How to make a practice tap dance floor

Tips for Tap at home: Tap Board DIY

Whether you are taking a tap class virtually, or just want a place to practice your steps, a tap board is a great tool to invest in and can greatly improve your at-home tap experience! While there are many expensive options online to purchase a ready-made tap board, it is super simple and affordable to DIY your own board. I have sourced a few products below through Home Depot, but I am sure the same products are available at other hardware stores.

Easiest (and cheapest) DIY tap board:
Owning a tap board can be as simple as buying a piece of plywood. This allows your dancer to still practice in their tap shoes at home without ruining any hardwood floors! A 4 ft x 8 ft board of plywood is pretty standard, however you can find larger sizes or ask for a piece to be cut in half (4 ft. x 4 ft.) to accommodate your space. Regardless of the surface area of your board, you will want at least ½ inch thickness. A 1 inch plywood will be more durable whereas anything thinner than ½ inch will be pretty flimsy. Also consider how often you will be moving the floor, as they can get pretty heavy with greater thickness.

Improved tap board:
If you have any craft family members, there are a couple of easy ways to improve on the simple plywood piece. These improvements will give your tapper better sounds and make dancing on it more comfortable.

Cushioning: By adhering a cushioning layer to the bottom of your plywood, the board will have a little more give and be a bit easier on your dancer’s joints. An easy option is the interlocking play mats (which you may even have laying around at home already). These are 2 ft. x 2 ft. so it is easy to line these up your piece of plywood. Attach the mats by first interlocking and gluing the mats together to the appropriate size, then glue them to the bottom/rough side of your
plywood piece. Gorilla Glue or Liquid Nail Subfloor Adhesive works great for this. It is important to make sure the mats are pressed firmly into the wood (use books or other weights) so they adhere completely. Use lots of glue and let it dry overnight.
Interlocking mats can be found here!

Top coat or laminate layer: If your tapper is using the board frequently, there is a good chance they will start to chip the board with use. One option is to add a layer of interlocking laminate to the top of your plywood, gluing it on as you did the interlocking mats above. When selecting a laminate flooring, you will need to ensure you measure the size of the interlocking pieces to fit the size of your board, and that the pieces fit together snug. You do not want any ridges or spaces between the laminate pieces as it is really easy for your tapper to trip on these when their taps catch on them. To avoid this, another great option to reduce chipping is to paint a wood finisher onto your plywood. Make sure to follow the instructions on the polyurethane, cleaning the board with a dry brush and then allowing each layer to dry and cure. This takes a bit longer, as you will likely want to do multiple layers for good protection.
Get the goods:
Laminate Flooring
Varathane Polyurethane

Keep dancing!

About the Author: Miss Lauren is a dance teacher with Flexpointe Studios Inc. This summer she’s taking her tap classes outside! We hope you’ll DIY up your own tap board and join her.

How To Make Your Own Practice Board for Tap Dancing

How to Make Your Own Home Tap Dancing Floor | Instructions for Making a Tap Dancing Floor

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Kathie Walling, Editor
Tap Dancing Resources
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Instructions for making your own home-size tap dancing floor. The most basic home practice floor is simply a piece of plywood. Enhancements can include attaching material to the top of the board for durability or a better tapping surface and attaching cushioning material to the bottom of the board to make tap dancing easier on your bones and joints.

Most Basic Home-Made Tap Floor
The easiest home-made tap floor is also the least expensive. Simply purchase a piece of half-inch thick plywood from your local lumber yard or hardware store. The most standard size for a sheet of playwood is 8 feet long by 4 feet wide. If you want a smaller tap floor, either to fit in your home space or to fit in your automobile, you can ask the shop to cut the board in half, to give you two 4 foot squares. Playwood is available in several thicknesses, from quarter inch to more then 1 inch. For a home tap floor you will probably want a piece of plywood at least 1/2 inch thick.

