Gta 4 tbogt how to dance

Ballad Of Gay Tony - Boulevard Baby


Tony needs you to get with a girl called Monique in the Bahama Mamas night club for Rocco so that you can get at her boyfriend.

Dance The Night Away

Drive around the block to Bahama Mamas and enter the club. Head down the stairs and onto the dancefloorwhere you'll meet Monique.

You can read the on screen instructions on how to dance, however really all you need to do is move the analog sticks in different directions in tune with the music. Then you can hold both the trigger buttons when you're told to hold, and hold the analog sticks in a position for additional points. Basically keep this up until the meter is full.

Once you've impressed the girl dancing, she'll take you into the back and give you a blowjob. Half way through, Monique's boyfriend, who was supposed to be in Venturas, turns up and punches her for cheating on him.

After the cutscene you need to kill the boyfriend, then escape the club alive. Shoot the boyfriend in the head, then make your way through the door. There'll be one guard just inside there, and about 5 or 6 in the main club area. Lock onto them with a machine gun and take them out quickly. If you lose health, there's a health pack in the room you started.

Kill all of the guards then run back out the way you came in and up the stairs. As you go up the stairs watch out for two enemies who will shoot at you. Once they're all dead, run out of the club and run (or drive if you can find a vehicle) at least a block away.

Mission Passed!
Reward: $3000

Mission 100% Completion Criteria

In order to get 100% completion for this mission you need to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Time: 03:10
  • Player Damage: 40%
  • Groove On
  • Good Guy

Mission 100% Completion Tips

When driving, go flat out, also if you turn around from the start of the mission, you can save a long detour which will take you in the complete opposite direction. When dancing, make use of the hold bonus points. Hold the directions on the analog sticks and don't let go while tapping the trigger buttons. Then once the hold part is over, start moving them up and down, left and right in time with the music. Direction does not matter. Completing the dance part of the mission will complete the Groove On objective. Kill only the enemy bouncers to complete the Good Guy objective. As for the health and time limit, move quickly and lock onto the enemies to kill them. You'll only lock onto bad guys, so use a sub-machine gun to take out the enemies quickly and efficiently. There's no accuracy rating required, so spray those bullets and run the hell out of there.

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100% Completion Guide & Checklist

On this page, you find the ultimate guide and checklist to achieve 100% Completion in GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony, with all the required tasks. These include story missions, side missions, collectibles, and activities. Your progress towards GTA TBoGT 100% Completion can be tracked in the Pause Menu, in the "Stats" section.

The Ballad of Gay Tony is the second expansion added to Grand Theft Auto IV, based in Liberty City. You play as Luis Fernando Lopez, a young associate of Gay Tony Prince, whom he helps out with managing his high-end nightclubs in Algonquin.

To ease your task of fully completing Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony, we've created this full list of all the tasks required to achieve 100% completion in GTA IV The Ballad of Gay Tony. For each task, you can find out extra information by accessing the links to our The Ballad of Gay Tony Guides.

  • GTA IV The Ballad of Gay Tony: Missions (80%)
    • Complete all 26 Storyline Missions (60%)
    • Complete 8 Club Management Missions (10%)
    • Complete all 3 Random Character's Encounters (5%)
    • Complete 25 Drug Wars (2.5%)
    • Win all 3 Triathlons (2.5%)
  • GTA IV The Ballad of Gay Tony: Activities & Friends (15%)
    • Do all Friend Activities with Armando & Henrique (5%)
    • Win a game of Pool
    • Win a game of Darts
    • Win a game of Golf
    • Win a game of Air Hockey
    • Win the Cage Fighting Championship
    • Win the Champagne Drinking Contest
    • Dance successfully in Hercules and Maisonette clubs
  • GTA IV The Ballad of Gay Tony: Collectibles (5%)
    • Complete all 15 Base Jumps (2. 5%)
    • Find and kill all 50 Seagulls (2.5%)
  • GTA IV The Ballad of Gay Tony: 100% Completion Rewards
  • Tasks NOT Required for 100% Completion
  • GTA IV The Ballad of Gay Tony: 100% Completion Video Walkthrough

GTA IV The Ballad of Gay Tony: Missions (80%)

Luis has to complete tasks for his boss, Tony Prince, but also helps out his two best friends with jobs involving their drug empire. All of these missions must be completed to achieve 100% completion of the game.

Complete all 26 Storyline Missions (60%)

Complete every story mission in the game, from "I Luv L.C." to "Departure Time".

Find how to successfully complete all these missions on our GTA IV TBoGT Story Missions guide.

Complete 8 Club Management Missions (10%)

Help Tony out and deal with troublemakers around the nightclub by completing all the Maisonette 9 Club Management missions.

Find more information on these side-missions in our GTA IV TBoGT Club Management guide.

Complete all 3 Random Character's Encounters (5%)

Find Arnaud, Daisie, and Margot, the 3 random characters available in The Ballad of Gay Tony, and help them out with their tasks.

Find more information on the random encounter in our GTA IV TBoGT Random Encounters guide.

Complete 25 Drug Wars (2.5%)

Help your friends expand their drug empire by completing 25 Drug Wars.

Find more information on these side-missions in our GTA IV TBoGT Drug Wars guide.

Win all 3 Triathlons (2.5%)

Prove you're in the best shape by winning every triathlon available.

Find more information on these side-missions in our GTA IV TBoGT Triathlons guide.

