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Just Dance 2014 Tracklist

Ubisoft has unveiled the full Just Dance 2014 tracklist, including Lady Gaga’s “Applause”.

The dance game franchise continues into the next year with a variety of pop music. If grooving to hit songs is your thing, this Just Dance 2014 tracklist is worth a look.

Highlights this year include “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke Ft. Pharrell, “Prince Ali” from Disney’s Aladdin, “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk Ft. Pharrell Williams and even “Y.M.C.A” from the Village People. Ubisoft is aiming across a wide range to music genres: pop, rock, Hip-Hop, R&B and even funk songs.

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Just Dance 2014 Tracklist

  • ·         Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) – ABBA
  • ·         The Way – Ariana Grande Ft. Mac Miller
  • ·         Could You Be Loved – Bob Marley
  • ·         Isidora – Bog Bog Orkestar
  • ·         Fine China – Chris Brown
  • ·         Limbo – Daddy Yankee
  • ·         Get Lucky – Daft Punk Ft. Pharrell Williams
  • ·         Moskau – Dancing Bros.
  • ·         She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) – David Guetta Ft. Sia
  • ·         Prince Ali – Disney’s Aladdin
  • ·         It’s You – Duck Sauce
  • ·         Turn Up The Love – Far East Movement Ft. Cover Drive
  • ·         Alfonso Signorini (Eroe Nazionale) – Fedez
  • ·         The Love Boat – Frankie Bostello
  • ·         Careless Whisper – George Michael
  • ·         I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor
  • ·         Rich Girl – Gwen Stefani Ft. Eve
  • ·         Feel So Right – Imposs Ft. Konshens
  • ·         Wild – Jessie J Ft. Big Sean
  • ·         I Kissed A Girl – Katy Perry
  • ·         C’mon – Ke$ha
  • ·         Applause – Lady Gaga
  • ·         Just Dance – Lady Gaga Ft. Colby O’Donis
  • ·         Just A Gigolo – Louis Prima
  • ·         Blame It On The Boogie – Mick Jackson
  • ·         In The Summertime – Mungo Jerry
  • ·         Pound The Alarm – Nicki Minaj
  • ·         Starships – Nicki Minaj
  • ·         Troublemaker – Olly Murs Ft. Flo Rida
  • ·         Kiss You – One Direction
  • ·         Feel This Moment – Pitbull Ft. Christina Aguilera
  • ·         Gentleman – PSY
  • ·         Ghostbusters – Ray Parker Jr.
  • ·         Maria – Ricky Martin
  • ·         Where Have You Been – Rihanna
  • ·         Candy – Robbie Williams
  • ·         Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke Ft. Pharrell
  • ·         99 Luftballons – Rutschen Planeten
  • ·         Miss Understood – Sammie
  • ·         Nitro Bot – Sentai Express
  • ·         Danse (Pop version) – TAL
  • ·         Flashdance…What A Feeling – The Girly Team
  • ·         Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In – The Sunlight Shakers
  • ·         Y.M.C.A. – Village People
  • ·         #thatPOWER – Ft. Justin Bieber
  • ·         Follow The Leader – Wisin & Yandel Ft. Jennifer Lopez

Just Dance 2014 is slated for a worldwide release on all current and next-generation platforms, including the Nintendo Wii and Wii U, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, from Microsoft, and Sony PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 systems. The game will be available on all current platforms on October 1 in Australia and New Zealand, and will be released on upcoming next-gen platforms at each console’s launch.

Just Dance 2014 Songs List

Here’s the Just Dance 2014 songs list that shows all 47 songs that make up the soundtrack for this multi-platform dancing game on Nintendo’s Wii & Wii U (requires Wii Remote), Microsoft’s Xbox 360 & Xbox One (requires Kinect), and Sony’s PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4 (requires Move).

Watch the Just Dance 2014 reveal trailer that shows the hottest tracks.

