and if you want to harness those moves, is offering belly dance courses online. The website offers instructors for students who want to learn belly dance moves.

Students can interact with instructors to ensure they are getting their doubts cleared. The website offers completion certificates for the belly dancers. There are paid courses available on through which students can access lethal techniques.

There are no formal qualification prerequisites to sign up for the course. All the courses are available online for convenient access. All the courses are self-paced, which means students can learn belly dance moves anytime they want.

The website offers 24/7 support to help resolve student’s queries. The website offers online courses to let busy women have fun through fun dance lessons. With belly dance course, the students will master drums, shimmies, and bounce.

There are regular question and answer sessions held on the website, which helps students interact with each other. Also, it helps everyone learn conveniently. The course media of this website is accessible through multiple mediums, be it the TV or mobile phone. So, get yourself an internet connection and learn belly dance with

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3) EssenceBellyDance

A wide range of websites are offering belly dance lessons, but some of them are paid. However, not everyone wants to pay for the courses. So, has free belly dance tutorials to help dancing enthusiasts ace the dumps, rolls, and hip flexes.

The website offers courses for beginners, intermediates, and advanced dancers in one place. The beginner lessons will teach about posture, Maya, and siding techniques.Also, there are courses that teach the basics, and students will learn vertical and internal circles.

Through this website, you will learn how to connect with your body and make correct dance moves. Your dance moves will amaze everyone. There are sharp hip accents that can be learned from this website, promising optimal exercising sessions. Professional dancers design the lessons on this website.

The instructors have shared with practical information and knowledge with these lessons.The website offers workout sessions, in addition to dance lessons. This website will teach you to move gracefully and help instill confidence. The customer support is readily available for the students.

As far as the quality is concerned, all video lessons are shot with perfection. There are looping and slow-motion features available on

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4) SuperProf

Learning belly dance can be an exciting experience, and if you want to make it more interesting, is an amazing website. The students can select their skill level to find suitable belly dance lessons.

This website has more than 90 tutors available with practical experience in the field. The website has verified reviews that speak volumes about high-quality video lessons. The students can choose the lessons based on tutors.

The website offers private belly dance lessons to everyone who needs fun practicing. The lessons are designed to instill energy in your body. Some instructors are offering group sessions as well to offer top-notch dancing lessons.

The website teaches the art of belly dancing to everyone who likes performing arts. The students can access the wings and veils of belly dancing with this website. The website offers complete tutor information, so students can choose the most suitable instructors.

There are paid and free lessons available on, catering to diverse student’s needs. The students have the liberty to schedule their lessons. The students can readily interact with the instructor through the inbox. The website offers in-house video lessons, but if you want, webcam lessons are available as well.

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5) SahiraBellyDances

For everyone who wants to learn belly dance, this platform is an amazing choice. The website is mainly focused on belly dance. The students can drill deep with this website and learn the basic belly dance moves. This website has a huge variety of belly dances for students with different needs.

The students can access muscle-building belly dance sessions to gain weight. Also, these sessions will help in toning up the muscles.There are belly dances through which students can improvise on their skills. Be it the classical belly dance or combinations; this website has everything for the belly dance lovers.

All the courses on are balanced, creating an optimal learning environment. For the intermediates, the website offers drills that help improve the basic skills. The website offers specialized courses that focus mainly on arm snakes and finger movements.Navigation of this website is pretty straightforward, and all courses are accessible with a matter of few clicks.

There are combination lessons available as well, helping students learn different techniques by paying for one course. has experienced instructors on board who are ready to share their experience and knowledge. So, take out some spare time and learn the belly moves!

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6) BodyTempleDance

Learning the grooves and drills of belly dance is pretty easy if you choose the right platform. Multiple websites are offering belly dance lessons, but none of them promise effective results. But is unique because it has high-quality online lessons available.

The website offers memberships through which students can access as many courses as they want. The membership not only provides access to the belly dance lessons but holistic courses as well.There is an intensive course on the website for students who want to learn belly dance through integrated choreography lessons.

In other words, the website will unlock the creativity and in you and help express yourself through dance moves. This makes two types of memberships offered by The users can cancel the membership anytime they want. Multiple currencies are accepted for payment, providing equal opportunities to everyone.

If you have any queries, customer care support is readily available. Even more, the students can interact with instructors as well to get their doubts and questions answered. The video lessons are pretty clear and engaging. So, the website offers a very friendly experience because belly dance is supposed to be fun, right?