GTA IV The Ballad of Gay Tony: Activities & Friends (15%)

When not involved in drug warfare or club management, Luis can go out to do other activities and spend time with his friends.

Do all Friend Activities with Armando & Henrique (5%)

Hang out with Luis' best friends Armando and Henrique, and take them to every available friendship activity:

  1. Air Hockey
  2. Darts
  3. Drinking
  4. Eating
  5. Golf
  6. Pool
  7. Strip Club

Both friends will join you in the activity regardless of who you call to initiate it, so you only need to do each of the activities once.

Win a game of Pool

Win a game of Pool against the computer or against an in-game friend. You can play Pool at the Homebrew Cafe or the Lost MC Clubhouse.

Find more information in our GTA IV TBoGT Pool guide.

Win a game of Darts

Win a game of Darts against the computer or against an in-game friend. You can play Darts in the Steinway Beer Garden in Dukes or at Lucky Winkles in Algonquin.

Find more information in our GTA IV TBoGT Darts guide.

Win a game of Golf

Win a game of Golf against the computer or against an in-game friend. You can play Golf at the Golden Pier golf club in Algonquin.

Find more information in our GTA IV TBoGT Golf guide.

Win a game of Air Hockey

Win a game of Air Hockey against the computer or against an in-game friend. You can play Air Hockey at the two bowling lanes in Liberty City, namely in Firefly Island, Broker, or in Westminster, Algonquin, off Union Drive West.

Find more information in our GTA IV TBoGT Air Hockey guide.

Win the Cage Fighting Championship

Prove you're the best at the L.C. Cage Fighting championship by winning 6 consecutive rounds.

Find more information on this side-mission in our GTA IV TBoGT L.C. Cage Fighters guide.

Win the Champagne Drinking Contest

In Maisonette 9, upstairs, in the VIP room, Luis can enter drinking contests with the VIP clubgoers. The goal of the contest is to down a bottle of champagne as quickly as possible.

The player must use the analog stick or the mouse to agitate the bottle, then pop the cork. Afterward, spin the analog stick or the mouse to make Luis chug the bottle. The first contestant to drink the whole bottle wins.

Dance successfully in Hercules and Maisonette clubs

In either of Tony's nightclubs, the player can partake in a dancing mini-game by approaching the dance floor and pressing the prompted button (LB on console). To correctly perform a dance, you must press the prompted buttons as they appear on the screen.

There are two types of dances, the partner dance, and the group dance:

  • The partner dance requires the player to move the Analog Sticks to the beat of the music or to hold them down as prompted.
  • After completing the partner dance, the player can move to the group dance, which requires the player to press the correct buttons as they appear on the screen.

Completing the Bus Stop dance at both "Hercules" and "Maisonette 9" nightclubs unlocks the Catch The Bus achievement and adds progress for 100% completion of the game.

GTA IV The Ballad of Gay Tony: Collectibles (5%)

Complete all 15 Base Jumps (2.5%)

Grab your parachute and complete all 15 available Base Jumps, marked on the map with Pink Parachute icons.

Find more information on this activity in our GTA IV TBoGT Base Jumps guide.

Find and kill all 50 Seagulls (2.5%)

There are 50 seagulls scattered throughout Liberty City, and killing them all will reward the player with an APC spawning at Yusuf Amir's construction site.

Here is a map of all the seagull locations in GTA IV The Ballad of Gay Tony:

GTA IV The Ballad of Gay Tony: 100% Completion Rewards

The golden kid! After completing all tasks, you've finally achieved 100% completion of the game - but what does this mean?

Achieving 100% Completion of Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony allows the player to buy unlimited ammunition for their weapons.

Tasks NOT Required for 100% Completion

So you've finished the game 100%, but you still want to play? Well, there are many more things to do in GTA IV The Ballad of Gay Tony, which are not actually required for 100% completion of the game, such as:

  • Getting a 100% score on all Story Missions
  • Completing 50 Drug Wars to get all weapon rewards
  • Completing a booty call
  • Using a car wash
  • Watching television
  • Holding up every store in Liberty City
  • Beating the high score in the QUB3D arcade game

GTA IV The Ballad of Gay Tony: 100% Completion Video Walkthrough

This was everything you needed to know to achieve 100% Completion in GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony!

For all guides, walkthroughs, and a complete database of the game, check out our Grand Theft Auto IV: TBoGT section.


Code for points in the dance in gta sa

Is there a code for the mission of dancing with a girl in gta san andreas

No. so train... .or download a save. somewhere (I don’t remember where exactly) I saw a file with saves after each mission.
here, I found it:

Dancing What self-respecting gentleman would not refuse to dance with a charming girlfriend. ... Then she will ask you to dance an energetic dance with her in the club and will vigilantly ensure that you score at least 3000 points, and dance . ..

Why? Do you have a sense of rhythm?)

Throw off ArtMoney and hack the game for points

It's easy without a code, just look at the arrows and in a few milliseconds, when the arrow is in a circle, you press ... . It's hard at first, then you get used to it. And the most important thing there is not to miss, in my opinion, if you miss, the rhythm goes astray and they give less points until you score again.

Give me the codes for Gta SA 10000 dance points and lowriders, I saw and introduced these only a long time ago and now I can’t find them


Another innovation in GTA San Andreas is the ability to have relationships with To do this, go to one of the clubs marked on the map and score less than 4000 points in a dance similar to the dance from the Life s Beach mission. March 9, 2006

And once again about GTA San Andreas

As I understand you have a cracked gta download another

Info GTA IV TBoGT. Cheats Codes. Transport. ... 3 Dancing. Feel free to show off your disco rocking skills! There is no girl who can't resist your body movements!

