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When you’re the Orignal Catdaddy! 😏#fyp #dance #catdaddy #jerkdance #reject

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Reply to @jotaeseele perfectly sane human beings named a dance “Cat Daddy” and no one questioned it looool

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Only the real OG’s will remember this one 😭🔥let’s go viral! Tag Dc: me and @imtootrill #catdaddychallenge #fyp #trending

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Only the real OG’s will remember this one 😭🔥let’s go viral! Tag Dc: me and @imtootrill #catdaddychallenge #fyp #trending

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April 29 - Dance Day. What dances were like for our compatriots in the 19th-20th centuries

For the third year, "Motherland" has been collaborating with the amazing site "Prozhito" (PROZHITO.ORG), which contains more than 2300 diaries of Russians of the 19th-20th centuries. The next issue of "Live with the Motherland" is dedicated to the International Dance Day, which is celebrated on April 29.

The style and spelling of the authors have been preserved.

1807 YEAR

Stepan Zhikharev, writer, playwright, translator, senator, theater-goer and memoirist

January 26/February 7. [...] On the 3rd of February, a big ball was appointed at Count Orlov's, which is called a feast for the whole world. There are many dancers in mind, but there are almost no dancers at all. Some well-known ladies who knew each other briefly in the count's house were commissioned by the young countess to recruit good gentlemen. I do not know why Katerina Alexandrovna Muromtseva considers me among the good gentlemen and offered to take me along with her eldest son. "But I can't really dance," I said, "I'm shy and clumsy." - "Et pourtant vous avez danse chez les Werevkines et vous dansez souvent chez les Lobkoff, comme si je ne le savais pas" .). - "It's true, but the Verevkins had a ball easily, and at the Lobkovs I dance pour rire (for laughter - fr.) in my mug, and I don’t dance, but jump like a goat." - "And at the Orlovs you will jump like a ram - that's the whole difference! Talk to yourself incessantly with your lady - and they won't notice how you dance."

I refused, but Katerina Alexandrovna announced to me resolutely: "Vous irez, mon cher; je le veux absolument: a votre age on ne refuse pas un bal comme celui du comte Orloff, ni une femme qui vous a vu naitre.Сest ridicule "(You will go, my dear; I definitely want this. At your age, they do not refuse either such a ball as Count Orlov's, or such a woman who saw you in diapers. This is wild! - fr.).

There is nothing to do, I will equip my ball costume: a puce tailcoat and a white waistcoat with a Turkish shawl waistcoat. I'll undress with my grip!

1808 YEAR

Adelaide Eleanor Sophia Hauswolf, Swedish prisoner during the Russo-Swedish War of 1808-1809.

October 30/November 11. In the morning dad decided to go to a masquerade. [...] The hall was large, but poorly lit. Music was Semevsky. Only a few of the townspeople were in fancy dress, but their costumes were so bad that they could be mistaken for commoners. Luckily, they weren't dancing, just running back and forth curiously. The governor opened the ball with a Polonaise with me. I was wearing a uniform dress with a wide ribbon, which caused a lot of questions.

It was said that there were not many people today, but there were 130 people. The ladies were dressed in beautiful fabrics and adorned with jewels, but without elegance or taste. They danced so badly that even our maids danced much better than them, and of all the men there was only one who could somehow lead his lady. From a good life and constant sitting, the women here are so extraordinarily full that during the polonaise and round dance they drag their feet; from a waltz or a quadrille they are lost for the whole evening. [...] I danced a lot and had a lot of fun, but dad was bored. At 12 o'clock we left.

1812 YEAR

Pavel Svinin, writer, historian, diplomat, editor and publisher of Otechestvennye Zapiski

11th [February]. [...] It is strange to believe that here (in New York - Rev. ) at the best balls only two violins squeak and a drum beats - and the American Cottillions somehow jump over them both in moderation and not in moderation - just to dance. Apart from the cotillion, nothing else is danced here. Fathers and mothers are against the waltz - considering it indecent for a girl.

Natasha Rostova's first ball. Frame from the film "War and Peace".


Daria Fikelmon, granddaughter of M.I. Kutuzova, the mistress of the literary salon, where A.

S. Pushkin

August 12/24. Saturday. A big reception at the Chief of Ceremonies Stanislav Pototsky. The ball was given in honor of Khozrev-Mirza. All Persians miraculously kept themselves in high society, so alien to their way of life and habits. It seems to me that they could easily be forgiven for looking at us with surprise and, probably, even with slight contempt, because the mazurka and waltz, it would seem, should shock people who are used to the fact that their women live as recluses and wear a veil. . But, on the contrary, they seem to like everything here, and they are friendly to everything.

