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A Deep Dive Into 'Mr. Six,' The Nightmarish Six Flags Dancing Mascot

Nobody in the world is better at making genuine horrors come to life than advertising agencies. For some reason, they just have a knack for tapping into things that will stick with us, no matter if that costs innumerable mental anguish and the insertion of a cranial tapeworm into the nation just to sell their product. There was, perhaps, no greater advertising tapeworm unleashed upon this nation than Mr. Six, Six Flags' dancing geriatric that prompted most people to want to see an actual, live death on their television screens every time he popped up. 

Mr. Six is one of those advertising characters that may (hopefully) never come back, but it doesn't matter. He's done his damage. He's a leaky nuclear reactor; once that shit oozes out into the world, it's there for good. Seeing Mr. Six just one time on your screen shared the same meltdown side effects, where I'm pretty sure you could grow a third eye if you stared for too long. A third eye that would always be looking towards the advertising agency that created this monster, like the Eye of Sauron, burning with hatred and fueled by an insatiable quest for vengeance. 

Six Flags

Your fourth eye would simply look at Mr. Six, and instantly go blind. 

We, unfortunately, will not be finding any vengeance here today, but maybe in this deep dive of all things Mr. Six, we can have our own collective therapy session to come to terms with this heinous creature as one equally affected group.

4 The Origins Of A Monster

Though it may seem like a drunken caricature artist stumbled onto the tracks of Superman and was hit with so much force that he wasn't instantly evaporated but sent directly to hell. Where he went on a vision quest with the devil to come up with the worst monster they could unleash on Earth and stepped back into the Six Flags with Mr. Six in tow, the creation scenario was far less forgivable. 

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As with most terrible things, Mr. Six was conceived within the walls of an advertising agency. Sometime in the early 2000s, the Six Flags brief fell across the desk of some creatives at Doner Advertising. A moment that has me reconsidering what my time travel moment would be, perhaps willing to take a detour on my noble quest all the way back to 1991 to be able to see Point Break on the big screen, I might have to plug in 2004 and snatch that assignment right off of their desks before this could have ever happened. I don't care if it set off a chain reaction that altered the course of humanity, and it turns out Mr. Six was the glue that kept us from starting another Cold War; it would still be worth it.

Six Flags

We need institutions in place to stop things like this from happening. Continue Reading Below

But I can't, and the project moved forward. One has to assume that he was created by a committee. A committee of some of the world's worst tastes were all converging together, like a Megazord of the office's laziest ideas. Someone in the meeting room tosses up a pen into the air with the first salvo, "I mean ... we could just do a guy who dances? A dancing guy?"

Boom. It's on the board. Brilliant. Riding the high of this absurdly loose room where bad ideas are nurtured and cared for like the last remaining nest of an endangered hawk species, another idiot raises their voice. "Yeah, and what about if he's old? Like. Dancing is cool. But old people dancing, that's funny, too." That man is instantly given a promotion to the head of the company because all they do is reward mediocrity, and he's now running the meeting, where he calls on the next participant of this hell session. 

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"But, like, he's old. For sure. But what if he's also young. What if he is played by a young person so that he can move and dance around like someone in their 20s, but we'll just pretend that he's old and never acknowledge this."

Six Flags

"It's the exact opposite of The Irishman, a movie that doesn't exist yet!" Continue Reading Below

The room lights up, and before that person can be promoted to head of advertising for the entire world, another chimes in. " And to make him look old, we're going to get the world's shittiest prosthetics guy. Like, I mean, he is going to look old in the way that would only look like an actual old person with that foggy film of a fever dream, but when you're awake, he'll just look like a horrific tortoise that was yanked out of the burn unit." The meeting room starts raining money through the overhead sprinkler system. 

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One last employee steps up, ready to drop the hammer. "And to cap it all off… we get the Vengaboys, baby. He dances … to … 'We Like to Party'." The building goes full supernova of the energy of a team rallying behind a truly awful idea and explodes, leveling the city until nothing remains but an ashy Mr. Six rising from the rubble.

