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The evolution of praise dancing

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by Arlene Jones

Several years ago, I wrote a column about praise dancing. At that time, I saw it as little more than a talentless addition to a religious service that simply served to entertain the predominantly male members who sit in the pulpit. Young, lithe, mostly female dancers, sway, gyrate, leap and kick to music. 

I received a lot of emails from readers expressing their opinions in favor of praise dancing. Some people wrote a couple of lines while others wrote entire paragraphs. A few wrote several pages. I am grateful for all the feedback, but I am still not a fan of it. However, praise dancing’s popularity has grown so much that it is now considered a staple of church services and I respect them for it.

Religious services have changed a lot over the years. I remember when women wearing pants to church was a big issue. Now nobody takes notice. That is how a religious service evolves. What was once the unusual becomes the norm.

Recently on Facebook, a video was posted of two sisters performing a popular TikTok dance in front of their mother’s open casket. At the end of the performance, they giggle. Initial reactions from people included a lot of folks being shocked. And a controversy ensued.

Since that video was posted last year, several more have surfaced. The latest involved a trio of females, performing what is now called a TikTok dance for the camera. If dance has become a part of church services, why can’t the same thing be said of funeral services? All I had to do was think about the funeral services held in New Orleans. They feature an entire parade. Jazz musicians play while others strut about. The funeral service is not somber but more a celebration of the person’s life.

The latest video I watched was accompanied by a note that said the girls’ performance was one of the deceased’s favorites. As I watched their choreographed movements in front of the casket, with what appears to be a funeral director standing watch kitty-corner to the casket, I was neither shocked nor surprised. I don’t even find it controversial. At some point, dance is going to be part of religious ceremonies and a funeral is no different from a regular service.

So I’m accepting of this latest form of funeral culture. I will add it to the tradition of folks who pour alcohol onto the ground for the deceased, as well as those who spell out the deceased’s name using quarters. Then you have cemeteries filled with pinwheels, balloons and all sorts of tributes to the departed, which add a festive atmosphere.

Funeral traditions come from activities that make people feel good about the service since the funeral is for the living. 

Arlene Jones, a resident of the Austin neighborhood of Chicago, writes a weekly column for the Austin Weekly News, a Growing Community Media publication.

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10 steps to powerful dance ministry

Dance As A Worship Leader

Your dance has the power to elevate God's people into the heavenly realm of pure worship. We must make sure that our dances are not performances to promote ourselves, but ministry that lifts up Jesus. We must see ourselves and behave as worship leaders who dance to inspire others to worship Jesus.
You are more than a dancer.  You are a worship leader and dance is the medium that you use to lead the people of God into worship.  It is very important that we have the mindset of a Worship Leader. We might have to begin to change our vocabulary.  We shouldn’t say “Oh! I’m going to perform” or “I’m just going to dance”, but “I’m going to minister”, or “I’m going to lead worship”.  It’s very important that we change our mindset and our vocabulary to think that way. As we do, we will make a powerful impact as worship leaders.



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Ten Steps To Powerful Dance Ministry / Step Six

Ten Steps To Powerful  Dance Ministry Step 6 Be Committed To A Local Church

There is no place like home Church.

If you know Jesus as your Savior, you should be part of a local fellowship.  I don’t mean just going in and out and then dancing all over the world.   I mean really in grafted in the life of the Church. You should know the pastor and the pastor/ leadership should  knows you. Give your resources,  and service to your  Church. Because of the relationship you should receive the Church's resources, prayer support, and pastoral covering.  That is important for your protection and accountability.

The dance ministry is a serious ministry, and we should   be accountable for the things that we do outside of the local body.  So please, be part of  a Church , adhere to the tenets and the culture of that body.  Your national and international  worship dance ministry will be more powerful and far reaching  if you are dedicated  to and supported by  a local Church there is no place like home Church.

Do you want to  study to show thyself approved for powerful worship dance leadership?

 Register today for the next " Biblical Study of the Dance"

find out all the information in the link below.

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Ten Steps to Powerful Dance Ministry Step Four

Step Four to powerful Dance Ministry
Become a lifelong student of the art of dance.