N. Rusheva. N.N. Pushkin at the ball. 1967 Photo: RIA Novosti


Alexander Nikitenko, journalist, literary historian, censor, official of the Ministry of Public Education

January 6/18. Attended a ball with General German, class inspector at the Catherine Institute in the Smolny Monastery. All of our ballroom meetings are the same. The difference is only in the decoration of the rooms and in the greater or lesser luxury of the treats. Three kinds of people are usually present at balls: dancers, Bostonists and spectators, who in turn are divided into spectators of the game and dances. The latter include obsolete ladies - the mothers of the heroines of the French quadrille and cotillion - or men invited to count. Dancing has always captivated me. I love to watch the play of faces of dancing couples.

Women especially provide grateful material for this; as for men's faces, they are very rarely expressive. At this ball I found no more than three or four; to them, undoubtedly, belongs the physiognomy of my friend, Ivan Karlovich Gebhardt. Two distinctive features of his character are surprisingly clearly imprinted on his face: light, graceful-sly subtlety of mind and nobility. His face boils with the play of life, blooming, beautiful. It is light, open, noble. But be afraid to meet his smile: subtle Attic irony will appear in it, like a thorn near a rose.


Daria Fikelmon

February 14/26. The masquerade at Volkonsky's is the most beautiful of the festivities that one can only see. The Quadrille of the Empress from the opera "The Miraculous Lamp" was excellent and exceptionally rich. She herself looked charmingly beautiful in her costume. Having bypassed all the halls with a cortege, the Empress sat down on the throne, and the participants in her quadrille performed dances very gracefully, but still they could have been better arranged. Then our quadrille began and had a great effect. We danced the minuet and gavotte just fine, and everything, admittedly, turned out lovely.

1840 YEAR

Wilhelm Küchelbecker, poet and public figure, friend of Pushkin and Baratynsky, Pushkin's classmate at the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum, collegiate assessor, Decembrist

October 7/19, . After a very, very unpleasant yesterday, I had fun today like a child. Istomin started for us un petit bal de famille et imaginez vous (a small family ball, and imagine - fr. ) I, an old bastard, danced quadrilles, mazurkas, waltzes without rest, and God knows what else, of course, confused the figures as well as possible ; but, really, we had more fun than at other prim city real balls.


Varvara Morozova, daughter of industrialist and collector A.I. Khludova, philanthropist

July 21/August 2. [...] I looked forward to yesterday, confident that I would see V. I was expecting his arrival with emotional excitement. Finally, I saw him, and he bowed to me for the first time. I was in awe and eagerly awaiting the dance. I told Lydia that I would hate him, unless he invited me to the first quadrille, with trepidation I expected his arrival, he was not there, finally, he came up and engaged me. I was overjoyed and even went so far as to kiss Lydia's hand. How cute she is! Now, I thought, I have confidence in you.

Finally, the quadrille began. God, what attentiveness, courtesy, he seems to want to charm her. From the first minute we began to talk, and then all my suspicions were justified, and I am glad that I can boast of foresight. He said a lot of pleasant things to me, and so the whole evening flew by.

Peter Kropotkin, scientist, anarchist

2 September. Steamboat "Konstantin". [...] On the "Konstantin" the wardroom is 27 feet long (the width of the ship) and 16 feet wide. Here they arranged dances; found 2 violinists, concocted a triangle - that's the orchestra. Of course, there were hunters, and even more so hunters for dancing: priests, the daughter of an ordinary officer, steamship ladies, one ardent food official, the printer Andreev, Kononovich, myself, even Babst. One cannot be satisfied with quadrilles - the tremblant polka, the unchanged mazurka polka, the roll (waltz. - Ed.). But the roll did not go smoothly: the musicians did not know another way than in three steps, convenient for dancing with a pipe in their hands or, perhaps, with a mug of beer - you can be sure that with such slow movements it would not have spilled.


Tatyana Sukhotina-Tolstaya, eldest daughter of L.N. Tolstoy, memoirist

May 29/June 10. [...] This evening papa was talking about what kind of person he would like to marry me to. He says, certainly for a person outstanding in something, but not a secular one. “Like, he says, if a mazurka dances well, it means that he is no good.” In my opinion, too. Are we being judged like this? And I tried so hard to learn how to dance the mazurka best of all, and when Misha Sukhotin told me that he was ashamed to dance with me, because I dance so well, and he is so disgusting, how proud I was!

September 29 (September 17). I just came from the staff room, where my mother is celebrating her name day. They bought harmony and treats, and they dance there. Their dance enthralled me. Arina the cowgirl dances wonderfully: she will pass so smoothly, then she will stop, she will move her shoulders and turn around quickly and start dancing again. I really wanted to go too, but it would be awkward, and they would feel it. No matter how beautiful the waltz and the mazurka are, it is incomparably and less and more beautiful, and goes straight from the heart, and most importantly, more original: everyone shows his character in his dance, and it’s good that this cannot be taught, everyone has his own special manner.