When the arrow approaches the yellow circle, press it!

Below are the numbers that you have to press on the numeric keypad.

It should show arrows corresponding to the arrows on the keyboard!

Use the numbers 4 6 8 2 on the right side of the keyboard

Arrows should appear, up, down, etc., which must be pressed when they appear in the circle.

Sunglasses can now be found in some shops. ... - Cheats and codes. - Easter eggs. ... A small selection of cars from the streets of Los Santos in GTA Online.

Click on the numpad)

What are the most interesting quests you remember in games?

The Witcher 1 : You need to get the trust of two boys

Tuning cars in GTA 5. How to ride on the walls in GTA 5? How to create a gang in GTA 5? ... Cheat codes GTA SA. ... February 26, 2012 01 47. Go to ..opu SAMP is fun! Without face glasses so se. ..

Xenus 2 save people from paramilitares on the island

Call of Duty Modern Warn 2- ending almost cried

ME2. A fallen ship, miraculously not plunging further into the abyss.

TES IV Oblivion. Quest for the Dark Brotherhood, when you need to kill 5 people, being in the same house with them, so that they do not guess who the killer is. You feel like a killer from horror movies xD

Quest in the mobile game Dragon Village
Do not pay 4 dollars, but farm 100 crystals in six months and not break loose (just further the plot is paid or in-game currency)

CJ will carefully cut the enemy's throat. Dancing in the car. In one of the missions ... Many people fail to score the required number of points, here are some tips for ... Everyone knows that according to the plot in GTA SA there are two girls one in the first city, and ... gta chiti, gta cheats, cheats for gta san, cheats for gta san andreas, cheat codes for gta...

Cs Go Calibrate for 10 VIN!
or no no no for 20!!!

Kill the orphanage manager.
STALKER ZP. He burst into tears when he could not save the labeled one, re-passed and saved.
STALKER SIGEROUS. Blow up Sidorovich's bunker. Wept over Tamerlane.

Fallout new vegas
Big mountain
Infuriates this quest, but I remember it very much

Game S.T.A.L.K.E.R the call of Pripyat. The quest of scientists where, with the help of the "svargok" detector, it is necessary to rescue the "spatial bubble" of the bodies of corpses from the anomaly.

СoD MW : Walk along Pripyat

And now about the code for ability points! ... After such actions, you will receive as many ability points as you need and will be able to spend them on pumping perks in Skyrim.

In Cod-le - shooting down a helicopter with a bullet of 7.61x51 caliber. Miracles...
Cannabis fire in Far Cry.

Skyrim)))) Talk about the scroll with the greybeard dragon...

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

SpellForce: The Order of Dawn

GTA SA : Dancing on the cars! Vatafak could not pass 2 years :)
And then the races passed!

Cheats for GTA-SA. ... When you press the buttons correctly, points are added to you. You can view the points scored for the last dance in the Main menu - gt Statistics - gt Achievements.

Farcry 3 : The last mission and after that ending (2 choices)

GTA:SA when it was necessary to "kill" Toreno, the bomb almost crashed the computer.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 last missions

Lineage 2
Quest 7 seals

All quests in crysis 2

Attention! The text below contains spoilers! This article includes a list of all missions in GTA San Andreas. Carl Johnson. In The Beginning is the first mission and cutscene in the game. Carl Johnson arrives in Los Santos. Big Smoke.

Fucking Helicopter in GTA Vice City

Mission in GTA SA With a helicopter

Call of Duty modern warfare (I don't remember which part like 2)
In the ending where price died after 3 replays, I almost cried ....

Just dota2

Saints Row The Third: Sneak into the morningstar party and take over the penthouse. And one more: Kill Lauren (the head of the morning star).

Weapon and ammo codes in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on PC Weapon set 1. CJ will jump much further LFGMHAL High jump After Entering this code CJ will get a clown nose with glasses... October 28, 2015

Mafia 2- where you have to kill the hero from the first part and in the first mafia there was an ending like someone killed him

The Walking Dead ending. Then he sobbed ((((

Warch dox control from a smartphone

Skyrim, when you wake up, and a woman in masks stares at you and offers to kill one of the three ...

All squares in crysis and crysis 2

Then, she she will ask you to dance with her, but only an energetic dance, at the same time, she will closely monitor how you score points, you need to score at least 3000 points.0004 COD MW2 When Ghost and Roach were killed :(

Tomb Raider all quests

"Mad mind" from Skyrim "turned out. Still, the quest "Guess the name" from the second Borderlands'a was very memorable, where they should help the biologist to study a certain muzzle-spitter, and also give this animal a new name, because according to the quest giver, "muzzle-spit" sounds stupid. So we are throughout the quest we kill tons of slobbers and watch how the name of the enemy changes, becoming more and more absurd each time.0005 Well, I also liked the main quest of the Night of the Raven addon for Gothic 2, where we are ordered to unravel the cause of mysterious earthquakes in the new region "Yarkendar". The quest is so huge and intense that I don't even know what to highlight. Perhaps I will mention the chain of pirate quests. In particular, I was pleased with the moment when it was necessary to help make rum. In my opinion, Die Nacht des Raben is a prime example of what video game addons should be.
P.S. Well, I also remember the Temple of Trials from Fallout 2. But not because he is good, but because he was boring when replaying the game. Especially if you played a character with a low strength parameter, this quest could fray your nerves.

