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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Perfected the Infamous 'Elaine Dance' in a Way We All Can Relate To

One of the most acclaimed actors on television, Julia Louis-Dreyfus has earned multiple awards and millions of fans. However, she remains best known as Elaine Benes on the hit sitcom Seinfeld. Over the years, Louis-Dreyfus has talked about how she created the character, including perfecting the notorious “Elaine dance.”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus became famous as Elaine Benes on ‘Seinfeld’

Jerry Seinfeld and Julia Louis-Dreyfus from the show ‘Seinfeld’ in 1997 | Getty Images

Louis-Dreyfus was already a comedy veteran by the time she landed the role of Elaine Benes in Seinfeld in 1989. However, her role on the show catapulted her to prominence. And over the years that followed, Seinfeld became one of the most critically acclaimed TV series of all time. Louis-Dreyfus received praise for contributing to the show’s success, and as Elaine, she made waves.

The character of Elaine Benes is friendly, sarcastic, and incredibly disorganized. As Jerry’s ex-girlfriend and one of his best friends, Elaine is often involved in the show’s central storylines. She tends to have bad luck with men, but her positive attitude keeps her bouncing back. One of the character’s most legendary moments remains the “Elaine dance” episode. As Louis-Dreyfus admitted in a 2019 interview, though the dance moves were bad, it took a lot of practice to perfect them.

How did Julia Louis-Dreyfus come up with the infamous ‘Elaine dance’?

In 2019, Julia Louis-Dreyfus opened up about how she developed Elaine’s awful dance moves.

“The Elaine dance is from this episode called ‘The Little Kicks.’ And, um, it was just written that Elaine danced really badly. And so, the night before the table read, I had the script, and frankly, I just stood in front of the mirror and tried to do movements that looked incredibly bad,” the actor told Vanity Fair.

“I remember my mom was staying with us at the time, and I came downstairs, and I sort of auditioned these different movements for my mom and my husband. And they all voted on the one that I did. So there you go.”

She also acknowledged how many fans appreciate the outrageous moves.

“People approach me about the dance all the time. I say, ‘Oh, thank you so much. No, I’m not gonna do it.'”

The actor admits the ‘Elaine dance’ embarrasses her

Over the years, Julia Louis-Dreyfus has talked about the process of creating her Seinfeld character, spotlighting the differences between her real-life personality and that of Elaine Benes.

In a 2013 interview with the Archive of American Television, Louis-Dreyfus revealed that despite the fact that she committed to making the “Elaine dance” unique, she doesn’t enjoy watching it onscreen.

“It’s hard to watch — because I had to commit to it,” she told the Archive of American Television. “I had to commit to feeling cool while doing it. It really has a humiliating … you’re really laughing at her. I’m really glad that it worked, but I don’t watch it very often because it embarrasses me.”

Still, Louis-Dreyfus’ dedication to developing Elaine’s personality and quirks helped make Seinfeld iconic.

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Elaine Summers - Elaine Summers

Lillian Elaine Summers (February 20, 1925 - December 27, 2014) American choreographer, experimental director, and intermediate pioneer. She was one of the founders of the original master group that formed the Judson Dance Theater and she has made significant contributions to the interplay of film and dance, as well as the expansion of dance into other related disciplines such as visual arts, film, and theatre. She contributed to the spread of dancing in new, often open places. Her movement approach Kinetic Awareness offers a comprehensive look at human movement and dance.

She died at Bellevue Hospital, New York on the morning of December 27, 2014 after a fall at her home. [1] [2]


  • 1 Early years
  • 2 Moving to New York / Dance Theater Jadson
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Eva years

Elaine Summers was born in Perth, Western Australia and raised in Boston, Massachusetts with her mother and younger brother John. Although she took dance lessons for money as a teenager, she first studied art education and received her Bachelor of Science degree from the Massachusetts College of Art at 1947 year.

Move to New York / Judson Dance Theater

In 1951, Elaine Summers came to New York and attended classes at the Juilliard School of Dance with Paul Taylor and Caroline Brown. She also studied with Louis Horst, Merce Cunningham, Daniel Nagrin, Don Redlich, Mary Anthony, Charlotte Selver and Carola Speeds (both students of German bodily reeducation pioneer Else Gindler), Jean Erdman, Janet Collins, and at the Martha Graham School.