1892 YEAR

Maximilian Voloshin, poet, translator, landscape painter, art and literary critic

December 17/29. The whole evening passed remarkably cheerfully. After a while, almost everyone had already gathered, and the dancing began. Olga V dragged me to dance the polka. "Yes, I don't know how, I never danced!" - "Well, make up your mind, try it!" I made up my mind, and it turned out that I can dance the polka. "Well, now try the waltz!" - "Well, it's me, really, I can't do it at all. After all, I still learned to dance the polka, but never the waltz." - "Well, nonsense, let's go and learn this. After all, you didn't want to dance the polka either." I made up my mind, and it turned out that I could also dance a waltz. So in the end he went out and danced all the time and with all the ladies. I still can't believe that I could dance the polka and the waltz. Now, then, you can say that I'm dancing.

1896 YEAR

Vladimir Lamzdorf, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Empire

February 3/15. Gears tells me about yesterday's costume ball at Grand Duke Vladimir's. [...] Sovereign yesterday, pacing around the living rooms, entering into conversations; it seems to me that his majesty goes too far in his modesty. Girs invited Princess Yusupova to a French quadrille at the moment when the sovereign was approaching her with the same purpose. "Ah, you have already been invited, so let's dance the next quadrille," the sovereign seemed to say. Despite all the efforts of the princess and Girs to prove that no previous agreement could compare with the honor of the royal invitation, the sovereign confirmed his decision and gave Girs the first round of a quadrille with Princess Yusupova.

At a ballroom dance class at the Smolny Institute for Noble Maidens. Photo: Karl Bulla


Vera Khludova, 11 years old

January 11/23. I'm starting to write a diary! [...] Today we went to a dance lesson with the Naydenovs (cousin), where we now dance: polka, waltz, minion, pas de quatre - we dance all this! I love to dance, but only to watch when they dance dances that we did not learn, new ones - then it's very boring! Look around, yawn!

Eugene Lansere, artist, member of the "World of Art" association

January 22-23/February 3-4. Saturday - Sunday. 3 am. I have just returned alone (that is, with Mile) from the very first ball at the Meisners. Mom, Cat, Manya and Kolya still remained. I only want (and only because I haven't written for a long time) to draw a small parallel with the ball at Uncle Lyulya's.

Some facts: then I wanted to be terribly, I was afraid and worried. Then there was some kind of fun dancing (polka, square dance), stayed until 5 in the morning and after that was quite pleased with the evening. Somehow I grew cold and lost my taste for balls (before that, I longed painfully to learn how to dance). Today, until the evening, I hardly thought, I went indifferently and almost confidently. And just as he felt embarrassed, proudly tormented by his boredom, and finally left.

And now it's just the opposite - again I painfully want to learn how to dance, again dances and balls seem to me something magical, a goal that I want to achieve, and I'm already thinking about the academic ball with thirst and I want to learn how to dance, well, at least a waltz!

1902 YEAR

Sergey Zimin, theatrical figure, philanthropist, founder of a private theater

January 18/31. U N.L. Zimin's blessing was a lot of fun. I even danced. To do this, they began to study with the ballet dancer Domashev, a wonderful dancer of the Bolshoi Theater. Small in stature, but surprisingly elegant, he fascinated us all, and we enjoyed studying with him.

1915 YEAR

Sergey Vavilov, physicist

April 30/May 13. Vysniki. I went out into the garden in front of the house. A charming bright May night, the old house is lit in some places and acts as an elegiac bright spot among the ancient chestnut trees. Fun in the yard, tambourines, harmonica. The polka and mazurka are famously beaten off, couples are spinning. It is somehow inexpressibly sad to look at this fun. 2-3 days will pass, there will be Schmidts, Mullers and all sorts of Haudegen. Something like "Feast in the Time of Plague".

Celebration at the collegiate registrar's house. Early 1900s.

1920 YEAR

Nikolai Golovin, professor of geodesy at the Moscow Land Survey and a number of other institutes

January 13/26. Yesterday was St. Tatyana, Alma Mater Day, Moscow University. The day before, the students of the Moscow Polytechnic [Institute and students of the Land Survey Institute] staged a concert-ball on Novaya Basmannaya in the house of the former Prince Kurakin. They invited me, they sent honorary tickets. But neither I nor Marusya could go there. Yesterday the students, and today the listeners reported that the evening was a success, there were teachers and professors with their wives. Many young people stayed until morning. Sofya Ivanovna Bocharnikova, our permanent clerk, stayed until 9hours of the morning. And after her departure, the hidden young people still danced until 11 o'clock in the morning. The artists were pleasantly surprised by the composition of the audience, it was "clean". They say that now it is the greatest rarity.

Nikita Okunev, employee of the shipping company

July 12/25. Oswald Spengler (German) wrote the book "Death of the West", which has an incredible success. It vividly proves that all civilized humanity is now in a period of collapse, an unprecedented catastrophe and on the eve of death. The mass seeks support in crude mysticism and ... in the foxtrot. It means "fox step", the so-called fashionable dance that came from America. This is the legacy of tango. In the tango, he says, there was the refinement of vice, and in the foxtrot there was only the rudeness of depravity.