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7) SantaMariaBellyDanceOnline

Online classes are different, but the teaching methodologies are more interactive with these websites. So, is one of the most exceptional online schools out there with belly dance lessons. The belly dance courses can be accessed anytime and from anywhere as long as you have internet access.

The video lessons are engaging and interactive. The step-by-step approach is implemented because it eases the learning experience.There are regular practice sessions that help students improve their belly dancing skills. Specialized lessons are available for the novice.

The video lessons are available on the homepage, which is free. Besides, there are paid video lessons for advanced and intermediate students who want to improve their current skills. Helen is the belly dance instructor who has created this website to help people learn belly dancing like a pro.

There are regular coaching sessions and practice drills for the optimal learning experience. Also, the website teaches you the right costume for your belly dance performance. The website offers Shining Goddess Program for ladies who want to gain insights about belly dancing and become professional dancers.

With this program, ladies can step into the professional belly dancing career and follow their passion.

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8) StarBellyDancer

Every dancing enthusiast has dreamt of becoming the star. So, if you want to become the belly dance star, is the ultimate platform for you. The website offers a subscription through which students can access any course and lesson on the website.

The class timings differ, so students can choose the courses that suit their schedule (we would to see self-paced features on this amazing website!). But this website offers much more than courses and lessons. has regular workshops that provide insights about belly dancing. Also, the choreography sessions focus on each movement to ensure perfect dance performance. The students will learn professional techniques with through precise techniques.

As far as the subscription is concerned, the website offers a three-day free trial, so students can check the legitimacy of the courses and lessons. The website has a wide range of intermediate and advanced belly dancing courses. However, the beginner courses are pretty limited. But the best thing is that all lessons are accessible online.

Also, there are zero geo-restrictions, allowing students to practice from any place they want. By signing up on this website, you can get regular updates about new lessons and schedules. So, choose the desired course or drop-in class for the diverse learning experience.

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9) SadieBellyDancer

Be it the dance lessons or fitness lessons, is an integrated option. The website offers a diverse range of belly dance lessons. All students need to do is sign up using the email address and access the lessons. The website offers freedom of choice for students to choose their desired course.

It doesn’t matter which course you take because this website keeps updating the lessons on monthly lessons. This regular update promises to offer high-end and advanced learning.

The website has an easy interface, making it easy to use and navigate around. The lessons are designed and instructed by Sadie. She has more than ten years of experience in teaching belly dance and conducting workshops.

She has her own YouTube channel as well through which students can gain extra help. The website has won numerous awards because courses aren’t only well-built but offer promising results for the novice dancers.

With this website, students can access information about workshops and tours if they want to interact with the instructor in person. The website has a shop section through which students can buy the DVDs for extra learning material. But by signing up for the course, students can learn belly dance live with Sadie.

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10) BellyDancer

Very few people are into belly dancing mainly because it can be difficult to learn. Belly dance seems fun (which it is), but learning is a bit complicated. However, with BellyDancer. com, you will be able to learn belly dance through interactive lessons. With this website, dancing enthusiasts can instantly access the lessons.

There are no schedule restrictions because students can learn at their own pace. All students need is an internet connection, and they can learn belly dancing from anywhere they want.The website has beginner level belly dancing sessions. The beginner students can access easy to follow instructions and become the pro.

There are multiple belly dancing packages available on the website. For instance, the platinum package offers performance videos and access to the video library. In addition, there are specialized tribal style lessons that provide the real essence of belly dancing.

The website has multiple dancing experts on board to design high-quality video is an exceptional website which is offering all-time access to video lessons. The students can access lessons and courses on web-enabled devices for robust learning. The belly dancing enthusiasts can easily purchase the course through a credit card and access the videos from the library right away.

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11) DaturaOnline

No matter if you want customized schedules or budgets, has multiple options. The courses are available with different styles, budgets, and timings to cater to diverse student’s needs. The students can access the lessons and courses through any device as long as they connected to the internet.

The website has been offering courses since 2012, and there have been no complaints over all these years. There are no qualification requirements. As long as you have a passion for belly dance, you can access the courses. The students can buy membership and access any course that they want.

The students can find their class through the menu for easy and robust access. The website offers the “My Practice” tab through which students can keep track of their progress. Also, students can connect with other students and instructors for sharing knowledge.

