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Penguins can do several different actions. They can be performed by clicking the blue penguin icon in the Toolbar, which will open a menu with the following actions: waving, dancing, and sitting. Another icon allows throwing snowballs.


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A dancing penguin.

To perform a dance, choose the dance icon under the actions button or hit the key "d" on the keyboard.
You can also tell a joke by pressing the "j" key. If you wait three seconds, the answer to your joke will appear. Jokes usually have something to do with ongoing parties or events.


Dancing with a Yellow Puffle.

You can dance with your puffles too. To do it, walk your puffle, then dance. Each puffle has its own dance.

  • The Blue Puffle jumps.
  • The Red Puffle jumps.
  • The Green Puffle flies.
  • The Black Puffle checks the penguin during 0.3 seconds, then spins like a tornado.
  • The Pink Puffle does "warm-up stretches."
  • The Purple Puffle does a mix of the pink and black puffle dance
  • The Yellow Puffle sings while dancing.
  • The White Puffle jumps the like red and blue puffles except a snow cloud hovers above its head.
  • The Orange Puffle hula hoops.
  • The Brown Puffle sways from side to side with goggles on.
  • Flare welds a ring of welding then jumps through it three times.
  • The Rainbow Puffle creates some rainbow sparkles that dance around him.
  • The Gold Puffle bobs itself from side to side and twirls in the air emitting gold dust.
  • The Dinosaur Puffle stomps the ground.
  • The Orange Tabby Cat and the Blue Border Collie jump up and down.
Main article: Special Dances

When you wear certain outfits, you can do certain actions when you dance.


A penguin break dancing.

Breakdancing came out during the Dance-A-Thon Party, and when penguins acquired the Boombox, and danced with it with nothing else on, the penguin would start to breakdance. It would usually do acrobatic moves such as a spin on the floor and jump up. Cadence is the only penguin that can breakdance with clothes on; this means that she can breakdance with her wig, bangles, and shoes.

Throwing snowballs

Main article: Snowball

In Club Penguin, you can throw snowballs. These are usually used in wars or when a penguin is annoyed or mad at someone. If you want to throw a snowball, click on an icon on the toolbar to the right of the chat line. It will have a white circle on it. After you click on something with the target, you throw the snowball. In the Water Parties, snowballs were replaced by water balloons. You can also throw a snowball by pressing "t" on your keyboard and clicking. Snowballs are often thrown at penguins or items to gesture or point towards them.

The Snow Forts was designed to hold snowball fights. Also, if you throw snowballs at the target at the Clock Tower, the target will spin. According to the Penguin Times, doing this helps the clock move.


To perform this action, press "W" on your keyboard, or click the waving penguin icon on your tool bar. It is the third icon from the left. Choose the second action and your penguin will wave.


If you press the "S" key, or click on one of the sitting pictures on your toolbar, your penguin will sit. If you press "S" and your mouse is on the game screen, then your penguin will sit to the direction where your mouse is. If you hold "S" and make your mouse move around your penguin the penguin will spin while sitting.


  • Penguin transformations have special dances.
  • According to The Journal of Captain Rockhopper, Rockhopper invented the jig of the Dance action.
  • The dance action in the Club Penguin App is slightly different from the computer action.


The actions list. Note the Old Blue penguin

Many different special dances

A red penguin falling in Sled Racing

The dance action

The wave action

The sit action

A red penguin waving

??????, a penguin shoveling snow, who turned out to be Sensei

A penguin cleaning the floor using the Mop and Bucket

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Special Dances were unique actions performed while dancing or waving with a certain combination of clothing items. The same special dance could be triggered using more than one combination of clothing.