Yu. Pimenov. NEP. At the restaurant. 1927

1921 YEAR

Nikolai Mendelson, philologist, teacher

5/I. Yesterday in the gymnasium there was a meeting of those who graduated from all the issues. 50-60 people gathered. E.I. Yermolova (Yermilova?) showed off her ballet studio. Ballet is now fashionable, as is poetry. Just as in the old days, very old ones, purse embroidery, the pianoforte and the French language were a necessary part of a girl's upbringing, so now "poetry" - theoretical and practical - and ballet have become the same necessity. Girls and girls from the studio in most external data do not have: bad figures and ugly legs. Two or three, however, nothing. Dancing, in general, is very mediocre.

Ksenia Solovova, chemist

March 14th. I danced in the gymnasium with Kirill Focht, he is so sleepy, he does everything wrong. I didn’t even have much pleasure in dancing! Whether it's Styopa's business, it's nice to be with him, he's so dexterous. He is now quite firmly settled in my heart.

1927 YEAR

Irina Knorring, poet, memoirist, emigrant

February 2nd. For the first, and maybe the last time I saw dancing in Paris. There were many French women, and they gave the evening a peculiar Parisian flavor. Small figurines, cropped hair, raised shoulders, short dresses, lined eyes and bright lips - dolls, porcelain figurines. God ordered them to dance the foxtrot, it is stylish and even beautiful in its own way. And when our Russian aunt with breasts in three girths begins to bend, to stagnate - then this is ridiculous and ugly.

Feature of the new dances: they are not cheerful (not my idea). The French women dance seriously, they perform sacred rites. No flushed cheeks and sparkling eyes. There is no fun and no beauty, but dancing does not always serve fun and aesthetics, and such a touch of two bodies, so close that you feel every curve of the body, reaches its own. Sometimes it is enough to take the hand above the hand to feel the trembling "of the whole body along." Yes, Marina!


Olga Radivilina, schoolgirl

January 3rd. After dinner, everyone began to dance the foxtrot, what a nasty dance it is: people press against each other with their whole bodies up to the head and then move in this position on the floor, making barely noticeable figures that in an ordinary position would be taken for indecent.

People dance the foxtrot to hug each other, why can't they hug without music if they want to? Why is it considered indecent? Why is it not indecent to make voluptuous movements to the music? I don't understand why there are such conventions. If you want to hug, then hug without music.

I really liked Rudzutak's behavior, emphasizing my thoughts. One young woman (one of the people I like in this company) invited him to dance the foxtrot (he doesn't dance at all). He took her, put his arms around her, pressed her to him. She struggled, but he was strong, holding her a little so he released her and said that it was better than a foxtrot. In fact, it's better than the foxtrot. But not everyone is allowed to do this, and not everyone dares to hug a woman, and not every woman will allow herself to be hugged without music.


Boris Sushchenko, resident of Barnaul

December 17th. Left home at 8 yesterday, arrived at 1 1 / 2 at night; played with Oleg Vit. 3 hours in chess, (won), and from 11 am to 1 am - ... "and!" tango and foxtrot! Here are miracles in a sieve, I'm dancing... tango. For the time being, successes on the "bang", the sequence and "formulation" of movements do not fit in the head - the legs fail; summary, or what, start?

K. Korovin. Village dances. 1936 year.

1936 YEAR

Nina Kosterina, Komsomol member, daughter of the repressed writer and journalist A. Kosterin

I would like to start the diary from a date that for some reason stuck in my memory. It was April 8th. I was fifteen years old and celebrating my birthday. At the party I had Alik, Boris, Volodya, Volya, Lusya, Tonya and Vitya. I was worried before the evening and was afraid that it would be boring. However, the evening went well - not a single birthday of my life was so fun. And that evening, for the first time, I "risked" dancing with the boys - with Alik and Vitya. When Alik hugged me around the waist, and I put my hand on his shoulder, I involuntarily shuddered - it was such an exciting and joyful feeling. I have been dancing for a long time and love to dance, but never with such pleasure. Jokingly, Alik lifted me into the air: my heart sank, my breath caught and my cheeks burned with heat ...

In a holiday home. 1938


Dmitry Mikhailov, high school student

November 23rd. For a long time I wondered: "Why don't our guys dance?" After all, the guys 2-3 years older than us already danced in the 8th-9th grades. They don't dance because they are embarrassed to learn. (And why don't I dance? Yes, that's why, too, perhaps).

This evening there were several guys and girls in the class for the rehearsal of the play. Well, they dabbled, of course. I started talking about dancing. Galya Fursova told me: "Dimka, let's learn to dance!" And instead of the usual refusal, I said: "Come on." She looked a little embarrassed, but that's okay. For a few minutes she taught me to dance the foxtrot. Artemov V. (Pistik) immediately wanted to study. She taught him further and almost learned it.

