How to bounce dance

How to Do Bounce Dancing

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If you want to do aerobics to a beat, bounce dance gets your heart thumping as your legs pump to the music. One style of bounce dance originated in the Deep South in New Orleans in the 1980s. The main feature of this dance is wide-set feet with balance on the toes, knees bent and turned in and out rapidly to the hip-hop or rap beat. Freestyle arms and interspersed kicks and hops make up this individualistic dance. The ghetto bounce is somewhat less energetic, but does move in double time to club-style music. For beginners, or non-dancers, start with a regular bounce move and improvise as the spirit moves you. The high-energy expenditure of this dance provides an aerobic workout that burns 74 calories in 10 minutes for a 120-pound person, and up to 110 calories in 10 minutes for a 180-pound person.

Step 1

Warm up for five to 10 minutes before bounce dancing. Do stretches, such as shoulder rolls, leg stretches and head rotations. Clap rapidly to the music to increase your heart rate and prepare your body for more strenuous exercise.

Step 2

Stand with your feet approximately shoulder-width apart. For a regular bounce move, feet should be a comfortable distance apart. A New Orleans-style bounce move requires feet greater than shoulder-width apart so knees can bounce in toward each other.

Step 3

Drop your body to the beat, bending at the knee. For a regular bounce, make a deep drop that allows your knees to go slightly beyond your toes. A double-time hip-hop bounce is shallower, allowing two bounces per beat.

Step 4

Rise slower than you drop when doing a regular bounce. The count goes "one and two and," with the drop on "one" and the rise on "and two and." The ghetto bounce drop-and-rise is different, with each move made on a half beat. Drop on "one" and rise on "and."

Step 5

Move your arms to the beat, using strokes of your choice. Bend at your elbows and allow your arms to swing back and forth to the rhythm or make deliberate reaches and stretches as you bounce. Add swim arms for variation, making freestyle-swim strokes in the air.

Step 6

Cool down by walking or stretching. Allow yourself five to 10 minutes of gentle movements while your heart rate comes back to normal.


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  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing for bounce dancing. An informal-style dance, bounce dancing is generally performed in casual sportswear or street clothes.


  • Consult your physician before starting any type of new physical activity. Bounce dancing is based upon bouncing from the knees, which might not be advised for some people with knee problems.

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Dance School - Balance Club

25 August 2016

The most significant aspects of any dance direction, of course, are all sorts of jumps and hops. Jumps , as a kind of dance movements, are the most spectacular - they give the dance high dynamics, giving the audience a feeling of lightness and airiness. Some dancers are truly born jumpers, others go to great lengths to develop the ability to jump high and, most importantly, easily. Be that as it may, every dancer who counts on the title of a professional must constantly improve the technique of his jumps, replenishing it with new, more complex elements.

In any dance style, be it Classical or Jazz Modern, Break Dance or Hip Hop, there is a wide variety of jumps and jumps that are the most difficult part of any dance technique. And, despite the fact that the jumps of different dance styles are not always similar to each other, basic exercises and techniques for preparing for them can be used in any style. There are several tricks that will help you improve your jumps. First of all, it is necessary to develop the power of the push, which will allow you to make a high jump, sufficient to perform the desired figure in flight and fix it for as long as possible. In this article, the Balance Club Dance School provides some recommendations. By following them, you can develop your ability easily, dynamically and jump high .

Raise your weight! The best dancers in the world use various exercises in their training to lift their bodies up. Raises on toes with extended knees, lunges on one leg, and all sorts of squats are the best exercises that any dancer can do to improve their jumps. Find time in your classes for these exercises and soon you will begin to literally soar in the air like never before!

Work on your stretch! Stretch your calf muscles, hamstrings, and quads after each session: a dancer with flexible legs will be able to jump higher. If you are doing splits, try putting something under your front leg (like a rolled up mat). This is a good and safe way to improve your longitudinal split, which will add ease during the performance of jumps with open legs in flight.

Soften your landing! When learning to dance from scratch, before moving on to learning the jumps themselves, they learn the rules of landing. This is done because most of the injuries when performing jumps are due to improper landing. And an injury, as you know, can ruin not only the career of a professional dancer, but also bring a lot of trouble to a simple amateur. Even after a small jump, land only on tense legs, softening the landing with a springy plié. A dancer who regularly develops a deep plie performs more airy and graceful jumps, and is less likely to be injured when landing. Plie is an extremely important exercise for the dancer's health! Infrequent use of plie in your training can lead to underdevelopment of the tissues of the tendons of the ankle joints, hamstrings and weakness of the foot.

Stretch up! When performing in the jump and landing, keep your head high and your back extended - this will lighten your weight. Many dancers get distracted trying to see themselves in the mirror instead of stretching out and enjoying the feeling of flying.

Use vitamins! The bones, muscles and tendons of a dancer need a sufficient amount of vitamins and trace elements. And therefore it is better to optimally enrich your diet with essential vitamins.