3 Hell Is Unleashed

In 2004, the campaign debuted on television screens across the nation. In it, an idyllic, yet bored, suburban neighborhood lays dormant. Unbothered. Just kind of relaxing on a nice weekend day when a bus shows up. Out steps an "old man" in a tuxedo, rimmed glasses, and looking like an alien has visited and gone to a B-Movie prop house in order to find a costume that just slightly approximates the human form. They look on as he walks in front of them, assuming he's a lost pervert there to try some nonsense with their kids; they're (rightly) ready to kill Mr. Six already. 

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Then, he goes and makes it fully legal to do so by blasting an instrumental version of "We Like to Party." Then proceeding to dance in a way that will not just make you uncomfortable but will make you wish a polio vaccine was never invented for this generation. Somehow charmed by this gyrating young man in a blatant old person costume, they fall for his bullshit and hop aboard and head for the nearest Six Flags park.

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The second commercial is more of the same. Another unsuspecting family is harassed by this roaming demon bus carrying the worst cargo of all time. He shows up, he dances in their faces, and they go, out of some kind of obligation more like they're under a spell, and certainly not because this perverted creep actually made a compelling offer. 

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With these two spots, a sensation was born. It was born because this country is full of absolute idiots. Of course, this took off. Nothing is more predictable than this being a success with our national audiences. We feed off of garbage. Mr. Six sticks because he's exactly what we deserve. 

If we had a more notched-up intellect, a greater collective national taste, then maybe we wouldn't be spoon-fed a dancing demon built to easily usher us to a day of spending 200+ dollars to stand in a line beneath a 90-degree sun and another few hundred figuring out the mystery illnesses we're leaving the waterpark with. It's just what we deserve. So then, in the span of less than a year, Mr. Six was absolutely everywhere.

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2 Not Here For A Long Time, Here For A Bad Time.

Here To Make Everyone Have A Bad Time

In the mid-2000s, when it came to things that blew up, it was the shittier, the better. The music of the time was maybe the worst our country has ever produced, Entourage was all the rage on TV, and everyone dressed like goddamn idiots. So it was pretty easy for Mr. Six to slide right in. 

Because he instantly blew up, Six Flags jumped right on the popularity, plastering him all over the parks and even dubbing him the "Ambassador of Fun." Sit with that for a second. He's the best we can do. Our torchbearer towards fun is a young guy playing an old guy, dancing to a song that was already past its prime and telling us that the way to fun is Six Flags. This is, potentially, a true national low. 

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As is tradition when marking low points for our society, Mr. Six even appeared on an episode of Good Morning America. The place where, by the time you see something catching on with that audience, you know it's far too late to stop it. When it's hitting the middle-aged crowd at home with nothing better to do but watch that filth, you can be sure that it's something you don't want to go anywhere near. It doesn't matter if it's the thing you love most on this planet; if you ever look up and see it on Good Morning America, not only is it so far gone that you will never get it back, but you need to distance yourself from it and cut off all contact from there on out.


Diane Sawyer resigned 30 seconds after this segment aired.  Continue Reading Below Continue Reading Below

Six Flags jumped on the sensation and hosted a Mr. Six lookalike contest at one of their parks, inviting anyone to show up and put on their best moves for a chance at a few grand. In researching this, I hoped to find out that five, maybe six people showed up. Just there to try to get a nice little paycheck and forget that they ever participated in such a heinous thing. I was wrong. Around 200 people showed up to put on their best Mr. Six and further illustrate just how over this American experiment was long before these days when that reality is staring us in the face every day.

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How do you not stop your loved ones before they can go to that? Your husband is there in the bathroom, getting his tuxedo and red bow tie ready. Doing his Mr. Six dance moves in the mirror. Your heart sinks. This is the man you've anchored yourself to for life. You want to run, to sprint to the door and to the car and drive until you're out of gas and never look back. But you can't. You've got kids. You've got kids with a man who would compete in a Mr. Six lookalike contest, and that reality hits you like a ton of bricks. 

