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The New Overwatch Dance Glitch Is Hilarious

By Sean Murray

There’s a new glitch that lets you swap dance emotes around in Overwatch, and the results are pretty funny.

via Blizzard

Overwatch Dance

Normally, dance emotes are specific to the Overwatch character who is performing the dance. Like Winston’s twist or Widowmaker's ballet, each dance reveals a little bit of that character’s personality and overall vibe.

But now that’s no longer the case. There’s a new glitch in Overwatch that lets any hero use the dance emote of any other hero, and players are falling over themselves laughing at the bizarre contortions that these mixed up animations produce.

First, let’s take a crack at the glitch. The glitch is easy to produce and repeatable so long as you follow these simple instructions that are outlined in this video.

Start by going into a game mode where your character gets chosen for you--6v6 Mystery Heroes is preferred, but it'll also work with Winter Brawls' Yeti Hunt too. You’ll just be dancing as Mei or Winston Yeti.

Then while waiting for a game to start, go into the Hero Gallery and pick the hero you want to dance as. Go into that hero's emote wheel and make sure you've got a dance equipped somewhere. Remember which slot has that dance for the next step.

Although the glitch is being mostly used for swapping dances, it'll work with any emote that has a loop, so you could also use this glitch to sit as different characters too. But sitting is boring, so we're going to stick with dance emotes.

Overwatch Dance Glitch Meta from Overwatch

Once you've found a game and the message pops up stating you're about to join, use the dance emote you've equipped in the Hero Gallery. If you got the timing right, you'll be able to use that character's dance regardless of who you spawn in as.

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Is this legit ? Have I missed something ? 😂 from Overwatch

The funny part about this glitch isn’t so much seeing Reaper perform the Sombra dance, but how some characters distort themselves in order to dance as vastly larger or smaller characters. Like Widowmaker trying to dance as Winston in the video below.

Is uh... Everything alright Widow? from Overwatch

Best get your kicks in now as bugs like this one never last too long.

Source: Reddit

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Life Images by Jill: Sol y Sombra Spanish Dance Company

 And so here is the start of another week and another Monday blog post. How are you and yours?  

We celebrated Sol y Sombra Spanish Dance Company and School of Dance's 30th anniversary on Sunday with a mini Fiesta in the courtyard of the Bunbury Art Gallery. It hardly seems like five years since I posted about their 25th Anniversary here - Ole-celebration-of-25-years-of-flamenco

Due to the Covid restrictions this year, we had a very different year of dancing with almost two terms of no dance classes. But with our 30th anniversary coming up we were determined to put on a show - albeit much smaller and with only family and a few close friends. However it still proved to be a wonderful afternoon of celebration. 

Unfortunately I didn't dance due to a cold I came down with last week, but I was very happy to be able to go along and take photos (whilst socially distancing), a few of which I will share here. With the late afternoon heat in the courtyard we certainly felt like we were in Spain! 

We were also treated to Gabby from the South West Opera Company singing Habanera from Carmen, Steve Hensby playing acoustic flamenco guitar and Montse and Cesar from Food with Passion South West cooking authentic Spanish paella for us. Montse teaches Spanish cooking classes, so she knows her stuff. Yum! 

We would have dearly loved to have more of our supporters join in the festivities, however, it has been a tough year for everyone, and Covid restrictions meant we had to keep numbers small, and the show as low key as possible. We will be back in 2021 with more for our amazing friends and supporters. A huge THANKYOU to everyone who contributed to our Anniversary celebrations, and danced with us and supported us over the last 30 years.

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Sol y Sombra Spanish Dance Company

Instead of falling numbers of Covid cases it seems numbers are rising around the world. I do hope you and yours are staying safe. I have had a cold this past week, but I know it is just a cold, as we have no community spread here in Western Australia. I feel so lucky to be here - it feels very safe in our corner of the world - though I know it is dangerous to become complacent. Perhaps that is how I caught an early summer cold? 

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you have enjoyed this little look at our 30th Anniversary celebrations. I value your comments and look forward to hearing from you. I will try to visit your blogs in return. 

Please stay safe, wash your hands, wear a mask if required and have a wonderful week.  

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Overwatch cosplayer Sombra shuffles on fire

Mr Adamson



September 14, 2017 08:35

Tags: Overwatch Shuffle Blizzard Sombra Dancing Video Gamer Cosplay0006 2


The heroine of the computer game "Overwatch" Sombra, who can hack things by touching them, was presented by Blizzard Entertainment at the game conference Blizzcon 2016. Cosplayer and dancer Pocket Jen fell in love with this character and performed an incendiary dance in his image at one of the foreign festivals.

Source: Facebook (banned in Russia)

What was her surprise when the game developers soon added an emotion very similar to the festival dance to her favorite character

Sombra rocking out at Ultra Music Festival 2017 in Miami

Drawing of the character that inspired the girl

Source: Facebook (banned in Russia)

And this is how the character dances in the game

Bonus! If you're wondering what other dance styles inspired the Overwatch developers to create dance emotes for characters, don't miss this video!

Source: Facebook (banned in Russia)

All about politics in the world

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Tags: Overwatch Shuffle Blizzard SombraDancing video gamer games cosplay

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