Endless summer. Deponia 1,2,3.

My little pony, quests with Princess Celestia))

Vehicle ID in GTA SA. Author. Message. Kir Yakuza Admin. Messages 24 Registration date 2011-06-27. GTA SA Car ID Theme Tue Jun 28, 2011 8 35 am. Transport name ID.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R : Call of Pripyat.
All endings!

Mario's last level

Samp RP Battle for City Hall

Friends help me go to this question

Far-Cry 3 (Burning hemp)

Download GTA San Andreas. Other. ... Name Email Code Your profile. OUR RADIO!

Cannabis in Far Cry 3

Torture Paz from Metal Gear Peace Walker.

GTA VC helicopter mission-_-

Gothic 2 : Get to the monastery....

When sugar was dragging.

But it is better to apply without codes!!!. The code for the passage of the mission in gta san andreas. All pun, I'm 10 years old, please help me download GTA sa multiplayer. The past is dancing, press the buttons on Num Pad 2,4,6,8 !!. November 1, 2015

I don't play "Siberia"... but in chess quests - I'm an expert. .. won 12000 games

Far Krai4 all quests

What kind of quests?

How to complete a mission in gta san andreas at the train station where you need to dance with the help of hydraulics machine mods, SAMP and MTA servers. ... which button to disable ENB Topic in Mods for GTA San Andreas , created by VbIcoTkA, Oct 17, 2011. October 17, 2011

Yes, it's easy, just press the buttons in time and that's it

Carefully watch the arrows or letters (as in some versions) when a dense arrow flies up to a transparent one (they need to be combined) then press the right direction! TRYING NOT TO MAKE MISTAKES

Just hack through artmoney glasses and you're done!

It seems like this 4 left 6 right 8 up 2 down is a control and not a walkthrough0006

Now there are 9 missions on the server, including drift racing for points Like in NFS U2, dancing on lowriders Like in single, derby Like in MTA DD and many others. ...GTA SA-MP. which job is better.

You need to use the arrows on the NumPad, pressing in time while dancing. Everything is simple. =)

Need some kind of thread toy Where can I dance what type of turnip kulbnyaka well karoch on the keys help

GTA: San Andreas

Gta sa driving school gold gta sa buses gta sa animations from gta 4ta san andreas gta san andreas codes gta sa android gta samp gta san andreas gta sa ... Star Bro 5 months ago How to raise fps in GTA. Added 11 months ... Sports. Life style. Dance.October 17, 2015

Well, go to the point

Pa-Ra-Pa Dance City

Pa-Ra-Pa Dance City what you need

Help me complete the GTA SAN ANDREAS task! What to do arrows do not appear and music does not play ((Maybe code is pass? 06/21/2011, 20 46. New gray T-shirt with a picture of dancers in the center

GTA San Andreas

Which san andarsan 1 or 4

GTA SA code for pitching. 26-08-2013, 12 31 Cheats for GTA. ... Code for pumping in GTA JYSDSOD. That's about how big CJ will become after entering the code. Good luck in the game.

Yes, yes, use the buttons

You need to press the keys (arrows on the keyboard) corresponding to the screen (I have a record of 3800)

Question about the game GTA San Andreas.

If the arrows are not displayed, then there is no way to use the artmoney. try skipping this mission. just download the save with this mission completed. type in the search engine "save all the missions of san andreas

The peculiarity of this glue is that? that these are dances with professional movements, also other players can see how you dance and envy you. ... Cheats for GTA 5 on PS3. Trainer GTA 5 on PC.

Regarding *not displayed - experiment with screen resolution and graphics settings.
As a last resort - send me an email - rom[email protected] - save the file - I'll help with the passage.

How to dance in GTA by car

Help gta san andreas?

You need to invite her to the dance, to the club.

Do not be distracted by either the score or these inscriptions if you want to score enough points. ... Cheats for GTA San Andreas. ... don't go on this mission right away!! you need to enter some code to increase your success in dancing !! I already went to dance school...

It seems that you need to win the dance, that is, score more points

You could name at least what kind of bride, otherwise each has her own requirements.

My girl in gta san andreas says that you have a sense of humor? what to do she doesn't go on a date

Cheer her up.)

GTA 4 game description GTA 4 walkthrough GTA 4 Liberty City cheat codes for console versions GTA 4 characters GTA 4 system ... You can see the points scored for the last dance in the Main menu - gt Statistics - gt Achievements. February 6, 2011

I don't know, I'm tired of her, I took out her bazookas

When you come to her house and she comes out, she says what she wants today - dinner, skating or dancing. This is what needs to be done. In the case of dinner, icons of nearby establishments appear on the map - just take her there and then bring her back to the house. Please note that not all establishments are equally useful - some do not like, and everyone has different tastes. Just learn the right ones, they are listed on instruction sites. When she wants to ride, keep the right speed - again, everyone has their own preferences. One likes to shoot on the go from the window, the other loves racing, the third, on the contrary, is afraid of speed, etc. :). During the ride, follow the pleasure indicator and her remarks - she herself will tell you where and how best to go. Well, with dancing, everything is simple - take her to the nearest club (the icon will appear on the map) and try to impress with the points scored in the dance. Try not to get into accidents at least during a date - apart from the subsequent repair of the car, she definitely won’t like it either. There are 6 girls in total - two according to the plot, the rest are optional. They do not suspect the existence of each other, so no one bothers to meet with everyone at once :).