Just Dance 2014 features more than 40 new tracks, formerly known as the Just Dance 5 songs list. It’s a new yearly edition of the series that includes the most popular music tracks out there right now, ranging from chart-topping Billboard hits to classic dance party tracks. Whether it’s pop, Hip-Hop, rock, R&B or funk. It’s the ultimate way to discover – or rediscover – the 40-million-selling dance game brand.

1. ABBA – “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)”
2. Ariana Grande featuring Mac Miller – “The Way”
3. Bob Marley – “Could You Be Loved”
4. Bog Bog Orkestar – “Isidora”
5. Chris Brown – “Fine China”
6. Daddy Yankee – “Limbo”
7. Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams – “Get Lucky”
8. Dancing Bros. – “Moskau”
9. David Guetta featuring Sia – “She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)”
10. Disney’s Aladdin – “Prince Ali”
11. Duck Sauce – “It’s You”
12. Far East Movement featuring Cover Drive – “Turn Up The Love”
13. Fedez – “Alfonso Signorini (Eroe Nazionale)”
14. Frankie Bostello – “The Love Boat”
15. George Michael – “Careless Whisper”
16. Gloria Gaynor – “I Will Survive”
17. Gwen Stefani featuring Eve – “Rich Girl”
18. Imposs featuring Konshens – “Feel So Right”
19. Jessie J featuring Big Sean – “Wild”
20. Katy Perry – “I Kissed A Girl”
21. Katy Perry – “Roar” (Available as a free downloadable song at the game’s release)
22. Ke$ha – “C’mon”
23. Lady Gaga – “Applause”
24. Lady Gaga featuring Colby O’Donis – “Just Dance”
25. Louis Prima – “Just A Gigolo”
26. Mick Jackson – “Blame It On The Boogie”
27. Mungo Jerry – “In The Summertime”
28. Nicki Minaj – “Pound The Alarm”
29. Nicki Minaj – “Starships”
30. Olly Murs featuring Flo Rida – “Troublemaker”
31. One Direction – “Kiss You”
32. Pitbull featuring Christina Aguilera – “Feel This Moment”
33. PSY – “Gentleman”
34. Ray Parker Jr. – “Ghostbusters” (Movie Theme Song)
35. Ricky Martin – “Maria”
36. Rihanna – “Where Have You Been”
37. Robbie Williams – “Candy”
38. Robin Thicke featuring T.I. & Pharrell – “Blurred Lines”
39. Rutschen Planeten – “99 Luftballons”
40. Sammie – “Miss Understood”
41. Sentai Express – “Nitro Bot”
42. TAL – “Danse (Pop version)”
43. The Girly Team – “Flashdance… What A Feeling”
44. The Sunlight Shakers – “Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In”
45. Village People – “Y.M.C.A.”
46. featuring Justin Bieber – “#thatPOWER”
47. Wisin & Yandel featuring Jennifer Lopez – “Follow The Leader”

More Just Dance 2014 songs will be added as DLC songs become available after the October 1-8, 2013, release date.

Here’s a gallery of all song screenshots and music videos:

David Guetta & Sia – She Wolf
PSY – Gentleman
One Direction – Kiss You

Nicki Minaj – Starships
Nicki Minaj – Pound The Alarm
Far East Movement & Cover Drive – Turn Up The Love

Olly Murs & Flo Rida – Troublemaker
Robbie Williams – Candy
Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive

Ray Parker Jr – Ghostbusters
George Michael – Careless Whisper
Rihanna – Where Have You Been

Watch a demonstration video showing people dancing together to PSY’s Gentleman:

What’s new in Just Dance 2014:

• World Dance Floor: Dance with anyone anywhere in the world in Just Dance’s first-ever online multiplayer mode! MMO style! Players join a virtual crew – made up of real-life friends or other Just Dance fans – and compete based on different themes (“Boys Vs Girls”, “Crew Vs Crew”). Players can also track their standing on global leader boards, check out fun stats about other players around the world, and see community updates.

