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Top 7 Funny Dance Moves Youve Never Seen Before – Osteo Bi-Flex

Top 7 Funny Dance Moves Youve Never Seen Before

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Discover our top 7 low-impact and funny dance ideas to keep the party going while supporting your joints* with Osteo Bi-Flex®.

It’s also wedding season. Which means dancing. Try these low-impact, simple (and funny) dance moves to strut your stuff!

1. The Two-Step: Arguably the simplest move on this list, the two-step involves simply dipping back and forth, side to side. What do you do with your arms? Well, you can swing them wildly (not recommended) or you sway them in-tune with the beat (highly recommended).

2. The Bounce: You can mix in a light kick to go with the bounce to make it more rhythmic, however; just a light bend/bop at the knees is all you need to keep the rhythm. Protip: Try with most Hall & Oates songs.

3. The Lawnmower: Extend your arms and grab the fictional lawnmower handle. Grab that invisible chord. Pull it. Let that lawnmower lead your around the dance floor, looking side to side, mowing that imaginary lawn. No one is cooler than you.

4. The Shopping Cart: A slight variation on the aforementioned Lawnmower, the Shopping Cart entails holding the handles of the cart and steering it down fictional aisles of a supermarket, grabbing items off the shelves and looking pleased with oneself. Highly enjoyable!

5. The Sprinkler: Both variations of this sock-hop classic are absolute fire on the dance floor. Whether you’re waving your arms above your head, or patting the top of your head rapidly, mimicking a lawn sprinkler, you’ll be the king or queen of the dance floor.

6. The Thriller: Who could forget the legendary video of the same name? Well, the actual “Thriller” dance is easy to do, just stretch your hands out, bend at the elbow and pretend to be a monster and/or zombie.

7. The Roxbury: It’s as simple as bobbing your head to the side, “feeling” the beat of the song!

With these dance moves and the support of Osteo Bi-Flex®, you should be ready to tackle the dance floor!* Get out there and shake it, you were made to move!

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It’s summertime! Time for dancing, talking, and sunshine. Maybe you’re feeling rusty with your social skills, and have a big party coming up without any amazing talking points.

Well, might as well give it a shot with different types of sprinklers! (But here’s a major hint: leave the sprinkler dance at home. You know, that cringy 80s dance move…) Here’s a rundown of different sprinkler systems for national fire prevention.

Wet Pipe System

These systems are the most popular sprinkler systems. They are extremely effective, low-cost, and low-maintenance. The system’s pipes remain filled with water. Once triggered by the heat source, water flows through the activated sprinkler to the source of the fire. These systems are extremely quick in reacting to potential fires; however, they are at risk of freezing in cold environments.

Dry Pipe System

In freezing climates, dry pipe sprinkler systems are a more suitable choice than wet pipe systems. These systems do not carry water in the piping until activation.

Instead, these pipes are filled with pressurized air and nitrogen. When the system is activated, the valve opens and water flows in when the sprinkler head is triggered.

As the water is not housed in the actual piping, you can guess that the disadvantage of dry pipe systems is that their response time is delayed. Another potential downfall to these systems is the required maintenance. Sprinkler corrosion is more prevalent in these systems, as the compressed air and oxygen create an enticing environment for corrosion.

Pre-Action System

Pre-action sprinkler systems are used to protect areas where water damage from damaged sprinklers or piping needs to be avoided. These are the middle ground between dry and wet fire protection systems.

Water is not contained in the sprinkler piping and is held back by a pre-action valve. The valve is opened when flame, heat, or smoke is detected. The detection system must detect a fire and the valve must open to initiate water to flow within the pipes. These systems are ideal for water-sensitive environments such as museums, data centers, libraries, vaults, and freezer warehouses as they carry a low risk of accidental discharge. They prevent excessive water damage and work ideally in cold conditions as the water is not held within the pipes to prevent freezing in the pipes.

Deluge System

Deluge suppression systems are typically used in special hazard installations when water must be applied to an entire area for fire protection. These systems are considered a ‘dry fire protection system’ as the piping for the system is empty and at atmospheric pressure with the sprinkler heads open. When heat or fire is detected by the system, the deluge valve releases the water, dry chemicals, inert gases, or foam.