How to have a good time with a girl and what to give her? In the game GTA SA.

It all depends on the girls. There, each has its own taste, which she reports. Some like to relax in bars, some in clubs.

Do not immediately use the codes for GTA San Andreas, thanks to the publication of You ... Dancing by car. In one of Sweet's missions in GTA San Andreas, you need to take a car... Many people can't score the required number of points, here are some tips on...

0005 To get to know the girls, you should approach them and start a conversation.
It will be possible to meet with them after meeting, the girl's house will be indicated on the game map with a red heart.
Requirements for Carl:
Barbara - required to be complete.
Michelle - required to be complete.
Katty - inflated muscles are required.
Helen - weak muscles are required (to lose muscle, you need to lose weight to a minimum, and then eat nothing for a long time).
Courting Styles:
Your girlfriend will tell you what she wants, eats, and doesn't mind eating at a diner or restaurant. Fear not, all restaurant locations will be marked on the map. There are four types of places where you can fill your belly: Bar, Restaurant, Fast Food and Cafe. Do not forget that every girl has a favorite place where she likes to eat, and some of the ladies open hitherto unknown restaurants for you, where, having eaten dishes, you will not gain a single gram of fat. Naturally, in other types of eating (such as cafes) establishments, the menu consists of various dishes that provide different percentages of fat. Have you eaten? Forward to run and swing!! !
What self-respecting gentleman would not refuse to dance with a charming girlfriend. The girl will hint to you that she wants to warm up, go ahead to the nearest club, run to the dance floor and play a mini-game, did you forget the Life's a Beach mission, you also need to turn your ass and hook the girls there. You must score at least 4000 points, then the girl will allow you to take her home, and who knows ... If you are a loser and do not score 4000, then you will be refused . ..
Russian, but it is also inherent in him to drive like that, even among his comrades in uniform (aka the traffic police), the radars go off scale. Your darling will cling to your shoulder and whisper softly, give me a ride, my dear. You are with fire in your eyes, oh yes, darling, of course, you get into the car, Carl understandably presses the gas to the floor, but then an indicator of pleasure appears. What is he for? ? It's simple, as soon as it fills up, hold on for a few seconds and the girl will ask you to take her home, it is possible that you will stay there until the morning. But look carefully, not all girls like to fly and feel all the bumps at high speed with their fifth point. She will yell at you for driving too fast or too slow. Determine how much she loves by the pleasure indicator.
Each of the previous types of courtship may end with an invitation to go home for a cup of "coffee". This can only happen when you collect the required percentage for "coffee". Of course, you can also refuse, refer, they say, dear, something in my head hurts. Your refusal will pass without consequences!! !
Girls in the game are a very important element of the gameplay, depending on what percentage of success you have with a girl, you get very useful bonuses.
Achieving the girl's full favor (100% success) is rather dreary, well, just like in real life: you have to take care of the girl, endure her whims, and maybe, after quite a long time, the girl will invite you to a glass of coffee at her home, well, and there you are her ... (boys, well, you understand me!).
So, you have decided to embark on the difficult path of a hero-lover, well, I’ll tell you what you have to do: first, you need to take the girl several times to a restaurant or bar, and you need to choose exactly the one that the girl likes, otherwise the date will be unsuccessful and the girl will get angry , and will throw food at CJ! Then she will ask you to dance an energetic dance with her in the club and will vigilantly ensure that you score at least 3000 points, and you will have to dance several times, and subsequent dances will be more difficult than the previous ones.
The friend will then ask you to take her to her favorite places at the speed she has chosen. Skating girls is not a difficult task, but it requires high concentration, on the right n

Gta san andreas I want to find a cleo script thanks to which you can dance break dance!

CJ will gently slit the enemy's throat Dancing in a car In one of the missions, you need to take the Suite ... Many people fail to score the required number of points, here are some tips for ... If in Vice City you had to find 100 green figurines, then in GTA-SA you need to paint over ... ALWAYS kill everyone who is there, then you have to enter the code ...

GTA question: SA

Sweet doesn't like his sister hanging out with a Mexican. He sends you to see where and how these two doves meet.
First you have to take a car, which will be provided to you by the mechanic of the garage marked on the radar. Now drive to another point where a surprise awaits you - the Car Dance Championship.
The task is quite simple, and it will not be difficult to complete it (if not on the first, then on the second attempt - for sure). Indicate the amount of money you are willing to risk and start the show.
All you have to do here is press the buttons to the beat of the music. As soon as the arrow has almost completely entered the small circle, press the corresponding button on the numeric keypad. Do not pay attention to the points and the video sequence, otherwise you will fail everything ten times in a row. Concentrate only on the running arrows at the bottom of the screen.
If at the end of the melody you score more points than your opponent, the mission will be completed.
Later, there will be a small quarrel between you and the boyfriend of Sweet's sister (his name is Caesar). Fortunately, everything will end well, and you will get access to the championship.

Then she will ask you to dance an energetic dance with her in the club and will vigilantly ensure that you score at least 3000 points, and you will have to dance several . .. Cheats for GTA San Andreas PS2. Submarine parts map in GT ...