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You begin to tell yourself that you deserve this. That you were the one dumb enough to fall in love with someone who could possibly participate in a Mr. Six lookalike contest. A wave of surrender washes over you, and you force a smile, tell him he looks great, and get ready to warm up the car. It was all too late; Mr. Six had already made his mark -- there was no going back.

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1 He Burned Bright, He Burned Hot

One of the craziest things about the Mr. Six character is that, at least to me, it feels like it went on forever. Like this campaign lasted decades and, in some ways, I feel like it's still on. Turning on my television and bracing for him to appear, like a shell-shocked man returning to televised Vietnam. But, in reality, the whole thing really went on for a year. 

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In 2005, when notoriously bad human being Dan Snyder bought Six Flags, one of his very first missions was to erase Mr. Six from the face of the Earth. Think about that for a second. A guy who is a well-documented piece of shit still had the sense to know this guy had to go. It almost gives you hope in the human condition. In our ability to learn and recognize utter garbage, even if it doesn't happen right away. I can only wonder if you sat Mussolini in a focus group of any Geico commercial if even he'd be like, "Eh, this is simply too monstrous to unleash on the world.


“At least Mussolini made the ads run on time.” Continue Reading Below

As quickly as he did his violent dance of a drowning man into our lives, Mr. Six was out of there. Having left an indelible mark on all of us. By indelible, I, of course, mean the way he entwined himself into our soul like a branded genital wart that can never be removed.
But who was Mr. Six? Surely, that was not actually an old man in there. That much was obvious. If anyone over 60 tried those spastic moves, their bones would pop into a cloud of fine, visible dust like their body just did a gender reveal party. As with all things Mr. Six, the horror is ramped up when you find out that beneath all of that was actually a handsome, ripped young man. 

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Mr. Six (pack)

Wrapped up in a serious NDA at the time, it took years for Danny Teeson to be able to come forward as the real Mr. Six. In what had to be therapeutic for him, to be able to get that off his chest once and for all.  

It just all goes to show how stupid these kinds of campaigns are anyway. Wouldn't it have been better for everyone if you just had this handsome dancing dude invite people to come dance and party with him at Six Flags, rather than actively make him terrifying to look at and be around before doing so? Of course, we aren't that lucky; it's the job of these advertising agencies to put us through hell and to come up with the biggest assault to our eyeballs that they possibly can. 

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There was even an attempt at a second round of Mr. Six torment a few years later when the character was briefly brought back. This time, though, the nation had finally wised up, and we kicked that hairless freak to the curb where he belongs. We know how this goes, though, all ideas come back, and there's no doubt he'll return again one day. We just have to be ready with a purpose-built rollercoaster that looks really high, so high that it touches the clouds, but we promise it comes back down, strap him in, and let him find out the hard way that thing isn't ever coming back down to us.


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    See What the Dancing Six Flags Old Man Really Looks Like — Best Life

    Remember the old Six Flags commercials featuring an "old man" dancing wildly to techno music? Now that we've reminded you, the song—"We Like to Party!" by Vengaboys—is probably stuck in your head (sorry!). The iconic commercials featuring Mr. Six, as Six Flags dubbed him, ran on constant rotation in the early 2000s. But you may not have realized that the man playing Mr. Six was only 29 when the commercials were filmed. What's more, he's a celebrated choreographer, who's worked with some of the biggest pop stars on the planet. Read on to learn more about the mystery man behind one of the most famous commercial mascots of all time.

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    Mathew Imaging / FilmMagic / Getty Images

    When Six Flags first launched its Mr. Six campaign in 2004, the company took great pains to conceal the identity of the man behind the old man costume. "He is the spirit of Six Flags," a Six Flags executive told USA Today in 2004. "He comes to take people away from their boredom."

    But in 2006, rumors began flying that the elderly dancer was then-29-year-old dancer Danny Teeson. At that point, Teeson was best known as a cast member of Queer Eye for the Straight Girl, a spin-off of the hit Bravo TV show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. 

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    Vince Bucci / Getty Images

    Teeson, now 46, grew up in the U.K. and attended Laine Theater Arts, a dance school in Surrey, according to his LinkedIn profile. Soon after graduating from Laine, Teeson appeared in the original London cast of the musical Fame.