However, if someone doesn’t want to buy the membership, websites offer video rental options as well. But the students who have the membership can access the library for a wide range of video lessons. The students have the liberty to hire private instructors if they want customized lessons. All in all, the website has everything a student can ask for.

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12) BellyDanceByTava

If you want to learn belly dance online, is the ultimate choice for you. The website offers live coaching lessons through which students can learn directly from Tava. These live sessions are held on Skype and are pretty interactive. The students can ask questions directly, and their questions answered.

The Skype lessons focus on the smallest of details, offering optimized belly dance lessons. This website offers personal coaching sessions. There are multiple options available, and if you are a beginner, you can take the fundamentals course to learn the basics.

Also, the website offers floorwork, rhythms, and veil-focused video sessions. The coaching is interactive yet professional. Overall, the choreography is high-quality as well. In addition to coaching sessions, the website offers regular workshops for dancing enthusiasts.When you sign up on the website, you can buy yourself belly dance t-shirts and tank tops.

These customized shirts can be motivating for students to learn belly dance. The website subscribers can easily access the Skype sessions once they have paid the charges. Also, students are allowed to record the sessions as well for revisions. However, the website also has a library and gallery through which coaching sessions can be accessed.

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13) HeartBeatOfBellyDance

The website got an alluring interface that captivates you with the perfect color scheme, and you feel that you are in the right place if you are looking to get the best of belly dancing. They are offering a wide range of resources, including a chance to get enrolled with Classes in Amsterdam or classes in Alkmaar.

There are also several other cool features like access to popular events and studio rental options that will allow you to have all the resources you might need to perfect the art of belly dancing. Their online belly dancing classes are either live or recorded that you can choose according to your convenience.

These classes are a perfect way to help you with belly dancing if you are looking to perform, or simply want to have a better me-time. With the help of this website and their online classes, you get to know your body better and have more control over it. These classes will allow you to not only learn but interact with a highly active community that is always ready to help you.

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14) Ansuya

Belly dancing is a subtle art that helps you bring out the best in you. This makes you feel empowered with more control over each part of your body, and you feel like you can move it the way you like it to be. Well, that is not all; belly dancing has been a part of many cultures for far longer than we can remember.

It still is being considered an art that is not easy to master but contains all the delicacies of feminine empowerment. The website got a one-page interface that is intriguing as it is filled with images and quotes that will wake the goddess inside you, and you want to have your go at the art that you have yearned for.

They got a dedicated approach towards teaching belly dance by working on a style that is tailored for you and your body needs. This way, you can have a perfect understanding and learning process that is going to enhance the belly dance experience for you. is also offering help with other resources like yoga and maintaining a healthy diet plan that will lead to a perfect belly dancing experience for you.

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Choosing The Best Belly Dance Lesson Online

It’s needless to say that belly dancing is an interesting dance form. The moves are fun yet sophisticated. So, if you are intimidated by belly dance, you can quickly learn through these websites. Dancing enthusiasts can learn belly dancing while gaining health benefits. So, line out your preferences and become the belly dancer as you’ve always dreamt!

Categories Lessons List

belly dances for beginners video lessons

Belly dances for beginners

Best of all, an experienced instructor will teach you how to dance oriental dances. On our site you can watch videos with master classes, where different instructors offer different, interesting belly dance techniques. You just have to choose exactly what you like and learn the movements to the magic music.

Where do you start? First of all, you must learn to relax those muscle groups that are not needed at certain stages of the dance. Otherwise, your body simply will not withstand even a half-hour load.

You also need to think through your oriental image to the smallest detail. Costumes, make-up, and jewelry are also important. Experts advise not to buy many suits at once, because in a month and a half after the start of classes, your figure will noticeably change, your muscles will tighten, your waist will become thin.

You will quickly notice that your movements become more fluid and graceful. Purchase a coin loincloth and a tassel bodice. These essential attributes of oriental dances always create the right mood for both the students and the audience.

Set up a space for yourself to practice effectively at home.

You will need a large mirror and a free, comfortable space where you can spend time alone learning new dance moves. Our free video lessons will also teach you to understand the styles of oriental dances, you will know all their differences. And also get acquainted with a variety of clothes and music that meets each style.

Keep in mind to start with smooth movements.

Do not take on difficult elements at once, but repeat the lessons after experienced instructors from master classes. Of course, after you master a simple belly dance technique, you can hone it and complicate it. To comprehend the world of Arabic dances, you will have to make considerable efforts, but on the other hand, even small children master them, and you can also see how they do it from our videos.