 Become a lifelong student of the art of dance. In Christian dance we might come into the dance ministry with no formal dance training wondering if  training is necessary for ministry. I know that  God can use us right were we are. And,  if we want to dance  in excellence,  avoid  injuries with  longevity, training is a must  (dancing incorrectly can cause injuries) I encourage all worship dancers to get more training, and to study dance. If you haven’t had any ballet, get some. or modern dance, or jazz, some type of structured class.  Go to live professional dance concerts to experience movement on a stage with theatrical lighting,, costumes, music and skilled choreography. The experience of a live dance concert  is  a priceless asset to your ministry.  Looking at dance will make you a better student of dance. It is never to late to study the art of dance. A dance education  can only help you to be more powerful with excellence for our Lord.  

Look out for step five to powerful dance ministry.

Leave a comment for me.  I want to hear what is on your dancing heart.

Be blessed,


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Ten Steps to Powerful Worship Dance/ Step Three

Step Three to powerful dance ministry
Focus on the dance

 Focus on the dance.   If dance is what God has called you to do. Pour yourself into the ministry.  Sometimes I meet dance ministers and they are  involved in so many things other than dance. These other  ministries  are good to be a part of, but dance takes such of us emotionally ,physically,  and mentally.  If you’re torn in different directions, it might become burdensome to minister with  joy, excellence and power .

  I’m not saying don’t be involved in other things, but really pray and make sure it’s what God would have you to do.  Dance ministry is very time-consuming. Being part of a worship dance team requires  many hours of training and rehearsing.  We  also have other things in our lives that we’re responsible for.  ( family, school, work)  So just be very wise of where you put your time and energy.  You are called to dance for the Lord.  Focus.  

Look out for Step 4 to powerful worship dance.

Leave me a comment and tell me whats on your dancing heart.

Check out the praise dance life resources in the links below.

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Ten Steps to Powerful Worship Dance/ Step Two

Ten steps to powerful worship dance/ Step Two
 Dance at home. 
Dance in the secret place:  I know you’ve heard ‘go to your prayer closet’.  Well, we need to go to our prayer closet to dance and pray. Give the gift of dance  that God has given you,  back to Him in the  private, closed-door setting,. Make it a sacrifice of praise  for the Lord.'s eyes only.

It’s a sad thing if you can only dance when other people are looking.  What about at home for the audience of one, Jesus?  What about in the wee hours of the morning, getting up and just lifting your hands and turning and bowing before Your King?“ 

  Jesus will enjoy the dance, and He’ll give you more dances.   And you’ll find that you’ll be dancing together.   He wants to see and enjoy your dance. He dances over you with joy.  Zephaniah 3:17 — ‘His banner over us is love.’  So you and Your Jesus, Your Father, Your Best Friend will dance together, and He’ll give you choreography, He will answer questions.  He will set in your mind the purpose for the ministry and you will be even more powerful. You will develop a better relationship with Him.

 Give your dance to the Lord first . Dance with Him, before Him, at home, in your private place, in the inner court, in the closet, and you will see a change. Try it today. I know that you will love it.

Look out for Step 3 to powerful worship dance.

Leave me a comment and tell me whats on your dancing heart.

Check out the praise dance life resources in the links below.


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Read "Dances with the Gods (SI)" - Andreev Alexander Radievich - Page 7

The animal rushed to Lika, but Oleg had already grown on its way, as if from under the ground.

"Clap" - a heavy club did not stop the jump of the forest monster, but changed the trajectory of the attack. Yes, any baseball pitcher would envy such a rebound!

A loud cry brought me out of my stupor:

-Don't stand still, Artem! I can't handle it alone!

The beast, frustrated by the failure, turned around and rushed into the second attack. Silent this time, and the fact that he didn't make a sound made it even more frightening for some reason. Overcoming myself, I nevertheless rushed across the wolf. I don't know how it happened, but my poke with a homemade spear was surprisingly effective. The tip, having fallen under the front paw, turned the predator in the air almost at a right angle. Having landed, he fell under the crushing blow of Oleg's club, taking all the force of the gun on the opened occipital part of the skull.

"Shit!" - the clash of bone and wood was not resolved in favor of the flesh. Blood spattered in all directions, hitting both me and Olesya. The wolf sank to the ground in a shapeless heap.