    Not long after, he scored his iconic mascot role. In a 2018 interview with Bustle, Teeson revealed that he was required to sign a non-disclosure agreement when he signed up to be Mr. Six. "People speculated whether it was really an old man. One publication said it was Paris Hilton," Teeson told Bustle. "It was fun when friends around me found out that I had a completely secret alter ego as Mr. Six. It's still fun and surprising when they do all these years later. I actually did one job at the Dallas Park as Mr. Six dancing next to a friend I had known for 20 years, and she had no idea it was me until I told her years later."

    Barry King / WireImage / Getty Images

    In 2009, Teeson was a judge on a short-lived dance competition show. He then landed a gig as a director and choreographer with the Disney Channel, according to his IMDb profile. There, he choreographed routines for a slew of Disney productions, including KC Undercover, Austin & Ally, and Girl Meets World.ae0fcc31ae342fd3a1346ebb1f342fcb

    Recently, Teeson designed theatrical shows for Princess Cruises, he told Bustle. He also choreographed shows for pop stars, including Carrie Underwood, Paula Abdul, and Kelly Clarkson, he revealed to the outlet.

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    Enos Solomon / Contributor / Getty Images

    Teeson told Bustle that the feeling of getting the role was "unbelievable." "I actually cried because it was such a big deal at the time, and the contract was for three years, which is amazing in my industry. I never thought I was going to get it," he said.

    Unfortunately for Teeson, Mr. Six was, well, eighty-sixed in 2005 when entrepreneur Dan Snyder took over Six Flags and decided the amusement park needed a revamp, The New York Post reported.

    Six Flags eventually realized its mistake and brought Mr. Six back in 2009. By that point, Teeson had already moved on. But he told Bustle he still remembers the role fondly. Playing Mr. Six was "a really special time for me," he said, "and I got to have amazing experiences being a rock star in disguise."

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    Mister ITMO winners talk about what is behind the student show

    For almost two months, eight ITMO University students have been preparing for the main competition of this winter, the Mister ITMO contest. To do this, the guys had to not only spend long hours in the gym, but also edit videos, try their hand at an unusual dance style and discover new talents. As a result, the title of ITMO Mister was won by Egor Marinenkov, a student of the Mega Faculty of Computer Technologies and Management, Ilya Chistyakov, who entered ITMO University at FITiP this year, became Vice-Mister, and the Audience Award went to a third-year student of the LISI Faculty and aspiring businessman Konstantin Pervukhin. The winners told ITMO in an interview about how to have time to prepare numbers and engage in science and business, whether it is really more difficult to stay on stage than writing code, and why Mister ITMO is not a typical beauty and talent contest at all. NEWS.

    When you first learned about the contest, were you afraid to participate ?

    Egor Marinenkov : I heard about the competition when I was in my first year, and first I went there as a volunteer. After that, I learned how such events are held in principle, I saw what was happening behind the scenes. Of course, I met many guys, after which I was first recommended as a partner in a couple to the Miss ITMO contestant, I also helped to stage a creative number for one of the girls, and then I was offered to participate myself. I thought why not.

    Ilya Chistyakov : I also knew about the competition for a long time, but at first, when I looked at the criteria, I saw the item “talents”, I realized that I had no special talents and abandoned this idea. But just a few days before the end of the qualifying round, I was still once again advised to participate, convincing me that even if there was nothing to show, I could, as they say, "take it with charisma. " With my best friend, we wrote a stand-up, I prepared it, went out, told it, screwed it up. But charisma really did not disappoint. As a result, I was accepted into the competition.

    Konstantin Pervukhin : At first I also doubted that I would show something worthwhile, because I don't know how to sing or dance. But the organizers still convinced me to go try it. In the end, I just decided to talk about the active lifestyle that I lead, a friend helped to prepare the video. There was also my first parachute jump, wakesurf trips, my travels, but not only. In addition to this and my studies, I also recently started a business - now I sell helium balloons. I thought it would be very useful to talk about this experience too.

    Egor Marinenkov

    The preparation took almost two months. I had to work hard in the gym, put on new numbers, come up with images. What was the hardest thing?