Start with a simple rocking exercise.

You need to stand on tiptoe, stretch up, slightly bend your knees and imagine a horizontal line at the level of the navel. Learn to move your hips along it so that the navel remains in place. Do not give up exercises halfway and clearly hone your skills.

You will need them all later. Then learn to do exercises up, down and forward, backward. The navel must remain in place at all times.

On our site you will learn a lot of useful and interesting things, for example, how to do hip circles and the “pendulum” exercise, reset circles and a beautiful “wave” element. Do not be afraid, turn on the video, train and you will definitely succeed!

Where does belly dancing begin

Don't even think about going into the hall or standing in front of a mirror at home and immediately start shaking, waves, blows, sharp movements of belly dancing - first you have to work out the starting position. It usually takes at least a month and a half for this body position to become natural. At first, the body may resist, but by exercising regularly, you will quickly get used to the new sensations.


  • 1 Learning the Belly Dancing Starting Position
  • 2 Want to learn belly dancing at home?
  • 3 Benefits of Oriental Belly Dancing for Beginners
  • 4 Belly Dancing for Beginners
  • 5 Belly Dancing: Tutorial for Beginners

Learning the Belly Dancing Starting Position

So let's start.

Stand in front of a mirror so that you can see yourself in full growth. A side mirror wouldn't hurt either. We consider the correct position of the body from the bottom up:

1. The distance between your feet is equal to the length of your foot.

This allows you to distribute your body weight evenly on both legs. Feet parallel to each other, toes forward - so that the knee joint does not twist and the patella (patella) does not move. We touch the floor with all toes: it is easier to maintain balance.

2. Knees are soft but not bent. So you save yourself from damage to the menisci and dislocation of the patella.

3. Hips relaxed.

4. The gluteal muscles are relaxed. Do not stick out your ass, otherwise you will increase the load on the lower back, and it looks vulgar. Deflection in the lower back, of course, looks impressive, but this position disrupts the natural flow of blood and oxygen to the abdominal organs.

5. The pubis does not protrude forward.

6. Pelvic bones in one line.

7. Keep your belly out to look slimmer. Let men walk taut - everything should be relaxed with us, without unnecessary pressure on the abdominal organs.

8. The chest moves slightly forward, and the solar plexus area moves back. The weight of the body is concentrated more on the toes than on the heels. In this position, you will reduce the load on the lower back.

10. The shoulder blades are brought together and seem to be holding a small pencil. In this position, the muscles of the shoulder section are stretched and keep the tone.

11. Shoulders at the same level, lowered.

12. Arms extended to the sides at chest level. This is the optimal height so that the muscles of the arm are strengthened, over time a beautiful relief will appear on them.

Elbows are soft, pointing back, not down. The hands are an extension of the hands, do not “break” the wrists. Imagine holding a huge bouquet of flowers in front of you.

Fingers together, but not clenched, there is a distance between them. The middle finger is slightly inward. The palms are open to the viewer.

13. The neck is completely relaxed. Do not lower or raise your chin, keep it parallel to the floor: this way all the cervical vertebrae form the correct line.

14. Reach up with the top of your head, like a flower reaches for the sun - this will help maintain balance.

Having mastered this starting position, dance to your health!

Do you want to learn belly dancing at home?

Our video lessons "Belly dance", "Belly dance for beginners" and Alexey Ryaboshapka's video master class will help you with this! Watch videos online and practice belly dancing at home!

Belly dance lessons

Today, the famous oriental dances have already conquered the whole world, and in almost any city you can easily find belly dance lessons for beginners. It is not surprising that it is so popular now - what girl does not want to feel like a mysterious oriental beauty and put on amazing and beautiful outfits?

The Benefits of Oriental Belly Dancing for Beginners

Surely you have heard more than once that belly dancing is incredibly useful. Yes this is true. Even if you attend a belly dance school for only a few months, you will probably already notice many positive, pleasant effects from classes:

more confident, graceful and happier.

Belly dancing for beginners

Little girls can benefit from belly dancing too.

Starting from the age of 5-8, you can safely enroll your little one in belly dance training for beginners. Of course, shaking and other intense movements are excluded from the children's course, and classes are safe for health. But they have a lot of benefits:

Even if you have been learning to dance belly dance for a long time, it is not recommended to conduct training for children on your own. Experienced instructors will tell you which movements are not recommended for kids and will conduct the lesson so that there is not the slightest risk of injury.