Improved Home-Made Tap Floor
The above piece of plywood can be enhanced by gluing a layer of dense cushioning material to the bottom of the board or by attaching a layer of laminate flooring or other material to the top of the board.

Sebastian's DIY Tap Floor
Instructions for making your own home tap floor published on the Sebastian's Kitchen Blog. This article includes component prices and sources. The floor has a polyurethane dancing surface, glued to the top of a plywood layer, which is glued to the top of a gymnastics tumbling mat.

Cassandra's Tap Dancing Practice Floor
Instructions for a building home-size tap practice tap floor made by gluing interlocking foam squares to the bottom of a piece of plywood. These instructions include optionally gluing a piece of laminate flooring to the top of the plywood. Published on Cassandra Morgan's Blog.
- Instructions for Making the Floor
- Video of Tap Dancing on the Finished Floor

Double Zero "Tap Floor DYI" Instructions
The maker of this home-made tap practice floor says it only cost $30 USD, but that is partly because some of the materials were second-hand, and not new. Materials included (1) four 8 inch by 4 foot, interlocking panels of oak laminate, (2) several 1 foot square interlocking, dense foam, children's play area squares, and (3) liquid nails glue.

Discussion About Home-Made Tap Floors:
Dance Dot Net "DYI Tap Floor" Discussion

Heather Happens "DUYI Dance Board" Video

Kateire "Build Your Own Tap Dance Floor" Video

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How to learn tap dancing at home for beginners

tapping on the floor counts. Simply put, it is music played with the feet. Each time the celebrity of this dance only increases. It is compared with the Irish jig, because the tap-dancing rhythm is also of paramount importance there.
In order to start tap dancing, you need to buy special comfortable shoes for this. It should be in the form of shoes with metal heels. It is also important that the flooring is solid. This is necessary for a clearer sound of heels.
Tap dancing shoes can be purchased at a specialty store or custom made at any shoe repair shop. It is important that the shoes fit well enough on the foot. Very tight shoes will rub the foot, causing discomfort, and also further lead to foot deformity. Too loose shoes can lead to injury.
For such a dance, it is better to choose a place for classes in advance. It is best to dance outdoors on a special platform. It is important that there are no foreign objects nearby. This will improve the quality of classes, because swings and turns require a lot of space. It is advisable to tap dance under the guidance of an experienced master who can teach correctly and point out shortcomings. You can also learn to tap dance on your own. You should not engage in tap dancing in a multi-storey building, because it will cause negativity among the neighbors. It is best to do this in a special sports club. Suitable for any hard surface floor. Linoleum or carpet should be avoided, such coatings interfere with sound.
After the theory is mastered, you can move on to practice. If the classes will be held at school, then for clarity, a lesson will be shown with step-by-step instructions on how to start tap dancing. Then you need to slowly begin to repeat after the instructor, alternately performing each element of the dance. Performing everything slowly but clearly, you can quickly memorize the main elements of tap dancing.

The secret of success

For a good mastery of the tap dance movements, you need to train every day for half an hour. Additional classes also do not interfere. You can simultaneously master some other dance, for additional physical training.

The basic elements of the dance

All the basic elements of the dance are formed with the heel, toe and swing. Legs can be crossed, legs are swung, the toe can alternate with the heel. U-turns and jumps also look skillfully, with which leg swings are made. Turns are performed with the help of a sock, which is placed on the heel. And all this is done at a fast pace. The main thing here is that the leg stance must be performed correctly and at a certain slope. Movement must be precise.
First you need to learn everything separately, each element. The main thing is the rhythmic step. Then there are 4 main movements. To execute the first brush element, you need to hit with your heel, putting your foot forward, and then put your foot back, hitting with your toe. Ball-change consists of performing a kick with one leg and subsequent kicks with the other leg. And so each leg alternates in turn. Flap is done by hitting the heel and toe of one foot, and then the other foot. Shuffle is an element that is executed when stepping forward. All these movements are worked out to automaticity, and then they are easily combined in a dance.