    Konstantin: The first month we mostly devoted to physical training, performed a huge set of exercises - these are burpees, push-ups, and planks. By the way, we were trained by Zhenya Ershov, this is the vice-mister of the last year and the coach. Then we started to work more closely with creative numbers, elaboration of images and defile. My creative number included a chemical show, the preparation was not easy, because it is quite difficult to get all the props in a short time. And I had nitrogen in my room, and dry ice, and other elements. Later on the stage I had to improvise a little, since not everything turned out as planned.

    Ilya: For the creative competition, I had to think through a huge number of ideas, unfortunately, not all of them can be implemented in principle. As a result, my idea was finally formed only a week before the competition. The number itself included a comedy skit where I talked about my life. Judging by the response, everything turned out well.

    Chemistry show in Konstantin Pervukhin's performance at the Mister ITMO 2018 competition

    Yegor, you have more experience in performing, after all, you have been dancing for many years. How did you prepare the number?

    Egor : Initially, I wanted to put on a number like the movie "Step Up", which I really like. There just correlate two types of dance - classical and street styles. But in the end, organizing everything in the best possible way was not easy. I was offered two options, including with the participation of extras, but I think it would not work to prepare for this in a short time and do everything perfectly. In the end, I chose the option in which I was most confident.

    Egor Marinenkov's dance at the Mister ITMO 2018 competition

    It was not easy with the selection of images for the competition. At first I thought about Neo from The Matrix, and even about Gagarin, whom, by the way, Ilya then took away from me. I went through almost every famous person I could think of, but I realized that I didn't look like any of them. As a result, friends advised me to choose the image of Van Damme. Moreover, I really liked the way he danced in Kickboxer. But in the end, they didn’t stop at dancing alone: ​​I showed this image from two sides - as a character from Kickboxer and as Van Damme, whom everyone knows, that is, a person who practices martial arts.

    Have you discovered new talents in yourself?

    Egor : Before, I didn't get around to try myself in other dance styles. And it is no coincidence that the problem of all ballroom dancers is that we only feel confident in ballroom dancing. But for a very long time I wanted to try myself in new styles, to practice locking (a funky dance style also associated with hip-hop - ed.), and I succeeded at the competition, I was satisfied.

    Ilya : Back in school, of course, we also had dances, on a primitive level, but here you understand that when a professional choreographer tells you how to move correctly, noticing those little things that you yourself lose sight of, this is a completely different matter. Trite at such competitions, you understand that it is normal to pass in front of a large number of spectators - it is much more difficult than we thought. For me, all these things were really new.

    Konstantin: I think that thanks to the competition I became a much more open, sociable person, because at the competitions you had to look for people who would help you with a creative number, with an image. This is a valuable skill in my daily life, because in addition to my studies, I start doing business. Interestingly, I also acted as a partner of the event. I think that thanks to such activity, more people will know about my work.

    Standard beauty and talent contests are often perceived with irony. What makes the Mister ITMO competition different from them? After all, this is not just a competition where participants show their external data.

    Konstantin : By the way, I had a very funny moment with my hair. For the image of Ronaldo, which I chose, I needed to make a mohawk. But at the military department where I study, this idea was not very appreciated.

    Ilya : From the outside it really seems to many that all such contests are the same. Yes, and some said to me: “Why did you go to the beauty contest?” But when you see all this from the inside, you understand how much you need to work on yourself, you find out that this is far from just a beauty contest, where you just need to dress up, take pictures and go on stage a couple of times. It's really hard work.

    Konstantin Pervukhin

    And how did you manage to combine everything with studies?

    Konstantin : The preparation before the final took about 12 hours, so, of course, now it is necessary to make up for lost moments.

    Egor : During the "Mister" I managed to complete six items, my friends helped me a lot, now I have to finish four more. But in general, I have been living in a rather rigid rhythm for a long time: I have been training, dancing for a long time, from grade 9 to 11, in addition to this and study, I worked. And when I entered the university, I realized that I could no longer live outside this frenzied regime, so I got a job as a coach again and continued to dance in a ballroom dance studio, now at ITMO University. In general, a month of rest in the summer is enough for me, when there are no trainings and dances, and then again I need to join this rhythm.