- How do you like it, - I could only exhale, looking at the handiwork of a comrade.

-There's nothing to be done, - Oleg examined everyone, fixing his gaze on each one in turn. In war as in war. Either you. Either you. Let's not linger here. Who knows if there is a flock nearby!

And we rushed with all our might. I don’t know about the girls and the commander, but for another hour it seemed to me that just about, and behind, there would be a crunch of branches under the paws. A ruthless pursuit, driven by a sense of revenge, will overtake us, and then . ..

My heart sank when Olesino's thin "Oi!" But, praise to all the powers of heaven, nothing happened. I immediately understood this, looking at the brightened face of Oleg, who arrived in time for the exclamation first. Well, how does he manage to succeed everywhere? True, the embankment of a dirt road was nevertheless discovered by Olesya, and not by him. The tract, although it towered almost a meter above the terrain, turned out to be narrow and, by feeling, abandoned. No wonder that neither I nor Oleg managed to see him through the trees! Grass had already climbed up the slope, spreading along the entire road, without a hint of a rut from cars or wagons. However, the very fact that people are somewhere nearby made everyone incredibly happy. We argued a little which way to move on, but Oleg quickly put an end to the debate, convincing us not to deviate from the original plan. To the lake, then to the lake! Moreover, the primer thread slightly deviated from the chosen direction. Now, if she turns around, she'll have to choose...

The moment of truth came about half an hour later.

Episode 5. Not alone

We heard measured blows at the same time. Fifty paces down the road, the road made a sharp turn and the source of the noise, apparently, was right behind it. Oleg and I looked at each other, and, having intercepted our weapons more tightly, we began to cautiously approach the bend of the primer. The girls kept behind us, and I found myself thinking that I liked this position. The fact that I am not in words considered a force capable of protecting and protecting. Oleg made a sign to get off the road. With a gesture ordering us to stay in place, he himself moved forward in short dashes, from tree to tree. Here he fell on his knee at the very turn, and cautiously, like a soldier in battle, looked out from behind a pine tree. After observing the situation for a minute, he turned around and headed towards us. No longer those sabotage dashes, but not completely relaxed either. Lika was the first to rush towards him.

- What is it, Oleg?

The scout waited for Olesya and I to come closer and answered in a low voice:

- A man. A bearded man with a shovel is digging a hole.

"Right in the middle of the road?" I blurted out before I fully realized the importance of the news. Blimey! There were, after all, there were people in this godforsaken distant kingdom! The heart accelerated the run, as if in childhood, in anticipation of the holiday.

- No, the geometric center of the recess is noticeably shifted towards the side of the road, - Oleg could not resist joking.

-So what are we waiting for, let's go soon! - not paying attention to the leader's tone, Lika impetuously butted into the conversation.

“Let the cats and fleas be quick!” the man cut her short. Then, softening a little, he added, - Girls, they are also different people. So your position is here, behind the tree. Artyom and I are going to get acquainted, then we call you if there is no danger.

Olesya obediently took a step back, and Lika proudly lifted her chin, muttering through her teeth:

-What is there to be afraid of? He is alone, there are four of us.

But Oleg didn't even turn his head. He has already taken a decisive step forward. I followed him, at the last moment, handing my spear to Lika. Two armed men approaching a stranger is hardly a good start for peace negotiations. For the same reason, placing my hand on Oleg's shoulder, I whispered in my friend's ear:

-Wait a minute. Let me try to talk to him.

The commander raised his eyebrows, but following my eloquent gaze towards the cudgel splattered with already dried wolf blood, he nodded in agreement. Also, I suppose, presented from the side. An economic peasant, digging in an open field, sees two tramps in front of him, almost with a flail in his belt. So what should he think? Oleg slowed down, and I, inspired by the trust shown, approached the pit. In order not to frighten the stranger, he greeted me loudly, five paces away.

- Hello!

A rather impressive pit with a heap of soil heaped on the opposite edge of us, swallowed the man almost to the waist, and he furiously continued to crash into the ground.

- Knock knock!

I broke away from work only after throwing another portion of sand out. While I was turning slowly towards us, I managed to notice that the digger was dressed, just like us. An inconspicuous shirt, with a sweat stain on the back, dusty trousers.