In 1962, Summers joined the composition class taught by Robert Ellis Dunn at the Merce Cunningham studios in his second term, and then became part of the working group that would later be called the Judson Dance Theatre, along with Edward Burton, Tricia Brown, Lucinda Childs, Ruth Emerson, Fred Herko, Sally Gross, Deborah Hay, David Gordon, John Herbert McDowell, Gretchen McLane, Robert Morris, Eileen Passloff, Steve Paxton, Rudy Perez, Yvonne Reiner, Robert Rauschenberg, and Valda Setterfield. [3]

At Judson, Summers was involved in ongoing experimentation with random methods and walking, everyday movements as part of an interest in expanding the then accepted methods of creating and performing dances. However, she also embraced the more theatrical part of the team (like Eileen Passloff, John Herbert McDowell and others). Elaine Summers expanded dance into other disciplines, experimental film, visual arts, and bodywork. At a later stage in the creation of the Judson Dance Theater, she created dances that were supposed to work with the entire environment of the performance space, in particular 9 Jonas Mekas, "Movie Journal", Village Voice, February 27, 1964, p. 12


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external link

  • Elaine Summers papers, 1929-2015 Jerome Robbins Dance Division, New York Public Library for the Performing Arts.

Prophetic Dreams read online Elaine Crawford (Page 23)

She had a vague hope that Jake would come with polished shoes, a bouquet of flowers in his hand, to invite her to the celebration of the construction of the barn. And she would not pay attention to the fact that McLean had already expressed his intention to accompany her to the dance ... She dreamed until Mrs. Simpkins came in complaining of an infected toe.

This fat-cheeked lady couldn't take it anymore and immediately told Rachel that she and her husband had stopped by the Jennings and found out that Jake had left all his cattle to them while he left.

This news shattered all Rachel's naive hopes. Worse still, Rachel found out that the stupid swollen finger was just an excuse to spread some disturbing gossip.

In addition to this grievance, on the same day, when she and Edna were peeling potatoes in the bright yellow kitchen, at the same table, Dina brought a note from Harvey, where he said that he had heard about the barn-laying holiday and was going to return to accompany her . .. and he will be with a delightful surprise.

Edna, much more flustered than she, forgot her manners, snatched the note from Rachel's hands and read it. Having quickly looked through it, she blushed and returned it with the look of an innocent lamb. But the persuasive smile still remained.

— Forgive me, but I just wanted to make sure. Thank heavens he forgot your rude behavior after church. She wrapped her arms around Rachel and hugged her tightly.

Rachel straightened up and freed herself from the hug.

- Harvey may have forgiven me, but I don't.

Edna's dark eyes widened.

- Why didn't you forgive him?

Rachel leaned on the worktable and began to cut another potato.

- This is not the first time he has sent me notes since he left town.

Edna abruptly grabbed her paring knife.

- You never mentioned it.

- I was so devilishly angry then that if I had said anything, it would probably have been sheer blasphemy. This man,” she said, starting by mistake to pick out a stain, mistaking it for rot, “had the audacity to send me an article about the correct and acceptable place for a woman.

Nodding, Edna laughed knowingly.

— Was it printed in the Origonian last month?

- I don't know, I think so.

- Mattie Baker showed it to me. We laughed so hard at this!

Rachel looked at her in disbelief.

- Do you think it's ridiculous that they say that a woman's place is in the worship of a man? Why is it almost blasphemous? And it also says that every woman is stupid, empty and destructive? If Harvey had been around then, I would have twisted his bony neck like a chicken!

Edna put her hand over hers reassuringly.

— Or would you chop him up as if he were a potato by Wednesday?

Rachel looked down and saw the mangled potatoes left over from her work.

— Oh, I ruined it mercilessly, didn't I?

“Sit down,” still smiling, Edna pushed Rachel into a chair and sat down herself. “Matti and I laughed at the wonderful job the author's wife did in convincing him that he was the only full prince in his kingdom. This woman, apparently, cuckolds him, does what she wants, and…” Edna raised an impudent eyebrow. And he always knows what he's doing.

- All this is fine and good. But when someone I hardly know sends me this in a letter...

Edna shook hands with Rachel as if the young woman were a helpless illiterate child.