    Does this concentration also help in studies? In general, how does extracurricular activity correlate with the direction you have chosen?

    Mister ITMO 2018 awards ceremony

    Egor : I think, yes, the habit of living in such a rhythm rather helps. Especially when you live in a stressful mode, you gradually begin to get used to schedule changes, you learn to improvise. Unforeseen situations are no longer scary at all.

    As for the direction that I chose - this is information security - I understand that I really like it. Of course, now the second year and I'm just starting to study many aspects, while there are still many general education subjects. But further, I think, I will be able to more specifically determine my priorities. Scientific activity also gives a big impetus to development - this year I started working at the Center for the Study and Development of Multi-Agent Systems at the Faculty of Information Technology Security (BIT). This activity allows you not to stop there, stimulate the brain, you want to constantly learn something new, learn, participate in new projects.

    Ilya, you are the youngest participant, but you already have such success in extracurricular activities. As for studies, how do you plan to develop in the future?

    Ilya Chistyakov

    I have only the first course so far. But already somewhere in the ninth grade, I realized that I wanted to enter ITMO University. A big role in the choice was also played by the fact that there is a very active student life here, a fairly large amount of time is devoted to developing the potential of students in addition to studying.

    Convinced of this, even before entering I also studied and considered different directions in order to understand which of these was closest to me. The direction "Information technologies and programming" seemed to me the most interesting, on the one hand, on the other hand, it was broad enough to further define more specifically the areas in which I could develop. Therefore, I do not regret the choice of specialty at all.

    Kostya, on the contrary, you are already in your third year, besides, you mentioned that you recently launched your own project. Have you already thought about what you plan to do in the future, after graduation?

    Yes, I study at the military department, so everything is really serious. I have a very good group, the teachers are quite loyal, so I managed to combine my studies with preparation and participation in the Mister ITMO competition. But as for the future, I do not think that after graduation I will work as an engineer in my specialty. It is much more interesting, in my opinion, to open your own business and develop your company. Four months ago, I launched my first balloon sales project. This is a kind of family business, my sister and my girlfriend help me with this. This is the first experience, in the future, I think, it will be possible to implement other projects.

    However, even though I plan to change my trajectory, I believe that a good technical education will always come in handy in life anyway. Indeed, in this case, a person can already achieve much more, move to a new stage of life, develop in many areas, without limiting himself to one thing. In addition, education helps to organize yourself, and this is important in life and in all subsequent projects that you plan to launch.

    Mister ITMO 2018 award ceremony

    The end of the year is coming soon, and many have already begun to sum up the results. How did you remember the outgoing 2017 for you? And are there any plans for a new one?

    Konstantin : Last year I just jumped with a parachute for the first time in my life, went on a trip, I was lucky to work at the Confederations Cup, in addition, I opened my first business. I think it's good for one year. The next one also has plans and thoughts on new projects, but still ahead.

    Egor : In the past year, I just started to immerse myself in scientific activities, now I am working on multi-agent systems, in particular quadrocopters. They constitute a self-organizing group in which they communicate with each other without human intervention, for example, they can perform various private tasks in this mode. I was interested in the section "Cyber-Physical Systems", I'm starting to dive into this area more and more. I think that this direction is really our future, so in the future I want to continue to develop my knowledge in the chosen field.

    At the same time, I would like to develop myself in science as well, since I have always loved mathematics. This is a wonderful thing that allows you to prove on paper what no one suspected, and then recreate it in real life. On the one hand, this sounds like a challenge for you personally, on the other hand, when you immerse yourself in this area, you begin to understand that a limited circle of specialists is engaged in this, if not in the world, then in Russia for sure.

    Rector Vladimir Vasiliev at the Mister ITMO 2018 competition

    In your opinion, what are the prospects for you when you graduate from university? Is there really a real opportunity to engage in scientific activities within the chosen direction?