• On Stage Mode: Own the spotlight in this new mode where one player will dance, lead 2 back-up dancers, and even sing if they want! As the star of the show, the player can take it seriously and show off how talented they are, or just goof off with friends.

• Custom Sweat Mode: Players can personalize their Just Sweat workouts by creating custom playlists and tracking calories. There’s also a new option to track calories in all gameplay modes, even outside of the dedicated Just Sweat mode.

• Party Master: Puppet Master mode has upgraded to the Party Master mode to give the player controlling the Wii U GamePad even more options to MC the party. Choose the next dance move, pick new songs, and even dish out silly challenges to up to 4 other players!

• Autodance: Autodance is now on all camera-enabled platforms and has received an extensive upgrade! Players can use Autodance to transform their moves into music videos, bring their dances to life after each song, or simply goof off to create hilarious videos. With Autodance, players can instantly share all their favorite moments with friends, family or the whole world!

• Just Dance TV: Browse through friends’ dance videos, check out the most recent and popular content, and explore the Featured Video section in upgraded Just Dance TV – the biggest hub of user generated videos ever seen in a party game.

• More Dances Per Track: Everyone loves variety! Find alternate choreography across all modes including Just Sweat, Extreme, Battle and Mash-Up.

• Karaoke: Sing along to any song! Lyrics are displayed at the bottom of the screen, and players are given bonus points for singing along.

• Improved Shop: Never miss another song or update to the game. Now, when players select a song, they’ll immediately see any available alternate versions offered in DLC format.

Which songs do you think should be added to Just Dance 2014?


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Just Dance 2014:

song list

Just Dance 2014 is a dance project developed by Ubisoft. The gameplay is the interaction of the gamer through the repetition of the movements shown on the screen. The variety of musical genres and dance styles allows you to choose a composition in accordance with your own tastes and preferences.

  • 99 Luftballons – Rutschen Planeten
  • Applause – Lady Gaga
  • Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In – The Sunlight Shakers
  • Blame It On The Boogie – Mick Jackson
  • Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke Ft. Pharrell
  • C'mon – Ke$ha
  • Candy – Robbie Williams
  • Careless Whisper – George Michael
  • Could You Be Loved – Bob Marley
  • Danando – Ivete Sangalo (NCSA-only track)
  • Danse (Pop version) ) – TAL (EMEA-only track)
  • Feel So Right – Imposs Ft. Konshens
  • Feel This Moment – ​​Pitbull Ft. Christina Aguilera
  • Fine China – Chris Brown
  • Flashdance…What A Feeling – The Girly Team
  • Follow The Leader – Wisin & Yandel Ft. Jennifer Lopez
  • Gentleman – PSY
  • Get Lucky – Daft Punk Ft. Pharrell Williams
  • Ghostbusters – Ray Parker Jr.
  • Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) – ABBA
  • I Kissed A Girl – Katy Perry
  • I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor
  • In The Summertime – Mungo Jerry
  • Isidora – Bog Bog Orkestar
  • It’s You – Duck Sauce
  • Just A Gigolo – Louis Prima
  • Just Dance – Lady Gaga Ft. Colby O'Donis
  • Kiss You - One Direction
  • Limbo - Daddy Yankee
  • Maria - Ricky Martin
  • Miss Understood - Sammie
  • Moskau - Dancing Bros.
  • Nitro Bot - Sentai Express
  • Pound The Alarm - Nicki Minaj
  • Prince Ali - Disney's Aladdin
  • Rich Girl – Gwen Stefani Ft. Eve
  • She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) – David Guetta Ft. Sia
  • Signorini (Eroe Nazionale) – Fedez (EMEA-only track)
  • Starships – Nicki Minaj
  • thatPOWER – Ft. Justin Bieber
  • The Love Boat – Frankie Bostello
  • The Other Side – Jason Derulo (US-only track)
  • The Way – Ariana Grande Ft. Mac Miller
  • Troublemaker – Olly Murs Ft. Flo Rida
  • Turn Up The Love – Far East Movement Ft. cover drive
  • Where Have You Been – Rihanna
  • Wild – Jessie J Ft. Big Sean
  • Y.M.C.A. – Village People
  • Unlike the previous part, Just Dance 2014 has several new game modes.

