How to become a belly dance instructor

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Belly Dance College Certified Instructor Program for Everyone!

Let’s face it, we all have to start somewhere.
Easy Belly Dance requires no previous experience. We will walk you through the steps. In the virtual classroom, you will learn from several training videos. They are short, user-friendly and provide you with a foundation belly dance movements and teaching techniques. If you want to succeed, just stick-to-it and make a commitment to the learning process.

We don’t waste your time!
Easy Belly Dance keeps the training videos go right to the point. Training videos are purposely short in duration to facilitate quick loading and streaming. You can jump from one video to the other, repeat it, or skip it entirely. It’s up to you.

We keep you organized.
Easy Belly Dance has streamlined the learning experience with user-friendly modules and a quick menu guide. Instantly move from one module to another.

We’re user-friendly!

Learn to do something that you love and want to share with others.

Becoming a Belly Dance College Certified Belly Dance Instructor couldn’t be easier. You don’t need years upon years of dance experience to teach a class if you have the right training and certification from a respected source. Thanks to Belly Dance College, it’s easy to learn and easy to teach others.

Most importantly, to teach others, you need to learn the essentials including belly dance movements, positions, and teaching techniques.   We’ve included everything you will need to start teaching others.

The #1 goal of Easy Belly Dance is to make your training and certification easier, cost effective, and practical. Save time, money and travel expenses by training at home. Self-study gives you complete control over your learning process. Learn to teach traditional belly dance movements from our step-by-step instructional videos. This belly dance instructor training and certification system is comprehensive, quick to access, and apply to the real world.

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