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How to breakdance step by step

The following 3 videos will teach you how to breakdance step by step. We recommend that you watch these lessons in order as they are arranged from easiest to hardest. These moves come directly from our breakdancing courses which you should check out if you want to learn more. A word of caution, you must be careful when you attempt these moves. Be sure to study the movements very carefully and slowly and then ease into them. For other online dance classes click here.

Free mini video course for break dance:
Beginner break dance moves

Breakdancing move #1: 3 Step
The 3 step is one of the most popular beginner break dance moves. It consist of 3 steps that are done in a circle. In this move you will start with one leg extended in front of you and then will switch the legs as fast as you can so that the other leg is extended, from there you bring the leg side where you end up in a kind of push up position. Learn how to sync the arm switches with your leg switches.

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Breakdance move #2: Corkscrew Up:
This is another cool bboy move. The corkscrew up is perfect for when you need to get up from the ground in a “cool” and smooth way. You can do this move on it’s own or from any other combination of moves.Here you will develop strength and balance as you push off the floor to spin upwards and around.

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The Complete Breakdancing Course For beginners (No experience needed)
Learn simple but impressive moves step by step! You will learn footwork moves, ground moves as well as freezes. This video course has 3 modules with +3 hours of video instruction. Delivered through instant online access.
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Break dance move #3: The baby freeze
Learn how to do a baby freeze move in this video. Freezes in Breakdancing are meant to draw attention to the dancer and are usually put in at the end of some footwork combination like the 3-step above! The baby freeze is great to start out with since its small. It still requires lots of coordination and practice so take it slowly and make sure you don’t skip anything.

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The Complete Breakdancing Course For beginners (No experience needed)
Learn simple but impressive moves step by step! You will learn footwork moves, ground moves as well as freezes. This video course has 3 modules with +3 hours of video instruction. Delivered through instant online access.
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History of Breakdancing:

Breakdancing was founded by the black community and Puerto Rican kids in the 1970s. And it really became popular after James brown’s single “Get On The Good Foot” where his busted out his high energy footwork dancing. After that, the kids in New york started to copy his moves and eventually it evolved to be called b-boy or break dancing. At that time most of the style was ground footwork combinations without any of the fancy stuff you see today like windmills or back spins that are popular today. There were also breakdancing battles between gangs or clicks.

Another dance called “uprock” influenced the b-boy dancers. In this dance style, the dancers mimic fighting moves into rhythmic dance moves that opponents would use to ‘battle’ against one another.

The music is not restricted to Hip Hop anymore. These days dancers choose Techno, Jazz, electronic, pop and an other types of music that suites their style.

Other styles:
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All stock video clips can be downloaded for free, to be used in your next awesome video project under the Mixkit License! Also check out Dance, Dancing, Music & Dance, Hip Hop, Coronavirus and Covid-19.

Man breakdancing

A man with long curly hair breakdances in the corner of an empty building with white walls.

Dancer in the dark back view

Person with short black hair wearing a long sleeved grey shirt dances in the dark before disappearing into a fog.

Two young men in a dance duel

Two young men competing in a dance off in front of a wall full of graffiti. One of them dances while the other watches.

A man dancing break dance

A breakdancer dancing to a hip hop song. Basic old school break dance steps or moves. The afternoon sun enters through the windows of the building.

Urban dancer dancing breakdance

Curly-haired urban man while dancing breakdance on the street floor near a wall with graffiti.

Men dancing break dance taking care of themselves with a mask

Two people dancing break dance on a parking floor, illuminated by blue and pink lights, as they finish their movements in a pose.

Man with dreadlocks breakdancing

A man break dancing to a hip hop song. A young man with long curly hair break dancing against a white wall. Basic old school break dance steps or moves. Urban dancer. Urban trendy lifestyle.

Young man listening to music in the server room

Young hip-hop dancers in an abandoned building

Two young hip-hop dancers dancing inside a dusty and dirty abandoned building.

Young man dancing upside down on a pedestrian bridge

Young man with long hair and blue shirt, dancing hip-hop upside down on a pedestrian bridge, in front of another boy, during a sunny afternoon.

Break dance dancer with muzzle in dim light

Girl with a mask dancing break dance, ends with a pose facing the lens, in an empty parking lot, under pink and blue colored lights.


A person breakdances in an empty building, sunlight shining through windows.

Urban men doing a dance duel

Two urban dancers doing a street dance duel in front of a wall with graffiti.

Man dancing on the street of a neighborhood

Man with ponytail dancing in a street with graffiti, while waving to someone else, during an afternoon.

Man doing floor performance in the dark

A man wearing a grey long sleeved shirt and black sweats sits on the floor of a dark room with a spotlight on him doing a dance routine on the floor.

Breakdancer practicing

A young man wearing a yellow sleeveless shirt and cargo pants dances on a concrete floor and a white canopy.

Man dancing break dance with a girl behind

A man doing breakdance movements on the floor, while a girl dances behind, with a white wall in the background, and under soft colored lights.

