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The Gay GoGo Dancing scene is a popular one across the United States, and many people ask the question – how much money can you make? The truth is, it depends on a number of factors, such as your location, the club you dance at, and how popular you are with the customers. In general, however, most gay gogo dancers can expect to make between $50 and $200 per night. So, if you’re considering becoming a gay gogo dancer, there’s good news – you can potentially earn a decent wage! Just remember that like with any job, your earnings will depend on a number of different factors.

How Much Do Gogo Dancers Make?

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According to Comparably, an average salary for a go-go dancer is $33,993 per year. The majority of employees earn between $16,640 and $68,640 per year.

In the United States, the average salary for Go Go Dancers is $31,807, with salaries ranging from $16,640 to $68,640. As a go-go dancer, you primarily entertain crowds while also bringing people in the mood to dance to your music. Dances like Go Go began to gain popularity in the 1960s as a result of the disco craze. Go-go’ers can be found all over the world, dancing to the beat of the music while slivin’ to the song. Skin City Entertainment’s professional Go-Go Dancers are skilled, beautiful, and extremely sexy.

Other genres, such as ballet and contemporary dance, do not pay as well as go-go. Ballet dancers typically do not require the same level of athletic ability as go-go dancers and do not dance for as long periods of time. Furthermore, dancers in other genres frequently perform in less diverse venues, so they earn less than go-go dancers. Look at the market in which you want to work as the best way to determine how much potential you have for earning money. For example, if you work in a club that primarily caters to go-go dancers, your salary will be higher than if you work in a club that primarily caters to ballet dancers. You should research various dance careers to see what salary is typical for them. Although the average hourly wage for a professional dancer in the United States is $24.50, the figure varies greatly depending on the type of dancer, the market in which they work, and their current profession.

The Average Salary For A Professional Dancer In The United States.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary for Professional Dancer ranges between $28,500 and $70,000, with the top earners (90th percentile) earning $130,000 each. ZipRecruiter currently reports salaries as high as $219,000 and as low as $15,500. Because dancing is seen as a lower-tier profession than other professions like doctors and lawyers, dancers in the entertainment industry typically earn a lower salary than other professions. Dancers’ wages vary greatly depending on their experience, location, and company, in addition to their experience. A New York City dancer’s annual salary is estimated to be $64,256, while a Las Vegas dancer’s salary is $94,067.

What Is A Gogo Dancer Gay?

There is no one answer to this question as there is no one definition of what a gogo dancer gay is. However, generally speaking, a gogo dancer gay is a man who dances in a sexually suggestive or provocative manner, typically while wearing minimal clothing. Some gogo dancers gay may also perform acrobatic or erotic moves during their routines.

The summer of my internship in Provincetown, Massachusetts, was a learning experience in which I gained a lot of insights into how to treat go-go dancers. Tipping a dancer is a good way to show your appreciation. Everything is made up of one simple step. If you surprise a go-go dancer with a bottle of water, he will notice. When possible, you should be able to touch respectfully. If you want to finger his butthole, keep your fingers to yourself. The balls should not be squeezed so hard that they appear to burst.

Go-go dancers of all races, not just gay and bi, are welcome at the establishments. If you treat us with respect, your little ones will notice how much we’ve rubbed our bubble butts right in their faces. After work, we go out and have fun, hook up, and live a little.

Go-go dancing has been popular again at gay clubs in recent years. Dancers are also known as go-go boys because they are typically very attractive and show off their bodies in front of people. If you are near someone, you should not be touched while doing this type of dancing. Working dancers should not be touched by other dancers or any other persons; should not be allowed to cross any boundaries.

Go-go Dancers: The Entertaining Men Of Nightclubs

A go-go dancer performs as a male dancer in a nightclub or other venue where music is played in order to entertain the audience. Whisky a Gogo, a French restaurant and bar in Juan-les-Pins, was the site of the go-go dancer’s first performance in the early 1960s. Dancing go-go necessitates wearing only your underwear. Depending on the law, stripers may remove a portion or all of their clothes. The average annual salary for a go-go dancer is $94,067.

How Much Do Gogo Dancers Make In Vegas?

The starting salary is $94,067 per year.