These systems are typically used for facilities where an entire area needs to be protected immediately; rather than by a zone or specific location of the source of the heat or fire. Typical facilities that utilize deluge suppression systems are airport hangars, chemical plants, processing plants, and data storage centers. These systems are especially useful when you need to quickly flood an area to prevent a fire from growing.

Foam Water Systems

Foam water systems are a type of wet sprinkler system that combines both water and a foaming agent for large-scale fire extinguishment. These specific irrigation systems are generally installed in facilities where extinguishing a fire can be more challenging than usual, due to the flammable and combustible contents housed within. 

Additional Fire Safety

Fire Pumps

Fire pumps are designed to supply water to the fire sprinkler system and its components at a higher pressure rate to effectively extinguish a potential fire. There are two main types of fire pumps: diesel and electric and they require different frequencies of maintenance and inspections due to their different components needs.

Fire Backflow

This equipment is designed to prevent water from flowing back into the main water supply. This prevents the water supply from being contaminated or polluted due to backflow. 

How to Install (VFS, Of Course!) 

At VFS Fire & Security Services we understand that your unique building needs unique fire protection systems. Our team is equipped to ensure you receive the fire protection you need to keep your building and your people safe from harm.

In the cold, they forgot to turn off the watering and the sprinkler turned the golf course into an ice kingdom






Winter is famous for the fact that its frosts can strike suddenly when people are not ready for them. This is expressed not only in harvesting, changing car tires and turning on heating, but even, for example, turning off automatic irrigation. An icy incident occurred in Apple Valley, California, USA, where workers forgot to turn off sprinklers on a golf course, which caused bizarre ice sculptures to suddenly appear on the course. nine0003

When the temperature dropped below zero at night, the Jess Ranch golf fields forgot to turn off the automatic watering of the lawn

instead of pouring the plants with life -giving moisture, the sprinkler covered everything around the ice with a thick layer of ice

9000 9000 9000 9000 9,0003

everything where the water hit was instantly covered with ice, and only these thick layers of ice know how long it lasted

This is how the trees on the golf course turned into bizarre ice sculptures, and the grass into a carpet of ice balls

We would never have seen these intricate sculptures if not for the sharp drop in temperature in California


Admire nature's own ice art on ABC7's report

And this guy found a secret door with a ladder hidden under the kitchen worktop while looking around apartment .

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TOP 15 Fashion Dances of the 80s (name + movements)

Thanks to the emergence of the music channel MTV (premiered on August 1, 1981), in the early eighties, Western pop culture experienced a real explosion of various genres of music, which were accompanied by the emergence of original dance moves. The production of clips has taken on a mass character, round-the-clock broadcast has promoted many unknown names, which has allowed even fairly average artists to break out into world stars. nine0003

The second result of large-scale clip-making was the active spread of pop music and pop dances - hip-hop, dance, electronica, Latino, which soon turned into the mainstream and formed a series of popular dances of the 80s. Many of the musical currents and dance movements continue to live and remain in the trends of the 21st century.

1. Moonwalk

Michael Jackson "Billie Jean".
The technique consists in the illusion of moving forward, although in reality the dancer is moving smoothly back. nine0158 After his death, Michael Jackson turned into a criminal and persona non grata for major studios and channels, but we are not prudes and fans of cancellation culture, so we will always respect the best songs of the disgraced king of pop and admire the famous moonwalk that drove crowds of fans crazy .

Jackson is not the author of the “moonwalk dance”, because this technique was used by Marcel Marceau, Charlie Chaplin, Cab Calloway, Jean-Louis Barrault and other stars of the first half of the twentieth century. But it was Michael, performing the super hit "Billie Jean" at the Motown 25 concert in the spring of 1983rd, showed the world a movement that eventually became the hallmark of the artist.

2. Breakdancing

An excerpt from the 1984 film Breakdance.
The first breakdancers appeared in the States in Puerto Rican and African American communities populated by active youth. Young boys and girls wanted to dance to hip-hop, soul, funk and other currents of music where the percussion solo plays a key role. Breakdancers took to the streets in the early seventies, but breakdancing took shape in the next decade, peaking in popularity in the 1980s.

Now breakdancing is not just a part of street culture, but also a sporting event that will be included in the program of the Olympic Games from 2024 (yes, in Paris 2024, the best breakdancers will receive gold Olympic awards).