  • "On Stage" invites the player to act as the lead dancer.
  • The innovative "World Dance Floor Mode" will allow gamers from all over the world to team up and face off against each other.
  • A Wii U-exclusive mode called "Party Master" allows one player to set up combinations of moves for the other to perform. nine0005

    Among the popular performers of modern dance music are: David Guetta, Robbie Williams, Nicki Minaj, Christina Aguilera, Gloria Gaynor, Flo Rida, Rihanna, Pitbull, One Direction and many others.

    Just Dance 2014 - Gambling

    It's nice when nerd friends come over - you can get a role-playing table from the closet and have a great evening. It's nice when guys who are familiar with the gamepad come to visit - you can dive into Diablo 3 or some fighting game with four of us. But when a crowd of people of different sexes burst into the house, who have not seen a video game in their eyes, and once again I don’t want to torture charades or “tarantinki” - this is a disaster. Only one thing will save here - Just Dance. A one-of-a-kind game that anyone will enjoy. Who is not afraid to dance, of course. nine0003

    Timeless gameplay

    Just Dance is finally on stream, which is clearly hinted at by the year in the title. And this, frankly, is good - few modern songs can become classics. Even Gangnam Style, which quickly flew into all the charts (it is believed that the song skipped a couple of times even on the Chanson radio, but everyone is silent about this), was blown away, less than a year has passed. Now we will regularly receive a fresh version of the game with new songs, and between releases, everyone will be able to try the DLC - in the end, the gameplay of dancing is not boring. nine0003

    • There are songs that are fun to dance to even after many years. Y.M.C.A., for example.

    There are forty-eight songs in the playlist - two less than in the last game: fourteen songs for duets, eight for four players and twenty-six for solo dances (although no one bothers to dance to them in any quantity) . As before, the dancers repeat the movements of the avatar on the screen, earn points and get stars by competing with each other. For these points, new modes like Mash-Up (a collection of movements from a variety of songs) or On Stage (one player is a star, the rest are backup dancers) are then opened. nine0003

    Kinect still records your dances and after the end of the song offers you to watch a short video clip that will surely make you laugh out loud. By the way, now the video can be improved with special effects: increase the heads of all participants or arrange a psychedelic, making sure that every movement leaves a colored trail.

    • Sometimes Just Dance is a true trust game. Do you dare to jump on the orders of the TV into the arms (or back) of your partner? nine0003

    The sensor does not track the situation very well and gives concessions (with a certain trick, five stars can be scored even while sitting), but who would think of finding fault when people scream and almost fight, choosing the next song, and in the morning they wake you up with a call: “Dude, the party was awesome, let's do it again?!”

    Awkward Dancing

    There are not so many additions compared to the previous version. First, we changed the menu navigation - now you don't need to poke your finger into the screen, trying to get to the icon. At noisy (and not very sober) parties in Just Dance 4, this caused a lot of trouble, but now there simply cannot be random or not triggered actions in the menu: select an element, hold your hand in the desired position for a few seconds, and voila. It doesn't look as pretentious as before, but it's much more convenient. nine0003

    • Four people are dancing and two others have nothing to do? Hint to them that the camera records dancers only at certain moments (the corresponding indicator appears on the screen), and in order for the video to turn out to be more fun, you need to actively grimace in the background at this time, jump, make faces and throw pillows.

    Also, in Ubisoft finally figured out that dancing is a much better way to lose weight than either Kinect Sports or Nike+ Kinect Training , so say hello to Just Sweat, a fat-burning regimen with a calorie counter! Forty minutes of non-stop dancing - weak? Repeat every day and in a couple of months the girls will like you again. nine0003

    • Here is an idea for you what to give to your friends for the next March 8th. Just call three more friends and learn this dance!