According to Payscale, the average salary for a Go Go Dancer in Las Vegas is $35,705, which is 5% higher than the national average. The salary difference between this and the combined average salaries of San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland is 2%. For this tax bracket, the median annual salary is $31,611, with a federal tax rate of 12%. Rent is 43.39% of a Go Go Dancer’s monthly take-home salary. A single person in Las Vegas spends $837 on average per month on living expenses, while a four-person family spends $3,076** per month. In the interest of completeness, this data is not intended to be a recommendation for financial or tax advice.

What’s The Average Salary For A Backup Dancer In Las Vegas?

Dancers in Las Vegas, Nevada make an average of $37,203 per year as backup dancers, Strippers make an average of $35,516, and Go-Go Dancers in the United States make an average of $20.

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So You Want To Be A Go-Go Dancer? Here’s What You Need To Know – Sdlgbtn

In the gay nightlife scene, go-go dancers are a staple of the club environment. They are the shirtless or scantily-clad men who dance on platforms or in cages, providing eye candy for the club-goers while the music thumps. If you’re a guy with a good body and some dance skills, you might be wondering how much money you could make as a go-go dancer. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer, as pay can vary widely depending on the club, the city, and a variety of other factors. That said, some beginner go-go dancers can expect to make around $20-$40 per hour. More experienced dancers or those working in higher-end clubs may make $100-$200 per hour. And, of course, there are always those rare top earners who bring in $500 or more per hour!

Gay gogo dancers can expect to earn between $50 and $200 per night. In the United States, Go Go Dancers earn an average of $31,807 per year. Other genres, such as ballet and contemporary dance, do not charge as much as go-go. The average hourly wage for a professional dancer in the United States is $24.50. A Professional Dancer earns an average annual salary of between $28,500 and $70,000. A New York City dancer’s annual salary is estimated to be $64,256, while a Las Vegas dancer’s annual salary is $94,067. Go-go dancers perform in nightclubs and other venues where music is played as male dancers. In Las Vegas, Nevada, an average of $37,203 is earned per year by a backup dancer, while $40,705 is earned by a stripper and $20,516 is earned by a go-go dancer. The average salary difference between this and the salaries of San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland is 2%.

Do Gogo Dancers Make Good Money?

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How much money do go go dancers make in the US? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly wage for Go Go Dancers is approximately $20. , which is 9% below the national average.

Go-go dancers are hired to dance on stage or dance floor in front of large crowds at clubs, concerts, or raves. They are frequently associated with a wide range of music genres, including disco, electronic dance music, and hip-hop. Many dancers rely on their customers’ generosity for salary estimates; however, salaries vary greatly. In general, a go-go dancer works for two to three years before moving on to something else. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median hourly wage for dancers in May 2021 is $18.78. Dance and choreographic jobs are expected to grow by 31% by 2030.

Backup dancers typically earn $500 per show, with rehearsal time and a flat rate varying depending on the length of the show. A backup dancer’s typical day on tour begins with a rehearsal at 8 a.m. and concludes with a performance at 4 p.m. The hourly rate for overtime is $46, which includes time spent on calls. A backup dancer typically works 4-hour days, gets a lunch break, and earns $175 per day.

How Much Is A Gogo Dancer?

Make sure everything is in writing before you begin. If you sign a written contract, you can be sure that you will be paid for the services you receive. Depending on how much they negotiate, go-go dancers can earn between $10 and $100 per hour.

Bachelor Party Tip: Hire A Hawaiian Dance

There’s no denying that hawaiian dancers are among the best at bachelor parties. They are not only sexy, but they also entertain. Even if you have to pay a lot of money for a dancer, it is well worth it. Depending on the location and type of event, a hawaiian dancer will most likely cost between $250 and $350.

How Do You Get A Job As A Go Go Dancer?

Many go-go dancers find work by asking other go-go dancers if they want to audition for them. Dancers are in high demand by a variety of entertainment organizations, DJs, nightclubs, and casinos.

How To Make A Living As A Dance

You are not guaranteed an answer to this question because the amount of money you can earn as a dancer is largely determined by your experience, marketability, and dance skills. Nonetheless, if you enjoy dancing and are willing to work hard, you may be able to make a living as a dancer.

How Much Do Go Go Dancers Make In Vegas?

At the time of hire, an entry-level worker with a base salary of $93,283 would earn $93,283.

How Much Do Dancers Earn On Cruise Ships?

