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Emotes are gestures and animations which can be performed by Guardians at any time during normal gameplay. Guardians have access to 4 emotes at any given time, one of which may be replaced with others purchased from the Eververse Trading Company.

Emotes are activated by pressing the directional pad, which will cause the guardian to take a series of cosmetic actions for the next few seconds, often accompanied by a text announcement to all players in the area. Some emotes will automatically return the guardian to idly holding their weapon after completion, while others persist until the player takes another action.


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Static Emotes[]

There are 3 emotes which are always available. The exact animation used will depend on the race, class, and gender of the guardian using them.

  • Greet: Pressing Up will play an emote suitable for greeting other players.
  • Sit: Pressing Down will cause the guardian to sit down. They will remain seated until another action is taken.
  • Dance: Pressing Right will cause the guardian to begin dancing. They will continue to dance until another action is taken.

Custom Emotes[]

Pressing Left on the directional pad will use the guardian's custom emote slot. Upon creation, new guardians have a pointing gesture available, but other emotes may be equipped in its place. Purchased emotes may be recovered from a console in the Tower if they are deleted.

Destiny Emotes[]

Here is a list of all the available custom emotes in Destiny:

Name Action Cost Rarity Description Feed states. ..
Air Guitar The player performs an air guitar solo. 500 Legendary You rock! Rocks (with <name>)
Awkward Dance The player performs a dance from Napoleon Dynamite. 500 Legendary Very funky. Dances (with <name>)
Boo An attempt to startle an unsuspecting target. 300, only available through Festival of the Lost Legendary So scary! Frightens (<name>)
Bow Down A respectful gesture of admiration. 500 Legendary I acknowledge your greatness! Bows (before <name>)
Challenge Dance The player performs a dance from Michael Jackson's Beat It. 500, introduced in Rise of Iron Legendary Let's settle this on the dance floor. Dances (with <name>)
Club Dance The player performs a dance from the Roxbury Brothers. 500 Legendary Feel the beat. Feel the love. Dances (with <name>)
Do It An encouraging motion. 500 Legendary Don't let your dreams be dreams! Motivates everyone/<name>
Duo Dance A duo dance. Quest reward from A Tale of Two Guardians Legendary Bust a move with your buddy. Dances (with <name>)
Energetic Dance The player performs a dance from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. 500 Legendary You've got the moves. Dances (with <name>)
Enthusiastic Dance The player performs the Carlton dance. 500 Legendary Can't stop dancing! Dances (with <name>)
Facepalm A facepalm motion. 500 Legendary I can't even... Facepalms
Finger Wag A display of disapproval. Available through Radiant Treasure Legendary Not in my house! Says "No, no, no" (to <player>)
Fist Bump A fist bump. 500 Legendary Pound it! Fist bumps (<name>)
Flash A gesture that flaunts the user's wealth. 500 Legendary I've got glimmer for days... ?
Ham(mer) it Up The player performs the hammer dance from MC Hammer's U Can't Touch This. Only available through The Taken King Collector's Edition Digital Content Legendary, Titan-exclusive emote It's a smash hit! Dances (with <name>)
High Five A high five. Quest reward from A Tale of Two Guardians Legendary Oh yeah! Gives a high five (to <name>)
Howl Pretending to howl like a Wolf. 500, only available through Festival of the Lost Legendary Let it all out, Young Wolf! Howls (at <name>)
Instructional Dance The player performs a dance from Cali Swag District's Teach Me How to Dougie. 500 Legendary Such fresh moves... Dances (with <name>)
Jazz Hands The player flashes jazz hands. 500 Legendary Feelin' the magic in these digits? Flashes jazz hands (at <name>)
Kicks Dance The player performs a dance from Seinfeld. 500 Legendary I think I can dance. Dances (with <name>)
Monster Dance A dance displaying camaraderie with monsters modeled after The Backstreet Boys' Everybody. 500, only available through Festival of the Lost Legendary Shake it like a supernatural. Dances (with <name>)
Proposal[1] A kneeling motion. Free Legendary Will you take me for better or worse, in the Tower or on patrol, for as long as we both have Light? Kneels (to <name>)
Secret Greeting A long, complicated greeting. 500 Legendary Are we best friends now? Shows a secret sign (to <name>)
Slow Clap Grudging, sarcastic applause. 500 Legendary Great. Just great. That was really, really great. Claps (for <name>)
Strange Dance The player performs a dance from Drake's Hotline Bling. 500 Legendary I have no idea what I'm doing. Dances (with <name>)
Suave Dance The player performs a dance performed by DeeJ (David Dague), Bungie's community manager. 500 Legendary The fanciest dance. Dances (with <name>)
Taken Shiver An erratic jittering motion. Reward from collecting all pieces of a class set of Desolate armor Legendary Oryx is dead, right? Is Taken (by <name>)
Terrify Pretending to be a floating ghost. 500, only available through Festival of the Lost Legendary Float and spin. Terrifies <name>/everyone
The Circle Glide A circle glide dance move. Only available through The Taken King Collector's Edition Digital Content Legendary, Warlock-exclusive emote Fight the statics quo. Dances (with <name>)
The Sprinkler A dance move that mimics a sprinkler. Only available through The Taken King Collector's Edition Digital Content Legendary, Hunter-exclusive emote Nailed it. Dances (with <name>)
Thunder Dance The player performs a dance from Greased Lightning as shown in the movie Grease. 500 Legendary Go go go on your Sparrow! Dances (with <name>)
Tiny Dance The player performs a dance from the South Korean variety show Running Man. 500 Legendary Fits in any space. Dances (with <name>)
Trotting Dance The player performs a dance from Psy's Gangnam Style. 500, introduced in Rise of Iron Legendary You've got style. Dances (with <name>)
Victory Wave A celebration of achievement. 500, only available through the Sparrow Racing League Legendary Only for winners.