    But these are not all the changes, of course. The main thing is the online mode The World Dance Floor, thanks to which you can not only show your friends recorded mini-clips via social networks, but also arrange real dance battles. Think your party is better than some John from America or Klaus from Germany? So prove it - get on the dance floor and show class! nine0003

    Why do we need games in the broad sense of the word? From scientific treatises of various culturologists and psychologists, something like this follows: the game gives vent to excess vitality, realizes animal instincts, satisfies the need for rest, trains skills, realizes the desire for supremacy, and, finally, unites people.

    What gives a person Just Dance? Allows you to let off steam, draws a person to his biological roots (almost all living beings have a dance ritual in one form or another), gives emotions, loses calories, trains the body, challenges (to score more stars than friends) and at the same time unites people. nine0003

    While David Cage is desperately trying to make a game interesting for everyone - children and adults, women and men, cats and dogs - Ubisoft silently releases another Just Dance. A game that will appeal to anyone who gets up in front of the TV and starts dancing.


    Class plot:


    easily master:





    Sound and music:

    10 9 9 9 9

    Interface and control:



    Just the right game to buy a Kinect for - your first party with Just Dance will make the purchase worth it. In general, this is the best thing that has ever been invented for noisy and cheerful parties.

    "Mania" rating:

    "Disco dancer"

    Move your body

    Six songs to which "Igromania" advises to dance first thing

    1. Dschinghis Khan - Moskau

    Dschinghis Khan - Moskau

    Number of players: 2

    The dance to this cult song in all respects is slightly non-canonical, but it was organically woven into it ... a squat! It turned out not as exhausting as in Rasputin from Just Dance 2 (and thank God), but the sweat will flow like a river, we guarantee. No wonder the song is labeled Hard.

    Moskau is great for a good old friendly set-up - offer it to fellow newcomers, step aside and just watch. The video ends up being very funny. nine0003

    2. PSY - Gentleman

    PSY - Gentleman

    Number of players: 1

    Where without the Korean PSY! There was one sneaky move in Gangnam Style from Just Dance 4 where one dancer had to fall to the floor and crawl between the partner's legs (remember the elevator scene from the clip?). Of course, there is no such thing here, the dance is staged for one person, and you don’t sweat so much - you have to jump much less often. However, this is definitely not a song to skip. nine0003

    3. Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters

    Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters

    Number of Players: 4

    A highly unexpected theme on the Just Dance 2014 playlist and a potential favorite among male dancers. Of the ghost hunters, however, only three participate, and all are white (thrown Winston Zeddmore), and the role of the fourth takes on the famous ghost Lizun, caressed by the public! No girls in the frame! And yes (oh yes!) - this song is a must-sing. Who are you gonna call?! nine0003

    4. Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams - Get Lucky

    Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams - Get Lucky

    Number of Players: 2

    Get Lucky was a hit before it even officially saw the light of day, and still doesn't lose ground. It would be very strange if she did not appear in the current edition of Just Dance.

    The dance seems deceptively simple, but exactly as long as you don't have to imitate robots. But it's easy to sing along: you probably don't know the words of Get Lucky yet, it still sounds from every station kiosk. nine0003

    5. Robbie Williams - Candy

    Robbie Williams - Candy

    Number of Players: 2

    The kindest and most cheerful dance from the entire collection. It is designed for a boy and a girl, and we do not advise you to dance it otherwise. Without unnecessary romance (for this there is George Michael - Careless Whisper, which your parents will like), cheerful, cheerful - it is not even necessary for him to gather a large company, just one loved one is enough. And yes, this dance really wants to be learned. nine0003

    6. Bog Bog Orkestar - Isidora

    Bog Bog Orkestar - Isidora

    Players: 1

    Isidora solo. Your new parquet will be annoyed by such a collision, but, in the end, the main thing is that the chandelier does not fall, right? And the chandelier has every chance of that, since this is the most insane and active dance of all - you have to jump a lot, run, slap your ass and hit your cheeks.

    Learn more

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