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Rare footage of Michael Jackson practicing iconic 'Billie Jean' routine in 1983 is...

22 June 2022, 17:12

Michael Jackson practising thee Moonwalk. Picture: YouTube/Motown

By Tom Eames

A video showing Michael Jackson preparing his iconic Moonwalk dance shows how dedicated he was to his craft.

Michael Jackson debuted his astonishing Moonwalk dance when performing 'Billie Jean' at the Motown 25th anniversary event in 1983, wowing the audience and millions around the world.

In this newly discovered footage, Michael is seen rehearsing for arguably the biggest moment of his career.

He is seen practicising his dance moves in what looks like a hotel room, trying out various different moves, all of which look amazing.

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We particularly love his 'swimming in one spot' move, which is rather underrated in Michael's long list of routines.

Watch the clip below:

Comments on the YouTube clip include one fan stating: "He seems to defy gravity. Sometimes it looks like he's not even touching the floor."

Another wrote: "He moved like he had butter at the bottom of his feet." A third said: "The control he had over his body was phenomenal."

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The King of Pop was taking part in the TV programme Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever, filmed to celebrate the record label's greatest artists and saw a whopping 35% of all TV owners in the United States tuning in to see Michael and other stars perform.

Michael Jackson would later go on to discuss his own experience of his first moonwalk in an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 1993 and said he 'cried' after the performance.

"I'm never satisfied," Michael Jackson said, "Even when I see something that I've done, and people say: 'Oh it was phenomenal'.

"When I did Motown 25, and I did the moonwalk for the first time, I was backstage crying afterwards because I was unhappy."

Oprah was stunned. "You cried!?" she said in disbelief.

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"But then I was walking to the car there was this little boy who was like 12," Michael continued.

"He was this little Jewish kid and he said: 'You're amazing! Who taught you to dance like that?'"

"And for the first time I ever felt like I did a good job," he concluded.

"Because I know children don't lie, and I just felt so good about it. "

Senior citizens dance it out to ‘Billie Jean’ and win the internet

Moonwalking, sequined gloves, fedora, and of course, crotch-grabbing; what’s the first name that flashes through your mind? If it’s Michael Jackson, then you are absolutely right!

Aside from his classic hit songs, his trademark moves and his unusual costume are just among the many things that are associated with his name.


YouTube/Michael Jackson

We often see kids, teens, and grown-ups dancing to Michael Jackson’s classics to commemorate the legacy that he left the entire world.

Everyone dances to Michael at some point, but few can recreate his iconic moves. Which of Michael’s most famous dance moves do you have the hardest time mimicking?

Posted by Michael Jackson onTuesday, August 21, 2018

However, these 3 seniors busted their slick moves out to a “King of Pop” classic and proved that age is just a number.

They are called the “Awesome Threesome”

It all happened during the Leisure World Texas Hold ‘Em party held in California back in the year 2009. The Awesome Threesome consists of three senior members, Bert Carroll, 81, Frank Tripoli, 77, and Kurt Bourhenne, 71.

All of them brought the house down when they got down to “Billie Jean”.

The Leisure World residents and more than 50 others were left astounded by the trio. Three senior citizens, with a good sense of humor, comedic dancing, great music, and people laughing heartily in the background, are just the right ingredients to set a party into motion.

And it all starts with this retirement community in California


Pexels/Thorsten technoman

Leisure World was the first major planned retirement community in the United States.

It was June 6th of the year 1962 when the first residents moved into the community. Today, the total number of shareholders has gone to more than 9,000.

Why visit Leisure World Seal Beach? It’s simply because it is,

“a nationally recognized active senior community located in Seal Beach, California, where sunny days are cooled by ocean breezes. Spread over 542 park-like acres, LWSB offers co-ops and condos for resort style living for those 55 and over.”


Pexels/Recal Media

They also added that the community,

“has a 9-hole golf course, swimming facilities, fitness and exercise rooms, six clubhouses, free bus service, and a fully staffed 24 hour Security service. There are over 200 clubs, movies, trips, and abundant activities to keep you socially, mentally, and physically active. We are an oasis for seniors looking for a busy and satisfying life.”