And now I'm sure that all the "leading" guys in our class will start learning to dance. May 3 I celebrated the First of May in a way I couldn't even dream of. We went to the factory yard, where they had a dance. I didn't dance because my shoes fell apart in the winter. I was in my grandmother's leather slippers and therefore huddled on the sidelines. But it didn't spoil my holiday. And in the yard, the bosses, a little tipsy, were dancing so much that it was a pleasure to watch. The accordionist played everything that was asked: a Russian, a gypsy girl, a lady and even a quadrille.

At rest. 1943

1944 YEAR

Vladimir Tarasov, participant in the battles for the liberation of the Baltic States

Yesterday we were given warm footcloths and mittens. Suddenly the radio started playing tango. Kostya and I could not stand it and let's dance. How I would like to arrange a small evening, dance, have fun. But, alas, oh!

Grigory Kasyan, political instructor

December 19th. Hospital N 3336. Toropets. The other day I learned to dance to the button accordion and have already danced the Boston waltz, tango and foxtrot. All this can bring me closer to any circle of people. I attach special importance to dancing. These days of mine are quite interesting, but you will quickly forget about them.

Ion Degen, tank commander, poet

You won't go crazy at the front,

Without learning to forget right away.

We raked out of destroyed tanks

Everything that can be buried in the grave.

The brigade commander rested his chin on his tunic.

I hid my tears. Enough. Stop doing that.

And in the evening the driver taught me,

How to properly dance padespan.

At six o'clock in the evening after the war Photo: from the collection of Vladimir Sergeev

35 funny and touching children's poems about dad


— 1 —

Dad is back
From a business trip.
Cling to boots
Large sneakers,
Dad's jacket
Hug me.
We miss you too.

Mikhail Yasnov, “Dad is back”

— 2 —

How I love you!
How happy I am when we are together
We are going for a walk!
Or making something,
Or just talking.
And what a pity you are again
To let go to work!

Marina Druzhinina, "Daddy-Daddy"

- 3 -

On Sunday, once
Dad saved my kitten.
Cat climbed a tree -
He was afraid of big dogs.
Dad drove all the dogs away
And got me a kitten.
I really want to be like daddy too
Because my dad is
Now a hero for me!

Tatyana Dubovskaya, "My Hero"

— 4 —

Dad holds the umbrella tightly,
I'm dry under the umbrella,
But I can't see the horizon -
I see dad's ear.

This ear is just brilliant!
Before that dear,
That immediately got useful
I kiss him!

Oleg Bundur, “Under an umbrella in the hands of dad”

— 5 —

Dad got up in the morning himself,
He ate everything to the droplet,
Never dropped, imagine, cups,
Never tear
I didn't run barefoot,
I didn't click my tongue,
I didn't make friends with the mongrel -
Dad lived a very boring life!

Oleg Bundur, “How Dad Lived as a Child”

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— 6 —

How many times have you been to the park
My father and I
We went kayaking
My father and I.

There was once a terrible wind,
Dad was a rower.
We were not afraid for a minute
My father and I.

Agniya Barto, Father and I

— 7 —

Good on the carousel
Circle after circle,
Circle after circle,
Good on the carousel
after each other,
after each other,
after each other, after each other

Right away from the carousel
We moved to dad.
Dad -
is better than a carousel!

Oleg Serdobolsky, "It's good on the carousel"

- 8 -

We play chess with dad
And silently chew apples.
My dad is inflexible in the game,
But I attack with the queen!
I started the game wonderfully -
I ate a pawn, a bishop and a knight,
But dad went in an interesting way -
He ate an apple from me!!

Natalia Khrushcheva, “We play chess with dad”

Illustration: Alina Kvaratskhelia / Shutterstock

— 9 —

I quietly get off the sofa at night
And quietly crawl into bed with my dad,
like a mouse,
And so I fall asleep under my father's arm.
And in the morning he will only open his eyes
And he will say cheerfully to me: - Well, miracles!
Where did you come from? That's surprised! -
- Yes, I was always next to you!

Oleg Bundur, "I'm always there"

— 10 —

My dad is tall,
It’s hard to look at him:
You need to lift your head,
To “Hello!” tell him.
He sits me on his shoulders
And rides the whole evening.
Before going to bed he reads books,
In the afternoon we play cat and mouse.
Dad is kind, very strong,
He can do whatever he wants.
I reveal my secret to everyone,
That I adore my dad!

Natalia Anishina, Pape

— 11 —

My father has gone far away.
To be honest, it's not easy for me without my dad.
Dad, if he wants,
can sing a song,
If it's cold,
warm with his warmth.
Dad can
read a fairy tale,
It's hard for me to fall asleep without my dad
I'll get up and quietly
stand at the door,
Dear dad,
come back soon.

Igor Babushkin, "Pape"

- 12 -

Can he play football,
Can he read a book to me,
Can heat up soup for me,
Can watch a cartoon,
Can play checkers,
Can even wash cups,
Can draw cars,
Can collect pictures,
Can give me a ride,
Instead of a fast horse.
Can he catch fish,
Fix the faucet in the kitchen,
Always a hero for me -
My best dad!