Belly Dancing: Tutorial for Beginners

If you are determined to learn how to dance belly dance, you need to attend special courses - only there you will be explained in detail all the subtleties and point out your mistakes that prevent you from correctly performing a particular movement. However, it is quite possible to study at home - for this, it is enough just to purchase a video course for beginners.

It is important to choose a suitable video where the instructor explains each movement in detail and points out possible mistakes. However, if you notice that everything turns out to be quite easy and simple for you, you may not need an overly thorough explanation.

Start with the lesson suggested by us and tested by the readers of the site, and perhaps you will like it so much that you want to find time for serious studies in the studio.

Even if you decide to study at home using a video course, you need to build a schedule for yourself and study at least two, or better, three times a week. It is regular classes that are beneficial for your spirit and figure and contribute to the development of grace and plasticity. Therefore, give yourself 2-3 hours a week, which you are guaranteed to give to your studies - and success awaits you!

Belly Dance

Every day oriental dances are becoming more and more popular among women of all ages.

The thing is that oriental dances, and especially belly dancing, are not only a very beautiful dance, but also a great tool for maintaining excellent physical shape. Today, many people want to learn the basics of dance, but, unfortunately, not everyone can afford to attend special dance schools. That is why we want to offer you training in the basics of belly dancing in the video lesson "How to learn how to make waves with your stomach."

Today, there are already a huge variety of different types of oriental dances that are gaining immense popularity among women of all ages around the world. The author of this lesson will introduce you to another style of oriental dance that is rapidly gaining popularity. During the video lesson "Dance Dans oriental" the author will not only show you the basics of this direction, but also teach you the secrets of a beautiful oriental dance.

Every woman, regardless of age, wants to look slim and beautiful. It's no secret that it is physical activity that can not only preserve the harmony and beauty of a woman for a long time, but also significantly increase it.

That is why many people turn to fitness trainers for help and visit expensive gyms. Why waste time and money if you can not only play sports on your own, but also study belly dance at the same time. And the author of the video lesson “Fitness based on belly dance”, which we offer you to watch right now, will help you with this.

"Belly dance Hagala steps" - online video, which presents another shaking called hagala.

It looks like the swaying of the hips gradually starts to accelerate and turns into shaking. This element is of Bedouin origin, but gradually moved into bellydance and became quite popular. Instructor Sakhira will show how hagala is performed correctly, and how this movement can decorate any dance.

We are glad to offer you a free online video viewing of the "Belly dance Hagala steps", which is located here on the site. Successful learning!

Charming Sakhira invites you to her oriental dance master class. This lesson is dedicated to the Moroccan version of bellydance, which has a faster rhythm.

Sahira will demonstrate some hip shaking and explain how they are performed to the music. Such a dance looks bright and exciting, leaving no one indifferent. So find free time to plunge into the world of oriental dance.

Internet users can find on the training portal an online tutorial "Belly dance Moroccan shimmy", which is available for viewing by everyone.

When: 21-05-2016, 22:57/ Views: 2343/ Comments: 0/ Author: video_dance_ru

“Khaliji Movement” is an educational video that will help you learn about such a variety of belly dance as Khaliji dance.

During this lesson you will learn one of the most mysterious elements of this dance - head movement. Listen carefully to the music and follow all the teacher's instructions. Head movements in khaliji leave a lot of room for improvisation, if you add to them the main step and padding with a brush.

Don't miss this great opportunity to watch the Khaliji Movement Educational Video available online at any time.

When: 26-04-2016, 14:02/ Views: 7399/ Comments: 0/ Author: video_dance_en

"Oriental dances for beginners" - an online video that will be useful for beginners in bellydance. This ancient dance art does not lose its relevance today.

The basic movements of bellydance are simple and accessible even to beginners. The combination of oriental rhythms and energetic graceful movements of the body will not leave anyone indifferent. A professional bellydance instructor will show you several elements that you will put together in a dance sequence.

Enjoy watching the online video "Oriental dances for beginners", which you can always find here.

When: 21-04-2016, 23:14/ Views: 2373/ Comments: 0/ Author: video_dance_en

"Belly dance for beginners online" is a training that will give you the opportunity to feel like a beautiful princess from an oriental fairy tale and learn how to dance body in perfection. One of the main advantages of bellydance is that it does not require special physical preparation, so you can safely start learning even if you have not danced before. An experienced choreographer will demonstrate the basic links and movements of bellydance.

