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Tecktonik dance combines aspects of disco, glowsticking, and hip-hop dance to create a funky, fast, futuristic hybrid style that has become quite fashionable in the electro house scene (which has itself become very fashionable over the same period). This pair of videos will teach you many of the basic and more advanced steps to Tecktonik dancing at a very manageable pace, and should help you sharpen your moves before your next big Dirty South or D Ramirez party.

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Please enable JavaScript to watch this video.

(1) Part 1 of 2 - How to Do basic and advanced steps in Tecktonik dance to electro house, (2) Part 2 of 2 - How to Do basic and advanced steps in Tecktonik dance to electro house

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How to tecktonik

What is tecktonik?

Tecktonik (over abbreviated as TCK), also known as Electro Promenade, Milky Way or Vertigo, is a category of street dance danced to electro music based on a mingle of techno and Hip-hop styles (fashionable 80s vogue, 90s waving and old middle school breakdancing), and 70s disco, started in the at daybreak 2000s in Paris, France, at the cabaret Metropolis. It has grown in stylishness through word-of-disheartened and video sharing sites such as Dailymotion and YouTube. The schedule Tecktonik is a registered trademark, and this has created issues for shindy events or other uses of the delegate. The creators of the Tecktonik name brand (most notably, Cyril Blanc, the artistic principal of Metropolis) carry official products, such as clothes, CDs, vivacity drinks, etc. Tecktonik was featured prominently at the 2007 Paris Techno Esplanade on September 15

Best tecktonic dancers

First Tecktonik videos posted on internet sites like YouTube was Jey-Jey. Other known Tecktonik killers are Cx7, Lili azian, Fredoo, Lecktra, Junky, Sofy, Vavan, Spoke, Boobiz, Maestro, BirkeFars
The most famous Tecktonik teams are Wantek and Fanatek.

Lesson #1

How to Tecktonik part 1

How to tecktonic part 1

Lesson #2

How to Tecktonik part 2

How to tecktonic part 2

Lesson #3

How to tecktonik Variation 1

Tecktonik news

If you are French, younger than 20 and eat an Internet connection, you in all likelihood already know what to repay of the spiked hair, gaunt pants and electric skip moves pulsing in cyberspace. The cavort moves started with something called Tecktonik - a mix of inferior, techno, break dancing and disco that was born in clubs and spread by not to beat about the bush of mouth on Internet video sites. The dansant spawned a youth displacement that has turned into a how to tecktonic burgeoning duty and a model for creating a label on the Web. Tecktonik, now a registered trademark and present 33,800 videos on the YouTube video locality, has gone beyond sharing music and moved to selling hairstyles, distribute and an ethos of tolerance to pile-adolescents. It has become a lifestyle identify. "I used to be a goth in on a trip school, but now I come here every week," said Fiona Esteves, 19, at the Urban sprawl nightclub near Paris where the shift started. One man behind the daresay, a former equities salesperson at Merrill Lynch, recently clear quit his job to put away himself to the business. "We didn't uncommonly invent anything, but we concentrated and promoted a leap style inside the combine, and when it took off on the Internet we realized it could be something bigger," the man, Alexandre Barouzdin, 31 years old, said backstage at the baste on a Saturday night. Barouzdin, wearing in red  how to tecktonic tartan kilt, a glued-on dreadlock Mohawk wig, and a fetter necklace by John Galliano, said he had been promoting electronic music parties subsumed under the name Tecktonik for seven years. In the fraternity, a disc jockey from the Netherlands played a techno variation of Carmina Burana to a corral of hundreds on the dance deck. Outside of the bat, cars filled a parking lot and a sustained line of people stretched out the door. Various people were wearing T-shirts and sweatbands how to tecktonic  with Tecktonik logos. Barouzdin and his husband, Cyril Blanc, said they had invested %u20AC30,000, or $46,000, to cover the trade name Tecktonik, which was intended to bring up seismic modification. They want to dehydrate the  how to tecktonic movement's integrity and metamorphose it from a subculture into a household renown. "At first it was all less quality control," Barouzdin said. "We had a skilful party with momentous music and wanted to amount to sure nobody else could use the personage to promote cheap copies." While blending shindig music, club sense of values and throbbing electronic beats is nothing new, analysts say Tecktonik stands out because it is directed at a younger crowd and attempts to hallmark a trend under a unattached brand name from the start. "Dissimilar to rock, or punk or like movements, this has a commercial name brand name driving it from the decidedly  how to tecktonic beginning," said Thomas Jamet from the Reload workings in Paris, which specializes in adolescence marketing. Like , a schoolgirl retailer in the United States, Tecktonik represents the lifestyle of its customers and goes after a club of people  how to tecktonic who want to be sold to. It is promoted large by word of mouth, an case of so-called viral branding, where enthusiasts do the advertising. For the French sociologist François de One after the other, the venture shows how "capitalism has moved into such aged gear that movements are comely brands even on the eve of they are really born." Barouzdin and Blanc, who are both French, say the front is about tolerance, is panacea free and welcomes a younger jam. They say they registered the trademark in France in 2002, and registered it internationally in 2007. As attention spread abroad, music CDs and a clothing characterization followed. Retreat-made  how to tecktonic online videos of dancers with flailing arms and absorb footwork helped thrust sales and a buzz in 2007. Barouzdin declined to give way financial details, saying the presence was created only ultimate year. But he said he was selling hither 1,000 Tecktonik T-shirts a week online and in stores. Big companies are joining in. A compilation series ready-made by the British music retinue EMI sold 400,000 copies decisive year. The shoe producer Reebok how to tecktonic has given out shoes to a ramble of French Tecktonik dancers in Japan conclusive month. And a merchandising arm of the French boob tube station TF1 has agreed to an ecumenical licensing agreement, saying it is in talks to lay open other products, like a stratagem for the Nintendo Wii. "We've signed a extent with a textile fabricator, but it's only the first not according with," said Guillaume Lascoux of TF1