This item will only be available for purchase during the SRL event.

Waves (to <name>)
Wiggly Leg Dance The player performs a dance from GS Boyz's Stanky Legg. 500, introduced in Rise of Iron Legendary Show off your moves. Dances (with <name>)
Zombie Dance A dance to summon and command zombies modeled after Michael Jackson's Thriller dance. 700, only available through Festival of the Lost Legendary Kick it in your crypt. Summons all zombies to get down/Dances with <name>
Amazed A gesture of admiration. 200 Rare Mind. Blown. Is amazed (by <name>)
Blowing a Kiss A demonstration of affection. 200 Rare I could kiss you right now. Blows a kiss (at <name>)
Booyah A fist pumped in approval. 200 Rare How you like me now? Cheers (for <name>)
Bring It On A polite invitation for challengers to attack. 200 Rare Whatever you got, it ain't enough. Taunts (<name>)
Bye-bye A polite send off. 200 Rare See ya later. Waves (at <name>)
Charmed An affectionate motion. 200 Rare That's so sweet! Is charmed (by <name>)
Clap An encouraging gesture. 200 Rare Well done. Applauds (for <name>)
Come At Me A less polite invitation for challengers to attack. 200 Rare You want a piece of this? Taunts (<name>)
Congrats A show of support and approval for an ally. 200 Rare Good job, buddy. Applauds (for <name>)
Cower An abject admission of fear and unreadiness. 200 Rare Make it stop! Make it stop! Cowers (before <name>)
Crane Kick A crane pose gesture. 200 Rare You're the best... Shows a crane kick (to <name>)
Evil Scheme A gesture of sinister anticipation. 200 Rare Mwahahaha! Schemes (with <name>)
Flip Coin Flips an invisible coin. 200 Rare Heads or Tails? Flips a coin
Forehead Slap A display of frustration. 200 Rare Arruuggh! Slaps forehead
Formal Bow A display of respect for one's adversary. 200 Rare A little courtesy never hurt anyone. Waves (at <name>)
Good Game A celebratory expression. Earned through Competitive Spirit Record Book Rare Well played! Celebrates (with <name>/everyone)
Graceful Sneeze An exaggerated sneeze. 200 Rare Achoo! Dances (with <name>)
I Don't Know A confused gesture. 200 Rare Why are you even asking me? Has no idea(, <name>)
Jump Shot Pretending to sink a basketball. 200, introduced in Rise of Iron Rare Nothing but net! Hits nothing but net
Laugh A laugh with a knee slap. 200 Rare That's hilarious! Laughs (with <name>)
Mix It Up Pretending to stir pastry ingredients. 200 Rare Stir up some trouble. Mixes it up (with <name>)
No A head shake. Free Rare No way, no time, no how. Disagrees (with <name>)
No You Didn't A sarcastic gesture. 200 Rare With attitude. Snaps (at <name>)
Oh, Please A reaction to a sudden but minor disappointment. 200 Rare All right already! Shrugs (at <name>)
Pew Pew Pretending to draw and shoot two firearms. 200 Rare Quick on the draw. Draws on everyone/<name>
