How to do the lift from dirty dancing

Follow our step-by-step guide to recreate the classic Dirty Dancing scene without ending up in hospital

RECREATING the iconic Dirty Dancing lift would be the time of their lives on their wedding day . . . they hoped.

But bride-and-groom-to-be Sharon Price and Andy Price ended up in casualty after their disastrous rehearsal of Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey’s famed scene from the 1987 film.


This is the moment bride and groom to be try to recreate the iconic Dirty Dancing lift but both ending up in A&E insteadCredit: SWNS:South West News Service


The dancing couple - Sharon Price and groom-to-be Andy PriceCredit: SWNS:South West News Service

Images of unconscious Andy, 51, and 52-year-old Sharon lying winded beside him, went viral this week and the couple are now rethinking their first dance.

The pair from Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, are not alone.

Groom Mike Snell, 36, needed a knee reconstruction after his wedding attempt in 2015.

He also missed his honeymoon to Jamaica and nearly died from blood poisoning after picking up an infection in hospital.

In the same year Scotsman Gary Mackay, 28, broke his leg in a bar when he and a woman tried the move.



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Actress Jennifer, who played Baby in the film, said in an interview: “I don’t know how all these people who re-enact it have the guts to throw themselves into the arms of anyone other than Patrick Swayze. It’s insane.”

So to help avoid any future injuries, we have enlisted the help of professional dancer and dance teacher Pip Amer, 24, from Chiswick, West London, to show us how it should be done .  . .


Step 1


Step 1 - The couple needs to be separated with enough distance in betweenCredit: Oliver Dixon

COUPLE should be separated with enough distance between them for the female to run towards the male dancer.

It helps for the female to be elevated on a platform but it is not necessary.

Step 2


Step 2 - The female must run with speed and no hesitationCredit: Oliver Dixon

AS the female runs towards the male, she must go at speed. She who hesitates is lost.

Step 3


Step 3 - The woman must have a stiff posture and engaging her abdominal musclesCredit: Oliver Dixon

THEN the male will squat and grab hold of the onrushing woman’s pelvis to ensure he holds her with stability.

The woman must be straight and have a stiff posture, engaging her abdominal muscles.

Step 4


Step 4 - The iconic life should be held for a few secondsCredit: Oliver Dixon

TO complete, the male will then return to standing position and the female will extend arms to side and cross legs for balance. The lift should be held for a few seconds.

Finally the male will lower into a squat position with the female lowering her legs to the floor.

He will then release her.


The male will then return to standing position and the female will extend arms to side and cross legs for balanceCredit: Oliver Dixon


Finally the male will lower into a squat position with the female lowering her legs to the floorCredit: Oliver Dixon

The verdict


BRAVE couple Joel Stribley and Samantha Fisher from Basingstoke, Hants, who have been together for 18 months, volunteered to follow Pip’s instructions under careful supervision.

Road worker and dancer Joel, 25, says: “It was challenging. I’m sure if we had a few drinks in a pub it could end badly as you really have to concentrate.”

Model and dancer Samantha, 25, says: “You really have to trust your partner.

“I was definitely nervous.”

What the expert says about that viral pics...

PRO dancer and dance teacher Pip Amer offers her take on the ill-fated rehearsal, saying:

Andy and Sharon in the pictures went wrong in a number of ways. First of all, both their postures were hunched therefore providing no strength for lift or engaging their abs.

Andy grabs Sharon by her armpits so they are totally off balance.

When Andy executes the lift he must be braced. Holding his core together with a lunging stance will help to lift Sharon.

The couple must have complete trust in one another.

“The key to this lift is confidence. Dancers have amazing physiques and they are trained to engage their muscles at the right times in the right places.

"This lift normally lends itself to a man with a bigger-built upper body and a woman whose frame is small and muscular, as she will be easier to lift."

I've set the goal of doing the "Dirty Dancing Lift" with my girlfriend by my birthday. She is a ballet dancer, I am not. What should I know? : BALLET

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A community for ballet dancers and enthusiasts. On mobile check out the about section to access the Side 'Barre ' and learn more

Created Apr 25, 2010




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Dirty Dancing: Dance to the Heartbeat

Dirty Dancing is a 1987 cult American melodrama starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. social dances.

This is how sparingly and uncomplicatedly Wikipedia describes the film, after which the name of Patrick Swayze became the catalyst for red cheeks and stupid giggles among young ladies. Watched it in the late 80s and early 90's only in the circle of close friends and friends, hiding from their parents as far as possible. Now times have changed, but the goosebumps from Dirty Dancing continue to tickle your back.

Baby and Johnny are in the center of the audience's attention. Baby is a girl from a wealthy family of a doctor who personifies the American dream. Johnny is just Johnny. A free dancer who earns a living by entertaining the public.

What is Dirty Dancing?

Dirty dances in the film are dances performed at a service staff party in a small American boarding house where the main character is resting. There, Baby is faced with the other side of her own life: people who plow until they pass out during the day, and in the evening splash out emotions in dances. Half-naked, tart, very intimate. There she meets Johnny, who will become her partner, first in dancing, and then in life.

“Yes, I am afraid of everything, I am afraid that I will leave this room and not feel what I feel now. Dance with Me.

— Here?

- Yes.

In fact, classic dirty dancing is shown in only one scene - just at the very party in the boarding house. They are not tied to any of the styles, although they have much in common with Latin American genres. They were performed spontaneously, many movements were invented directly in front of the camera.

Everything that starts after the party - training and performance - is a Cuban mambo with a splash of salsa and other Latin American revelations.

Mambo in Dirty Dancing

Mambo is a Latin American dance brought to the New World by African-American black slaves. It was performed in stuffy rooms to rhythmic music (4 by 4) after a hard day's work. In the middle of the 20th century, it also spread among the white population, but until the end of the era of racism in America, it was customary to hide its social origin.

The name of the dance comes from the name of the militant deity "mambo", and some of the movements are references to the ancient ritual dance.

Dirty Dancing staging

Baby and Johnny's performances were choreographed by Kenny Ortego, the most famous Hollywood choreographer, who became famous not only for Dirty Dancing, but also for staging Michael Jackson's show tours.

The film's final dance, which is especially complex and especially intimate, used unique supports that are used in modern. These supports became the highlights of the production. The frame is rhythmic steps, rotations, hugs, characteristic of mambo, rumba, salsa.

Today the final dance was dismantled every second and put together again to be staged at weddings, festivals, dance studios. It is complex, but its beauty is worth working on yourself and your movements.

However, it is easy to create your own "dirty dance": it is enough to get acquainted with Latin American programs a little and memorize a couple of movements. Dirty Dancing is only possible when it comes from the heart.


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