how to learn to dance, basic movements

The younger generation often wants to learn how to dance the tectonik dance on their own without leaving home. And although dance masters advise applying to professional schools for training, most of them began their journey to mastery just from home training. Therefore, everything is possible. This article is to help beginners. What you should pay more attention to when gaining tectonics skills, what to focus on, how to organize yourself and space, as well as how not to waste your intentions, we will tell in it.

How and when did the tectonics dance appear

This youngster comes from Belgium and France. At the very beginning of the 21st century, electro-dance dance based on electronic, electro-house and techno music was actively developing in Belgian nightclubs. The direction contained elements of the jumpstyle style. Initially, it was jumping with alternating movement of the legs back and forth to the rhythm of the bass.

In 2000, in the Parisian suburban club Metropolis, young people who wanted to stand out from the crowd picked up on this trend. French parties "BlackOut" and "Tecktonik Killer" began to perform Belgian styles:

  • jumpstyle;
  • trans;
  • hardstyle;
  • techno;
  • warm-up electro.

Tecktonik Killer parties have become more popular. Hence the name tectonics, which has become on everyone's lips. The dance was supplemented with basic hand movements in different planes and levels. This is the hallmark of the style.

As a result of the efforts of the management of Metropolis, a trademark of the same name was created. The production of various goods that had nothing to do with the movement began: drinks, clothes, hats, etc. This caused dissatisfaction among the dancers. As a sign of protest, they began to leave the clubs on the streets and demonstrate the new culture there. When the style spread around the world, such a phenomenon could also be found in our country.

There are still disputes among connoisseurs about the name. One thing is that it is correct to say electro-dance and not associate this genre with a trademark in any way. Others are sure that the dance brand is deservedly rooted in the mass consciousness and has a right to exist.

First of all, tectonik combines the beginnings of locking, jumpstyle, hip-hop, popping, techno, breakdance, etc. It became widespread in the period from 2000 to 2008 due to its popularization in video hosting and social networks.

Finally, it's also fashionable. Young people often express themselves through new and original dance.

Music for tectonics

Beginners may be faced with the question of choosing a composition for dancing. In this sense, the main thing is not to get hung up on specific tracks. It is important to understand that the basis for tectonics is usually electronic music (techno, electro-house, electronica). The club rhythmic beat is especially suitable for this style of exercise.

In general, musical accompaniment can be divided into:

  • Heavy. This includes subspecies: hardstyle and vertigo.
  • Lounge (soft). Here the main currents are: milky way, jumpstyle, tectonic mix, etc.

Hard performers usually include Prodigy, Crystal Method, Chemical Brothers, Fat Boy Slim.

The compositions of Boards of Canada, DJ Shadow, etc. are very suitable for a soft version.0003

  1. Electro
  2. Transa
  3. Reiva
  4. Hausa
  5. Disco
  6. Hardstyle
  7. pr.

Important. For a tectoner, you need to be able to improvise. Therefore, the musical style may or may not be complex. The main thing is to be able to adapt to it.

Types of movements in tectonics

Depending on the nature of the composition, movements of different parts of the body are used in the dance. Good coordination, sense of rhythm, coordination of actions and imagination distinguish this genre.

Heavy style requires great physical preparation, wide arm movements.

In soft, it is the opposite. The requirements are not so high. The emphasis is more on the legs.

The basic elements of tectonics still rely on the figures performed by the limbs.

Basic hand movements in tectonics

It should be said right away that the genre would not take place without them. This is the primary difference of the young direction.

The main hand movements are rotation and emissions.