Tap-dancing rhythms

Each time a heel tap on the floor is made, and then a toe tap. And so there is an alternation between them. Learn sanchal at a slow pace and without music. Once the basics have been learned, you can turn on an easy tempo, and then a fast one.
Knowing the main movements, you can begin to combine them into a dance. Otherwise, you can improvise, showing imagination. After all, such a dance is, first of all, an art. Their elements are added to the basic methods, and a new dance is obtained. Now you can create your own individual dances, with the basics of tap dancing.
So, to learn how to tap dance you need:

• Enroll in a dance school.
• Buy a video tap dance course.
• Find a tap dance choreographer.

It is not always necessary to choose one option for tap dancing. You can enroll in a dance school and buy a course of video lessons. Thus, you can learn to dance not only at one time, at school, but also at home, according to the course of video lessons.

Like many dances, tap dancing is performed to music. If you master the dance technique well, then you can perform tap dance without music. The rhythm that will be performed during the dance will be the melody of the tap dance itself.

Learning something new, correctly combining movements and improving skills, you can achieve a lot. You can watch video lessons on the Internet, both individually and the complexity of the compositions. It is important not only to remember, but also to be able to exactly repeat the new dance movements.

Best Dances - Basic Tap Dance Steps (Online Training)

Home » Irish Dance

Online Training "Basic Tap Dance Steps" will become an indispensable tool for those who want to learn this dance direction. Tap dancing is one of the theatrical American dance styles. A distinctive feature of tap dancing is the footwork, thanks to which rhythmic clear images line up on the floor. This dance is a mixture of English dance, Irish step and African dance elements. It was thanks to the mixture of styles at the beginning of the 19century and tap dancing appeared.

You can find online training "Basic steps of tap dancing" on our portal at any convenient time. Be the best!

Irish dancing
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How to Tap Dance for Beginners Video Course

Learn how to tap dance with the following free mini video course for beginners. The following 3 videos cover the 5 most used beginner tap dance steps tap dance today. They are taken directly from the Complete Beginner Tap Course. Watch them in order and try them at home. These online tap dance lessons are full of exercises and different angles so you can get everything from the comfort of your home.

These tap dance steps are from:
The complete tap dance course for beginners
Learn 37 different tap dance steps and 14 combinations with HD video (over 12 hours). Everything is broken down into steps, including even practical exercises with music. You can watch the lessons online or download them to your computer.

Want more?
Get a complete beginner tap course and learn 37 tap steps.

This lesson is from:

Want more?
Complete Beginner Tap Course
Learn 37 different steps and 14 combinations with HD video (over 12 hours). Everything is broken down into steps, including practice sessions with music. You can watch the lessons online or download them to your computer.

Additional tap dancing tips:

1. Buy tap shoes. If you are serious about learning to tap dance, you need to get the right footwear. It will speed up your learning progress and give you real feelings right away.

2. Master the rhythm of your movements. Tap dancing is one of the most rhythmic styles of dance, so you need to perfect the rhythm of each movement you learn. Without time, your technique will not improve.

3. Gain mobility in your ankles. The main thing is to make the dance fun and easy. Therefore, it is important that your ankles and knees are not blocked. You need to relax them and let them be free to tap dance.

4. Practice often - tap steps require a lot of balance and coordination. This is not a dance style that you can master in a few hours. Instead, schedule a regular practice to repeat your moves if you want to be really good.

We hope you enjoyed this free series for beginners on how to tap dance. Please leave a comment below if you enjoyed these videos. For other dance styles, visit our online dance lessons page.

Learn to dance at home

The health benefits of dancing are amazing. In addition to exercise, you will stimulate the learning areas of the brain that have been proven to make us happier and healthier.

Can I learn to dance at home?