3. Mosh, Moshing (Mosh Pits)

"9 craziest moshings".
The most brutal, aggressive and evil dance of the 80s, whose arena was punk, hardcore, metalcore, deathcore concerts, where people pushed, jumped, stage-dived (when a person, a star or an ordinary frisky punk, jumps into the crowd, but does not fall to the floor, but floats, as if on waves, on outstretched arms) and went crazy in other frenzied collective movements. Another name for moshing is the term slam, although "slam" is rather a precursor to mosh. nine0003

4. Roger Rabbit

Bobby Brown "Every Little Step" after which Roger Rabbit got its name.

5 Robot , head and body to simulate a robot. How well the late king could do it since the Jackson 5's "Dancing Machine" album.

6. Running Man

Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation.
Has nothing to do with the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie of the same name. The second name is “The Hungry Caterpillar” and the main popularizer of this African-American street dance in world culture was another representative of the Jackson clan, Janet, whose hit “Rhythm Nation” was released together in a video emblazoned with “Running Man”. After Janet, Bobby Brown, MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice and other American rap and hip-hop artists of the 80s of the 20th century had fun in the rhythm of a hungry-running human caterpillar. nine0003

7. The Butt

E.U. "Da Butt".
Behind the slightly obscene title lies a fairly innocent and modest dance for today, consisting in a rhythmic energetic movement of the fifth point. Born in the eighties and present at every modern disco.

8. The Biz

Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock "It Takes Two"
Biz is quite simple and primitive, but in combination with other hip-hop dances it turns into a spectacular spectacular dance attraction , in which you want to participate in any outsider onlookers. As in the video clip of Rob Baze, whose “Biz” is easily joined by all honest people. nine0003

9. Thriller

Michael Jackson "Thriller"
Once again the great and terrible Michael, this time in the company of zombies dancing an exciting thriller dance in the street, on the roadway and right in the cemetery . Released on December 2, 1983, the pop hit "Thriller" quickly became a cultural phenomenon and an anthem for the American folk holiday Halloween, and also won a Grammy.

10. The Cabbage Patch

Miami-based music crew the Gucci Crew II used a baby doll as a source of creative inspiration and came up with the song "The Cabbage Patch", adorned with a characteristic cabbage dance. Details in the next video.

11. Sprinkler (The Sprinkler)

Dance-imitation of a garden hose, with which a person waters a lawn or vegetable garden. An unknown author guessed that a water spray, or sprinkler in English, is great for creating an incendiary dance. First aired on MTV at 19The 87th "sprinkler" quickly became fashionable and in the list of top dances of the 80s.

12. Lambada (Lambada)

Kaoma «Lambada»
A pair dance attraction from Latin America, which flew around the planet like a swift hurricane thanks to the song of the same name by the French band “Kaomi” and consolidated its fame with two funny and captivating films – Lambada” and “Forbidden Dance”, which in turn give lambada the right to be among the popular dances of the 90s. nine0003

13. Harlem Shake

A modest resident of Harlem named Al B first called the future dance hit "Harlem Shake" his own name - "AlBee", but when the novelty of the Harlem artist spilled out of the area and overgrown with fans, then another title appeared, which the author recognized as the main and only one. Although it wasn't until 2001 that rapper Travell Gerald Coleman, or simply G.Dep, danced the "Harlem Shake" in the "Let's Get It" video, making it an international mainstream. nine0003

14. The Worm

Obviously not everyone can dance the Worm, but only a trained sports guy or girl. Initially, the worm was danced at punk and rock concerts of the eighties, but a little later, a caterpillar or a dolphin, as the worm is also called, logically began to be used by break dancers, the main feature of which is sharp and very traumatic jumps on the floor.

15. Dirty Dancing

A scene from the film "Dirty Dancing" 1987.
We complete the catalog with an imperishable classic, inextricably linked with the figure and face of Patrick Swayze. The film actor and ballet dancer ideally combined two professions in his work and created a wonderful image of a poor young man who makes his way through life with the help of dance art. Screenwriter Eleanor Bergsteen and choreographer Kenny Ortega co-created the edgy forbidden "dirty" forbidden fruit, but it took Swayze's talent to make "Dirty Dancing" a worldwide sensation and one of the best films of the 80s.

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