Cruise ships are popular with travelers from all over the world. As part of the cruise ship experience, dancers play an important role in making passengers feel at ease. Dancers in production roles on cruise ships earn the least per hour. They typically earn around $2,400 per month, and up to $3,200 per month can be earned depending on the cruise line and the number of days worked on the cruise line. Dancers in production roles usually begin their careers as performers in night clubs or other venues before moving on to cruise ships. Despite the fact that ZipRecruiter reports salaries as high as $15,500 and as low as $1,392 for Dancer salaries across the country, the majority of Dancer salaries currently range between $2,166 (25th percentile) and $9,291 (75th percentile). Larger cruise lines pay their production dancers significantly more than their hourly rate, but the wages begin at a lower level as the dancer advances in his or her career, and they can decrease as the employee advances. Dancers in the U.S. are generally compensated fairly well for their work, regardless of your level of experience or level of training. You can compare other jobs in the same industry in addition to knowing the average salary of a dancer by researching their pay and benefits.

Do Dancers Make A Lot Of Money?

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Professional dancers in the United States earn approximately $24.50 per hour. However, once you factor in the different types of dancers, the different markets, and the various dance careers, this figure begins to fall dramatically.

Dance professionals earn an average of $20 per hour in the United States. There are no boundaries to the lifestyle of a professional dancer, and it can be difficult to choose which part of the job you want to pursue. When you speak with Dancers Alliance, you will be given a clear picture of where things should be. What does hazard pay mean? It is always a good idea to refuse to do anything that may harm you, whether it is doing any work that has the potential to harm you or anything else. Your career should not end in a work injury because your health is the sole focus of your life. If you book a job, the agency makes money because whoever hires you will pay your salary as well as a 10 – 20% “agency fee” on top of that for your agents.

If a producer/choreographer requires you to stay for three additional hours in rehearsal, you contact your agent and request that you be compensated more. If you cannot afford to pay dancers, don’t hire them. You are not doing anyone a favor by performing on stage with dancers. Dancing is elevating your show, making it look better and more professional, and it is adding more money to your budget. Even if you ask for it, make sure you consider all of the facts before making your decision. As a result, all dancers refuse jobs that do not pay well, forcing the employers to pay us what we are owed. Those who set the table, such as choreographers and top dancers, can really make a difference in your company’s performance.

According to a study conducted by The Daily Review, the average hourly wage for a professional dancer in the United States is $24.50 per hour. Depending on the company, location, and experience of the dancer, his or her salary will vary. Dancers in New York City earn an annual salary of $64,248 on average. According to ZipRecruiter, freelance dancers earn salaries ranging from $2,850 (25th percentile) to $6,916 (75th percentile), with the highest monthly earning up to $21,833 and the lowest paying down to $1,208

How Much Should Dancers Be Paid?

According to Payscale, on November 5, 2022, the average annual salary for a Professional Dancer in the United States was $67,852. A salary calculator will work out to $32.62 an hour, which is exactly what you’d expect. In other words, this is equivalent to $1,304 per week or $5,654 per month.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average wage for a dancer in May 2018 was $20.70 per hour. Dancers will earn $16.31 or less per hour for 50% of them. Dancers (along with choreographers) earned an average of $25.75 per hour in 2011. For Broadway dancers, the minimum union-regulated wage has been $1,861 per week since 2015. They are paid $44 per hour for overtime, and they are entitled to more pay if they are deemed to be taking an unusual risk such as being suspended by wires or being exposed to harsh conditions. The Dancer’s Alliance provides a wage guide for non-union music videos. Dancers are required to work at least one shoot per day and should be compensated at a minimum of $500.

Following negotiations between the union and many of the world’s largest music producers, minimum wages were established. The National Endowment for the Arts is an independent federal agency that is dedicated to ensuring that all Americans have access to the arts. Dancers in 1984-1985 were paid a minimum wage based on AGMA contracts. In addition, the pay of a dancer who practices daring acts such as being suspended by a wire or trapeze may rise. It is for this reason that, at the age of 23, she is unable to sustain herself financially after finishing college as a graduate and an apprentice ballerina. She emphasizes how you only receive payment if you have a contract for the entire duration of your contract. A large company will generally offer a more sustainable wage, but entry into such a company is more difficult.