Girl and boy with masks dancing under colored lights

Girl wearing a mask, dancing intensely in a parking lot, with colored bars of light behind, while the shot turns to another boy, also dancing with a mask.

Dancing break dance in an empty parking lot with a face mask

Dancing boy with a mask and a beret, dancing and doing break dance tricks, in an empty parking lot, under pink and blue lights.

Men dancing break dance

Two urban dancers in a street break dance duel, while one of them dances on the floor the other watches him with smooth dance moves.

Woman dancing hip-hop looking at the camera

Urban girl with a face mask dances hip hop, under a dim violet light.

A boy and a girl with a mask dancing nearby

A boy and a girl wearing a mask, while dancing near the shot, rotate and move their entire bodies, with a pair of light bars of blue and pink colors.

Young woman with a face mask dancing facing the shot

Girl with a mask and a hat, dancing head-on and close to the lens, moving her arms animatedly, under a dim blue and lilac lighting.

Boy and girl with face masks dancing near the camera

Boy and girl with face mask dancing excitedly close to the lens, under blue and pink lights, with a unfocused warm light bar in the background.

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Break dance training. VIEW ALL LESSONS >>>

Breaking or break dance (break dance) - one of the most spectacular areas of street dance, which includes torsion, energetic "runs" and sudden stops of the dancer (freez) during his exit. The dance style began to form in the early 70s in New York in the Bronx area. Only a few years have passed and from the underground dance breakdance has received worldwide fame and recognition. Today, breaking is one of the strongest dance subcultures, with a developed technique, system of events and a real street spirit. On this page you will see break dance lessons for beginners.

If you want to learn how to breakdance and feel that you can't do without a mentor, come to the Dragon Dance School for a trial breakdance lesson. Since 2000, we have been helping people learn how to move beautifully and feel the music. Already several thousand people have been trained and learned to dance. Even if you have never worked out before, even if you are not in good physical shape now, all this is easily fixable. You will understand that learning to dance is easy. Come for a free trial lesson.

Break dance training for beginners: the right warm-up

Any dance lesson in any style, be it breaking or hip-hop dance, should begin with a warm-up. This allows you to warm up the body, muscles and ligaments. This is especially important for learning the lower break, since it uses the maximum resources of the body, which means that in order to swing to the fullest, you need to warm up a lot, maybe even sweat a little.

Break dance video lessons: top rock (top rock)

Top rock is what the dancer does before entering the lower elements. However, top rock should not be neglected, for a good dancer is easily recognized by the first moves of top rock. It's like a business card. Look online lessons on top rock and learn the elements suggested there. This will allow you to learn how to breakdance even at home.

1. Break dance school: Top rock 1

2. Break dance lessons: Top Rock 2

3. Top Rock 3. Movement Break DANSA for beginners

4. TOP ROCK 4. Street Dance lessons 9000 9000 9000

ours children and not only in Moscow. Sign up and come to a trial lesson

Basic technique: footwork (style)

Footwork or style is one of the main sub-styles in breakdance. It includes, as the name suggests, "footwork". And indeed it is. A variety of "running", "cutting" and so on. Each bboy tries to stand out in footwork and do it in his own way. Therefore, it is important to learn the basics at the beginning, and then proceed to improvise and develop your own manner in footwork.

1. How to learn how to dance Break DANS: Sharchka

2. Break DANS LUCK: Six Steps

3. Online lessons BREAK DANSA: Three Steps 9000 9000

4. dance for beginners: CC's

Basic technique: Freez/Power trix

If you watched breakdance videos from battles, then you probably remember that during the dance, the b-boy can suddenly stop or freeze in the most incredible position. These stops are called "friezes". Also in breakdance, many elements are performed from a handstand, elbows, etc. This power substyle is called "trix". Watch break dance lessons and master the base of these directions.

1. Break dance. Where to start: Balance

2. Freez 1. How to learn Break Dance Frisa

3. Video Dance Lessor Break 2


4. Freez 3. Break dance lessons

Basic technique: Power move

Finally, we move on to the most spectacular part of break dance for many - power moves. These are power movements, all kinds of torsion on the head, back, various "air twists" and "air tracks". Indeed, power moves are the hallmark of breaking. In order to learn how to bray dance and perform complex elements, you will first need patience. Every break dance move requires thoughtful practice. Therefore, if something did not work out on the first try, do not be discouraged. Just do it again. Record your video. Compare with how it was explained in the video tutorial. A little work and everything will work out! You will learn to dance breakdance the way you have long wanted to!

1. Basic rotation for beginners Backspin (Bek Spin)

2. Element Break Dansa Svips Swipe: Parsing and Training

3. Lessons of dance Break Dance: Turtle or "Turtle"

4. The most famous break dance element: Windmill / gelik / mill


1. Break dance lessons: Combo 1.0002 2. Break dance training and online lessons: Combo 2

It is often easier to learn how to dance with an experienced trainer. Even if you are afraid that it will not work out and have never danced before, it is not scary. In our Dragon Dance School, we train those who come to study "from scratch". Sign up for a trial lesson and give yourself a dream come true!