- My dear, this only confirms my words. Mr. Best is very interested in you. And when he comes, I want you to behave impeccably. She jumped up happily. I wonder what kind of surprise he has?

Rachel couldn't hide the worry in her voice.

- Divorce papers, for signature. I do not even doubt.

- Wake up, wake up!

Rachel's eyes quickly opened. She looked around and saw Diana standing in their bedroom at the window in the pink shadow of the knocked down curtains.

— Go faster before it runs out! Rainbow!

In a lavender-colored dressing gown, with blond hair that gleamed in the faint light, young Diana herself looked like a rainbow.

Still awake, Rachel restrained her disapproval and went to look at the colorful culprit. Joining the wild girl, she looked out and witnessed the appearance of one of the most exciting creations of the Lord - a radiant arc that almost kissed the tops of the trees. Even the firs seemed to have become arrogant, having been under a short rain. A truly magical sight!

- Look! Diana's piercing voice rang in her ears. Isn't she the prettiest? She squeezed Rachel's wrist and pulled her closer. - This is the view! Today I will meet the most handsome guy in the whole world. And we will dance, dance...

Infected by Diana's cheerful enthusiasm, Rachel laughed and hugged the girl.

— You are right. Good day for a holiday. Nothing bad should happen on such a beautiful day.

And anyway, she told herself for the hundredth time since she received Harvey's note, what would be the worst if both Kyle and Harvey were going to accompany her to the dance? They are gentlemen, and she can sort things out.

Nothing bad will happen? Nonsense and nonsense. Worms and bastards. Rachel paced back and forth across the blue and gray carpet that ran the length of the living room.

Three hours ago, the Grylls family left for a holiday. And so she waits, bearing yards of peach-flowered fabric on a creamy field, and a vast array of expensive frills fringing the firmness of her breasts. And what of it? None of her "gentlemen" had yet appeared. She spent an hour curling her hair and putting on lipstick.

She put her cool hands to her cheeks and went to the kitchen to put on the kettle. A cup of tea will calm her down. As she lit the fire in the stove, she heard a loud thud. Joy and anger fought for supremacy in her as she studied the poker against the wall. Interested in who finally came, she went to the front door and opened it ... almost suffocated Harvey, standing and nervously fiddling with his hat.

"Thank God you're still here," he breathed. “I'm terribly sorry I'm late. I was very eager to be back early. The Vilamet was due to leave Salem at eight o'clock this morning, which is about fifteen miles from us. But the captain could not be found. This sweet pretty boy of his was looking for him all over the city. And when Captain Paekwin finally showed up, an hour and a half late, he looked like he'd been drinking for a week. And then it turned out that something happened to the damn engine. Harvey's eyes widened and he sighed. Oh, excuse my tongue. It's because of a bad start. But I hope it will be the most wonderful day. Please forgive me.

How could she continue to be angry at someone who tried so desperately to please her... even if he sent this indescribable article?

Of course, Garvey. I understand. But I'm surprised I didn't hear the whistle when the ship arrived.

- And he didn't exist! I ended up driving here on my own as quickly as possible.

He turned and pointed to an elegant but slightly faded bay. Behind the animal was a magnificent convertible two-seater, with bright red spokes and a shiny leather seat trimmed around the edge with fringes.


She left the house.

— Oh, you look like a successful banker in that wheelchair. Is this horse riding? Cropped tail and everything...

- So you like the stroller, right? he said with a rather vain smile. - She is yours.

Don't be stupid.

- I'm serious. I am very pleased to present it to you.

She looked first at the wheelchair, then back at him.

Are you laughing?

He opened his arms wider.

- No, really. In bad weather or on a sunny day, you can now go wherever you want.

— But where is the stroller from? And how much does it cost?

- You should not fill your dear head with such trifles.

Now she hated that annoying phrase. She grimaced wearily.

"Indeed," he insisted, taking her by the hand.

Rachel pulled it out.

- I'm sure you don't think I would accept such an expensive gift from you.

- Well, to be precise, this gift is not from me.

“Maybe from Jake? flashed in my brain. “Of course not, you stupid girl. Then from whom?

- The townspeople plan to buy it and return the money to Mr. McLean when they sell the harvest in the fall.

— McLean? Her voice shook with rage. - Well, that's too much. Will you all ever stop interfering in my life?

Harvey straightened up and his voice rose as he scolded her sternly.