Dancers are paid hourly, week, and year round. A dancer or motivator earns less per hour than the amount shown in the table below. It is not necessary to be a union member to pursue professional dance work. In some cases, producers will only accept applicants who have union affiliations. When dancers are on tour, there is an extra bonus known as a per diem. It is used to supplement dancer expenses such as transportation and meals. According to the Dancers Alliance, the following are the minimum wage requirements for dancers in live shows, industrials, and non-union music videos. “

Sarah Anne Austin was featured in a Dance USA article. Is American Modern Dance considered a forgery? Karen Bradley, an associate professor and director of graduate studies in dance at the University of Maryland College Park, wrote a letter to her former student. She believes that many people who study dance do not become professional dancers, but rather pursue fulfilling professional careers that bring them unique knowledge and experience.

Dancers are available for a wide range of roles, with the pay depending on their experience and skill level. A beginner dancer may earn as little as $10-15 an hour, whereas an experienced dancer may earn $30-50. Dancers typically receive a salary as well as health insurance, costumes, therapies, and training. Dance is a very lucrative occupation, even if it isn’t the most high-profile one. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average pay for dancers is $17.15 per hour. Dancers working on Broadway receive $1,861 per week in pay. They are compensated for their work, as well as for the benefits provided by health insurance, costumes, therapies, and training. If you want to do something exciting and entertaining, you might want to consider becoming a dancer. You will not only make a good living, but you will also be receiving valuable training and benefits as a result.

How Much Do Richest Dancers Make?

Mikhail Baryshnikov is said to have earned $45 million. Mikhail Nikolaevich Baryshnikov, born in Latvia in 1922, is widely regarded as one of the greatest ballet dancers of the twentieth century.

Sylvie Guillem: An Extraordinary Dance

Guillem has the talent to be one of the greatest dancers on the planet. She has been dancing professionally for more than 30 years and continues to thrive. Her technique is flawless and her enthusiasm for her work is obvious in every performance. It is impossible to overestimate the influence of Sylvie on all dancers, and her passion for her craft is unparalleled. The success of these dancers is due in large part to the talent and dedication of their female counterparts around the world.

90,000 go-gos in Hollywood. For those who want to dance in America.
August 24th, 2010

I recently spent half a year in the USA, in Hollywood, California. Since I am a go-go dancer, I am naturally bombarded with questions about how to go there to dance in a club and earn money. I decided to respond immediately to everyone by writing this note.
In Moscow, and indeed in Russia, go-go business can already really be called a business. This is an entire industry that has involved a fairly large number of people. I can assume that there are more than a thousand go-go dancers in Moscow alone, there are a number of specialized shops for go-go costumes, special shoes, fabrics and many ateliers that focus on sewing go-go costumes. Dancers are in demand in clubs, corporate parties, exhibitions, are invited to appear in clips and films, to perform with pop stars at concerts. This job is prestigious and well paid.
In the US, the situation is completely different. Go-go can hardly be called a business there. In principle, there are very few dancers - there are not even fifty girls in all of Los Angeles. The specifics of the clubs is such that people do not come like ours - to hang out, drink, see others (for example, dancers) and show themselves - but to DANCE and LISTEN TO MUSIC. To be honest, the guests don’t care at all who is dancing in the glass and what that someone is wearing. dressing room. The guards don’t take the dancers to the glasses, as we do, they half-naked themselves squeeze through the crowd to the place of performance – and no one cares about them! What they are dancing in cannot be called a stage costume even with a stretch - it's just a nightmare of any more or less decent Moscow art director. The girls themselves, as a rule, are short, thick-legged, unkempt and often with decent cellulite. I haven't seen a single beautiful dancer in Los Angeles! This is because they pay about 3-5 times less than in Moscow and this work is considered not prestigious - beautiful girls become models and actresses, and dancing remains ugly and lazy ...
When I arrived and got a job at the club, I was going to make my own little revolution. The plan was this: I have a lot of high-quality, beautiful costumes, I do interesting makeup and hairstyles well, plus the level, of course, is completely different - I was head and shoulders above everyone else, about one and a half to two times slimmer, with an even tan, etc. . Well, plus, of course, I am trained in Moscow (I have been working for more than 4 years in such projects as Famous, The Most, Paradise), I DANC, unlike my American colleagues, who, I would say, rather while away the time until the end exit on stage. Everyone, indeed, appreciated my work and was stormy surprised at how seriously and thoughtfully I approached my work. However, in the end, all this did not lead to anything special, except for the fact that I really became a resident (all the other girls wander every weekend from club to club). It is impossible to change a long-established system alone. The budget is also strictly defined and NOBODY will pay you more than 100-150 dollars per night. And considering that, while living in America, you will have to rent an apartment, rent a car and buy insurance for it, pay for the phone, internet and gasoline (mandatory monthly expenses) plus just money for life, then, believe me, you will remain in the deepest red! Your earnings will not cover even half of your most basic needs.
A separate issue is a work permit. In America, no one works in the black, especially the clubs. Nobody pays in cash, only checks. To work, you must have a working status (citizenship/greencard/work visa/marriage). It is VERY difficult to agree to work on a tourist visa. This is possible only if you personally know the owners or managers of the club well and if they are Russian. If you turn to little-known Americans with a request to work illegally, they, as respectable citizens, will immediately turn to the police and you will be deported from the country for the next 10 years.
Briefly about how to get a work visa: you need to have documents stating that you have a higher education in your field, have a specific offer from the employer for a certain period (one or two) with a salary sufficient to live in the country, and this salary cannot be higher than what all other dancers receive - in order not to violate the labor code, you must somehow prove that, apart from you, no one from the local population can perform this work, you must have documents stating that you you have extensive experience in this field. Those who work go-go or are at least slightly familiar with this business are probably now grinning - because. practically NOT ONE item from this list can be fulfilled (unless some have a really professional choreographic education - but this will not save either). So no matter how much you pay lawyers, no matter how hard you try, no one will ever give you a work visa to America for go-go work. And, therefore, having arrived there and even agreeing to work illegally, you will not be able to go to auditions and, which is tempting, act in films (almost all the cinema in the USA and the world is based in Los Angeles - there are many chances to get into the cinema, but again, you have to have a work visa, and don't forget PERFECT English without an accent).
Bottom line: if you have money and time, you are supported by your parents or your significant other and you just want to go live in America and dance in a club at the same time - as they say, welcome! But if after reading this article you still have ambitious plans to make money or conquer Hollywood, then I take my hat off to your will and determination and wish you good luck. You will absolutely need it…