I wish I had a nickel for the entire time I was asked this question. The answer is simple: yes! Now I'm not saying you'll ever win the Pan Pacific, or the Ohio Star Ball, or The Blackpool Dance Festival, the world's largest dance competition, but you can learn how to dance at a wedding, a cruise, or most any other type of dance party.

There are many different dance styles, so the first thing you need to do is choose the style you want to focus on. Check out our online dance lessons to see all the different styles we have lessons for.

Here are some of the main dance styles:
Ballroom and Latin
Hip Hop
Belly Dancing
Irish Tap
Country Western
and up

9002 After you have chosen your style you need to start learning the most basic steps of this dance. Don't worry about learning weapons, style or anything like that, YES...

That's coming later! First you need to learn the most basic footwork patterns and know the timing of the dance. When you are learning to dance at home, the most important thing is to get up and copy what the instructor shows. Most of our lessons show the teacher from the back so you can pick it up quickly and easily.

Once you understand this, you will need to learn the correct technique to use so that you don't just walk but actually dance. Then you will need to learn how to lead and follow your partner. Finally, you can focus on styling.

Additional tips for learning to dance at home:

1. Get up and try dancing. Don't sit there all the time and look. Actually get up and try the moves wherever you are. You don't need a lot of space.

2. You don't need a partner. If you are learning to dance with a partner, you might think that you need a partner to learn how to dance, but that is so far from the truth. You should be able to do everything on your own.

3. Watch the video more than once. Most people cannot remember everything they learned from an online video lesson. But the best part about learning to dance from home is that you can go back and watch this video as many times as you want.

4. Learn the steps and techniques in the correct order - don't skip to the middle or end of the video if you haven't mastered the first steps. Watch the video in the order in which it was made so you don't miss any information.

So, start learning to dance at home!

Check out dance studios near me

I wish you good luck!

Check out our dance lessons:
Online Ballroom Dancing Lessons
Irish Tap Lessons
How to Line Dance
Tap Steps
Salsa Steps


Complete tap dance course for beginners

Learn how to dance tap easily and quickly!

Watch trailer:

Quality tap dancing lessons especially for beginners

Do you want to easily tap dance to any song?

Tap dancing can take a long time if you don't have the right instructions. While there are many free resources, most online tutorials are not built in such a way as to teach people how to tap dance right from the start. In most cases, the lessons are collected randomly without any organization.

Beginners need step-by-step instructions That's why we created a course for beginners in tap dancing.

Designed with the needs of BEGINNERS in mind, it provides everything you need to master tap dancing.

You will learn each pressing step separately. Your instructor first shows you what the exercise looks like and then breaks it down to make sure you understand it. For each movement, a lot of technical tips are given to help you develop coordination, balance and rhythm.

The best part is that it is very easy to follow and you can study at your own pace from the comfort of your home at any time.

Imagine if you can:

- Feel confident tap dancing anywhere.
- Dance to any song.
- Impress your friends with cool tap movements.
- Get your body in shape while tap dancing.
- Improve your posture and balance.
- Learn Tap moves to the privacy of your home.
- Learn at your own pace, step by step.
- Development of Tap Technique


Complete Beginner Tap Course

The complete tap course includes:

37 tap steps (12 hours of video)
You will learn 37 different tap steps of and combine them into 14 different combinations. You will even practice listening and training.

Tap dance training video (24 minutes)
Tap dance is a great exercise. See how your legs, abs and arms get toned in just a few sessions from the workout video.

Music from all lessons (3 albums)
Get tap music too! This is the same music that plays in all lessons. You can practice with them anywhere.

Beginner Complete Routine
Learn how to combine beginner tapas in a combination that will challenge your foot coordination, rhythm, hand and style.

WAIT... Order today and get these 3 manuals for FREE (value 19dollars)

Guide #1: Choosing the Best Tap Studio for Your Personal Situation - What to look for on the studio website to make sure it's right for you.
Guide #2: How to Find the Right Shoes Tap - Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of different types of shoes.
Guide #3: How to find the best dance floor for tap dancing - Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of different types of dance floors.