Please A pleading motion. Free Rare Pretty, pretty please... Asks (<name>) for a favor
Point A gesture to signal something. Free Rare That, that there! Points (at <name>)
Praise the Gun A worshiping gesture imitating that of an Acolyte. 200 Rare It's not just for Acolytes. Worships their weapon/Worships with <name>
Praise the Light A worshiping gesture. 200 Rare The Light sustains us. Invites everyone/<name> to praise the Light
Pumped Up A gesture of readiness and excitement. 200 Rare All right! Cheers for everyone/<name>
Rude Taunt An impolite taunt. 200 Rare Don't make me taunt you again. Taunts (<name>)
Sad A display of sadness. 200 Rare Feeling blue... Cries (for <name>)
Safe An indication that a runner successfully reached a base. 200 Rare Yyeeeeeeer SAFE! Calls (<name>) SAFE!
Score An indication that someone has scored a goal. 200 Rare Yep, that counts. Rules it good/Rules that <name> has scored
Shadow Boxing Pretending to spar with another boxer. 200, introduced in Rise of Iron Rare Put 'em up! Put 'em up! Shadow boxes (with <name>)
Sorrow A display of overwhelming grief. 200 Rare Why, cruel world? Why? Grieves (for <name>)
Sumo An iron horse stance. 200 Rare Prepare for battle. Prepares for battle (with <name>)
Swing Pretending to swing a baseball bat. 200 Rare And it's outta here! Swings (at <name>)
Tantrum Stunned disbelief. 200 Rare No no no no NO! Throws a tantrum (at <name>)
Thanks A gesture thanking someone. Free Rare A little appreciation goes a long way. Expresses thanks/Thanks <name>
Thumbs Down A negative gesture. 200 Rare I don't think so. Gives a thumbs down
Thumbs Up A positive gesture. 200 Rare I could go for that. Gives a thumbs up
Toe Tap A gesture to indicate impatience. 200, introduced in Rise of Iron Rare We're waiting... Taps their toe (at <name>)
Victory Cheer A celebration of achievement. 200 Rare That's what I'm talking about! Cheers (for <name>)
Watch Your Back A gruesome warning to foes. 200 Rare It's your neck on the line, pal. Taunts (<name>)
Waving Taunt An impolite taunt. 200 Rare Get on my level! Taunts <name>/everyone
Whoa There A gesture to tell someone to wait. Free Rare Hold your sparrows. Tells everyone/<name> to wait
Winded A gesture showing exhaustion. 200, introduced in Rise of Iron Rare Hold up, I need a second... Needs to take five(, <name>)
Yawn A yawn. 200 Rare So bored... Yawns (at <name>)
Yes A head nod. Free Rare Yes, absolutely. Agrees (with <name>)

Destiny 2 Emotes[]

Here is a list of custom emotes in Destiny 2:

Name Action Cost Rarity Description Feed states. ..
Flip Out The player conjures a table and flips it. ? Exotic You gotta be kidding me... Flips out (at <name>)
Point A gesture to signal something. Create a new character in Destiny 2 (or import an existing one from Destiny) Rare That, that there! Points (at <name>)
This section lacks information and needs to be expanded.