— Oh, where did that sweet young lady I admired so much go?

After calming down, Rachel sighed and smiled.

- Forgive my lack of manners. But as for the gift, I need time to consider whether to accept it or not. Now let me get my things and we'll be ready to go.

When she returned, Harvey steered the carriage down the road to the south.

Is it far? she asked, striking up a polite conversation.

“A mile or so.” He turned and chuckled. “Not that far, considering how much I've missed you in two weeks.

“But I felt your thoughts from a distance,” Rachel remarked as she straightened her skirts. “I really hope that Orlette Colfax will be at this party,” she said, abruptly changing the subject of conversation. “I sent her a note inviting her to come urgently. And Edna agreed to befriend her and introduce her to other ladies.

Harvey's smile faded.

- You really shouldn't make friends with her, or with the rest of the Colfaxes. They are so… uncultured.

— But she is my friend.

- My dear, if we want to clear your true name, save your reputation, you must part with such inappropriate connections.

— I'm sorry you think so. But this is impossible, Orletta was a true friend to me when I was in dire need of help. I won't turn my back on her now that she needs me.

— You are too much of an altruist. But despite this, I love you.

Throwing the reins over in one hand, he took her hands and squeezed them while his eyes eagerly scanned her face and cleavage.

Did I tell you how breathtakingly beautiful you are in that dress?

“Thank you,” she muttered, releasing her hand.

She suddenly felt too naked: her heavily bared shoulders were not meant for his eyes.

As if reading her mind, Harvey looked away from her and, looking at the road ahead, asked in a choked voice:

“I happened to see Jacob Stone in Oregon City last week. Have you heard from him since then?

The thought of talking to Garvey about Jake made her heart ache. Why is this issue being raised today?

“No,” she said as calmly as possible, hoping that such an answer would satisfy him.

The rising thud of hammers reached Rachel's ears half a mile before she and Harvey left the forest. It was almost noon, and Ben Stockton's barn was almost done. The men crawled along the top rails of the hull like ants on a skeleton. They worked together very quickly, trying to nail the boards before dark. The sharp smell of freshly cut wood filled the air, mingling with the aromas of casseroles and meat on the hastily made tables. Women took care of pots and pans, added spoons where they were missing, put cups and glasses, cut meat and bread, preparing for dinner.

Rachel felt terribly embarrassed about appearing in public for the second time with Harvey. But of course he didn't care. As he walked—no, paced around the carriage, helping it down—Rachel looked for Orlette with her eyes.

Her friend seemed to feel at home pouring coffee into cups. Then Rachel noticed the frail Edna on the other side of the tables. She was pouring lemonade into glasses.

Edna saw Rachel and waved to her, then said something to Orlette, who looked up with a wry smile.

Rachel waved back at them too, warmed by the thought that Edna was advising them to drop their prejudices. She was greeted with a friendly welcome.

The arrival of Rachel, accompanied by Harvey, caused a movement among other women as well. Naturally gifted Matti Baker waved her wooden spoon:

"Rachel, give me your hand."

She instantly forgot about Harvey. With outstretched hand, he waited to help her out of the carriage. Unlike the other men's work clothes, he was wearing his usual gray business suit.

"Thank you, Garvey," she said with a casual smile.

Lowering her down, he grabbed her hand and led her along a row of dining tables and benches made of planks laid on top of barrels and barrels.

Edna intercepted them.

- You have finally arrived. I almost sent Peter home for you. We are now going to invite the men to dinner.

Matti approached, accompanied by a group of women whom Rachel had seen in church.

— Rachel, dear, I'm so glad you made it in time for dinner. And you, too, Mr. Best.” When she smiled, a lot of cheerful wrinkles formed at the corners of her eyes.

Then she rolled her eyes over Harvey's shoulder.

— Oh, what a beautiful horse and buggy, Mr. Best.

- Uh. Actually, it belongs to Rachel.

- Rachel? Matti raised her eyebrows in surprise and turned to Edna, who looked with the same puzzled eyes.

"Matty, you didn't introduce us," said a tired blonde with slop-colored hair standing behind her.

- Oh, yes, Mrs. Stone - Mrs. Loomis. Geneva, mother of Diana's friends Chlow and Mardel.

“And three more,” she added with a suspicious grin.

“Nice to meet you,” Rachel held out her hand.