But the most useful advice that can be given to those who want to learn how to jump is that you must constantly believe in yourself, believe that you can fly! If the dancer keeps in his mind the feeling of flying high and the belief that he can soar easily and high, he will most likely be able to make a higher jump. This belief must begin long before the actual jump, persist throughout the flight, and not disappear after landing. The dancer who believes in jumping literally gains wings!!!

We are waiting for you at our lessons and happy flights!!!

Dance school in MoscowBalance Club.
Prospect Vernadsky, 95, building 4
Tel. +7 (495) 434 0550

To make the dance beautiful

“Cheerful heel”

Stomp – one of the main movements dancing. They correspond to a cheerful, danceable music and convey its rhythmic pattern. At vigorous, strong stomps the foot follows lift higher and faster (as if starting from gender). The knee of the skating leg may slightly spring.

“I am persistent”

One foot stomping the smallest children. In a merry dance they well activate the kids. You have to watch to when repeating the dance, the children changed their legs and so that, stomping, they did not take their foot far forward. Hands at performing this movement should be set fists on the belt. This helps to keep good posture.

"I am cheerful"

Variable inflows are performed then with one foot, then the other, with the addition of stamped legs back to the support: on “time” - stomp a little in front of you; on "two" - put your foot to supporting leg; then the other leg too. The older child, the more mobile they can be performed floods. In order not to lose balance, do not to carry the stomping foot far forward, it is necessary put it next to the base. Corps during movements should be kept straight.


Stomping with both feet alternately - quick stomping steps in place. With them knees should be slightly bent, straight body. Movement is always consistent playful, playful music.

"I'm flirtatious"

sock - an element of polka and other folk and children's dances. The foot is exposed on the heel strongly bent in the instep so that the toe looked up fervently and cheerfully; body remains direct. On the toe, the leg is placed obliquely forward, lift straightens out. The body can be slightly tilt to the exposed leg, direct the gaze on the toe (as if admiring his beautiful shoe). In all cases, the foot should set not far from the supporting leg, so as not to transfer the weight of the body to the exposed leg.

"I'm mischievous"

Jumping with the leg forward - one of the most popular and favorite dance moves children. While driving, keep good posture, keep your feet close one to another. The older the child, the easier it is for him take the leg forward without bending the knee and almost touching the toe of the floor. The sock should turn outward slightly.
Jumping with kicking legs should not be done very active, you need to measure them with the possibilities of children. When moving the body remains calm, slightly thrown back, hands placed on the belt with fists or crossed on the chest.

“I am swift”

Lateral canter – element of ballroom and many folk dances. When galloping to the right the child performs a movement with the right shoulder forward; the body does not turn in the direction of movement; right foot takes a step to the right, left is attached to her heel, as if pushing for the next step to the right, while moving to the left vice versa. The toes of both feet are slightly apart in sides. The nature of the movement is flight. If a the music became more energetic, the right leg rises higher and falls to the floor with a slight with a blow, the jump becomes stronger and higher. To learn this movement faster, execute it better first in the literal sense of the direction, but only then in a circle.

“I am light”

Polka step is a combination of light springy running and jumps: on "one and two" - three small steps running on socks - right, left, right foot; on "and" - jump on the right leg, the left is slightly bent in knee. Then three steps - left, right, left - and jump on the left leg.
Polka is a Czech dance. Its name originated from the word pulka, which means half . The nature of the dance performance corresponds name: instead of the fourth step, it is performed half - jump.
When dancing the polka, girls are usually beautiful hold the skirt, and the boys put their hands on fist belt.


"Spring" is a movement that performed non-stop, including swinging up and down on slightly bent knees. It is performed at a pace convenient for children, not too fast. But also immediate, without muscle tension. The teacher draws attention to the fact that the knees in during the movement did not straighten.

“I flutter like a moth”

Jumping from foot to foot usually performed to the music of a cheerful polka and broadcast her carefree, laid-back, easy-going nature. The movement is performed without tension, step small. The child should try hard push off the floor, rushing with the body up. The quality of movement depends on the degree of child's foot development. For her strengthening (and therefore to improve jump) should be performed training exercises: at a moderate rhythm and pace actively rise on toes, hugging the waist well hands, or, actively pushing off the floor, jump as high as possible. Performing for the best rebound at the same time clap overhead.

"Jumping like a ball"

Bouncing - elementary form movement accessible to children of all ages. Larger or smaller bounce off the floor can be used depending on the nature musical and motor image. In any landing should be silent, soft bending your knees. Bouncing can have options: on two legs, on one, alternately, in alternating jumps on two legs with jumps on one.

Walk like a horse

High leg step at the knee often used in games. Bent at the knee the leg is lifted forward so that the thigh takes horizontal position, and the lower leg forms with hip right angle. The sock at the same time "looks" in floor (like a horse's hoof). When doing this movement of the body should be straight, head raised. Relaxed arms can be bent in elbows in front of you (“hold the reins”).

" I gallop like a horse"

Straight gallop - a movement that like kids of all ages.

Learn more