How to jump by car in GTA San Andres

No way

Throw off ArtMoney and hack the game for points. ... It's also easy without a code, just look at the arrows and in a few milliseconds, as the arrow is in a circle, you press ...

From the springboard or from the bridge, having accelerated). . in general, all actions of Carl can be changed in the game settings (mouse and keyboard control)

Better from the springboard ..)

Dangerous, but

I think from the springboard

The cross and up key

Information about GTA SA. Codes, cheats. ... When you finish dancing in Maisonette 9 and Hercules, you will unlock the GTA 4 achievement The Ballad Of Gay Tony Catch the Bus, which is equal to 15 points.

Jump off the bridge! jump off the trampoline!
with the mouse! jump smarter!
take your time! speed up! well, jump!
can be faster than all of you!

Secrets of gta san: Dancing in a car
In one of Sweet's missions in gta san andreas, you need to take a wheelbarrow that can bounce on the springs and go to the competition to the station. Many players fail to complete this mission. I advise you to change the keys that control jumps in the control settings. By default, these are the keys on the additional keyboard: 2, Add. 4, Add. 6, Add. 8, they are quite unusual and difficult to adapt to them. Put the jump controls on the standard cursor control keys (those with arrows), and keep an eye on the circle in the middle of the screen, as soon as the arrow enters the circle, press the same arrow on the keyboard. It's very simple. Once you complete this mission, you will be able to participate in these competitions whenever you want. Enter the red marker next to the person standing next to this place (next to the train station in Los Santos) and the competition will begin! Many people fail to score the required number of points, here are some tips for this: Modify your car, the more solid it looks, the more points they will give. Press the jump control keys a little after the arrow hits the circle. You can not look at the circle at all, but look only at the arrows, listening to the rhythm of the music and clicking on the rhythm.
A completely radical way to complete this mission in gta san: using the ArtMoney program, increase your points to 3000, wait for the end of the competition and the mission is completed!

You can do it from the springboard, but it's better not to...

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Or here
But where to jump and from where - it's not clear

Cheats for Grand Theft Auto Mission Pack 1 London 1969. All the secrets of GTA. ... This time, you only need 4000 to win. If you have collected the required points, after the dance, the DJ will invite you to the minibus.


You must jump sober.

You really need it.


From the springboard

Clubs in GTA sa. Let's take a short excursion into the club life of San Andreas. ... You can see the points scored for the last dance in the Main menu - gt Statistics - gt Achievements.


Who plays the game GTA SAN ANDREAS, please help. I can not pass one mission.

On the arrows on the numeric keypad on the right, press the current first press the game to agree to dance

Cheats for GTA. ... Points In Lowrider Competition activate when you start to compete with an opponent, if activated before that, then there will be no effect.

In this mission you need to dance

Dance =)) In short, I advise you to play online in GTA Sa, it's much more interesting! I have my own server, a lot of people play, well, in short, there are a lot of things, a game of life or RP, You work, buy houses, join gangs, rent out rights, etc., etc. if anything, write my icq : 552575960 or Skype: vovan__007

You talk to the woman all the time, you press the Y key when the dance starts at the bottom of the screen there will be a circle. It will be necessary to press the movement keys when the arrow enters the circle. Often there are no arrows if the game is with some kind of mod.

Who will tell you about the game gta san andreas?

This is a glitch in the game gta san andreas delux, you need to restore the normal version of the game

GTA-SA.UCOZ.RU - everything for the game gta-san-andreas. Codes, cheats, mods, patches, cracks, programs, textures, buildings, vehicles and ... You can see the points scored for the last dance in the Main menu - gt Statistics - gt Achievements.

Games in which you need to develop relationships, etc. Do you know these?


Codes, saves and other secrets of the game. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. ... Num 9 Infinite Points in Lowrider Rhythm Game Num 0 Infinite Dance Points ... GTA SA Part 2 !

The Witcher

Sims and Singles

There is a game.... Life is called. Start better in it. And then someday you will understand that you are a fat bald old man with glasses and your whole life was wasted sitting at the computer

Gta s.a. grenade collected the second main Dayz platform Steam Speed ​​city San Andreas gta 5 gta sa Counter Strike Global Offensive CLEO . .. You can see the points scored for the last dance in the Main menu - gt Statistics - gt Achievements. The Sims 1.2.3

There you have to repeat after the others!!!!

Section table of contents All news about GTA Advance Facts Characters Maps Cheat codes Walkthrough. ... To do this, go to one of the clubs marked on the map and score less than 4,000 points in a dance similar to the dance from the Life s Beach mission.

In the same place there are arrows on them from the bottom and you press.

Hmm... do the arrows go down there? if so, then it seems like you need to repeat the numbers after the arrows ... that is, the arrow crosses the circle (->) press "6" - it is on the right (num) and so on

The arrows go from the bottom and when they go into the circle you need to press them, thereby, because of the hydraulics, you get a dance, score more points, take the cup and go home =)

Tam ne strelkami nado najimati a tsiframi s kalikuleatora t.e. pravaia ciasti klaviaturi a strelki pod nomerami 2-verx, 4-vpravo, 6-vlevo, 8vniz.

Arrows follow them at the bottom and must be repeated.

How to score enough points? Passage of the mission Dancing on lowriders' cars. ... Where can I find a parachute in gta san andreas? How to do parkour in GTA San Andreas GTA San Andreas?

It's not realistic to pass the toko for the pros

For what idea would you go to work for free?

Children. I could work for free in the orphanage.