Enjoy on this site watching the free video training "Belly Dancing for Beginners Online".

When: 10-04-2016, 11:10/ Views: 3285/ Comments: 0/ Author: video_dance_en

"Oriental dances for beginners" - video lessons for true fans of bellydance magic. Valentina Nuzhda will demonstrate an original dance performance, which she will then disassemble step by step.

You will see how beautiful and refined all the movements of oriental dances are. Each bundle looks like a true masterpiece of dance art. So do not hesitate for a minute and start training just now.

We invite Internet users to get acquainted with the unique video lessons "Oriental dances for beginners", which are always online on the site.

When: 6-04-2016, 20:58/ Views: 3641/ Comments: 0/ Posted by video_dance_en

“Belly dance lessons for free” is an educational video from the stunning Tiazza, who will conduct a belly dance class for beginners. You will see the basic steps and combinations of belly dancing, which will be quite accessible for beginner dancers, so that you can fully enjoy the first lesson. Oriental dances will become a source of inspiration and inexhaustible good mood for you, which you can share with others.

Enjoy watching the free belly dance tutorial video available online here. Successful training!


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How to learn to dance oriental dances at home?

Someone once said that life without dance is impossible , and in his own way this person is right. See for yourself: all nations have their own national dances. It is with the help of dance that a person is able to express the passions and feelings that overwhelm him, show his emotions, express his inner world.

Each dance has its own meaning , and the dance itself is not just a method to improve the mood of others and yourself, but also an excellent cure for blues and stress. It drives away bad thoughts, relieves tension, relieves depression and boredom, and liberates. And dance helps keep the body in good shape and helps to make the figure attractive.

The dance does not recognize racial or religious differences. Everyone can learn to dance, regardless of their place of work, study, age, gender.

In our time, a dance direction has gained great popularity - belly dance or oriental dance . He wants to learn girls and women who dream of making the figure perfect, the body - plastic and flexible, and the waist - thin.

Oriental dance is not just plastic hand movements, waves and hip shaking. First of all, belly dance is a mystery, energy, passion, life itself! If you learn this art, you will be able to better control your body, become more graceful and flexible, improve your health and drive any man crazy. But how do you learn it? You can try to study at home - from video lessons, books, articles on the Internet, or go to a dance school. And in general: is there any benefit in belly dancing, or is it just a big exaggeration? Our site will try to tell you everything in detail.

Oriental dance: dancing for pleasure and with benefit

When you do the movements of this dance, a huge number of muscles are involved, even the most undeveloped and deep ones, which cannot be “reached” by ordinary aerobics, but can be worked out only by strength training. You not only get a charge of vivacity and energy, but also heal and strengthen the entire body. This is especially necessary for those who have a sedentary job and those who have a sedentary lifestyle.

Every girl can learn belly dancing if she wants to. And let you not do it professionally, but you will gain flexibility and plasticity, and you will also feel differently - more desirable, more beautiful, healthier.

Performing elements of oriental dance, you activate various muscle groups, improve blood circulation and develop flexibility. By the way, it will be difficult to achieve a similar result with ordinary fitness. The dance is very exciting, thanks to which every movement, even the most difficult one, is easy for the dancer.

If you spend a lot of time sitting, for example, at a table littered with various documents, or at a computer monitor, a stoop appears over time. Oriental dance classes will lift your chest, improve your posture, tighten your stomach, strengthen your bones, and straighten your back. In the end, they are a good tool for the tummy and are useful for the figure.

But, having decided to learn belly dancing, you must understand that only healthy women who do not have chronic diseases of the cardiovascular, digestive, reproductive systems and spinal problems can do it. Therefore, before training, get approval from your doctor.

Learn oriental dance at home

First make the room well lit, then choose oriental music and it remains to show a little desire.

Oriental dance consists of some basic elements that must be mastered first. Only after that you will be able to dance a full-fledged dance, in which your attitude, mood and state of mind will be embodied.

Hip movements:

  • Twisting (twisting (twisting) the hips to each side while the rest of the body remains still)
  • Figure Eight (draw the number eight with your hips)
  • Wave (hips draw a circle in the lateral and frontal planes)

Chest movements:

  • Twisting (head and hips do not move, chest twists in different directions)
  • Eight in any direction
  • Circle (body tilted or fixed)
  • breast wave

To make the belly dance perfect, the girls can use various items: candles, swords, scarves, scarves, ribbons, and so on.

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