Course outline (steps taken):

# 1. Toes
# 2. Heels
# 3. Toe Heel Heel
# 4. Stamp
#5. Stomp
№6. Step
# 7. Tap
# 8. Toe (Tip)
# 9. Dig
# 10. Heel
# 11. Dig toe
# 12. Heel with indentation at toe
# 13. Hop
# 14. Jump
#15. Chug
#16. Brush
# 17. Flap
# 18. Heel flap
# 19. Flap ball replacement
# 20. Spank
# 21. Step spank
#22. Slap heel
#23. Change ball from slap
#24. Shuffle
#25. Step
#26 at random.
shuffle ball replacement #27. Buffalo
brace #29. Irish
#30. Maxi Ford
#31. Waltz Clog
# 32. Heel Turn
# 33. Step Heel Turn
# 34. Valve Turn
# 35. Slide
# 36. Sound
# 37. Leap

Others concepts under consideration:

- Performing multiples
- Swing Rhythms
- Syncopation

All material taught by professional tap teacher and choreographer Rod Howell. Rod makes tap dancing easy and fun.

What our students say:

In my city, tap dancing classes for beginner adults are rare. Fortunately, I searched the Internet and found your site. After reviewing some sample touch step instructions and discovering how easy, affordable and convenient it can be to teach these steps at my home, I purchased the entire download. I ordered a pair of clogs, bought a piece of 4×4 plywood from my local hardware store, and voila! Now I'm learning to tap at my speed and comfort. It's fun, a great alternative approach/complement to training, and the sound of the wood hitting (even if you're a beginner) is impressive - it makes me feel excited and accomplished!
Jean from USA

The lessons were great! It was really fun, great exercises and I will definitely be learning from you. Thank you for posting them online! Have a good day!
Posted by Katherine from USA

I am very pleased with your course and your teaching methods. I have never tapped or learned to dance in this regard before. Dancing has always been my passion and I have always wanted to learn something. I'm currently on my sixth lesson in the beginner series and I'm making a video of the Tap workout. I love it and am looking forward to the release of the interim series when it is available.
Janine from USA

I appreciate your learning style, it's easy to understand, easy to understand and fun! I've been knocking for 2 years now. I started taking minting classes at our local college here in Sacramento, California. My goal here in early middle age and beyond is to look for festivals to attend (I'm an airline employee willing to travel) and join a band to perform and enjoy!
Posted by Karen Witherspoon from USA

I bought your course and dictionary and I really like them. It's a great idea because it's concise, to the point, and very well organized. If I want to see a step, I can jump right into it, and as a teacher, I appreciate your step-by-step teaching method. Everything worked great, loaded easily, and worked fine. Thank you for your products and good luck in the future.
Author: Maria from USA


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She can remember songs and dance steps, but she can't remember much of anything else sometimes.

She can remember songs and dance steps, but nothing else.

The handsome man can't dance with the band.

A handsome man does not dance to the orchestra.

You can't handle that I don't need you as a dance partner.

You can't accept that I don't dance with you anymore.

Excuse me, where is there some place around here where you can have dinner, dance and have fun?

Excuse me, is there any place where you can dine, dance and have fun?

I can only thank heaven Lorenzo has a brother who knows his way around a dance floor.

I can only thank heaven that Lorenzo has a brother who knows what to do on the dance floor .

I have to work at that desk, and I have no intention of catching jock itch on my forearm because Mr. Breaking Away over there can't shower before he invades my dance space.

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Gathering supplies in the summer And you can dance in the winter too!

We can even abandon ourselves to frenzied farandoles (farandole=a lively French dance )

Well, we can't deny ourselves the fun dance .

OTHERS CAN Serve Them, Dance for Them ...

Others can serve them, dance for them ...