List of Special Actions' Items

See the special dance combinations for these items.
  • Acid Guitar!
  • Baker's Apron
  • Balloon Vendor
  • Bell
  • Black MP3000
  • Bling Bling Necklace
  • Blue Duck
  • Blue Lei
  • Blue Propeller Cap
  • Blue Water Wings
  • Boombox
  • Box Costume
  • Camera
  • Caveguin Pizza Apron
  • Chef Hat
  • Clown-Around Costume
  • Clown Shoes
  • Clown Suit
  • Coffee Apron
  • Comm Gear (along with Comm Helmet, Sat-Pack, and Comm Boots)
  • Craftsman Spectacles
  • Deep Sea Diving Suit
  • Delivery Hat
  • Delivery Outfit
  • Fire Headband
  • Fire Nunchaku (also worked with Snow Ninja suit)
  • Fire Suit
  • Fire Training Plates
  • Firefighter Hat
  • Firefighter Jacket
  • Gamma Gal Costume (along with Pink Superhero Mask and Pink Cape)
  • Gardening Rake
  • Ghost Costume (along with Flashlight or Storm Lantern)
  • Ghoul Detector 3000
  • Gold MP3000
  • Golden Guitar
  • Golden Microphone
  • Goldsmith Apron (also worked with Ninja Mask)
  • Green and Blue Maracas
  • Grass Skirt
  • Green Duck
  • Green Hard Hat
  • Green Propeller Cap
  • Hard Hat
  • Hawaiian Lei
  • Holiday Conductor Hat
  • Holiday Conductor Specs
  • Holiday Conductor Uniform
  • I Heart Pizza T-Shirt
  • Ice Cream Apron
  • Ice Cream Vendor
  • Jack-in-the-Box Outfit (along with Jack-in-the-Box Hat, Jack-in-the-Box Face, and Jack-in-the-Box Ruffle)
  • Jet Pack
  • Lifeguard Shirt
  • Magician's Wand
  • Matador Outfit
  • Miners Helmet
  • MP3000
  • Newspaper Hat
  • O'berry Costume
  • Pair of Maracas
  • Pet Shop Staff Apron
  • Pizza Apron
  • Polished Shoes
  • Pufflescape Ball (also worked with Pufflescape Ball Cap)
  • Purple Propeller Hat
  • Rad Scientist Costume
  • Rad Scientist Wig
  • Red Construction Hat
  • Red Propeller Cap
  • Red Water Wings
  • Silver Whistle
  • Ski Patrol Jacket (along with Snowboard Helmet)
  • Skyward Staff
  • Snow Launcher
  • Snow Shuriken (also worked with Snow Ninja suit)
  • Snow Suit
  • Snowy Night Boots
  • Snowy Night Parka
  • Space Squid Costume
  • Stone Chef Hat
  • Straw Hat
  • Sushi Tray (along with Sushi Master Uniform and The Sushi Master)
  • Telescope
  • The Clown-Around
  • The Craftsman
  • Thunder Blade
  • Toymaker Apron
  • Tusk's Cloak (along with Snow Ninja suit)
  • Video Camera
  • Water Headband
  • White Knight Armor
  • White Knight Helmet
  • Water Hammer (also worked with Snow Ninja suit)
  • Water Suit
  • Water Suit 3000
  • Water Training Plates
  • Whistle
  • White Staff and Shield
  • Water Wings
  • Yellow Duck


  • Some items, such as the Chef Hat, appeared in different combinations of clothing for the same action, and could also appear in several different actions.
  • Other items, such as the Cowbell, had extra sound effects.
  • Actions of some items, including the Paddle Ball and the Magician's Wand, were followed by animations, even though they did not have a special dance.
  • The first special dance, the hula dance, was created for the Winter Luau in 2006.


Examples of special dances

A selection of different special dances

A penguin swimming

A penguin using a jackhammer

A penguin using the Green Hard Hat special dance

A penguin playing the guitar

A penguin using the Blue Propeller Cap

A penguin shaking the maracas

A penguin dancing with the Shadow Guy Costume

A penguin waving with the Blue Face Paint on

A penguin holding up a sign with the Red Face Paint

A penguin serving Coffee

A penguin juggling

A penguin playing the Tuba

A penguin flying with a Jet Pack

The special dance with the Pufflescape Ball

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The forward of the Russian national team plans to spend this season at his native club Metallurg Magnitogorsk, with which he has a contract until 2008.

