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LMFAO's Redfoo Releases Juicy Wiggle - This Summer's Hottest Dance Craze!?

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Posted on by Joel Naphin

Are you ready for this summer’s hottest dance craze? Award-winning recording artist (and one half of the group LMFAO) Redfoo has once again upheld his belief in releasing music in a both creative and innovative manner by teaming up with Snapchat Discover International/Fusion for the debut of his new video Juicy Wiggle. Through this liaison, Redfoo has reached both new and old fans globally and has engaged with a young and diverse audience across the world.

Juicy Wiggle was the first of five stories on the Fusion Snapchat portal when released last month and now fans can view the video on Redfoo’s official YouTube channel. In addition, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Pete Carroll (head coach and Executive VP of the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks) have sent out tweets with Carroll tweeting: “Entering into March Madness everyone should be doing the Juicy Wiggle.

Juicy Wiggle was directed by The Squared Division, an Australian creative duo comprised of Ashley Evans and Antony Ginandjar (Taylor Swift, Kylie Minogue, Kesha, Britney Spears, etc.) and was shot in Los Angeles. As soon as you hear the track, it transports you back to the 50s and 60s, and even a Bob Fosse style of choreography. The dance craze of the Juicy Wiggle originated in Melbourne, Australia, but Redfoo’s video pays homage to classic U.S. television shows such as American Bandstand and Shindig with a wild “Go-Go” style of dancing with a modern “Redfoo” infused twist.

Juicy Wiggle Official Video:

Purchase on iTunes:

A few facts about Redfoo:

  • Redfoo, who’s real name is Stefan Kendal Gordy, is the son of legendary Motown founder Berry Gordy
  • Redfoo was a judge on Simon Cowell’s X Factor in Australia
  • Redfoo has his own clothing range – La Freak
  • Redfoo scored a couple of #1 hits in more than 30 countries with LMFAO
  • Redfoo is a serious tennis player
  • Redfoo was announced as one of the celebrities to compete on the 20th season of Dancing With the Stars. He was partnered with professional dancer Emma Slater. He previously was a guest judge on the 18th season of the show and is the first guest judge ever to return as a contestant. He and Slater were the first couple eliminated from the competition on March 23, 2015

Redfoo Official Sites:


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A good band name is hard to come by. But for party bands, it’s almost not worth the effort.

Most (other than the B-52s) know their days of big beats that move bodies are short-lived. So why bother?

LMFAO and Shwayze have two of the worst in the business. Each handle suggests they’re here to entertain you, but only briefly.

Get on the dance floor now because they might not be around next year.

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    timka 01/20/2014

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    milan 01/14/2014

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    Lyoshka 12/31/2013

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    sub zero 12/28/2013

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    bekzat.45 12/17/2013


    LOH 11/27/2013

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    Mark 11/26/2013

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    rd 11/15/2013

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    karina 02.11.2013

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    igor 10/24/2013

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    anonymous)) 07/21/2013

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    {}R[[[A]]] 07/13/2013

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  • Great! i can dance like them too

    seeds2 25. 05.2013

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    Cupcake 05/12/2013

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    seeds 02.02.2013

  • Impressive. Great clip. Dynamic, good music, positive.

    Zhora Kotov 23.01.2013

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    Johnny 05/03/2012

  • I'm trudging! I love Red Foo, it's the coolest, he's just cute. Sky Blue is also nothing but Red Foo is the best. And finally LMFAO sing and dance cool, and Party Rock and Sexi And I Know It are the coolest songs

    Julia 05/01/2012

  • I'm trudging! finally FIRE!!!

    pavlik 04/30/2012

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How to learn to dance shuffle - Lifehacker

December 15, 2019 Likbez Sports and fitness

Master the basic moves, then improvise and have fun.

Iya Zorina

Author of Lifehacker, athlete, Candidate Master of Sports

This dance style includes a lot of freedom and improvisation. That is why he is so good. You can master the basic movements in a couple of hours, and then complicate them to infinity and combine them with each other, create your own combinations and spy on others.

Dance in sneakers, socks or barefoot, in any outfit, anywhere.

Master the basic movements of the shuffle

In this style, you do all the basic movements with your feet, your arms most often move freely - according to your heart.

Running man

This is the most basic and essential shuffle movement. You can do it in three different ways.

Full foot

The movement begins by bending your knee and lifting one leg. Next, you need to simultaneously put both legs - supporting and raised - at a distance of one step from each other.