IF YOU HAOOSE, YUOSE, IUU CHOOOOSE, YUOSE, IUU CHOOOOSE, IUOUS professional career, or you can follow an unhealthy path that'll make it impossible for you to dance .

If you want, you can become a professional. Or you can choose the path of self-destruction, which will forever separate you from dancing .

With all due respect to my friend here, if you go with me, you can expect this on the dance floor.

With all due respect to my dear friend, if you choose me, expect it on the dance floor .

He can still come, and he can still see all those things, except if you dance , maybe that victory lap will be you and me instead of Kirk.

He can come and see everything, although if you agree, can , we will do the victory lap, not Kirk.

The little lady can't dance , she can't tell any jokes, and she can't balance rubber balls on her little nose.

She doesn't dance , she doesn't know jokes... and she doesn't spin the ball on her nose.

Not just anyone can attend the Sun Dance .

Not every can attend the Sun Dance.

Why don't we head out on the dance floor and see if I can sweat through these dress shields.

Why don't we go to the dance floor and see how I can sweat through these mail coats.

If a top can spin I can dance .

If the top can spin , I can dance .

I can re-Edit it To look like a community square dance


No, I'll buy the gayest gown I can get, and dance over the old curmudgeon's grave in it.

I'll buy myself a brighter dress, and I'll dance in it on the grave of this curmudgeon.

I can't really tap-dance or anything, but it was a stone floor in the can, and it was good for tap-dancing.

I wanted to warm up - but I don't know how to tap dance at all. But in the washroom the floor is stone, it's very cool to tap dance on it.

How can you dance with a baldie?

How can you dance with a bald man?

We can still dance , you know, despite my girth.

We can still dance despite my size.

Yeah, but none of them can sing or dance as well as you.

Yes, but none of them can sing or dance like you can .

I can't watch any more people dance-shop .

I can't watch people shopping for dance anymore.

He would dance like a princess for hours if she wanted him to, which, you can imagine, he was really good at that.

He danced like a princess, and as you can imagine he was very good at it.

In 2018, the Australian musical project Dead Can Dance released an album entitled Dionysus.

In 2018, the Australian music project Dead Can Dance released an album called Dionysus.

From culture, food, religion and spirituality, to dance , music, spoken word, and film, almost any type of festival can be found.

From culture, food, religion and spirituality to dances , music, speech and cinema, you can find almost any festival.

Just recently, Chloe and her company, the Ladies Tap Band, won the first team battle on FOX, so you think can dance with Chloe Arnold's syncopated ladies.

In the message, it is hoped that the author can underline the relevance and power of dance .

The message expresses the hope that the author will be able to emphasize the relevance and power of dance .

Burlesque can be used to describe particular movements of instrumental musical compositions, often involving dance rhythms.

Burlesque can be used to describe individual movements in instrumental musical compositions, often including dance rhythms.

It is increasingly common to see Céilidh and Barn dance events advertised as being a Square Dance which can be misleading.

Increasingly one can see Céilidh and Barn events dance being advertised as a square dance which can mislead .

Pole dance is regarded as a form of exercise which can be used as both an aerobic and anaerobic workout.

Pole dancing is seen as a form of training that can be used for both aerobic and anaerobic training.

Contemporary dance can be seen at the Radialsystem V. The Tempodrom is host to concerts and circus inspired entertainment.

Contemporary dance can be seen at Radialsystem V. Tempodrom hosts concerts and circus performances.

So You Think You Can Dance premiered with over 10 million viewers in 2005.

So you think can dance the premiere with over 10 million viewers in 2005.

For season 7, So You Think You Can Dance averaged just over 5 million viewers.

For season 7, so you think that can dance to an average of just over 5 million viewers.

To date, the resulting So You Think You Can Dance franchise has produced 28 shows representing 39 different countries and comprising more than 90 individual seasons.

To date, the resulting You Think You Can Dance franchise has produced 28 shows representing 39 different countries and spanning over 90 individual seasons.

