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How to dance like Beyoncé: a step by step guide | Fitness

The first thing you need to know when learning to dance like Beyoncé is this: you can’t. Not really. For what a workshop dedicated to her choreography illustrates above all else is that she really is in a league of her own; there’s a reason she’s known as Queen B.

The second thing you need to know is that this doesn’t matter at all. An hour or two giving your all to replicating her moves has to be the most fun workout there is; whether or not your can tilt your buttocks, or jiggle at an impossibly fast pace. The key is to let go, channel your inner diva and enjoy yourself.

That’s exactly what I’m doing, with friends, at a Beyoncé dance workshop at a Frame gym in London. Cassius Powell, our teacher, has clearly spent many an hour analysing Beyoncé’s moves and is just the man to make you connect with your inner Bey: wildly encouraging, while keeping the cringe factor low. The warm-up involves pretending to come on stage to a cheering crowd of thousands, which sounds crazy (there are six of us in the room) but is the perfect start. We strike poses in time to the music before strutting forward and launching into the infamous Crazy In Love twerk, a (fairly) simple routine that combines controlled fierceness with downright sexiness. We are in the Bey zone.

Beyoncé’s Run The World (Girls)

Cassius then leads us through the dance to Run The World (Girls). We only cover the first quarter of the song, but it takes the best part of an hour and leaves us all panting, sweating and wondering how Beyoncé does all this while singing. In heels. Only when trying to break the dances down do you realise just how intricate they are, like patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time (but a hell of a lot sexier). As we attempt a complicated body roll, Cassius explains that Beyoncé’s moves are fluid and loose, as opposed to Britney Spears, for example, who is more rigid and uniform. “That explains it,” my friend K says. “I am from the Britney school of dance.” We are so empowered/deluded that when Cassius tells us we’re one of the best groups he’s taught, we choose to believe him, though we know he is lying.

We quite literally get in formation for the final part of the routine, in a V-shape, and at one point, when we finally master the shoulder raises combined with a whip of the head, hands firmly planted on hips, I catch sight of us in the mirror. We look amazing: strong and fierce, an army of badass, sweaty women. This is not just a tough workout; we have found our inner Beyoncés and it feels great. In between gasping for breath, my friend S shouts, “This is better than therapy!” It may be 8pm on a Tuesday, but it’s one of the best nights out we’ve had in a while.

  • Dance instructors Kevin Keti, Ianthe Mellors and Cassius Powell, above, were photographed by Sophia Evans for the Guardian at Frame gym, Shoreditch
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  • Frame gyms in London offer regular dance classes, including music video and cardio dance, as well as workshops on Beyoncé, Rihanna and more moveyourframe. com
  • Be like Britney, Little Mix or Beyoncé or learn how to dance in heels at Seen On Screen Fitness in Manchester and London (plus online classes)
  • Diva dance classes at City Academy in London include workshops on the Spice Girls, Justin Bieber and Britney Spears
  • Master music video moves old and new with the MTV dance class at Dance Glasgow
  • Book your own group workshop with the Diva Dance Academy, all over southern England and Wales
  • The Crazy In Love booty pop

    There are so many amazing moves in this song (marching in red stilettos for one), but the most iconic is the ‘uh oh, uh oh’ booty pop. As Ianthe shows here, it’s more of a twerk than a thrust, and it takes work. Here’s how to do it.

    • 1 Stand side on with your arms bent, hands above your head. Practise swinging your hips backwards and upwards. Think of it as though you are trying to get your booty to hit the ceiling.
    • 2 Rotate your hips forward.
    • 3 and 4 Repeat several times. Think twerk rather than thrust.
    • 5 Bring your arms in front of your pelvis and cross your wrists, fists clenched.
    • 6 Uncross them and punch them down to your sides like you mean business. Do not forget to slay.

    The Run The World warrior swing

    Who runs the world? Girls, obviously. In the routine for this music video, a feisty Bey leads an army of studded female fighters (here, Kevin is in a more jolly mood). Channel some attitude and get marching.