  1. Polygon - Two game developers just got engaged through Destiny

10 Best Emotes in Destiny 2

With stakes commonly in “humanity’s extinction” range, Destiny 2 is loaded with intrigue, emotion, and all the exposition befitting a sprawling space opera. Always front row, the player-controlled “Guardian” is Earth’s greatest protector, and its least expressive. Despite criminal underuse of their voice actors, developer Bungie has recognized its community’s individual need to express exactly who The Guardian is.

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Beyond an expansive armor roster no longer hindered by sunsetting and countless palette swaps, the Guardian's personality also extends to Destiny's impressive array of emotes. Why settle for simple "hello's" with so many ice-breakers at your disposal? Make a lasting friendship, spur some rage or just some entertaining time-wasting with the best emotes Destiny 2 has to offer.

10/10 Mirror Mirror: A Digital Doppelganger That Does What You Do

The exotic Mirror Mirror emote is based on a screencap from the 1967 Spider-Man animated series. The scene involves Spider-Man and a costumed poseur comically pointing at each other, a source of multi-platinum meme content for years. This emote sees a holographic double materialize in front of The Guardian, both recreating that iconic "puzzled point".

Released during Destiny 2's Season of Opulence, Mirror Mirror's most unique applications end with a different emote altogether. After triggering Mirror Mirror, activating a second emote prompts the digital doppelganger to mimic it as well. Like most past season cosmetics, Mirror Mirror is obtainable on rotation through bright engrams and Eververse's bright dust and silver storefronts.

9/10 Disc Jockey: Be The Mobile Party Unit

The Disc Jockey emote seems pretty straightforward at first: the Guardian plays DJ, spinning a simple, repetitive, quasi-house beat. Its origins, however, are much funnier than out-of-sync Guardians drowning out your favorite Dawning music. Disc Jockey is a nod to a viral video from a day party held in the French Alps (seriously). In it a partygoer draws imaginary turntables and a mixer on a snow-covered table, mimicking a DJ to much excitement from nearby revelers.

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Released in Season 12 with the Beyond Light expansion, this exotic emote is both loved and reviled for its persistent beat and ungodly range. Beyond annoying the soundtrack stans, Disc Jockey can be a powerful peace offering to nearby Guardians. Setting off an impromptu dance party from the Tower's balcony is the Destiny community at its finest.

8/10 Galloping Knight: It's Just Coconuts Mate

An homage to comedy aficionados and British people of a certain age, the Galloping Knight emote recreates a gag from 1975's Monty Python and The Holy Grail. Routinely among the top of comedy's all-time ranks, Holy Grail follows King Arthur as he "strides" across the English countryside. While Arthur pantomimes a prancing horse his underling simulates the clip-clop of horse's hooves with coconuts to ridiculous comedic effect.

The exotic Galloping Knight emote arrived during Season of Dawn. As a multiplayer emote that can mean extended waits for a fellow fun-lover to accept the prompt to prance. Still, it's gleefuly absurd and gets bonus points between fans as a true kindred spirit moment.

7/10 Poultry Petting: An Homage of Appropriate Hilarity

In 2018, Destiny 2 faithful said a painful goodbye to the universally beloved Cayde-6, Hunter extraordinaire and mentor to Guardians dating back to the original Destiny. The Exo everyman's bottomless wit brought much-needed levity to Destiny's intergalactic dramatics...for many that void remains.

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Released in season 4 with the Forsaken DLC, Poultry Petting creates a holographic chicken in the image of Cayde's best friend Colonel. Whether during mid-raid lulls or pre-Gambit face offs, petting that holo-chicken (or inhaling "Spicy Ramen") is a display of silliness and reverence worthy of the character's legacy.