Sounds like a pretty good place and community to retire at, wouldn’t you agree?

We’re all just glad that this special moment was caught on tape. Just for fun, Carroll’s daughter, Shawn Julian, posted the video on YouTube, and guess what?

The video went viral – gaining a whopping 17 million views on YouTube alone.

“It’s just a little thing, but this video has just taken off,” Julian told The Orange County Register.

They started it all with an act.



They started by sneaking from the stage curtain, acting all shy.

Then, just seconds after, they hobbled towards the center of the little stage. The audience was a bit skeptical- little did they know, something HUGE was about to unfold in front of their very eyes.



When the trio finally reached some folding chairs, they wore a piece of their costume. That’s when the crowd got more excited and curious (though, they may already have had an idea) about what was about to happen.

Things only became clearer when they donned the famed sequined gloves of Michael Jackson!

“It wasn’t until we flashed the glove that people caught it,” Carroll said. “People didn’t know what we were going to do.



It was followed by a hilarious butt grab, then they slowly put on their fedoras (another Jackson trademark). That was just an appetizer, brace yourselves for the main course.

DJ! Hit the beat!

The crowd was already in awe just after the first few beats of “Billy Jean”. Pretty soon, the place was filled with hearty waves of laughter and giggles.



If you thought that the butt grabbing was shocking, just wait for the crotch grab!

It’s simply a delight to see these gentlemen, though they’re no longer in their prime, still have the energy to dance to such music.



Their thrice-a-week practice for more than a month finally paid off.

All the hip-thrusting, criss-cross steps, single-leg lifts, and of course the ageless moonwalk, everything was hilariously perfect for the occasion.

And also, those “awe!” screams on some parts of their routine were also funny.



And they were equally happy with the comments that they received:

“We’ve gotten comments from people saying thank you and people took the time out to laugh,” Carroll said. “That makes us feel happy.”



Seems like these gramps aren’t too old yet! It must be so cool to have granddads just like them, right?

Don’t forget to watch the Awesome Threesome in the video below.

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How to learn to dance like Michael Jackson?

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Milk Jackson is considered one of the best choreographers and dancers in history. His skill was the best of the best among those who were in the pop industry. He always did it easily, and so far he remains the most outstanding artist (of course, not in the literal sense of the word). You can enjoy his staging and movements in various videos. Michael is such a great dancer that the dance looks very organic and simple, as if you can immediately get up and repeat everything without difficulty! But, this is the great talent of Michael Jackson as an artist - to do the complex at ease and easily! How to learn to dance like him? What is the secret of movement? Naturally, the singer's hallmark is the well-known "moonwalk". This movement is a special technique where the dancer moves backward while trying to move forward. This is how the illusion of sliding is created.

How to learn the moves

It takes curly hair and shiny socks to learn the sliding moonwalk. They say it's the key to success! And here are the phased technical movements:

  1. On a full foot, put one foot forward;
  2. Take the second back and put it on your fingers;
  3. With the foot that is in front, begin to slide lightly and gently back past the foot that is behind;
  4. Now, with the foot that was in front, put on the whole foot, and lift the back one on the toes;
  5. Repeat these movements again and again. All kinds of variations of the movements of the moonwalk, allow you to slide to the right, left, forward, as well as in a circle. Now you know how easy it is to learn this intricate movement.

Michael Jackson's moonwalk

The artist first showed the moonwalk way back in 1983 on an American live TV show while performing the song "Billie Jean". Young Michael, dressed in a hat, one glove, black jacket, silver T-shirt, silver socks and black pants, made a splash. He wrapped himself around himself and did this world-famous gait.

The dancing of the star attracted a huge number of spectators, and the movement itself called the moonwalk became very popular. Dancing is considered the second nature of the famous singer. The first is, of course, music, which occupied most of his life.

It is interesting that in 1989 they made a film where Michael played the main role, he portrayed himself. This movie is called "Moonwalker". The singer considered dancing such an important part of the image that even the biopic was called "Moonwalk", which translates as "Moonwalk".

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