    • 1 Stand front on. Swing your body to the right and open up your hands either side of your face, keeping your upper arms close to your torso. At the same time open your knees out in opposite directions while your heels stay together. Yes, serious multitasking. Bey really is a goddess.
    • 2 Swing your knees together and bring your hands together in front of your chest.
    • 3 Swing your body to the left and open up your hands, keeping your upper arms close to your torso. At the same time open your knees in opposite directions while your heels stay together. Repeat step 2 before doing 1, 2 and 3 again.
    • 4 Keeping your feet together, roll your chest clockwise from left…
    • 5 …to right.
    • 6 Spring up from your toes, arms down at your side.
    • 7 And land, with your feet together.

    The Formation roll-out

    It’s one of the toughest moves to nail but you will get serious kudos if you bust this out on the dance floor.

    • 1 Stand facing slightly to the right with your knees bent in a sort of half-squat.
    • 2 Jerk your upper body to the left, leading with your left shoulder.
    • 3 Now jerk your upper body to the right, leading with your right shoulder. Repeat steps 2 and 3: back and forth.
    • 4 Bend your torso across your left leg, flicking your head down…
    • 5 …and up. This is serious hairography (if yours is longer than mine).
    • 6 Roll your hands towards yourself, one over the other, as you step back with your right foot.
    • 7 Step your left foot back to meet your right while your hands keep rolling.
    • 8 Repeat steps 6 and 7. Slay.

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    Who taught Beyoncé to dance? | Dance hall rental

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    Who taught Beyoncé to dance?

    Who taught Beyoncé to dance? His name is Jonte!

    . etc. However, his extreme outrageousness is no less famous: walking around New York in outfits of exotic coloring a la leopard, and even in heels of breathtaking height, is absolutely commonplace for this person. Jonte arrived in our country, invited by Miguel, one of the jury members and teachers of the popular reality show "Dancing" on TNT.

    World famous choreographer

    The list of celebrity names with whom Jonte happened to work is impressive - this is Janet Jackson and many other famous people. By the way, it was Jonte, together with his friend Ramon Baines, who is no less famous in the dance world, who taught Beyonce how to dance, so the current level of her skill is the result of their work.

    Interview with Jonte

    Here is what the master shared with us: "I started dancing since I was 8 years old. My parents enrolled me in the martial arts section, not far from which there was a jazz-funk dance school. I asked my parents to let me at least just watch the dance classes "but as soon as the melody sounded, I involuntarily began to copy the movements of the teacher. He drew attention to me and brought me to the fore among the students, and later persuaded my mom and dad to send me to ballet school. I risked leaving my native Portland and moved to New York, where I worked my ass off, not shying from any offers, I took every chance to prove myself. Energy and renting a hall for classes - that's all I had. I heard more than once that success in the dance world can only be I’ll say this: no friendship will help you if you don’t work on your own. came together in 2004 when she took part in the "Super Bowl" with a performance that involved about three thousand dancers and only 23 of them worked directly next to Janet. I was among those twenty-three. It was a great honor and a great responsibility for me to be on the same stage with her, I tried to learn her every word, every movement. I dare to call Janet my mentor in some way. This cooperation gave a serious impetus to my career, provided me with a confident start. Soon after that, Beyoncé became interested in me. When we first met, she was very young, teaching her to dance was almost the same as teaching a child to walk. Beyoncé then and Beyoncé now are two completely different people. In those days, she was, so to speak, "dance primitive". Now she is a real prima donna and I am very proud of it.

    There is an opinion that Beyoncé is now the best dancer. And yes, in my opinion, it certainly is. She is a real workaholic; during the periods when she is practicing a new dance, you know, Beyonce can seem to ignore sleep and, sorry, going to the toilet. (smiles). In principle, Chris Brown is not bad at dancing, but he is somewhat insane.

    -Is there any difference between working with celebrities and ordinary dancers?

    -I don't distinguish between stars and ordinary people. I'm even more demanding of famous people. their work is seen by the masses, and the posters say that I am the author of the issue, so if they make a mistake themselves, they will put a stain on my reputation. The people expect high skill from my name and it should be so.

    -Are there celebrities you would like to collaborate with but didn't work out?

    -I've always dreamed of doing a number for Michael Jackson, but... Life decreed otherwise. .. There was a time when I wanted to try my hand at working with Madonna. Applied for selection and was rejected. Concluded that I do not need this in this case. Not even upset by this fact.


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