    In my opinion, even if not everything is just in science yet, there is no point in whining about it. After all, our task is to change what we don’t like yet. You can try to do what others can’t do yet or simply don’t do for various reasons, there are opportunities for this, and I’m just trying to implement them.

    To the top

    A pseudo-millionaire from Belogorsk became the hero of the show "Mr. X" on the TV channel "Friday" (photo) - Amurskaya Pravda

    19 girls are fighting for the heart of an Amur resident

    Igor Savan People

    26-year-old from Belogorsk became the main character of the program about the search for love "Mr. X" on the Friday TV channel. Igor is a simple guy who once served as a pilot in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, but quit and moved to Moscow. In the capital, an Amur resident became a stop washer, but in the show he is presented as the owner of one of the largest mining farms in Russia. Fighting for his heart 19girls from 23 to 33 years old from different cities of the country, including Khabarovsk. On September 6, the first two-hour issue with an Amur resident was released on Friday. Who won his photo, how the Far Eastern contender for the heart of a bachelor behaves, and whom Igor asked to leave the project - in the review of the journalist of Amurskaya Pravda.

    Under the terms of the show, none of the girls know that Igor is a simple guy, not a rich man. The project lasts eight weeks and sets itself the task of checking what will win - love or money. When the young man will reveal his terrible secret is still unknown. The show is hosted by popular blogger Roman Kagramanov.

    - He is a handsome man, a millionaire and an enviable groom who has one little secret. He is not who he claims to be - this is how Igor is represented in the show. And here is what he says about himself: “I have nothing: no status, no such amount of money. I wash stops. I have a hypothesis that it is possible to meet love, despite the not very high level of income. I would like to find the girl who will be with me no matter what. I dream of a family in which there should be mutual understanding. I am a retired military pilot. He retired from the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, began to work in Moscow. To somehow survive, I had to work as a packer and picker. Then he became a glass washer ".

    Screenshot of the video show "Mr. X"

    Three dates are shown in the first issue. According to the conditions of the experiment, the first one passes blindly.

    - Do you see me? Roman Kagramanov asks the groom. “You won’t see girls either, but you’ll only hear.

    - It was a surprise for me, - the Amur resident does not hide his surprise.

    Feiya Zhou, a Chinese woman, was the first to enter the visiting room. She is 30 years old, was born and raised in Moscow, but knows her native language perfectly.

    - In China, it is believed that if a woman does not have time to get married before the age of 35, then she becomes a remnant. But I would not like to be among the residual women. I was in love very often, but I never had love, - this is how Feya characterizes herself.

    The girl wants to build a relationship with a worthy Russian man, since the Russians are closer to her in mentality than the Chinese.

    Screenshot of the video show "Mr. X"

    - I want some kind of passion, but Chinese men are not passionate. And Russian men are very handsome. It attracts me,” Zhou adds.

    - We will communicate with you through the glass, - Igor addresses the girl.

    “Oh, okay,” Feya agrees, and then asks, “Hi, what’s your name?”

    - My name is Igor, how are you?

    - Feya.

    - Where are you from?

    - I'm from China. And you?

    - I myself am from the Amur Region.

    - Ah, that's close to China.

    - This is generally across the Amur River.

    - You must have a lot of Chinese living there?

    - Oh, yes.

    - How do you feel about interracial marriages?

    - Positive.

    Having met, a Chinese woman gave a sticker of a tiger to a stranger. The tiger in the Celestial Empire is the personification of strength, courage, bravery, kindness and care for loved ones.

    - Initial acquaintance by ear does not give you all the information about a person. Naturally, the voice is very important to me, how confidently she speaks, how open, - the groom said about Feya.

    Screen video of the show "Mr. X"

    28-year-old Ekaterina Brusnikina from Khabarovsk was next on a blind date.

    Kind, faithful, honest, real, loves to shock and dreams of leaving her hometown because of the cold - this is how the heroine imagines herself. Her ideal man is courageous and responsible. To Katya’s question: “What made you come to the project?” - Igor replied: "I want to get married."

    In addition to the Chinese woman Feya, two more participants brought gifts to the bachelor - Evgenia Lipetskaya from Murmansk and Irina Kirienko from Moscow.