Olga Chusovitina, “Poems about dad”

— 13 —

It was raining and the wind knocked me down,
Mom is tired, I'm tired,
It seemed that there is no more strength,
But then dad blocked us,
And we are behind dad's back,
Like behind a stone wall!
Just a little bit more - and on the threshold,
Now it's safer to go:
No longer wind - breeze,
No longer rain, but rain.

Oleg Bundur, "Return from a walk"

- 14 -

If you are along the corridor
Rush on a bicycle,
And towards you from the bathroom
Dad came out for a walk,
0315 There is a solid refrigerator in the kitchen.
Brake better in dad.
Soft dad. He will forgive.

Grigory Oster, “If you are down the corridor…”

— 15 —

An adult can be dangerous,
If he is your father.
You shouldn't annoy him,
If he sat for a long time
At the parents' meeting,
And then he came home,
Already hung the suit in the closet
And loosened the belt.

Grigory Oster, “An adult can be dangerous…”

— 16 —

My dad is a hero!
For the weak - a mountain:
And won't hurt a mosquito.
Same as on screen.
But if he sees blood,
But if he hurts his finger,
Then he can change in an instant
And in our house, like in a hospital: army.
But dad suffers like a hero!

Oleg Bundur, Heroic Dad

Illustration: Alina Kvaratskhelia / Shutterstock

- 17 -

I have a dad!
Ask what it is?
The BRAVEST warrior!
Kind. The smartest one.
How not to brag.
Dad only with mom
Can be shared.
I have a dad!
It doesn't matter what he is!
The best dad in the world,
Because HE IS MY!

Tatyana Bokova, "Papa"

- 18 -

Well, what a funny dad we have -
He constantly comes up with something!
Here, he told me, after returning from work,
That it's raining mushrooms outside.
I clung to the glass in amazement,
I asked for a basket as soon as possible,
To catch mushrooms at least a little -
I'm also an avid mushroom picker!
Only the rain turned out to be simple -
It's a pity that the mushroom hunt didn't work out. ..
Dad will always come up with something,
Well, what a funny dad we have!

Alexey Shmykov, “Well, what a funny dad we have”

— 19 —

I would like to look
Two meters tall,
I would like to understand
Everything that is not easy,

I would like boots,
Size - forty-five!
I would like a two-pound weight
Lift a kettlebell,

I would like it if they cry,
Know how to laugh,
I would like a suit
Striped to sew,

I would like a hat with a brim
Wide hat,
Then I would become
Look like dad!

Oleg Bundur, "I would"

- 20 -

If my dad were a captain,
He would swim in the seas-oceans,
And I would
Without dad
Missed ...

If my dad flew planes,
He made long-distance flights,
And I would
Without dad
Missed ...

If my dad was a machinist,
If dad was a climber,
If he raced in a space rocket -
I would, then
Without dad,
I missed you!

But my dad is here, at a neighboring factory,
Every morning he starts the car,
And I meet him at home in the evening,
I meet, I meet,
But still
I miss you!

Oleg Bundur, “I miss my dad”

— 21 —

I really wanted,
I really wanted —
And I flew,
And I flew!
Below floated
Trees and roofs,
And the birds shouted:
- Higher, higher!
And the air smelled
And the sea and summer,
But that's not the point,
But that's not the point,
But that was flying
Above me in the sky
My dad!
My dad,
Not believing me!

Oleg Bundur, “But dad didn't believe”

— 22 —

We put a lock in the door.
The old door could not hold:
We inserted from two o'clock.
Finally the castle is ready.
And bolt.
My dad was delighted.
Slammed the door. Departed.

How much worse?
Dad and I are outside…

Igor Shevchuk, Novy Zamok

— 23 —

My dad is the strongest,
My dad knows everything.
About the automotive world,
And various animals.

About mountains and roads,
About everything that is around.
Sometimes dad is strict,
But he is always my friend.

And to top it off, once...
He told me himself.
He was a soldier in the army
And he served the Motherland.

To quarrels all reasons
For us are equal to zero.
He is the standard of a man -
And I love him.

My dad is the best!
I'll say this about him!..
And he loves us with his mother!
This is how we live!

Viktor Gvozdev, "My Dad"

- 24 -

You are strong and brave,
And the biggest,
You scold - on business,
And praise - with soul!

You are the best friend,
You will always protect,
You will teach where necessary,
You will forgive for a prank.

To our questions
You know the answers,
You smoke a cigarette,
You read a newspaper.

Any damage
Easy to repair,
And puzzle
You are quick to solve.

I'm walking beside me,
I'm holding my hand!
I imitate you,
I am proud of you.

Irina Gurina, Poems about Dad

Illustration: Alina Kvaratskhelia / Shutterstock

— 25 —

for every answer.

Blowing smoke rings,
Putting glasses on the nose,
"What can be indelible?" -
He once asked a question.