Circulation is through the forearms and hands. Change of positions, full turns or only the body are welcome. Before the dancer makes the turn, the arms must move in the same plane.

Ejections are characterized by a trajectory from the middle of the chest. Initially, the arms are bent at the elbows, and then straightened. The alternation of such actions in different directions (up-left, down-right and vice versa) gives a greater visual effect.

When these 2 basic positions are combined, a link is obtained.

Basic leg movements

Tectonic's dance moves were mainly formed due to other styles. As a result, the basic elements here are:

  • Toe and heel swings:
  • Combination of bits with toes and heels of both feet;
  • Toe-to-heel movement;
  • Participation of the hips in swings, steps and turns;
  • Rocking on legs half-bent at the knees;
  • Various step variations;
  • Straightening the knees under the beat and bending them in a diagonal direction;
  • Turns and kicks.

How to learn to dance tectonics

This question may be interesting for both a girl and a guy.

The most common options for training:

  1. Go to the dance studio for group tectonics classes
  2. Take individual lessons from a choreographer

Here's how anyone likes to study. Equalization to others and borrowing some elements from classmates or maximum attention and focus of the teacher on one person is a choice according to interests.

You need to understand that the style is quite complex. Therefore, you should be patient and show diligence in training.

Video: Teaching the Tectonic Dance at Home for Beginners

And how to learn to dance tectonics for those who want to learn at home?

Of course, you should turn to online classes. There are a lot of videos with tecktonik dance lessons on the Internet. But you need to carefully look at them before starting the exercises. Some variations do not include action sequences and pre-slow motions. And you just can't do without them. A careful selection of practice clips from the World Wide Web will help you not to make a mistake. And it won't disappoint.

You can go the other way and buy a lesson. Or download. Professional schools also use this tool for teaching.


Before you start your own path to the art of tektonik, you need to learn some points that will help you achieve success.

  • It is necessary to treat the dance with soul and have a confident desire to comprehend it.
  • Choose music that matches the style. Any composition will not work. Still, the genre is very specific.
  • Prepare space. If training is planned in the apartment, then it is better to lay a carpet. Thus, at least the acoustic and impact load will be reduced. And be sure to have a mirror. Because here it is important to see your movements from the outside. Personal feelings in the dance and the visual effect is often very different.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes for exercise. It makes no sense to immediately create an external image of a tectoner if the skills are very small. The main thing is to be able to repeat and practice the choreography
  • Improvise. Learning to move technically and beautifully is of course important. But no less important is the imagination and flight of fancy. It is impromptu that makes the style of each dancer unique in tectonics.

Despite the fact that today the wave of electro dance has subsided significantly compared to the early 2000s, there are still many who dream of learning and teaching it. Therefore, if desired, one more dancing tectonics can become more.

Learn how to learn to dance tectonik (electro-dance)

Do you like electronic music and want to learn how to dance tectonik? For beginners, there are many videos and tutorials, but all this will not bring results if you spend little time learning and preparing. What is this style? What are its features? How to learn to dance tectonics at home in a couple of months? Read the article and you will know everything!

The origin of the style

This type of youth dance gained popularity with the development of electronic music in the early 2000s in Paris. Several young guys decided to show an unusual dance in the Paris metro and thereby stand out from the crowd. This style of performance won love and recognition, and a few years later the whole world learned about it. Tektonik is a mixture of elements of various dances, namely hip-hop, locking, jumpstyle, techno and popping.

What is dance?

The rhythm of the dance is quite fast, the movements of the hands are relaxed, directed up and down, but at the same time you need to make sure that the hands are located one above the other. Due to the speed of execution of the elements, an interesting effect is created. Legs and arms work in the same rhythm. Basic leg movements include toe and heel swings. For example, to swing the heel, you need to stand on the toe, take the heel to the side, then perform a swing with the toe, shift the weight to the heel and then make a sharp lunge to the right or left. Clear leg movements and high hand speed are the main conditions for those who want to learn how to learn how to dance tectonics.

This type of dance develops flexibility and coordination of movements.

Learning to dance tectonics. Tips for beginners

  1. It would be good to sign up for dance classes where an experienced trainer will evaluate your individual characteristics. But if this is not possible, you can study at home. To make it more fun, find like-minded people and learn together, periodically demonstrating your progress. Video clips from You Tube to help you!
  2. Tilt and turn and bridge for more flexibility. To improve your coordination, try juggling.
  3. How to learn to dance tectonik at home? A video in which the instructor explains everything clearly and slowly shows the exercises will be useful in the learning process. First learn the basic movements, then the ligaments.
  4. Practice for half an hour every day, make it a habit to learn a new link at each lesson, but also remember to repeat the previous ones.
  5. At a slow pace, the movements may seem funny, but later, with the development of speed, you will appreciate them.

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