6/10 Selfie: How Stylish Space Wizards Make Memories

Since mobile communication and digital photography first collided, somewhere near the advent of pixelated flip phones, selfies have gone from habit to health hazard. Still, "technology-dependence" talk is old hat for those born with a controller in their hand. And narcissism? Surely that doesn't apply to fictional avatars painstakingly outfitted with the most fashionable armor.

The exotic Selfie emote from Curse of Osiris is pretty basic, free from obscure media references or meta-commentary. Still, initiating a Selfie is a highly social gesture often met with all manner of emote and armor flexing from fellow guardians (see: selfies and narcissism). The Selfie's ability to realign the camera at the perfect angle demands a perfect screencap, whether its for making friends with impulse photoshoots or immortalizing milestones. Take a picture, it'll last longer.

5/10 Cat Ear Dance: Cuteness Overload > Overload Champions

In 2001, Swedish group Caramell released "Caramelldansen", standard Europop fare for the time. In 2008, a nightcore version was mashed up with a flash animation of dancing characters from Japanese visual novel Popotan. Not long after, Japan became consumed by the "Uma Uma Dance" with its mimed bunny ears and bouncy hip-swaying. It did what ultra viral memes do; inspire copycats, remixes, and remixes of copycats with shameless pride. Its inclusion in massively popular titles Smite, World of Warcraft, and League of Legends is a testament to the spread of the infectiously cute dance and its pounding soundtrack.

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With Destiny 2's enduring popularity and its healthy cosmetic market, "Uma Uma Dance" finally arrived to Eververse as the legendary Cat Ear Dance emote in Season 14. Sure, it's a well-traveled meme that's saccharine cute, but seeing humanity's saviors gyrating across the galaxy in cat ears is brilliant, spawning a slew of Destiny-themed "Uma Uma Dance" videos of their own.

4/10 Playing Airplane: You Are the Wind Beneath My Wings of Sacred Dawn

A mightily unsafe favorite of reckless uncles, lifting someone into the air, or 'playing airplane", is a thrilling and touching experience. It pairs weightless freedom with the fear of a moderately high fall. Dance lifts are "airplane's" majestic cousin and few are more iconic than the dance finale of 1987's Dirty Dancing, the inspiration for the Playing Airplane emote.

Playing Airplane arrived during the Season of the Chosen. As is the case with many multiplayer emotes, it's a great way to make friends so long as their patient enough to dance around looking for the emote activation window. There's a proud kinship among friends and strangers lifting each other up publicly, the world should take notes.

3/10 Persevering Dance: Keep It Rolling. Never Give It Up!

Seeing Guardians mimic teacher chaperones at the middle school dance is funny enough. Envisioning instead a young Rick Astley belting "Never Gonna Give You Up" in his sultry voice is a full-on riot. For the youth and media-silent types, "Rick-rolling" began around 2007, where misleading hyperlinks diverted unsuspecting victims to the video for Astley's 1987 hit. To date, the digital prank has surpassed 1 billion Youtube views and continues to live on in various forms, including Fortnite and Destiny emotes.

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The legendary Persevering Dance emote arrived to Destiny 2 in season 12. Unfortunately, it's a silent emote so passersby have to imagine the synths and facepalms of a successful rickroll. Showcasing Astley's trademark shimmy, Persevering Dance is a delightfully awkward addition to any serious Guardian dance parties.

2/10 Luxurious Toast: Take A Load off and Raise A Glass

When you're determining which of 350+ several emotes to bind to one of four slots, know Luxurious Toast has a lot going for it. Released in Season 3, the exotic Luxurious Toast emote is rare in that it must be earned by completing in-game content. Upon release the emote dropped (read: sometimes) from a chest in the Spire of Stars raid aboard the massive Leviathan pleasure vessel. As a last chance opportunity, Bungie offered the emote as a guaranteed reward for completing Spire of Stars during the Moments of Triumph event of 2020.