Then everyone thought a little
And expressed his opinion:
I shouted merrily: "Cat!"
And my mother sighed: “Underwear…”

Natalia Khrushcheva, “My father is a scientist-philosopher”

— 26 —

In the morning my mother exclaimed: “Sleep!”
Dad jumped up in bed: "Yeah?!"
In an instant they dug out clothes in the closet
And gathered in one minute.
Mom put on daddy's pants
(Didn't have time to find a skirt!)
Dad didn't get a single piece of pants -
I had to go to work in a skirt.
Mom put on a tunic with shoulder straps
(Dad serves in the police with us,
He is a lieutenant colonel, and mom is a teacher,
She did not want to be late for class!)
A police cap with a coat of arms
It fell off the shelf on my mother!
A mustachioed lady came out of the house.
With her under the arm - a ruddy hero.
In general, excellent mapa and pama
Went outside early.

Galina Dyadina, “Mom and Dad”

— 27 —

How much I love
Traveling with dad to grandma.
I don't interfere with her dad
Push pancakes.

Wash hands before eating
Poor daddy walks around.
Everything threatens him with trouble —
Even though he's such a cutie!

Elbows stuck out funny,
He doesn't pick at the cabbage soup. ..
But granny doesn't care -
Just know - she finds fault.

Then he does not sit straight!
That's not so napkin!
For her, after all, my dad is
Little baby.

I can be weird all night long.
Well, dad -
good boy,
So as not to make granny angry,
Exactly at ten -
good luck!

Igor Shevchuk, "Let's go with dad to grandma"

- 28 -

Had a little son
Kind dad - Giant.
Dad had a giant
Cup holder and a glass.

He had a pillow,
Like a snowy mountain.
Giant's newspaper
He has been reading since morning.

With a giant sandwich
He drank coffee. And then
Stuffed a large pipe
with "Captain's" tobacco.

Father had a Giant.
A very small son,
Into a very small mug
Pouring tomato juice.

The Giant To the Giant
He reached his knees
And he could hardly keep up with his dad on a walk

But he put him on his shoulders
Good dad - Giant.
And the son reached out towards
the sun, birds, clouds.

Heinrich Sapgir, "The Giant and the Giant"

— 29 —

My dad is handsome
And strong as an elephant.
Beloved, attentive,
He is affectionate.

I am looking forward to
Dad from work.
Always in my briefcase
He brings something.

My dad is resourceful,
Smart and brave.
He can handle it
Even a difficult task.

He is also a naughty fellow,
a mischievous and prankster.
With him every day of my life
Turns into a holiday.

My dad is funny,
But strict and honest.
Read books with him
And it's interesting to play.

And it's boring without dad
Nobody knows how to laugh so loudly.

My dad is a wizard.
He is the nicest.
He instantly turns
into whatever you ask.

He can become a clown,
Tiger, giraffe.
But best of all
He knows how to be a dad.

I will hug him
And quietly whisper:
— My daddy, I love you
I love you very much!

You are the most caring,
The dearest,
You are kind, you are the best
And you are only mine!

Lika Razumova, "Papa"

- 30 -

Dad is having fun, fun with us,
He arranged a vacation for mom,
We gave dad a tsunami, ,
And he laughs with all his hands,
And he laughs with all his sides,
And he doesn't want to educate us!

Dad has fun, fun with us,
We are his zoo with elephants,
With monkeys, tigers, lions,
Our dad is in the zoo now -
And he laughs with all his legs,
And he laughs with all his hands,
And he laughs with all his sides,
And he doesn't want to educate us!

Dad has fun, fun with us,
Mom's hair will stand on end
In such a hurricane and in a tsunami,
At the zoo, where dad is now.
Mom will look at this in horror,
She will fall on the sofa like a rocket,
She will fall with all legs,
She will fall with all hands,
She will fall with all sides,
And he wants to educate us!

Yunna Moritz, Fun!

Illustration: Alina Kvaratskhelia / Shutterstock

— 31 —

Little boy
Petya Timochkin
Dad was very forgetful.
Leaving the house,
Turn off Petya
Forgot the kitchen faucet, as always.

Timochkin Sr.,
Petechkin's father,
Petya was also forgetful.
Having finished work,
Turn off dad
I forgot the faucet in the watering machine.

Dad came to apartment
just in time, as always.
He plugged his chest
Cracks and holes...
The city is saved - the water receded!

At that moment
Petya Timochkin
Just hanging around the car.
Petya noticed the water in time -
Turned off the tap and he saved fellow citizens.

Papa and Petya
No exceptions
The announcer praised, as usual, later:
– Petya and Papa
From floods
They serve as a reliable shield for the city!

Mom read
News in the newspaper.
Dropping a tear at the headline,
Mom said
to Dad and Petya:
- Still, you are great with me!

Igor Shevchuk, “About Petya and Papa”

- 32 -

The lamp is burning ...
Thick Book
He took out from the cabinet,
he wrote out a notebook
and notebooks,
should tomorrow
Exam to take!
Petya sharpened for him
Petya said:
- Be sure to pass!