Breakdance - Dancing - Watch online video lessons for beginners for free!

In the Breakdance heading, free video lessons on this dance are collected. Breakdance is a street dance, one of the currents of hip-hop culture. A dancer's clothing typically combines comfort, freedom of movement and style. Music - Funck, Breaks, Electro, Rap, etc. Break dance requires special, almost acrobatic, physical preparation and great endurance of the dancer. Many of its elements are very technically difficult, this is one of the most extreme dances. Usually includes such elements as rotations on the head, jumps on one hand, revolutions on the hands, twisting of the legs relying on the hands and others. The dance is judged by the quality of the performance of the upper and lower breakdance. Learning to breakdance with video lessons online will be useful for both beginners and more experienced dancers. You can watch video lessons from the Breakdance category for free at any convenient time. Some video tutorials on Breakdance have additional learning materials that can be downloaded. Happy learning!

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Break dance. Toprock. Part 3

Here is how to break dance. Repeat all the movements for the author and you will definitely succeed. Make two jumps in place. Then take a big step forward and to the right, i.e. diagonally. Hands slightly apart. And we return to the place. Now, the same thing, but we walk with the left foot. Perform these movements several times. Let's start studying the next element, which is called the Indian step. Slightly jump up and raise the left leg in front of you...

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Break dance for beginners. Footwork. Part 5

Online lesson “Break dance for beginners. Footwork. Part 5 is dedicated to the question of how to perform some of the Breakdance moves. This is a continuation of the training video in the direction called Footwork. The breakwater dance school instructor will tell and show you some more useful moves. Now we will analyze the element called the Six Steps. We stand in a rack, with our palms resting on the floor shoulder-width apart. Feet slightly wider than shoulders apart, standing on toes. Move left...

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Break dance training. Toprock. Part 4

Video lesson “Teaching Dance Breakdance. Toprock. Part 4" is devoted to the question of how to learn to perform some of the movements in this dance. So, let's begin. We stand straight, feet together. We take a step with the right foot diagonally to the side and forward. We drag the left leg to the right. Now, on the contrary, we take a step with the left foot diagonally and drag the second leg towards it. And so several times. Now perform these movements, but when pulling your leg, do not lower it to the floor, but immediately step to the side, turning ...

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Break dance training. Electric boogie. Part 1

Lesson “Teaching Breakdance. Electric boogie. Part 1 is dedicated to the question of how to perform Electric Boogie moves. You will be taught by Anton Klimov, he teaches Breakdancing at the Breakwater dance school. Electric boogie is the top style of breakdancing. The basic movement on which most of the elements in Electric Boogie are built is the Wave. And in this video tutorial we'll see how it's done. First, we need to learn how to move each joint individually. Put your right hand on...

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Break dance training. Footwork. Part 1

This online lesson is devoted to the question of how to perform one of the directions of Breakdancing - Footwork. The first thing we will start with is the transition from toprock to footwork. Those. not the movements themselves on the footwork, but how we will transition, from top to bottom. The first easiest way is that we step forward with the left foot, then put it back, touch the floor with the palm of the left hand and put the left foot forward again and then we can go to the footwork. Now consider the second way, which is also...

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Break dance training. Friezes. Part 1

Lesson “Teaching Breakdance. Friezes. Part 1 ”is devoted to the question of how to make friezes in Breakdance and options for transitions from one friez to another. So, let's begin. The first frieze that we will analyze is called Turtle. It is one of the most important friezes, on which many other elements are based. Bend your right arm at the elbow 90 degrees and place the elbow in the stomach, closer to its center. Now stand on this hand, without lowering your head, try to lift your legs off the floor. The second hand helps...

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Break dance training. Toprock. Part 1

Lesson “Teaching Breakdance. Toprock. Part 1 ”is devoted to the question of how to perform Toprock in the Breakdance dance. Break dance instructors Vadim and Artem will show you some interesting moves. So, the first movement that we will study is called the Cross-step. First, stretch your legs a little. Now let's move on to the basic steps from simple to complex. We stand, feet shoulder-width apart. The first step comes from the right foot, which goes forward and crosses with the left ...

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Break dance training. Candle

Online lesson “Teaching Breakdance. Candle” is dedicated to the question of how to learn how to perform the Breakdance dance element, which is called the Candle. To perform a candle, you must be able to stand well on your hands. In order to stand on your hands, you need to have strong enough arms to support your weight and not bend your arms. We put our hands straight, without bending, the hands are directed forward. When you stand on your hands and you are pulled back, you can simply stand on the bridge, i.e. in case of tipping back, do not fall on...

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Break dance training. Robot. Part 1

Online lesson “Teaching Breakdance. Robot. Part 1" is devoted to the question of how to dance in the style of a Robot. Breakwater dance school teacher Anton Klimov will show you how to perform movements in the Robot style. Let's take a look at this dance. The main points that we need to work out is the control over the muscles and over the movements. Remember from the very beginning that the robot dance must be performed very technically, clearly and cleanly. The robot is a rather slow style and all the flaws and errors in ...

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Break dance training.

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