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Genre:Electronic, Hip Hop
Style:Hip-House, Euro House

C & C Music Factory*–Gonna Make You Sweat4:04
The KLF Featuring The Children Of The Revolution–3 A.M. Eternal (Live At The SSI)5:59
Nomad Featuring MC Mikee Freedom–I Wanna Give You Devotion4:46
Timmy T.*–Time After Time3:52
D. Twins–Twin Peaks (10 Dance Mix)2:53
Africa Bambaataa*–Just Get Up And Dance (C. Mix)6:30
George Mc Crae*–Breathless (Radio Edit)3:58
The Beat Busters* Featuring Lisa V.–Just Do It5:48
The Farm–All Together Now5:45
D.J. Laz* Featuring Danny D.*–Mami El Negro (R. V.)3:45
Psycho Team–Bolero (C. V.)3:50
Floor (3)–Unchained Melody5:30
Stem Tips–Oh Caroline3:24
B.U.S.M.P.*–Hold Me3:40
Black Bizzarre*–You've Got The Devil Inside You4:06
Cisko (3)–I Like The Way You Move3:40
Atahualpa–Luna De Sangre6:20
Secchi*–Flute On5:03

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    ALF 1 - Super Dance Music

    2×LP, Compilation

    Dino Music – 30015, Dino Music – LP-30. 015Spain1991Spain — 1991

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    ALF 1 - Super Dance Music

    Cassette, Compilation

    Dino Music – 30016Spain1991Spain — 1991
    ALF 1 - Super Dance Music

    2×CD, Compilation

    Dino Music – CD 30017, Dino Music – 30017Spain1991Spain — 1991

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    A list of hip hop dance moves as collected by FraGue Moser-Kindler

    The list of names of hip hop dance moves below is what I learned in my journey with hip hop dance. It is not complete and will never be as our dances are still alive and growing every day. So there are potential new steps created every day.

    Bold is the name of the move that I consider the correct one. Most of the time it’s the name I got taught.

    (In parenthesis there are alternative names when written next to the name or general comments when in the back of the line).

    In italic letters, I added additional info when I have it. The name after an s stand for source, meaning who I learned the move from. o stands for origin and is used whenever a move is from another style imported into hip hop.

    Some of the names have a link. It leads you to a clip of the move.

    And this is me, busting some hip hop moves at Flavourama. Quite a while ago.

    Before you check out the list…

    If you want to find out how to make the most out of the moves you already know, grab a free copy of 7 Questions To Ask Every Move when signing up for my email list, or take a look at some of the concepts I presented here on the blog.

    List of Hip Hop Steps and Moves

    1. The Wop. s Link
    2. Running Man (Link doing the Running Man).
    3. Mike Tyson. s Tarek
    4. Gucci. s Buddha Stretch
    5. Smurf. s Buddha Stretch & Mr. Wiggles (2 different versions)
    6. Steve Martin (Link doing it). s Marcio Ratinho
    7. Robocop. s Suga Pop
    8. Stomp. s Link
    9. BK Bounce (Brooklyn Bounce, Criss Cross). s Buddha Stretch
    10. Basketball.
    11. ATL/A-Town Stomp. s Buddha Stretch
    12. Harlem Shake. s Link
    13. Dice Game. s Marcio Ratinho
    14. Roger Rabbit (Reject). s Budda Stretch
    15. Bart Simpson. s Buddha Stretch
    16. The Prep. s Link
    17. Wu-Tang. s Buddha Stretch
    18. Bankhead Bounce. s Link
    19. Monastery. s Yuljah (It is spelled differently in the clip, but I believe that is a typo)
    20. The Snake.
    21. Janet Jackson (Janet, Barbie). s Marcio Ratinho
    22. Kick Ball Change (Flintstone). s Storm
    23. The Guess.
    24. Party Machine/Spongebob/Criss Cross. s Buddha Stretch
    25. Leo Walk. s Flomaster o Locking
    26. Shamrock. s Niako
    27. C-Walk. s Buddha Stretch o Gang Ritual
    28. Fila/Rambo. s Buddha Stretch
    29. Walk it out. s Buddha Stretch
    30. Tone Whop. s Buddha Stretch
    31. Pepper Seed. s Link o Dancehall
    32. Penguin. s V-cell
    33. Upstairs Downstairs (Up & Down).
    34. Funky Penguin.
    35. Happy Feet. s Link
    36. Crazy Legs. s Peppi Meilinger
    37. Toss it up. s Buddha Stretch
    38. The Freak. s da Bürgermasta
    39. Patty Duke. s Mister Wiggles
    40. Brooklyn Stomp.
    41. Pacman (Crab).
    42. Lite Feet.
    43. Bizmarkie. s El Fonky Juice
    44. James Brown (Good Foot). s Storm
    45. Baseball Bat.
    46. Bad One.
    47. Chicken Noodle Soup.
    48. Al-Be.
    49. Old Man. s Storm o Popping
    50. Rocksteady.
    51. Dougie.
    52. Chicken Neck. s Brian Green
    53. Cat Daddy (Tina Turner).
    54. Ney Ney (Nae Nae). s Link
    55. Alf. s Suga Pop
    56. Bobby Brown (Cold Duck). s Suga Pop
    57. Sophisticated Sissy. s Suga Pop
    58. Cabbage Patch. s Suga Pop
    59. Camel Walk. (Kamel Walk) s Suga Pop
    60. Holly Pill. s Mister Wiggles
    61. Walking Backwards. s Mister Wiggles
    62. Spanish Freak. s Mister Wiggles
    63. Reebok. s Link
    64. Gigolo. s Link
    65. Butterfly. s Buddha Stretch o Dancehall
    66. Run It. s Buddha Stretch

    I also have a list of moves and steps from house dance, and another one for breakdance/breaking.