This emote channels Calus, the exiled Cabal emperor and aficionado of opulence. In it The Guardian leaps into the air, landing comfortably on a holographic lounge whilst twirling a goblet with sublime contentment. The emote's barrier to entry increases its rarity, as the Spire of Stars raid was vaulted before Beyond Light released. In addition to oozing comfortable cool indefinitely, Luxurious Toast is a subtle flex to others that you've completed high-end content that's no longer available.

1/10 Slow Jam: It Takes Two

While multiplayer emotes can be clunky they are staples in many players' loadouts. Those initiating extend a friendly hand while those accepting are mostly curious what new, rare, or hilarious emote being offered. Multiplayer emotes function like quick co-op moments for the social aspect of Destiny, one free from anxiety or awkward chit chat. The legendary Slow Jam emote doesn't reference anything specific unless awkward Junior prom moments are universal.

Slow Jam was released in Season of the Lost, Destiny 2's 15th season. Despite feeling tame beside other eccentric dance emotes, having a practical stranger wrap their arms around your waist for a sauntering slow dance is old-school silly that eases tensions. Additionally, it's a lightly affectionate expression that'll likely remain popular among Destiny 2's surprisingly large community of couples who game together.

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18 hours of Destiny 2. Just like that

In August, Activision invited us to play Destiny 2, giving us three days for story, PvE, and multiplayer. The subtitle speaks for itself - Bungie brought the idea of ​​​​Destiny to mind and presented the game in the best possible way: with a coherent story, a ton of activities and a reserve for the future. How did she do it?

We were playing a pre-release version of Destiny 2, so some aspects of the game (especially balance) may differ from the version that will be available on September 6th.

First of all, it's worth mentioning the hard journey of the first part, which can be found in detail in our first year timeline, impressions of the major update of The Taken King, as well as in the story of the open world of Destiny 2. which is available today is radically different from the game released 3 years ago. Absolutely all the elements were reworked, but some decisions made at the release did not allow Bungie to make the game the way the players wanted it to be - a complete restart was needed.

One of the main problems of the original game is the lack of a full story campaign. At the start, we got, rather, a set of disparate tasks, hastily connected into a kind of story, after passing which the players were left without any goal in this world. The campaign just didn't work. There was no clear enemy in it, there were no memorable characters, and after passing it, everyone asked one question: “what should I do next?”.

Destiny 2 is different. This was already evident in the mission available in the beta version, where players were immediately immersed in an atmosphere of desperation against the backdrop of a brutal offensive by an endless army of Cabals. And then everything just gets better. Already familiar characters are shown to us from a new perspective - none of the "Guardians" is used to fighting without the power of the Wanderer. Missions are connected by well-chosen cutscenes, and new locations are full of details that enhance immersion and reveal the story even deeper.

Story quests finally line up in a clear story, and your ghost is no longer the local analogue of Captain Price and even jokes about opening doors.

But it's still not worth spoiling the plot, so I'd better tell you more about new activities. We have already talked briefly about the updated patrol in the article about the European Dead Zone. The rest of the locations are also rich in content: from hidden chests and lost sectors, to adventures and new public events. And if the adventures in the EDZ were rather short and simple, designed rather just to introduce players to this format of tasks, then already on Nessus, one of the new planets in the world of Destiny 2, you will encounter fresh mechanics, as well as learn more about the world game and its characters, in addition to the main trio.

The main part of the PvE content of the first part - "Raids" or "Strikes" - did not remain in debt. If you haven't played the original, you can just imagine the usual MMORPG dungeons: each strike takes about half an hour, takes place in co-op with two other players, and at the end you will find a boss with his own mechanics and rewards.

Against the background of simple bosses with a huge amount of health in the first part, new mechanics make Destiny 2 strikes look like micro-raids, where team play finally plays an important role.

Speaking of co-op, it's worth mentioning a new matchmaking mode that lets you find guards that suit your play style. All this became possible thanks to clans, which turned from simple groups on the forum outside the game into a full-fledged guild system with levels, rewards and reputation. When searching for allies for a heroic activity - a twilight strike or a raid - you will be shown a list of all the clans that are ready to help you right now. At the same time, the found players take an Oath, promising to complete the task to the end, violating which they will receive a fine.