Adults study
After work,
Carry in briefcases
Notebooks, notebooks,
Read books,
Look in dictionaries.
Dad today
Didn't sleep until dawn.

Petya advises:
— Listen to me,
Make yourself
Schedule of the day!

Shares experience
Petya with his father:
— The main thing,
Come out with a cheerful face!

It won't help you
Cheat sheet!
You're messing with her in vain,
It's a pity for time!

Adults study
After work.
They go with a book
Pilots for the exam.
With a thick briefcase
A singer comes,
Even the teacher
Hasn't finished studying!

— Does your dad have
What grades? -
Neighbor's daughter

And confesses,
— Our troika:
Too excited!

Agniya Barto, “Dad has an exam”

— 33 —

We haven’t seen dad
A long time ago,
Since then
Like on the streets
It has become dark…

Mom to work
Evening shift,
Mom left,
She entrusted Lena to me.

Lenka and I alone
We stay in the apartment.
Suddenly a military man enters
In a green uniform.

— Whom did you come to? —
I asked the major. —
Mom from work
She won't be back soon.

Suddenly - I look -
He rushes to Lenka,
He picked her up,
He put her on his knees.

He bothers me too
- What are you, son,
Don't recognize your father?

I hug the major,
I don't understand anything:

— You don't look like your dad!
Look - he's younger! —
I took the portrait out of the closet —
Look — here's my dad!

He laughs at me:
— Oh, my dear Petka!

Then he started
Throw Lenka up -
I got scared:
He will hit the wall.

Agniya Barto, “He has returned…”

Illustration: Alina Kvaratskhelia / Shutterstock

— 34 —

Here is a briefcase,
Coat and hat.
Dad's day
Day off.
Not gone
He will be with me.

What are we going to do now
This together
We will discuss.
I'll sit with dad
On the bed -
Let's get together

Would you like to go
To the Botanical Museum?
Shall we call
All acquaintances and friends?

Should I give
to the workshop
A headless horse?
Shall we buy
Turtle for me?

Or you can
Make a kite
From a sheet of paper,
If you have
A little glue
And a washcloth
For the tail.

A rattlesnake will fly
Above clouds! Now let's get up! -
We answered together.

We are dressed
And shod.
We shaved
In two minutes.
Shaving -
Dad shaved,
Not me!)

We made the bed ourselves.
We drank tea with my mother.
And then they said to their mother:
— Goodbye! Do not miss!

In front of the house on Sadovaya
We got into a new trolleybus.
From the open window
All Sadovaya is visible.

Pobeda rushing in flocks,
Muscovites, bicycles.
The postman is traveling with the mail.

Here is a blue car
Drives around, watering
Pavement from both sides.

I got out of the
Dad jumped out after me.

And then
We took a ride
In a passenger car.

And then
They went down to the subway
And rushed
Near Moscow.

And then
They shot at the shooting range
At the leopard
Ten times:
Dad - six,
And I - four:
In the belly,
In the ear,
In the forehead
And in the eye!

That day
There was a sky over Moscow,
And lilacs were blooming in the gardens.

We walked
around the zoo.
The watchman was fed there
The crocodile
And the guinea fowl,
The antelope
And the walrus.

They gave beets
And in the pool
Something is wet...
It was a hippopotamus!

I rode
On a pony, -
These are small
Traveled straight
And around,
In a gibberish
And on horseback.

Me and dad
It got hot.
We melted like wax.
Outside the zoo
We found a kiosk.

From the silver faucet
Citro splashed.
I got
Half a glass,
And I would like -

We returned
By tram,
We brought home

Walking up the stairs,
Limping —
So tired
This day!

I pressed the call of a friend —
He answered me, ringing,
And calmed down ...
How quiet at home,
If I'm not at home!

Samuil Marshak, Good Day

— 35 —

We played a papa train,
The fastest papa train,
The best papa train:
I was driving, and dad was carrying.

He didn't agree for a long time,
He didn't want to puff seriously,
And then, as soon as he broke up -
And he went and drove!

The cupboard was knocked down.
Chair dropped.
It became crowded in our apartment.
Let's go to the yard
And fly at full speed!

That's it, dad!
Well, speed!
Bypassed the car, train,
Catching up with the plane,
Let's get ahead!

The pape truck rushes like the wind
To the state border -
Only dust flies in the eyes ...
They slipped through the border -
It must have happened like this -
The brakes failed!

It's impossible even to remember,
How many countries we have seen...
Suddenly we meet a road sign:

Dad, without slowing down,
Crosses the water with his chest
And - having raised a wave, floats -
A real steamboat!

From the mist before us
Iceberg has grown like a mountain…
Papohod waved his arms,
Papolet flies —

Flying over China,
Dad suddenly remembered:
— Wait!
We'll be late for dinner,
We're coming home!

We flew like a rocket.

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