Salaries in Las Vegas (USA), average salaries in 2022 and 2021

245,520 ₽
Average salary in Las Vegas

As of December 1, 2022, the salary in Las Vegas is ₽245,520. In micro-enterprises with up to 15 employees - the average salary is 147,310 ₽, in small enterprises with up to 100 employees - 220,970 ₽, and in medium-sized companies with more than 100 employees - 270,070 rubles. In large enterprises in Las Vegas, with more than 250 employees, the salary is 343,730 ₽. In the public sector in Las Vegas, the average salary is 196 420 ₽.

Average salaries in Las Vegas in 2022 and 2021

The average salary in Las Vegas in 2021 was ₽238,150 and in 2022 it was ₽245,520. The growth of the average salary in Las Vegas for the year amounted to ₽7,370.


The size of the company (number of employees)

Salary per month

Large companies (from 250)

343 730 ₽

(up to 250)

270 070 ₽

Malage companies (up to 100)

220 970 ₽

Micro-enterprises (up to 15)

147 310 ₽

Budget sphere

196 420 ₽


The size of the company

Salaries per month

large companies (dated 25 )

333 420 ₽

Average companies (up to 250)

261 970 ₽

Small companies (up to 100)

214 340 ₽

Micro-enterprises (up to 15)

142 890 ₽

budgetary sphere

190 520 ₽


ranks the USA in the ranking of countries by salary

Salaries in Las Vegas by field of activity

We calculate the average salary in Las Vegas by line of work based on vacancies posted in the public domain, as well as information from users living in Las Vegas.


The average IT salary in Las Vegas ranges from ₽187,860 to ₽453,080. On average, a go developer earns 453,080 rubles, a java developer - 444,220 rubles, an ios developer earns 402,240 rubles, a c# developer in Las Vegas receives 386,770 rubles a month, and a data scientist, respectively, 386,770 rubles.

Go developer


Java developer

$444,220 $


On average, a ux/ui designer earns ₽300,810, a game designer ₽300,570, an interior designer earns ₽267,660, a 3d designer in Las Vegas earns ₽249,980 per month, and a web designer, respectively, ₽241,380.

UX/UI designer

300,810 RUB

Game designer

300,570 ₽


The average salary in marketing in Las Vegas ranges from 134,820 ₽ to 209,960 ₽. On average, a marketer earns 209,960 ₽, an event manager - 196,700 ₽, a PR manager earns 194,490 ₽, a director in Las Vegas receives 194,490 ₽ per month, and an SMM specialist, respectively, 165,760 ₽.