"Penguins" hoped that the Russian Hockey Federation would agree to conclude an agreement proposed to the International Federation by the leadership of the NHL. Recall that this document regulates the amounts paid by overseas clubs for European players. Russia, on the other hand, preferred to discuss only that version of the agreement, in which it would be possible to negotiate directly between the clubs, excluding fixed amounts of payments to the federations.

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New Year in Antarctica

Classes: d/s , 1, 2, 3, 4

We love holidays very much. New Years especially. This time we decided to meet him in Antarctica. And they became real ... Penguins. To do this, we studied an entire encyclopedia about penguins, watched a movie about Antarctica. They sewed costumes for the New Year tree, learned to dance, prepared a performance, made scenery and invited guests.


Scenery : an iceberg decorated with snowflakes and rain, ice floes, toy penguins on the ice floes, a large snowdrift.

Sounds of wind, blizzards, blizzards…

An adult Penguin (teacher) appears with a basket of fish (rubber) and a festive box with toys for the Christmas tree. The noise of the wind subsides. The penguin walks among the ice floes, looking for little Penguins, they are nowhere to be found. The penguin gestures to the audience: they say, nothing, now they will find themselves. The Penguin starts singing our Penguins' favorite song, and the little Penguins look out from behind the iceberg, ice floes, from behind the curtains, come out and sing together.

Dramatization of the song "Penguins".

In Antarctica, ice floes hid the ground,
Snowstorm swept ice floes in Antarctica.
Only penguins used to live here,
Jealously guarding their snows. Jealously guarding their snows.
(Children repeat the last lines, lining up).

One day full of penguins
To the sea for fishing wandered in a crowd,
A strange picture is seen in the sea -
A huge black iceberg smokes a pipe.
A huge black iceberg smokes a pipe.
(Children sing the whole verse, look into the distance).

The penguins got scared: what will happen?
And where did the wind bring guests to them from?
They see people descending onto the ice floe,
They met people for the first time.
They met people for the first time.
(Children cling to an adult penguin in fear.)

They walk in a long formation, arching their backs,
Busy with gymnastics in the morning.
And then the penguins clean the ice floe,
Dancing the old waltz in the evenings.
Dancing the old waltz in the evenings.
(Children sing and make appropriate movements).

A waltz sounds, little Penguins dance in pairs.

And penguins walk side by side with people,
They listen diligently every day.
Jazz Penguins Know Bach Know
After all, people opened the world for penguins.
After all, people opened the world for penguins.

Children (whole couplet)

At the last verse, another adult Penguin appears from behind the curtain and our smallest Penguins (they are not even three years old), tied with a rope, pass among the ice floes.


Attention! Attention!
Opening ceremony!
I'm starting a penguin vote!
Get your wings, ears and eyes ready!
Soon, soon the New Year! He's in a hurry, he's coming!
Who is against it? (Pingwis vote.)
Nobody? So, everything is for! (Pingwis together - yes!)
Knock on the door to us:
Penguin, hello, I'm with you!
Who is against it?
Nobody? So, everything is for!
We celebrate the holiday, decorate the ice!
We hang toys, balls, crackers.
Who is against it?
Nobody? So, everything is for!

All together. Long live the New Year! Hooray!!!

Soon Santa Claus will come, he will bring us gifts.
Toys and candy…
Santa Claus, well, where are you?


Santa Claus, well, where are you?

Santa Claus appears, Penguins surround Santa Claus, look at him.

Santa Claus (shakes off the snow, looks around).

Oh, where did the Winter Blizzard take me? I have never been here. Is it hot Africa? Maybe Japan? Not? Where do you live?

Penguins.. This is Antarctica.

Santa Claus. Wow! I have never in my life met the New Year in Antarctica!!! I don't even know what the inhabitants of Antarctica are called. Who are you kids?

Penguins (acting a poem).

We are funny penguins!!!
We love to jump on ice floes.
If we fall into the water -
Let's swim fast!
And let's dive.
- Look, fish!
Little Penguy will catch everything!
And waddle like dad,
Get on your heels.
Proudly walks among the ice floes
Emperor penguin.

Song about penguins in English.

Santa Claus. What a cheerful people you are - Pin-guy-ny!!! Let's get to know you better. My name is Santa Claus….. What is your name?