Earn 15 points for Xbox 360 and Bronze for PlayStation 3 by doing perfect dances in Hercules and Maisonette 9. In essence, this instruction is enough to familiarize you with how to dance in GTA 4.

For the sake of saving children. and animals. DEFINITELY.

For the sake of mining gold, diamonds!! )

For the sake of the idea to launch a project that will later feed me and... It usually happens:)))

I would work for free only to clean up nature, for example, to collect rubbish in the forest, along the river or lake.

And who will feed the children, free of charge only in the next world

Then she will ask you to dance an energetic dance with her in the club and will vigilantly ensure that you score at least 3000 points, and you will have to dance several times, and subsequent . . Codes for GTA San Andreas PC. FAQ - question answer.

For the sake of a separate apartment in a year....Although I would be a millionaire, I helped children's resuscitation financially and sent professionals there for a decent salary

These are the very emergency situations. As a rule, when such events occur, a normal person rarely thinks about rewards.

People do not work for free, there is always a reward (at least moral satisfaction), and if there is no reward, people do not work

My answer will be the same as N.N. well, if suddenly there is an explosion, an earthquake, and a lot of things can happen, so I'm always happy to help 8)

When there were acts of terrorism in Moscow, houses were blown up, each apartment was on duty all night long in line for a month. in general, I would probably like to help the old people at least go buy the same bread, but I don’t know how to bring it to life, of course they won’t believe a stranger.

On our GTA portal, you can download for free, Break Dance Mod, and without registration, like all other files on our site. ... Cheats for GTA Vice City.

I asked my loved one this. He said that for the sake of his beloved girl:)


If I wanted to buy a car, a house, or something else for the family good, for example, on credit, I would go to work for free, because my salary would go to pay off this loan.

Ia dumaiu, vse liudi v bolishei or menishei stepeni rabotaiut besplatno, toliko odni eto nazivaiut rabotoi, drugie - iscustvom. A iskustvo, kak izvestno, trebuet jertv, i iscustvom mojno nazvati liubuiu rabotu, daje samuiu, na perviy vzgliad, nepriiatnuiu.

Of course, I'm sorry, but everyone is so kind, well, where to go, but if you really touch, then probably no one will agree, there are a lot of reasons not to do this or that.

Robbery Add X Dance Points Add X Lowrider Competition Points On Off ... Cheats Reset Counter and Code Usage Status Turn off all codes. ... More Take a Screenshot Kill GTA SA Process On Off Trainer.

I had to clear the rubbish in the forest near the house where I rented an apartment. Nobody paid us, we just wanted to make the world a little better, at least where our hands reached. Happen, God forbid, trouble - you need my help - I will not refuse. I drove an unfamiliar boy in my car to the emergency room, I stand at the tent - I buy apples, a boy of 10 12 years old sits, he unsuccessfully jumped from the second step of the stairs, his leg was swollen, and his grandfather forced him to put on a boot and not whine (male education) and the child turned out to have an ankle broken. Such things are driven by one thought - do what you want to be done to you.

For the children.

I would go to work as a veterinarian for free. The fact is that I love animals very much :)

Children, homeless animals, elderly people, Orthodox shrines, environmental disasters.

For the sake of saving nature

Computer forum Chitchat.RU Game forums Grand Theft Auto GTA SA walkthrough. ... Gary Paffett, that is, correctly executed add points in the PLAYER section ???!!! tell me how you passed well, you need to press the arrow code ...

For the sake of the idea of ​​universal abolition of money! :)

Any work for the glory of Christ.

Hospice. Truth in his spare time from work for money. And the idea is to stop this stupid talk about euthanasia.

For joy, I practiced for free and took it away from my satisfaction, like I bachila, that those people should think to whom I don’t bait and who doesn’t baiduzhi me.

Children and charity. Of course, if there was soma to live on.

32. The Night Vision Device and Thermal Goggles are in the Mad Dog mansion. 47. Some ammunition says guns guns guns - gta3 code for weapons. If you finished the dance with a mark of GOOD - rejoice! March 22, 2009

For an idea

For a PhD

For my favorite football club, London's Arsenal. Which is exactly what I do.

For the sake of communism, if it were in the near future! But really - I do a lot of things .... :) Not always everything is measured and measured by money!

I would have worked at an animal shelter, I would have messed with the dogs!!

GTA San Andreas. Maps, cheat codes for GTA. ... Then she will ask you to dance an energetic dance with her in the club and will vigilantly ensure that you score at least 3000 points, and you will have to dance several times, and subsequent dances will be ...

I would work without a cost if I helped people who suffered in unfortunate weathers or natural hardships, in a home for children of orphans and people with disabilities.

Russia - that's my idea of ​​an idiot...:(

In my opinion, every person does something disinterestedly every day. But he will definitely be rewarded in something else, whether he wants it or not!

For society, if, of course, the husband supported

It turns out very interesting. .. If you look at the answers, it turns out that women are ready to selflessly work for love (for children, for animals, for nature, etc.). etc.), but men are selfless for the sake of money))) The most interesting thing is that more and more girls take the position of men in this regard. Mercantilism is simply amazing!

To activate codes in GTA SA, you should enter them right during the game, or if the moment is very tense and there is no time to write a code, you can exit the menu by pressing the ESC button and enter the code here calmly.

Make people happy! For bread, sausage, a plate of borscht and a bottle of cognac, I would sit on the street and grant wishes =) Only good ones, yes.