- Great, if you're not kidding! - the worker clearly saw Oleg, looming behind me, but did not show much concern.

- My name is Artem, - I overcame the meters separating us and extended my hand to the man. He drove the shovel into the ground with a confident movement and answered the handshake. And he did not let me go, embracing my strong, calloused, rough palm, smooth and narrow. For a moment he caught me in the same way with his eyes. The steely gaze from under the bushy ginger eyebrows made an impression on me. View-scanner, view-X-ray. But he almost immediately disappeared, dispelled.

"Help me get out," the new acquaintance asked as a matter of course.

I tensed up and pulled out a stocky turnip.

- Klim, - our compatriot briefly introduced himself.

-Oleg, - my companion decided not to delay the ceremonies.

- Well, here we are, - the aborigine grinned into his beard. And he asked in between: - Are you going to the village, or what?

In a minute I had time to examine him a little better. A man is like a man. Below average height, brown-haired, with a neat curly beard and large features.

There was a pause, as Oleg was in no hurry to answer the digger, rather tactlessly studying him.

- You probably won't believe it, but we... got lost, - I hastened to break the growing ice of mistrust.

- But how is that? - the man widened his eyes in feigned surprise. His game was so ingenuous that only a child could buy it. Or he absolutely does not know how to pretend . .. Or he does not try! Ridiculous wrinkles around the eyes helped me decide on the correct answer. But Oleg preferred not to go into details:

- So, you say, Klim, how do we get to the village?

- To the village, then? - well, the Volga sound also appeared in the dialect. You can see not a lot of entertainment in the area, since from a banal meeting with newcomers, a native resident strives to arrange a performance!

- Duc, you go along the path, where you went. There will be a fork in an hour or two. If you turn right, there is a birch grove first. Such a beautiful one, there are still lots of mushrooms in the autumn. Yes, - the man stroked his beard with a solid movement. - Then the bridge over the ravine, the dense forest behind it again. And then, as you pass, there are high mountains. Yes, mountains.

Read Dances in the Ice online by Alexandra Lisina

Coming closer and having managed to examine this strange sight better, I involuntarily shook my head respectfully: what? Clever. Really smart, because there is hardly any other way to pass the night safely in the Borderlands. And how can one not admire at the sight of a flat plank floor, laid directly on the branches and carefully fixed with vines, ropes and some kind of pegs? Living green walls, around which there was a small terrace, fenced with low railings? A completely natural roof made of all the same branches and leaves, which seemed to be specially intertwined in this place especially carefully? And, of course, an observation platform carefully hidden behind the branches?

Suspecting that something was wrong, I turned to the silently approaching elves, and they quickly nodded their heads: yes, it could not have happened without their participation, and in fact this strange hut was created by the unique magic of the immortals, which allowed it not only to exist in the middle of the primeval forest, but also serve as an excellent defense against the local hungry living creatures. I suppose it is very difficult for the undead to get close to such a "nest", surrounded on all sides by aspen, which is fatal for ghouls, it is even more difficult to climb a thick ash trunk under a shower of elven arrows. Well, it’s completely impossible - to take off on ghoul wings in order to get the Patrol that has settled upstairs from the air: it seems to me that the roof did it on purpose, and therefore it probably had a lot of aspen sprouts among its branches, capable of burning the unlucky bloodsucker with just one touch. bones. Horses, of course, if an attack suddenly happens, you can lose, but this is just an annoying trifle compared to everything else.

- Smart! - I praised, admiring enough. - Lech, can we fit in there?

- Let's shrink, - he grunted and, rummaging through the thickets, fished out a roughly knocked together ladder from somewhere. - Get in. You will see for yourself that it is completely safe.

I measured the distance to the "hut", figured out how I would climb there under a few attentive glances, how I would wobble on this flimsy ladder, demonstrating to the assembled ass covered with trousers, and cautiously stepped back.

- Maybe you are better?

- Are you afraid, Tris? - immediately tried to hook Res.

- No. I just don't want to be the first to see that it's very easy to break your neck from there. And in general - maybe someone has already settled there?