How successful this will work is still hard to say, but the fact that solo players no longer have to go to third-party sites to find people to raid (it was a real wildness) is already an important change.

But the point of any (almost) MMO game is development, getting cool loot and other ways to stand out from others. And after one completely unsuccessful and one good attempt, Bungie seems to have managed to find a balance between the grind and the random number generator.

Level of Light no more, meet the "Power". Glimmer, the game's universal currency, can now be accumulated indefinitely. But the main thing is that the game finally has a clear path to the cherished weapon or armor set.

For performing any activity, whether it's clearing a lost sector on patrol or passing a strike, the game will reward you with special tokens. These tokens can then be "spent" at a special NPC in the Farm, a new social zone, or in the location itself with a local key character. Each token fills the reputation bar, and at each new level you will receive a set of loot. What is important, in terms of equipment, there is now a preview right in the game that will immediately show how your character will look, say, in a full set of armor from Nessus - you no longer have to go to the wiki for it. If you suddenly like a certain set, you will immediately know how to get it - complete tasks on the planet and the treasured armor will be yours.

Planetary resources have not gone anywhere either, but they are no longer needed to improve weapons and armor, they, like tokens, serve to gain reputation levels.

The upgrade system has been completely reworked, now all weapons immediately have a set set of features - perks that no longer need to be unlocked gradually, everything is available immediately. Whether it's good or bad is up to you, but in my opinion the need to improve weapons after receiving only annoyed. With armor, the situation is exactly the same, and class items have generally lost any stats.

Now you can wear your favorite cloak even though the whole game and not worry, because it will no longer affect the characteristics of the character, in addition to the general level of Strength.

As you know, players spend most of their time in MMOs already at max level. Previously, for each additional level above the maximum in Destiny, they were given rather useless resources, but now you will receive special engrams (item sets) that contain various cosmetics: ships, weapon ornaments, emotes, dances, and much, much more. Tess Everis, a friend from the first part, will have to decipher such engrams. And if you don’t want to waste time on leveling up, the game will offer to buy these engrams for real money.

In general, the microtransaction system in Destiny 2 looks much softer than the original. All items can be obtained for free and with no limit of 2-3 packs per week.

The items themselves, by the way, are simply excellent. Whether the updated engine gave more freedom to the designer, or whether Bungie kept all the best ideas until the release of Destiny 2, but I madly wanted to get the table overturning emote as soon as I saw it (and you will, you'll see!). The available ornaments also shed light on the set of exotic weapons in the game - even from the small set that was in the pre-release version, it was clear that very interesting exotics were waiting for us.

Interestingly, exotics are now available during the story campaign. This is a pretty big change from the original game, where Exotics couldn't even be equipped up to max level.

The source of exotic equipment, in addition to tasks, is the same bosses in strikes and, of course, the future raid, about which we still know practically nothing. Someone guesses that we will have to explore the fragment of the Traveler, someone believes that we will return to the destroyed Last City. One way or another, the raid will become available a week after the release, and I strongly recommend going into it with friends, without knowing the mechanics and without using the tips of those who managed to pass before you, you will not regret it.

The first blindfold raid is one of the most vivid memories of three years of playing the original Destiny.

Unfortunately, tomorrow, September 6, the game will be released only for PS4 and Xbox. PC players will have to wait until October 24th. It's a long time, but the PC version, with its 60 frames per second (and more), support for ultra-wide monitors and a whole list of other nice improvements, plays just fine.

This is not just a console port. Destiny 2 plays very differently on PC than it does on console, as there are deeper gameplay changes besides the obvious technical difference.

For example, hip-fire is almost useless on consoles, while on PC it is a viable option to fight. This opens up the ability to use long-range rifles in close combat, which on the console are considered useless at such distances.

Since Destiny 2 is both a shooter and an MMO, the game has an incredible amount of little features and mechanics that we haven't touched on in this article.

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