The children answer.

Penguin. Grandfather Frost, lead with us, please, Penguin New Year's round dance.

Santa Claus. With pleasure!

Round dance "New Year".

Penguin. Grandfather Frost, and we read in one big book that you, people, dress up a magic tree like a Christmas tree for the New Year.

Santa Claus (looks around) . Oh, don’t Christmas trees grow in your forest?!

The children answer.

Santa Claus. My dear Penguins! Do not worry! I'm the real Santa Claus! I can do Chu-de-sa!!! Help me Penguins! Repeat the magic spell with me and clap your hands together!

Well, Christmas tree, wake up! ( three claps)
Come on, tree, smile! (three claps)
Come on, tree, one, two, three! (three claps)
Come visit Penguin!!!


We shouted to no avail,
Our Christmas tree has not woken up
Someone apparently did not shout,
Someone, apparently, said nothing.

Santa Claus. Let's try again!

Well, Christmas tree, wake up! ( three claps)
Come on, tree, smile! (three claps)
Come on, tree, one, two, three! (three claps)
Come visit Penguin!!!

Yolochka (an artist dressed as a Yolka) appears, waltzing. For children, this is a surprise.

All together.

Christmas tree! Christmas tree! Here she is!
Slender, beautiful, bright, big!
The penguins decorate the Christmas tree with toys.

Penguin. Let's wake up our beauty!

Well, Christmas tree, wake up! ( three claps)
Come on, tree, smile! (three claps)
Come on, tree, one, two, three! (three claps)
Say a good word!!! (Yolka comes to life)

Christmas tree.

My little friends!
Herringbone forest
I came to you for the holiday.
Hello Dedushka Moroz!
Did you bring fun for the holiday?

All together.

We have a lot, a lot of fun
At your holiday.
And a song about a Christmas tree
Now we will sing to you!

Round dance "Round dance, round dance ..."

Christmas tree. What a wonderful holiday you have! I came to visit guys from different countries. Most of all I liked celebrating the New Year at the North Pole. It's very beautiful there. (Looks around the area) Your country is very similar to the Arctic, however, polar bears live there, and you don’t look like them. Where did I get to? Who are you charming locals?

The children answer.

Penguin. Dear Grandfather Frost and Christmas Tree! To get to know the Penguins better, we invite you to visit our Penguin Theater and watch a New Year's performance with the participation of the best artists in the world - the Emperor Penguins!!!

Performance (Scriptwriter and director Kovalenkova E. G., acting teacher)

To the music, the Penguins appear from behind the scenes, dancing the Charleston, line up.

In Antarctica where there is snow
It's winter, winter, winter!
Even in summer it's winter!
- This is true?
- Yes Yes Yes!
In Antarctica, where the frost is
Who doesn't freeze their nose?
We are penguins!
We are penguins!
We are rocking on the ice!
In Antarctica, where it's winter.
- This is true?!
- Yes! Yes! Yes!

Penguins Perform the Charleston Dance

- Hello! My name is Pin!
And this is my brother Gwin
Meet Pi!
- And I'm Gwi!
- And I, hello, Vi!
- I'm Ying!
- And this is a beautiful girl Yngwie!
- Do you remember? NO?!
Well, let's repeat!

Children repeat everything again (see above).

In Antarctica where there is snow
It's winter, winter, winter...
- Stop! Listen friends!
I suggest starting from the middle!
- A-ah-ah! ... We are rocking on an ice floe ...
- Not!
- What, from the dance?! (funny dance moves)
- Not! Not from the dance!
- Where do you start?
Does everyone here know how to read? (to viewers)
Well then, together and amicably!
- Hello! My name is Pin!
- And this is my brother Gwin
- Meet Pi!
- And I'm Gwi!
- And I, hello, Vi!
- We are namesakes!
- I'm Ying!
- And I - Ying!
- And this is a beautiful girl Yngwie!
-I see: they don't remember yet.
-Not? Well, what….
Let's make it easy for them!
Just call us PENGUIN!!!

Penguins turn their backs to the audience, there are attached letters that read - PENGUIN.