- There is no one there, - the guy smiled good-naturedly. - If one of our people came, they would raise the stairs, and outside, still on the way, they would put up a sign that it was busy here. And then we would have to look for another place to sleep. But since there is none of this, you can safely borrow.

I squinted gloomily.

- And I'm not talking about people. Or do you think a ghoul capable of covering such a ridiculous distance has not yet been born?

- So far, praise the Two-In-One, this has not happened, - Lekh answered quite seriously, but under my skeptical glance, he nevertheless stopped insisting and climbed first. Suddenly, and in fact, someone managed to do it before us?

We silently watched how he dexterously climbs up, how carefully he goes around, sniffing the whole house, how he silently draws his sword and, ready for anything, looks inside, expecting anything, anything, up to the attack of a whole horde of undead. .. and then they sighed in unison: Lech came out just as quickly and waved reassuringly.

- Everything is in order.

- That's it, - I muttered, involuntarily adopting Rum's intonation. - And then they made it a rule to let defenseless women and children go forward. Like, if there was a ghoul there, you can have time to prepare, and if not, it’s still useful: they will have time to clean up, and they won’t be able to get angry, as they should.

Res, realizing what I was getting at, chuckled inaudibly and scrambled up the stairs. Mole followed him with a meaningful grin, then, obeying a silent look, Shiall, Bellry ... I sighed softly and suddenly remembered:

- Hey! What about Shirra?

Four puzzled looks stared at me from above.

- Did you forget about him?! What, will you order him to learn to fly ?!

"Tris," Lech coughed awkwardly. - He can't fit in here with all his will: it's too crowded. And so we will sit on each other's heads and scratch our neighbors' knees. And we won't get in with him at all.

I turned to the tiger in embarrassment.

- Schirra?

But he himself saved us from the difficulties: with a mocking snort, he suddenly jumped resiliently and, without any difficulty, with one deceptively light movement ended up on top, next to Lekh, dumbfounded, gaping. Accurately behind the railing, where there was still a little space, in contrast to the wooden house, which was packed with people anyway - immeasurably. But he still found a patch for himself, squeezed in with indescribable grace, somehow huddled all over and, grunting in a completely human way, flew even higher with the same smooth movement, to the very top platform intended for the sentry. Where he lay down comfortably, dangled his mighty paws and from there slyly squinted: they say, have you seen this?

I breathed a sigh of relief and, making sure that no one else would interfere with me, exhaled softly:

- Room?

Shirra immediately stopped grinning and jumped up indignantly: still, I didn’t get rid of them so diligently in vain - I perfectly understood that no one would allow me to return the harmful spirit. And, first of all, angry with his behavior skorr. So I had to dodge, pretend to be a fool and a cowardly snot, so that they would believe.

They believed. But now they looked from above with such reproach that I even felt a little ashamed. But they didn’t force him to give up the obsessive thought: you definitely need to talk with Rum and settle everything, otherwise he won’t let anyone live later. Especially in such a distraught state, to say the least, in which Shirra's appearance had found him. And should I not know that all his grumbling and ugly behavior is just from confusion? From the simplest concern for me, for ourselves, for our future? From the fact that he has not yet figured out himself and does not know at all how to behave now? Will I accept it for others? Not such a little prankster as before? Will I agree to see a completely different creature next to me? Along with his teeth, wings and claws, from which he himself sometimes shudders?

These doubts are too familiar to me not to see this petty fear behind his outward bravado. It’s just that Rum, being a quick-tempered and unbridled creature, cannot do otherwise. He's just too scared, and therefore sometimes he can hurt, not really wanting it. It seems that he is just learning to explore the world anew. And to know yourself in this world too. This means that if we don’t help him, we may never meet again, and, to be honest, I don’t want this at all.

- Room?

- I'm here, - whispered suspiciously softly near my ear, and the lightest breeze touched my skin again, telling me that I was not mistaken. - I'm being awful, aren't I?

- There are few.

- Are you not angry anymore?

- No. Come here, impudent, stop hiding, - I smiled involuntarily, holding out my hands. And he, after a little hesitation, nevertheless became visible. Still the same small, golden lump, on whose vaguely recognizable face large yellow eyes still burned brightly, full of guilt and sincere repentance.

- Am I going crazy, Tris? he asked sadly.

Learn more