Season 3 of So You Think You Can Dance Canada is a dance reality show and competition that airs on CTV.

Season 3 of So You Think You Can Dance Canada is a reality dance show and competition that airs on CTV.

In 1985 Dead Can Dance released Spleen and Ideal, which initiated the band's 'medieval European sound.

In 1985, Dead Can Dance released the album Spleen and Ideal, which started the band's medieval European sound.

The second from Chelya Clawson, states that this term can be traced back to 16th century traditional Indian dance .

The second of Chelya Clawson, states that the term can be traced back to the traditional Indian dance of the 16th century.

This was on Season 1 of the popular American dance show So You Think You Can Dance .

This was the first season of the popular American dance show, so you think can dance .

Traditional clothing in Panama can be worn in parades, where the females and males do a traditional dance .

Traditional clothing in Panama can be worn in parades where women and men perform a traditional dance.

In July 2019, the So You Think You Can Dance Live!

In July 2019, so you think you can dance live!

Today jazz elements can be found in a great variety of musical styles, such as German Hip-Hop, House, Drum 'n' Bass, dance music, and many others.

Today, jazz elements can be found in a wide variety of musical styles such as German hip-hop, house, drum and bass, dance music and many others.

Punjabi language influences can be observed when people dance such dances .

The influence of the Punjabi language can be observed when people dance such dances .

Dance poles can be permanent or portable, be different sizes, have spinning and/or static modes and they have different coatings or made from different materials.

Dance poles can be fixed or portable, come in a variety of sizes, rotate and/or static, and come in a variety of finishes or materials.

People familiar with folk dancing can often determine what country a dance is from even if they have not seen that particular dance before.

People familiar with folk dances can often tell which country a dance is from, even if they have not seen that particular dance before.

Internationally, the Blackpool Dance Festival, hosted annually at Blackpool, England is considered the most prestigious event a dancesport competitor can attend.

Internationally, the Blackpool Dance Festival, held annually in Blackpool, England, is considered the most prestigious event that dancesport participants can attend.

Chinese lion dance fundamental movements can be found in Chinese martial arts.

The basic movements of the Chinese Lion Dance can be found in Chinese martial arts.

The dances in Bollywood can range from slow dancing , to a more upbeat hip hop style dance .

Dancing in Bollywood can range from slow dancing to more upbeat dance hip hop.

It could be Indian classical, Indian folk dance , belly dancing , jazz, hip hop and everything else you can imagine.

This can be Indian classical, Indian folk dance, belly dance, jazz, hip hop and anything else that you can imagine.

Fantasytic is a dance song that can feel the strong coolness that blows away the heat wave.

Fantasytic is a dance song that can feel a strong coolness that blows away the heat wave.

Dance movements can place stress on the body when not performed correctly; even if perfect form is used, over-repetition can cause repetitive strain injury.

Dance moves can put stress on the body when done incorrectly; even if the perfect form is used, excessive repetition can cause repetitive stress injury.

Shoulder injuries can be common in male dancers due to lifting, partnering and floor work that is commonly seen in modern dance .

Shoulder injuries can be common in male dancers due to lifting, partnering and floor work commonly seen in modern dance .

Because a dance injury can ruin a career professional dancers are increasingly refusing to dance on anything else.

Because a dance injury can ruin a career, professional dancers are increasingly reluctant to dance on anything else.

Many types of dance , especially folk dances , have hops in the steps where the impact of landing can be reduced by slightly bending the knee.

Many dances , especially folk dances , have step jumps where the impact of landing can be reduced by slightly bending the knee.

Many other contemporary dance forms can likewise be traced back to historical, traditional, ceremonial, and ethnic dance .

Many other forms of modern 9The 0501 dances also go back to the historical, traditional, ceremonial and ethnic dances .

The game is played in the style of Dance Dance Revolution with some differences, and can be played with either a standard controller or a dance pad.

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