- And you, why are you sitting and being silent?
And you didn't introduce yourself!
- My name is Y!!! (everyone laughs)
- Read and don't be sad!
Penguins! Just call us!

The penguins bow and leave behind the curtain to the music.

Penguin. Grandfather Frost, how do you like to have fun most of all?

Santa Claus. Friends! More than anything, I love to dance! Yes Yes! Dance!!! I remember how I celebrated the New Year in hot Argentina. (Dreamy) Oh, how they dance tango!

Penguin. Santa Claus! So it's us, the Penguins, easily! Dear guests! In the extreme conditions of the Antarctic winter, at a temperature of minus 180 degrees - hot, passionate Argentine tango.

First, the Penguins dance on their own, then they invite their mothers.

Penguin. Grandfather Frost and Christmas Tree! Our smallest penguins have also prepared a gift for you.

"Dance with puppets" performed by kids.

Penguin. Grandfather Frost and Christmas Tree! More than anything, our Penguins love to play. So let's arrange fun penguin starts for them now. We penguins are bred by dads. They hold the eggs between the legs in the folds of the abdomen. Now you will see it.

Game "Dad". We invite 2 daddy penguins from the hall. They hold the ball (ball) between their legs, stand on their heels. In this form, each dad transfers a child from his team from ice floe to ice floe.

Penguin. Santa Claus! Tell us, please, where else did you celebrate the New Year?

Santa Claus. Friends! I met the most cheerful New Year in Russia! Such daring fellows, these Russian people!

Penguin. Santa Claus! So it's us, the Penguins, easily! Dear guests! Ukharsky, fervently youthful Russian folk dance !!!

Children are dancing. The music ends, they fall exhausted, they lie.

The music is playing again. Children "come to life" and invite the audience to the dance with a bow.

Penguin. Santa Claus! Come play with us! We invite you to become a Sea Leopard for the duration of the game! The sea leopard inspires us, Penguins, quiet horror.

Game. A leopard lies in ambush. The penguins sneak, try to take the fish, the leopard lets them get closer, catches, the penguins scatter. Whoever gets caught stays with D.M.

Penguin. Santa Claus! Tell us, please, where else did you celebrate the New Year?

Santa Claus. Friends! The most hospitable people I met in the Caucasus! Desperate guys these horsemen!!!

Penguin. Santa Claus! So it's us, the Penguins, easily! Dear guests! Incendiary Caucasian lezginka!!! Performed by the Penguins-jigits!

They dance with fish in their teeth instead of daggers.

Penguin. Santa Claus! And then people came to us recently in Antarctica on a big black iceberg. We saw real horsemen among them. Let's invite them to dance!

Lezginka for dads with sabers on children's horses.

Penguin. Santa Claus! Tell us, please, where else did you celebrate the New Year?

Santa Claus. Friends! The most modern New Year I met in France! How I lit up in the club to the music of DJs! Such a technical dance - tectonics!!! You, my dear Penguins, have never heard of such a thing.

Penguin. Santa Claus! So it's us, the Penguins, easily! Dear guests! The most modern dance, the latest squeak of club house music - tectonik!


Santa Claus. Friends! I want to dance like you too! Teach me please! I invite parents to the lesson of tectonics! (Children teach and then dance with Santa Claus and parents. )

Penguin. Dear friends! We invite you to play the game "Penguin Kindergarten". When we emperor penguins turn 50 days old from the moment of our birth, we form kindergartens. We stand, crowded closely on the ice, and warm each other. Let's now, all together, organize the Penguin Kindergarten.

Parents and children, Santa Claus and Christmas tree, alternately stand close to each other. They pass a fish to the music. The music stops. Whoever has a fish in their hands is out of the game.

Santa Claus. Friends! I want to confess to you that I have never had such a fun, incendiary, modern holiday!!! Thank you, my dear Penguins! Antarctica is top notch! Penguins are top notch! And your guests are first class! Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I congratulate you on the New Year!

Flapper fireworks.

Santa Claus. Friends Penguins! Let me give you Christmas gifts! But again I need your help.

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