"Mr. Best," said Matti, "would you like to take a walk, invite the men to dinner." It's time to sit down.

“Of course, Mrs. Baker.” He released Rachel's trapped hand and turned to her. - I'll be back in a minute. Leave a seat for me at the table next to you.

After he left, Matti spoke again, this time in a loud whisper:

— Now, Rachel, tell us about this horse and carriage. She and all the others leaned closer.

- I don't even know what to say. You probably know more about this than I do.

This was followed by a pause. Everyone stood puzzled. Edna suddenly looked away from Rachel.

— Come on, girls. The men are coming. We'd better get back to work.

Rachel had hoped to sit next to the Colfaxes or the Grylls at dinner, but Harvey seated her where McLean's red-haired companion, Janet Thornton, and a man with a thick chin and a round belly sat.

Coke Liance got up and took off his hat.

— How nice to have such a nice lady decorating our table.

“Hello,” the other man nodded, clinging to the edge of the table with his protruding belly, getting up to greet.

The liquid from the glasses was gone before Janet sat down.

— My name is Roy Thornton. I run a hotel. I hope you've already met my wife. He turned slightly and held out his hand to the worker-dressed woman.

Nodding, Mrs. Thornton smiled.

Like everyone else, Rachel had put all the bounty from the table on her plate and was already lifting the fork with the first piece of roast pork to her mouth when Mrs. Simpkins rose three tables away, banging her twig on the ringing triangle.

"The saber will now make a speech," she said, and there was a sound of forks falling on the plates.

Her husband stood up and everyone else lowered their heads.

— Almighty God, we are gathered here today with a feeling of Christian love and mercy to build a barn for young Ben and his new wife. Bless our work. We also ask that you don't leave the Jennings during their time of need. Thank you for the grateful generosity of the people who shared their possessions with this hopeless family. Bless our meal, which may give us strength, and we will do our best for today. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Brother Simpkins did not have time to get down in his place, when the sound of spoons and dishes rang in the air.

Tears of gratitude came into Rachel's eyes when she imagined how everyone would bring gifts to the Jennings, and they didn't even know. Through a veil of tears, she looked at the dear faces of the people who not only saved this family, but also provided her with a house, a horse and a carriage. As she wiped the damp from her face, she looked at Mr. Lyance's fiery red mustache, which stood out like a bicycle handlebar. They moved when he chewed.

He noticed her gaze and smiled, not at all embarrassed.

“You know,” he said, putting down his fork, “that day when we came to you, we thought we were carrying out a mission of mercy. Lady of your upbringing and all… We thought you would jump at this opportunity to return to civilization.

“Understood,” Rachel fixed his deep-set blue eyes with her intense gaze. - Do you think that a lady with a good upbringing can not take into account the marriage oath if her environment does not suit her?

Everyone else at the table turned to them. Liance's face flushed and became the color of hair.

- I guess we acted rashly. But the thing is, we didn't want someone with the skills of a doctor to waste time in the middle of nowhere. We just didn't think.

Rachel twitched an eyebrow.

- Of course, you probably did not think. But I decided to forget this unpleasant episode. Let's agree not to talk about it anymore, shall we? And for the first time she gave him a slight smile.

Garvey touched her under the table and shook her hand. She did not understand whether he congratulated or condemned. After all, Mr. Lyance is important to Garvey as a banker.

"Mr. McLean said he had a problem with the steamboats in Columbia," Harvey said, changing the subject.

When the conversation turned to business, Rachel calmly finished her lunch. While enjoying the feast, she looked at the tables and saw that Colfax's sons were seated here and there. Garland sat next to Diana Grylls. She looked like a young girl ready to dress up in carnations and lavender. Then Rachel saw Amos arguing heatedly with Carson Grylls and another man. Her eyes fell on Sarah Beth, who looked like an angel with baby blue eyes. Her curly hair, falling off her shoulders on either side of her thinly shaped face, added to her innocence and pride. To one side of Sarah Beth sat a man who, with his square face and solid musculature, resembled Robbie Stockton. It must be Ben, she thought. He was fascinated by her every flirtatious movement. But Mabel Stockton, who was sitting on the right, looked so angry that one look from her would have turned milk sour.

Rachel turned and looked at the half-built wooden house that stood a little way to the west, away from the barn smells.

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