I would work for free for the grateful eyes of a small child, a beautiful girl and for .. appreciation and fame

For the sake of the fact that working for free later will bring fabulous wealth to my descendants. I think it's easier to work for free for SOMEONE than for something.

For homeless animals, the environment and the elderly.

Wrong question!!! Workers work for money. Help in a difficult situation is not a JOB! And those who do this professionally - the Ministry of Emergency Situations receive their salary. Even volunteers receive food or, in certain situations, accommodation. In short, a stupid question. I will help for free, but I will not work.

Cheats for GTA 4. ... 3 Dancing. Feel free to show off your disco rocking skills! There is no girl who can't resist your body movements!

The only thing - for the sake of housing.

They don't work for an idea, they work for money. But if you need help - naturally, I will not refuse. There are many situations - we must not forget that it can happen to anyone. Anyway, I'm always helping people if it's in my power to change anything.

For Putin to stay for a 3rd term

Earn a million for an idea!

Free labor is forced. And forced labor is prohibited in the Russian Federation! So if you, dear Iris, recruit people here, then you are at a very big risk . ..

GTA San Andreas I collected all 100 graffiti how to get night vision goggles in GTA San Andreas GTA San Andreas collecting shells GTA San Andreas criminal Russia code for night vision goggles.

I would conduct excavations

If it's a very interesting job. Then money is secondary

Somehow there is no feeling of charity

There are a lot of ideas... . But you also have to live on something. If I didn’t have to work for money, that is, if I had a decent capital from which I could live, I would gladly devote myself to selfless service, because I can’t imagine life without work, without work, without the fruits of my labor. And I would find application for myself in teaching. Perhaps I would teach and educate children in an orphanage. Or work with the homeless. Or just be a teacher. Or would lead some creative circle for children. Or helped some kind fund to raise money for really useful purposes (education, treatment, education, care for the elderly, for the maintenance of abandoned animals). Your survey showed that many people are ready to help others, but since they themselves have many problems, they only have enough strength to work in order to earn money to support their families.

I'm playing Gta san andreas and I can't pass the lowrider contest. Tell me how to score more points.

Is this where the cars jump? If yes, then the arrows pass at the bottom. Press the arrows (on the right keyboard) according to the arrows at the bottom.

You should score 3000 points, and you will have to dance more than once, and subsequent dances will become more and more difficult. ... Codes for GTA 4.

Try to press the arrows in rhythm with the arrows at the bottom

Press the arrows in time when they pass through the ring at the bottom of the screen! There are also trainers, some of them have the option of adding points to lowrider competitions or dances! ))((

Rockstar on L.A. Sequel Noire, Max Payne 3 and GTA 5

Rockstar Games answered a few questions from fans about Max Payne 3, GTA 5 and the sequel to L. A. on its official website. noire. We publish the most interesting (translation: GameWay).

- Nooooooooooooooo Why is Max Payne 3 delayed????

- We hope you know that our main goal is to give you the best quality games possible. Believe me, the delay is to make the game as epic and polished as possible

- Can you show me the final cover of Max Payne 3?

- It will be released in the coming weeks

- Why has the PC version been pushed back another 2 weeks?

- We'd like to bring the release of Max Payne 3 as close to console as possible. It is impossible to release it simultaneously with the console one, but we are working to ensure that the gap is only a couple of weeks.

— Why is the game coming out three days earlier in the US than in Europe? Due to shipping?

— No. It's just that in the US, entertainment products (games, movies, music) come out on Tuesdays. And in Europe - on Fridays. GTA 4 we tried to release on the same day and faced great difficulties in Europe. We're old enough to remember that there used to be whole months between an American and a European release, so I guess three days isn't a problem.

- Will Max Payne 3 have free aim like the PC originals?

Yes. We wanted the fans of the game to be able to freely aim. However, at the same time, we want to provide different aiming settings and difficulty levels for players of different skill levels.

- Is James McCaffrey voicing Max again?

Yes. He is also the face of Max in Max Payne 3 and performs most of his moves.

- Will we be able to use Bullet Time in Max Payne 3 multiplayer or is it just a feature of the single player campaign?

- Bringing Bullet Time into multiplayer is a huge priority for us. Bullet Time is just one of Max's multiplayer special abilities called Bursts. Each Burst responds to different skills: conspiracy, paranoia, heroism, betrayal. And all of them are involved in our new multiplayer mode - "Gang War".

- Can you change Max's clothes? And how does weapon switching work?

- As the game progresses, Max wears clothes that match the context of the level. For example, in the office, Max wears a suit. As for weapons, Max can carry three barrels at the same time - two small one-handed barrels (pistols, small machine guns), and one large two-handed barrel (automatic rifle). You can also choose to hold two weapons in two hands at the same time or in one.

— When will we hear more about GTA 5? When will GTA 5 be released? Will we see a second GTA 5 trailer this year?

- Right now we are hard at work on the game and want to show you the progress as well. Stay tuned for more information about the game in the coming months.

- Does the game take place only in Los Santos or also in SF and LV?

- As we said, the events unfold in Los Santos, its environs, beaches, surrounding hills. And the world in the game will be the largest of those that we have ever created.

- Why in addition to GTA 4 The Ballad of Gay Tony Louis can't dance with a man in a gay bar?

— Luis can actually dance with a man in Hercules. But first he must dance with the girl, and then the guy will come up and want to fight with you in the skill of dancing.

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