209,960 ₽

Event manager

196,700 ₽


3 400 ₽. On average, a trader receives 393,400 ₽, an auditor - 291,730 ₽, a chief accountant earns 282,890 ₽, a credit manager in Las Vegas receives 269,630 ₽ per month, and a financial analyst, respectively, 240,900 ₽.


393,400 ₽


291,730 ₽


On average, an HR director earns 340,360 ₽, an assistant manager - 205,540 ₽, an HR specialist earns 196 700 ₽, the purchasing manager in Las Vegas receives 192 280 ₽ per month, the head of the household, respectively, 172 390 ₽.

HR Director

340 360 ₽

Assistant manager

205 540 ₽


Average salary in jurisprudence in Las Vegas is from 137 030 ₽ and to 1,320 330 ₽. On average, a judge earns 1,320,330 rubles, a notary - 614,490 rubles, a realtor earns 344,780 rubles, a bankruptcy lawyer in Las Vegas receives 258,580 rubles a month, and a lawyer, respectively, 256,370 rubles.


1,320,330 ₽


614,490 ₽


On average, a rector of a university receives 1,210,880 rubles, a college director - 767,860 rubles, a school principal earns 413,460 rubles, a head of a kindergarten in Las Vegas receives 369,160 rubles a month, and a college teacher, respectively, 313,060 rubles.

Rector of the university

1 210 880 ₽

College Principal



The average medical salary in Las Vegas ranges from ₹148,080 to ₽426,540. On average, the head doctor earns 426,540 rubles, the head of the department - 320,450 rubles, the dentist earns 276,260 rubles, the surgeon in Las Vegas receives 274,050 rubles a month, the orthodontist, respectively, 265,210 rubles.

Head physician

426,540 ₽

Head of department

320,450 ₽


The average salary in catering and restaurants in Las Vegas ranges from ₽150,290 to ₽263,000. On average, a chef earns 263,000 ₽, a cook - 194,490 ₽, a waiter earns 167,970 ₽, a barista in Las Vegas receives 163,550 ₽ per month, and a bartender, respectively, 161,340 ₽.


Rs. On average, a sales manager earns 267,420 ₽, a store manager - 243,110 ₽, a car salesman earns 234,270 ₽, a merchandiser in Las Vegas receives 19 per month4 490 ₽, sales representative, respectively 183 440 ₽.

Sales Manager

267,420 ₽

Store Manager

243,110 ₽


On average, a massage therapist earns 260,790 ₽, a fitness trainer - 260,790 ₽, a barber earns 256,370 ₽, a beautician in Las Vegas receives 232,060 ₽ per month, and a stylist, respectively, 183,440 ₽.


260,790 ₽

Fitness trainer

260,790 ₽


The average salary in production in Las Vegas ranges from 156,920 ₽ to 291,730 ₽. On average, an operations engineer earns 291,730 ₽, a chief engineer - 274,050 ₽, a design engineer earns 271,840 ₽, a quality engineer in Las Vegas receives 258,580 ₽ per month, and an asu engineer, respectively, 249,740 ₽.

Operations Engineer

291,730 RUB

Chief Engineer

274,050 ₽


The average salary in transport and logistics in Las Vegas ranges from 114,930 ₽ to 282,890 ₽. On average, a logistics director earns 282,890 ₽, a service engineer - 254,160 ₽, a driver earns 194,490 ₽, a taxi driver in Las Vegas receives 192,280 ₽ per month, and an auto mechanic, respectively, 174,600 ₽.

Logistics Director

282,890 RUB

Maintenance Engineer

254,160 RUB


The average salary in construction and utilities in Las Vegas ranges from 150,290 ₽ to 371,300 ₽. On average, an architect earns 371,300 rubles, a foreman - 278,470 rubles, a process engineer earns 274,050 rubles, a gas welder in Las Vegas receives 256,370 rubles a month, and a design engineer, respectively, 247,530 rubles.




$278,4700 070 ₽ and up to 557 550 ₽. On average, a police colonel earns 557,550 ₽, a police major - 374,150 ₽, a lieutenant, a police ensign earns 263,980 ₽, a rescuer, a firefighter in Las Vegas receives 243,110 ₽ per month, and an occupational safety engineer, respectively, 232,060 ₽.

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