    And if you are ready to dig deeper into the possibilities that your moves offer, check out my book Dance Smart, which covers 36 concepts to work with your moves.

    Alpha Gravity as a dance

    Aerial dancing is becoming an increasingly popular trend in the world of fitness: wall dancing, ring dancing, and pole dancing combine aerial gymnastics, yoga and circus arts. Alpha Gravity is a new offshoot of modern dance in the air, where gravity is a helper, not an enemy. It's very simple: climbing ropes are attached to the ceiling, and the dancer's hands and feet are attached to the ropes, which allows you to perform a variety of movements in three spaces.

    Alpha Gravity helps you get a beautiful body shape and master the plasticity and flexibility that you never dreamed of. After the first lesson, you will notice how your posture is straightened, your shoulders open up, and you will feel a sense of freedom in your body.

    Alpha Gravity workouts strengthen muscles and increase self-confidence, and you can start classes with any level of training (and not at all). The indisputable advantage of Alpha Gravity is the almost complete absence of contraindications (with the exception of some serious diseases) and low injury risk. For example, people with problems of the spine, joints and ligaments - not only should not beware of this type of dance, on the contrary, Alpha Gravity will help solve health problems, it is actively used in rehabilitation programs after injuries.

    Here, the arms and legs are securely fixed in special grips, so there is no risk of slipping or injury due to inaccurate movement. For Alpha Gravity instructors, student safety is a top priority. Thanks to the special way of fastenings, a greater range of motion and creative expression is available to you than in other dance classes in the air or on the ground. Split elements, static poses, somersaults, combinations of spectacular tricks - under the influence of the weight of your own body, everything is worked out, even the most inaccessible muscle groups, and stretching is easy and fast. Sit on the twine, for example, will be faster than with any other type of training.

    Usually dance classes of any kind take place in large groups. The teacher does not have time to keep track of all the students all the time, so many mistakes and inaccuracies in movements can go unnoticed for a long time. Alpha Gravity trainings are either one-on-one with an instructor, or in mini-groups of up to three people, so each student will be given maximum attention, and an individually selected program will help solve exactly those tasks that are important to you.

    Being in a suspended state, we cannot make movements on automatism, because such a situation is new, unusual for us. The brain has to adapt to new conditions, which contributes to the formation of new neural connections and the development of coordination.

    Dancing makes a person more liberated and open to the world. A nice bonus of Alpha Gravity classes will be stress relief and mood improvement due to spinal stretching, improved blood circulation and a surge of endorphin and dopamine happiness hormones.

    What could be more spectacular than graceful flips performed in the air? If you've always dreamed of trying air dancing but were afraid, Alpha Gravity is your chance.

    Have you ever done Alpha Gravity and would like to try it? Fill out an application and we will select a studio for you to study.

    Choose a studio in Moscow, (metro Taganskaya, Marksistskaya) Moscow, (metro Serpukhovskaya, Dobryninskaya) Moscow (metro Dostaevskaya) Ufa

    By clicking on the button, you consent to the processing of personal data and agree to the privacy policy.

    Alpha Club. Training in Sports ballroom dancing on Rokossovsky Boulevard

    Among the countless variety of circles and sports sections that have a truly positive effect on the physical and moral development of your child, you can easily get lost.

    Someone finds karate, figure skating or football for himself, someone does not like fuss and prefers embroidery or playing the violin. Even more children are looking for an activity that would be both sporty, interesting and safe at the same time.
    We believe that the best way out for progressive children and their parents is ballroom dancing. This is a great way to express yourself, fun and moderately gambling pastime. Moreover, the skills acquired during dance classes will be useful to children throughout their lives.

    If you still do not call the contact numbers listed in the header of the site to enroll your child in TSC "ALFA" - read our additional arguments.

    What are the benefits of sport ballroom dancing?

    - Physical form. Dancing is a sports club where children are constantly on the move. To dance well, you need to be able to skillfully use your body, constantly monitor it and improve it. That is why all our pupils are not only talented, but also very smart, prepared and physically educated guys.

    - Coordination. Immediately after your child enrolls in our dance studio, he will begin to master and develop the sense of coordination that is so necessary for every person. Fortunately, children grasp new information and skills on the fly, so extraordinary dexterity, agility and high coordination will become their reliable companions in life.

    — Sociability. A person who communicates closely with his peers and overcomes the same difficulties with them, learns to behave correctly in a team and feel the spirit of the team. Our guys are good at finding a common language with each other, avoiding unnecessary quarrels and scandals. All these skills will be useful to your son or daughter throughout their life journey.

    — Creative development. Dancing has never been a dry exercise. Each dance style draws on a specific, rich and distinct culture. That is why, by dancing in our club, you not only improve the physical condition of your son or daughter, but also develop him spiritually.

    - Self-confidence. The fear of speaking in front of a large audience is inherent in each of us, especially children and adolescents. By attending a dance club, your child will gradually forget his fear. Needless to say, this skill will be useful both at school and at work.

    - Responsibility. Like any other regular activity, dancing requires maximum concentration and dedication. We teach the child not only the correct choreographic movements, but also personal responsibility. We teach them to understand that they have taken on a certain responsibility, that they need to be responsible for their actions and understand the concept of “duty”.

    You don't have to be a world star in ballroom dancing.

    Learn more