The raised leg is placed forward on a full foot, the standing one behind slips back on the ball of the foot and remains on it - the heel is not placed on the floor. The weight is evenly distributed between the two legs.

After that, it remains to return to the starting position. To do this, the front leg slides back, and at the same time, the back leg is pulled up. You find yourself in the starting position and repeat the cycle. The movement itself is soft and springy: do not stick into the floor, keep your legs relaxed.


This is a lighter and faster running man look that may be needed for some combinations. Here you put your foot not on the whole foot, but on the heel. At the same time, the one standing behind remains on the toe.

On pads

In this variation, the foot is placed forward on the pad. At the same time, the one standing behind also remains on the ball of the foot, and the body leans slightly back.


In this movement, one foot constantly makes a “herringbone” - turns the heel in and out - and the second touches the floor and immediately rises back.

When the heel of the skating leg turns inward, the toe of the other leg touches the floor; when outward, the other leg rises, turning the knee inward.

It turns out two positions: closed - when the legs are wrapped with the knees inward, and one leg is raised, and open - when the legs are turned out with the knees outward, and the toe touches the floor. Practice doing the T-step in both directions: slowly at first, then with acceleration.


You jump on one foot while the other touches the floor in different places: on the side of the supporting leg, across, behind - anywhere you want. You can put your foot on the toe or on the heel - the latter is called a kick. The supporting leg can simply rise low or perform a T-step - move the heel out and in.


To begin, you turn your knees and toes inward and lift one leg. Then turn your toes and knees outward, and put your raised leg forward crosswise. Repeat the same with the other leg.

All movement occurs on the balls of the feet, the heels do not fall to the floor. You can move both forward and backward.


First you put your feet crosswise with your toes outward with a jump, then you also spread your legs apart with a jump.


One leg is straight, stands on the whole foot, the other is with a bent knee on the pad. Leaning on the pad, you slip the foot of a straight leg back, as if wiping the sole on the floor.

Immediately after the slip, you turn around. In the turn, the straight leg bends and goes to the pad, and the one that was on the pad, on the contrary, turns on the heel. After that, it remains only to change legs and move in the same way in the other direction.


From the starting position - standing with a raised leg, as in Running man - you turn your hips to the side with a jump and put your legs crosswise.

The front foot is on the heel, the back foot is on the ball. Then you jump back to the starting position and do the same on the other side.


From the starting position, you turn your hips to the side with a jump and spread your legs a step apart from each other. The standing foot in front is placed on the heel, the standing one behind remains on the pillow. Then, with a jump, you collect your legs and do the same on the other side.

Try other variations of the basic shuffle movements

You can perform basic movements in different directions: forward and backward, turning around. This will give you more freedom to improvise.

Variations Running man

Do several times in place and then turn around. You can also try walking this way to the side. Each time the leg will need to be placed slightly crossed in order to slowly move to the side.

Variations T‑step

You can lower your foot on the toe, on the whole foot, touch the floor to the side of the supporting leg or forward and behind it.

You can also keep the other leg on the floor at all - leave it on the toe and turn the knee in and out.

Variations Diamond

Here one more element is added to the movement – ​​the heel strike. In the starting position, you wrap the toes of the feet and knees inward, and then jump on the heels, turning the socks to the sides.

From this position, without jumping, you turn your toes and knees inward, cross your legs with a jump, turning your feet with your toes outward, and then return to the starting position.

Charleston Variations

After three turns of the Charleston, turn both toes in one direction and then in the other. At the end, you can turn the knee to the side.

Combine familiar shuffle moves

While you lack the skills to move freely and come up with something of your own, learn a few combinations. They contain interesting movements that will replenish your dance vocabulary.

Combination 1

This is a simple combination of two basic movements - Running man and T-step. First take five Running man steps, then four T-steps to the side and repeat the same in the opposite direction.

Combination 2

Another combination of two basic movements. Here you do three Running mans, then one T‑step with a back foot touch, and two front heel touch kicks. The same on the other side.

Combination 3

There are no standard steps here, but there are already familiar Sidekick and transition from heels to toes.

Learn more difficult combinations

We will add some videos with good combinations.

1. Cool video for beginners: movements are repeated in slow motion to make it easier to dance to the music.

2. And here the combination is analyzed step by step in slow motion, dividing it into three parts. Very comfortably. Look for more on this channel, there are several such analyzes.

3. No slowdown here, just a great combination. But you already know almost all the movements, so you can figure it out. If something is not clear, watch the video at a speed of 0.

Learn more