    With Evgenia Lipetskaya. Screenshot of the video show "Mr. X"

    The first gave Igor smoked mackerel, the second wanted to hand over the disk of the Gas Sector group, but did not hand it over: the Amur resident refused to see her further in the project.

    Screenshot of the video show "Mr. X"

    The next test is a ball where all the girls have their eyes covered with black bandages.

    - I am in a state of some excitement. I was finally able to see all the participants in our project. I am delighted with how amazingly beautiful they all are,” Igor voiced his emotions.

    He was the first to invite to the dance a girl with outstanding forms and the ninth breast size - Mila Ross from Rostov. The second with an enviable groom went to dance Maria Zvereva from Kolomna, the third - Julia Lut from Odessa.

    - I invited to the dance those girls in whom I have a little doubt, - Mr. X explained his choice.

    Screenshot of the video show "Mr. X"

    Having danced with the participants, Igor put bracelets on two of them - Ekaterina Sergeeva from Ufa and Muscovite Maria Trubitsyna. The girls wondered for a long time what these gifts meant. As it turned out, the groom singled out those whom he no longer wants to see on the show.

    Screenshot of the video show "Mr. X"

    The third test is a party. Igor watched the girls who were in a relaxed atmosphere and in the company of other men, supposedly friends and comrades of the "millionaire". At the celebration, three competitions were played between the girls. The winner of each won the following prizes: information about the age and zodiac sign of the mysterious rich man, his work. The most piquant lot is nude photos of the main character of the show. How the participants in the social experiment behave during the competitions, Igor watched incognito, in a mask, under the guise of an employee of the film crew.

    Only after the competitions, the presenter Roman Kagramanov introduced the enviable bachelor to the girls: “A mysterious and mysterious businessman. The owner of one of the largest mining farms in Russia, the super modest and mega-charming Mr. X.”

    Screenshot of the video show "Mr. X"

    - A special period has come in my life: I am ready to fall in love and get married. To show the seriousness of my intentions, I want to show you this - a marriage certificate. My last name is written here and at the end of the show, perhaps one of you will write in your name, - Igor Savanets addressed the participants of the project from the stage.

    The first man invited Maria Zvereva from Kolomna for a personal conversation.

    Screenshot of the video show "Mr. X"

    - When you and I were dancing, I felt how worried you were, and this made me want to lead you, somehow calm you down. At our very first meeting with you, we formed some kind of connection, and the more we sit talking with you, the more I am convinced of this, ”the protagonist of the project admitted to the girl.

    Screenshot of the video show "Mr. X"

    The second Mr. X called Yulia Lut from Odessa for a conversation. Julia is a singer. She had a long and painful relationship with the guy she loved. For his sake, she even refused a big concert tour of the United States.

    — I wouldn't want to be afraid if I reveal myself in some of my emotions. If I understand that you have some other girl, I will not be able to tolerate it. I understand that jealousy is not entirely good, but I am very jealous. I'm not ready to be second, third. If I open up, I don’t want to break my heart, ”the girl admitted.

    - I'll tell you right away and honestly: I don't know how things will turn out. I can have different feelings for different girls. Now you are honest with me and for me it is valuable, - Igor replied.

    - Did you love?

    - Yes, I loved, and the person simply did not trust me. And now I just go ahead and want to find the one who will really be with me and will believe in me.

    Participants from Moscow and Arkhangelsk left the project by the decision of the groom.

    Following the results of personal meetings, the man said goodbye to the three participants. At the end, Victoria Tsyganova from Vologda, Vita Fastos Moscow left.

    - The rules of the project are such that someone must leave it, and that is you. I am immensely grateful to you for your time and as a token of gratitude, please accept a small gift from me. I hope a trip to the spa will brighten up this evening for you - this is what the three girls finally heard from the pseudo-millionaire.

    Screenshot of the video show "Mr. X"

    Among the departed were Anna Demeshkina from Arkhangelsk and two Muscovites, Vita and Alena. In total, after three qualifying dates, 12 girls remained in the project.

    Age category of materials: 18+

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